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2016-11-09 01:38:04 GMT *** mmccarthy1 is now known as mmccarthy

2016-11-09 08:19:18 GMT <yreg> Good morning folks !

2016-11-09 08:21:12 GMT <mrks_js> good morning yreg!

2016-11-09 08:21:32 GMT <mrks_js> hows it going at your new job?

2016-11-09 08:24:18 GMT <yreg> Well, still adapting to the weather :-P But other than that, every thing is perfectly fine ! Thanks for asking !

2016-11-09 08:35:19 GMT <maria> hi all.

2016-11-09 08:35:55 GMT <maria> in a custom dashlet how can i configure its dictionary for its shortname and description?

2016-11-09 08:36:26 GMT <maria> (it appears in the Customize User Dashboard page)

2016-11-09 08:37:37 GMT <maria> i have created a my-dashlet-name.get.properties

2016-11-09 08:38:03 GMT <maria> and dashlet.my-dashlet-name.shortName property

2016-11-09 08:38:08 GMT <maria> but not working

2016-11-09 08:38:13 GMT <maria> thanks in advance

2016-11-09 09:46:40 GMT <Silver_Knee> hiho

2016-11-09 09:50:41 GMT <fcorti> Good morning all

2016-11-09 09:50:46 GMT <fcorti> Today at 4pm CET there will be the Tech Talk Live #99 with ___Dave about Aikau.

2016-11-09 09:50:59 GMT <fcorti> The focus will be on core concepts of Aikau development, with a nice introduction about the different approach of Aikau respect to ADF and some context on why Aikau is implemented the way it is with regards to the history of JS frameworks and our requirements for Share.

2016-11-09 09:51:06 GMT <fcorti> As usual, I will be on this irc to share questions and thoughts.

2016-11-09 09:51:13 GMT <fcorti> https://www.alfresco.com/events/webinars/tech-talk-live-99-special-guest-dave-draper

2016-11-09 09:51:15 GMT <alfbot> Title: Tech Talk Live #99: Special Guest Dave Draper | Alfresco (at www.alfresco.com)

2016-11-09 09:51:54 GMT <ycoulon> Hi

2016-11-09 10:00:41 GMT *** praisethemoon_ is now known as praisethemoon

2016-11-09 10:15:24 GMT <AFaust> A bit confused about AOS documentation in docs.alfresco.com - when it states to add something to <configRoot>/web.xml I am wondering what file is actually meant. Because <configRoot> is typically used to denote <tomcat>/shared/classes/ and that directory usually does not contain a web.xml

2016-11-09 10:59:44 GMT <fcorti> Hi AFaust, which page in particular you mention?

2016-11-09 11:02:24 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti I bet is this one: http://docs.alfresco.com/aos/tasks/aos-install.html

2016-11-09 11:02:25 GMT <alfbot> Title: Installing Alfresco Office Services | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2016-11-09 11:02:52 GMT <AFaust> right - just had to look it up and angelborroy was faster

2016-11-09 11:03:06 GMT <fcorti> angelborroy thank you

2016-11-09 11:03:17 GMT <fcorti> I'm opening a ticket for the DOCS team...

2016-11-09 11:04:03 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti AFaust AOS is a different doc site, so it’s fine for me

2016-11-09 11:04:08 GMT <AFaust> Another thing that is somewhat strange in that page - it mentions the _vti_bin.war file being provided by the AMP, which I can find nowhere in the AMP

2016-11-09 11:04:38 GMT <angelborroy> yes, the WAR is provided in a different way

2016-11-09 11:05:09 GMT <AFaust> fcorti: Just FYI - I am setting up a new customer with the SDK 2.2 AIO today and am adding AOS to the Repository tier WAR build

2016-11-09 11:05:23 GMT <AFaust> Didn't find a SDK-specific documentation for that use case yet

2016-11-09 11:06:24 GMT <fcorti> AFaust definitely interested to the developer experience... is where I'm starting to working ;-)

2016-11-09 11:07:04 GMT <fcorti> I'm trying to create a process to open tickets to the external users for those kind of requestes related to the docs

2016-11-09 11:07:17 GMT <fcorti> it will help everyone!

2016-11-09 11:08:51 GMT <AFaust> fcorti: Well - basic feedback as always: I find SDK setup to be exhausting/frustrating because of nonsense defaults / structures I have to change / address (which is why I don't use it for myself)

2016-11-09 11:09:18 GMT <AFaust> Too much search&correct

2016-11-09 11:13:22 GMT <fcorti> AFaust sorry, just one thing per time :-)

2016-11-09 11:13:31 GMT <fcorti> I'm opening a ticket for your first proble

2016-11-09 11:13:55 GMT <fcorti> Which Alfresco version are you using (even if the AOL issue is related to all the versions)

2016-11-09 11:14:09 GMT <AFaust> sure - I don't expect this to change because I am not a part of the target group (un- or semi-qualified developers just starting out with Alfresco)

2016-11-09 11:14:15 GMT <AFaust> 5.1.g

2016-11-09 11:14:37 GMT <douglascrp> good morning

2016-11-09 11:14:57 GMT <AFaust> with "target group" I meant "target audience for the SDK" with all its bells and whistles

2016-11-09 11:21:56 GMT <fcorti> OK, thanks to the Docs team

2016-11-09 11:21:57 GMT <fcorti> https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/DOCS-2671

2016-11-09 11:21:59 GMT <alfbot> Title: Log in - Alfresco JIRA (at issues.alfresco.com)

2016-11-09 11:22:08 GMT <fcorti> Now we can open tickets also for the DOCS

2016-11-09 11:22:32 GMT <fcorti> There are two options: I open for you and set it to public (no problem to do it)

2016-11-09 11:23:11 GMT <fcorti> The second path is create an ALF project ticket n JIRA, with an Issue Type = Documentation.

2016-11-09 11:23:24 GMT <fcorti> Once we see an ALF documentation issue, we can then take it into the internal DOCS project for prioritisation.

2016-11-09 11:24:03 GMT <fcorti> AFaust, do suggest me to open other tickets right now?

2016-11-09 11:33:38 GMT <fcorti> Another path for opening tickets:

2016-11-09 11:33:43 GMT <fcorti> Anyone can also post a comment on the feedback form on the documentation pages. This automatically creates a DOCS ticket.

2016-11-09 11:33:49 GMT <fcorti> Sounds good!

2016-11-09 11:37:44 GMT <mrks_js> thats cool! now doc-feedback does not seem wasted anymore! : )

2016-11-09 11:39:54 GMT <douglascrp> mrks_js, I always received feedback about my comments in the docs pages

2016-11-09 11:40:17 GMT <douglascrp> usually they fix the problems I send to them

2016-11-09 11:40:35 GMT <fcorti> mrks_js +1

2016-11-09 11:42:51 GMT <IanW1> I suggest opening issues on github for SDK 3 - it sort of works now and looks to be the future - quite different from SDK 2

2016-11-09 11:43:36 GMT <fcorti> IanW1 they are working on this update... but in any case

2016-11-09 11:43:48 GMT <douglascrp> talking about sdk3, is anyone facing this problem https://github.com/Alfresco/alfresco-sdk/issues/430

2016-11-09 11:43:48 GMT <fcorti> I think it's a good stuff to be in touch with them too

2016-11-09 11:43:49 GMT <alfbot> Title: Problems trying to include client side resources with SDK 3 beta 5 · Issue #430 · Alfresco/alfresco-sdk · GitHub (at github.com)

2016-11-09 11:45:33 GMT <mrks_js> douglascrp: i have never received feedback.

2016-11-09 11:46:29 GMT <douglascrp> mrks_js, weird

2016-11-09 11:47:00 GMT <douglascrp> ok, for some of them, I think less then 5, I got no response too

2016-11-09 11:47:17 GMT <douglascrp> but then I talked with someone, like resplin_ , and he made it happen :D

2016-11-09 13:52:15 GMT <yreg> QQ: Does alfresco un-publish artifacts from its public repository ?

2016-11-09 13:53:07 GMT <yreg> I am trying to build an old project, and I keep getting error about missing artifacts, like this one: https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.apache.commons/com.springsource.org.apache.commons.compress/1.1.0

2016-11-09 13:53:08 GMT <alfbot> Title: Maven Repository: org.apache.commons » com.springsource.org.apache.commons.compress » 1.1.0 (at mvnrepository.com)

2016-11-09 13:59:59 GMT <AFaust> Does anyone know if someone has already worked on making Gallery Plus Dashlet by Florian Maul work on 5.1?

2016-11-09 14:01:02 GMT <AFaust> Same for Site Tags dashlet...

2016-11-09 14:01:33 GMT <AFaust> (haven't found direct forks or projects of similar name on GitHub so far)

2016-11-09 14:42:27 GMT <kgastaldo> We're going to start Tech Talk Live in 15 min with Dave Draper!

2016-11-09 14:42:59 GMT <kgastaldo> On YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReMhkfV8G3g

2016-11-09 14:55:25 GMT <ohej> TTL Starting in a few minutes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReMhkfV8G3g

2016-11-09 14:55:45 GMT <ohej> kgastaldo and fcorti flying solo without me for the first time :D

2016-11-09 14:57:48 GMT <fcorti> :-)

2016-11-09 15:02:38 GMT <kgastaldo> We're up and running!

2016-11-09 15:06:06 GMT <angelborroy> only 9 viewers or it’s my client?

2016-11-09 15:07:07 GMT <ohej> angelborroy: I've never been able to trust the view counter during live events

2016-11-09 15:07:13 GMT <angelborroy> No problem, fcorti is a handsome one :D

2016-11-09 15:07:14 GMT <douglascrp> I'm on

2016-11-09 15:07:26 GMT <iwkse> you're the 10th :)

2016-11-09 15:07:27 GMT <ohej> I distinctly remember a TTL where I knew there were 30+ live viewers but the counter only said 5

2016-11-09 15:07:55 GMT <iwkse> ah..

2016-11-09 15:08:08 GMT <ohej> and now with Google moving hangouts over to youtube live I don't know if we can trust the numbers or not :O

2016-11-09 15:08:17 GMT <ohej> I'd love to test it out at some point

2016-11-09 15:08:44 GMT <iwkse> yes it was nicer before as you could see partecipants

2016-11-09 15:09:30 GMT <AFaust> ohej: Can't join today - got a meeting in just a few minutes

2016-11-09 15:10:21 GMT <fcorti> Please write questions here... if you want

2016-11-09 15:10:50 GMT <ohej> AFaust: Ahh too bad. But you can catch the recording :)

2016-11-09 15:12:26 GMT <kgastaldo> Forgot to mention the date - the next Office Hours will be with John Sotiropoulos and Doug Johnson, focusing on Activiti. Nov 17 at 10 am EST

2016-11-09 15:13:39 GMT <kgastaldo> Also, if you missed Dave's most recent blogs, you can check them out here - https://community.alfresco.com/community/ecm/blog

2016-11-09 15:13:41 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco ECM | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2016-11-09 15:27:01 GMT <kgastaldo> https://vimeo.com/121869713

2016-11-09 15:27:05 GMT <kgastaldo> In case you need the reference ;)

2016-11-09 15:27:14 GMT <iwkse> nice :)

2016-11-09 15:31:15 GMT <fcorti> Do you think everything is clear until now?

2016-11-09 15:31:38 GMT <iwkse> *thumbs up*

2016-11-09 15:32:04 GMT <douglascrp> so far, so good

2016-11-09 15:32:05 GMT <fcorti> great iwkse :-)

2016-11-09 15:32:40 GMT <fcorti> douglascrp thumbs up (copying iwkse)

2016-11-09 15:32:47 GMT <iwkse> :-)

2016-11-09 15:44:44 GMT <kgastaldo> https://aikau-sandpit.alfresco.com/aikau-sandpit/page/na/ws/home

2016-11-09 15:44:46 GMT <alfbot> Title: Aikau Sandpit (at aikau-sandpit.alfresco.com)

2016-11-09 15:45:10 GMT <fcorti> Question from me to you: Is everybody friendly with aikau sandpit?

2016-11-09 15:45:56 GMT <iwkse> first time I see it, bookmarked!

2016-11-09 15:46:38 GMT <fcorti> I'll ask for more info about it... is ok?

2016-11-09 15:47:06 GMT <iwkse> yes thanks

2016-11-09 15:47:10 GMT <fcorti> (without quote names, of course ;-) )

2016-11-09 15:47:16 GMT <iwkse> :)

2016-11-09 15:47:40 GMT <douglascrp> fcorti, I gave it a quick try some months ago when I tried the aikau tutorial

2016-11-09 15:47:46 GMT <kgastaldo> We've got a blog you can check out here as well - https://www.alfresco.com/blogs/developer/2016/01/26/aikau-sandpit-application/

2016-11-09 15:47:47 GMT <alfbot> Title: Introducing the Aikau Sandpit | Alfresco Developer Blog (at www.alfresco.com)

2016-11-09 15:49:02 GMT <fcorti> douglascrp do you have feedback?

2016-11-09 15:49:12 GMT <fcorti> easy... not easy... don't know

2016-11-09 15:49:37 GMT <iwkse> looks cool

2016-11-09 15:49:39 GMT <douglascrp> fcorti, useful

2016-11-09 15:49:46 GMT <douglascrp> but aikau is not easy for me

2016-11-09 15:49:51 GMT <douglascrp> I'm not a webdeveloper

2016-11-09 15:50:07 GMT <douglascrp> but I was able to kind of understand it

2016-11-09 15:50:51 GMT <fcorti> cool

2016-11-09 15:50:56 GMT <fcorti> thank you for the ffedback

2016-11-09 15:51:43 GMT <douglascrp> fcorti, we will need a part 2 :D

2016-11-09 15:51:54 GMT <fcorti> ok, deal

2016-11-09 15:52:18 GMT <fcorti> do you think something particular should be treated?

2016-11-09 15:53:24 GMT <douglascrp> I will have to think about it

2016-11-09 15:53:32 GMT <fcorti> fair

2016-11-09 15:53:34 GMT <douglascrp> but first, I'm going to re-watch the recording

2016-11-09 15:53:41 GMT <douglascrp> lots of good things to learn

2016-11-09 15:53:43 GMT <douglascrp> and get used to

2016-11-09 15:53:44 GMT <iwkse> here as well

2016-11-09 15:53:53 GMT <fcorti> the concepts described are not so simple... but useful

2016-11-09 15:53:56 GMT <iwkse> actually on a learning level

2016-11-09 15:54:24 GMT <fcorti> ok iwkse

2016-11-09 15:54:57 GMT <douglascrp> fcorti, you should remember everybody about this other video https://youtu.be/LeU87i4jNzI

2016-11-09 15:56:08 GMT <douglascrp> ___Dave has been doing a good work on aikau education material

2016-11-09 15:56:11 GMT <douglascrp> both blogs and videos

2016-11-09 15:56:46 GMT <yreg> +1 to what douglascrp just said !

2016-11-09 15:57:08 GMT <fcorti> douglascrp will say

2016-11-09 15:57:40 GMT <fcorti> yreg I'll tell him... he is on the final rush... but feel free to ask if you have questions

2016-11-09 15:57:51 GMT <douglascrp> it's nice to watch him working on aikau because of all the hat tricks :D

2016-11-09 15:58:17 GMT <douglascrp> how to debug, how to find widgets, how to test

2016-11-09 15:58:18 GMT <kgastaldo> We were just saying we should have a session where we can just watch him work!

2016-11-09 15:58:37 GMT <douglascrp> kgastaldo, +100

2016-11-09 15:58:42 GMT <yreg> the only problem I had with Aikau was with testing (probably being a Windows user makes it a bit more complex and changing); but the materials are really good

2016-11-09 15:58:51 GMT <fcorti> kgastaldo +1

2016-11-09 15:59:17 GMT <douglascrp> like when companies do those "bring your kid to work with you"

2016-11-09 15:59:25 GMT <douglascrp> it would be "a full day with dave at work"

2016-11-09 15:59:26 GMT <douglascrp> :D

2016-11-09 15:59:39 GMT <fcorti> douglascrp your idea is interesting

2016-11-09 15:59:47 GMT <douglascrp> uhauhauhuha

2016-11-09 15:59:51 GMT <douglascrp> I'm kidding

2016-11-09 15:59:57 GMT * iwkse agree

2016-11-09 15:59:57 GMT <kgastaldo> at least a full hour ;)

2016-11-09 16:00:04 GMT <iwkse> full month!

2016-11-09 16:00:06 GMT <iwkse> :D

2016-11-09 16:00:09 GMT <fcorti> COngrats: you win a full day with ___Dave!

2016-11-09 16:00:09 GMT <ohej> Live coding and debugging, 8 hour session INCLUDING lunch break ;)

2016-11-09 16:00:13 GMT <fcorti> (joking)

2016-11-09 16:00:20 GMT <douglascrp> ohej, amazing :D

2016-11-09 16:00:38 GMT <ohej> I can invite in to a full day with me.. full of meetings and powerpoint :P

2016-11-09 16:01:24 GMT <yreg> ohej, No offense, but sounds boring bro !

2016-11-09 16:01:37 GMT <douglascrp> yreg, :P

2016-11-09 16:01:42 GMT <ohej> Yeah, Dave's day is probably much more interesting from this point of view ;)

2016-11-09 16:03:00 GMT <douglascrp> ohej, yes, it is :D

2016-11-09 16:03:52 GMT <douglascrp> ___Dave, what do you think? :D

2016-11-09 16:05:15 GMT <douglascrp> ___Dave, watching you writing code makes me think it's easy

2016-11-09 16:05:31 GMT <douglascrp> I mean... sooooo easy

2016-11-09 16:15:19 GMT <fcorti> Thank you all for the participation, the recording will be available soon

2016-11-09 16:17:53 GMT <iwkse> thank you all as well, also for the blue oyster cult surprise

2016-11-09 16:20:46 GMT <fcorti> iwkse +1

2016-11-09 16:25:20 GMT <___Dave> douglascrp: Sorry for delay in responding... I had to rush off after TTL to collect my son from school !

2016-11-09 16:25:28 GMT <___Dave> I'm happy to do more of the video tutorials

2016-11-09 16:25:50 GMT <___Dave> I'm not sure about being shipped round to people for a full day/week/month at a time though! ;-)

2016-11-09 16:26:18 GMT <douglascrp> ___Dave, I was kidding on that part, of course :D

2016-11-09 16:26:43 GMT <douglascrp> I only said that because the video where you gave tips on how to work with aikau was really good

2016-11-09 16:26:52 GMT <douglascrp> this one https://youtu.be/LeU87i4jNzI

2016-11-09 16:27:00 GMT <___Dave> yes... I really meant to do more of those

2016-11-09 16:27:09 GMT <___Dave> what I really need is a clone of myself

2016-11-09 16:28:10 GMT <douglascrp> ___Dave, I know the feeling really well :D

2016-11-09 16:28:24 GMT <douglascrp> right now, I need at least 3 clones of myself

2016-11-09 16:28:33 GMT <douglascrp> iwkse, know well what I'm talking about :D

2016-11-09 16:29:01 GMT <iwkse> douglascrp: :D

2016-11-09 16:29:22 GMT <douglascrp> ___Dave, tks for the ttl... I'm going to re-watch it

2016-11-09 16:29:28 GMT <douglascrp> useful as always

2016-11-09 16:29:36 GMT <___Dave> thanks - that's very kind of you to say

2016-11-09 16:29:56 GMT <___Dave> I always wonder how I'm going to fill the time, and then prepare far too much stuff and talk for too long on each slide!

2016-11-09 16:30:41 GMT <ohej> it's always hard to figure out how long your content will last

2016-11-09 16:31:01 GMT <ohej> I've had some issues recently doing the same presentation a few times. One time it took 1.5 hours, last time it was 40 mins

2016-11-09 16:31:10 GMT <ohej> but that's highly depending on the questions and discussions that come up

2016-11-09 16:31:18 GMT <ohej> much easier when recording a video, no live questions :P

2016-11-09 16:34:08 GMT <___Dave> the thing I find hardest about TTL is actually the lack of immediate feedback... I like looking out at a see of bored faces of people drifting off to sleep ;)

2016-11-09 16:34:14 GMT <___Dave> * sea

2016-11-09 16:34:35 GMT <___Dave> my dogs give me almost no feedback on what I'm saying at all

2016-11-09 16:34:37 GMT <ohej> hehe yeah sometimes it's easier with a audience in a room

2016-11-09 16:34:44 GMT <ohej> that's just bad manners

2016-11-09 16:34:57 GMT <ohej> I always remember to close the door so the cat doesn't disturb live sessions

2016-11-09 16:35:10 GMT <___Dave> one of them was actually snoring pretty loudly during TTL... I wouldn't be surprised if it got picked up on the audio

2016-11-09 16:35:23 GMT <douglascrp> ___Dave, I heard nothing

2016-11-09 16:35:34 GMT <ohej> she's interrupted several meetings. She actually had a habbit of jumping up on the table and look at the screen whenever I wasn't happy with whatever was being discussed :P

2016-11-09 16:35:54 GMT <ohej> there was something that sounded a bit like a phone vibrating but very faint.. maybe it was the dog? :P

2016-11-09 16:36:19 GMT <___Dave> no... that was actually my phone, I'd muted it

2016-11-09 16:36:24 GMT <ohej> ahhh hehe

2016-11-09 16:36:29 GMT <iwkse> lol yes I heard it

2016-11-09 16:36:38 GMT <ohej> I just remembered the horror I had last year during TTL

2016-11-09 16:36:43 GMT <ohej> my internet broke down 15 mins before TTL

2016-11-09 16:37:04 GMT <ohej> so I had to tether with my phone.. I just had to hope the phone didn't ring (shuts off the internet:P)

2016-11-09 16:37:17 GMT <fcorti> ohej it happened today to me :-(

2016-11-09 16:37:18 GMT <douglascrp> ohej, yes, I was hearing that too

2016-11-09 16:38:05 GMT <___Dave> well, the call today was from my son's school... I'd made arrangements with one of his friend's parents to collect him, but forgotten to tell the teacher...

2016-11-09 16:38:33 GMT <___Dave> fortunately it was all ok... but I was a bit stressed whilst presenting as I wasn't sure what had happened to him

2016-11-09 16:38:44 GMT <___Dave> zero parenting points for me today! :(

2016-11-09 16:38:51 GMT <ohej> ooh!

2016-11-09 16:39:27 GMT <ohej> that sucks, hopefully everything was okay?

2016-11-09 16:39:32 GMT <___Dave> yeah, it was all fine

2016-11-09 16:39:40 GMT <___Dave> totally my own fault

2016-11-09 16:39:57 GMT <douglascrp> ___Dave, :D

2016-11-09 16:48:43 GMT *** resplin_ is now known as resplin

2016-11-09 17:01:22 GMT <mbui> Arn't associations versioned as well?

2016-11-09 17:58:05 GMT <douglascrp> Loftux, hey

2016-11-09 17:58:15 GMT <douglascrp> I watched the datacenter video yesterday

2016-11-09 17:58:18 GMT <douglascrp> really cool place

2016-11-09 17:58:40 GMT <douglascrp> resplin, I've just noticed the entire section is gone for 5.1

2016-11-09 17:58:41 GMT <douglascrp> http://docs.alfresco.com/5.0/concepts/zeroday-overview.html

2016-11-09 17:58:42 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco Day Zero Configuration Guide | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2016-11-09 17:58:51 GMT <douglascrp> that day zero guide was a nice resource

2016-11-09 17:58:59 GMT <douglascrp> and i believe it's the same for 5.1

2016-11-09 18:50:38 GMT <resplin> douglascrp: I think we changed the name but kept the content.

2016-11-09 18:51:28 GMT <douglascrp> resplin, i tried to find it, and the subtopics

2016-11-09 18:51:31 GMT <douglascrp> no luck

2016-11-09 22:38:39 GMT <TrentonDAdams> I'm trying to delete a folder with 15000+ files in it. I find that it doesn't delete. Is it possible it deleted a limited number of files within it, hitting some sort of ceiling?

2016-11-09 22:59:57 GMT <iwkse> TrentonDAdams: I bet it takes time. what's the evidence of not deleting them?

2016-11-09 23:00:33 GMT <TrentonDAdams> iwkse: Well, I've left it for a few hours.

2016-11-09 23:03:18 GMT <iwkse> TrentonDAdams: anything on logs?

2016-11-09 23:05:48 GMT <TrentonDAdams> iwkse: I don't have access to logs. :(

2016-11-09 23:06:27 GMT <iwkse> it might be an issue with the time necessary for the execution

2016-11-09 23:06:38 GMT <iwkse> you should try to delete from the js console

2016-11-09 23:07:55 GMT <iwkse> TrentonDAdams: douglascrp_ will help you better

2016-11-09 23:08:48 GMT <douglascrp> iwkse, what?

2016-11-09 23:09:29 GMT <iwkse> douglascrp: he has an issue with deleting 15000+ files

2016-11-09 23:10:46 GMT <douglascrp> ahhhh

2016-11-09 23:11:04 GMT <douglascrp> TrentonDAdams, deleting from where?

2016-11-09 23:11:16 GMT <douglascrp> are you trying to delete existing files from the document library?

2016-11-09 23:11:23 GMT <douglascrp> or are you trying to clean the trashcan?

2016-11-09 23:14:46 GMT <TrentonDAdams> Deleting from my home folder

2016-11-09 23:14:48 GMT <TrentonDAdams> douglascrp:

2016-11-09 23:15:33 GMT <TrentonDAdams> I'm completely new to alfresco. I was supposed to simply be PUTing documents into a share. But my understanding needs some expansion, lol.

2016-11-09 23:15:53 GMT <TrentonDAdams> I'll have to look into what this js console is.

2016-11-09 23:16:41 GMT <TrentonDAdams> Oh, so the js console is for running the web scripts that are alfresco specific, eh?

2016-11-09 23:16:45 GMT <iwkse> TrentonDAdams: js console is an addon

2016-11-09 23:16:54 GMT <iwkse> yes

2016-11-09 23:17:03 GMT <TrentonDAdams> hmm, cool.

2016-11-09 23:17:07 GMT <douglascrp> TrentonDAdams, if you don't know alfresco well, so I recommend you not to play with jsconsole

2016-11-09 23:17:15 GMT <douglascrp> it's dangerous if you don't know what you are doing

2016-11-09 23:17:17 GMT <TrentonDAdams> I've been playing with opencmis workbench today. Can that do it?

2016-11-09 23:17:52 GMT <TrentonDAdams> Well, I am a seasoned developer. I don't normally do hazardous things, lol.

2016-11-09 23:31:39 GMT <iwkse> TrentonDAdams: you copied such docs with cmis?

2016-11-09 23:32:49 GMT <TrentonDAdams> iwkse: Not in this case

2016-11-09 23:33:00 GMT <TrentonDAdams> I imported with the zip impoit

2016-11-09 23:33:02 GMT <TrentonDAdams> import

2016-11-09 23:33:39 GMT <TrentonDAdams> I've also determined that the file count remains the same using my cmis-utils https://github.com/TrentonAdams/cmis-utils

2016-11-09 23:33:40 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - TrentonAdams/cmis-utils: A CMIS utils package that mirrors unix file utilities such as rm, cat, ls, find, etc. (at github.com)

2016-11-09 23:33:59 GMT <TrentonDAdams> node cmisfind.js '/User Homes/trenta/transcripts' -name '%' | wc -

2016-11-09 23:34:08 GMT <TrentonDAdams> wc -l that is

2016-11-09 23:36:04 GMT <TrentonDAdams> Hmm, it hasn't this time

2016-11-09 23:36:10 GMT <TrentonDAdams> stayed the same that is

2016-11-09 23:36:41 GMT <TrentonDAdams> wtf, I'm getting different results on different calls, lol.

2016-11-09 23:36:56 GMT <TrentonDAdams> 549, then 15270.

2016-11-09 23:37:38 GMT <iwkse> well you can try removing with wildcards if it supports to limit the number

2016-11-09 23:41:33 GMT <TrentonDAdams> iwkse: Well I do want everything.

2016-11-09 23:43:30 GMT <douglascrp> TrentonDAdams, cmis will not give you more than 1000 results at a time by default

2016-11-09 23:43:44 GMT <douglascrp> if you want to delete the nodes, you will have to perform that action in batches

2016-11-09 23:44:15 GMT <TrentonDAdams> douglascrp: Okay, but that doesn't explain why the numbers don't change, even when I requested a delete.

2016-11-09 23:44:37 GMT <douglascrp> there is a thing called eventual consistency

2016-11-09 23:44:57 GMT <douglascrp> solr, the index engine, works talking with alfresco, also in batches

2016-11-09 23:45:04 GMT <douglascrp> it gets new transactions to index

2016-11-09 23:45:15 GMT <TrentonDAdams> Now I'm seeing my find returns 0 results, but the alfresco share interface shows that there's documents in there.

2016-11-09 23:45:23 GMT <douglascrp> what is happening in your case is that the objects are still in solr

2016-11-09 23:45:37 GMT <douglascrp> it will take time to solr to process and "remove" those objects

2016-11-09 23:45:59 GMT <TrentonDAdams> douglascrp: How much time?

2016-11-09 23:46:00 GMT <douglascrp> if you are deleting nodes, the ideal is to wait some time

2016-11-09 23:46:11 GMT <douglascrp> the default is 1000 nodes each 15 seconds

2016-11-09 23:46:20 GMT <douglascrp> but it depends on the performance on your server

2016-11-09 23:46:28 GMT <douglascrp> maybe the 15 seconds is not enough

2016-11-09 23:46:55 GMT <TrentonDAdams> We're not seeing performance issues since we enabled concurrent GC in java

2016-11-09 23:47:05 GMT <douglascrp> that has nothing to do with GC

2016-11-09 23:47:11 GMT <douglascrp> it's solr processing its queue

2016-11-09 23:47:17 GMT <TrentonDAdams> I can load the heck out of the server, and it doesn't appear to be overloade

2016-11-09 23:47:23 GMT <TrentonDAdams> Oh.

2016-11-09 23:47:31 GMT <TrentonDAdams> So, we could increase that somehow?

2016-11-09 23:47:35 GMT <douglascrp> it asks for more nodes when it finishes the processing

2016-11-09 23:47:45 GMT <TrentonDAdams> Besides, 15000 documents should only take 15*15 then, right?

2016-11-09 23:47:56 GMT <TrentonDAdams> I've been waiting for about 2h

2016-11-09 23:48:00 GMT <TrentonDAdams> Probably more

2016-11-09 23:48:01 GMT <douglascrp> wow

2016-11-09 23:48:05 GMT <douglascrp> no, that's not normal

2016-11-09 23:48:09 GMT <douglascrp> we are talking about minutes

2016-11-09 23:48:10 GMT <douglascrp> not hours

2016-11-09 23:48:12 GMT <TrentonDAdams> And then I try to delete again, and still waiting

2016-11-09 23:48:20 GMT <TrentonDAdams> Yeah, very bizarre.

2016-11-09 23:48:31 GMT <douglascrp> do you have folder rules or custom behaviours in place?

2016-11-09 23:48:45 GMT <douglascrp> you know, you can have logic executing in response of delete

2016-11-09 23:48:49 GMT <TrentonDAdams> So, if I request a delete of a folder, it should eventually delete the entire thing, right?

2016-11-09 23:49:01 GMT <douglascrp> yes

2016-11-09 23:49:10 GMT <TrentonDAdams> No, this is my home folder, I don't think I have any rules.

2016-11-09 23:49:12 GMT <TrentonDAdams> I'll check though.

2016-11-09 23:49:33 GMT <TrentonDAdams> Nope, no rules

2016-11-09 23:49:45 GMT <douglascrp> try to limit the number of documents you are trying to delete

2016-11-09 23:49:49 GMT <douglascrp> like, 500 at a time

2016-11-09 23:50:04 GMT <douglascrp> another thing you can try to do is to disable the trashcan

2016-11-09 23:50:14 GMT <douglascrp> making alfresco to drop the objects as soon as you delete them

2016-11-09 23:50:24 GMT <douglascrp> without putting then in the trashcan

2016-11-09 23:50:32 GMT <TrentonDAdams> Can you do that per folder?

2016-11-09 23:50:37 GMT <douglascrp> *them

2016-11-09 23:51:49 GMT <iwkse> TrentonDAdams: also use the switch -v, it seems to be available in such tool

2016-11-09 23:52:19 GMT <TrentonDAdams> Does solr have any sort of consistency along the way? i.e. if operations are happening, does it some times report completely inconsistent results? Cause my cmis query is now returning 15270 again, when it was 0 for awhile

2016-11-09 23:53:06 GMT <TrentonDAdams> -v on which tool?

2016-11-09 23:53:07 GMT <TrentonDAdams> brb

2016-11-09 23:55:36 GMT <iwkse> rm

2016-11-09 23:55:49 GMT <TrentonDAdams> Oh, yeah, I wrote that. I'm not using it when trying to delete the file

2016-11-09 23:55:55 GMT <TrentonDAdams> I mean the folder

2016-11-09 23:56:01 GMT <iwkse> ah..ok

2016-11-09 23:56:08 GMT <TrentonDAdams> I use that for batch deletions though

2016-11-09 23:56:18 GMT <TrentonDAdams> When the deletions are files, not folders.

2016-11-09 23:56:30 GMT <TrentonDAdams> I haven't tried deleting a folder, that would be interesting to try.

2016-11-09 23:57:34 GMT <TrentonDAdams> Yeah, yes, I should allow the SQL query to query things other than documents.

2016-11-09 23:57:50 GMT <TrentonDAdams> So that I can do a find, to find the folder id.

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