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2016-11-16 08:49:27 GMT <yreg> Morning guys

2016-11-16 08:54:48 GMT <praisethemoon> yreg, good day :)

2016-11-16 09:08:20 GMT <ycoulon> morning yreg

2016-11-16 09:23:23 GMT *** praisethemoon_ is now known as praisethemoon

2016-11-16 10:29:33 GMT <Sandy_> Hai Everyone, I need to remove info, change password and Trashcon from the my sites in the alfresco header Sites, https://i.imgsafe.org/c348b85c2a.png can anyone help me please

2016-11-16 10:30:53 GMT <ycoulon> Hi Sandy_, take look at that blog post : https://www.alfresco.com/blogs/developer/2011/07/27/how-to-hide-content-on-an-existing-alfresco-share-page/

2016-11-16 10:30:54 GMT <alfbot> Title: How To Hide Content On An Existing Alfresco Share Page | Alfresco Developer Blog (at www.alfresco.com)

2016-11-16 10:33:03 GMT <qwebirc55407> Hi there! Question: Is it possible to extend an existing custom type with a new property even with the bootstrap approach (i.e. installing a module that will enhance the existing type with the property)? Regarding Alfresco 5.1 documentation its possible in the GUI but I'm curios whether I can also use the bootstrap approach? http://docs.alfresco.com/5.1/tasks/admintools-ct-properties-create.html

2016-11-16 10:33:05 GMT <alfbot> Title: Creating a new property for custom types and aspects | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2016-11-16 10:43:06 GMT <AxelFaust> qwebirc55407: It is possible with the bootstrap approach. Actually the bootstrap approach will "allow" any changes to the model - even if they are unsafe like removing / renaming of properties. Adding a property is safe as long as it is not set as mandatory / required.

2016-11-16 10:44:05 GMT <qwebirc55407> AxelFaust: Great, thanks for the information!

2016-11-16 10:44:54 GMT <Dirk23> Hi

2016-11-16 10:46:37 GMT <Dirk23> changeing the name of some Document or Folder is very annoying imho. I hover the Name and then i have to wait some short time until the pencil icon appears. I would prefer when it comes imediatly when i hover the name

2016-11-16 10:47:53 GMT <magp> Anyone else having issues with the alfresco support site?

2016-11-16 10:48:36 GMT <AxelFaust> magp: What kind of issues? Technical, responsiveness or quality of service?

2016-11-16 10:48:46 GMT *** AxelFaust is now known as AFaust

2016-11-16 10:48:56 GMT <magp> I can't create cases or generate licenses

2016-11-16 10:49:08 GMT <magp> I get an exception

2016-11-16 10:52:59 GMT <AFaust> magp: I no longer have access to the support portal after leaving my previous employer, so I cannot check right now.

2016-11-16 10:56:37 GMT <ycoulon> magp: I'm able to login without any error

2016-11-16 10:59:25 GMT <magp> Yea I can login too

2016-11-16 11:02:50 GMT <magp> I guess it's kind of hard to test, without risking to create a case needlessly..

2016-11-16 11:04:03 GMT <magp> Just got a response from Alfresco support

2016-11-16 11:04:12 GMT <magp> they are working on it

2016-11-16 11:15:44 GMT *** praisethemoon_ is now known as praisethemoon

2016-11-16 13:45:05 GMT <iwkse> Hi, I'm getting in js web script the folder belonging to a done, but I see the path is like /n/browse/SpacesStore/*nodeRef* . Is there a way to get it in the *siteId*/documentlibrary#filter way? I'm asking that because the former doesn't give me a valid link, I get a 404

2016-11-16 13:45:36 GMT <iwkse> I'm building it like, localhost:8080/alfresco/n/browse/SpacesStore/*nodeRef*

2016-11-16 13:46:17 GMT <iwkse> done/document

2016-11-16 13:47:01 GMT <AxelFaust> iwkse: A bit more background would be appreciated to understand what you want to do. It sounds like you want to convert a Repository-tier dowload URL into a Share-tier documentlibrary browse URL...

2016-11-16 13:47:11 GMT <iwkse> AxelFaust: yeah

2016-11-16 13:47:15 GMT <iwkse> that's it

2016-11-16 13:47:39 GMT <iwkse> I'm doing that, extending the web script activity-list to include also the folder the document belongs

2016-11-16 13:47:51 GMT <AxelFaust> And why exactly would you need to do that? Where is that web script of yours being run / deployed to?

2016-11-16 13:47:54 GMT <iwkse> so I would like to click on that and take me to the documentlibrary

2016-11-16 13:50:00 GMT <AxelFaust> Isn't the activity-list web script already part of Share? Doesn't it already generate links to Share pages like the document library for content items / documents?

2016-11-16 13:51:42 GMT <iwkse> Yes, so I'm not sure I did the right way but I did it like this. From activity-list I get the document noderef from the url and send it to a repo webscript which returns a json with the info I need (the name and url of the folder belonging)

2016-11-16 13:51:52 GMT <iwkse> so maybe this can be done without accessing to the repo?

2016-11-16 13:52:57 GMT <AxelFaust> Usually the activity should already contain all the data you would need for generating links. E.g. for site-based activities the short name of the site is "usually" captured as part of the JSON data of the activity.

2016-11-16 13:53:18 GMT <AxelFaust> If that is not the case you will have to call the Repository-tier for getting missing (or up-to-date) information

2016-11-16 13:53:22 GMT <iwkse> but I don't k now if it also contains the folder belonging to the document

2016-11-16 13:53:34 GMT <AxelFaust> e.g. the document may have been moved between sites after an activity was posted

2016-11-16 13:53:40 GMT <iwkse> true

2016-11-16 13:54:30 GMT <iwkse> it would be great if this info is already in share, it would simplify all

2016-11-16 13:54:47 GMT <AxelFaust> It always depends on the activity. There is barely any uniform set of data that will always be collected - the component responsible for posting the activity is fully responsible for the data (or lack thereof) it associates with the activity

2016-11-16 13:54:50 GMT <iwkse> I will have to debug the activity object

2016-11-16 13:55:54 GMT <fwu> hi all!

2016-11-16 13:56:59 GMT <iwkse> result = connector.get("/api/activities/feed/user?format=json" + actParam);

2016-11-16 13:57:02 GMT <iwkse> or get it from here

2016-11-16 13:57:48 GMT <iwkse> I think in case is missing is more correct to extend this web script instead of creating a new one

2016-11-16 14:00:53 GMT <AxelFaust> well - you can't really "extend" web scripts. The only thing that is supported is either override or post-process via a <customization> in a Surf extension module

2016-11-16 14:01:08 GMT <iwkse> true

2016-11-16 14:16:19 GMT <fwu> ppl, can someone tell me what is the support in Alfresco for outlook integration? What options we have?

2016-11-16 14:18:58 GMT <iwkse> fwu: afaik there's something with imap, it should work with any client

2016-11-16 14:20:09 GMT <fwu> but is there differences from the CE and enterprise in this respect?

2016-11-16 14:26:23 GMT <bhagyas> fwu, a few options, mostly commercial - contact us on loftux.com/contact

2016-11-16 14:29:05 GMT <AxelFaust> fwu: Enterprise Edition has a branded addon solution from an Alfresco Partner, the Alfresco Outlook Integration module.

2016-11-16 14:32:23 GMT <fwu> so, in CE we must look to imap?

2016-11-16 14:36:13 GMT <AxelFaust> or as bhagyas pointed out, contact CE service providers that may have a commercial solution available

2016-11-16 15:00:24 GMT <fwu> ok, nice

2016-11-16 15:06:09 GMT <iwkse> anyone know how to print stuff in the logj4javascript window? I'm using logger.log but nothing is printed inside

2016-11-16 15:14:10 GMT <AxelFaust> Are you using logger.log in the web script JS? That will never be printed in the log4javascript window

2016-11-16 15:14:18 GMT <AxelFaust> Only client-side logging by YUI components will...

2016-11-16 15:16:10 GMT <iwkse> ah..thanks man :)

2016-11-16 15:38:45 GMT <fwu> regarding the outlook integration, I was thinking about one possible solution:

2016-11-16 15:39:25 GMT <fwu> we can set a public folder inside outlook/exchange for all users, and create a fprward rule that will forward each email in that public folder to Alfresco folder

2016-11-16 15:39:56 GMT <fwu> then, I may create a rule inside alfresco that will initiate a wf for each email that reaches that folder

2016-11-16 15:40:27 GMT <fwu> I may even overwrite the default inbound controller to get each attachment from each email

2016-11-16 15:40:38 GMT <fwu> so it does seems possible and not very difficult...

2016-11-16 15:41:15 GMT <fwu> is there anyone making something like this?

2016-11-16 15:46:37 GMT <fwu> another question: what about alfresco support for mobile? Is there a CE mobile client?

2016-11-16 15:47:23 GMT <angelborroy> fwu both Android and iOS mobile apps are free and available for CE and EE

2016-11-16 15:47:37 GMT <angelborroy> fwu even source code is available at Alfresco github

2016-11-16 15:48:31 GMT <fwu> nice! How can I test them? I just need to download it to my mobile?

2016-11-16 15:48:49 GMT <angelborroy> download from stores and have a public Alfresco server

2016-11-16 15:49:22 GMT <fwu> but in stores there is only the general application. What if I made my own changes?

2016-11-16 15:49:27 GMT <angelborroy> or you can use my.alfresco.com

2016-11-16 15:49:50 GMT <angelborroy> fwu you can re-package your customizations and upload as a new app to the stores

2016-11-16 15:49:50 GMT <fwu> sorry for this questions... I dont know very well the mobile environment

2016-11-16 15:50:00 GMT <angelborroy> or you can distribute in Android as an APK

2016-11-16 15:50:34 GMT <fwu> but until now the Alfresco install is inside an intranet

2016-11-16 15:50:44 GMT <fwu> to access it from mobile how do you do?

2016-11-16 15:51:07 GMT <fwu> you dont put an access link from the Internet, right?

2016-11-16 15:51:16 GMT <angelborroy> right

2016-11-16 15:51:20 GMT <angelborroy> we are using VPN

2016-11-16 15:51:28 GMT <fwu> ah! ok!

2016-11-16 15:52:11 GMT <fwu> I beleive that putting Alfresco accessiblr from the Internet is a big mistake, right?

2016-11-16 15:52:21 GMT <angelborroy> depends on the use

2016-11-16 15:54:55 GMT <fwu> ok angelborroy. thank you for the help :)

2016-11-16 15:55:14 GMT <angelborroy> always glad to help ;-)

2016-11-16 19:03:37 GMT <cyberz> hello

2016-11-16 19:21:04 GMT <cyberz> I have alfresco producing huge access_logs, how can I handle that?

2016-11-16 19:21:36 GMT <cyberz> the usage as well is very low (very few users using it sporadically)

2016-11-16 19:22:51 GMT <cyberz> every few seconds I have a lot of ""GET /alfresco/service/api/solr/transactions?" requests. Is that normal?

2016-11-16 19:33:24 GMT <AxelFaust> cyberz: Yes, this is normal. SOLR is querying the Repository for changes in regular intervals.

2016-11-16 22:01:47 GMT <cyberz> well I have to say that I've upgraded to the latest release from 5.2c and I'm quite disappointed

2016-11-16 22:02:24 GMT <cyberz> access logs grow endlessly, openoffice won't start due to wrong scripts, and moreover it will stuck at 100% (I had to apply a workaround)

2016-11-16 22:02:53 GMT <cyberz> it looks like untested software

2016-11-16 22:19:42 GMT <AxelFaust> cyberz: Last I checked (just now) the 201609 EA release was "early access" (EA) and included 5.2.a + 5.2.b components

2016-11-16 22:20:16 GMT <cyberz> oops, I meant 4.2c then

2016-11-16 22:20:51 GMT <AxelFaust> So you upgrade "from" 4.2.c to which specific current version?

2016-11-16 22:22:06 GMT <AxelFaust> Also, access logs can be disabled if you don't want them. They are only active by default since a lot of people typically want them and deal with growth in their own way, i.e. via logrotate + compression

2016-11-16 22:24:04 GMT <AxelFaust> I can't say anything about the OpenOffice start scripts as I never use the installer and don't know how it sets that up...

2016-11-16 23:09:29 GMT <nachopants> I'm just reading through the alfresco documentation as we're having some serious performance issues with our stack

2016-11-16 23:09:43 GMT <nachopants> our Solr instance is on a separate box, so this is the alfresco/share server only

2016-11-16 23:09:44 GMT <nachopants> -XX:NewSize=1536m -XX:MaxNewSize=1536m -Xms6144m -Xmx12000m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m -XX:SurvivorRatio=20 -XX:TargetSurvivorRatio=90

2016-11-16 23:10:03 GMT <nachopants> from the documentation I'm understanding that should simply be

2016-11-16 23:10:12 GMT <nachopants> -Xmx12000m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m

2016-11-16 23:10:15 GMT <nachopants> with nothing else adde

2016-11-16 23:10:18 GMT <nachopants> is that... right?

2016-11-16 23:25:55 GMT <AxelFaust> "right" is a relative term when it comes to JVM / memory tuning

2016-11-16 23:26:46 GMT <AxelFaust> It also depends which Alfresco version and Java version you are running

2016-11-16 23:26:50 GMT <nachopants> sure yeah :(

2016-11-16 23:27:04 GMT <nachopants> 5.x

2016-11-16 23:27:06 GMT <AxelFaust> and which Garbage Collection algorithm you use

2016-11-16 23:27:28 GMT <nachopants> [root@alfresco-prod-04 bin]# java -version

2016-11-16 23:27:28 GMT <nachopants> java version "1.7.0_65"

2016-11-16 23:27:29 GMT <nachopants> Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_65-b17)

2016-11-16 23:27:29 GMT <nachopants> Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.65-b04, mixed mode)

2016-11-16 23:27:31 GMT <nachopants> what we're actually seeing

2016-11-16 23:27:36 GMT <nachopants> (we have no internal java people)

2016-11-16 23:27:42 GMT <nachopants> is our alfresco box seems to be 'okay'

2016-11-16 23:27:51 GMT <nachopants> but our SOLR box is causing serious performance issues

2016-11-16 23:27:54 GMT <nachopants> and it's up at 80% cpu etc

2016-11-16 23:28:27 GMT <nachopants> we aren't too sure how to even investigate whether our servers are misconfigured

2016-11-16 23:28:30 GMT <nachopants> or need more juice, or what

2016-11-16 23:28:57 GMT <AxelFaust> Without Java people? That can be tough for analysis... Can you determine what the SOLR server is doing, e.g. extract a thread dump from it?

2016-11-16 23:29:44 GMT <nachopants> not too sure how to do that

2016-11-16 23:29:49 GMT <nachopants> but the solr log looks like this...

2016-11-16 23:29:50 GMT <nachopants> http://pastebin.com/4YAbz1xg

2016-11-16 23:29:51 GMT <alfbot> Title: [root@solr-prod-06 solr]# tail -n 1000 solr.log 09:31:19,692 ERROR [org.apache. - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2016-11-16 23:29:53 GMT <AxelFaust> Also, did you recently do any kind of batch import / processing that could have modified/created a significant amount of nodes?

2016-11-16 23:30:04 GMT <nachopants> always, yes

2016-11-16 23:30:10 GMT <nachopants> our structure is quite complex

2016-11-16 23:30:14 GMT <nachopants> we use openldap for auth

2016-11-16 23:30:27 GMT <nachopants> and each of our 'clients' has a 'site' (so we have something like .... 3000 sites)

2016-11-16 23:30:38 GMT <nachopants> each containing ~200 documents

2016-11-16 23:31:24 GMT <nachopants> so it kind of makes sense that solr is under a lot of load

2016-11-16 23:31:28 GMT <nachopants> but we have all sorts of issues

2016-11-16 23:31:29 GMT <AxelFaust> well - that isn't "that much" to be honest...

2016-11-16 23:31:34 GMT <nachopants> oh good :)

2016-11-16 23:31:40 GMT <nachopants> e.g. if we add a user to a new sitegroup in ldap

2016-11-16 23:31:44 GMT <nachopants> despite ldap syncing every 15 minutes

2016-11-16 23:31:52 GMT <nachopants> it doesn't take affect in alfresco unless we reboot the entire stack and reindex solr

2016-11-16 23:32:02 GMT <nachopants> so logically (I'm a LAMP stack person) I assume there's some sort of ACL TTL somewhere

2016-11-16 23:33:02 GMT <AxelFaust> well - there are caches for all sorts of data, not only ACLs. But LDAP syncs don't change anything with regards to ACLs, they only create/reorder authorities

2016-11-16 23:33:23 GMT * AxelFaust has got to stop prefixing a message with "well - "

2016-11-16 23:34:16 GMT <AxelFaust> Why do you run LDAP sync every 15 minutes? Are users / groups created / changed that often?

2016-11-16 23:34:32 GMT <nachopants> not really... no... hehe

2016-11-16 23:34:53 GMT <nachopants> I think it's a reaction to the fact changes woudl happen in ldap

2016-11-16 23:34:57 GMT <nachopants> and not take effect in alfresco

2016-11-16 23:35:05 GMT <nachopants> so the previous tech team increased the regularity of the ldap sync

2016-11-16 23:35:11 GMT <nachopants> ....which didn't solve the issue, but they just left it that way

2016-11-16 23:35:13 GMT <nachopants> sigh

2016-11-16 23:36:49 GMT <AxelFaust> The SOLR log doesn't tell anything that might point to a reason of the CPU load.

2016-11-16 23:37:12 GMT <AxelFaust> Some live monitoring / thread dumps would be required to check what is causing the load

2016-11-16 23:37:49 GMT <nachopants> okay

2016-11-16 23:37:53 GMT <nachopants> any recommendations on how to do that?

2016-11-16 23:37:59 GMT <nachopants> should I attach new relic to the jvm or something?

2016-11-16 23:38:02 GMT <nachopants> https://postimg.org/gallery/ed1uf66m/389ec0ee/

2016-11-16 23:38:03 GMT <alfbot> Title: Postimage.org — free image hosting / image upload (at postimg.org)

2016-11-16 23:38:18 GMT <nachopants> ^ the image there with a CPU doing basically nothing is 'alfresco-prod'

2016-11-16 23:38:23 GMT <nachopants> the image with the CPU doing a lot is 'solr-prod'

2016-11-16 23:38:29 GMT <nachopants> (don't know if that is at all helpful)

2016-11-16 23:38:40 GMT <nachopants> (by the way thanks very much for even spending the time to chat!)

2016-11-16 23:42:57 GMT <AxelFaust> New Relic would probably work

2016-11-16 23:43:08 GMT <AxelFaust> I typically just use jvisualvm which comes for free with JDK

2016-11-16 23:43:35 GMT <AxelFaust> The URL for postimg.org is not showing the image...

2016-11-16 23:43:44 GMT <AxelFaust> Oh wait

2016-11-16 23:44:13 GMT <AxelFaust> They were so inconspicious that I did not see them

2016-11-16 23:46:23 GMT <AxelFaust> Ok - looks like SOLR is constantly writing to disk, which would indicate an long-running indexing operation is taking place.

2016-11-16 23:47:36 GMT <AxelFaust> "it doesn't take affect in alfresco unless we reboot the entire stack and reindex solr" => are you re-indexing SOLR just now?

2016-11-16 23:51:00 GMT <nachopants> nope

2016-11-16 23:51:01 GMT <nachopants> not at all right now

2016-11-16 23:52:09 GMT <nachopants> on the solr box

2016-11-16 23:52:22 GMT <nachopants> there's 7.5gb of memory, 6gb in use, 1.5 free

2016-11-16 23:52:26 GMT <nachopants> so it's not like it's using swap

2016-11-16 23:52:29 GMT <nachopants> um

2016-11-16 23:52:47 GMT <nachopants> top shows java using 148% cpu and 72.1% mem

2016-11-16 23:53:28 GMT <nachopants> I just ran iotop

2016-11-16 23:53:49 GMT <nachopants> there are just stacks of lines of

2016-11-16 23:53:54 GMT <nachopants> 0722 be/4 root 0.00 B/s 0.00 B/s 0.00 % 0.00 % java -Djava.util.logging.config.file=/opt/solr/tomcat/conf/logging.properties -server -Xms2048M -Xmx5120M -XX:MaxPermSize=512m -XX:+UseConcM~ina.base=/opt/solr/tomcat -Dcatalina.home=/opt/solr/tomcat -Djava.io.tmpdir=/opt/solr/tomcat/temp org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap start

2016-11-16 23:53:54 GMT <nachopants> 30471 be/4 root 0.00 B/s 0.00 B/s 0.00 % 0.00 % java -Djava.util.logging.config.file=/opt/solr/tomcat/conf/logging.properties -server -Xms2048M -Xmx5120M -XX:MaxPermSize=512m -XX:+UseConcM~ina.base=/opt/solr/tomcat -Dcatalina.home=/opt/solr/tomcat -Djava.io.tmpdir=/opt/solr/tomcat/temp org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap start

2016-11-16 23:53:55 GMT <nachopants> 30473 be/4 root 0.00 B/s 0.00 B/s 0.00 % 0.00 % java -Djava.util.logging.config.file=/opt/solr/tomcat/conf/logging.properties -server -Xms2048M -Xmx5120M -XX:MaxPermSize=512m -XX:+UseConcM~ina.base=/opt/solr/tomcat -Dcatalina.home=/opt/solr/tomcat -Djava.io.tmpdir=/opt/solr/tomcat/temp org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap start

2016-11-16 23:53:55 GMT <nachopants> 28222 be/4 aws 0.00 B/s 0.00 B/s 0.00 % 0.00 % opsworks-agent: process_command of master 28

2016-11-16 23:54:51 GMT <nachopants> here's a screeny of it

2016-11-16 23:54:51 GMT <nachopants> https://postimg.org/image/vacuaj1np/65385166/

2016-11-16 23:54:52 GMT <alfbot> Title: Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 10.54.26 am — Postimage.org (at postimg.org)

2016-11-16 23:55:00 GMT <nachopants> investigating jvisualvm right now

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