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2016-11-22 00:07:40 GMT <AFaust> the amount of connections is a bit low, but might be alright depending on how many/few users actually use Alfresco

2016-11-22 00:08:16 GMT <AFaust> if things after login are slow too that would definitely be an indicator that DB may be more relevant

2016-11-22 00:13:10 GMT <AFaust> I don't have experience regarding latency with RDS e.g. if deployment zones are not identical / aligned. Round-trip time to the DB is critical

2016-11-22 06:15:52 GMT <nachopants> is anyone else aware that disabling jodconverter in Community 5.0x seems to completely ignore the parameter? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28120436/disable-open-office-in-alfresco

2016-11-22 06:15:53 GMT <alfbot> Title: openoffice.org - Disable open office in Alfresco - Stack Overflow (at stackoverflow.com)

2016-11-22 07:47:57 GMT <maria> the preview of a docx document, mixes the document itself with a part of another docx document.

2016-11-22 07:48:56 GMT <maria> it has happened before. but it is realy rare..

2016-11-22 07:49:17 GMT <maria> how could this be fixxed, at least for this document?

2016-11-22 07:49:28 GMT <AFaust> Is it still mixed if you reload the preview / page?

2016-11-22 07:49:38 GMT <maria> yes, still

2016-11-22 07:50:23 GMT <AFaust> Haven't ever seen something like this...

2016-11-22 07:50:46 GMT <maria> and the creator users was the same mixed preview, and the admins (we)

2016-11-22 07:50:49 GMT <AFaust> Transformations are pretty much isolated between files so I cannot imagine how the mixup occured

2016-11-22 07:51:17 GMT <maria> is this preview somewhere cashed?

2016-11-22 07:52:45 GMT <maria> where we can delete it, and make alfresco to create it again?

2016-11-22 07:53:56 GMT <AFaust> Simplest option is to upload a new version... otherwise you could use a small script via JavaScript console to delete a rendition

2016-11-22 07:54:24 GMT <maria> what script whould that be?

2016-11-22 07:54:40 GMT <AFaust> one that needs to be written

2016-11-22 07:55:11 GMT <AFaust> that is the purpose of the JavaScript console - to be able to dynamically create and execute scripts for unforeseen use cases

2016-11-22 08:11:19 GMT <yreg> nachopants, AFAIK there is no JODConverter in community edition

2016-11-22 08:11:46 GMT <AFaust> not only AFAUK - for reals

2016-11-22 08:14:00 GMT <nachopants> I realise that

2016-11-22 08:14:05 GMT <nachopants> but if you set the parameter to false

2016-11-22 08:14:09 GMT <nachopants> it tries to load it anyway

2016-11-22 08:14:34 GMT <yreg> AFaust, well, I wrote a content transformer leveraging a remote JODConverter server for its office2text and office2pdf transformations

2016-11-22 08:14:44 GMT <nachopants> ### External executable locations ###

2016-11-22 08:14:44 GMT <nachopants> ooo.exe=/opt/libreoffice4.2/program/soffice.bin

2016-11-22 08:14:45 GMT <nachopants> ooo.enabled=true

2016-11-22 08:14:45 GMT <nachopants> ooo.port=8100

2016-11-22 08:14:47 GMT <nachopants> img.root=/etc/ImageMagick

2016-11-22 08:14:47 GMT <nachopants> img.exe=/usr/bin/convert

2016-11-22 08:14:49 GMT <nachopants> swf.exe=/opt/alfresco/common/bin/pdf2swf

2016-11-22 08:14:49 GMT <nachopants> jodconverter.enabled=false

2016-11-22 08:14:51 GMT <nachopants> jodconverter.officeHome=null

2016-11-22 08:14:51 GMT <nachopants> jodconverter.portNumbers=8100

2016-11-22 08:14:53 GMT <nachopants> that's our config.

2016-11-22 08:15:45 GMT <AFaust> Do you have log output to show that JOOConverter is still being initialised?

2016-11-22 08:16:37 GMT <nachopants> yup grabbing that now, 2 secs

2016-11-22 08:16:41 GMT <nachopants> (been trying to fix it all day)

2016-11-22 08:18:59 GMT <nachopants> 2016-11-22 16:42:10,559 ERROR [content.transform.TransformerConfigDynamicTransformers] [localhost-startStop-1] Cannot create dynamic transformertransformer.complex.JodConverter.Image as sub transformers could not be found or created ("JodConverter.2Pdf|pdf|complex.PDF.Image").

2016-11-22 08:18:59 GMT <nachopants> 2016-11-22 16:42:10,559 ERROR [content.transform.TransformerConfigDynamicTransformers] [localhost-startStop-1] Cannot create dynamic transformertransformer.complex.JodConverter.Pdf2swf as sub transformers could not be found or created ("JodConverter.2Pdf|pdf|Pdf2swf").

2016-11-22 08:19:01 GMT <nachopants> 2016-11-22 16:42:10,559 ERROR [content.transform.TransformerConfigDynamicTransformers] [localhost-startStop-1] Cannot create dynamic transformertransformer.JodConverter.Html2Pdf as sub transformers could not be found or created ("JodConverter|odt|JodConverter").

2016-11-22 08:19:01 GMT <nachopants> 2016-11-22 16:42:10,560 ERROR [content.transform.TransformerConfigDynamicTransformers] [localhost-startStop-1] Cannot create dynamic transformertransformer.JodConverter.2Pdf as sub transformers could not be found or created ("JodConverter|JodConverter.Html2Pdf").

2016-11-22 08:19:03 GMT <nachopants> 2016-11-22 16:42:10,560 ERROR [content.transform.TransformerConfigDynamicTransformers] [localhost-startStop-1] Cannot create dynamic transformertransformer.complex.JodConverter.PdfBox as sub transformers could not be found or created ("JodConverter.2Pdf|pdf|PdfBox").

2016-11-22 08:19:03 GMT <nachopants> 2016-11-22 16:42:10,603 INFO [management.subsystems.ChildApplicationContextFactory] [localhost-startStop-1] Startup of 'Transformers' subsystem, ID: [Transformers, default] complete

2016-11-22 08:20:42 GMT <AFaust> So these ERROR messages are actually a sign that JODConverter is NOT being initialised.

2016-11-22 08:20:52 GMT <nachopants> oh right

2016-11-22 08:20:53 GMT <nachopants> haha

2016-11-22 08:20:57 GMT <AFaust> They are actually a result of that

2016-11-22 08:21:01 GMT <nachopants> does that mean something else is asking for it?

2016-11-22 08:21:12 GMT <AFaust> Strange though - these messages should be suppressed normally in CE

2016-11-22 08:21:25 GMT <nachopants> the logging is set to DEBUG which might be why

2016-11-22 08:21:33 GMT <nachopants> (because we've been struggling so much the past few days)

2016-11-22 08:22:01 GMT <nachopants> the other thing I haven't been able to figure out....

2016-11-22 08:22:18 GMT <nachopants> we certainly have terrible performance with

2016-11-22 08:22:20 GMT <AFaust> Well - the log level the messages are using is ERROR, so the debug setting should have nothing to do with that...

2016-11-22 08:22:21 GMT <nachopants> alfresco box < 5% cpu

2016-11-22 08:22:26 GMT <nachopants> solr box (separate) < 5% cpu

2016-11-22 08:22:34 GMT <nachopants> and db is using < 5% cpu

2016-11-22 08:22:38 GMT <nachopants> but load times are terrible

2016-11-22 08:22:46 GMT <nachopants> so I investigated and found that....

2016-11-22 08:22:53 GMT <nachopants> the db sits on 32 connections and never goes up or down

2016-11-22 08:23:00 GMT <nachopants> the alfresco box has a db.max.pool of 512

2016-11-22 08:23:06 GMT <nachopants> and an idle of 0

2016-11-22 08:23:09 GMT <nachopants> and an initial pool of 32.

2016-11-22 08:23:15 GMT <nachopants> it just seems to start with that and not go up or down

2016-11-22 08:23:42 GMT <AFaust> it only goes up if it does need more... and it can't go down because of your configuration

2016-11-22 08:23:56 GMT <nachopants> right so I thought because it wasn't going "up"

2016-11-22 08:24:02 GMT <nachopants> that ... that might be whats throttling it

2016-11-22 08:24:06 GMT <AFaust> How was the system set up? What kind of installer / VM template was being used?

2016-11-22 08:24:19 GMT <nachopants> it's an amazon linux ami

2016-11-22 08:24:26 GMT <nachopants> installed with the alfresco community 5.0 bundle

2016-11-22 08:24:33 GMT <nachopants> just... downloaded a zip, etc

2016-11-22 08:24:41 GMT <nachopants> solr is sitting on its own box

2016-11-22 08:24:48 GMT <nachopants> (it's reindexing right now, for the millionth time)

2016-11-22 08:25:03 GMT <AFaust> What ZIP specifically? It would be good to know the specific version of Alfresco...

2016-11-22 08:26:15 GMT <nachopants> https://wiki.alfresco.com/wiki/Alfresco_Community_5.0.a_Release_Notes

2016-11-22 08:26:15 GMT <nachopants> this guy

2016-11-22 08:26:16 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco Community 5.0.a Release Notes | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2016-11-22 08:26:42 GMT <nachopants> 5.0a

2016-11-22 08:29:47 GMT <AFaust> Have you considered upgrading to a more stable version? 5.0.a was the first in the 5.0 line and CE versions that early typically have experimental new features and a few hiccups in them...

2016-11-22 08:30:01 GMT <nachopants> we are terrified

2016-11-22 08:30:06 GMT <nachopants> there is custom code in there from a 3rd party

2016-11-22 08:30:11 GMT <nachopants> that we don't know if it will work in 5.1x

2016-11-22 08:30:17 GMT <nachopants> (but if it comes to that I'll try and do that tomorrow)

2016-11-22 08:30:19 GMT <nachopants> however

2016-11-22 08:30:24 GMT <nachopants> it doesn't make sense that all 3 servers are "idle"

2016-11-22 08:30:28 GMT <nachopants> with performance so poor

2016-11-22 08:30:33 GMT <nachopants> the bottleneck has to be *somewhere*

2016-11-22 08:31:52 GMT <AFaust> You could still use 5.0 - but 5.0.d instead of 5.0.a

2016-11-22 08:32:29 GMT <AFaust> Sure - I always opt to understand the problem first too before picking the option of upgrading...

2016-11-22 09:53:43 GMT <Hiten> Hi Guys, I having some issues while invoking membership webscript from client side javascript

2016-11-22 09:54:39 GMT <Hiten> I can see in the developer console that the wescript is returning membership status but when I am trying to put it in a variable I am getting null

2016-11-22 09:54:55 GMT <Hiten> http://pastebin.com/ABQ8BubJ

2016-11-22 09:54:56 GMT <alfbot> Title: Custom_document-version.js - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2016-11-22 10:00:38 GMT *** angelborroy_ is now known as angelborroy

2016-11-22 10:25:36 GMT <IanW1> Just ran the owasp dependency check maven plugin - kind of wish I hadn't...

2016-11-22 10:36:17 GMT <yreg_> lol

2016-11-22 10:47:17 GMT <IanW1> What's particularly disappointing is that there are vuln in *alfresco* jars that are reported for enterprise 4.1 that are still in community 5.1.g e.g. https://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/detail?vulnId=CVE-2014-2939

2016-11-22 10:47:18 GMT <alfbot> Title: NVD - Detail (at web.nvd.nist.gov)

2016-11-22 12:40:03 GMT <fwu> hi all!

2016-11-22 12:41:46 GMT <fwu> ppl, is there a simple way I can test/see the alfresco mobile solution from a localhost/PC install? Something like a ipad simulation device that may point to alfresco mobile in localhost?

2016-11-22 13:06:51 GMT <bhagyas> fwu: You can use iOS Simulator

2016-11-22 13:07:15 GMT <bhagyas> install XCode, then Cocoapods and then compile and install on your device or run in simulator

2016-11-22 13:08:07 GMT <bhagyas> I wanted to contribute that as a easy to read guideline and a single command bash to setup, but was rejected - then I stopped contributing to Alfresco Mobile and forked instead :)

2016-11-22 13:08:55 GMT <fwu> bhagyas, you were the one to tell me about an Alfresco mobile solution supporting workflows, right?

2016-11-22 13:09:42 GMT <bhagyas> yup

2016-11-22 13:10:19 GMT <fwu> were can I read or see something about it?

2016-11-22 13:10:27 GMT <fwu> where

2016-11-22 13:10:30 GMT <fwu> :)

2016-11-22 13:10:36 GMT <bhagyas> you can possibly find a pull request with a bash script to set it up

2016-11-22 13:10:43 GMT <bhagyas> in the pull requests

2016-11-22 13:13:13 GMT <fwu> pull requests?

2016-11-22 13:13:51 GMT <bhagyas> on GH

2016-11-22 13:16:11 GMT <fwu> ok, you are talking about running the alfresco standard ipad solution, right? I was asking now about Alfresco mobile with workflow support!

2016-11-22 13:16:38 GMT <bhagyas> that is probably dead since joram barrez is no longer at alfresco

2016-11-22 13:16:57 GMT <bhagyas> anyways, its standard ios app, u can just open with xcode and run in simulator

2016-11-22 13:17:35 GMT <fwu> but Alfresco enterprise suppoort for workflows is not dead right?

2016-11-22 13:17:52 GMT <bhagyas> fwu: its probably good as dead, until they prove it otherwise

2016-11-22 13:18:17 GMT <bhagyas> there was a pretty good office hours last week

2016-11-22 13:18:20 GMT <bhagyas> maybe you can watch it

2016-11-22 13:18:27 GMT <fwu> hmm.. and why that version doesnt run in the CE version?

2016-11-22 13:18:39 GMT <fwu> the CE only has repository

2016-11-22 13:19:54 GMT <bhagyas> fwu: Alfresco has now told us to judge them by their actions

2016-11-22 13:19:59 GMT <bhagyas> so looking forward to it

2016-11-22 13:24:07 GMT <fwu> bhagyas, Im not understanding all of what you are saying ... :(

2016-11-22 13:24:22 GMT <fwu> let me breakdown in small steps :)

2016-11-22 13:25:08 GMT <fwu> First I would like to open a standard Alfresco ios/mobile solution in my laptop

2016-11-22 13:25:34 GMT <fwu> I need a simulator and the app. Then I beleive I can set the app to point to my local repository

2016-11-22 13:25:52 GMT <fwu> Idont need xcode by now because I dont want to develop in this moment.

2016-11-22 13:26:07 GMT <bhagyas> u need xcode to compile and build it for running in the simulator

2016-11-22 13:26:13 GMT <fwu> the iOS simulator runs on windows?

2016-11-22 13:26:20 GMT <bhagyas> nope

2016-11-22 13:26:29 GMT <fwu> im on windows

2016-11-22 13:26:33 GMT <bhagyas> you need macOS

2016-11-22 13:26:41 GMT <fwu> also, can I get a compiled version?

2016-11-22 13:26:50 GMT <bhagyas> then you can run the Android version

2016-11-22 13:27:02 GMT <fwu> this compiled version should let me set the endpoint of Alfresco, right?

2016-11-22 13:27:02 GMT <bhagyas> but you'd need the Android SDK and configured

2016-11-22 13:27:13 GMT <bhagyas> yeah

2016-11-22 13:31:54 GMT <nachopants> wow workflows are dead?

2016-11-22 13:32:07 GMT <nachopants> that's good news for us :) our competitor uses them

2016-11-22 13:32:24 GMT <bhagyas> nachopants: no not yet :P

2016-11-22 13:32:38 GMT <bhagyas> we were talkign about the mobile apps

2016-11-22 13:32:38 GMT <bhagyas> :D

2016-11-22 13:33:58 GMT <nachopants> everything will be mobile soon enough :)

2016-11-22 13:34:22 GMT <nachopants> I need to bribe some CE devs to port the S3 storage driver :|

2016-11-22 13:34:28 GMT <nachopants> time to buy beer

2016-11-22 13:35:07 GMT <bhagyas> S3 is already there

2016-11-22 13:35:41 GMT <nachopants> in CE?

2016-11-22 13:35:46 GMT <bhagyas> nachopants: Agree about the mobile

2016-11-22 13:35:49 GMT <douglascrp> nachopants, it's here https://github.com/douglascrp/alfresco-cloud-store

2016-11-22 13:35:50 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - douglascrp/alfresco-cloud-store: Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/alfresco-cloud-store (at github.com)

2016-11-22 13:35:54 GMT <nachopants> aoiehg;oaihge;oieh;oaihet

2016-11-22 13:35:58 GMT <nachopants> we're stuck on 5.0a :(

2016-11-22 13:36:01 GMT <nachopants> can we still implement that?

2016-11-22 13:36:11 GMT <nachopants> 5.0d

2016-11-22 13:36:12 GMT <nachopants> NOOOOOO

2016-11-22 13:36:18 GMT <bhagyas> I overlooked mobile for a good number of years

2016-11-22 13:36:20 GMT <bhagyas> but now its the time

2016-11-22 13:36:24 GMT <douglascrp> nachopants, try it

2016-11-22 13:36:30 GMT <douglascrp> I believe it will work

2016-11-22 13:36:34 GMT <nachopants> if that works

2016-11-22 13:36:38 GMT <nachopants> I'm marrying the dev

2016-11-22 13:36:44 GMT <douglascrp> if not, simply fork the project, adapt it and share your version

2016-11-22 13:36:47 GMT <bhagyas> douglascrp is already married

2016-11-22 13:36:48 GMT <bhagyas> I guess

2016-11-22 13:36:50 GMT <bhagyas> :P

2016-11-22 13:36:54 GMT <douglascrp> bhagyas, yes, I am

2016-11-22 13:36:55 GMT <douglascrp> :D

2016-11-22 13:36:59 GMT <nachopants> oh it's you? hahahah

2016-11-22 13:37:06 GMT <nachopants> well - thank you :)

2016-11-22 13:37:09 GMT <nachopants> you may have changed our lives!

2016-11-22 13:37:18 GMT <bhagyas> he maintains ;)

2016-11-22 13:37:18 GMT <nachopants> we've been using this s3fuse driver in linux

2016-11-22 13:37:23 GMT <nachopants> with a horrrrible memory leak

2016-11-22 13:37:24 GMT <bhagyas> the original devs might still be single though :P

2016-11-22 13:37:43 GMT <AFaust> nachopants: that is the S3 project I was telling you about potentially integrating into simple-content-stores addond

2016-11-22 13:37:45 GMT <douglascrp> nachopants, I'm glad you are insterested in it

2016-11-22 13:37:56 GMT <nachopants> yes yes yes yes yes

2016-11-22 13:37:56 GMT <nachopants> ok

2016-11-22 13:37:58 GMT <nachopants> will definitely try it

2016-11-22 13:38:06 GMT <douglascrp> nachopants, I'm glad we have someone more to test it

2016-11-22 13:38:14 GMT <douglascrp> please, let me know how it goes

2016-11-22 13:38:32 GMT <nachopants> I promise I will

2016-11-22 13:38:32 GMT <bhagyas> nachopants: There is also another s3 adaptor here : https://github.com/bhagyas/awesome-alfresco

2016-11-22 13:38:33 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - bhagyas/awesome-alfresco: A curated list of awesome Alfresco projects and add-ons. (at github.com)

2016-11-22 13:38:46 GMT <douglascrp> bhagyas, other? really?

2016-11-22 13:38:51 GMT <nachopants> 1am here so I will try it tomorrow at work and dedicate the day

2016-11-22 13:38:58 GMT <nachopants> bhagyas - thank you, but I fell for doug first!

2016-11-22 13:39:11 GMT <douglascrp> nachopants, perfect... I'll be here if you need something

2016-11-22 13:39:42 GMT <douglascrp> nachopants, as AFaust said, there is a will to merge the projects...

2016-11-22 13:39:51 GMT <AFaust> douglascrp: bhagyas listed everything he could find so there are multiple addons in some areas - but you'd have to check each for if it is still active and/or compatible

2016-11-22 13:39:53 GMT <douglascrp> it would be nice if you can take the opportunity and help with this

2016-11-22 13:40:07 GMT <bhagyas> :D

2016-11-22 13:40:24 GMT <douglascrp> nachopants, I guess AFaust can help us on this if you decide to try it

2016-11-22 13:40:56 GMT <douglascrp> this is something we have been talking about, but I personally could find time to do it myself

2016-11-22 13:41:02 GMT <douglascrp> right now, I'm working on alvex

2016-11-22 13:41:15 GMT <AFaust> you mean "couldn't"

2016-11-22 13:41:28 GMT <nachopants> "Alfresco Unzip Action"

2016-11-22 13:41:32 GMT <AFaust> or has that changed?

2016-11-22 13:41:33 GMT <nachopants> that sounds...

2016-11-22 13:41:37 GMT <nachopants> more exciting than it should...

2016-11-22 13:41:42 GMT <douglascrp> AFaust, yes, couldn't

2016-11-22 13:41:43 GMT <douglascrp> tks

2016-11-22 13:41:51 GMT <fwu> bhagyas, so, I may install an android emulator, install Alfresco apk on it and set it to point to my local Alfresco install, right?

2016-11-22 13:41:59 GMT <bhagyas> fwu: yup

2016-11-22 13:42:08 GMT <douglascrp> I guess I should rename the project... cloud-store is too "broad"

2016-11-22 13:42:12 GMT <fwu> what emulator should I choose?

2016-11-22 13:42:13 GMT <AFaust> nachopants: actually there already is unzip support in Alfresco - it just isn't exposed to the UI...

2016-11-22 13:42:23 GMT <bhagyas> The built in emulator that comes with SDK

2016-11-22 13:42:23 GMT <AFaust> that is what that addon adds

2016-11-22 13:42:24 GMT <douglascrp> ok, gtg for now

2016-11-22 13:42:26 GMT <douglascrp> i'll be back later

2016-11-22 13:42:37 GMT <douglascrp> and I will read the history when I'm back

2016-11-22 13:42:39 GMT <nachopants> one of the things our staff struggle with in CE is the fact they cant "split multi-page PDFs" in the browser

2016-11-22 13:42:48 GMT <nachopants> is that a common problem or is there a ... very obvious way to do that?

2016-11-22 13:42:51 GMT <douglascrp> nachopants, feel free to send me messages or email if you need help on this

2016-11-22 13:42:55 GMT <bhagyas> fwu: There is also an ionic mobile client for Alfresco

2016-11-22 13:42:55 GMT <bhagyas> https://github.com/bhagyas/awesome-alfresco

2016-11-22 13:42:56 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - bhagyas/awesome-alfresco: A curated list of awesome Alfresco projects and add-ons. (at github.com)

2016-11-22 13:42:56 GMT <nachopants> thanks doug!

2016-11-22 13:43:00 GMT <bhagyas> see under Mobile clients

2016-11-22 13:43:19 GMT <fwu> ok

2016-11-22 13:43:30 GMT <douglascrp> nachopants, alfresco pdf-toolkit is what you need

2016-11-22 13:43:33 GMT <douglascrp> ok, bye

2016-11-22 14:08:50 GMT <fwu> bhagyas, can you provide me an Android emulator from where I can install the alfresco app, please?

2016-11-22 14:09:01 GMT <bhagyas> You can google for it

2016-11-22 14:15:16 GMT <yreg_> fwu, nox is one of the best

2016-11-22 14:15:31 GMT <fwu> let me try

2016-11-22 14:15:36 GMT <fwu> also, i found this:

2016-11-22 14:15:45 GMT <fwu> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.activiti.android.app

2016-11-22 14:15:59 GMT <fwu> this is an app only for the activiti product, right?

2016-11-22 14:16:50 GMT <fwu> if i develop a wf in activity, canĀ“t I port it to Alfresco more or less easily, so that each processes (from mobile and alfresco) point to the same resources?

2016-11-22 14:19:36 GMT <maria_> hi. my alfresco-sdk-parent version is 2.1.1.

2016-11-22 14:20:24 GMT <maria_> could you please tell me what version to use for spring-webscripts, alfresco-remote-api for creating a test case>

2016-11-22 14:20:27 GMT <maria_> ?

2016-11-22 14:20:42 GMT <bhagyas> maria_: Just did that a couple of hours ago

2016-11-22 14:20:51 GMT <bhagyas> you have to change the groupID, to org.alfresco.webscripts

2016-11-22 14:21:06 GMT <bhagyas> <dependency>

2016-11-22 14:21:06 GMT <bhagyas> <groupId>org.alfresco.surf</groupId>

2016-11-22 14:21:06 GMT <bhagyas> <artifactId>spring-webscripts</artifactId>

2016-11-22 14:21:06 GMT <bhagyas> <classifier>tests</classifier>

2016-11-22 14:21:06 GMT <bhagyas> <scope>test</scope>

2016-11-22 14:21:07 GMT <bhagyas> </dependency>

2016-11-22 14:21:25 GMT <bhagyas> For remote API:

2016-11-22 14:21:25 GMT <bhagyas> <dependency>

2016-11-22 14:21:25 GMT <bhagyas> <groupId>${alfresco.groupId}</groupId>

2016-11-22 14:21:25 GMT <bhagyas> <artifactId>alfresco-remote-api</artifactId>

2016-11-22 14:21:25 GMT <bhagyas> <version>${alfresco.version}</version>

2016-11-22 14:21:26 GMT <bhagyas> <classifier>tests</classifier>

2016-11-22 14:21:26 GMT <bhagyas> <scope>test</scope>

2016-11-22 14:21:27 GMT <bhagyas> </dependency>

2016-11-22 14:21:30 GMT <bhagyas> These should do :)

2016-11-22 14:25:09 GMT <maria_> the version of spring-webscripts ?

2016-11-22 14:25:18 GMT <maria_> eclipse says error..

2016-11-22 14:25:28 GMT <bhagyas> maria_: You don't need to specify, Maven will automatically resolve it

2016-11-22 14:26:57 GMT <maria_> Project build error: 'dependencies.dependency.version' for org.alfresco.surf:spring-webscripts:jar:tests is missing.

2016-11-22 14:28:47 GMT <bhagyas> try .6.3

2016-11-22 14:30:09 GMT <fwu> bhagyas, nox is not installing from the play store... is it possible to downalod the apk somewhere?

2016-11-22 14:30:23 GMT <maria_> org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanDefinitionStoreException: IOException parsing XML document from class path resource [alfresco/web-scripts-application-context.xml]; nested exception is java.io.FileNotFoundException: class path resource [alfresco/web-scripts-application-context.xml] cannot be opened because it does not exist

2016-11-22 14:30:55 GMT <maria_> have you constracted the application context ?

2016-11-22 14:32:16 GMT <maria_> i am extending the BaseWebScriptTest

2016-11-22 14:32:33 GMT <maria_> and in setUp super.setUp();

2016-11-22 14:32:47 GMT <maria_> and .. this.siteService = (SiteService) getServer().getApplicationContext() .getBean("SiteService");

2016-11-22 14:33:24 GMT <bhagyas> maria_: Do you have your tomcat plugin configuration along with targets set properly?

2016-11-22 14:33:36 GMT <bhagyas> Looks like your tomcat plugin deploy hasn't worked

2016-11-22 14:34:22 GMT <maria_> i set up in the eclipse the alfresco and the share projects in eclipse

2016-11-22 14:34:43 GMT <maria_> under tests in repo i am writing a test case

2016-11-22 14:35:13 GMT <maria_> and i am running from eclipse, run as unit test.

2016-11-22 14:38:42 GMT <maria_> nothing done with tomcat and pom

2016-11-22 14:40:32 GMT <maria_> should i write something in pom for tomcat?

2016-11-22 14:42:25 GMT <bhagyas> maria_: Are you familiar with classpaths?

2016-11-22 14:44:57 GMT <maria_> yes

2016-11-22 14:46:03 GMT <bhagyas> eclipse and most IDEs use Surefire configurations to identify the classpaths

2016-11-22 14:46:27 GMT <bhagyas> if you don't have the war extracted in the expected classpath, you'd get a similar error

2016-11-22 14:48:33 GMT <maria_> the expected classpath is target/ i quess

2016-11-22 14:49:32 GMT <maria_> i run maven->install from eclipse

2016-11-22 14:50:22 GMT <maria_> the alfresco/web-scripts-application-context.xml is in the share project?

2016-11-22 14:50:40 GMT <maria_> i have two different projects

2016-11-22 14:50:54 GMT <maria_> and thus two different /target

2016-11-22 14:51:02 GMT <bhagyas> you need alfresco-repository on your maven

2016-11-22 14:51:51 GMT <maria_> it is by default in the pom

2016-11-22 14:51:52 GMT <maria_> <dependency> <groupId>${alfresco.groupId}</groupId> <artifactId>alfresco-repository</artifactId> </dependency>

2016-11-22 14:52:15 GMT <bhagyas> also remote-api

2016-11-22 14:55:23 GMT <maria_> i am using alfresco-remote-api

2016-11-22 14:56:43 GMT <bhagyas> then restart eclipse and see if it works

2016-11-22 14:58:04 GMT <fwu> bhagyas, I was able to test alfresco repository in nox

2016-11-22 14:58:14 GMT <fwu> im trying to test Alfresco activity now

2016-11-22 14:58:16 GMT <maria_> FileNotFoundException: class path resource [alfresco/web-scripts-application-context.xml]

2016-11-22 14:59:10 GMT <maria_> are you using all-in-one?

2016-11-22 14:59:28 GMT <bhagyas> In this project im using individual ones

2016-11-22 14:59:36 GMT <bhagyas> I also use all-in-one depending on the project

2016-11-22 15:00:10 GMT <maria_> do you have your code somewhere on line?

2016-11-22 15:00:23 GMT <bhagyas> Yup, but that's confidential

2016-11-22 15:00:31 GMT <maria_> ok. sorry.

2016-11-22 15:00:36 GMT <bhagyas> there maybe other projects that might have samples

2016-11-22 15:00:47 GMT <maria_> yes.

2016-11-22 15:01:20 GMT <maria_> about the classpaths: the only need is to run install through eclipse before

2016-11-22 15:01:31 GMT <maria_> or package..

2016-11-22 15:01:44 GMT <bhagyas> you need to have tomcat:deploy run

2016-11-22 15:01:54 GMT <bhagyas> at least through an integration test

2016-11-22 15:02:22 GMT <bhagyas> Testing shouldn't really be this difficult, but SDK is mostly a hack

2016-11-22 15:02:45 GMT <maria_> i am using the integration-test goal and profile amp-to-war

2016-11-22 15:02:50 GMT <bhagyas> oh AFaust is here, he uses Eclipse

2016-11-22 15:03:18 GMT <maria_> but this when i am running the alfresco server

2016-11-22 15:03:35 GMT <maria_> no need to load tomcat for tests.. right?

2016-11-22 15:03:54 GMT <bhagyas> maria_: that's what you think

2016-11-22 15:04:09 GMT <bhagyas> or what anyone would think

2016-11-22 15:04:18 GMT <bhagyas> :D

2016-11-22 15:05:30 GMT <maria_> ok. what about share project? is it needed as well? cause it is on a different folder/ tomcat

2016-11-22 15:05:59 GMT <bhagyas> you'd have to run both servers

2016-11-22 15:06:10 GMT <bhagyas> using integration-test amp-to-war

2016-11-22 15:09:36 GMT <maria_> isn't alfresco on 8080 and share on 8081 ? you are running two stuff.

2016-11-22 15:09:45 GMT <bhagyas> yup

2016-11-22 15:09:50 GMT <maria_> your test is on share or on repo project?

2016-11-22 15:12:46 GMT <bhagyas> repo

2016-11-22 15:12:56 GMT <AFaust> I use SDK 2.2 for projects that require SDK compliance. Other than that I use my own Maven setup.

2016-11-22 15:13:23 GMT <AFaust> But regardless, a properly setup Eclipse with M2E integration should have no issues with a celan POM file

2016-11-22 15:14:02 GMT <AFaust> I'll have to go through the logs to catch up first - I wasn't paying much attention and my laptop went sleeping in the middle

2016-11-22 15:15:03 GMT <maria_> the idea is to run a simple test in repo alfesco, that gets all the available sites.

2016-11-22 15:15:26 GMT <maria_> bhagyas repo.. me too.. :(

2016-11-22 15:16:28 GMT <AFaust> Oh - it is about those "not-really-unit-tests" tests. Yeah - I don't ever use these in the way that they are provided. I have an Arquillian based setup

2016-11-22 15:16:51 GMT <bhagyas> maria_: My context is managed by IntellIJ

2016-11-22 15:17:05 GMT <bhagyas> which works fine after I tuned here and there

2016-11-22 15:17:58 GMT <maria_> bhagyas how do you organize your code there? on project with two modules (share/ repo)?

2016-11-22 15:18:30 GMT <maria_> bhagyas i couldnt not run two tomcats in intellij and droped it for now

2016-11-22 15:19:04 GMT <bhagyas> maria_: you need to pass the surf version and some other parameters like env=local in the VM configuration for Maven

2016-11-22 15:19:16 GMT <bhagyas> also if you're running a second server, you'd need to override the maven.tomcat.port

2016-11-22 15:22:23 GMT <maria_> on look into it later. thanks anyway.

2016-11-22 15:23:13 GMT <maria_> for now i quess i cannot run any tests..

2016-11-22 15:23:27 GMT <maria_> or "tests"

2016-11-22 15:25:59 GMT <fwu> bhagyas, I realize the mobile app has a view/create task feature, but it seems it is only for what it is called an adhoc flow

2016-11-22 15:26:15 GMT <fwu> so, I believe this is hard-coded in the mobile app

2016-11-22 15:27:07 GMT <fwu> thus, if i chnage the definition of this wf in Alfresco, adding one more field, I believe it will not be seen in the mobile app, right?

2016-11-22 21:18:12 GMT <kfife> New here. New to Alfresco.

2016-11-22 21:18:35 GMT <kfife> I figured this would be where the better Alfresco devs hang out.

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