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2016-11-24 06:59:41 GMT <Dirk23> Hi

2016-11-24 07:27:52 GMT <Dirk23> how can i use 2 Domaincontrollers in alfresco-global.properties for LDAP Auth?

2016-11-24 07:29:12 GMT <Dirk23> i used to have the domainname in the ldap.authentication.java.naming.provider.url, but after my second DC had a fall out yesterday no one could login. I set the ldap.authentication.java.naming.provider.url to the IP of the Firts DC now its working again

2016-11-24 07:55:59 GMT <Dirk23> hmmm... still having issues

2016-11-24 07:56:50 GMT <Dirk23> where can i find the log for auth?

2016-11-24 08:19:08 GMT <yreg_> Morning Guys!

2016-11-24 08:23:39 GMT <Dirk23> hi

2016-11-24 08:23:57 GMT <Dirk23> I get a Auth Error on Alfresco loginpase, where can i find the log for auth?

2016-11-24 08:26:29 GMT <Dirk23> loginpage

2016-11-24 08:27:00 GMT <Dirk23> hi angelborroy

2016-11-24 08:27:12 GMT <angelborroy> morning Dirk23

2016-11-24 08:48:16 GMT <Dirk23> angelborroy: i cant login into my Alfresco since my secondary DC has crashed yesterday. Changing the config to have LDAP against the first DC didnt help. Any suggestions?

2016-11-24 08:50:05 GMT <angelborroy> Dirk23 you can include NTLM in the authentication chain and create users for every LDAP user

2016-11-24 08:50:16 GMT <angelborroy> Dirk23 so Alfresco can be used while LDAP is restored

2016-11-24 08:51:27 GMT <Dirk23> but y doesnt it work with Primary DC?

2016-11-24 08:51:48 GMT <angelborroy> it should work

2016-11-24 08:52:10 GMT <angelborroy> why it’s not working? have you activated authentication subsystem ldap logs?

2016-11-24 08:52:30 GMT <Dirk23> dont know. Where can i find those logs or activate it?

2016-11-24 08:54:15 GMT <angelborroy> https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-5789-the-synchronization-subsystem

2016-11-24 08:54:17 GMT <alfbot> Title: The Synchronization Subsystem | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2016-11-24 08:54:21 GMT <angelborroy> I was searching a “source”

2016-11-24 08:54:46 GMT <angelborroy> basically, include log4j.logger.org.alfresco.repo.security.sync=debug

2016-11-24 08:54:57 GMT <angelborroy> and logs will appear in catalina.out

2016-11-24 08:56:06 GMT <Dirk23> so i managed to restore the second dc right at this moment, an now i can login to alfresco O_O

2016-11-24 08:56:08 GMT <Dirk23> strange!

2016-11-24 08:57:16 GMT <ycoulon> Hi all

2016-11-24 08:57:29 GMT <Dirk23> just add log4j.logger.org.alfresco.repo.security.sync=debug to alfresco-global.properties?

2016-11-24 08:57:34 GMT <Dirk23> hi ycoulon

2016-11-24 08:57:47 GMT <angelborroy> Dirk23 if you are using synchronization, yes

2016-11-24 08:57:56 GMT <ycoulon> log configuration goes into log4j.properties

2016-11-24 08:57:59 GMT <angelborroy> sorry

2016-11-24 08:58:02 GMT <angelborroy> right

2016-11-24 08:58:02 GMT <ycoulon> not in the global properties

2016-11-24 08:58:31 GMT <angelborroy> Dirk23 http://docs.alfresco.com/community/concepts/dev-extensions-modules-module-log4j.html

2016-11-24 08:58:32 GMT <alfbot> Title: log4j.properties file | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2016-11-24 08:58:34 GMT <Dirk23> authentication.chain=alfrescoNtlm1:alfrescoNtlm,passthru1:passthru,ldap1:ldap

2016-11-24 08:58:41 GMT <ycoulon> too fast for me angelborroy :)

2016-11-24 08:58:43 GMT <angelborroy> Usually, I’m using extension folder for that

2016-11-24 08:59:12 GMT <Dirk23> thats whats inside globalproperties File. So am i using NTLM now?

2016-11-24 08:59:25 GMT <angelborroy> you are using first NTLM

2016-11-24 08:59:32 GMT <angelborroy> NTLM is Alfresco user/pass in database

2016-11-24 08:59:37 GMT <ycoulon> by the way, angelborroy <applyForNonSites>false</applyForNonSites> works fine my JS is not loaded anymore while browsing the repository page

2016-11-24 08:59:45 GMT <Dirk23> but i could not login while DC2 was offline

2016-11-24 08:59:50 GMT <angelborroy> ycoulon thanks for the feedback

2016-11-24 09:00:16 GMT <ycoulon> you're welcome, thanks for your help yesterday

2016-11-24 09:00:51 GMT <Vasquez> good morning all

2016-11-24 09:01:26 GMT <Vasquez> @angelborroy i have made dialogue that ran parallel with ajax post call

2016-11-24 09:03:37 GMT <Vasquez> basically i have defined new dialogue, have hide all buttons, set body and headder, and called it with setTimeout, after in callSuccess i would close this dialogue and continue, in failureCallbeck i would change header and body, and enable close button (if you remember my problem, i nedded some feedback for user while some async call was made)

2016-11-24 09:05:10 GMT <Dirk23> angelborroy: how can i add both Domaincontrollers to the config?

2016-11-24 09:07:20 GMT * DarkStar1 bids you all a good morning

2016-11-24 09:07:42 GMT <angelborroy> Dirk23, DarkStar1 can tell you how :)

2016-11-24 09:08:01 GMT <DarkStar1> Yes.

2016-11-24 09:08:02 GMT <angelborroy> https://github.com/magenta-aps/ldap-multi-search-base

2016-11-24 09:08:03 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - magenta-aps/ldap-multi-search-base: LDAP Multi Search Base (at github.com)

2016-11-24 09:08:12 GMT <angelborroy> or just including two ldap subsystems

2016-11-24 09:08:16 GMT <DarkStar1> Take the second left and stop at the 3rd café for breakfast

2016-11-24 09:08:24 GMT <DarkStar1> :)

2016-11-24 09:08:34 GMT <angelborroy> Dirk23 http://docs.alfresco.com/community5.0/tasks/auth-example-twoldap-ad.html

2016-11-24 09:08:35 GMT <alfbot> Title: Example: authentication and synchronization with two ldap-ad subsystems | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2016-11-24 09:09:17 GMT <angelborroy> Vasquez, basically this is done by the sample I gave you

2016-11-24 09:09:26 GMT <angelborroy> https://angelborroy.wordpress.com/2016/08/10/alfresco-share-actions-adding-a-waiting-dialog-while-performing-action-in-repo/

2016-11-24 09:09:27 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco Share actions: adding a waiting dialog while performing action in repo | Programming and So (at angelborroy.wordpress.com)

2016-11-24 09:09:52 GMT <angelborroy> “this.widgets.waitDialog" shows the message to the user

2016-11-24 09:09:56 GMT <Vasquez> yes this helped me a lot

2016-11-24 09:10:04 GMT <Vasquez> this is why i gave you feedback

2016-11-24 09:10:06 GMT <Vasquez> thanks

2016-11-24 09:10:09 GMT <angelborroy> ah, ok

2016-11-24 09:10:13 GMT <angelborroy> so you got it!

2016-11-24 09:10:15 GMT <angelborroy> congrats!

2016-11-24 09:12:35 GMT <Vasquez> :) congrats are for you for shared knowledge, thats noble

2016-11-24 09:13:34 GMT <angelborroy> Vasquez today for me, tomorrow for you

2016-11-24 09:14:50 GMT <Dirk23> So DarkStar1, how can i use 2 Domaincontrollers in alfresco-global.properties? I used to use the domain name e.g example.local wich round-robins to the both DC IPs, but somehow i couldnt login to alfrexo while secondary DC was offline

2016-11-24 09:15:40 GMT <angelborroy> Dirk23 for that you need http://docs.alfresco.com/community5.0/tasks/auth-example-twoldap-ad.html

2016-11-24 09:15:42 GMT <alfbot> Title: Example: authentication and synchronization with two ldap-ad subsystems | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2016-11-24 09:16:12 GMT <angelborroy> you have to move your ldap configuration from alfresco-global.properties to “subsystems” folder

2016-11-24 09:17:09 GMT <Dirk23> angelborroy: i dont have to Domains, but 2 Domaincontroller for one Domain

2016-11-24 09:17:16 GMT <Dirk23> to = two

2016-11-24 09:17:26 GMT <angelborroy> ah, ok

2016-11-24 09:17:58 GMT <angelborroy> you can configure two in the same way

2016-11-24 09:18:54 GMT <Dirk23> how?

2016-11-24 09:19:40 GMT <angelborroy> you can use that guide for two LDAPs and apply accordingly to your requirements

2016-11-24 09:19:51 GMT <angelborroy> I don’t know any tutorial for this

2016-11-24 09:28:26 GMT <yreg> guys how do I enable RAD stuff in intelliJ

2016-11-24 09:28:41 GMT <yreg> using SDK 2.2

2016-11-24 09:29:05 GMT <angelborroy> yreg is there any difference from Eclipse?

2016-11-24 09:29:16 GMT <angelborroy> I didn’t think so

2016-11-24 09:29:30 GMT <yreg> in eclipse I have an auto-build project options

2016-11-24 09:29:48 GMT <angelborroy> ah, ok

2016-11-24 09:29:52 GMT <angelborroy> I do not use the IDE

2016-11-24 09:29:55 GMT <yreg> and as soon as I save any modification to my webscript for example, it get reflected automatically

2016-11-24 09:30:28 GMT <yreg> I understand I can use mvn compile each time I want my changes to be reflected

2016-11-24 09:30:35 GMT <yreg> but it is an annoying process

2016-11-24 09:30:40 GMT <yreg> and I want to automate that

2016-11-24 09:33:52 GMT <angelborroy> yreg did you checked this? http://docs.alfresco.com/sdk2.1/tasks/alfresco-sdk-rad-intellij-hot-reloading.html

2016-11-24 09:33:53 GMT <alfbot> Title: Rapid Application Development in IntelliJ IDEA (Hot reloading) | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2016-11-24 09:34:37 GMT <angelborroy> it looks like you have a maven goal for this task

2016-11-24 09:41:27 GMT <AFaust> Damn, this Alfresco Search Service ZIP is a massive bundle. Previously SOLR 4 WAR was ~90 MiB + <2 MiB for solrHome - now the downloaded ZIP already clocks in at ~500 MiB

2016-11-24 09:42:19 GMT <AFaust> > 6.000 files taking me 5 - 10 minutes to unpack on my SSD

2016-11-24 09:46:34 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust are you going to write some guide to configure SOLR 6 with Alfresco cores?

2016-11-24 09:47:32 GMT <AFaust> I haven't made plans to write something about this yet. It's basically my first look at the new SOLR 6 in latest EA

2016-11-24 09:48:51 GMT <AFaust> But looking at how ___Dave has pulled ahead I might really have to write something to stay on his toes

2016-11-24 09:50:20 GMT <AFaust> First challenge: Figuring out how to configure/start this thing on Windows

2016-11-24 09:50:44 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust maybe docker or VirtualBox is a better approach

2016-11-24 09:50:59 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust for this first test, I mean

2016-11-24 09:52:35 GMT <AFaust> Sorry - I refuse to accept docker / VirtualBox as excuses for devs being lazy and not considering proper documentation / startup utils for environments other than their own.

2016-11-24 09:52:49 GMT <AFaust> "Works on my machine" / "Works on my docker" are bad habits

2016-11-24 09:53:06 GMT <angelborroy> hehe

2016-11-24 09:53:17 GMT <angelborroy> I use docker to replicate client environments because of this

2016-11-24 09:59:03 GMT <AFaust> Anyone know by chance where the SOLR 6 source project is located? Cannot find it in SVN nor GitHub. Maybe this is one of the projects that is only available on the Alfresco Gitlab server and has not been made public yet...

2016-11-24 09:59:32 GMT <angelborroy> Alfresco SOLR 6 source? It’s not available

2016-11-24 10:01:46 GMT <AFaust> ok - so no chance to look into CMD file source for config parameters. Have to rename my directories to match the "assumptions" then...

2016-11-24 10:03:15 GMT <angelborroy> this is why I refused to start with this yesterday

2016-11-24 10:06:56 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust maybe Harry Peek would help you https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-6467-alfresco-community-edition-201611-ea-release-notes

2016-11-24 10:06:58 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco Community Edition 201611 EA Release Notes | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2016-11-24 10:08:55 GMT <AFaust> What a stupid response to that question. If it is released as part of the EA then you should not have to explain your use case - "experimenting" with EA is already a given...

2016-11-24 10:09:43 GMT <fcorti> AFaust are you looking for this?

2016-11-24 10:09:44 GMT <fcorti> https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-6471-alfresco-community-edition-file-list-201611-ea#jive_content_id_Solr_6_Integration

2016-11-24 10:09:45 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco Community Edition file list 201611 EA | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2016-11-24 10:10:13 GMT <AFaust> I am not looking for this - I have that.

2016-11-24 10:10:31 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti it’s SOLR 6 configuration for Alfresco cores what it’s missing

2016-11-24 10:10:32 GMT <AFaust> I am looking for the source code so I can figure this undocumented module out

2016-11-24 10:11:10 GMT <fcorti> Ah ok...

2016-11-24 10:12:11 GMT <fcorti> I can ask to M. Suzuki if you need

2016-11-24 10:13:44 GMT <AFaust> Please ask: "When is source code planned to be available publicly?" and "When is (some kind of) documentation / How-To planned to be written up?" (we have a great community platform for this, you know)

2016-11-24 10:14:46 GMT <AFaust> I can do #2 if source code was available now, but without it it would be a bit difficult

2016-11-24 10:16:05 GMT <fcorti> ok, back to you asap...

2016-11-24 10:17:00 GMT <AFaust> Now working my way through the "solr.cmd -help" screens...

2016-11-24 10:40:54 GMT <Sandy_> Hai Everyone, How many users can access alfresco at a time .......? how many users can upload ...? in alfresco community 5.1.f. can anyone help me please

2016-11-24 10:44:20 GMT <AFaust> Sandy_: Theoretically, an infinite amount of users can access Alfresco at a time. Technically, it will be limited by the scalability of your infrastructure, configuration and customizations

2016-11-24 10:44:38 GMT <AFaust> There is no specific answer that can be given to that question

2016-11-24 10:44:59 GMT <AFaust> Unless more details are provided...

2016-11-24 10:45:13 GMT <AFaust> And even then any answer would be a guesstimate

2016-11-24 10:47:08 GMT <AFaust> I had one customer once with a stable state of 200-300 concurrent HTTP accesses to the Repository-tier server (so no overhead by requests for JS/CSS/other UI files) on a single server

2016-11-24 10:48:16 GMT <AFaust> "concurrent" in this case means per minute, because their overall monitoring was not granular enough to get a "per second" value

2016-11-24 10:48:30 GMT <AFaust> (of course you can average that mathematically)

2016-11-24 11:14:02 GMT <yreg_> Thanks for pointing that out angelborroy, it worked eventually... after I had to tweak my IDE way further than the docs suggests

2016-11-24 11:14:34 GMT <MorganP> Hi everybody

2016-11-24 11:14:39 GMT <yreg_> Since I am on EE 5.1.1 and I need that -Ddependency.surf.version=6.3

2016-11-24 11:14:41 GMT <angelborroy> yreg_ time to complete that information… maybe you can write some notes?

2016-11-24 11:18:45 GMT <MorganP> I have a customer that recently upgraded from 4.1.5 to 5.1.1. They are using Kofax to create some pdf files in Alfresco. In 4.1.5, this was working properly but now Kofax is apparently creating empty folders KFX<ID> before creating the pdf at the same location.

2016-11-24 11:19:15 GMT <MorganP> Someone already saw something similar? The OS has been upgraded as well and the customer can't find from where this is coming from...

2016-11-24 11:27:58 GMT <AFaust> ok - SOLR 6 is running but Repository query client won't connect. Probably due to SSL communication since SOLR 6 does not expose a port for that by default (as far as I can see)

2016-11-24 12:09:54 GMT <AFaust> wohoo - SOLR 6 core created...

2016-11-24 12:13:21 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust congrats

2016-11-24 12:13:39 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust what about new features? is there any?

2016-11-24 12:13:42 GMT *** dRiN_ is now known as dRiN

2016-11-24 12:14:17 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: I said that I created SOLR 6 core - that does not mean that it is already working

2016-11-24 12:15:57 GMT <AFaust> I am partially going off of the SOLR 4 documentation about setting up sharding and some things may need to be different

2016-11-24 12:31:14 GMT <AFaust> WTF - The Drag&Drop Upload in Share is only single file even though I dragged multiple files into it??

2016-11-24 12:31:44 GMT <AFaust> ^^ 201611 EA

2016-11-24 12:32:26 GMT <AFaust> Looks like a side-effect of folder upload

2016-11-24 12:38:45 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: Got SOLR 6 working now with two simple cores for alfresco + archive (had created shards temporarily but didn't bother to complete that before simple use case)

2016-11-24 12:39:06 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust wow, that was fast

2016-11-24 12:40:01 GMT <AFaust> Term highlighting "sort of works" - meaning I get matching terms highlighted in the faceted-search when they appear pretty early in the document (e.g. a Summit / DevCon slide deck - first 1-3 pages)

2016-11-24 12:40:30 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust this works also with SOLR 4

2016-11-24 12:40:33 GMT <AFaust> But the highlighting is quite wonky with more "complex" queries - and by that I mean simple phrase queries

2016-11-24 12:40:45 GMT <angelborroy> Yes, I saw that

2016-11-24 12:41:30 GMT <AFaust> Ah - didn't check SOLR 4 (haven't even set that up) because I was primarily interested to look at SOLR 6 incl. source code (which is not available yet) for relevant changes that may affect some of my customization / extension plans

2016-11-24 12:42:45 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust I don’t know really know which is the real reason to use SOLR 6

2016-11-24 12:42:59 GMT <AFaust> Still have to figure out how I can re-define the locations for the models and content cache in SOLR 6

2016-11-24 12:43:12 GMT <angelborroy> SOLR 6 apart from new features per-se of release 6

2016-11-24 12:44:42 GMT <AFaust> I must admit, I have not read most of the tickets linked in the release notes. I had assumed that only SOLR 6 would provide the new features. Similarily to how Alfresco waited to upgrade to SOLR 4 before adding some features that would have easily been possible on SOLR 1 as well...

2016-11-24 12:45:16 GMT <angelborroy> SOLR 6 has a “query-like” language which can be handy

2016-11-24 12:45:28 GMT <AFaust> whatever "query-like" is supposed to mean...

2016-11-24 12:45:55 GMT <angelborroy> SQL-like?

2016-11-24 12:45:57 GMT <AFaust> every search request is using some sort of query, so SOLR always had "query-like" language support

2016-11-24 12:46:22 GMT <AFaust> ah - that would make more sense

2016-11-24 12:46:31 GMT <AFaust> But then we already had our CMIS as SQL-like

2016-11-24 12:46:34 GMT <angelborroy> This: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/solr/Parallel+SQL+Interface

2016-11-24 12:46:35 GMT <alfbot> Title: Parallel SQL Interface - Apache Solr Reference Guide - Apache Software Foundation (at cwiki.apache.org)

2016-11-24 12:46:52 GMT <angelborroy> I had some problems with integrators trying to learn CMIS in the past

2016-11-24 12:47:08 GMT <angelborroy> But many of them user SOLR or even Elastic

2016-11-24 12:47:13 GMT <angelborroy> user > use

2016-11-24 12:49:00 GMT <AFaust> lol - the Community footer is still showing raw HTML

2016-11-24 12:49:23 GMT <AFaust> Wasn't that reported quite early this year for 5.1 as well?

2016-11-24 13:00:40 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: Judging from the JIRA issues, SOLR 6 currently is "just" an alternative to SOLR 4 with new features still to come. So far I can see "Query Log", "New Shard type", "JSON facet", "Encryption at rest" as epics/stories (among others)

2016-11-24 13:01:38 GMT <AFaust> The SQL-like query language also has a story related to Reporting&Analytics

2016-11-24 13:01:39 GMT <angelborroy> so it seems that 5.2 should work better with SOLR 4

2016-11-24 13:02:03 GMT <angelborroy> When SOLR 1 > SOLR 4 transition there were many problems for some months

2016-11-24 13:02:23 GMT <AFaust> It depends on if they can manage to complete the SOLR 6 stuff before GA. SOLR 4 definitely might be much more stable initially

2016-11-24 13:04:57 GMT <AFaust> Ah - they are still "questing" for new features: https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/SEARCH-235

2016-11-24 13:06:14 GMT <AFaust> "Version store indexing" might be nice

2016-11-24 13:06:25 GMT <AFaust> Requested / asked about quite often...

2016-11-24 13:11:34 GMT <qwebirc99805> Hello! I need to call a webscript on repository side from an Evaluator in Share. Can someone tell me how I can accomplish that requirement? I've injected the following already in my evaluator bean: <property name="remote" ref="webframework.webscripts.scriptremote" /> <property name="connectorService" ref="connector.service" /> Unfortunately, it fails in the code if I try: String alfrescoEndPoint = connectorService.ge

2016-11-24 14:35:13 GMT <fcorti> AFaust about Solr6 source code n public repository

2016-11-24 14:35:25 GMT <fcorti> No news from the engineering, I'll try again tomorrow

2016-11-24 14:35:46 GMT <fcorti> For the documentation: they have in the backlog but it will require some weeks more.

2016-11-24 14:36:05 GMT <fcorti> For sure, until it is not GA, the documentation has time

2016-11-24 14:36:22 GMT <fcorti> let's have a recap tomorrow for the source code

2016-11-24 14:39:18 GMT <AFaust> fcorti: I managed to set it up in the meantime...

2016-11-24 14:53:28 GMT <Loftux> AFaust: So what's the coolest new stuff with Solr6 then?

2016-11-24 15:40:06 GMT <fwu> ppl, what is the impact of the due date in the workflows? Doest it happens something after the due date? Is it possbile to configure what should happen?

2016-11-24 15:40:29 GMT <fwu> Also, is there a due date for the workflow as a whole and for each task?

2016-11-24 15:48:29 GMT <yreg_> fwu, duedate is a workflow/task variable to express a due date for a workflow/task

2016-11-24 15:49:39 GMT <yreg_> Share does by default leverage this variable to show an alert for late workflows/tasks in listings

2016-11-24 15:49:59 GMT <yreg_> it even does provide a couple filters relying on that due date

2016-11-24 15:53:47 GMT <yreg_> You can design your workflow in a way that it does some special action if/when the due date is reached, but it is entirely your responsibility to design/code that logic, and alfresco AFAIK does not profide any helper for that

2016-11-24 15:55:40 GMT <fwu> yreg_ but where can I diferentiate the duedate of a task from the one of the wirkflow?

2016-11-24 16:04:53 GMT <AxelFaust> fwu: Simple - workflow due date is set on the workflow, task due dates are set on the tasks - they are already held / stored separately

2016-11-24 16:05:02 GMT <AxelFaust> Also they have different variable names

2016-11-24 16:05:28 GMT <AxelFaust> bpm:workflowDueDate and bpm:dueDate

2016-11-24 16:07:13 GMT <AxelFaust> yreg_: the Activiti engine itself provides timer-based signals that can be used in combination with due dates for modelling special logic based on due date. But there are no examples for this in the documentation as far as I am aware.

2016-11-24 16:11:10 GMT <yreg_> interesting !

2016-11-24 16:11:41 GMT <yreg_> AxelFaust, is it present in alfresco's embedded activiti engine as well ?

2016-11-24 16:12:33 GMT <AxelFaust> yes

2016-11-24 16:35:49 GMT <iwkse> where to report community (forum) platform bugs? this doesn't look right https://community.alfresco.com/community/ecm/pages/get-started

2016-11-24 16:35:51 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco ECM | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2016-11-24 16:36:16 GMT <iblanco> Hi everyone, I need to be able to limit the creation of folders inside a folder but not content. I know that I could make some kind of behaviour and just "block" the creation throwing an exception or something like that but I'd rather do it "the right way".

2016-11-24 16:36:39 GMT <iblanco> I've been reading and fiddling about permissions, but I'm a bit lost.

2016-11-24 16:37:49 GMT <iblanco> In FileFolder service's security context the create method is unique so I don't know how I can grant or deny access depending on the type of content being created.

2016-11-24 16:39:07 GMT <fwu> AxelFaust and yreg_ thank you for your help!

2016-11-24 16:40:01 GMT <iblanco> Do I'have to extend/reimplement "ACLEntryVoter" in orde to be able to allow a new definition kind ?

2016-11-24 16:40:53 GMT <AxelFaust> iwkse: It was fine a few hours ago. Maybe send kgestaldo a message

2016-11-24 16:43:15 GMT <AxelFaust> iblanco: Extending / reimplementing ACLEntryVoter should be avoided. You could simply add an additional voter that does an additional check. All voters have a chance to reject access to an operation and that way you only need to implement "add-on" checks instead of re-implementing / supporting all existing checks

2016-11-24 16:45:13 GMT <iblanco> O great, I seee. Fantastic. In the voter I get the intercepted method so I can get the create's Type parameter

2016-11-24 16:47:41 GMT <iblanco> Thanks Axel, I'll give it a try.

2016-11-24 16:58:35 GMT <iblanco> MethosSecurityInterceptor's reference accessDecisionManager bean as local beans, so If I want to add a new voter to acceDecisionManager I have not only to redeclare accesDecisionManager in my context file but I also have to redefine the method interceptos that I want to use my voter.

2016-11-24 16:59:23 GMT <iblanco> Isn't htere any way of "adding" a new voter and registering it with the existing decisionManager

2016-11-24 16:59:24 GMT <iblanco> ?

2016-11-24 17:07:45 GMT <AxelFaust> Using a Spring bean definition post processor should work...

2016-11-24 17:08:26 GMT <AxelFaust> This type of customization is very rare and there is no special (or even official) support for it...

2016-11-24 17:14:53 GMT <iblanco> Thanks for the suggestion Axel.

2016-11-24 17:35:23 GMT <iwkse> AxelFaust: where can I send?

2016-11-24 20:20:49 GMT <eswbitto> Is anyone using AAAR?

2016-11-24 21:20:33 GMT <AxelFaust> iwske: By direct PM in the platform or email to her Alfresco address

2016-11-24 21:21:11 GMT <AxelFaust> But as far as I can see it is correct again

2016-11-24 22:40:45 GMT <iwkse> AxelFaust: yes I sent a message to her skype, probably she read it. I cannot directly pm to the platform

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