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Daily Log for #alfresco

2016-11-25 09:29:14 GMT * DarkStar1 bids you all a Good morning

2016-11-25 09:46:58 GMT <bhagyas> Good morning Dark

2016-11-25 09:47:11 GMT <bhagyas> Hows it going in Malmo

2016-11-25 10:09:45 GMT <mrks_js> morning!

2016-11-25 10:11:52 GMT <yregaieg> Hey Markus !

2016-11-25 10:13:35 GMT <DarkStar1> bhagyas: Cold this morning otherwise it's groovy :)

2016-11-25 10:38:11 GMT *** AxelFaust is now known as AFaust

2016-11-25 11:02:27 GMT <IanW1> Waiting nearly 2 hours so far for 5.0.d to 5.1.g upgrade - wondering whether to stop and start again after deleting workflows... (nearly all old invitations)

2016-11-25 11:05:06 GMT <Vasquez> hi guys

2016-11-25 11:07:05 GMT <Vasquez> Hi Axel, i have question for you regarding post processing code, if you have a minute

2016-11-25 11:07:55 GMT <Vasquez> in BeanDefinitionRegistry i cannot find bean with name userRegistry among 2090 bean definitions

2016-11-25 11:08:05 GMT <Vasquez> it returns false

2016-11-25 11:15:46 GMT <AFaust> Vasquez: Sure

2016-11-25 11:15:57 GMT <Vasquez> is this normal?

2016-11-25 11:16:08 GMT <AFaust> userRegistry is a bean in each Authentication subsystem

2016-11-25 11:16:12 GMT <douglascrp> morning

2016-11-25 11:16:31 GMT <AFaust> So if you have a post processor in the global Spring context you will not find it (or only find the single proxy definition)

2016-11-25 11:16:57 GMT <AFaust> Each subsystem has its own Spring (sub-)context and there you should be able to find the userRegistry bean definition

2016-11-25 11:18:14 GMT <Vasquez> oh, didnt know that

2016-11-25 11:20:09 GMT <AFaust> This also allows you to create very "targeted" customizations, i.e. if you only want to adapt the user registry for LDAP but not LDAP-AD you can simply put the post processor in the "ldap" subsystem and leave the "ldap-ad" subsystem as-is without it

2016-11-25 11:24:19 GMT <Vasquez> so instead of module-context.xml where i have imported custom context file now it should be imported in which xml?

2016-11-25 11:25:57 GMT <Vasquez> i cant find any authentification context xml

2016-11-25 11:33:01 GMT <IanW1> I recently put userRegistry in a targetBeanName in .../module/.../context/service-context.xml and it worked

2016-11-25 11:33:14 GMT <iblanco> Vasquez: http://docs.alfresco.com/5.0/tasks/subsystem-classpath.html

2016-11-25 11:33:15 GMT <alfbot> Title: Extension classpath | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2016-11-25 11:33:36 GMT <iblanco> I think that you can put a -context.xml file in the same place that the properties files

2016-11-25 11:35:03 GMT <IanW1> I think I'd tried it in alfresco/extension/subsystems/Authentication/ldap/default/custom-ldap-context.xml where it didn't work

2016-11-25 11:42:57 GMT <Vasquez> thanks, i will try it now

2016-11-25 11:46:24 GMT <AxelFaust> Vasquez: A custom-whatever-context.xml in extension/subsystems/Authentication/ldap/myLdapInstance/ would do

2016-11-25 11:46:51 GMT <AxelFaust> IanW1: the ldap/default folder will only work if your authentication chain includes default:ldap as an authentication subsystem instance

2016-11-25 11:47:18 GMT <AxelFaust> Vasquez: ^^ the folder structure is dependant on the systems in the authentication chain

2016-11-25 11:48:03 GMT <Vasquez> so basically whatewer is called in ths way *-context.xml is going to be imported automatically?

2016-11-25 11:48:16 GMT <AxelFaust> yes - the same for *.properties files

2016-11-25 11:48:45 GMT <Vasquez> great i was looking where is the entry point for this, and wasnt aware of this automation

2016-11-25 11:49:05 GMT <iblanco> Axel would it be possible to define common beans for all subsystem instances by using alfrewc/extension/subsystems/Authentication/ldap/whatever-context.xml

2016-11-25 11:49:06 GMT <iblanco> ?

2016-11-25 11:50:12 GMT <AxelFaust> close - you would need to remove the /extension/ bit in between the path

2016-11-25 11:50:53 GMT <AxelFaust> this method is handling the *-context.xml lookup paths for subsystems: https://github.com/Alfresco/community-edition/blob/2c1eff9953d3105e738f7b06ba9ba8a079ca4c24/projects/repository/source/java/org/alfresco/repo/management/subsystems/ChildApplicationContextFactory.java#L455

2016-11-25 11:50:55 GMT <alfbot> Title: community-edition/ChildApplicationContextFactory.java at 2c1eff9953d3105e738f7b06ba9ba8a079ca4c24 · Alfresco/community-edition · GitHub (at github.com)

2016-11-25 11:52:00 GMT <AxelFaust> As you can see (and as is very likely documented) there are three lookup paths in current HEAD (there were only 2 until recently as far as I am aware)

2016-11-25 11:52:20 GMT <AxelFaust> 1) lookup in alfresco/subsystems/<SubsystemName>/<Type>/*-context.xml

2016-11-25 11:52:43 GMT <AxelFaust> 2) lookup in alfresco/subsystems/<SubsystemName>/<Type>/*-enterprise-context.xml

2016-11-25 11:52:58 GMT <AxelFaust> 3) lookup in alfresco/extension/subsystems/<SubsystemName>/<Type>/<Instance>/*-context.xml

2016-11-25 11:54:00 GMT <AxelFaust> *.properties still only have 2 lookup paths

2016-11-25 11:54:09 GMT <AxelFaust> 1) lookup in alfresco/subsystems/<SubsystemName>/<Type>/*.properties

2016-11-25 11:54:15 GMT <AxelFaust> 2) lookup in alfresco/extension/subsystems/<SubsystemName>/<Type>/<Instance>/*.properties

2016-11-25 11:57:58 GMT <IanW1> AxelFaust: my authentication chain is ldap1:ldap and it works...

2016-11-25 11:58:34 GMT <AxelFaust> in "default" folder? strange...

2016-11-25 12:03:54 GMT <IanW1> Just checked my code again and I seem to have the definition in two places from trying to make it work - I'll have to check which one is actually working - dodgy memory suggests .../module/.../context/service-context.xml

2016-11-25 12:07:19 GMT <fwu> ppl!

2016-11-25 12:07:48 GMT <fwu> What is the CE Alfresco support for Office integration? Any?

2016-11-25 12:10:27 GMT <angelborroy> fwu http://docs.alfresco.com/aos/concepts/aos-intro.html

2016-11-25 12:10:28 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco Office Services 1.1.3 | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2016-11-25 12:28:40 GMT <fwu> angelborroy, thanks. Im gonna read it.

2016-11-25 12:31:56 GMT <fwu> angelborroy, is this version compatible with Alfresco CE 4.2.f?

2016-11-25 12:32:06 GMT <angelborroy> nope

2016-11-25 12:32:22 GMT <fwu> 5 only?

2016-11-25 12:32:27 GMT <angelborroy> you have VTI for that version, which was the previous Office module

2016-11-25 12:32:32 GMT <angelborroy> 5.1 only

2016-11-25 12:32:48 GMT <Vasquez> can I also place these properties in my custom properties file

2016-11-25 12:32:49 GMT <Vasquez> http://docs.alfresco.com/community/tasks/auth-example-oneldap-ad.html

2016-11-25 12:32:50 GMT <alfbot> Title: Example: authentication and synchronization with one ldap-ad subsystem | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2016-11-25 12:33:24 GMT <angelborroy> fwu http://docs.alfresco.com/community5.0/tasks/SharePoint-config.html

2016-11-25 12:33:25 GMT <alfbot> Title: Configuring SharePoint Protocol Support | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2016-11-25 12:33:58 GMT <Vasquez> now is the situation that i have placed xyz-context.xml and xyz.properties file in alfresco/subsystems/Authentication/xyz/ folder

2016-11-25 12:34:28 GMT <Vasquez> and i cant manage to catch breakpoint in postprocessor bean

2016-11-25 12:35:45 GMT <fwu> angelborroy, nice!

2016-11-25 12:36:45 GMT <fwu> angelborroy, but AOS is supported in the 5.1 community edition right? How it differes from the enterprise edition?

2016-11-25 12:37:02 GMT <angelborroy> AOS is supported in community

2016-11-25 12:37:14 GMT <AxelFaust> Vasquez: The xyz folder should be either ldap or ldap-ad

2016-11-25 12:37:17 GMT <fwu> 100%?

2016-11-25 12:37:21 GMT <Vasquez> it is ldap

2016-11-25 12:37:24 GMT <angelborroy> fwu sure

2016-11-25 12:37:28 GMT <fwu> ok!

2016-11-25 12:37:39 GMT <AxelFaust> angelborroy: as long as fwu is not asking for 110%

2016-11-25 12:38:00 GMT <fwu> what is there more 10%? :(

2016-11-25 12:38:01 GMT <fwu> :)

2016-11-25 12:38:32 GMT <AxelFaust> Just the typical business requirement of wanting more than is technically possible

2016-11-25 12:39:10 GMT <AxelFaust> e.g. 110% support would mean support for what Alfresco has documented and what a customer "feels should be supported"

2016-11-25 12:39:15 GMT <fwu> AxelFaust, I just need to have sure that what I read in those links are supported. Of course that customers always want more :)

2016-11-25 12:39:47 GMT <AxelFaust> I once had a customer complain that they can't use OneNote or a 3rd-party product with a SharePoint integration with Alfresco...

2016-11-25 12:40:24 GMT <fwu> heheh

2016-11-25 12:40:43 GMT <AxelFaust> Vasquez: You need to be quite quick to catch the breakpoint in the post processor - it will only be called once when the subsystem starts up and that is during Repository startup

2016-11-25 12:40:57 GMT <fwu> angelborroy the document realted with Office support for Alfresco 4.2.f says 5.0 ... is this a problem for me?

2016-11-25 12:41:11 GMT <fwu> the support for 4.2.f and 5.0 is equal?

2016-11-25 12:41:14 GMT <angelborroy> no problem, VTI was the same for both

2016-11-25 12:41:18 GMT <fwu> ok, nice :)

2016-11-25 12:41:50 GMT <fwu> sorry for all these granular questions. but I just need to have sure!

2016-11-25 12:41:55 GMT <AxelFaust> fwu: http://docs.alfresco.com/4.2/tasks/SharePoint-config.html

2016-11-25 12:41:56 GMT <alfbot> Title: Configuring SharePoint Protocol Support | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2016-11-25 12:41:59 GMT <AxelFaust> The same page for 4.2

2016-11-25 12:42:05 GMT <Vasquez> i did, when it was imported in module-context.xml, actually couple of times it entered, but when i moved it in subsystems it doesnt enter

2016-11-25 12:42:08 GMT <fwu> thanks AxelFaust

2016-11-25 12:42:23 GMT <angelborroy> fwu AxelFaust and is literal: the “same” page :D

2016-11-25 12:42:25 GMT <AxelFaust> There just is no "CE-specific" page for 4.2

2016-11-25 12:42:37 GMT <AxelFaust> angelborroy: Exactly

2016-11-25 12:42:58 GMT <fwu> hehehe, ok

2016-11-25 12:46:15 GMT <AxelFaust> Vasquez: Just to be sure, the path alfresco/subsystems/Authentication/ldap/xyz-context.xml is relative to the source/main/amp/config folder?

2016-11-25 12:46:53 GMT <AxelFaust> (in case you are using a SDK-based project)

2016-11-25 12:50:05 GMT <fwu> angelborroy, one more question. Is the Office support given by vti much different thatn the one given by AOS? Or the difference is only in architecture?

2016-11-25 12:50:21 GMT <angelborroy> fwu they are different products

2016-11-25 12:50:33 GMT <angelborroy> fwu VTI was open source and AOS is a closed project

2016-11-25 12:50:44 GMT <angelborroy> fwu Alfresco bought AOS product

2016-11-25 12:51:00 GMT <angelborroy> fwu and now is shipped within Alfresco but source code is not available

2016-11-25 12:51:29 GMT <fwu> wow... closed product inside open source. I was not expecting that...

2016-11-25 12:51:42 GMT <fwu> but I can live with that

2016-11-25 12:53:07 GMT <angelborroy> fwu VTI does not work with new Office releases but AOS works

2016-11-25 12:53:14 GMT <AxelFaust> angelborroy: Alfresco acquired the IP behind AOS when they acquired the partner WeWebU for the Workdesk product

2016-11-25 12:54:12 GMT <AxelFaust> As far as I know the base technology was developed by a German guy who at some point had joined WeWebU

2016-11-25 12:54:31 GMT <AxelFaust> So AOS is in large parts "German quality engineering" (hopefully)

2016-11-25 12:54:39 GMT <fwu> angelborroy, that is very important! VTI supports office until what version?

2016-11-25 12:55:02 GMT <fwu> AxelFaust, lololol. But closed... :)

2016-11-25 12:55:07 GMT <angelborroy> fwu I would say 2011, but I do not know for sure

2016-11-25 12:55:33 GMT <AxelFaust> I would say Office 2010 and the Mac variants Office 2011 for sure

2016-11-25 12:55:51 GMT <AxelFaust> 2013 should mostly work too

2016-11-25 12:56:10 GMT <AxelFaust> But there it becomes a bit of a grey area - depending on operating system et al

2016-11-25 12:56:53 GMT <fwu> argh. How can I have sure without the need to try it in all the versions?

2016-11-25 12:56:58 GMT <AxelFaust> Because that is the "beauty" of SharePoint / Office functionality - the damn operating system (at least in case of Windows) plays a big part in the "works" vs. "what is this crap" distinction...

2016-11-25 12:57:18 GMT <fwu> AxelFaust, yes I understand

2016-11-25 12:57:39 GMT <AxelFaust> e.g. I had different customers using the same Alfresco + Office version - for one it worked flawlessly, the other had to change some of its group policies

2016-11-25 12:58:21 GMT <AxelFaust> and even deactivate some Windows services that messed up the communication due to some KB patch

2016-11-25 12:59:05 GMT <fwu> My experience with Office integration was always difficult, also. And Im talking about other ECM solutions.

2016-11-25 13:00:11 GMT <mbui> Hey. Anyone got experience in versioning associations of a noderef? It seems as the current child/association of the current node is applied to the versioned nodes. So whenever that current child/association (comments and attachments in particular) is updated, so is the versioned nodes associations too.

2016-11-25 13:01:51 GMT <AxelFaust> mbui: There is effectively little versioning of associations in Alfresco. All Alfresco does is create a special handle to store that version X had an association to node A. But that handle always points to the live state of node A, not the version of node A at that time (node A may not be versioned after all)

2016-11-25 13:03:43 GMT <mbui> AxelFaust: That's exactly what I thought. An idea (for comments) is that a make a copy of the childassociations and assign that to the versioned node before the live node is updated with a new version, thoughts on that?

2016-11-25 13:04:49 GMT <AxelFaust> You cannot change a versioned node (at least not via the usual means since the public NodeService bean will reject changes on versioned nodes)

2016-11-25 13:06:01 GMT <AxelFaust> Also - you would not have to make a copy of the child association (which remains unchanged either way), but find the correct versioned NodeRef for the child / linked element and store that.

2016-11-25 13:09:06 GMT <IanW1> Quite odd behaviour - the way I had before only worked with both definitions in place (even though the breakpoint only stopped once)

2016-11-25 13:09:29 GMT <douglascrp> is there any official announcement about the sdk 3.0 beta 6?

2016-11-25 13:09:45 GMT <IanW1> Now I've changed it to ldap/ldap1 I only need to define it once

2016-11-25 13:09:49 GMT <douglascrp> I just found it by following some of the issues reports I got from github

2016-11-25 13:10:01 GMT <douglascrp> none of them directly related with the new version

2016-11-25 13:10:07 GMT <mbui> AxelFaust: Ideally what I want is: Say the current version is 3.0. If I view version 2.5 I only want to see comments from version 1.0-2.5. Another approach would to use the property created. So if I view version 2.5 comments, I only fetch the comments that are created within the date range of version 1.0 - 2.5. Thoughts on that?

2016-11-25 13:11:36 GMT <IanW1> however the ldap sync is being run once for each entry in the auth chain and only uses the customization for the ldap1 registry

2016-11-25 13:12:30 GMT <IanW1> Can't think why an LDAP sync should be run for the external auth entry...

2016-11-25 13:15:10 GMT <fwu> ppl, one more generic question... What the enterprise version provides that CE doesn´t provide not taking into account support?

2016-11-25 13:15:10 GMT <AxelFaust> mbui: I understand the requirement / expectation. I once create a concept for such a "versioned view" functionality for a customer who dealt in software documentation where they only wanted to see the documentation fragments (multiple documents) for a specific version

2016-11-25 13:15:26 GMT <fwu> I can list some: database support for SQL server and DB2

2016-11-25 13:15:47 GMT <fwu> database encryption, maybe?

2016-11-25 13:15:51 GMT <fwu> what more?

2016-11-25 13:15:53 GMT <AxelFaust> fwu: Some administration, scalability features - database support - addon modules - integration with Alfresco Cloud and Activiti

2016-11-25 13:16:00 GMT <IanW1> (migrate-activiti-workflows.sql has been running for 4 hours now...)

2016-11-25 13:16:16 GMT <AxelFaust> IanW1: That script if broken in 201605 GA

2016-11-25 13:16:30 GMT <AxelFaust> I encountered the problem when I prepared the migration for my current customer

2016-11-25 13:16:54 GMT <AxelFaust> It also scales very badly with amount of workflows in the system

2016-11-25 13:17:45 GMT <mbui> AxelFaust: How did that concept work? Did you solve it?

2016-11-25 13:18:00 GMT <AxelFaust> This SQL script is actually part of the 5.2 code line but since Alfresco always builds CE from HEAD and the script was already merged onto HEAD, it got included for 5.1 releases

2016-11-25 13:18:07 GMT <fwu> AxelFaust: integration with Activiti in what extend? Does this differ from the CE version?

2016-11-25 13:18:42 GMT <AxelFaust> fwu: Integration with Alfresco Activiti means with the standalone BPM server product.

2016-11-25 13:18:51 GMT <AxelFaust> So it is an additional component

2016-11-25 13:19:02 GMT <AxelFaust> Enterprise still has the same embedded Activiti support

2016-11-25 13:19:36 GMT <AxelFaust> mbui: Well - I said it was a "concept" so that implies it was not implemented afterwards.

2016-11-25 13:21:28 GMT <IanW1> AxelFaust: certainly is - I've only got a couple of hundred workflows and they are nearly all invitations - innotop seems to think the query is still going so I'm leaving it for the time being, but will delete workflows before doing another test upgrade...

2016-11-25 13:22:06 GMT <AxelFaust> The first time I encountered it I left it running for the full night and it still did not complete.

2016-11-25 13:22:39 GMT <AxelFaust> I ended up overriding the SQL - the file had been patched on HEAD since the release of 201605 and I used the most recent version of it

2016-11-25 13:23:30 GMT <AxelFaust> With that the script only ran for a couple of minutes

2016-11-25 13:24:13 GMT <AxelFaust> (talking about the MySQL variant of the script - might be different for PostgreSQL)

2016-11-25 13:25:50 GMT <IanW1> Thanks for the tip - I'll bear it in mind

2016-11-25 13:29:10 GMT <Vasquez> @AxelFaust, sorry i was on a lunch, here is c/p of the references, config/alfresco/subsystems/Authentication/ldap/ldap.properties , config/alfresco/subsystems/Authentication/ldap/ldap-context.xml

2016-11-25 13:30:16 GMT <AxelFaust> Vasquez: That looks fine so far - the file should be used and any post processor defined inside it should be called

2016-11-25 13:30:30 GMT <AxelFaust> I used a similar approach for my MT support addon

2016-11-25 13:31:10 GMT <AxelFaust> I used it to add customizations to the Synchronization subsystem: https://github.com/Acosix/alfresco-mt-support/tree/master/repository/src/main/globalConfig/subsystems/Synchronization/default

2016-11-25 13:31:11 GMT <alfbot> Title: alfresco-mt-support/repository/src/main/globalConfig/subsystems/Synchronization/default at master · Acosix/alfresco-mt-support · GitHub (at github.com)

2016-11-25 13:31:34 GMT <AxelFaust> (bear in mind that I am NOT using the SDK and as such the project structure is different)

2016-11-25 13:35:49 GMT <IanW1> Since we're sharing - https://github.com/cggh/cggh-alfresco-extensions/tree/dvlp/cggh-ldap-platform-amp - I'm using SDK3 - it's a bit more hard-coded than it should be... - somewhat hacky way of using jpegPhoto from ldap to update the avatar (but then it's not exactly cleanly done in the base code)

2016-11-25 13:35:50 GMT <alfbot> Title: cggh-alfresco-extensions/cggh-ldap-platform-amp at dvlp · cggh/cggh-alfresco-extensions · GitHub (at github.com)

2016-11-25 13:39:10 GMT <AxelFaust> IanW1: I have recently enhanced my PropertyAltering.. post processor so that it now supports simple merging of / modification of maps as property values (for the personAttributeMapping customization in LDAP)

2016-11-25 13:39:27 GMT <Vasquez> i am using sdk :S

2016-11-25 13:39:34 GMT <Vasquez> ill try now with standalone

2016-11-25 13:40:06 GMT <AxelFaust> I should probably update the gist to point to https://github.com/Acosix/alfresco-utility/tree/master/common/src/main/java/de/acosix/alfresco/utility/common/spring

2016-11-25 13:40:07 GMT <alfbot> Title: alfresco-utility/common/src/main/java/de/acosix/alfresco/utility/common/spring at master · Acosix/alfresco-utility · GitHub (at github.com)

2016-11-25 13:42:48 GMT <IanW1> AxelFaust: just after I'd done my class :-) - yours is better/more generic but mine works for me at the moment...

2016-11-25 13:50:25 GMT <Vasquez> again stupid mistake

2016-11-25 13:50:51 GMT <Vasquez> i had ldap-ad in authentication.chain

2016-11-25 13:50:57 GMT <Vasquez> instead od ldap

2016-11-25 13:51:12 GMT <Vasquez> and i made it in sdk

2016-11-25 13:51:42 GMT <Vasquez> thank you very much Axel, again :)

2016-11-25 14:42:47 GMT <fwu> AxelFaust, are you saying that the enterprise version leverage the use of Activiti as a component and not embedded?

2016-11-25 14:43:52 GMT <AxelFaust> No - the Enterprise Edition has the option (addon module) to use Alfresco Activiti as an external workflow server. But the embedded engine can still be used even in that case.

2016-11-25 14:44:04 GMT <AxelFaust> And it is, e.g. for invitations and stuff

2016-11-25 14:45:15 GMT <angelborroy> AxelFaust what about that “iframe” integration for the Activiti addon in Enterprise?

2016-11-25 14:45:28 GMT <angelborroy> AxelFaust is it better now or is as it was?

2016-11-25 14:45:29 GMT <AxelFaust> Yeah - that is bullshit

2016-11-25 14:45:35 GMT <angelborroy> ah, ok, it’s the same

2016-11-25 14:45:50 GMT <AxelFaust> I can't check newest versions because I no longer am an Alfresco partner...

2016-11-25 14:46:10 GMT <AxelFaust> But I can't imagine it has changed at all

2016-11-25 14:46:22 GMT <angelborroy> AxelFaust are you targetting to become a partner or not?

2016-11-25 14:46:41 GMT <AxelFaust> Definitely targeting NOT to become a partner.

2016-11-25 14:46:44 GMT <angelborroy> AxelFaust I have access because of my clients, but we are not partners as company

2016-11-25 14:46:57 GMT <angelborroy> the same for me

2016-11-25 14:47:44 GMT <AxelFaust> Otherwise I could have just switched companies and would not necessarily set up one of my own

2016-11-25 14:48:14 GMT <angelborroy> I didn’t knew your motivations

2016-11-25 14:48:27 GMT <AxelFaust> Would have simplified some things but also not addressed the core reasons why I didn't want to continue "as-is"

2016-11-25 14:49:23 GMT <Vasquez> to use sdk with custom ldap, you need to put subsystem/Authentication/ldap/ldap1 inside extension folder

2016-11-25 14:50:25 GMT <iblanco> Axel, I'm curioous, what is your current company?

2016-11-25 14:50:32 GMT <AxelFaust> Motivation was simple: Keep working within the Alfresco Community (was partially in jeopardy), increase collaboration with other members of the community (partners, individuals etc) and not be as restricted in customer selection as before

2016-11-25 14:50:50 GMT <AxelFaust> iblanco: it's called Acosix GmbH

2016-11-25 14:51:08 GMT <AxelFaust> (sorry, no fancy web page yet)

2016-11-25 14:51:10 GMT <DarkStar1> I'm attempting to overide a webscript (the sites.get.js webscript) by adding additional data. Are the objects in the silts list unmodifiable?

2016-11-25 14:51:41 GMT <iblanco> Axel: jejeje you read my ming, I was looking for it right now...

2016-11-25 14:51:42 GMT <DarkStar1> *objects in the site list*

2016-11-25 14:51:47 GMT <iblanco> my mind

2016-11-25 14:52:08 GMT <AxelFaust> I mean acosix.de exists as a bare knuckles site

2016-11-25 14:54:24 GMT <AxelFaust> DarkStar1: The objects in that list may be SiteInfo instances (POJO) and as such can't be extended with custom data...

2016-11-25 14:55:21 GMT <AxelFaust> Correction, Script API sites are "Site" instances (still a POJO)

2016-11-25 14:56:08 GMT <DarkStar1> I was thinking "aah javascript object. Let's pput some additional stuff in there" :)

2016-11-25 14:56:44 GMT <iblanco> Does anybody knows how Alfresco Share's toolbar checks button (and menu) permissions in order to enable or disable them?

2016-11-25 14:57:14 GMT <iblanco> I can see where the expected permission is declared (value property when calling the button creation)

2016-11-25 14:57:20 GMT <AxelFaust> Which toolbar in particular?

2016-11-25 14:57:33 GMT <iblanco> The one in the documentlibrary

2016-11-25 14:57:37 GMT <iblanco> DocListToolbar

2016-11-25 14:57:56 GMT <AxelFaust> The doclib toolbar uses a callback when the metadata of the current folder has been loaded.

2016-11-25 14:58:22 GMT <AxelFaust> The metadata contains the permissions on the parent (current) folder for the view and those are matched against the defined values of the widgets

2016-11-25 14:59:31 GMT <AxelFaust> DarkStar1: Unfortunately with Rhino a JS Object isn't always a native JS Object

2016-11-25 14:59:59 GMT <AxelFaust> Even Strings are not always native JS Strings, which causes a lot of issues in some cases.

2016-11-25 15:00:24 GMT <AxelFaust> (Ever tried to use a native JS RegExp on a Java String replace() call?)

2016-11-25 15:05:54 GMT <iblanco> Might the callback be onUserAccess method? I suspect that it might be related but for some reasons it seems to me that sometimes the received arguments obj.userAccess array is empty

2016-11-25 15:06:10 GMT <iblanco> I'll keep investigating

2016-11-25 15:16:55 GMT <AxelFaust> It is that callback precisely

2016-11-25 15:17:42 GMT <bhagyas> AxelFaust: Do you have a custom resolver for Nashorn import tag that can independently look from the classpath or the Data Dictionary?

2016-11-25 15:18:24 GMT <AxelFaust> bhagyas: I have a custom AMD-like module system with pluggable loaders that supports this, yes

2016-11-25 15:19:17 GMT <AxelFaust> Don't know what you mean by "Nashorn import tag" though - Nashorn has a global "load" function, but nothing called "import" or what could be considered a "tag"

2016-11-25 15:19:42 GMT <bhagyas> JS < import tag i meant

2016-11-25 15:19:43 GMT <bhagyas> :D

2016-11-25 15:20:02 GMT <AxelFaust> For Nashorn I have dropped support of <import> because that is just plain bullshit

2016-11-25 15:20:36 GMT <AxelFaust> Writing a new script engine is the best opportunity to cut off legacy crap

2016-11-25 15:20:48 GMT <IanW1> Finished in six hours 5 mins - booting now continues

2016-11-25 15:21:14 GMT <AxelFaust> IanW1: Wow - then you had more luck than I did at my customer...

2016-11-25 15:23:29 GMT <iblanco> Axel: I suspect that the problem is that the user might not have permissions to read the permissions, so in that case trying to check for permissions in obj.userAccess is useless

2016-11-25 15:23:40 GMT <IanW1> Probably because less than 200 workflows and only 2 weren't invites

2016-11-25 15:24:09 GMT <AxelFaust> iblanco: Yes - I believe the consumer may not have the necessary permission to read permissions

2016-11-25 15:24:59 GMT <AxelFaust> IanW1: That would be it - I believe the customer had around 1400 instances

2016-11-25 15:26:03 GMT <AxelFaust> But if that really is the scaling factor then Alfresco should put an advisory notice on the upgrade procedure (similarly to how they put a notice about metadata.query-indexes patch)

2016-11-25 15:30:48 GMT <IanW1> Now looping in user sync...

2016-11-25 15:38:28 GMT <douglascrp> a quick question about solr

2016-11-25 15:38:53 GMT <douglascrp> is there any possibility that a live object to be stored in the archive spacestore?

2016-11-25 15:39:21 GMT <douglascrp> I have a case here... a folder that is not in the trashcan, but when I execute a fts query, I only can get to it by using archive://SpaceStore

2016-11-25 15:39:31 GMT <douglascrp> workspace://SpaceStore give me nothing

2016-11-25 15:39:39 GMT <douglascrp> this is something really weird for my POV

2016-11-25 15:40:50 GMT <douglascrp> I'm running my queries using node browser, and there is where I select the store

2016-11-25 15:44:45 GMT <AxelFaust> douglascrp: Is the archive core properly configured in SOLR?

2016-11-25 15:45:10 GMT <douglascrp> well, I haven't touched it

2016-11-25 15:45:14 GMT <AxelFaust> Technically the archive core could be misconfiured to track workspace://SpacesStore - and vice-versa

2016-11-25 15:45:22 GMT <douglascrp> this system is running for almost 2 years

2016-11-25 15:45:29 GMT <douglascrp> and this is the first time I see something like this

2016-11-25 15:45:46 GMT <douglascrp> I'm sure I haven't touched that configuration

2016-11-25 15:45:57 GMT <douglascrp> the trashcan is empty

2016-11-25 15:46:27 GMT <angelborroy> nodes in the trashcan are (still) in workspace store

2016-11-25 15:46:58 GMT <douglascrp> there is nothing left in the trashcan

2016-11-25 15:47:02 GMT <douglascrp> angelborroy, ^

2016-11-25 15:47:31 GMT <angelborroy> I don’t understand why are you pointing that,

2016-11-25 15:48:04 GMT <angelborroy> but we had once a similar problem with a backup restoration corrupted

2016-11-25 15:48:06 GMT <douglascrp> angelborroy, and I don't understand too :D

2016-11-25 15:48:16 GMT <douglascrp> no backup were restored here

2016-11-25 15:48:28 GMT <douglascrp> I'm going to remove this folder and create it again

2016-11-25 15:49:32 GMT <douglascrp> seriously, this is the first time I see this :P

2016-11-25 15:49:54 GMT <angelborroy> You can always re-index SOLR just to be sure

2016-11-25 15:50:10 GMT <angelborroy> but SOLR is working fine since years

2016-11-25 15:51:09 GMT <angelborroy> AFAIK nodes in archive://SpaceStore are not nodes in trashcan

2016-11-25 15:51:25 GMT <angelborroy> nodes in trashcan are stored still in workspace://SpaceStore

2016-11-25 15:51:48 GMT <Vasquez> how can i extend userAttributeMapping in LDAPUserRegistry, since this error is thrown when i try it with postprocessor:

2016-11-25 15:51:48 GMT <Vasquez> Bean property 'userAttributeMapping' is not writable or has an invalid setter method.

2016-11-25 15:52:42 GMT <angelborroy> Vasquez try this https://github.com/keensoft/alfresco-summit-2014/tree/master/10-enhancements/06-custom-ldap-id/custom-ldap-id-repo

2016-11-25 15:52:43 GMT <alfbot> Title: alfresco-summit-2014/10-enhancements/06-custom-ldap-id/custom-ldap-id-repo at master · keensoft/alfresco-summit-2014 · GitHub (at github.com)

2016-11-25 15:53:11 GMT <angelborroy> Vasquez is not the same but can be used as a starting point

2016-11-25 15:54:57 GMT <Vasquez> thanks angelborroy i am going to investigate this code

2016-11-25 15:55:47 GMT <angelborroy> Vasquez also https://github.com/magenta-aps/ldap-multi-search-base

2016-11-25 15:55:48 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - magenta-aps/ldap-multi-search-base: LDAP Multi Search Base (at github.com)

2016-11-25 15:56:23 GMT <Vasquez> i need to retrieve custom ldap attributes and map them onto extended user

2016-11-25 15:56:30 GMT <Vasquez> this is my goal

2016-11-25 16:04:57 GMT <IanW1> Vasquez: the link I posted earlier should allow you to do that - I think you only need to update the map so somewhat more straightforward than the stuff in my code

2016-11-25 16:05:37 GMT <IanW1> i.e. just my UserRegistryConfig class

2016-11-25 16:07:17 GMT <Vasquez> i am examining LDAPUserRegistry class and there arent any getter for personAttributeMapping

2016-11-25 16:08:00 GMT <Vasquez> only setter, and i don't want to overwrite existing attributes, just to add some more entries

2016-11-25 16:09:48 GMT <IanW1> See https://github.com/cggh/cggh-alfresco-extensions/blob/dvlp/cggh-ldap-platform-amp/src/main/java/org/cggh/repo/security/sync/ldap/UserRegistryConfig.java

2016-11-25 16:09:49 GMT <alfbot> Title: cggh-alfresco-extensions/UserRegistryConfig.java at dvlp · cggh/cggh-alfresco-extensions · GitHub (at github.com)

2016-11-25 16:10:28 GMT <IanW1> Put your values where I've got: value.put(new TypedStringValue("cm:preferenceImage"), new TypedStringValue("jpegPhoto"));

2016-11-25 16:11:18 GMT <AxelFaust> ~later tell angelborroy: Nodes in workspace://SpacesStore ARE nodes in the trashcan

2016-11-25 16:11:18 GMT <alfbot> AxelFaust: The operation succeeded.

2016-11-25 16:12:35 GMT <AxelFaust> Vasquez: The property name is wrong - it is called personAttributeMapping, not userAttributeMapping

2016-11-25 16:12:48 GMT <Vasquez> yes ive got it finally

2016-11-25 16:12:52 GMT <Vasquez> -.-

2016-11-25 16:13:01 GMT <AxelFaust> I made the same mistake when working on my MT module

2016-11-25 16:13:18 GMT <AxelFaust> Ah - I missed your last two message that you already found it

2016-11-25 16:15:08 GMT <Vasquez> remind me to read my code again couple of hundred of times before i come crying to you :)

2016-11-25 16:16:59 GMT <Vasquez> again thanks a lot guys, you helped me a lot today

2016-11-25 17:54:52 GMT <iblanco> Good evening to everyone, see you on Monday

2016-11-25 20:24:36 GMT <douglascrp> something really weird is happening with Share metadata templates

2016-11-25 20:24:42 GMT <douglascrp> I have a document, with a date type field

2016-11-25 20:24:52 GMT <douglascrp> in this field, I have the value 02/10/2016 set

2016-11-25 20:25:22 GMT <douglascrp> if I debug the javascript and check the metadata returned by alfresco, I see these lines, for a single object

2016-11-25 20:25:42 GMT <douglascrp> iso8601: "2016-10-01T22:00:00.000Z"

2016-11-25 20:25:52 GMT <douglascrp> and value: ""Sat Oct 01 19:00:00 BRT 2016"

2016-11-25 20:26:09 GMT <douglascrp> the right day is 02, not 01

2016-11-25 20:26:29 GMT <douglascrp> why is alfresco addin the 22:00 time if I'm using a date property?

2016-11-25 20:26:36 GMT <douglascrp> not date time

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