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2016-12-01 08:36:19 GMT <maria_> hi all. we are having troubles with our database installations, it stops and restarts (db admins are looking it). On alfresco, someone started a workflow, that sents notification e-mails mail.execute(bpm_package) on the same time that db failed. That to caused to re-sending all the time notification mails.

2016-12-01 08:37:01 GMT <maria_> how could we stop this resending?

2016-12-01 08:53:12 GMT <maria_> if we set ignore_send_failure to true .. would it be a temporal fix, so as not to keep resending e-mail cause of the db failure?

2016-12-01 09:17:22 GMT <maria_> no.. ignore_send_failure just do not throw the exeption, i just read the MailActionExecuter

2016-12-01 09:17:59 GMT <maria_> so, how can we avoid those emails when db falls down?

2016-12-01 09:31:01 GMT <qwebirc93980> Hello, I have a questions regarding the alfresco-ng2-components. There is no hint if the activiti components are also working with the Activiti Community edition. Anyone has some information about this topic?

2016-12-01 09:33:55 GMT *** qwebirc93980 is now known as maljac

2016-12-01 09:53:09 GMT *** yreg_ is now known as yreg

2016-12-01 09:56:12 GMT <iwkse> hi, if I want to configure the invite page and enable it only for admins, is it enough to add in share-config-custom.xml <authentication>admin</authentication> or I have to override it?

2016-12-01 10:02:19 GMT <AFaust> iwkse: Where in share-config-custom.xml would you put the authentication tag? I am not aware that there is any such support

2016-12-01 10:02:38 GMT <AFaust> You would typically put the authentication section on the page descriptor itself

2016-12-01 10:03:26 GMT <iwkse> AFaust: you're right, it's not on share-config-custom.xml but there's <additional-pages><add-users>add-users></add-users>...

2016-12-01 10:03:29 GMT <iwkse> should be that

2016-12-01 10:04:13 GMT *** IanW2 is now known as IanW1

2016-12-01 10:04:15 GMT <AFaust> Thos are just for site pages not displayed in navigation

2016-12-01 10:04:17 GMT <iwkse> you mean like creating a new page with the same id but the different authentication?

2016-12-01 10:05:02 GMT <iwkse> I see..I saw it has the same url as the invite, I thought it's that

2016-12-01 10:05:28 GMT <AFaust> I mean creating a new Surf page model object and set the authentication there. share-config-custom.xml can be used to configure that new page as the default login page

2016-12-01 10:05:42 GMT <iwkse> AFaust: yes I Think I understood

2016-12-01 10:05:57 GMT <AFaust> ehm - forget the last about the login page

2016-12-01 10:06:01 GMT <iwkse> yeah

2016-12-01 10:06:11 GMT <iwkse> I saw there's this doc, guess it's the same

2016-12-01 10:06:19 GMT <iwkse> http://docs.alfresco.com/5.0/tasks/dev-extensions-share-tutorials-override-login-page.html

2016-12-01 10:06:21 GMT <alfbot> Title: Override Alfresco Share login page | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2016-12-01 10:06:28 GMT <AFaust> but you can override the Surf page model XML of default Share for invite with your custom one that includes the authentication section

2016-12-01 10:06:48 GMT <iwkse> I thought I can just configure it, without creating a new one

2016-12-01 11:06:06 GMT *** angelborroy_ is now known as angelborroy

2016-12-01 11:28:37 GMT <variuss> hi, is it possible to customize share login page to use aikau page instead of surf page?

2016-12-01 11:47:24 GMT <AFaust> variuss: An Aikau page is still a Surf page technically, so yes

2016-12-01 11:48:13 GMT <AFaust> You'd only need to create an actual Surf page object for the Aikau page instead of using the /dp/ws/ pseudo page construct

2016-12-01 11:49:02 GMT <AFaust> https://github.com/aviriel/wrap-aikau-into-surf

2016-12-01 11:49:03 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - aviriel/wrap-aikau-into-surf: Wrapping Aikau pages into Surf pages in Alfresco Share (at github.com)

2016-12-01 11:53:03 GMT <variuss> thank you, that is exatcly what i was looking for :D

2016-12-01 12:04:33 GMT <maria_> is there a way to limit the number of retries, after email sent failed?

2016-12-01 12:05:23 GMT <maria_> RetryingTransactionHelper and maxRetries is connected with this?

2016-12-01 12:10:11 GMT <yreg> guys how can I override this bean ? https://github.com/Alfresco/community-edition/blob/2c1eff9953d3105e738f7b06ba9ba8a079ca4c24/projects/repository/config/alfresco/policy-context.xml#L7

2016-12-01 12:10:12 GMT <alfbot> Title: community-edition/policy-context.xml at 2c1eff9953d3105e738f7b06ba9ba8a079ca4c24 · Alfresco/community-edition · GitHub (at github.com)

2016-12-01 12:10:46 GMT <yreg> I tried module-context and it does not seem to override it !!

2016-12-01 12:24:23 GMT <maria_> server.transaction.max-retries is related to how many times the server will try to resent an email

2016-12-01 12:24:25 GMT <maria_> ?

2016-12-01 12:24:34 GMT <maria_> in transaction.properties

2016-12-01 12:24:44 GMT <maria_> is this customizable?

2016-12-01 12:25:13 GMT <maria_> (sorry for keep asking.. last try.. promise..)

2016-12-01 12:37:07 GMT <AFaust> maria_: RetryingTransactionHelper is only related to actual transaction issues, not email repetitions

2016-12-01 12:37:54 GMT <AFaust> yreg: module-context.xml of a module should be able to override that

2016-12-01 12:38:33 GMT <yreg> Oddly that did not work !

2016-12-01 12:39:11 GMT <AFaust> How did you try to override it? By hard XML or post-processor (got to ask nowadays, since my examples catch on)?

2016-12-01 12:40:25 GMT <AFaust> Looking at the bean class itself there is nothing special about it that should pose a problem either way...

2016-12-01 12:43:30 GMT <AFaust> And looking at the Spring file load order via application-context.xml the module-context.xml files are loaded AFTER the original file, so you should not encounter an issue with incorrect precedence

2016-12-01 12:50:26 GMT <AFaust> Oh boy - I hope some day Alfresco will use a better + consistent JSON library other than org.json or org.json.simple...

2016-12-01 12:52:49 GMT <AFaust> When querying large result sets from SOLR when most (if not all) of data/query results have already been cached, it becomes apparent how inefficient org.json really is. About 40% of time parsing SOLR JSON result is just wasted trial&error-ing the conversion of numerical values...

2016-12-01 12:58:03 GMT <maria_> AFaust thanks. will keep looking..

2016-12-01 12:58:12 GMT <maria_> ..for the email.

2016-12-01 13:01:57 GMT <AFaust> Phew - overhead of this inefficient type handling is about twice as big as the actual construction of the result set object (and all the parsing/handling that involves)

2016-12-01 13:08:28 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: fix it

2016-12-01 13:08:29 GMT <bhagyas> :P

2016-12-01 13:11:15 GMT <AFaust> I don't think I need to. Looks like most of the issue could be solved by simply updating that library to something newer than from 2009

2016-12-01 13:11:22 GMT <mikel_asla> maria: have you checked that is not your smtp server how is doing the repetitions?

2016-12-01 13:12:01 GMT <mikel_asla> smtp servers do that when the receive a temporary error sending a email

2016-12-01 13:16:45 GMT <yreg> AFaust, it was correctly overridden

2016-12-01 13:26:59 GMT <yreg_> the issue was that my overriding bean has a private reference of the old implementation to which it was forwarding some commands

2016-12-01 13:27:40 GMT <yreg_> one of them was registering the wrong bean somewhere and thus I got the wrong impression that the bean was not overridden

2016-12-01 13:27:46 GMT *** yreg_ is now known as yreg

2016-12-01 13:55:21 GMT <IanW1> this Authentication/SSO code is such a mess - still trying to work out why just my user can't login...

2016-12-01 13:57:39 GMT <IanW1> The SimpleCredentialVault in the session with key _alfwsf_vaults_credential.vault.provider knows who I am but AuthenticationUtil.getUserId doesn't

2016-12-01 14:05:07 GMT <AFaust> IanW1: Any SSO filter is supposed to se the user ID in the session for the AuthenticationUtil to pick up

2016-12-01 14:05:44 GMT <AFaust> At least that is what the default SSOAuthenticationFilter does in its "onSuccess" handler

2016-12-01 14:06:47 GMT <IanW1> I know, roughly, how it's supposed to work, just having difficultly tracking down why it doesn't work for one particular user - me!

2016-12-01 14:06:50 GMT <AFaust> But I bet you are talking about the lines 534 - 552 (or somewhere in that area) where the userId is checked before the onSuccess

2016-12-01 14:10:04 GMT <IanW1> I think I'm having more of a problem around the call to touch at 850 ish - userId is null but the call to touch is returning with 200

2016-12-01 14:10:55 GMT <AFaust> I just checked that method as well to see if something broken popped up on casual glance

2016-12-01 14:14:23 GMT <AFaust> I am somewhat missing an external auth header to be set on the connector context in that method

2016-12-01 14:14:45 GMT <IanW1> For this one particular user something knows it's logged in but getRemoteUser doesn't

2016-12-01 14:15:40 GMT <AFaust> Well - then the problem must be earlier in the processing chain since that sort-of is a prerequisite for all...

2016-12-01 14:17:37 GMT <IanW1> yes - I think part of the problem is because the call to remote is returning OK when userId is null which I suspect means that it's not getting to the part where the remoteuser is set

2016-12-01 14:18:29 GMT <IanW1> the really odd thing is why it works for all the users I've tried except me

2016-12-01 14:20:18 GMT <IanW1> It would help if there was a consistent way of checking if somebody was logged in...

2016-12-01 14:26:19 GMT <iblanco> Good afternoon everyone

2016-12-01 14:27:59 GMT <iblanco> Does anyone know which one is the cleanest/safest way of checking with the Java API if a group is a special Site group?

2016-12-01 14:33:49 GMT <iblanco> I'm looking for something like authorityService.isSiteService or something like that, but it doesn't seem to exist.

2016-12-01 14:39:21 GMT <iblanco> Do you think this might be reasonable:

2016-12-01 14:39:28 GMT <iblanco> private boolean isSiteAuthority(String authority)

2016-12-01 14:39:28 GMT <iblanco> {

2016-12-01 14:39:29 GMT <iblanco> AuthorityService authorityService = serviceRegistry.getAuthorityService();

2016-12-01 14:39:29 GMT <iblanco> Set<String> zones = authorityService.getAuthorityZones(authority);

2016-12-01 14:39:29 GMT <iblanco> return zones.contains(AuthorityService.ZONE_APP_SHARE);

2016-12-01 14:39:29 GMT <iblanco> }

2016-12-01 14:46:42 GMT <AFaust> Nope

2016-12-01 14:47:28 GMT <AFaust> ZONE_APP_SHARE may be used by other constructs as well - you can't rely on only site groups to be contained in that zone

2016-12-01 14:49:07 GMT <AFaust> Best option is a combination of name pattern match and verification (of extracted fragments regarding site short name and role) via SiteService.getSiteGroup

2016-12-01 14:54:03 GMT <iblanco> Ummm, ok right, I'll do it that way, thanks.

2016-12-01 15:04:12 GMT <iwkse> AFaust: so actually when the user is not a site Manager, just the link is hidden? That page has user access, but as I can see the code just add/hide the menu (there's also the link button on the members page)

2016-12-01 15:05:21 GMT <iwkse> /link/user add link/

2016-12-01 15:05:55 GMT <AFaust> iwkse: The <authentication> element in Surf model objects does not work that way - it only allows differentiation of who is allowed to access the page on user group level, i.e. admin vs. user vs. guest vs none

2016-12-01 15:06:08 GMT <AFaust> It is not used at all to generate navigation items / links

2016-12-01 15:06:42 GMT <AFaust> So even if a page were to be restricted to admin it could still show up anywhere unless the code that generates the navigation links takes care of performing necessary checks

2016-12-01 15:07:34 GMT <iwkse> I see

2016-12-01 15:07:56 GMT <AFaust> In default Alfresco header, no checks are performed against the <authentication> element as the header is only checking the additional pages section in share-config which cannot contain authentication information

2016-12-01 15:08:35 GMT <iwkse> AFaust: I mean in the imports/share-header.lib.js

2016-12-01 15:08:54 GMT <AFaust> there is no check there - that is what I meant

2016-12-01 15:08:56 GMT <iwkse> there's a check for the using being site Manager, so that it adds the link

2016-12-01 15:09:10 GMT <AFaust> the only thing you can do is add groupMembership conditions to the Aikau widgets yourself

2016-12-01 15:09:26 GMT <AFaust> ah - yes, that is one of those special checks

2016-12-01 15:09:44 GMT <iwkse> but as I said..it's just the link

2016-12-01 15:09:48 GMT <iwkse> if you know the url you can access

2016-12-01 15:09:50 GMT <AFaust> But that does not relate to any definition for the page at all - it is just hard-coded that way

2016-12-01 15:09:56 GMT <AFaust> correct

2016-12-01 15:10:17 GMT <AFaust> because the page security model does not provide for any means to configure such a check

2016-12-01 15:10:24 GMT <iwkse> I see

2016-12-01 15:10:55 GMT <iwkse> but setting the page authentication to admin, should work I suppose

2016-12-01 15:11:09 GMT <iwkse> from the page definition

2016-12-01 15:11:33 GMT <AFaust> When I had such requirements in past projects I have always created a construct for generic access checking myself, i.e. introduced a property for the page <properties> section and used that in a generic *.js file to check if the current page could be accessed by the current user and redirect if not

2016-12-01 15:11:50 GMT <iwkse> ah I see

2016-12-01 15:11:57 GMT <AFaust> Yes - that would restrict the page to admin only but would mean that SiteManager that are not admin cannot access the page

2016-12-01 15:12:15 GMT <iwkse> yes actually it's fine that way in this case

2016-12-01 15:12:25 GMT <iwkse> but I'm interested to look at better ways

2016-12-01 15:12:29 GMT <iwkse> more flexible

2016-12-01 15:13:00 GMT <iwkse> I think I got what you mean

2016-12-01 15:13:03 GMT <iwkse> :)

2016-12-01 17:25:24 GMT <yreg> QQ: what's the difference between /s and /wcs endpoints in alfresco

2016-12-01 17:48:11 GMT <AFaust> yreg: /s is always BASIC authentication, /wcs is secured by SSO handlers (if enabled)

2016-12-01 17:49:25 GMT <AFaust> both are shortcuts for /service and /wcservice respectively (this is where one question of the certification exam is plain wrong, because you are asked to choose from those /s, /wcs, /wcservice and /service which endpoint provides ReST services - and all are actually correct)

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