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2016-12-09 07:05:54 GMT <Lostculture> hi guys, i would like to know, on ALfresco the custom included workflow Review and Approve task, where is that file located I want to add a small piece of script to it, instead of writing a new worlflow

2016-12-09 07:27:25 GMT <twen> 'morning

2016-12-09 07:31:06 GMT <Lostculture> hi hi

2016-12-09 07:31:28 GMT <Lostculture> where does Alfresco store its included workflows? I want to add a small piece of script

2016-12-09 07:43:30 GMT <Lostculture> hi hi

2016-12-09 07:43:31 GMT <Lostculture> where does Alfresco store its included workflows? I want to add a small piece of script

2016-12-09 07:44:02 GMT <Lostculture> i specifically want to add 1 line of script in Review & Approve (single user) worlflow

2016-12-09 09:03:38 GMT <Sumit> Hi Everyone, My question is related to pdf-toolkit

2016-12-09 09:04:30 GMT <Sumit> pdf-toolkit functionalities changes the version of document as minor but there is no comment

2016-12-09 09:04:42 GMT <Sumit> How I can add the comment in that

2016-12-09 09:05:37 GMT <Sumit> So that it could tell about the name of operation performed on the document

2016-12-09 09:13:46 GMT <angelborroy> Sumit do you know how to develop a behaviour in Java for Alfresco?

2016-12-09 09:15:26 GMT <Sumit> yes @angelborroy

2016-12-09 09:15:48 GMT <angelborroy> Sumit ok, so you have two options

2016-12-09 09:16:11 GMT <angelborroy> Sumit develop a new behaviour to intercept PDF Toolkit operations

2016-12-09 09:16:29 GMT <angelborroy> Sumit or modify pdf toolkit source code to add your messages

2016-12-09 09:17:20 GMT <Sumit> Ok. I am trying to modify toolkit source code

2016-12-09 09:18:41 GMT <Sumit> checkout and checking the node after setting version properties in PDFToolkitServiceImpl

2016-12-09 09:19:31 GMT <Sumit> Trying like this :

2016-12-09 09:19:32 GMT <Sumit> versionProperties.put(Version.PROP_DESCRIPTION, "Document encrypted done."); NodeRef workingNode = checkOutCheckInService.checkout(actionedUponNodeRef); checkOutCheckInService.checkin(workingNode, versionProperties);

2016-12-09 09:19:52 GMT <angelborroy> Sumit which version are you using?

2016-12-09 09:19:54 GMT <angelborroy> https://github.com/ntmcminn/alfresco-pdf-toolkit/blob/master/pdf-toolkit-repo/src/main/java/org/alfresco/extension/pdftoolkit/service/PDFToolkitServiceImpl.java

2016-12-09 09:19:55 GMT <alfbot> Title: alfresco-pdf-toolkit/PDFToolkitServiceImpl.java at master · ntmcminn/alfresco-pdf-toolkit · GitHub (at github.com)

2016-12-09 09:21:58 GMT <Sumit> I am using 1.4.1

2016-12-09 09:23:15 GMT <Sumit> this is the latest one only

2016-12-09 09:23:48 GMT <Sumit> & doing changes in alfresco-pdf-toolkit/PDFToolkitServiceImpl.java inside method like encryptPDF

2016-12-09 09:28:04 GMT <Sumit> How we can add the version comment messages in pdf-toolkit source code? Any example?

2016-12-09 09:28:32 GMT <angelborroy> Sumit where is your class in github availalble? The one for 1.4.1?

2016-12-09 09:36:19 GMT <Sumit> http://pastebin.com/4WwM8DxD

2016-12-09 09:36:20 GMT <alfbot> Title: PDFToolkitServiceImpl.java - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2016-12-09 09:37:30 GMT <Sumit> Still didn't push changes in github. Please check my class on the link http://pastebin.com/4WwM8DxD

2016-12-09 09:37:31 GMT <alfbot> Title: PDFToolkitServiceImpl.java - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2016-12-09 09:37:34 GMT <angelborroy> that checkoutcheckinservice is your addition?

2016-12-09 09:37:53 GMT <Sumit> yes

2016-12-09 09:38:34 GMT <Sumit> and also add versionProperties in encryptPDF

2016-12-09 09:39:20 GMT <angelborroy> versioning behaviour is fired before that step

2016-12-09 09:39:30 GMT <angelborroy> on writer.putContent(file);

2016-12-09 09:39:34 GMT <angelborroy> line 277

2016-12-09 09:39:47 GMT <angelborroy> so you are creating a new version with your data

2016-12-09 09:41:34 GMT <angelborroy> maybe you can add a property with the operation and then intercept on version create policy

2016-12-09 09:42:48 GMT <Sumit> k. if we encrypt same copy of the document. then new version gets created. Am I not changing same version properties & creating new one.

2016-12-09 09:43:22 GMT <alfbot> ohej: Sent 10 hours and 52 minutes ago: <digcat> congrats btw the wedding pics looked great !

2016-12-09 09:43:49 GMT <ohej> digcat: Thanks! :)

2016-12-09 09:45:36 GMT <Sumit> @ angelborroy : What changes you recommend for this? Can this possible by changing in this place?

2016-12-09 09:45:58 GMT <angelborroy> Sumit I expressed before my thinkings on this

2016-12-09 09:46:10 GMT <angelborroy> Sumit I’d try in that way

2016-12-09 09:46:47 GMT <Sumit> Ok

2016-12-09 10:52:00 GMT <Tichodroma> In the FTL of an email template, I can use ${shareUrl}. But I want to build a link pointing to a repository WS, so I need something like ${repoUrl} which sadly does not exist.

2016-12-09 10:52:24 GMT <Tichodroma> What FTL variable is available in an email template to build the URL to a repository WS?

2016-12-09 11:02:12 GMT <AFaust> Tichodroma: I am afraid the shareUrl part is not really something that is provided for any email template. It is part of the template model provided by the caller to the email action

2016-12-09 11:03:19 GMT <marsv024> anyone know where “widgetUtils” is defined? I’m trying to figure out what the available methods on it are.

2016-12-09 11:05:25 GMT <AFaust> Tichodroma: Correction - it looks like in recent Alfresco versions they actually have moved the shareUrl to the general FTL model of the mail action. My bad (full default model: https://github.com/Alfresco/community-edition/blob/2c1eff9953d3105e738f7b06ba9ba8a079ca4c24/projects/repository/source/java/org/alfresco/repo/action/executer/MailActionExecuter.java#L1503)

2016-12-09 11:05:26 GMT <alfbot> Title: community-edition/MailActionExecuter.java at 2c1eff9953d3105e738f7b06ba9ba8a079ca4c24 · Alfresco/community-edition · GitHub (at github.com)

2016-12-09 11:06:09 GMT <AFaust> marsv024: You are looking for the script processor extension class org.springframework.extensions.webscripts.ScritpWidgetUtils

2016-12-09 11:07:09 GMT <AFaust> it only provides findObject and deleteObjectFromArray

2016-12-09 11:08:30 GMT <marsv024> AFaust thanks!

2016-12-09 11:09:19 GMT <marsv024> is that in the surf code base? Do you know if they have the sources somewhere other than on maven?

2016-12-09 11:15:07 GMT <AFaust> https://svn.alfresco.com/repos/alfresco-open-mirror/services

2016-12-09 11:15:09 GMT <alfbot> Title: alfresco-open-mirror - Revision 133526: /services (at svn.alfresco.com)

2016-12-09 11:43:44 GMT <marsv024> thanks again AFaust

2016-12-09 13:19:32 GMT *** cyberz_ is now known as cyberz

2016-12-09 13:28:04 GMT *** praisethemoon_ is now known as praisethemoon

2016-12-09 14:36:23 GMT <iwkse> hi, please someone with locale different than English can reproduce this bug? https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-14352

2016-12-09 14:51:09 GMT <AFaust> Derek is right - such old tickets should not be reopened in favor of new tickets (which would then be marked as regression)

2016-12-09 14:54:29 GMT <iwkse> AFaust: ok, is this rule valid with different releases? like 4.x, 5.x ecc

2016-12-09 14:54:40 GMT <douglascrp> QQ

2016-12-09 14:54:54 GMT <douglascrp> is there a way to "remove" a residual property from a object using javascript?

2016-12-09 14:55:03 GMT <douglascrp> I mean, not removing the value, but THE property

2016-12-09 14:55:13 GMT <douglascrp> like this

2016-12-09 14:55:36 GMT <douglascrp> Nome

2016-12-09 14:55:36 GMT <douglascrp>

2016-12-09 14:55:36 GMT <douglascrp> Tipo

2016-12-09 14:55:36 GMT <douglascrp>

2016-12-09 14:55:36 GMT <douglascrp> Valor

2016-12-09 14:55:37 GMT <douglascrp>

2016-12-09 14:55:39 GMT <douglascrp> Residual

2016-12-09 14:55:41 GMT <douglascrp> con:documentosExistentes

2016-12-09 14:55:43 GMT <douglascrp>

2016-12-09 14:55:45 GMT <douglascrp>

2016-12-09 14:55:47 GMT <douglascrp> 3552358

2016-12-09 14:55:49 GMT <douglascrp>

2016-12-09 14:55:51 GMT <douglascrp> true

2016-12-09 14:56:00 GMT <douglascrp> Name con:documentosExistentes

2016-12-09 14:56:12 GMT <douglascrp> Type <empty>

2016-12-09 14:56:21 GMT <douglascrp> Value 3552358

2016-12-09 14:56:27 GMT <douglascrp> Residual true

2016-12-09 14:56:42 GMT <AFaust> iwkse: generally if it is an issue that has been closed for any previous version other than the current Community Version, don't reopen - simply create a new one and reference the old ticket

2016-12-09 14:57:01 GMT <iwkse> douglascrp: delete obj[prop] should do it

2016-12-09 14:57:06 GMT <iwkse> AFaust: I see

2016-12-09 14:57:12 GMT <iwkse> thanks

2016-12-09 14:57:30 GMT <douglascrp> iwkse, hey man

2016-12-09 14:57:36 GMT <douglascrp> alfresco property?

2016-12-09 14:57:38 GMT <iwkse> heya!

2016-12-09 14:57:48 GMT <iwkse> ops..I understood js property

2016-12-09 14:57:49 GMT <iwkse> sorry

2016-12-09 14:57:58 GMT <douglascrp> it's a javascript with alfresco api

2016-12-09 14:58:06 GMT <douglascrp> ok, brb

2016-12-09 14:59:15 GMT <douglascrp> iwkse, look, https://community.alfresco.com/thread/193889-is-there-any-way-to-remove-node-property-using-js-api#comment-739758

2016-12-09 14:59:16 GMT <alfbot> Title: Is there any way to remove node property using ... | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2016-12-09 14:59:32 GMT <AFaust> iwkse: I don't even get calendar events as search results...

2016-12-09 14:59:48 GMT <douglascrp> yes, it seems to be right http://docs.alfresco.com/4.0/references/APISurf-ScriptModelObject-removeProperty.html

2016-12-09 14:59:49 GMT <alfbot> Title: removeProperty | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2016-12-09 14:59:51 GMT <douglascrp> ok, going to try

2016-12-09 15:00:56 GMT <AFaust> douglascrp: The page you linked refers to a Surf JS object, not a node

2016-12-09 15:01:04 GMT <AFaust> That won't work...

2016-12-09 15:01:41 GMT <douglascrp> AFaust, right... sorry

2016-12-09 15:01:57 GMT <douglascrp> that's the problem with reading fast :D

2016-12-09 15:02:16 GMT <douglascrp> without paying attention

2016-12-09 15:02:21 GMT <AFaust> delete node.properites['{residual}propertyName']; - and then save()

2016-12-09 15:02:34 GMT <AFaust> That is my only idea of something that might work

2016-12-09 15:03:21 GMT <AFaust> You might be able to get away with the prefixed variant as well

2016-12-09 15:03:37 GMT <douglascrp> this one worked https://community.alfresco.com/thread/193889-is-there-any-way-to-remove-node-property-using-js-api#comment-739758

2016-12-09 15:03:39 GMT <alfbot> Title: Is there any way to remove node property using ... | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2016-12-09 15:03:43 GMT <douglascrp> ok... brb

2016-12-09 15:03:58 GMT <iwkse> AFaust: strange..I get them in site search dashlets as well as in the normal search

2016-12-09 15:04:14 GMT <iwkse> the bug is only in the site search dashlet

2016-12-09 15:04:28 GMT <AFaust> I am using SOLR 6 on 5.2 - so that may be a factor.

2016-12-09 15:04:32 GMT <AFaust> Also, I was using faceted-search

2016-12-09 15:05:12 GMT <iwkse> ah yes..in faceted search it doesn't show

2016-12-09 15:05:19 GMT <iwkse> only in advancted search and site search

2016-12-09 15:05:39 GMT <AFaust> Ok - in Site Search dashlet I get the result and also an incorrect link

2016-12-09 15:05:44 GMT <iwkse> yes

2016-12-09 15:05:59 GMT <iwkse> here it shows only the day name

2016-12-09 15:06:02 GMT <iwkse> and it's cut

2016-12-09 15:06:19 GMT <iwkse> instead of having y-m-d

2016-12-09 15:06:46 GMT <AFaust> This is also a reason why a new ticket is better, because you should always explain from the beginning what you are doing and the way the search is used is very different between the original ticket issue and what we are seeing now

2016-12-09 15:07:08 GMT <iwkse> yes

2016-12-09 15:07:08 GMT <AFaust> There was no "Site Search" back then...

2016-12-09 15:07:34 GMT <iwkse> when I opened that ticket I didn't know well many things that I know a bit better now

2016-12-09 15:07:43 GMT <iwkse> ah..

2016-12-09 15:07:56 GMT <iwkse> so that's the same bug on a new component

2016-12-09 15:25:35 GMT <IanW1> Today's interesting discovery - it's possible to create a smart folder with the same name as a real folder but you can only navigate to the smart folder even though you can see both in the document library

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