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Daily Log for #alfresco

2016-12-15 05:44:08 GMT <digcat> interesting !! https://techcrunch.com/2016/12/14/docker-open-sources-critical-infrastructure-component

2016-12-15 05:44:09 GMT <alfbot> Title: Docker open sources critical infrastructure component | TechCrunch (at techcrunch.com)

2016-12-15 08:21:05 GMT <yreg> Morning

2016-12-15 08:22:42 GMT <Vasquez> Hi guys how can I check if some string is valid alfresco file name

2016-12-15 08:46:18 GMT <AFaust> Vasquez: Alfresco has a FileNameValidator class

2016-12-15 08:46:39 GMT <AFaust> Unfortunately, the validation is too naive and does not cover all error cases

2016-12-15 08:48:55 GMT <DarkStar1> Morning folks

2016-12-15 08:50:05 GMT <Vasquez> that is because what is valid filename in linux it is not in windows

2016-12-15 08:50:52 GMT <Vasquez> i think

2016-12-15 09:21:29 GMT <qwebirc2687> Hi Guys

2016-12-15 09:22:51 GMT <qwebirc2687> I want to how I can set yellowTheme as default theme

2016-12-15 09:23:02 GMT <qwebirc2687> tried few things like these https://community.alfresco.com/thread/192227-setting-custom-theme-as-default

2016-12-15 09:23:04 GMT <alfbot> Title: Setting custom theme as default | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2016-12-15 09:23:19 GMT <qwebirc2687> nut no luck

2016-12-15 09:30:18 GMT <angelborroy> qwebirc2687 do you want to create a new theme? https://github.com/angelborroy/ootb-theme-share

2016-12-15 09:30:19 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - angelborroy/ootb-theme-share: Order of the Bee - Alfresco Theme (at github.com)

2016-12-15 09:30:43 GMT <angelborroy> qwebirc2687 or do you want to define as default an out-of-the-box Alfresco theme?

2016-12-15 09:31:43 GMT <angelborroy> http://docs.alfresco.com/community/tasks/admintools-theme.html

2016-12-15 09:31:44 GMT <alfbot> Title: Changing the Share theme | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2016-12-15 09:46:32 GMT <yreg> angelborroy, I think he wants to develop an addon and be able to have a special theme as the default theme during for the very first startup

2016-12-15 09:47:09 GMT <angelborroy> yreg ok, so he has to combine both informations :)

2016-12-15 09:55:27 GMT <AFaust> Vasquez: Sorry - got into a longer Skype call this morning. No - the FileNameValidator is not too naive because there is a difference between Linux and Windows (I mean maybe it is but that was not the reason for my note) - there actually is a mismatch between the regex used in the content model and the regex used in the validator. Also, the getValidFileName operation does not correctly replace all invalid cases

2016-12-15 09:58:42 GMT <Vasquez> you don't need to be sorry :)

2016-12-15 09:58:52 GMT <Vasquez> ok i will show you what for i need it

2016-12-15 09:58:57 GMT <qwebirc2687> @angelborroy I dont want to do it using the share UI, Is there any way that I can set yellow theme as default using some xml configuration ?

2016-12-15 10:00:09 GMT <angelborroy> qwebirc2687 AFAIK there is no way to achieve that

2016-12-15 10:00:32 GMT <Vasquez> http://pastebin.com/rARrcV1W

2016-12-15 10:00:33 GMT <alfbot> Title: 2016-12-09 15:37:14,275 ERROR [node.integrity.IntegrityChecker] [DefaultSchedul - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2016-12-15 10:00:57 GMT <Vasquez> if node.integrity.IntegrityChecker uses that same logic than it perfectly matches

2016-12-15 10:01:18 GMT <Vasquez> so FileNameValidator will do good

2016-12-15 10:01:18 GMT <qwebirc2687> angelborroy :(

2016-12-15 10:01:49 GMT <angelborroy> qwebirc2687 the only one is that you tried, if it does not work, I think there is no other alternative

2016-12-15 10:02:18 GMT <angelborroy> qwebirc2687 maybe you can set this preference by CMIS or so

2016-12-15 10:03:20 GMT <qwebirc2687> CMIS ?? how how do I do that ?

2016-12-15 10:03:48 GMT <angelborroy> I’m searching where Alfresco stores this preference

2016-12-15 10:05:26 GMT <qwebirc2687> angelborroy are there any java api's available for setting the application theme ?

2016-12-15 10:05:50 GMT <angelborroy> I’m looking exactly this, just digging AdminConsolePage.java

2016-12-15 10:24:59 GMT <IanW1> Anybody tried using the rich text editor recently? Either for editing HTML in Alfresco or editing properties - I've found this really flaky in the past but it might be better now...

2016-12-15 10:47:47 GMT <AFaust> Vasquez: Yeah - those are some of the cases that the FileNameValidator will catch but I believe there can be situations where the result of getValidFileName will not actually pass the integratity check

2016-12-15 10:48:08 GMT <Vasquez> great that is good enough for me

2016-12-15 10:48:20 GMT <AFaust> But again - the checks between the validator and the integrity checker are not 100% identical

2016-12-15 10:48:49 GMT <Vasquez> ok i will try it thanks again!

2016-12-15 10:49:32 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: No Java API for that - just update the content of a node in Alfresco Repository with a different XML

2016-12-15 10:50:40 GMT <AFaust> IanW1: I am not a fan of using rich text editor for properties at all - and rarely edit content with it. Haven't noticed flaky-ness in wiki or similar cases before

2016-12-15 10:53:49 GMT <IanW1> I found that it often didn't save the changes (no error and have to be paying close attention to notice)

2016-12-15 11:22:55 GMT <Vasquez> https://community.alfresco.com/thread/183999-constraint-handlers-dont-work

2016-12-15 11:22:58 GMT <alfbot> Title: constraint-handlers dont work | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2016-12-15 11:23:01 GMT <Vasquez> what all events could be

2016-12-15 11:23:14 GMT <Vasquez> is there onSubmit or something like that

2016-12-15 11:48:02 GMT <Hiten> Hi Guys, I am trying to capture Upload New Version action through a behavior using "VersionServicePolicies.AfterCreateVersionPolicy"

2016-12-15 11:48:59 GMT <Hiten> Though I am able to capture the action but I am also seeing that my behavior is also invoked while we upload a new file in the site

2016-12-15 11:50:17 GMT <magp> Hi, in LockType.READ_ONLY_LOCK is deprecated. But I can't find what I should use instead?

2016-12-15 11:50:20 GMT <Hiten> My motive here is capture the upload new version action and then move the file to a particular folder. How can I effectively capture only Upload New version action

2016-12-15 11:50:23 GMT <Hiten> ??

2016-12-15 12:13:19 GMT <AFaust> Hiten: You cannot capture "only" Upload New Version action via a behaviour...

2016-12-15 12:13:32 GMT <AFaust> That information is simply not available to restrict the scope

2016-12-15 12:14:01 GMT <AFaust> You would have to override / customize the upload web script to somehow pass on context information

2016-12-15 12:14:39 GMT <AFaust> magp: It is not that LockType.READ_ONLY_LOCK is deprecated - ALL of the lock types are deprecated

2016-12-15 12:15:16 GMT <AFaust> But if you look at the comments, they are just deprecated because someone wants to add different values with more descriptive names in the future. They should still be usable

2016-12-15 12:51:14 GMT <magp> AFaust: Yea I looked at the comments, but I don't see why you would mark them as deprecated without there being any alternative.. o_O

2016-12-15 12:51:39 GMT <Modestas> Hello guys!

2016-12-15 12:51:49 GMT <Modestas> AFaust: are you here? I have very interesting question :)

2016-12-15 12:53:33 GMT <AFaust> magp: That is Alfresco for you - they sometimes do not follow the development rules most people expect

2016-12-15 12:53:43 GMT <AFaust> Modestas: I am here generally..

2016-12-15 12:54:05 GMT * AFaust is just going to make himself another tea

2016-12-15 12:54:23 GMT <Modestas> AFaust: if you download alfresco-community-installer-201605-win-x64.exe and check readme file you will see Alfresco Platform: 5.1.g and Alfresco Share: 5.1.f

2016-12-15 12:54:30 GMT <Modestas> why they are different?

2016-12-15 12:55:16 GMT <Modestas> and AFaust it looks like 5.2 documentation of alfresco exists so when it should come out? link to documentation http://docs.alfresco.com/5.2/references/whats-new.html

2016-12-15 12:55:17 GMT <alfbot> Title: Whats new in Alfresco | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2016-12-15 12:56:57 GMT <AFaust> Modestas: I think there is already a release page for the 5.2 GA in community.alfresco.com

2016-12-15 12:57:22 GMT <AFaust> Last information I have says 5.2 GA will come before Christmas

2016-12-15 12:57:49 GMT <Modestas> AFaust: what about Alfresco platform version and Alfresco Share should they be same?

2016-12-15 12:57:59 GMT <AFaust> Also, the release notes for 201605 GA in community.alfresco.com also describe why there are different version numbers for platform and Share in that release

2016-12-15 12:58:30 GMT <Modestas> ech.. I did not read.. I just got this question from the client

2016-12-15 12:58:48 GMT <AFaust> Alfresco has made various changes to decouple the versions of Share and Repository, and that was one release where there were only updates to Repository, not Share, so Share version number was not increased

2016-12-15 12:59:30 GMT <Modestas> going to read..

2016-12-15 13:15:17 GMT <Hiten> How can I call service/api/version?nodeRef={nodeRef} webscript from my behavior

2016-12-15 13:15:19 GMT <Hiten> ??

2016-12-15 13:16:50 GMT <Modestas> AFaust: thank you for explaining

2016-12-15 13:18:13 GMT <AFaust> Hiten: You actually should not call it. Just call the underlying service, not the webscript

2016-12-15 13:22:42 GMT <Hiten> ok, Thanks. I will use VersionService in that case.

2016-12-15 14:54:18 GMT <jnoob22> on a look up for an exclude is it possible to do a not_in ?

2016-12-15 14:54:48 GMT <jnoob22> I need to exclude all rows where a user is *not* a member of a project

2016-12-15 14:54:51 GMT <douglascrp> aahh, advanced search

2016-12-15 14:54:58 GMT <douglascrp> always a new problem with this thing

2016-12-15 14:54:58 GMT <jnoob22> raw query? ;-)

2016-12-15 15:03:25 GMT <qwebirc70472> hi

2016-12-15 15:03:53 GMT <qwebirc70472> I am facing an issue with Model tracking failed & Tracking failed

2016-12-15 15:04:00 GMT <qwebirc70472> anyone can help out?

2016-12-15 15:19:53 GMT <DarkStar1> qwebirc70472: post your error on a paste service and we might be able to help

2016-12-15 15:20:48 GMT <DarkStar1> Anyone remember which logger I have to enable to be able to see share server side javascript logs?

2016-12-15 15:47:34 GMT <xkahn> If we buy transformation server from Alfresco, what will happen to the LibreOffice documents we have?

2016-12-15 15:47:56 GMT <xkahn> Will they also get previewed through the transformation server? (MS Office)

2016-12-15 15:48:00 GMT <xkahn> That would be terrible

2016-12-15 15:59:10 GMT <AFaust> jnoob22: Unfortunately Alfresco does not yet support negative facet selections, most likely because they could not find a way to include them in a simple and easy-to-use manner on the page.

2016-12-15 15:59:29 GMT <AFaust> I had developed a custom faceted search solution at my old employer that supported negative facet selections

2016-12-15 16:10:49 GMT <jnoob22> xkahn, if you use TS, you would still use jod converter for non-microsoft docs

2016-12-15 16:11:06 GMT <jnoob22> so no histrionics there mate ;-)

2016-12-15 16:11:33 GMT <xkahn> NICE! :)

2016-12-15 16:11:41 GMT <jnoob22> AFaust, that's too bad. But not a big deal I suppose.

2016-12-15 16:12:17 GMT <jnoob22> xkahn, when you use TS, it's should only transform M$-centric mimetypes. hth

2016-12-15 16:12:34 GMT <xkahn> That helps a lot

2016-12-15 16:58:51 GMT *** marsbard is now known as marsbard-

2016-12-15 17:52:53 GMT *** marsbard- is now known as marsbard

2016-12-15 19:59:38 GMT <DarkStar1> douglascrp: lo

2016-12-15 19:59:47 GMT <douglascrp> DarkStar1, hey

2016-12-15 19:59:50 GMT <douglascrp> I'm leaving now

2016-12-15 19:59:57 GMT <douglascrp> wrong time to call me

2016-12-15 20:00:15 GMT <douglascrp> I'll be available on whatsapp in 30 minutes

2016-12-15 20:00:17 GMT <douglascrp> if that helps

2016-12-15 21:27:35 GMT <resplin> The Order of the Bee website appears to be having problems. I can't get it to load the list of members. Is it just me?

2016-12-15 21:47:44 GMT <resplin> ~last seen aviriel

2016-12-15 21:47:44 GMT <alfbot> resplin: (last [--{from,in,on,with,without,regexp} <value>] [--nolimit]) -- Returns the last message matching the given criteria. --from requires a nick from whom the message came; --in requires a channel the message was sent to; --on requires a network the message was sent on; --with requires some string that had to be in the message; --regexp requires a regular expression the message must match; --nolimit returns all (1 more message)

2016-12-15 21:47:50 GMT <resplin> ~seen aviriel

2016-12-15 21:47:50 GMT <alfbot> resplin: aviriel was last seen in #alfresco 3 weeks, 3 days, 11 hours, 54 minutes, and 56 seconds ago: <aviriel> AFaust: we need your new fork of Aikau. Or at least an addon with a number of custom services and widgets

2016-12-15 21:48:26 GMT <AFaust> hi resplin

2016-12-15 21:48:44 GMT <AFaust> aviriel is quite busy with her move this week

2016-12-15 21:48:54 GMT <AFaust> tomorrow is the big day as far as I understood

2016-12-15 21:49:27 GMT <AFaust> But yes - members aren't loading for me as well

2016-12-15 21:50:12 GMT <AFaust> Looks like a bad JSON data file

2016-12-15 21:51:07 GMT <resplin> https://github.com/OrderOfTheBee/OrderOfTheBee.github.io/issues/18

2016-12-15 21:51:08 GMT <alfbot> Title: Web site is not listing Members · Issue #18 · OrderOfTheBee/OrderOfTheBee.github.io · GitHub (at github.com)

2016-12-15 21:51:23 GMT <resplin> I didn't know she was moving. I feel like a bad friend not keeping up with everyone.

2016-12-15 21:51:55 GMT <AFaust> I just found out today, so...

2016-12-15 21:52:01 GMT <resplin> How has your new business been going?

2016-12-15 21:58:26 GMT <AFaust> It is going in a decent way. October unfortunately did not go as initially planned. An "almost certain" customer basically back-stepped a couple of days after I left PRODYNA from a project that was already green-lit

2016-12-15 22:00:02 GMT <AFaust> November was very good and December shapes up to be ok-ish. Finally got an order in yesterday that I was waiting basically 2 months for...

2016-12-15 22:00:41 GMT <AFaust> Originally estimated to start that project in November, but now will be January unless we manage to sneak in one day next week...

2016-12-15 22:01:40 GMT <AFaust> resplin: Members now load correctly again

2016-12-15 22:02:53 GMT <resplin> I'm glad to hear that it is paying the bills. The uncertainty of running your own business is a huge challenge, but you are the sort of person that can pull it off.

2016-12-15 22:03:15 GMT <resplin> I hope that you are finding that the flexibility and personal control is worth it.

2016-12-15 22:04:26 GMT <resplin> Ah, I suspected the whitespace but was struggling to prove it to myself without actually changing the live site.

2016-12-15 22:04:31 GMT <resplin> Thanks for fixing that.

2016-12-15 22:05:25 GMT <resplin> Do the changes in the GitHub project go live immediately, or do they need to be published somehow?

2016-12-15 22:19:25 GMT <yregaieg> Hey resplin !

2016-12-15 22:19:43 GMT <yregaieg> Is the new CE GA available yet ?

2016-12-15 22:21:54 GMT <resplin> AFaust: it looks like I can commit directly to master and fix bugs. I'll be less nervous now.

2016-12-15 22:22:10 GMT <resplin> yregaieg: It is, but I haven't yet finished the release notes. I've been procrastinating.

2016-12-15 22:24:56 GMT <yregaieg> good to know, keep on the good work !

2016-12-15 22:26:30 GMT <resplin> Keep up my good work at procrastinating?

2016-12-15 22:26:31 GMT <resplin> grin

2016-12-15 22:45:21 GMT <yregaieg> resplin, I meant delivering great opensource software :P

2016-12-15 22:47:38 GMT <resplin> Yeah, I really should get back to that.

2016-12-15 22:48:32 GMT <resplin> In case anyone asks, I'll be on vacation for the next three weeks. I'm really looking forward to it!

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