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2016-12-20 00:56:41 GMT <AFaust> ~later tell jpotts That is a result of the updated Rhino script engine. Method resolution has been improved and it now fails where it previously might have picked one of the ambiguous methods by change/some magic. That happened with the switch to Alfresco 5 and first was noticed with scripts that used the Spring application context via the JS Console

2016-12-20 00:56:41 GMT <alfbot> AFaust: The operation succeeded.

2016-12-20 06:19:04 GMT *** marsv024_ is now known as marsv024

2016-12-20 08:27:42 GMT *** marsv024_ is now known as marsv024

2016-12-20 09:26:08 GMT <yreg> Morning guys

2016-12-20 10:09:16 GMT <Dirk23> hi. I have a problem setting with a rule in a folder. I set up the rule that every new document will be converted to a PDF and every changed document will be converted to PDF. When i try to run the rule i get an errormessages wichs say that it cant run the rules i defined

2016-12-20 10:11:38 GMT <angelborroy> Dirk23 any catalina.out clue?

2016-12-20 10:12:19 GMT <angelborroy> I think that rule is writing transformation to another file

2016-12-20 10:12:34 GMT <angelborroy> maybe you have a collision with the name for modified archives

2016-12-20 10:13:41 GMT <Dirk23> 1 first linked a existing rule to that folder an realised that now all my Documents in folder a are created as PDF in Folder B

2016-12-20 10:13:56 GMT <Dirk23> so i deleted that rule. Since that moment the other rules didnt work

2016-12-20 10:14:55 GMT <angelborroy> which are “the other rules”?

2016-12-20 10:16:16 GMT <Dirk23> "the other Rules" are "make a f...ing PDF from my docs."

2016-12-20 10:16:39 GMT <Dirk23> catalina.out says:

2016-12-20 10:16:40 GMT <Dirk23> 2016-12-20 11:16:22,924 ERROR [extensions.webscripts.AbstractRuntime] [http-apr-8080-exec-2] Exception from executeScript - redirecting to status template error: Server error (11203586). Details can be found in the server logs.

2016-12-20 10:17:09 GMT <angelborroy> Sorry, I don’t understand what your problem is

2016-12-20 10:18:48 GMT <Dirk23> ok, again: I linked a Ruleset from Folder B to Folder A. I realised that all my .docs in Folder A are now converted to PDF but copied to Folder B. So i removed that Ruleset and declared 2 new Rules wich do the same like the ruleset, except copiing the files to a wrong folder

2016-12-20 10:20:14 GMT <Dirk23> these two rules wont work now

2016-12-20 10:28:20 GMT <angelborroy> Dirk23 if you define this rule in any other location is it working fine?

2016-12-20 10:28:41 GMT <Dirk23> i did in other folders. But that was some time ago

2016-12-20 10:28:45 GMT <Dirk23> i can test

2016-12-20 10:31:33 GMT <Dirk23> nope, same error. But the old rule are working

2016-12-20 10:32:42 GMT <angelborroy> Dirk23 you are missing something

2016-12-20 10:32:58 GMT <angelborroy> Dirk23 a simple rule for transforming documents to PDF should work

2016-12-20 10:33:38 GMT <Dirk23> i did it the same way like the "old" rule wich works

2016-12-20 10:35:43 GMT <Dirk23> ok, maybe i really missed something.....

2016-12-20 10:37:39 GMT <angelborroy> Dirk23 from wich mimetype are you transforming?

2016-12-20 10:38:28 GMT <Dirk23> from .docx

2016-12-20 10:38:52 GMT <angelborroy> and preview for that file is working?

2016-12-20 10:38:57 GMT <Dirk23> maybe i missed to set the criterias

2016-12-20 10:39:16 GMT <Dirk23> nope. Its exactly the same

2016-12-20 10:39:36 GMT <angelborroy> so the problem is that your Alfresco cannot convert that DOCX to PDF

2016-12-20 10:39:44 GMT <angelborroy> it’s not related with that rule

2016-12-20 10:40:06 GMT <Dirk23> well it does quite well with the one rule

2016-12-20 10:40:46 GMT <angelborroy> the same document is converted with one rule but is not converted with another (exactly equal) rule?

2016-12-20 10:40:56 GMT <angelborroy> it can be, but I have ever seen that

2016-12-20 10:41:47 GMT <angelborroy> ever > never

2016-12-20 10:41:57 GMT <Dirk23> ^^ dont ever say never ever

2016-12-20 10:43:24 GMT <Dirk23> so why cant a .docx be converted to PDF?

2016-12-20 10:43:39 GMT <angelborroy> there are different factors

2016-12-20 10:43:48 GMT <angelborroy> a simple one is the size

2016-12-20 10:43:54 GMT <angelborroy> by default is limited to 768 Kb

2016-12-20 10:44:07 GMT <angelborroy> if the DOCX is greater, it won’t be converted

2016-12-20 10:44:37 GMT <angelborroy> another factor: if LibreOffice cannot understand propertly DOCX format

2016-12-20 10:45:04 GMT <angelborroy> a simple test is to load the DOCX in a local LibreOffice program and test “saving as PDF”

2016-12-20 10:45:04 GMT <Dirk23> k

2016-12-20 10:45:38 GMT <angelborroy> what ‘k’ means?

2016-12-20 10:45:39 GMT <Dirk23> strange that this one document (wich is docx) is converted properly to pdf!

2016-12-20 10:45:45 GMT <Dirk23> k = ok

2016-12-20 10:45:57 GMT <angelborroy> size?

2016-12-20 10:46:08 GMT <angelborroy> for that document?

2016-12-20 10:46:24 GMT <Dirk23> docx = 15kb

2016-12-20 10:46:31 GMT <angelborroy> it should work then

2016-12-20 10:47:01 GMT <Dirk23> the one rule wich doesnt work -> docx = 266kb

2016-12-20 10:47:58 GMT <Dirk23> ah, well.... there is a .vsd File in the same folder. So maybe i need to setup that ONLY docx will be converted?

2016-12-20 10:47:59 GMT <angelborroy> Dirk23 https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-6111-content-transformation-limits

2016-12-20 10:48:22 GMT <angelborroy> Dirk23 yes, definitively you need to filter allowed mimetypes

2016-12-20 10:49:28 GMT <Dirk23> mimetype Microsoft Word 2007 = docx?

2016-12-20 10:49:37 GMT <angelborroy> sure

2016-12-20 10:49:46 GMT <angelborroy> but you can also include raw DOC

2016-12-20 10:49:59 GMT <angelborroy> just to be sure that users are not working with old formats

2016-12-20 10:50:38 GMT <Dirk23> yes, no the rule works!! Thank you angelborroy

2016-12-20 10:50:50 GMT <Dirk23> no = now

2016-12-20 10:51:04 GMT <angelborroy> Dirk23 you are welcome, I’ve also learned some from this ;-)

2016-12-20 10:51:17 GMT <Dirk23> you did?

2016-12-20 10:53:02 GMT <angelborroy> sure, Alfresco is hidding “real” exception for transformation operations :D

2016-12-20 10:53:20 GMT <Dirk23> your welcome :D

2016-12-20 10:55:04 GMT <Dirk23> and why does the rule stopp at all and wont convert the Files that it can convert?

2016-12-20 10:56:17 GMT <angelborroy> “by design” :D

2016-12-20 10:56:41 GMT <angelborroy> if at least, it were transactional… but it is not

2016-12-20 10:56:49 GMT <angelborroy> the rule stops at first error

2016-12-20 10:57:09 GMT <angelborroy> you have a JavaScript callback to process that error, but no “resume” option is allowd

2016-12-20 11:17:27 GMT <iblanco> Hi everyone

2016-12-20 11:21:28 GMT <iblanco> In Alfresco 4.x when you wanted a Javascript based PDF viewer you would install Share extras mediaviewer, now with Alfresco 5.X that's not neccesary becasue PdfJs is already the default previewer for PDFs.

2016-12-20 11:22:09 GMT <iblanco> But back in the old times I can remember that it was possible to configure the PDF previewer not to use pdf.js based rendering but the embedded Adobe plugin.

2016-12-20 11:22:27 GMT <iblanco> Is it posible to do the same with Alfresco 5.0?

2016-12-20 11:22:34 GMT <iblanco> well, in fact 5.1

2016-12-20 11:23:41 GMT <angelborroy> iblanco PDF previewer is injected by Spring Surf

2016-12-20 11:23:46 GMT <iblanco> I think that I must use the "Embed" plugin

2016-12-20 11:24:02 GMT <angelborroy> iblanco so you can extend that page and it’s done

2016-12-20 11:24:04 GMT <iblanco> But not sure if it still part of Alfresco 5.1

2016-12-20 11:24:23 GMT <angelborroy> iblanco the “embed” plugin comes from share extras

2016-12-20 11:30:32 GMT <iblanco> Ummm, not sure if meedia viewers is Alfresco 5.X compatible

2016-12-20 11:41:40 GMT <lufana> hi, I have installed alfresco 5.2 to check the new feature of uploading folders to alfresco. but I am getting error The following cannot be uploaded because they are either folders or are zero bytes in size: "undefined". please help

2016-12-20 11:45:20 GMT <yreg> lufana: which browser are you on ?

2016-12-20 11:45:44 GMT <yreg> I heard that feature is only available in Chrome/Firefox ... latest versions

2016-12-20 11:46:20 GMT <lufana> chrome Version 54.0.2840.99 m

2016-12-20 11:53:10 GMT <lufana> yreg: I checked this https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/SHA-1822 but found no resolution

2016-12-20 12:24:20 GMT *** marsv024_ is now known as marsv024

2016-12-20 12:29:17 GMT <AFaust> lufana: Chrome 55 is working fine with folder upload for me

2016-12-20 12:29:50 GMT <AFaust> Same in Firefox 50.1.0 - but there the upload of multiple files no longer works (https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-21808)

2016-12-20 12:31:14 GMT <angelborroy> Chrome 55 for Mac is also working fine

2016-12-20 12:35:46 GMT <lufana> AFaust: thanks.. I will upgrade my chrome version and check.

2016-12-20 12:36:04 GMT <lufana> angelborroy: thanks for the info.

2016-12-20 13:08:35 GMT <qwebirc8502> Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen

2016-12-20 13:09:47 GMT *** marsv024_ is now known as marsv024

2016-12-20 13:10:04 GMT <qwebirc8502> is someone familiar with extension points? Meaning this: http://docs.alfresco.com/5.1/references/dev-extension-points-actions.html

2016-12-20 13:10:05 GMT <alfbot> Title: Actions | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2016-12-20 13:18:19 GMT <angelborroy> qwebirc8502 which is your question?

2016-12-20 13:19:36 GMT <qwebirc8502> angelborroy: I the bean to access the Java class inherits from parent="action-executer"

2016-12-20 13:19:56 GMT <angelborroy> right

2016-12-20 13:20:06 GMT <qwebirc8502> it looks like that only the serviceRegistry can be passed no other parameter

2016-12-20 13:20:16 GMT <angelborroy> not really

2016-12-20 13:20:32 GMT <angelborroy> you can include any property

2016-12-20 13:20:52 GMT <angelborroy> just declare it in your Java class and provide setter methods

2016-12-20 13:21:00 GMT <douglascrp> morning

2016-12-20 13:21:12 GMT <angelborroy> morning

2016-12-20 13:21:21 GMT <qwebirc8502> i thought... I have declared and injected as parameter

2016-12-20 13:21:26 GMT <angelborroy> qwebirc8502 your are extending from ActionExecuterAbstractBase

2016-12-20 13:21:33 GMT <angelborroy> but you can declare your own fields

2016-12-20 13:22:45 GMT <qwebirc8502> that's not working... that's why I'm confused and asking. Even if I provide an empty bean definition, without any params but have the serviceRegistry setter in the class, this setter is invoked.

2016-12-20 13:23:28 GMT <qwebirc8502> if I try to add my own parameter and have the setter, this setter is never invoked

2016-12-20 13:23:35 GMT <qwebirc8502> but the serviceRegistry setter is...

2016-12-20 13:24:20 GMT <qwebirc8502> <bean id="my.ext.id" class="com.mycompany.RuleInvokationActionExecuter" parent="action-executer"> <property name="testvalue" value="myCompany" /> </bean>

2016-12-20 13:25:36 GMT <qwebirc8502> If I've the setter for "testvalue" in my class, it is not invoked - but I've the serviceRegistry setter as well (but not the parameter in the bean) but this setter is invoked.

2016-12-20 13:26:15 GMT <angelborroy> You are missing something: that works

2016-12-20 13:26:21 GMT <qwebirc8502> Strange things, not my understanding of Spring but my question is, if maybe this extension point stuff very specific?

2016-12-20 13:27:02 GMT <angelborroy> it’s a common one

2016-12-20 13:27:06 GMT <angelborroy> every project has an action

2016-12-20 13:27:17 GMT <angelborroy> look here: https://github.com/jpotts/alfresco-developer-series/blob/master/actions/actions-tutorial-repo/src/main/java/com/someco/action/executer/MoveReplacedActionExecuter.java

2016-12-20 13:27:18 GMT <alfbot> Title: alfresco-developer-series/MoveReplacedActionExecuter.java at master · jpotts/alfresco-developer-series · GitHub (at github.com)

2016-12-20 13:27:42 GMT <angelborroy> and the Spring bean declaration:

2016-12-20 13:27:43 GMT <angelborroy> https://github.com/jpotts/alfresco-developer-series/blob/master/actions/actions-tutorial-repo/src/main/amp/config/alfresco/module/actions-tutorial-repo/context/service-context.xml

2016-12-20 13:27:44 GMT <alfbot> Title: alfresco-developer-series/service-context.xml at master · jpotts/alfresco-developer-series · GitHub (at github.com)

2016-12-20 13:31:08 GMT <douglascrp> qwebirc8502, are you sure you are changing the right xml file?

2016-12-20 13:32:20 GMT <qwebirc8502> I'm currently double check the things, even from the link above, but I assume so, because I always create a new AMP

2016-12-20 13:32:41 GMT <qwebirc8502> and other beans are working in the same file

2016-12-20 13:32:42 GMT <douglascrp> you said the serviceRegistry is being set correctly, right?

2016-12-20 13:32:44 GMT <Loftux> Still seeing the error (even with latest GA): Cause: org.hibernate.HibernateException: connnection proxy not usable after transaction completion

2016-12-20 13:33:12 GMT <Loftux> Only thing I've found on this is: https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-21341

2016-12-20 13:33:45 GMT <Loftux> It says that even afterCommit should be wrapped in a transaction

2016-12-20 13:34:53 GMT <qwebirc8502> Loftux: where did you get this error? I'm on DEGUG level for packages

2016-12-20 13:35:26 GMT <Loftux> I see this a lot related to thumbnails/previews not updating, so a suspect is the afterCommit in https://svn.alfresco.com/repos/alfresco-open-mirror/alfresco/HEAD/root/projects/repository/source/java/org/alfresco/repo/thumbnail/ThumbnailServiceImpl.java

2016-12-20 13:36:19 GMT <Loftux> qwebirc8502: It happens in many different transactionsm here is one example

2016-12-20 13:36:20 GMT <Loftux> 2016-12-20 14:25:19,810 ERROR [repo.action.AsynchronousActionExecutionQueueImpl] [defaultAsyncAction3] Failed to execute asynchronous action: Action[ id=11c49c2b-52b3-41c4-b288-e5d3

2016-12-20 13:36:20 GMT <Loftux> 6dfcf282, node=null ]

2016-12-20 13:36:20 GMT <Loftux> java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to update the tag scopes.

2016-12-20 13:37:49 GMT <AFaust> Loftux: That is the same error you had when you mentioned it in relation to the ootbee-support-tools, right?

2016-12-20 13:37:57 GMT <Loftux> Yes

2016-12-20 13:38:26 GMT <AFaust> So looks like it may not be directly related to it, but with something in Alfresco core in general...

2016-12-20 13:39:48 GMT <AFaust> That afterCommit seems to be quite new

2016-12-20 13:40:16 GMT <Loftux> It is, and for what I can see not wrapped in a transaction?

2016-12-20 13:41:11 GMT <AFaust> As long as it is using a public service it does not have to be

2016-12-20 13:41:24 GMT <AFaust> But if the nodeService is a private service bean then that might cause problems

2016-12-20 13:42:51 GMT <qwebirc8502> Ok, guys, found the issue. Wrong file.......... hope the holiday season is coming soon! I'm sorry :-/ I changed the wrong xml, I've copied anything from context\webscript-context.xml to module-context.xml, removed the reference within the module-context to the webscript-context BUT did not delete it! Now I was changing the bean in the webscript-context.xml and get confused.

2016-12-20 14:03:49 GMT <AFaust> fcorti: argh - since when did this "Early Access Program" space exist in community.alfresco.com?

2016-12-20 14:06:06 GMT <Loftux> ~HtmlLogger flushlog

2016-12-20 14:06:06 GMT <alfbot> Loftux: Woooosh, your log has been flushed...

2016-12-20 14:06:25 GMT <AFaust> And how can one navigate to it without having a direct link? There is no link in the navigation, I can't see it in the overview or anywhere else

2016-12-20 14:07:12 GMT <AFaust> ... if you are already in the Alfresco ECM space (where I expect EVERYTHING relating to the ECM product to be located in) and search for SOLR 6 you don't find these pages...

2016-12-20 14:11:43 GMT <fcorti> AFaust this space is not public

2016-12-20 14:12:06 GMT <fcorti> we linked your post because useful and good in terms of content

2016-12-20 14:12:09 GMT <fcorti> thank you for it

2016-12-20 14:12:51 GMT * AFaust is not usually outing anyone's secrets. But someday has to be the first time...

2016-12-20 14:13:25 GMT <fcorti> AFaust no secrets...

2016-12-20 14:13:42 GMT <AFaust> ok, "private details" then...

2016-12-20 14:14:08 GMT <AFaust> In security, just acknowledging / divulging something is there that others are not aware of is considered a "breach"

2016-12-20 14:15:42 GMT <AFaust> I still have to get used to not being a partner anymore and thus not being aware of such partner-only places...

2016-12-20 14:15:54 GMT <fcorti> There is no "breach" because there are no "secrets"... the content there is in preview, waiting to become public with a GA release of Alfresco One (it will happen on February)

2016-12-20 14:16:04 GMT <fcorti> Like we do for the documentation... we are currently working on

2016-12-20 14:16:09 GMT <fcorti> Thant's all

2016-12-20 14:38:33 GMT <AFaust> fcorti: It seems the platform / distribution POM is messed up again for the 5.2.d / 201612 GA release

2016-12-20 14:40:22 GMT <AFaust> While most dependency resolutions work fine, the share classes JAR is referenced with an unresolveable version

2016-12-20 14:40:28 GMT <fcorti> do you have further detail the error? I can inform Samuel about it

2016-12-20 14:41:02 GMT <AFaust> I will check the file directly in a few seconds

2016-12-20 14:42:13 GMT <AFaust> ok - looks like everything about Share is referenced with the wrong version

2016-12-20 14:42:36 GMT <fcorti> AFaust... talking with Ole and Samuel

2016-12-20 14:42:45 GMT <AFaust> Seems like slanglois et al still have not figured out how to provide a consistent distribution POM since the decoupling of Repo and Shar

2016-12-20 15:02:46 GMT *** _praisethemoon_ is now known as praisethemoon

2016-12-20 15:11:42 GMT <fcorti> AFaust: slanglois is looking into the maven issue... and Gethin is looking at the Search Services source code... it's Christmas time!

2016-12-20 15:12:35 GMT <AFaust> now, now, it is called "Holiday Season"...

2016-12-20 15:12:43 GMT <AFaust> You have to respect us regular Grinches

2016-12-20 15:14:09 GMT <fcorti> AFaust... ouch, lol

2016-12-20 15:14:12 GMT <fcorti> :-)

2016-12-20 15:26:34 GMT <angelborroy> Thanks (again) AFaust!

2016-12-20 15:28:02 GMT <AFaust> I love how those kinds of notifications are always in the locale of the user

2016-12-20 15:28:58 GMT <AFaust> Via your notifications I always am forced to learn a bit of Spanish

2016-12-20 15:29:12 GMT <angelborroy> hehe

2016-12-20 15:29:38 GMT <angelborroy> I’ve written my message in English, but I suppose the rest of the composition is sent in original language

2016-12-20 16:05:07 GMT <slanglois> AFaust: can you please record a JIRA issue so we fix the alfresco-platform-distribution ?

2016-12-20 16:05:31 GMT <slanglois> This pom has been wrong for a while, but it's the first time someone mentions it, AFAIK...

2016-12-20 16:06:51 GMT <slanglois> I'm not a big fan of this POM file, anyway... I don't see the point. And it's just duplicated information, so it will always be wrong or incomplete.

2016-12-20 16:08:08 GMT <slanglois> Anyway. My fix here would be to simply remove any reference to Share artifacts. They don't belong here.

2016-12-20 16:08:48 GMT <AFaust> Done: https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-21810

2016-12-20 16:09:16 GMT <AFaust> Well - you need something to feed all the SDK users.

2016-12-20 16:09:41 GMT <AFaust> Fortunately, I don't use it and can simply import a second distibution POM for Share-only in my own parent POMs

2016-12-20 16:11:41 GMT <AFaust> Myself, I am not a fan of some of the project POMs which don't properly use / provide properties to fix down a version, e.g. I had a couple of issues in 5.1.g / 201605 GA with transitive dependencies to spring-surf

2016-12-20 16:29:25 GMT <slanglois> Thanks AFaust.

2016-12-20 16:30:22 GMT <slanglois> My advice would be to not use it indeed, and import (as in: <scope>import</scope>) the parent poms of Platform and of Share that you want. This should fix the version for most dependencies.

2016-12-20 18:57:27 GMT <c|ient> Hi

2016-12-20 18:57:35 GMT <c|ient> Can someone explain to me what a nodeRef is ?

2016-12-20 18:57:55 GMT <c|ient> is it the hex value alone, or the complete path like workspace://SpacesStore/<hex-value>

2016-12-20 19:04:07 GMT <yreg> c|ient, the complete path

2016-12-20 19:04:34 GMT <yreg> hex hash is uuid part of the noderef

2016-12-20 19:06:31 GMT <c|ient> so when a method is expecting a nodeRef, i should always pass the full path?

2016-12-20 19:06:54 GMT <c|ient> because i create a folder, get that as a noderef, then i create a file in it, and i get a noderef for that file

2016-12-20 19:07:07 GMT <c|ient> but when i search for the file in the nodebrowser, i dont find it

2016-12-20 19:07:36 GMT <c|ient> and when i browser to that folder, it's empty

2016-12-20 19:16:34 GMT <yreg> are coding server side js ?

2016-12-20 19:34:28 GMT <c|ient> yes

2016-12-20 22:37:36 GMT <yreg> c|ient, it depends on which helper/method are you calling, you might need an string representation of a noderef, a real noderef object or even a script node...

2016-12-20 22:39:12 GMT <yreg> event the official docs are not always 100% clear on that and you may probably try and and fix (maybe use jconsole for that)

2016-12-20 22:40:30 GMT <yreg> or check out the code from https://github.com/Alfresco/community-edition for the helper method/script service you are trying to use

2016-12-20 22:40:31 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - Alfresco/community-edition: Mirror of Alfresco Community Edition (see https://wiki.alfresco.com/wiki/GitHub) (at github.com)

2016-12-20 22:49:00 GMT <yreg> I know this is not perfect, and I've not been around enough to know why things are made this way, but it is probably this way because developers must have worked on the same features somewhere in early stages of the project, and everyone ended up using his own implementation before becoming aware of the **duplicate** fragments/feature and realizing it is too late to merge/unify obviously for legacy/backward compatibility reasons

2016-12-20 22:49:26 GMT <yreg> but don't take my words for a fact, it is just speculations/assumptions

2016-12-20 23:50:29 GMT <ignacio66> Hello Everyone

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