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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-01-10 07:14:24 GMT <alfbot> fcorti: Sent 8 hours and 20 minutes ago: <resplin> I resurrected alfbot

2017-01-10 07:14:53 GMT <fcorti> Thank you resplin... alfbot is alive again!

2017-01-10 08:23:01 GMT <Zayne> hi there does anyone have a link for upgrade from community edition 201605 to 201612

2017-01-10 08:26:52 GMT <angelborroy> Zayne we’re going to migrate our first one in a week or two

2017-01-10 08:27:16 GMT <angelborroy> I haven’t tried yet, but traditional process should work

2017-01-10 08:27:17 GMT <Zayne> menaing? Sorry not sure what you mean

2017-01-10 08:27:31 GMT <Zayne> do you have a tutorial for that

2017-01-10 08:27:37 GMT <angelborroy> http://www.keensoft.es/en/our-road-from-alfresco-ce-5-0-c-to-alfresco-ce-5-1-g/

2017-01-10 08:27:38 GMT <alfbot> Title: Our road from Alfresco CE 5.0.c to Alfresco CE 5.1.g - keensoft (at www.keensoft.es)

2017-01-10 08:27:42 GMT <Zayne> thanx allot

2017-01-10 08:59:06 GMT *** fragtion is now known as CyberDems

2017-01-10 09:21:50 GMT <joyson> Hi guys

2017-01-10 09:22:46 GMT <joyson> Is there any way that we can pre create models that will appear in model manager ??

2017-01-10 09:28:11 GMT <Krutik> @joyson:good question.....

2017-01-10 09:31:12 GMT <angelborroy> joyson maybe you can import your models into CMM service

2017-01-10 09:34:27 GMT <joyson> @angelborroy how do I do that ?

2017-01-10 09:34:51 GMT <angelborroy> joyson I’m inside an VPN without Internet or a 5.1 Alfresco

2017-01-10 09:35:16 GMT <Krutik> @angelborroy, using https://github.com/Alfresco/share/blob/master/share/src/main/resources/alfresco/site-webscripts/org/alfresco/cmm/components/cmm-service.post.desc.xml webscript?

2017-01-10 09:35:17 GMT <alfbot> Title: share/cmm-service.post.desc.xml at master · Alfresco/share · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-01-10 09:35:30 GMT <angelborroy> joyson but CMM is a new service and maybe the rest API may expose some “import” service

2017-01-10 09:38:25 GMT <joyson> alright let me check,, thanks

2017-01-10 09:40:37 GMT <angelborroy> joyson I’m online again

2017-01-10 09:40:52 GMT <angelborroy> joyson yes, POST /alfresco/s/api/cmm/upload

2017-01-10 09:40:53 GMT <angelborroy> should do the trick

2017-01-10 09:41:30 GMT <joyson> thanks man :) i'll try it out

2017-01-10 09:42:03 GMT <angelborroy> or maybe you can develop some bootstrap code by using https://github.com/Alfresco/community-edition/blob/master/projects/remote-api/source/java/org/alfresco/repo/web/scripts/custommodel/CustomModelUploadPost.java

2017-01-10 09:42:04 GMT <alfbot> Title: community-edition/CustomModelUploadPost.java at master · Alfresco/community-edition · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-01-10 09:42:27 GMT <angelborroy> or even using directly CustomModelService

2017-01-10 09:43:04 GMT <angelborroy> look: https://svn.alfresco.com/repos/alfresco-open-mirror/alfresco/COMMUNITYTAGS/5.1.c/root/projects/remote-api/source/test-java/org/alfresco/rest/api/tests/BaseCustomModelApiTest.java

2017-01-10 09:43:25 GMT <angelborroy> joyson this is a test using the service to register new models

2017-01-10 10:43:30 GMT <yreg> ~later tell alfbot I missed you !

2017-01-10 10:43:30 GMT <alfbot> yreg: Error: I can't send notes to myself.

2017-01-10 10:44:02 GMT <yreg> ~later tell AFaust ping me when you are around :)

2017-01-10 10:44:03 GMT <alfbot> yreg: The operation succeeded.

2017-01-10 10:48:23 GMT <resplin> ~later tell jpotts I think you asked me about a create-link extension to Share. It appears that we have finally added it to Share in 5.2 (should be in the December release). Though Formtek has an extension with more features.

2017-01-10 10:48:23 GMT <alfbot> resplin: The operation succeeded.

2017-01-10 10:48:46 GMT <resplin> ~later tell jpotts I haven't actually checked, but it came up in a discussion.

2017-01-10 10:48:46 GMT <alfbot> resplin: The operation succeeded.

2017-01-10 11:00:28 GMT <alfbot> AFaust: Sent 16 minutes ago: <yreg> ping me when you are around :)

2017-01-10 11:00:53 GMT <AFaust> ~tell yreg ping

2017-01-10 11:00:53 GMT <alfbot> AFaust: The operation succeeded.

2017-01-10 11:10:17 GMT <douglascrp> morning guys

2017-01-10 11:10:23 GMT <douglascrp> angelborroy, hey man

2017-01-10 11:19:50 GMT <angelborroy> morning douglascrp

2017-01-10 11:20:13 GMT <douglascrp> I thought about that integration with google drive

2017-01-10 11:21:01 GMT <douglascrp> I believe the api will deal with the authentication, like, if not logged in, it can show the google's login screen

2017-01-10 11:21:18 GMT <angelborroy> I think the same

2017-01-10 11:21:52 GMT <douglascrp> so, maybe creating one more step in the upload action, instead of opening the select file popup, show one more div with the list of docs in google drive, AND a button to open the popup

2017-01-10 11:27:15 GMT <angelborroy> douglascrp IMO a new completely different action should be created

2017-01-10 11:27:34 GMT <douglascrp> yes, can be

2017-01-10 11:27:53 GMT <douglascrp> maybe a new action in the toolbar, next to the existing one

2017-01-10 11:28:07 GMT <angelborroy> right

2017-01-10 11:28:15 GMT <angelborroy> “Upload from GDocs"

2017-01-10 11:31:08 GMT <douglascrp> Drive

2017-01-10 11:31:13 GMT <douglascrp> GDocs are the editors

2017-01-10 11:31:27 GMT <douglascrp> Edit on Google Docs

2017-01-10 11:31:30 GMT <douglascrp> Upload from Google Drive

2017-01-10 11:32:39 GMT <douglascrp> brb

2017-01-10 12:18:19 GMT <DarkStar1> Hi everyone

2017-01-10 14:16:31 GMT <IanW1> Discovered that the activity feed (sort of) bypasses the person service when returning person details

2017-01-10 14:16:59 GMT <IanW1> Feels wrong...

2017-01-10 17:46:25 GMT <Murali> I m trying to setup Alfresco 2 Node cluster with NAT, ELB, RDS(Mysql DB) in AWS using community edition.

2017-01-10 17:46:56 GMT <Murali> is alfresco comm.edition supports clustering

2017-01-10 17:48:39 GMT <jtorresc> Hola. Tengo un problema en Alfresco Community que desconozco porqué se produce y como solucionarlo.

2017-01-10 17:48:49 GMT <jtorresc> Alguien podría ayudarme?

2017-01-10 17:55:14 GMT <eswbitto> Would I mess things up royally if I allow more than the alfresco user to have access to the "alfresco" database in postgres?

2017-01-10 18:13:53 GMT <AFaust> eswbitto: Depends on the user...

2017-01-10 18:14:08 GMT <AFaust> ... and the privileges you grant

2017-01-10 18:17:54 GMT <eswbitto> AFaust I'm getting this in the postgres logs FATAL: password authentication failed for user "root" DETAIL: Connection matched pg_hba.conf line 88: "host all all ::1/128 md5"

2017-01-10 18:18:06 GMT <eswbitto> so I thought I would just create a root user with login privleges

2017-01-10 18:18:18 GMT <eswbitto> but that doesn't seem to be working either

2017-01-10 19:33:37 GMT <digcat> hi yreg i dont remember specific issues with tapa after restart, although it might have changed since i used it last, but i notice there is some movement toward pentaho 7 which is good, https://github.com/marpontes/tapa/issues

2017-01-10 19:33:38 GMT <alfbot> Title: Issues · marpontes/tapa · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-01-10 19:34:53 GMT <digcat> actually reading that issue, maybe not for pentaho 7 yet

2017-01-10 20:24:22 GMT <digcat> ~later tell yreg was going to try and get some time to refactor that aaar docker to handle pentaho 7, happy to collaborate if your interested

2017-01-10 20:24:22 GMT <alfbot> digcat: The operation succeeded.

2017-01-10 20:28:25 GMT <eswbitto> AFaust So I ended up creating a "root" user in postgres with the same password as my postgres user. Seemed to fix my backup issue.

2017-01-10 21:03:35 GMT *** novem_it is now known as tass01024

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