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2017-01-12 05:56:31 GMT <Zayne> hi all, is there anyone that can help me with this error, when i log into my admin account i get a error that says Internal server error. When i close it i can proceed as normal. catalina.out gives me an API error: http://pastebin.com/yed1ysFD

2017-01-12 05:56:32 GMT <alfbot> Title: API Exception - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-01-12 05:57:22 GMT <Zayne> ERROR [pdfbox.filter.FlateFilter] [http-bio-8443-exec-19] FlateFilter: stop reading corrupt stream due to a DataFormatException

2017-01-12 06:20:59 GMT <Krutik> hey gus

2017-01-12 06:21:02 GMT <Krutik> hey guys

2017-01-12 07:38:03 GMT <alfbot> fcorti: Sent 9 hours and 58 minutes ago: <AFaust> Seriously, the Search team needs to understand that it is not ok to require setting HTTP header size limits to absurdly high values just because they can't figure out that arbitrary amounts of data are better send via POST request bodies. I recently filed https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-21804 for SOLR 4 and now saw https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/SEARCH-164?focusedCommentId=479278&page=com.a

2017-01-12 07:38:04 GMT <alfbot> fcorti: Sent 9 hours and 57 minutes ago: <AFaust> The irony is that the affected requests are - as far as I am aware - already sent / distributed via POST so it would be trivial to just include the additional data in the body.

2017-01-12 07:46:16 GMT <fcorti> Good morning AFaust

2017-01-12 07:46:47 GMT <fcorti> Can hear you loud and clear

2017-01-12 07:47:25 GMT <fcorti> I sent your comments to the search team + Harry peek

2017-01-12 08:00:51 GMT <twen> bonjour

2017-01-12 08:03:38 GMT <fcorti> buongiorno

2017-01-12 08:12:04 GMT <Loftux> Seing this error in 5.2.d for highlighting:

2017-01-12 08:12:06 GMT <Loftux> search.lib.js: Skipping node due to exception when processing query result: TypeError: Cannot set property "highlighting" of null to "{cm:name=[flytta_fil_mapp_4.png]}"

2017-01-12 08:12:24 GMT <Loftux> Typically for png files.

2017-01-12 08:13:51 GMT <Loftux> This mean that there is is hit in search, but gets excluded because of highlight error. Not what you want…

2017-01-12 08:24:49 GMT <hi-ko> Hi guys, yesterday douglascrp_ asked for kerberos support in alfresco 5.0.x. We realized that the fall back in share is broken for external users. Does anybody know a solution for CE (5.0.f)?

2017-01-12 08:35:03 GMT <yreg> Morning

2017-01-12 08:35:03 GMT <alfbot> yreg: Sent 11 hours and 19 minutes ago: <digcat> fcorti great stuff! we should get issues raised on features wished for, then we can get cracking

2017-01-12 08:35:27 GMT <yreg> hey digcat did you see my message from yesterday ?

2017-01-12 08:56:00 GMT <hi-ko> yreg: 1 year ago we implemented a sync client in pure java using event/push concepts similar to dropbox but stopped after spending several months development since we didn't find a sponsor for finish this as a robust product for hundreds of concurrent users. Most companies expect proven solutions not projects. Do you see sponsors for this approach? This may allow us to put this work to open...

2017-01-12 08:56:02 GMT <hi-ko> ...source and then continue ...

2017-01-12 08:59:37 GMT <hi-ko> yreg: What I'm missing in alfresco is a generic queuing concept. There are lots of independant parts which does not fit together: reporting, sync, transformer/MAM, everything creates a separate thing ...

2017-01-12 09:02:04 GMT <hi-ko> yreg: Implementing a robust event system for data publish and subscribe not done in a few days and needs to be very close to the alfresco kernel. I don't see anybody except other companies willing to spend several month in doing that.

2017-01-12 09:17:55 GMT <yreg> hi-ko, my question from yesterday was out of pure curiosity, but I will keep in mind what you suggested, just in case some opportunity pops out !

2017-01-12 09:50:29 GMT <hi-ko> yreg: Cool. A german satirist said: it is more likely that a plan gets realized if you let others know ;-)

2017-01-12 09:52:39 GMT <hi-ko> Anyone seen my previous question concerting kerberos & CE 5.0.f?

2017-01-12 09:57:51 GMT <mrks_js> hi-ko: this one: (09:24:49) hi-ko: Hi guys, yesterday douglascrp_ asked for kerberos support in alfresco 5.0.x. We realized that the fall back in share is broken for external users. Does anybody know a solution for CE (5.0.f)?

2017-01-12 10:00:08 GMT <hi-ko> mrks_js: yes

2017-01-12 10:01:48 GMT <mrks_js> hi-ko: i dont fully understand the issue but maybe ian wright knows something. IanW1

2017-01-12 10:05:45 GMT <Vasquez1> hi guys, i have a task to analyze production logs, so i dont have access to that machine, and i have stumbled upon some errors and logs

2017-01-12 10:05:47 GMT <IanW1> I do CAS SSO not kerberos - what I can tell you is that for CAS the working CE versions are up to and including 5.0.c and 5.1.g - that's it without patching...

2017-01-12 10:06:50 GMT <IanW1> I have some hope the next 5.2 version will work again

2017-01-12 10:06:52 GMT <angelborroy> hi-ko 5.0.f exists as version?

2017-01-12 10:07:16 GMT <angelborroy> hi-ko we are working with Kerberos SSO in 5.1.g (patched) and 5.0.d (also patched)

2017-01-12 10:08:41 GMT <angelborroy> hi-ko something that has changed from previous versions is https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-21757

2017-01-12 10:08:53 GMT <angelborroy> hi-ko they say it’s not an issue, but IMO is a real issue

2017-01-12 10:09:09 GMT <angelborroy> hi-ko a workaround is required to be applied to EVERY installation

2017-01-12 10:09:35 GMT <IanW1> Note that you have to have both platform and share at 5.1.g

2017-01-12 10:10:38 GMT <IanW1> I've been meaning to put together a question regarding endpoints and SSO for a while now...

2017-01-12 10:11:17 GMT <hi-ko> 201605 is 5.0.f (at least from the jars)

2017-01-12 10:11:33 GMT <angelborroy> hi-ko 5.1.f

2017-01-12 10:11:43 GMT <angelborroy> that was confusing me

2017-01-12 10:12:25 GMT <hi-ko> sorry - i dont like the date naming scheme

2017-01-12 10:18:01 GMT <hi-ko> angelborroy, I understand the work around and don't agree with Kevin that this is a solution. Anyway: for my understanding this work around does not allow fall back on form login in share if a user is not authenticated with kerberos, right?

2017-01-12 10:18:30 GMT <Loftux> I'm seeing this issue with feed notifications https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ACE-4028. Do you think it is best to open a new issue or comment on the existing?

2017-01-12 10:19:03 GMT <angelborroy> hi-ko the real problem is that applications (CMIS programs and so) are only allowed to login by using Kerberos protocol

2017-01-12 10:19:16 GMT <angelborroy> hi-ko which in many cases is not possible

2017-01-12 10:20:28 GMT <hi-ko> That's what I mean. As long Alfresco doesn't suppot fall back on the auth chain forcing kerberos is no solution.

2017-01-12 10:21:49 GMT <hi-ko> allowing basic auth would solve CMIS or feed issues but not the fall back requirement to login form in share

2017-01-12 10:22:36 GMT <angelborroy> hi-ko fallback for login form in share afaik is working for 5.1.f

2017-01-12 10:23:00 GMT <hi-ko> angelborroy: but not in 5.0, right?

2017-01-12 10:23:24 GMT <angelborroy> there was an issue with that

2017-01-12 10:23:26 GMT <angelborroy> I’m searching

2017-01-12 10:25:45 GMT <angelborroy> hi-ko this one https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/MNT-15899

2017-01-12 10:27:33 GMT <Vasquez1> Could these warnings:

2017-01-12 10:27:34 GMT <Vasquez1> WARN [org.alfresco.userToAuthorityTransactionalCache] [LocalFeedGenerator1] Transactional update cache 'org.alfresco.userToAuthorityTransactionalCache' is full (100).

2017-01-12 10:27:34 GMT <Vasquez1> WARN [org.alfresco.personTransactionalCache] [LocalFeedGenerator1] Transactional update cache 'org.alfresco.personTransactionalCache' is full (1000).

2017-01-12 10:28:02 GMT <Vasquez1> cause errorsl like this?

2017-01-12 10:28:02 GMT <Vasquez1> GRAVE: Servlet.service() for servlet [wcapiServlet] in context with path [/alfresco] threw exception

2017-01-12 10:28:02 GMT <Vasquez1> java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot create a session after the response has been committed

2017-01-12 10:28:24 GMT <hi-ko> angelborroy: this may be the issue. I will check on a system with kerberos sso activated. do you already have implemented a patch?

2017-01-12 10:28:29 GMT <angelborroy> Vasquez1 The first one means that there are many and very large transactions

2017-01-12 10:29:04 GMT <angelborroy> hi-ko https://github.com/angelborroy/mnt-15899-share

2017-01-12 10:29:05 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - angelborroy/mnt-15899-share (at github.com)

2017-01-12 10:30:02 GMT <iblanco> Hi everyone

2017-01-12 10:30:52 GMT <iblanco> I have to do a new Admin Tool in Share. I know that I have to create a webscript in the admin-console family in order for it to appear there, no problem with that.

2017-01-12 10:31:00 GMT <Vasquez1> ok but can that cause further errors, i saw that this cache size could be extended with global properties config

2017-01-12 10:31:29 GMT <hi-ko> angelborroy: Great - thanks man! I will check your implementation and we should put it into the https://github.com/ecm4u/ecm4u-alfresco-bugpatches

2017-01-12 10:31:30 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - ecm4u/ecm4u-alfresco-bugpatches: This module contains a collection of bug fixes for Alfresco, both the repository and Share. (at github.com)

2017-01-12 10:32:02 GMT <iblanco> But I'm trying to define an Aikau model for it and it doesn't seem to work. Is it posible to create Admin tool pages with Aikau or do I have to do it "old-school" ?

2017-01-12 10:35:44 GMT <angelborroy> hi-ko it’s just a simple filter comment at web.xml

2017-01-12 10:39:52 GMT <hi-ko> angelborroy, loftux: I agree but this raises the discussion (again): patches vs. fork. We have our own big patch module for every major version (not the one on github) wich is a lot work. I think loftux took the easier route by fixing on the fork.

2017-01-12 10:39:53 GMT <angelborroy> iblanco I don’t know the answer, but maybe this can help https://github.com/OrderOfTheBee/ootbee-support-tools/tree/master/share

2017-01-12 10:39:54 GMT <alfbot> Title: ootbee-support-tools/share at master · OrderOfTheBee/ootbee-support-tools · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-01-12 10:42:03 GMT <hi-ko> Loftux: would you prefer to invite our team to your project or should we fork your project and do pull requests?

2017-01-12 10:44:33 GMT <Loftux> hi-ko: Are you talking about or custom Alfresco builds?

2017-01-12 10:45:30 GMT <hi-ko> Loftux: yes - I would rephrase: patched/optimized community build ;-)

2017-01-12 10:48:18 GMT <hi-ko> I'm sure we have very similar requirements, customers, skills and may delegate our workforce

2017-01-12 10:50:31 GMT <iblanco> angelborroy thanks for the pointer I'll check it

2017-01-12 10:52:35 GMT <Loftux> hi-ko: Im all for making this a shared effort. How we go about this is something I have to look into. Right now it is quite easy to handle since we just put what we feel is right in there. But if shared we have to find a more standardised procedure for this.

2017-01-12 10:54:57 GMT <hi-ko> Loftux: I'd prefer a shared ticket system. In github I miss a version/release planning support but this could be achieved by some conventions

2017-01-12 10:55:35 GMT <Loftux> I've spent about 2 weeks of work hunting down the Hibernate errors in 5.2.d. Think I have it resolved now. So it is a lot of work trying to get a stable version. GA releases still have issues.

2017-01-12 10:57:20 GMT <hi-ko> Loftux: We didn't start with migration our patch module(s) to 5.1 and this may a very perfect point of time to switch ...

2017-01-12 11:06:07 GMT <IanW1> I think the plan is to have multiple GA versions i.e. my understanding is that GA means feature complete and that there will be subsequent GA bug fix releases

2017-01-12 11:09:31 GMT <hi-ko> IanW1: Is your comment concerning the version confusion?

2017-01-12 11:10:41 GMT <IanW1> hi-ko my comment was in response to Loftux "GA releases still have issues"

2017-01-12 11:12:00 GMT <IanW1> I do agree that versions are confusing and it's hard to know when CE has reached a stable(ish) state

2017-01-12 11:14:15 GMT <hi-ko> IanW1, Loftux: For my personal point of view it is much to early to start with 5.2 in production. We will focus on 5.1 and that's the reason why we will need branches for the major verions to be fixed if the issue is version specific.

2017-01-12 11:14:32 GMT <IanW1> I'm just looking at doing at release with platform 5.1.g from 201605-GA and share 5.1.g from 201606-EA (might have got those dates wrong...)

2017-01-12 11:15:27 GMT <IanW1> hi-ko Agree far too early for 5.2 in production but worth testing if possible to try and get bug fixes into this cycle

2017-01-12 11:16:02 GMT <hi-ko> IanW1: Sure - and we need to understand the issues as early as possible ...

2017-01-12 11:16:14 GMT <IanW1> I wrote a blog post... - http://tech.wrighting.org/2016/06/upgrade-time/

2017-01-12 11:16:15 GMT <alfbot> Title: Upgrade time? – Thoughts about technical things (at tech.wrighting.org)

2017-01-12 11:20:16 GMT <Loftux> I've commented before that I don't think the EA/GA means much in terms of stability. It only makes you not use any EA and from Alfrescos perspective they lose a lot of testing.

2017-01-12 11:21:00 GMT <hi-ko> IanW1: Nice wri(g)tup! Let's put it together to a more mature CE based on 201605

2017-01-12 11:22:17 GMT <Loftux> Now when should one start to use 5.2 GA then? just waiting doesn't change the code a bit. Anything new on top of that will just be more code changes, some fixes, some new features.

2017-01-12 11:23:00 GMT <Loftux> Wait until you see any reported issues on latest release? But if we all start waiting?

2017-01-12 11:28:14 GMT <hi-ko> Loftux: There is no easy answer. I would say depending on the identified pitfalls. I don't say not using in implementation or testing but many of the pitfalls need to be fixed before EE release anyway. So in worst case we can wait until the last CE bugfix version before the next release if the fix is too complex. None of our customers expect the new Alfresco CE version when it comes around...

2017-01-12 11:28:15 GMT <hi-ko> ...the corner like 5.2. We install it, yes, Test it, yes

2017-01-12 11:29:18 GMT <IanW1> Loftux - my best guess is when the next EA comes out

2017-01-12 11:30:07 GMT <IanW1> but then I'm going to be using share 5.1.g from an EA (because I need a fix in it) so it's only a rule of thumb

2017-01-12 11:30:20 GMT <hi-ko> Loftux: What is the killer feature to use 5.2 at the moment?

2017-01-12 11:30:37 GMT <Vasquez1> i am sorry to troll with errors from log but google is not of much help

2017-01-12 11:30:40 GMT <Vasquez1> http://pastebin.com/6NJqc500

2017-01-12 11:30:41 GMT <alfbot> Title: [Apache Log] GRAVE: Servlet.service() for servlet [wcapiServlet] in context with path [/alfre - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-01-12 11:32:01 GMT <iblanco> angelborroy, thanks a lot this sample lead me to the correct path: https://github.com/OrderOfTheBee/ootbee-support-tools/blob/master/share/src/main/amp/config/alfresco/site-webscripts/org/orderofthebee/support-tools/console/support-tools/log4j-settings.get.html.ftl

2017-01-12 11:32:02 GMT <alfbot> Title: ootbee-support-tools/log4j-settings.get.html.ftl at master · OrderOfTheBee/ootbee-support-tools · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-01-12 11:32:08 GMT <hi-ko> Vasquez1: looks like you hit some limits (tomcat, OS, ..)

2017-01-12 11:32:25 GMT <angelborroy> iblanco you’re welcome, AFaust can give you further details

2017-01-12 11:32:37 GMT <Vasquez1> could it be connected to the earlier mentioned full cache?

2017-01-12 11:33:15 GMT <hi-ko> maybe the ticket cache?

2017-01-12 11:34:05 GMT <IanW1> Loftux depends on what you mean by use - use as in have in production or use as in test

2017-01-12 11:34:12 GMT <hi-ko> Vasquez1: Is this system under hight load with one shot requests (not reusing the session)?

2017-01-12 11:34:57 GMT <Vasquez1> i have very low level of knowledge about the environment on which alfresco runs

2017-01-12 11:35:01 GMT <AFaust> iblanco, angelborroy: I was just catching up on the discussion around Kerberos, patching and intermittent other topics...

2017-01-12 11:35:25 GMT <Vasquez1> its a customers machine and I am only just "stupid" developer

2017-01-12 11:35:57 GMT <hi-ko> IanW1, Loftux: that's the reason I'd vote for version branches to support backports. I don't want to get 3 new issues to fix 1 issue ...

2017-01-12 11:35:57 GMT <iblanco> AFaust: Its okey, i think I'm on my way right now, I just was adding processJsonModel directive out of the markup section, now it seems to work as i expected.

2017-01-12 11:35:59 GMT <AFaust> iblanco: There is apparently another path at providing Admin Tools with Aikau using a full page web script.

2017-01-12 11:36:13 GMT <Loftux> hi-ko: No killer features… But some nice to have like Dnd folder upload or search hit highlighting

2017-01-12 11:36:35 GMT <AFaust> There may be issues when using my approach from ootbee-support-tools due to potential duplication of dependencies / services

2017-01-12 11:37:00 GMT <AFaust> Loftux: DnD folder upload introduces issues with some browsers that would make me not recommend that

2017-01-12 11:38:38 GMT <Loftux> IanW1: No matter how well you try to mirror production, test is not going to be the same. Very hard to simulate for example the load over a day.

2017-01-12 11:38:53 GMT <iblanco> AFaust: The other approach does not have issues with service duplications? Could you give me some pointer for the other approach?

2017-01-12 11:38:56 GMT <hi-ko> Loftux: as you say: nice to have ;-) - maybe in some cases a solution would be to use newer share apps and to keep the repo

2017-01-12 11:40:25 GMT <Loftux> Note that I'm not trying to make a case that one should always use latest, just that is hard to know when to get on board on the ship. I'm usually a bit trigger happy and jump on board to early… As with 5.2

2017-01-12 11:40:57 GMT <IanW1> Loftux very true but then I only have a small, lightly loaded instance to worry about :-)

2017-01-12 11:41:45 GMT * AFaust just realized MNT-15802 and MNT-6350 fixes are extreme botches in terms of I18n...

2017-01-12 11:42:31 GMT <IanW1> I tend to bit a bit conservative from my enterprise days, although not as much as I used to be

2017-01-12 11:44:41 GMT <Loftux> hi-ko: The separation of Share and Repo really isn't that separated. The afterCommit issue with Thumbnails that I dealt with for 5.2.d introduced dependent changes in both Share and Repo. Think it came with an EA. So would still be lot of work to determine if a later release of share works with repo. But easier to go back, just swap out Share if needed.

2017-01-12 11:54:26 GMT <FrancescoSilvani> Hiho

2017-01-12 11:55:23 GMT <hi-ko> Loftux: I said 'maybe in some cases ...' - btw: I would vote to purge the whole thumbnail stuff. We already did this partially for some customers for office conversions by faking the thumbnailing by a dummy transformer and to put a job into a real queue to be done by independent components

2017-01-12 11:57:57 GMT <FrancescoSilvani> I'm using Activiti Enterprise and added candidates to a task via REST API. The users added are then listed in the task as candidates but they can't see the task themselves. Do I need to do something else? Like.. add them to the process or adding permissions?

2017-01-12 12:02:06 GMT <hi-ko> Loftux: coming back to the root question: could we share your github repo and create branches for the major versions (5.0, 5.1, 5.2) or should we fork your fork (without the ability to send pull requests)

2017-01-12 12:13:46 GMT <Loftux> hi-ko: You can't make a pull request from a fork to a fork? Haven't looked into that. Anyway, I'll try to get hold of bhagyas to discuss, he is on holiday so it may take a day or two.

2017-01-12 12:16:53 GMT <Loftux> May have to come up with something completely new anyways, since the sync of the github is broken, and now only sync manually by me. I have a git-svn clone of alfresco svn, added as a local upstream for my local clone, where I pull in the changes as cherry pciks. Then push back up to master in github. Not the best way….

2017-01-12 12:34:16 GMT <Vasquez1> Caused by: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLTransactionRollbackException: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction

2017-01-12 12:36:05 GMT <Vasquez1> why this happens for gods sake

2017-01-12 12:36:54 GMT <AFaust> Nobody of us knows since we don't know what operations are going on in your system...

2017-01-12 12:37:23 GMT <Vasquez1> neither do I unfortunately :( since this is error from production, i dont have access

2017-01-12 12:37:39 GMT <Vasquez1> i could c/p more lines though

2017-01-12 12:38:56 GMT <Vasquez1> http://pastebin.com/0AUGUEr4

2017-01-12 12:38:57 GMT <alfbot> Title: [Apache Log] 2017-01-12 08:20:47,683 WARN [feed.local.LocalFeedGenerator] [LocalFeedGenerat - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-01-12 12:48:36 GMT <iblanco> Can anyone point me to usage sample of Aikau's "/alfresco/forms/controls/MultipleEntryFormControl" widget?

2017-01-12 12:55:11 GMT <AFaust> Vasquez1: DeadlockLoserDataAccessException is actually not that bad of an issue - it just means that two processes were trying to access the same tables/rows and one lost. The transaction will typically be retried...

2017-01-12 12:55:36 GMT <AFaust> That is why there is an RetryingTransactionHelper in the stack

2017-01-12 12:55:48 GMT <Vasquez1> thanks for this feedback

2017-01-12 12:56:09 GMT <AFaust> Is this by chance running on an Enterprise Edition cluster?

2017-01-12 12:56:45 GMT <AFaust> iblanco: I am not aware of any uses outside of within the project itself.

2017-01-12 12:59:44 GMT <Vasquez1> i will try to find out in logs

2017-01-12 13:00:42 GMT <yreg> Does any of you have experience with AspectJ bytecode weaving ?

2017-01-12 13:01:17 GMT <yreg> If you do, please try to anwser my question here : http://stackoverflow.com/q/41613866/2307988

2017-01-12 13:01:18 GMT <alfbot> Title: java - Is it possible to weave some classes from a jar while excluding the rest of the classes? - Stack Overflow (at stackoverflow.com)

2017-01-12 13:06:39 GMT <IanW1> yreg strangely enough I've been doing that this week - will take a look

2017-01-12 13:13:59 GMT <IanW1> yreg - don't know well enough to comment on so but might this be what you want? https://github.com/cggh/cggh-alfresco-extensions/blob/dvlp/auth-platform-jar/src/main/resources/META-INF/aop.xml

2017-01-12 13:14:01 GMT <alfbot> Title: cggh-alfresco-extensions/aop.xml at dvlp · cggh/cggh-alfresco-extensions · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-01-12 13:17:39 GMT *** sujaypillai_ is now known as sujaypillai

2017-01-12 13:17:42 GMT <hi-ko> Loftux: Sorry I meant, if we create a fork and on that fork the required branches for the 'supported' versions we can't push back. You should at least create version branches.

2017-01-12 13:20:40 GMT <yreg> IanW1, seems like it, I just need to check how are you loading/referring to that aop.xml

2017-01-12 13:22:48 GMT <yreg> IanW1, oh no! What you are doing there is more likely load-time weaving, not compile-time nor post-compile-time

2017-01-12 13:23:24 GMT <yreg> I am interested in post-compile-time as my class is not a bean

2017-01-12 13:23:45 GMT <IanW1> yreg - was just about to say that - using load-time weaving

2017-01-12 13:25:24 GMT <IanW1> maybe configure aspectj-maven-plugin?

2017-01-12 13:28:19 GMT <yreg> what config entery for including packages/classes ?

2017-01-12 13:29:01 GMT <yreg> I am using a different plugin as I am using gradle, but I can pass pretty much any thing to ajc

2017-01-12 13:42:47 GMT <IanW1> yreg - sorry - getting beyond me easily knowing now...

2017-01-12 13:52:31 GMT <AFaust> Hmm - for load-time weaving wouldn't you need an agent hooked into the JVM?

2017-01-12 13:53:04 GMT <AFaust> Ah - forget it, misread one message

2017-01-12 13:55:14 GMT <IanW1> AFaust - not necessarily if you're using Tomcat8 and spring 4 - oh wait....

2017-01-12 13:55:22 GMT <AFaust> hehe

2017-01-12 13:56:08 GMT <AFaust> Tomcat 8 would be too old for me - waiting for Tomcat 9 and JDK 9 to be properly compatible with one another...

2017-01-12 13:56:33 GMT <IanW1> More seriously there's a class loader you can hook into tomcat7

2017-01-12 13:57:36 GMT <AFaust> I actually implemented a Java agent myself and used it on a Tomcat 7 instance running Alfresco SOLR 1.x, because I needed to rewrite a constructor call to an improved extension of a class...

2017-01-12 13:57:59 GMT <AFaust> A long time ago, in a corporate world far, far away....

2017-01-12 13:58:24 GMT <IanW1> wonders when java8, spring 4 is coming....

2017-01-12 13:58:49 GMT <IanW1> java agent is good for running maven tomcat plugin

2017-01-12 14:51:24 GMT <Loftux> So there is a rebranding going on to "Alfresco Content Services". Seen from latest commits in svn. Not sure if that is to be in addition to Alfresco Commnity. Or maybe replace the "Simple+Smart"

2017-01-12 14:54:32 GMT <AFaust> So begins the age of A*S

2017-01-12 14:56:14 GMT <AFaust> Anything can be "Alfresco XXXX Services"

2017-01-12 15:36:44 GMT <fwu> hi all

2017-01-12 15:39:00 GMT <fwu> ppl, can anyone tell me what is the difference between the services on these url:

2017-01-12 15:39:13 GMT <fwu> and

2017-01-12 15:39:25 GMT <fwu> alfresco/service/cmis/i/a3658a82-a46d-43c1-903f-3c4e9d71376b/children

2017-01-12 15:39:32 GMT <fwu> one is cmis 1.1 and the other?

2017-01-12 15:39:36 GMT <fwu> cmis 1.0?

2017-01-12 15:39:42 GMT <fwu> is that the difference?

2017-01-12 15:39:52 GMT <fwu> ups..

2017-01-12 15:39:55 GMT <fwu> the first one:

2017-01-12 15:40:14 GMT <fwu> "/alfresco/api/-default-/public/cmis/versions/1.1/atom/content"

2017-01-12 15:44:35 GMT <alfbot> jpotts: Sent 2 days, 4 hours, and 56 minutes ago: <resplin> I think you asked me about a create-link extension to Share. It appears that we have finally added it to Share in 5.2 (should be in the December release). Though Formtek has an extension with more features.

2017-01-12 15:44:36 GMT <alfbot> jpotts: Sent 2 days, 4 hours, and 55 minutes ago: <resplin> I haven't actually checked, but it came up in a discussion.

2017-01-12 15:45:33 GMT <jpotts> ~ later tell resplin Yes, I realized that after I sent it. I'll look at it more closely and see if it is going to work.

2017-01-12 15:45:33 GMT <alfbot> jpotts: The operation succeeded.

2017-01-12 15:49:06 GMT <jpotts> It seems that the create dialog has changed how it fetches site presets in 5.2. I'm going to dig into the source right now to figure it out, but if someone has a reference to point me to I'll gladly take it.

2017-01-12 15:49:42 GMT <jpotts> Goal is simply to add custom site presets to the dropdown in the create site dialog which you used to do by overriding create-site.get.js

2017-01-12 15:52:21 GMT <IanW1> jpotts I have a vague feeling Dave did a blog about that

2017-01-12 15:52:58 GMT <jpotts> Okay, that's a good clue. Google didn't turn it up, but I'll go look for it

2017-01-12 15:57:41 GMT <sujaypillai> @jpotts - here is the blog from Dave

2017-01-12 15:57:42 GMT <sujaypillai> https://community.alfresco.com/community/ecm/blog/2016/11/23/create-and-edit-site-customization

2017-01-12 15:57:44 GMT <alfbot> Title: Create and Edit Site Dialog Customization with ... | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-01-12 15:59:17 GMT <jpotts> LOL, I was about to post the same link

2017-01-12 16:03:01 GMT <mmccarthy> Hello everyone.

2017-01-12 16:03:30 GMT <jpotts> mmccarthy: Hello, Michael, how's it going?

2017-01-12 16:04:05 GMT <mmccarthy> jpotts: Pretty good. Staying busy but Alfresco is causing me problems (again). :)

2017-01-12 16:05:47 GMT <mmccarthy> I've been working on integrating Shibboleth with Alfresco (which worked fine in 4.2.x) and upgraded to 5.1.2 and now Share SSO is no longer working. I've checked the docs but none of the suggested share-config-custom.xml Remote config seems to work. Any ideas?

2017-01-12 16:06:28 GMT <mmccarthy> Or, maybe a better question, does anyone know if this config changed between 4.2 and 5.1?

2017-01-12 16:08:22 GMT <IanW1> mmccarthy: I don't know about enterprise versions but SSO hasn't been working much in CE lately

2017-01-12 16:09:19 GMT <mmccarthy> IanW1: Yuck! Thanks for the info.

2017-01-12 16:15:27 GMT <douglascrp> IanW1, this is a no ending novel

2017-01-12 16:17:57 GMT <IanW1> douglascrp: sure is - I'm hoping https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ACE-5661 will fix it, at least for single tenant

2017-01-12 16:18:34 GMT <douglascrp> sometimes it's hard to understand why alfresco simply doesn't accept the external contribution

2017-01-12 16:18:49 GMT <douglascrp> exception to aikau, or course

2017-01-12 16:20:39 GMT <IanW1> I think the problem here is that they've been refactoring authentication, probably to do with the new api, and the tests aren't comprehensive enough

2017-01-12 16:21:43 GMT <douglascrp> but if I'm not wrong, these sso problems are older than the new apis introduction

2017-01-12 16:21:43 GMT <IanW1> I don't think there would be a sensible way to contribute - it's quite convoluted and I for one don't really understand what's going on

2017-01-12 16:23:06 GMT <IanW1> I first saw problems in 5.0.d (which I suspect should really have been the first 5.1 as there were quite significant changes)

2017-01-12 16:23:57 GMT <douglascrp> yes. I remember having to rely on your project to use alfresco with cas

2017-01-12 16:24:15 GMT <douglascrp> it worked well on 4.2

2017-01-12 16:29:46 GMT <jpotts> Does SDK 2.2.0 work with 5.2.d? Seems that the alfresco WAR artifact has changed from org/alfresco/alfresco to org/alfresco/alfresco-platform

2017-01-12 16:37:24 GMT <douglascrp> jpotts, I'm using 3.0

2017-01-12 16:37:27 GMT <douglascrp> have you tried it?

2017-01-12 16:37:30 GMT <douglascrp> it's working well

2017-01-12 16:37:43 GMT <douglascrp> I have 3 real projects using it already

2017-01-12 16:39:54 GMT <jpotts> douglascrp: I haven't tried 3.0 yet. I was hoping to make this create sites change and do a quick re-build without having to fool around with new SDK versions

2017-01-12 16:40:12 GMT <jpotts> But I'm glad to hear that it is working well for you

2017-01-12 16:41:11 GMT <douglascrp> jpotts, ah, right.. in my case, those are 3 new projects

2017-01-12 16:41:19 GMT <douglascrp> I haven't tried to migrate any other so far

2017-01-12 16:41:41 GMT <douglascrp> I still have some using 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT :D

2017-01-12 16:41:54 GMT <jpotts> When I try to run integration-test, Maven is trying to download https://repo.maven.apache.org/maven2/org/alfresco/alfresco/5.2.d/alfresco-5.2.d.war which does not exist

2017-01-12 16:42:46 GMT <yreg> jpotts, you should be able to use sdk2.2.0 but you will need to do some further tweaking for share amp

2017-01-12 16:43:02 GMT <yreg> add extra dependency + override springsurf version

2017-01-12 16:43:07 GMT <douglascrp> jpotts, http://docs.alfresco.com/5.1/concepts/alfresco-sdk-compatibility.html

2017-01-12 16:43:08 GMT <alfbot> Title: Compatibility matrix | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-01-12 16:43:31 GMT <douglascrp> it says it's compatible with 5.1

2017-01-12 16:43:46 GMT <jpotts> douglascrp: Yeah, I looked at that but 5.2 is not listed so it wasn't clear whether it was not compatible or simply not up to date

2017-01-12 16:43:53 GMT <douglascrp> http://docs.alfresco.com/5.2/concepts/alfresco-sdk-compatibility.html

2017-01-12 16:43:54 GMT <alfbot> Title: Compatibility matrix | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-01-12 16:43:56 GMT <yreg> jpotts, check this http://docs.alfresco.com/5.1/tasks/alfresco-sdk-upgrading-alfresco-version-SDK-220-510-to-511.html

2017-01-12 16:43:57 GMT <alfbot> Title: Upgrading SDK 2.2.0 projects from Enterprise 5.1.0 to greater than 5.1.0 | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-01-12 16:43:58 GMT <jpotts> yreg: Anything beyond passing in -Ddependency.surf.version=6.3?

2017-01-12 16:44:03 GMT <douglascrp> it exists, but is not updated yet

2017-01-12 16:44:31 GMT <douglascrp> I mean, the page is there, but there has no updated info

2017-01-12 16:44:35 GMT <IanW1> I think the release note still says to use 2.2.0

2017-01-12 16:45:34 GMT <IanW1> I'm also using sdk 3 - it seems to have gone rather quiet on that front...

2017-01-12 16:45:45 GMT <yreg> jpotts, update the spring-surf-api dependency as its group changed

2017-01-12 16:46:18 GMT <douglascrp> angelborroy post is also not updated for 5.2 yet https://angelborroy.wordpress.com/2015/10/19/alfresco-maven-sdk-compatibility-command-line-generation/

2017-01-12 16:46:19 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco (Maven) SDK: compatibility command line generation | Programming and So (at angelborroy.wordpress.com)

2017-01-12 16:46:19 GMT <jpotts> I'm starting with a 2.2.0 project that builds fine with the default version for both repo and share. Now I'm trying to get both the repo and share AMPs to build by changing the alfresco version to 5.2.d (for repo) and 5.2.c (for share)

2017-01-12 16:47:23 GMT <jpotts> This out-of-sync GA release versus SDK release madness has to stop

2017-01-12 16:47:43 GMT <yreg> jpotts, no, just use alfresco.version=5.2.c

2017-01-12 16:48:12 GMT <jpotts> If you don't have a GA release of the SDK, don't publish a GA release of the platform

2017-01-12 16:48:39 GMT <jpotts> yreg: I'll try that

2017-01-12 16:48:42 GMT <yreg> alfresco-5.2.c.war is by default alfresco-platform-5.2.d.war overlayed by alfresco-share-services AFAIK

2017-01-12 16:53:12 GMT <yreg> jpotts, check https://github.com/Alfresco/share/blob/5.2.c/pom.xml#L32 and https://github.com/Alfresco/share/blob/5.2.c/alfresco/pom.xml#L23 for reference

2017-01-12 16:53:13 GMT <alfbot> Title: share/pom.xml at 5.2.c · Alfresco/share · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-01-12 16:56:34 GMT <jpotts> Okay, just for a test I created a brand new repo project from the 2.2.0 archetype, edited the pom to specify 5.2.c, and then did mvn package

2017-01-12 16:56:38 GMT <jpotts> That results in multiple errors

2017-01-12 16:56:50 GMT <jpotts> So I guess I'll have to try out the 3.0 beta

2017-01-12 16:56:57 GMT <jpotts> Grr

2017-01-12 17:25:58 GMT <iblanco> AuditService's queries do not allow more than one search key so . how to you usually handle it when you need to search over various keys?

2017-01-12 17:26:22 GMT <iblanco> For example if you want to search action name and path at the same time

2017-01-12 17:28:25 GMT <iblanco> I was thinking of creating a extractorthat will record an additional value, that value would have all keys and values serialized so that I could construct my own "queries" agains it.

2017-01-12 17:28:31 GMT <iblanco> but it sounds awful

2017-01-12 17:32:07 GMT <iblanco> Or I could just search by one of the criterias and post filter with the others, but them decigind when to stop searching back would be quite hard because I would have to check all the entries that match the first criteria in order to make sure that there are no more entries that will also match the rest

2017-01-12 19:14:02 GMT <jpotts> Just circling back on my earlier comments about the SDK and 5.2. I ended up converting the projects to use SDK 3.0.0 Beta 4. The conversion wasn't that bad and the projects built fine with 5.2.d/5.2.c.

2017-01-12 19:15:06 GMT <jpotts> I still stand by my opinion that releasing a "platform" that has no generally available SDK that is compatible with it seems backwards, but what ya gonna do

2017-01-12 19:24:51 GMT <AFaust> jpotts: SDK 2.2 won't work with it? (Haven't tried myself yet...)

2017-01-12 19:25:00 GMT <jpotts> Nope

2017-01-12 19:25:08 GMT <jpotts> Not out-of-the-box anyway

2017-01-12 19:25:30 GMT <AFaust> I guess I'll see tomorrow when I'm preparing a workspace for a training session

2017-01-12 19:25:59 GMT <AFaust> One of those times I am forced to use SDK at all

2017-01-12 19:26:42 GMT <jpotts> Just a heads up that if you are using the share standalone AMP approach and you are running a repo AMP project alongside, you'll need to add " <enableTestProperties>false</enableTestProperties>

2017-01-12 19:26:42 GMT <jpotts> " to the share pom in the alfresco plugin

2017-01-12 19:27:43 GMT <AFaust> You mean run in terms of using the "-P run" option?

2017-01-12 19:32:29 GMT <jpotts> Yeah, I usually use a separate repo and share project instead of all-in-one

2017-01-12 19:32:57 GMT <jpotts> In 3.0.0 Share looks around for the platform and if it can't find it, you can tell it to start it up

2017-01-12 19:33:08 GMT <AFaust> I personally never run the projects that way. Clean build/install and deploy to propery set up Tomcat for me...

2017-01-12 19:33:24 GMT <jpotts> Then this won't affect you

2017-01-12 19:33:26 GMT <AFaust> propery => properly

2017-01-12 19:33:36 GMT <AFaust> Lucky me, boycotting stuff like this...

2017-01-12 19:33:43 GMT <jpotts> :)

2017-01-12 20:50:11 GMT <digcat> ~later tell hi-ko we might be interested in help with that, how far did you get

2017-01-12 20:50:11 GMT <alfbot> digcat: The operation succeeded.

2017-01-12 20:52:54 GMT <digcat> ~later tell hi-ko regards your sync tool just in case the delay confuses

2017-01-12 20:52:54 GMT <alfbot> digcat: The operation succeeded.

2017-01-12 23:41:07 GMT <eswbitto> Looking for docs to modify or creating existing email template for site invites.

2017-01-12 23:43:49 GMT <AFaust> Simply update the FTLs in the Data Dictionary

2017-01-12 23:46:08 GMT <eswbitto> AFaust the one in Repository/Data Dictionary/Email Templates? Which one? invite or invite email templates. I've looked at the ftl's for both folders and they look different than the email I received on a test site invite.

2017-01-12 23:47:11 GMT <AFaust> I don't have a system running right now to check which of these it is, but for the last customer I think I only had one in there and it was the right one...

2017-01-12 23:47:24 GMT <eswbitto> ok

2017-01-12 23:48:34 GMT <jpotts> I'm trying to remove the quickshare link. I've done that for the document details and the library with a share extension that uses CSS to hide the div.

2017-01-12 23:49:10 GMT <jpotts> But the faceted search page does not have a static div around the quickshare link that is easy to get to. So I'd like to just remove the widget, but I'm having a hard time targeting it.

2017-01-12 23:49:30 GMT <jpotts> Faceted search, gallery view, "info" icon, is what I'm talking about

2017-01-12 23:50:42 GMT <jpotts> Has anyone been successful doing that? If not, I'll continue to debug

2017-01-12 23:55:32 GMT <yreg_> jpotts, does this https://github.com/Alfresco/Aikau/blob/4b3714b846fc34ac21ab4c661de7fce8c621d276/aikau/src/main/resources/alfresco/documentlibrary/views/AlfDetailedViewItem.js#L246 help

2017-01-12 23:55:33 GMT <alfbot> Title: Aikau/AlfDetailedViewItem.js at 4b3714b846fc34ac21ab4c661de7fce8c621d276 · Alfresco/Aikau · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-01-12 23:58:52 GMT <jpotts> Yes, that gives me the ID, which is "DETAILED_VIEW_QUICKSHARE". With that I should be able to do a deleteObjectFromArray and remove it from model.jsonModel.widgets, right?

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