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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-01-15 10:18:44 GMT <_daniele> hi guys. I have an alfresco installation that run slow on the customer virtual server. I have made many test but I don't have skill to benchmark the I/O. Uploading document by cmis, without modelling and without any kind of customization takes an average of 500-600 ms.

2017-01-15 10:19:47 GMT <_daniele> Can you suggest a pattern or a line guide to follow in order to identify where the bottelneck is ?

2017-01-15 10:20:35 GMT <_daniele> I'ts an alfresco one installatione 5.1.1 with SQL server 2012 in windows virtual infrastructure

2017-01-15 10:23:02 GMT <_daniele> I have also tried pointing to a local mariadb but the result doesn't change.

2017-01-15 10:32:10 GMT <yreg> _daniele, Well CMIS is usually slow, and does not scale well, but not that slow I am afraid

2017-01-15 10:33:19 GMT <yreg> I have seen really bad performance when you have a CIFS mount for the alf_data dir

2017-01-15 10:33:50 GMT <yreg> so if that's what you are doing, you might want to revise that approach!

2017-01-15 10:34:57 GMT <yreg> otherwise, you need to monitor 3 metrics, CPU, Memory and disk IO and see if any of them seems to be behind the culprit

2017-01-15 10:37:15 GMT <yreg> ah one other thing... things sometimes get tricky with virtualization, as some Virtualization setups provide dedicated resources + shared resources, in which case your system can be highly affected by the resource consumption by other VMs on the same host

2017-01-15 10:37:47 GMT <_daniele> Thank you very much yreg

2017-01-15 10:39:04 GMT <_daniele> my major suspect is like your last statement: system can be highly affected by the resource consumption by other VMs on the same host

2017-01-15 10:39:13 GMT <_daniele> But I have to demonstrate it

2017-01-15 10:39:35 GMT <_daniele> i've made a massive test program

2017-01-15 10:40:43 GMT <_daniele> the same code on my developer machine has an average of 200-250 ms for single document

2017-01-15 10:42:28 GMT <_daniele> cifs is disabled

2017-01-15 10:47:30 GMT <_daniele> I talked about an average time of 500-600 ms for document but could happen that a document is uploaded in 2000 ms and the following one in 400 ms.

2017-01-15 10:49:34 GMT <_daniele> I have tried to change the setup and keep, database, alfdata , solr4 all in the local server with a fresh empty installation but the average timinig does not change

2017-01-15 10:52:26 GMT <_daniele> which tools do you suggest to use to evaluate i/o performance in a windows server considering I don't have this kind of skills?

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