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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-01-20 05:37:26 GMT <qwebirc97556> Hi, Is there any configuration to stop uploading files with same name in a folder?

2017-01-20 08:50:53 GMT <iblanco> good morning

2017-01-20 08:55:04 GMT * DarkStar1 bids everyone a good morning

2017-01-20 09:01:54 GMT <twen> hola DarkStar1

2017-01-20 09:02:06 GMT <twen> hello everybody :)

2017-01-20 09:02:15 GMT <DarkStar1> twen: Tu vas bien?

2017-01-20 09:02:27 GMT <twen> ca va :)

2017-01-20 09:07:33 GMT <iblanco> Anyone has worked with type mappings in Alfresco AOS?

2017-01-20 09:08:42 GMT <iblanco> The doc says that for text fields LIST constraints are allowed. Does this mean that it will show them in Office as combobox to select one of them or it just means that it controls that you don't write a non valid value in a text box?

2017-01-20 09:11:27 GMT <iblanco> good morning yreg

2017-01-20 09:16:29 GMT <Loftux> Updated the Ubuntu installer script, you can now install 201612GA release or LX94 (our release with additional fixes). https://github.com/loftuxab/alfresco-ubuntu-install

2017-01-20 09:16:30 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - loftuxab/alfresco-ubuntu-install: Alfresco script based install for Ubuntu (at github.com)

2017-01-20 09:16:53 GMT <Loftux> And then I see there is a 201701GA release now… Oh well

2017-01-20 09:17:14 GMT <iblanco> :D

2017-01-20 09:29:19 GMT <mrks_js> does anyone know why the released another GA right after? is there a major issue with 201612GA?

2017-01-20 09:29:38 GMT <mrks_js> would be handy to know

2017-01-20 09:30:22 GMT <Loftux> Most of the commits is about rebranding, nothing major

2017-01-20 09:31:27 GMT <Loftux> But there is a major issue not yet fixed in Alfresco's version https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ACE-5748

2017-01-20 09:32:34 GMT <yreg> Morning everyone

2017-01-20 09:33:01 GMT <DarkStar1> Morning yreg

2017-01-20 09:36:53 GMT <mrks_js> cool! thanks Peter

2017-01-20 10:05:15 GMT <Loftux> Now the ubuntu installers uses 201701GA.

2017-01-20 10:21:00 GMT <Loftux> And the Share git mirror has stopped working, just as the Repo mirror. Not very easy to track changes now :(

2017-01-20 10:53:57 GMT <douglascrp> morning everybody

2017-01-20 10:54:05 GMT <douglascrp> mrks_js, I have the same question about this

2017-01-20 10:59:03 GMT <mrks_js> douglascrp: about the new GA? yeah, lets ask resplin

2017-01-20 11:01:24 GMT <douglascrp> mrks_js, https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-6587-alfresco-community-edition-201701-ga-release-notes

2017-01-20 11:01:24 GMT <douglascrp> I haven't read it yet

2017-01-20 11:01:26 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco Community Edition 201701 GA Release Notes | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-01-20 11:32:20 GMT <Dirk23> Oh, there is a new Version of Alfresco out there? How do i update?

2017-01-20 11:33:06 GMT <Dirk23> There seems to be an issue with the website: https://www.alfresco.com/de/products/community/download

2017-01-20 11:33:09 GMT <alfbot> Title: Download Alfresco Community ECM Now | Alfresco (at www.alfresco.com)

2017-01-20 11:33:41 GMT <angelborroy> https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-6593-alfresco-community-edition-file-list-201701

2017-01-20 11:33:43 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco Community Edition file list 201701 | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-01-20 11:33:47 GMT <Dirk23> When i try to download and click the "Maybe Later" Link, i always get rigth back to the same page where i can clickt th maybe later button

2017-01-20 11:37:50 GMT <Dirk23> angelborroy: thnx. Is it now posible to update Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 and use Alfresco?

2017-01-20 11:38:31 GMT <angelborroy> It looks so https://github.com/loftuxab/alfresco-ubuntu-install

2017-01-20 11:38:32 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - loftuxab/alfresco-ubuntu-install: Alfresco script based install for Ubuntu (at github.com)

2017-01-20 11:43:28 GMT <Dirk23> and how do i update alfresco?

2017-01-20 11:45:07 GMT <angelborroy> Dirk23 as usual

2017-01-20 11:45:22 GMT <Dirk23> i never did a update

2017-01-20 11:45:29 GMT <angelborroy> 1 - Install the new 5.2 and test if it works well in your server

2017-01-20 11:45:52 GMT <angelborroy> 2 - Pick all your current customisations and apply to 5.2 brand new installation

2017-01-20 11:46:03 GMT <angelborroy> 3 - Test if all works as expected

2017-01-20 11:46:08 GMT <angelborroy> 4 - Stop Alfresco

2017-01-20 11:46:20 GMT <angelborroy> 5 - Use your current alf_data/contentstore *

2017-01-20 11:46:44 GMT <angelborroy> 6 - Use your current postgresql / mysql database

2017-01-20 11:46:48 GMT <angelborroy> 7 - Start Alfresco

2017-01-20 11:47:08 GMT <angelborroy> Something like this: http://www.keensoft.es/en/our-road-from-alfresco-ce-5-0-c-to-alfresco-ce-5-1-g/

2017-01-20 11:47:09 GMT <alfbot> Title: Our road from Alfresco CE 5.0.c to Alfresco CE 5.1.g - keensoft (at www.keensoft.es)

2017-01-20 11:47:26 GMT <Dirk23> gosh, thats kind of complicated

2017-01-20 11:47:36 GMT <angelborroy> nope, just the first time

2017-01-20 11:47:40 GMT <Dirk23> ^^

2017-01-20 11:47:54 GMT <angelborroy> have you any Alfresco customisation in your current system?

2017-01-20 11:48:43 GMT <Dirk23> i dont know exactly what of all the things i did was a customisation

2017-01-20 11:49:22 GMT <angelborroy> have you modified any resource in tomcat/webapps/alfresco or tomcat/webapps/share folders?

2017-01-20 11:49:23 GMT <Dirk23> i use LDAp to auth and i have some Logrotates

2017-01-20 11:49:34 GMT <Dirk23> no, i dont think so

2017-01-20 11:49:49 GMT <angelborroy> have you any AMP applied?

2017-01-20 11:49:57 GMT <angelborroy> by using apply_amps.sh or so?

2017-01-20 11:50:07 GMT <Dirk23> i dont even know what that might be :)

2017-01-20 11:50:11 GMT <angelborroy> ok

2017-01-20 11:50:16 GMT <angelborroy> so you have a “raw” Alfresco

2017-01-20 11:50:22 GMT <angelborroy> this make all the process easier

2017-01-20 11:50:42 GMT <Dirk23> :)

2017-01-20 11:50:59 GMT <angelborroy> have you any customisation in /alfresco/tomcat/shared?

2017-01-20 11:51:06 GMT <angelborroy> apart from alfresco-global.properties

2017-01-20 11:51:24 GMT <Dirk23> no, i dont remeber to do something like that

2017-01-20 11:51:40 GMT <angelborroy> so you’ve just only modified alfresco-global.properties, right?

2017-01-20 11:51:48 GMT <Dirk23> yes

2017-01-20 11:51:51 GMT <douglascrp> has anyone here tried to configure the email inbound using Remote Email Server?

2017-01-20 11:52:06 GMT <douglascrp> instead of the in-process?

2017-01-20 11:59:31 GMT <douglascrp> I cannot find the remote-email-service-context.xml in the current version, so I'm wondering it this is still available

2017-01-20 12:17:46 GMT <douglascrp> weird, the current version still has the java class for remote email server

2017-01-20 12:17:47 GMT <douglascrp> org.alfresco.email.server.EmailServiceRemotable

2017-01-20 12:18:00 GMT <douglascrp> but the context file defining it is not there anymore

2017-01-20 12:18:14 GMT <douglascrp> but it is for 5.0.a

2017-01-20 12:18:20 GMT <douglascrp> https://svn.alfresco.com/repos/alfresco-open-mirror/alfresco/COMMUNITYTAGS/V5.0.a/root/projects/repository/config/alfresco/remote-email-service-test-context.xml

2017-01-20 12:18:34 GMT <douglascrp> I believe I'm going to back port it and try to use it

2017-01-20 12:42:11 GMT <mrks_js> i was missing some parts too, for search

2017-01-20 13:47:54 GMT <resplin> We have been doing monthly Community Edition releases for the past 18 months. With a few exceptions.

2017-01-20 13:48:35 GMT <resplin> When it came time for the monthly release, we felt it was worth our effort to get out the bug fixes we made.

2017-01-20 13:48:44 GMT <resplin> Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads the release notes. I put this in the Goals to Release section.

2017-01-20 13:48:45 GMT <douglascrp> resplin, nice

2017-01-20 13:49:10 GMT <douglascrp> the release notes for 201701 is not that different from 201612

2017-01-20 13:49:26 GMT <douglascrp> what I saw, in quick read, is that the links for the fixes are different

2017-01-20 13:49:31 GMT <resplin> Loftux: You make a good point about ACE-5748. I added that to the list of known issues in the release.

2017-01-20 13:50:15 GMT <douglascrp> resplin, I also saw you assigned a task for me about the change mime type and extension

2017-01-20 13:50:25 GMT <douglascrp> but I won't be able to test that by the next week

2017-01-20 13:53:04 GMT <resplin> There wasn't a lot to change in the release notes. But the section on release goals is a bit different.

2017-01-20 13:54:07 GMT <resplin> Dirk23: It's interesting to hear about the problem you are having with doing the download. The "Maybe Later" link is working for me. What browser are you using?

2017-01-20 13:54:29 GMT <Dirk23> Chrome and Firefox

2017-01-20 13:54:39 GMT <IanW1> resplin I read it!

2017-01-20 13:54:41 GMT <Dirk23> i always return on the same site

2017-01-20 13:54:53 GMT <resplin> IanW1: Yeah! Then the hour I spent reviewing it was worthwhile.

2017-01-20 13:55:52 GMT <resplin> douglascrp: Regarding ALF-21813, it wasn't necessarily a request for you to do a test. It was a request for you to clarify.

2017-01-20 13:56:11 GMT <IanW1> Still not convinced about the use of GA as it's currently being used mind you....

2017-01-20 13:56:26 GMT <resplin> The issue description says "that seems to be fixed on 5.2" so I wasn't clear on whether you think it is a current issue that we should investigate.

2017-01-20 13:57:11 GMT <Dirk23> resplin: the "Maybe later" Link point to https://www.alfresco.com/de/alfresco-community-download so i allways end up with the same site

2017-01-20 13:57:15 GMT <alfbot> Title: Download Alfresco Community ECM Now | Alfresco (at www.alfresco.com)

2017-01-20 13:57:16 GMT <resplin> IanW1: Yeah, neither is Loftux. But a lot of people waited for a GA release before upgrading, so it seems to be helpful.

2017-01-20 13:57:34 GMT <resplin> Dirk23: Ah, you are browsing in German. I haven't tested that.

2017-01-20 13:57:54 GMT <douglascrp> resplin, it "seems to be" because I copied the code from it and it worked

2017-01-20 13:58:02 GMT <Dirk23> yes

2017-01-20 13:58:10 GMT <Loftux> resplin: Yes that one has been driving me nuts. It's very hard to track down hibernate error since the failure is happening much earlier and you have connections laying dormant that cannot be re-used. Later another completely unrelated transaction fails because of that. Hopefully I did find the correct cause.

2017-01-20 13:58:14 GMT <douglascrp> but as I said, only that was not enough, and I had to add more code to it

2017-01-20 13:58:21 GMT <douglascrp> so, I'm not sure it if will work on the new release

2017-01-20 13:58:26 GMT <douglascrp> I'll try to test it asap

2017-01-20 13:59:03 GMT <IanW1> resplin - that I agree with, but it would be nice to distinguish between release candidate GA and final release for this cycle GA

2017-01-20 13:59:19 GMT <resplin> douglascrp: Ah, so you didn't actually test it in 5.2. You just used the 5.2 code and it worked.

2017-01-20 13:59:25 GMT <resplin> That's useful clarification. Thanks.

2017-01-20 13:59:35 GMT <resplin> No rush on testing it. We don't see that one as a blocker, as it has been in the product for a few releases.

2017-01-20 13:59:43 GMT <douglascrp> resplin, yes, I took some code from there, and some from angelborroy fix, and it worked

2017-01-20 13:59:49 GMT <Loftux> resplin: Btw, the Share github mirror seem to have stopped as well. Can it be started again? Hoping we get to see the move to gitlab soon!

2017-01-20 14:00:32 GMT <resplin> Loftux: I took both mirrors down when I did some server maintenance work. It's been running on my personal machine.

2017-01-20 14:01:48 GMT <resplin> We are doing the internal migration to GitLab Enterprise next week. Then I can turn up the pressure on our IT team to enable external accounts.

2017-01-20 14:02:28 GMT <Loftux> resplin: Any ETA for gitlab? As I'm typing the q you answer…

2017-01-20 14:02:46 GMT <Loftux> Put some hard pressure on them!

2017-01-20 14:03:36 GMT <resplin> IanW1: We don't know in advance when the last GA in a cycle will be. We are trying to balance the requests of those who want more frequent GA releases with those who want a release with as much testing as possible.

2017-01-20 14:03:55 GMT <resplin> We are currently releasing each GA when we feel that it is better than the previous one, which balances testing against new features.

2017-01-20 14:04:25 GMT <resplin> And of course the amount of testing depends on user adoption, which requires a GA release to get many upgrades.

2017-01-20 14:06:49 GMT <IanW1> I do see the problem, and accept that it's one of the downsides of using the community edition (at least I hope you don't manage the enterprise releases in the same way!)

2017-01-20 14:07:59 GMT <resplin> The timing of GA releases is meant to drive as much adoption as possible so we gain confidence for the Enterprise release. But we wait to call something GA until we hit our testing goals.

2017-01-20 14:38:45 GMT <resplin> Dirk23: I see the problem with the "Maybe later" link and German. I'll report that to the web team.

2017-01-20 14:39:28 GMT <resplin> It appears to be everything but english. Yikes!

2017-01-20 14:48:08 GMT <Dirk23> resplin: great!

2017-01-20 14:49:33 GMT <resplin> Thank you for reporting the issue.

2017-01-20 14:51:29 GMT <bgallet> Hi

2017-01-20 14:52:31 GMT <bgallet> I want to forbid folder creation in any folder with an aspect billFolder, it must contain only files

2017-01-20 14:53:11 GMT <bgallet> In my custom behavior, should I bind beforeCreateNodeEvent ? If so, how to stop Node creation ?

2017-01-20 14:55:09 GMT <angelborroy> bgallet throw new RuntimeException(“Operation no allowed!”);

2017-01-20 14:55:11 GMT <angelborroy> and it’s done

2017-01-20 14:55:38 GMT <angelborroy> bgallet https://github.com/keensoft/alfresco-mimetype-blocker

2017-01-20 14:55:39 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - keensoft/alfresco-mimetype-blocker: Alfresco MIME Type blocker (at github.com)

2017-01-20 14:55:58 GMT <angelborroy> bgallet https://github.com/keensoft/alfresco-mimetype-blocker/blob/master/mimetype-blocker-repo/src/main/java/es/keensoft/alfresco/behaviour/MimeTypeBlockerBehaviour.java

2017-01-20 14:55:59 GMT <alfbot> Title: alfresco-mimetype-blocker/MimeTypeBlockerBehaviour.java at master · keensoft/alfresco-mimetype-blocker · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-01-20 15:03:42 GMT <bgallet> thanks angelborroy you rock !

2017-01-20 15:03:55 GMT <angelborroy> you’re welcome ;-)

2017-01-20 15:30:29 GMT <yreg> -= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-

2017-01-20 15:52:06 GMT <resplin> ~later tell yreg You should be able to edit most pages in Jive. Engineering has been locking the release notes, though you can comment on them.

2017-01-20 15:52:06 GMT <alfbot> resplin: The operation succeeded.

2017-01-20 16:11:01 GMT <xkahn> Is there any way to tell in a web script which node in a cluster the script is running on?

2017-01-20 16:11:37 GMT <xkahn> (The context is I have scheduled actions which run web scripts, but they are running on all the nodes. I really need it to run only on one node.)

2017-01-20 17:32:39 GMT <resplin> xkahn: I don't actually know the answer to your question, but when I have worked with our IT team to troubleshoot strange issues, they have compared the JSESSIONID in my browser cookie with the Tomcat session logs.

2017-01-20 19:33:36 GMT <xkahn> resplin: Interesting. Thanks!

2017-01-20 19:59:20 GMT <eswbitto> douglascrp I'm trying out this javaMelody and really like it. Have you modified it to use authentication?

2017-01-20 21:01:21 GMT <douglascrp> eswbitto, I never used authentication, but I know it can be done

2017-01-20 21:01:29 GMT <douglascrp> have you tried to find info in the docs?

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