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2017-01-30 06:54:34 GMT <alfbot> fcorti: Sent 1 day, 12 hours, and 50 minutes ago: <AxelFaust> Apparently no one did any basic tests for how module versions / module components are handled after https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ACE-2269 - it's become a nightmare and I actually had to go back to using the old noSnapshotVersion approach.

2017-01-30 07:10:19 GMT <yreg> Morning every one

2017-01-30 07:12:06 GMT <twen> 'morning o/

2017-01-30 07:56:59 GMT <fcorti> AxelFaust, ohej is the right person to ask. I'm sending him a note but let's check together in the next future because he is full of things to do (this included, of course).

2017-01-30 08:16:06 GMT <AFaust> fcorti: I created https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-21842 to request proper documentation of module version handling after I sent the ~later on Saturday...

2017-01-30 08:17:28 GMT *** marsv024_ is now known as marsv024

2017-01-30 08:21:26 GMT <fcorti> AFaust ok, thank you for the JIRA ticket. It helps. I submitted this to the docs team too.

2017-01-30 08:24:05 GMT <AFaust> BTW: How important is Java 8 compatibility on Alfresco priority list? See https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-21843 for an issue I found on Saturday as well

2017-01-30 08:52:45 GMT <fcorti> It's up to the Teams, in this case... let's follow the ticket where you sbmitted.

2017-01-30 08:58:16 GMT <AFaust> So there is no general policy / guideline in place then?

2017-01-30 09:01:12 GMT <DarkStar1> Greeting everyone

2017-01-30 09:24:08 GMT <bgallet> Hi ! When I call nodeService.getProperty(node, ContentModel.PROP_NAME) in an updateNode behavior, I got something like 588034ec-149a-4062-9244-098da242afc1 instead of the real name of my node, do you know why ?

2017-01-30 09:24:23 GMT <bgallet> cm:name property is correct through node explorer

2017-01-30 09:25:00 GMT <angelborroy> bgallet can you share your code?

2017-01-30 09:25:12 GMT <angelborroy> bgallet updateNode method should be enough

2017-01-30 09:26:33 GMT <bgallet> http://pastebin.com/X8xCa5kP

2017-01-30 09:26:34 GMT <alfbot> Title: [Java] @Override public void onUpdateNode(NodeRef content) { if (0 == nodeService - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-01-30 09:27:27 GMT <angelborroy> bgallet it seems fine

2017-01-30 09:27:35 GMT <angelborroy> your cm:name is a nodeRef

2017-01-30 09:28:25 GMT <bgallet> shouldn't it be a String ?

2017-01-30 09:28:32 GMT <angelborroy> In your node browser, for the NodeRef node, the property cm:name should be 588034ec-149a-4062-9244-098da242afc1

2017-01-30 09:28:43 GMT <angelborroy> it’s a String, but is assigned to an UUID

2017-01-30 09:28:56 GMT <angelborroy> how are you creating this nodes?

2017-01-30 09:29:09 GMT <angelborroy> for type Bill

2017-01-30 09:29:39 GMT <bgallet> When a file is created in a folder whith aspect billFolder, the type bill is assigned to this file

2017-01-30 09:30:23 GMT <bgallet> Then I dynamically generate the smartFolder structure but I don't think that's the point

2017-01-30 09:30:51 GMT <angelborroy> So on your node browser a user-friendly “cm:name” value is shown?

2017-01-30 09:31:40 GMT <bgallet> yes

2017-01-30 09:31:41 GMT <bgallet> cm:name d:text AMAZON_F301642739_15122016.pdf

2017-01-30 09:32:09 GMT <bgallet> the assign property method works well with onCreateNode

2017-01-30 09:33:18 GMT <bgallet> seems someone had the exactly same issue here https://community.alfresco.com/thread/204075-onupdatenode-shows-incorrect-value-for-cmname-updates

2017-01-30 09:33:20 GMT <alfbot> Title: onUpdateNode shows incorrect value for cm:name ... | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-01-30 09:34:10 GMT <angelborroy> wow

2017-01-30 09:34:16 GMT <angelborroy> yes it looks like a (big) bug

2017-01-30 09:34:37 GMT <bgallet> since 2013, it's strange

2017-01-30 09:35:12 GMT <angelborroy> bgallet it’s still active: https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-20221

2017-01-30 09:35:45 GMT <angelborroy> you have to use TRANSACTION_COMMIT

2017-01-30 09:36:31 GMT <angelborroy> but this is a very WEIRD workaround

2017-01-30 09:36:42 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti can you review (again) this one?

2017-01-30 09:36:49 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-20221

2017-01-30 09:59:43 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: Are you using Java 8 for any of Alfresco work?

2017-01-30 09:59:49 GMT <bhagyas> Or sticking to 1.7 syntax?

2017-01-30 09:59:52 GMT <bhagyas> 7*

2017-01-30 10:00:00 GMT <bhagyas> Good morning all btw

2017-01-30 10:00:01 GMT <bhagyas> :)

2017-01-30 10:01:35 GMT <AFaust> bhagyas: Since I started my own little company and decided to aim all new development at Alfresco 5.0 and above (which already require Java 8 as a minimum) I am using Java 8 syntax by default. I have even set my IDE to optimize anonymous inner classes to lambda expressions when possible.

2017-01-30 10:01:52 GMT <AFaust> So all my runAs / doInTransaction calls will always be lambda expressions

2017-01-30 10:02:00 GMT <AFaust> ^^ as an example

2017-01-30 10:02:15 GMT <bhagyas> Are there any stats on Alfresco version distribution among Enterprise and Community?

2017-01-30 10:02:38 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: I was looking to migrate one of our top product code to Java 8, but still wondering if it's worth it

2017-01-30 10:02:54 GMT <AFaust> So far it all worked great until I encountered the reflection issue with behaviours when I prepared a solution to a training exercise

2017-01-30 10:03:00 GMT <bhagyas> The lambda expressions and declarative code is too convincing

2017-01-30 10:03:25 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: What was that?

2017-01-30 10:03:50 GMT <AFaust> Granted, the way of binding the behaviour in the exercise solution is something I have never done that way before but I found it to be cleaner than what I did before and quite a neat idea

2017-01-30 10:04:08 GMT <bhagyas> ah Loftux told me about that, read it just a minute ago

2017-01-30 10:04:18 GMT <AFaust> Basically, I was implementing a service bean and the service should handle some behaviour callbacks internally

2017-01-30 10:04:26 GMT <bhagyas> Apart from you and me, are there anyone who is interested in Java 8 stuff here?

2017-01-30 10:04:32 GMT <AFaust> Previously, your service would just implement the policy interface and you'd register it as the callback

2017-01-30 10:04:45 GMT <AFaust> But then you are exposing public methods on the implementation bean which you might not waant

2017-01-30 10:05:12 GMT <AFaust> with lambda expressions I simply registered a lambda instance from within the service implementation without adding the interface implementation on its public API

2017-01-30 10:05:32 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: Yup, that code is beautiful

2017-01-30 10:06:05 GMT <bhagyas> We've already had similar with Scala lambdas in another Alfresco project

2017-01-30 10:06:14 GMT <bhagyas> but since then we have not used Scala much

2017-01-30 10:06:17 GMT <AFaust> I mean, you could have done that before using nested classes (which is my current workaround for the issue I found), but no-one did this because nested classes are a pain...

2017-01-30 10:06:34 GMT <bhagyas> It has the compatibility and code quality that comes with declarative coding with Scala

2017-01-30 10:07:15 GMT <AFaust> I use lambdas quite a lot now for processing of collections - in most instances I prefer them over the Java for-each loop

2017-01-30 10:07:26 GMT <bhagyas> Yup

2017-01-30 10:08:08 GMT <AFaust> Also like the various "compute-if-not-exists" methods that avoid you having to write if-else constructs

2017-01-30 10:08:58 GMT <bhagyas> yup

2017-01-30 10:10:13 GMT <bhagyas> Maybe I'll see what I can do with Scala

2017-01-30 10:10:26 GMT <bhagyas> instead going with Java 8

2017-01-30 10:12:32 GMT <IanW1> Doesn't java 8 cause problems with Spring 3?

2017-01-30 10:13:19 GMT <IanW1> I have a vague memory that one of the SDK versions used java 8 very briefly before being quickly changed back to 7

2017-01-30 10:15:34 GMT <bhagyas> IanW1: That's interesting, I was under the impression that Alfresco 5+ has always been Java *

2017-01-30 10:15:37 GMT <bhagyas> 8

2017-01-30 10:17:49 GMT <bhagyas> I remember seeing some unit tests or components that had lambads

2017-01-30 10:17:58 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: Do you have any input on this?

2017-01-30 10:18:25 GMT <AFaust> IanW1: Not aware of any issues with Spring 3. If that were to be the case we would have seen all kinds of failures from 5.0.d onwards when Java 8 became the default

2017-01-30 10:19:25 GMT <IanW1> bhagyas: SDK 3 has complier.target = 1.7 - I see the compatibility matrix does list 8 though

2017-01-30 10:19:49 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24657418/spring-core-3-2-9-java-8

2017-01-30 10:19:50 GMT <alfbot> Title: spring-core 3.2.9 + java 8 - Stack Overflow (at stackoverflow.com)

2017-01-30 10:19:59 GMT <AFaust> IanW1: The reason SDK went back may have to do with the goal of supporting older Alfresco versions which are using Java 7

2017-01-30 10:20:29 GMT <bhagyas> IanW1: Yeah, I have noticed that, we need a manual override for Java 1.8

2017-01-30 10:20:38 GMT <bhagyas> Spring warns against using Java 8 with Spring 3x Code

2017-01-30 10:20:55 GMT <IanW1> It's a really old post but https://spring.io/blog/2013/05/21/spring-framework-4-0-m1-3-2-3-available/

2017-01-30 10:20:56 GMT <alfbot> Title: Spring Framework 4.0 M1 & 3.2.3 available (at spring.io)

2017-01-30 10:21:57 GMT <bhagyas> IanW1: reading it now

2017-01-30 10:22:37 GMT <yreg> fcorti, I am really enjoying the stuff I am doing on AAAR

2017-01-30 10:23:01 GMT <bhagyas> Looks like Spring 3.x is expecting to support Java 8 runtime for code compiled with Java 7 syntax

2017-01-30 10:23:07 GMT <yreg> it's a shame V5.0 won't be compatible with any alfresco pre 5.2.x

2017-01-30 10:23:18 GMT <AFaust> Ok - but it depends significantly on how your beans are constructed. You can use Java 8 as compilation target as long as your beans that need to be processed by ASM (i.e. for providing AOP stuff) are not using any of the new features for the public API

2017-01-30 10:24:23 GMT <IanW1> https://jira.spring.io/browse/SPR-11656 (5.1 is 3.2.14)

2017-01-30 10:25:06 GMT <AFaust> I believe 5.0 was 3.2.10

2017-01-30 10:25:45 GMT <AFaust> But then again - I am not using @ComponentScan or anything that would be affected

2017-01-30 10:26:03 GMT <bhagyas> yeah

2017-01-30 10:26:11 GMT <AFaust> you know why, bhagyas

2017-01-30 10:26:18 GMT <IanW1> (spring 3.2 end of life was 31 December 2016)

2017-01-30 10:26:44 GMT <AFaust> Still, it is definitely one of the "younger" libraries that Alfresco includes.

2017-01-30 10:27:24 GMT <AFaust> acegi, Apache FOP and org.json (among others) are even more horrendously outdated

2017-01-30 10:27:24 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: Are you saying that there are no issues injecting dependencies on Spring code you've written that are compiled and run with Java 8?

2017-01-30 10:27:50 GMT <bhagyas> If this blows up, its gonna be really difficult to fix :|

2017-01-30 10:28:40 GMT <AFaust> I am saying that none of my Spring beans / components are using techniques that are listed as affected.

2017-01-30 10:29:32 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: Do you have a list of potentially affected components?

2017-01-30 10:29:48 GMT <AFaust> I will not claim that it won't blow up if some idiot decides to add / activate non-default functionality in Alfresco, e.g. using anything related to "component scanning"

2017-01-30 10:31:01 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: Custom aspect weaving as well?

2017-01-30 10:31:08 GMT <AFaust> But even then I would assign a very low likelihood of that, since I do not use Java 8 lambdas, default methods or other extensions to method definitions in my public API

2017-01-30 10:32:00 GMT <AFaust> Custom aspect weaving would also be a non-default functionality ("default" = bundled, enabled and used in out-of-the-box Alfresco)

2017-01-30 10:32:22 GMT <AFaust> But should also be fine since my implementation beans are not using those Java 8 features on their public API

2017-01-30 10:32:39 GMT <AFaust> I only use those for implementation internals

2017-01-30 10:33:02 GMT <bhagyas> Was actually thinking of adding Aspect wearing for adding some additional security checks

2017-01-30 10:33:09 GMT <bhagyas> so might as well drop Java 8 altogether then

2017-01-30 10:33:16 GMT <bhagyas> weaving*

2017-01-30 10:33:17 GMT <IanW1> If you run a OWASP vuln check then a good chunk of those listed are in the alf libraries, not the 3rd party ones...

2017-01-30 10:33:39 GMT <bhagyas> IanW1: haha

2017-01-30 10:33:50 GMT <AFaust> For security checks I would use the default pattern of AOP interceptors on services

2017-01-30 10:33:53 GMT <bhagyas> We can't fix Alfresco, can we? ;)

2017-01-30 10:33:55 GMT <AFaust> which do not use weaving

2017-01-30 10:35:13 GMT <fcorti> hi angelborroy, the right person for the review is resplin

2017-01-30 10:35:26 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti ok, thanks

2017-01-30 10:35:28 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: Do you have an example"?

2017-01-30 10:35:40 GMT <fcorti> Let's see what resplin share as update on the https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-20221

2017-01-30 10:36:03 GMT <fcorti> (I digit again the description so Richard can reply, once he will be available ;-) )

2017-01-30 10:36:04 GMT <angelborroy> ~later tell resplin can you review this one? https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-20221 It seems “dangeours” for developers...

2017-01-30 10:36:04 GMT <alfbot> angelborroy: The operation succeeded.

2017-01-30 10:36:58 GMT <AFaust> bhagyas: Just using the Alfresco default service pattern, e.g. here https://github.com/Acosix/alfresco-site-hierarchy/blob/master/repository/src/main/config/context/service-context.xml#L19

2017-01-30 10:36:59 GMT <alfbot> Title: alfresco-site-hierarchy/service-context.xml at master · Acosix/alfresco-site-hierarchy · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-01-30 10:37:10 GMT <AFaust> In that case no custom interceptor but could always be added

2017-01-30 10:37:46 GMT <AFaust> you might find the one TODO in that file as a hint of what I already intend to add in the future

2017-01-30 10:37:55 GMT <bhagyas> ah, that won't work in this case

2017-01-30 10:38:14 GMT <bhagyas> since it's not going to be a built-in role validation, but rather a validation with an external library

2017-01-30 10:38:22 GMT <fcorti> yreg: happy to hear it... and I'm sure there is a lot fun around it. Unfortunately the BI topic is not so easy for a lot of people. ;-)

2017-01-30 10:39:53 GMT <AFaust> bhagyas: Well - it all depends on how you plan to integrate...

2017-01-30 10:40:30 GMT <bhagyas> For a start, i'm gonna leave the updated Java 8 functions as is and evaluate

2017-01-30 10:40:48 GMT <bhagyas> Hope Alfresco will get upto speed on it

2017-01-30 10:41:01 GMT <bhagyas> or not.

2017-01-30 10:44:02 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: Looked at ALF-20221 and from what I can see in the ticket description it is simply of matter of using the incorrect NotificationFrequency.

2017-01-30 10:44:18 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust why is incorrect?

2017-01-30 10:44:35 GMT <fcorti> AFaust: the ticket https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-21 is on at the attention of the correct team (Docs team)

2017-01-30 10:44:57 GMT <fcorti> They are viewing this and they will face it

2017-01-30 10:45:00 GMT <fcorti> Thank you for submitting

2017-01-30 10:45:01 GMT <AFaust> FIRST_EVENT is something I always tell people to be very careful about and to understand its implication before using it

2017-01-30 10:45:25 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust I know, but Alfresco shouldn’t provide incorrect values

2017-01-30 10:45:58 GMT <AFaust> Depending on the customisations in place (not just how the default Alfresco behaves) you can have any number of events for a policy during transaction and relying on a specific order with FIRST_EVENT is just asking for trouble

2017-01-30 10:46:12 GMT <AFaust> They are not incorrect - they are correct for the specific trigger time

2017-01-30 10:48:00 GMT <AFaust> E.g. I just have to add a simple form filter on the Repository tier that handles "beforePersist" for a cm:content node and "Edit Properties" may trigger a completely different sequence of events with the first event showing the values that I set in my "beforePersist"

2017-01-30 10:49:43 GMT <AFaust> Derek's suggestion of using TRANSACTION_COMMIT is one way to deal with this since onUpdateProperties has been defined to always use the last "after" property values map received when calling the behaviour, but there can be various problems there as well

2017-01-30 10:50:44 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust I (hardly) can understand your explanation

2017-01-30 10:50:56 GMT <AFaust> i.e. the behaviour could have been suppressed for a part of the transaction via the BehaviourFilter in which case the "after" map will not be updated. Also the node may have been deleted before the TRANSACTION_COMMIT is called and almost all developers forget to check if the node still exists, causing "Invalid NodeRef" errors

2017-01-30 10:52:02 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: I can understand that it may be hard to follow. That's why it is almost always easier for me to tell people just to ignore the FIRST_EVENT/TRANSACTION_COMMIT altogether and "trust me on this"

2017-01-30 10:52:03 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust However, as “soldier” developer, I expect that this method provide me access to previous value without all this complexity

2017-01-30 10:53:56 GMT <AFaust> The problem is: The expectation is not backed by any documentation, just your subjective interpretation. The only documentation that exits is the source of the internal behaviour handling itself

2017-01-30 10:54:28 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust agree

2017-01-30 10:54:31 GMT <AFaust> This is where bhagyas will likely chime in with his old complaint that "Alfresco never publishes design specifications for any of its features"

2017-01-30 10:55:51 GMT <AFaust> And the worst part about this (and other features) is that a lot of Alfresco engineers don't fully understand it themselves...

2017-01-30 11:06:09 GMT <bhagyas> Dropped Java 8 code :/

2017-01-30 11:06:15 GMT <bhagyas> Stashed for someday in future

2017-01-30 11:06:25 GMT <bhagyas> Where Alfresco has gone fully open source ;)

2017-01-30 11:08:39 GMT <AFaust> So - never?

2017-01-30 11:09:26 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: I'm hopeful

2017-01-30 11:09:46 GMT <bhagyas> -= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-

2017-01-30 11:13:13 GMT <AFaust> -= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-

2017-01-30 11:13:23 GMT <bhagyas> yeah, either way it will happen

2017-01-30 11:13:32 GMT <AFaust> -= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-

2017-01-30 13:06:35 GMT <magp> Hey guys! I'm trying to get the HTMLRenderingEngine to output images alongside the created rendition. I can't really get it to work. Has anyone else done this or something similar?

2017-01-30 13:15:50 GMT <yreg> Guys, I want to be able to track users/groups creation/modifications

2017-01-30 13:16:30 GMT <yreg> and I am thinking about a policy to add cm:auditable onCreateNode

2017-01-30 13:17:19 GMT <yreg> any thought about that? is there any special considerations to keep in mind while attempting this ?

2017-01-30 13:29:27 GMT <AFaust> yreg: Why not cm:person / cm:authorityContainer?

2017-01-30 13:29:57 GMT <AFaust> cm:auditable will not be used on cm:person / cm:authorityContainer AFAIK so your policy will not be called

2017-01-30 13:30:16 GMT <AFaust> Because these types of nodes don't have the aspect

2017-01-30 13:30:30 GMT <AFaust> That's right: There is no tracking when a user has been created / modified...

2017-01-30 13:32:39 GMT <yreg> AFaust, I meant add cm:auditable onCreateNode for cm:authority (parent type of cm:person and cm:authorityContainer)

2017-01-30 13:33:25 GMT <yreg> but I am a bit cautious and definitely do not want to cause any performance overhead

2017-01-30 13:34:56 GMT <AFaust> That should be fine

2017-01-30 13:35:08 GMT <AFaust> I did that once ages ago for a customer - no side effects

2017-01-30 13:35:15 GMT <yreg> (y) thanks for confirming that

2017-01-30 13:35:19 GMT <AFaust> Don't understand why that isn't applied as part of the default

2017-01-30 13:45:49 GMT <yreg> me neither, TBH that's why I asked about implication in here, though there must be a valid reason not to have it by default

2017-01-30 14:08:26 GMT <AFaust> yreg: "valid reason" = no one ever though about this and PM didn't ask for it in acceptance criteria

2017-01-30 14:11:43 GMT <yreg> fcorti, QQ: Do you know if AAAR handles well nodes with multiple parents ?

2017-01-30 14:12:00 GMT <yreg> or does it only keep track of the primary parent ?

2017-01-30 14:12:41 GMT <yreg> I was exploring the datamart structure, and at first glance, it sounds like only one parent is supported

2017-01-30 14:16:03 GMT <fcorti> yreg: not at the moment. It supports only the primary parent.

2017-01-30 14:16:33 GMT <fcorti> In Alflytics I'm planning to manage also links... but it's not the secondary parent

2017-01-30 14:29:30 GMT <yreg> fcorti I am thinking about adding an association dimension to cover all child parent associations (primary or not)

2017-01-30 14:30:41 GMT <yreg> hmm give, a second thought, I do not think this would be easily achievable

2017-01-30 14:30:47 GMT <fcorti> yreg mmmm... interesting

2017-01-30 14:30:53 GMT <fcorti> it is not... but possibile

2017-01-30 14:31:01 GMT <fcorti> and the design is the hardest part, as usual

2017-01-30 14:31:34 GMT <yreg> fcorti, I am thinking about this because I need to make reports with users and groups

2017-01-30 14:31:34 GMT <fcorti> the definition of measures (what to count/sum) and dimensions (how the data can be classified)

2017-01-30 14:31:49 GMT <fcorti> but you are right....

2017-01-30 14:32:07 GMT <fcorti> it's something we could do better... but it requires effort ;-)

2017-01-30 14:32:24 GMT <yreg> and I was thinking about replicating the document and folder dimensions into two new dimensions (person and group) and include this multi-parent support

2017-01-30 14:32:46 GMT <fcorti> yreg +1

2017-01-30 14:32:50 GMT <fcorti> nice

2017-01-30 14:34:39 GMT <yreg> as you can see I want to do this but with the minimum effort possible as this is still a PoC and we are not charging for it :P

2017-01-30 15:12:59 GMT <fcorti> yreg: nice

2017-01-30 15:13:14 GMT <alfbot> resplin: Sent 4 hours and 37 minutes ago: <angelborroy> can you review this one? https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-20221 It seems “dangeours” for developers...

2017-01-30 15:13:19 GMT <fcorti> if you will share samples and solutions

2017-01-30 15:15:16 GMT <fcorti> could be nice

2017-01-30 15:15:31 GMT <yreg> will probably be the case

2017-01-30 15:15:55 GMT <fcorti> cool

2017-01-30 15:16:15 GMT <yreg> I will need to check with the customer of course if he would like his usecase to make it to a beecon presentation

2017-01-30 15:16:23 GMT <yreg> but I think it is possible

2017-01-30 15:16:34 GMT <fcorti> this is what I wanted to hear :-)

2017-01-30 15:17:00 GMT <resplin> angelborroy: regarding ALF-20221 do you see it on recent versions of Alfresco?

2017-01-30 15:17:21 GMT <angelborroy> bgallet was facing this issue again this morning

2017-01-30 15:17:56 GMT <angelborroy> resplin if you have time to review IRC log, different opinions has been expressed

2017-01-30 15:18:26 GMT <angelborroy> respling According to AFaust criteria, issue is catalogued as Won’t Fix correctly and should be solved by documentantion

2017-01-30 15:18:33 GMT <angelborroy> resplin Probably he is right

2017-01-30 15:23:28 GMT <yreg> fcorti, QQ: is it safe to assume that AAAR_DataMart should not contain any data pre-first extraction ?

2017-01-30 15:23:44 GMT <yreg> or does it need unkown records to be bootstrapped ?

2017-01-30 15:26:24 GMT <resplin> angelborroy: Can you create an ALF issue suggesting the change to the documentation? I can then discuss it with the team during the next triage.

2017-01-30 15:26:51 GMT <angelborroy> sure

2017-01-30 15:27:09 GMT <resplin> Thank you.

2017-01-30 15:38:10 GMT <fcorti> sorry yreg, I was in a call.

2017-01-30 15:38:57 GMT <fcorti> yreg: the AAAR_DataMart is empty except the unknown value in the DM_DIM_... tables..

2017-01-30 15:40:26 GMT <yreg> So those unknown values must be exported as well if I am to transfer my modifications from one instance to one other

2017-01-30 15:40:28 GMT <yreg> thanks

2017-01-30 15:42:29 GMT <fcorti> yes

2017-01-30 15:42:51 GMT <fcorti> in a BI project the UNKNOW value are relevant in the JOINs in queries

2017-01-30 15:43:13 GMT <fcorti> no Unknown value => no correct join => wrong data => wrong analytics :-(

2017-01-30 15:48:04 GMT <yreg> interesting

2017-01-30 15:59:02 GMT <fcorti> and be prepared during your demo: the first thing that a customer see in a report is the UNKNOWN value

2017-01-30 15:59:17 GMT <fcorti> and he/she always says: it is wrong, this report is wrong

2017-01-30 15:59:48 GMT <fcorti> But the unknown data is correct

2017-01-30 16:00:05 GMT <fcorti> the reason is always in the data (or in a wrong ETL job/transformation)

2017-01-30 16:55:01 GMT * AFaust is honestly surprised by the Contezza announcement today...

2017-01-30 17:06:05 GMT <yreg> AFaust, this one ? http://www.contezza.nl/nieuws/contezza-kiest-voor-alfresco

2017-01-30 17:06:06 GMT <alfbot> Title: Contezza kiest voor Alfresco - Contezza (at www.contezza.nl)

2017-01-30 17:06:23 GMT <yreg> I thought they were partners already

2017-01-30 17:06:40 GMT <fcorti> yreg, he is talking also about this

2017-01-30 17:06:41 GMT <fcorti> https://twitter.com/tahirshazad/status/826097069731487744

2017-01-30 17:07:28 GMT <AFaust> Both are regarding the same thing

2017-01-30 17:49:56 GMT <yreg> fcorti, is there any reason why LC_COLLATE is set to 'C' instead of 'en_US.utf8' for example ?

2017-01-30 17:50:35 GMT <fcorti> No

2017-01-30 17:50:57 GMT <fcorti> I did not realise this

2017-01-30 18:03:44 GMT <yreg> I was asking, because it is different from the default on my system

2017-01-30 18:04:16 GMT <yreg> will go safe and use LC_COLLATE = 'C' when restoring a database dump ;-)

2017-01-30 19:37:05 GMT <jpotts> AFaust: I was also surprised that Contezza decided to become a partner.

2017-01-30 19:37:17 GMT <jpotts> I'll be interested to hear more from Tahir.

2017-01-30 21:13:09 GMT <resplin> AFaust: I quickly browsed the logs from earlier today.

2017-01-30 21:13:27 GMT <resplin> Unless I am mistaken, Java 8 is the only supported JRE for Alfresco 5.1 and above. So if you see a Java 8 bug, please report it.

2017-01-30 21:13:50 GMT <AFaust> Already did

2017-01-30 21:13:57 GMT <resplin> Thanks.

2017-01-30 21:14:22 GMT <resplin> Oh, I see it now.

2017-01-30 21:14:27 GMT <AFaust> And resplin, please avoid using the term JRE in reference to Alfresco. Always tell people to use the JDK

2017-01-30 21:14:50 GMT <AFaust> I hate coming to customers that only use JRE for running Alfresco without any of the tools I need to analyze problems...

2017-01-30 21:15:01 GMT <AFaust> Just because somewhere there waa a mention of JRE instead of JDK

2017-01-30 21:15:15 GMT <resplin> Well, it technically does run under the JRE.

2017-01-30 21:15:29 GMT <AFaust> I know - for us techies that is quite clear.

2017-01-30 21:16:14 GMT <AFaust> But this customer folk, they already have smoke coming out of their head when I start talking about "Java Virtual Machine" and they insist "we don't want to use a virtual machine for Alfresco"

2017-01-30 21:16:38 GMT <AFaust> (Exaggerating obviously)

2017-01-30 21:16:57 GMT <resplin> That's why they hire you to make all this confusing nonsense go away!

2017-01-30 21:17:48 GMT <AFaust> The Linux distributions should just not include any JRE in the package repositories for server environments

2017-01-30 21:18:23 GMT <resplin> Some would argue that installing unnecessary development tools presents a larger attack surface should someone get access to the machine.

2017-01-30 21:20:11 GMT <AFaust> Yeah - they'll be sorry when they see my bill for handling their support issue when I could do nothing but fimble with my thumbs because they senselessly restricted tool access behind a triple layer firewall, with double layer VM + VPN client connection.

2017-01-30 21:20:44 GMT <AFaust> And in those cases, you typically find one glaring hole in the entire setup a few weeks later that makes any security pointless anyway

2017-01-30 21:21:01 GMT <AFaust> But hey, what is money down the drain...

2017-01-30 21:22:54 GMT <AFaust> I have a customer where you cannot access gist.github.com from a development environment so people don't "accidentally" publish code. It's crazy what kind of paranoid guards are put in place to avoid unqualified people from doing harm in their job...

2017-01-30 21:23:03 GMT <AFaust> And on the other hand, you have POTUS...

2017-01-30 21:23:16 GMT <resplin> https://despair.com/products/consulting

2017-01-30 21:23:17 GMT <alfbot> Title: Consulting - Despair, Inc. (at despair.com)

2017-01-30 21:23:18 GMT * AFaust is sorry - that was just too good to pass up....

2017-01-30 21:24:06 GMT <resplin> I would lol regarding unqualified people in positions of doing significant harm, but it is just so scary.

2017-01-30 21:24:11 GMT <AFaust> True...

2017-01-30 21:24:23 GMT <resplin> But that consulting poster, well, it explains the situation pretty well.

2017-01-30 21:24:37 GMT <AFaust> It certainly was a scary weekend, even observing it from over here...

2017-01-30 21:25:47 GMT <AFaust> I tend to (cynically) claim that the Pareto principle also applies to qualification on the job.

2017-01-30 21:26:09 GMT <resplin> That wouldn't be very hard to empirically validate.

2017-01-30 21:26:37 GMT <AFaust> 80% of people are completely unqualified for their job/profession, and 20% are left to to drag the cart out of the mud

2017-01-30 21:26:51 GMT <AFaust> in every industry...

2017-01-30 21:27:06 GMT <AFaust> and in IT I'd be willing to go as far as 90:10 or even 95:5

2017-01-30 21:29:51 GMT <AFaust> Ok - enough cynicism for this evening - I still got an offer to write...

2017-01-30 21:34:45 GMT <resplin> Good luck.

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