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2017-02-01 08:36:19 GMT <Vasquez> hi guys just a theoretical question? Is it possible that callback after successful transaction is not called every time?

2017-02-01 08:36:27 GMT <Vasquez> if defined of course

2017-02-01 09:11:48 GMT <yreg> Morning guys

2017-02-01 09:17:58 GMT <yreg> ~later tell fcorti do you remember that ERROR I told you about, the one when trying to save transformation ? when ever I get that error the transformation is deleted from the kettle repo !!

2017-02-01 09:17:58 GMT <alfbot> yreg: The operation succeeded.

2017-02-01 09:19:36 GMT <yreg> ~later tell fcorti, and removing the last operation in the transformation (logging errors when inserting new stuff to stagging tables) solves the problem and makes the transformation savable again !

2017-02-01 09:19:36 GMT <alfbot> yreg: The operation succeeded.

2017-02-01 09:26:46 GMT <twen> bonjour

2017-02-01 09:28:58 GMT <alfbot> bmejias: Sent 16 hours and 45 minutes ago: <resplin> kgastaldo thinks we should use the PechaKucha format instead of Ignite style for lightning talks at BeeCon. It's the same idea, but 7 minutes instead of 5

2017-02-01 09:32:00 GMT <alfbot> fcorti: Sent 14 minutes ago: <yreg> do you remember that ERROR I told you about, the one when trying to save transformation ? when ever I get that error the transformation is deleted from the kettle repo !!

2017-02-01 09:32:01 GMT <alfbot> fcorti: Sent 12 minutes ago: <yreg> removing the last operation in the transformation (logging errors when inserting new stuff to stagging tables) solves the problem and makes the transformation savable again !

2017-02-01 09:33:07 GMT <fcorti> yreg eh, eh... I experienced this in the past... when something fails in saving the jobs/transofrmations the repository could be not consistent

2017-02-01 09:33:51 GMT <yreg> Yes, and interestingly if I delete the log for failure to insert in stagging tables it works

2017-02-01 09:34:21 GMT <yreg> and this behaviour is not only related to my old environment

2017-02-01 09:34:35 GMT <yreg> but to a fresh install as well !!!

2017-02-01 09:36:23 GMT <bmejias> yreg, oh master of the irc commands... I have a question

2017-02-01 09:36:34 GMT <bmejias> can you use later to send a message to more than one user?

2017-02-01 09:38:03 GMT <Loftux> True Pecha Kucha format only allows for images (as in no text on slides).

2017-02-01 09:38:23 GMT <yreg> bmejias, later is not an IRC command, it's a plugin for supybot (the main project alfbot is forked from)

2017-02-01 09:39:24 GMT <yreg> bmejias, I will not answer your question !

2017-02-01 09:39:31 GMT <yreg> ~help later tell

2017-02-01 09:39:31 GMT <alfbot> yreg: (later tell <nick1[,nick2[,...]]> <text>) -- Tells each <nickX> <text> the next time <nickX> is seen. <nickX> can contain wildcard characters, and the first matching nick will be given the note.

2017-02-01 09:39:49 GMT <yreg> but alfbot did :P

2017-02-01 09:40:08 GMT <bmejias> Loftux I don't know Pecha Kucha, but if it is only images, it might complicate a bit the speakers

2017-02-01 09:40:42 GMT <bmejias> however, we can simply say we use Ignite Style, but instead of 20 slides, speakers get 28 slides = 7 minutes.

2017-02-01 09:40:50 GMT <bmejias> anyway, I think 5 minutes is just fine.

2017-02-01 09:41:07 GMT <bmejias> it force you to really talk about the important stuff

2017-02-01 09:41:26 GMT <angelborroy> bmejias maybe for you, but not for many people (like me)

2017-02-01 09:41:38 GMT <angelborroy> bmejias having a 20x20 structure is better for non-native speakers

2017-02-01 09:41:54 GMT <bmejias> angelborroy it forces everyone

2017-02-01 09:42:04 GMT <angelborroy> bmejias as we have to think faster than you because of the “translations"

2017-02-01 09:42:12 GMT <bmejias> however, not everyone manage to do it.

2017-02-01 09:42:44 GMT <bmejias> but then, some people don't have enough with 90 minutes either, or even with some hours (Fidel Castro comes to mind)

2017-02-01 09:42:57 GMT <angelborroy> I’m really comfortable with 5 minutes, as I’ve made 3 or 4 in the past and it goes fine

2017-02-01 09:43:21 GMT <bmejias> angelborroy I certainly understand the difficulty of the language, but if you exercise enough, you can tell quite a lot in 5 minutes.

2017-02-01 09:43:37 GMT <angelborroy> I know, but I have to write down all the text for the presentation

2017-02-01 09:43:43 GMT <bmejias> angelborroy yes, you have presented excellent LTs

2017-02-01 09:43:48 GMT <angelborroy> And it’s hard to memorize in English rather than in Spanish

2017-02-01 09:43:53 GMT <Loftux> That is what I going for, if you say Pecha Kucha, you have to clarify that you allow for text. Wife has to do a Pecha Kucha on her 7 week internship at a phsycatric clinic, and they are not allowed to take pictures there. I suggested 20 images on the parking lot :)

2017-02-01 09:44:15 GMT <bmejias> Loftux hahaha

2017-02-01 09:44:22 GMT <bmejias> yeah, each car has it's own personality

2017-02-01 09:44:53 GMT <bmejias> even an empty parking space can speak for itself.

2017-02-01 09:45:11 GMT <bmejias> Loftux maybe using drawings? and then scan them?

2017-02-01 09:45:29 GMT <angelborroy> I definitively like the idea, maybe we can offer this format as optional

2017-02-01 09:45:36 GMT <angelborroy> and let the speaker to decide

2017-02-01 09:46:13 GMT <bmejias> but then: 5 minutes as Ignite with text vs 7 minutes with Pecha Kucha with only images?

2017-02-01 09:46:18 GMT <angelborroy> I’m imagining Jeff speaking a Pecha Kucha and it looks great!

2017-02-01 09:46:24 GMT <bmejias> they will have to tell me way in advance to schedule that thing.

2017-02-01 09:46:30 GMT <angelborroy> yes, of course

2017-02-01 09:46:50 GMT <bmejias> angelborroy what looks great? Jeff or the slides?

2017-02-01 09:46:55 GMT <angelborroy> hehe

2017-02-01 09:47:23 GMT <angelborroy> 20x15 in text or 20x20 with images

2017-02-01 09:47:36 GMT <angelborroy> bmejias We should respect original formats

2017-02-01 09:47:45 GMT <bmejias> anybody a link to a good example of a Pecha Kucha presentation?

2017-02-01 09:47:53 GMT <yreg> bmejias, both I assume, the slides and the way they get presented

2017-02-01 09:48:36 GMT <yreg> bmejias, looks like there is a dedicated website

2017-02-01 09:48:37 GMT <yreg> http://www.pechakucha.org/watch

2017-02-01 09:48:38 GMT <alfbot> Title: PechaKucha 20x20 - Watch (at www.pechakucha.org)

2017-02-01 09:48:47 GMT <bmejias> yreg, ah you say both, but you are adding a third option to angelborroy's sentence: "the way its presented"

2017-02-01 09:49:34 GMT <bmejias> yreg thanks for the link, I need more filtering

2017-02-01 09:49:45 GMT <bmejias> any recommendation from that long list?

2017-02-01 09:49:51 GMT <bmejias> or are they all very good?

2017-02-01 09:53:06 GMT <bgallet> Hi, can someone tell me what i'm doing wrong in my behaviors please: http://pastebin.com/CEytK5NL

2017-02-01 09:53:07 GMT <alfbot> Title: [Java] package com.millim.ged.behavior; import java.io.Serializable; import java.te - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-02-01 09:53:11 GMT <bgallet> It works well in the extension project, but after deployment in final project, the afterCommit method is called(that's good), but the edited / created node does not exist at this moment

2017-02-01 09:59:56 GMT <angelborroy> bgallet I don’t understand how “updateJSONFile” works

2017-02-01 10:02:49 GMT <bgallet> It generates the smart folder json structure and write it to the bil_billFolder.json template file

2017-02-01 10:03:19 GMT <angelborroy> but I don’t know which node does not exist

2017-02-01 10:03:37 GMT <angelborroy> in which line are you observing the exception?

2017-02-01 10:04:27 GMT <bgallet> there is no exception thrown, everything is doing well but not in the good order i think

2017-02-01 10:04:36 GMT <bgallet> I have a billFolder aspect

2017-02-01 10:04:45 GMT <angelborroy> it’s hard to understand your problem

2017-02-01 10:05:13 GMT <bgallet> Each time a file is added to this kind of folder, I add the bill type to the file and update his properties based on his name

2017-02-01 10:05:45 GMT <bgallet> and update the smart folder structure so final users can navigate through bills via cifs

2017-02-01 10:05:53 GMT <bgallet> it's hard to explain

2017-02-01 10:06:30 GMT <angelborroy> ah, ok

2017-02-01 10:06:41 GMT <bgallet> the system works, but in production, when the updateJSON method is called, the file does not exist yet

2017-02-01 10:06:47 GMT <angelborroy> so maybe you can move your “assignProperties” method to afterCommit, right?

2017-02-01 10:07:20 GMT <bgallet> yes, first I can do this, good point..

2017-02-01 10:08:49 GMT <bgallet> should i move it to afterCommit or in the execute() method ?

2017-02-01 10:08:59 GMT <angelborroy> you can try

2017-02-01 10:09:12 GMT <angelborroy> but I’m still not understanding clearly your problem

2017-02-01 10:10:18 GMT <bgallet> let me some times, i'll prepare some screenshots to explain that, thank you for your help

2017-02-01 10:25:56 GMT <yreg> bmejias, I find this one cool http://www.pechakucha.org/presentations/learn-like-a-beginner , but I definitely do not recommend us forcing presenter to use this style, sounds difficult

2017-02-01 10:25:57 GMT <alfbot> Title: PechaKucha 20x20 - Learn Like A Beginner (at www.pechakucha.org)

2017-02-01 10:37:58 GMT <bgallet> angelborroy https://we.tl/RPJnKEs6eN

2017-02-01 10:38:01 GMT <alfbot> Title: WeTransfer (at wetransfer.com)

2017-02-01 10:40:07 GMT <angelborroy> bgallet you need more detailed logs to find out what is happenning

2017-02-01 10:40:39 GMT <bgallet> how do I get it ?

2017-02-01 10:40:50 GMT <angelborroy> log.debug?

2017-02-01 10:41:30 GMT <bgallet> yes but they're not shown in alfresco.log

2017-02-01 10:42:01 GMT <angelborroy> really?

2017-02-01 10:42:06 GMT <angelborroy> are you using Windows???

2017-02-01 10:43:00 GMT <bgallet> only for developping the extension, but my main project is on debian

2017-02-01 10:43:08 GMT <angelborroy> wow

2017-02-01 10:43:26 GMT <angelborroy> anyway you have to include a log4j.properties in your Alfresco project

2017-02-01 10:43:28 GMT <bgallet> is it that bad ?

2017-02-01 10:43:51 GMT <angelborroy> and include a line like log4j.logger.com.millim=debug

2017-02-01 10:44:35 GMT <bgallet> I'll check that thanks

2017-02-01 10:44:53 GMT <angelborroy> no worries about Windows, it that I don’t like it at all

2017-02-01 10:45:07 GMT <angelborroy> maybe because I’m not able to understand/use it properly

2017-02-01 10:50:57 GMT <bgallet> agree with you, I'm quietly migrating all my company's windows servers to unix ones

2017-02-01 10:57:00 GMT <bgallet> wow sometimes it works randomly

2017-02-01 10:57:10 GMT <bgallet> it's really weird

2017-02-01 11:56:57 GMT <bgallet> angelborroy I think my thread was executing too fast, after adding a delay, everything seems to go well. It could explain why it was working some times

2017-02-01 11:57:08 GMT <bgallet> anyway thank you for your help

2017-02-01 11:57:58 GMT <angelborroy> bgallet I’m clueless

2017-02-01 11:58:22 GMT <angelborroy> bgallet TransactionListener is supposed to be run AFTER transaction

2017-02-01 11:58:39 GMT <angelborroy> bgallet so every node created inside your behaviour should be available

2017-02-01 11:59:00 GMT <bgallet> yes, but I figured out an other little issue in link with this one

2017-02-01 11:59:38 GMT <bgallet> when I add a file via cifs, I have a 2-3 seconds delay before it appears in the existing smartfolder results

2017-02-01 12:00:12 GMT <angelborroy> bgallet this can be explained

2017-02-01 12:00:23 GMT <angelborroy> bgallet as SOLR needs some time to index all

2017-02-01 12:00:39 GMT <bgallet> angelborroy I think so

2017-02-01 12:01:13 GMT <bgallet> it's not as good as I thought but a 10 seconds delay is nothing for the use I want for this application

2017-02-01 12:01:34 GMT <bgallet> time to lunch, thank you again

2017-02-01 14:21:23 GMT <yreg> fcorti, So the three extractions (audit, nodes and workflows) are not the independent after all : if you extract nodes first then extracts audit you always hit an error! is this a bug or a known constraint ?

2017-02-01 14:22:04 GMT <fcorti> They are indipendent.

2017-02-01 14:22:10 GMT <fcorti> You can decide to extract audit

2017-02-01 14:22:12 GMT <fcorti> only

2017-02-01 14:22:15 GMT <fcorti> repo only

2017-02-01 14:22:18 GMT <fcorti> or both

2017-02-01 14:22:36 GMT <fcorti> I'm thinking why they should fail...

2017-02-01 14:22:40 GMT <fcorti> beacuse of the order

2017-02-01 14:22:57 GMT <fcorti> theoretically, they should not fail

2017-02-01 14:23:18 GMT <fcorti> Which error you get during the repo extraction?

2017-02-01 14:29:32 GMT <yreg> fcorti, during the very first extraction

2017-02-01 14:29:53 GMT <yreg> if on a fresh install you extract nodes then you extract audit

2017-02-01 14:29:53 GMT <fcorti> mmmm, so I think the order is not the real issue

2017-02-01 14:30:02 GMT <yreg> you will definitely hit my error

2017-02-01 14:30:14 GMT <fcorti> probably the users....

2017-02-01 14:30:20 GMT <yreg> tried it multiple times

2017-02-01 14:30:32 GMT <fcorti> please share the error you get

2017-02-01 14:30:39 GMT <yreg> I can see that it fails when trying to update ope_audit

2017-02-01 14:31:47 GMT <yreg> fcorti, here you are

2017-02-01 14:32:57 GMT <fcorti> there is no relation between OPE about audits and repository...

2017-02-01 14:35:27 GMT <yreg> fcorti, here is the query : update ope_audits

2017-02-01 14:35:27 GMT <yreg> postgres-aaar_1 | set

2017-02-01 14:35:27 GMT <yreg> postgres-aaar_1 | "node-dbid" = (select v."node-dbid" from vw_rest_documents_and_folders_path v where v.path = "ope_audits".path and "ope_audits".alfresco_id = 1),

2017-02-01 14:35:27 GMT <yreg> postgres-aaar_1 | "type" = (select v."type" from vw_rest_documents_and_folders_path v where v.path = "ope_audits".path and "ope_audits".alfresco_id = 1)

2017-02-01 14:35:40 GMT <fcorti> aaaaahhhhh....

2017-02-01 14:35:43 GMT <fcorti> you are right

2017-02-01 14:36:16 GMT <yreg> it fails when this returns more than one row : (select v."node-dbid" from vw_rest_documents_and_folders_path v where v.path = "ope_audits".path and "ope_audits".alfresco_id = 1)

2017-02-01 14:36:44 GMT <fcorti> mmmm....

2017-02-01 14:37:28 GMT <fcorti> the patch is:

2017-02-01 14:37:50 GMT <fcorti> "node-dbid" = (select v."node-dbid" from vw_rest_documents_and_folders_path v where v.path = "ope_audits".path and "ope_audits".alfresco_id = 1 limit 1)

2017-02-01 14:37:58 GMT <fcorti> (the limit 1 at the end of the sql)

2017-02-01 14:38:06 GMT <fcorti> ok, it is dirty

2017-02-01 14:38:14 GMT <yreg> Yes figured so :P

2017-02-01 14:38:28 GMT <fcorti> but it's the only one possible at the moment

2017-02-01 14:38:36 GMT <yreg> No worries

2017-02-01 15:20:06 GMT <yreg> fcorti, there is a bug in GetNodesModifiedAfterWebScript.java:279 that manifests whenever you try to extract custom properties that are set but have null values

2017-02-01 15:20:38 GMT <fcorti> ok

2017-02-01 15:20:51 GMT <fcorti> do you know how to solve it?

2017-02-01 15:22:07 GMT <yreg> I am working on it, if you think it is worth it, I will file a pull request tonight

2017-02-01 15:22:16 GMT <fcorti> great

2017-02-01 15:22:36 GMT <fcorti> let me know if you need support

2017-02-01 15:22:43 GMT <yreg> but I think all that part (special webscripts) will go away with Alflytics 5.0

2017-02-01 15:22:51 GMT <fcorti> YESSSSSS

2017-02-01 15:22:59 GMT <fcorti> everything will be extremely simpler

2017-02-01 15:23:08 GMT <fcorti> no installation on the Alfresco side

2017-02-01 15:23:29 GMT <bgallet> Hi, does anyone have a good link for a doc on implementing custom facets in search please ?

2017-02-01 15:23:46 GMT <yreg> OK, will give it a run as soon as WE setup docker containers for 5.2

2017-02-01 15:24:03 GMT <yreg> I meant Alfresco 5.2

2017-02-01 15:24:18 GMT <fcorti> ok, nice

2017-02-01 15:25:17 GMT <fcorti> bgallet, I remember some posts from the Search Team

2017-02-01 15:25:33 GMT <fcorti> not sure, they could contain soething about it

2017-02-01 15:25:38 GMT <fcorti> let me check

2017-02-01 15:26:25 GMT <bgallet> thank you, it's hard to find good tech docs on alfresco

2017-02-01 15:26:57 GMT <fcorti> https://community.alfresco.com/community/ecm/blog/2017/01/04/installing-the-new-alfresco-search-services-with-solr-6

2017-02-01 15:26:59 GMT <alfbot> Title: Installing the new Alfresco Search Services wit... | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-02-01 15:27:05 GMT <fcorti> This is not exaclty related to this...

2017-02-01 15:27:14 GMT <fcorti> but during my search.. I share the links :-P

2017-02-01 15:28:06 GMT <bgallet> I could need this one day who knows

2017-02-01 15:28:48 GMT <fcorti> wait... but which Alfresco version are you using

2017-02-01 15:28:50 GMT <fcorti> ?

2017-02-01 15:28:53 GMT <bgallet> In fact I want my "date" to be filtered by Month / Year instead of last month etc

2017-02-01 15:29:25 GMT <bgallet> Alfresco Community v5.2.0

2017-02-01 15:32:58 GMT <fcorti> hmm, i don't believe there are docs. The api-explorer has examples a facetting queries

2017-02-01 15:33:53 GMT <fcorti> but do you want to customize share?

2017-02-01 15:34:42 GMT <bgallet> yes, the filter on the left on the search results pages

2017-02-01 15:35:05 GMT <bgallet> for now my dates are just displayed as timestamps

2017-02-01 15:35:23 GMT <bgallet> I want to group them by buckets

2017-02-01 15:36:16 GMT <fcorti> So, I cannot point to a specific tutorial on that

2017-02-01 15:37:32 GMT <bgallet> even if it's not a tutorial, isn't it a piece of doc I could start from ?

2017-02-01 15:37:43 GMT <fcorti> https://community.alfresco.com/community/ecm/blog/2015/04/01/adding-views-to-filtered-search

2017-02-01 15:37:46 GMT <alfbot> Title: Adding Views to Filtered Search | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-02-01 15:38:55 GMT <fcorti> https://community.alfresco.com/community/ecm/blog/2016/09/16/customizing-search-queries

2017-02-01 15:38:56 GMT <alfbot> Title: Customizing Search Queries | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-02-01 15:39:46 GMT <bgallet> https://github.com/Alfresco/community-edition-old/blob/master/projects/repository/config/alfresco/solr-facets-context.xml

2017-02-01 15:39:47 GMT <alfbot> Title: community-edition-old/solr-facets-context.xml at master · Alfresco/community-edition-old · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-02-01 15:40:11 GMT <bgallet> I would like to kinf complete this file

2017-02-01 15:40:26 GMT <bgallet> maybe it's not possible I don't know

2017-02-01 15:41:01 GMT <bgallet> if not, i'll just add a "month" and "date" property to my files and filter them as texts..

2017-02-01 15:41:20 GMT <fcorti> I should study the case, don't know at the moment

2017-02-01 15:41:39 GMT <fcorti> can you try the api explorer about the facet search

2017-02-01 15:46:24 GMT <bgallet> how do i do that ?

2017-02-01 15:46:41 GMT <fcorti> Are you using Solr4?

2017-02-01 15:46:50 GMT <bgallet> yes

2017-02-01 15:46:58 GMT <fcorti> The api explorer is available only with Search Service 1.0

2017-02-01 15:47:08 GMT <fcorti> so nothing useful from this path

2017-02-01 15:48:38 GMT <bgallet> alfresco is great but the doc is so poor compared to the possibilities it offers..

2017-02-01 15:49:18 GMT <fcorti> While I'm trying to give you a support, I'm trying to release a new tutorial :-P

2017-02-01 15:49:55 GMT <fcorti> On the doc/tutorial side there is a lot to do, you are right: also becuase it can do a lot

2017-02-01 15:53:52 GMT <bgallet> Anyway thank you for your help and your job, I'll do my thing in an other way for now ;)

2017-02-01 15:54:26 GMT <fcorti> you are welcome and sorry if I don't have the answer

2017-02-01 15:54:42 GMT <fcorti> you can try asking a question in the community portal

2017-02-01 15:54:51 GMT <bgallet> work* not job.. no problem ;)

2017-02-01 15:55:05 GMT <fcorti> for structured questions it help

2017-02-01 15:55:36 GMT <bgallet> yes i'll do that, maybe it could help someone else later

2017-02-01 15:55:47 GMT <fcorti> I hope! :-)

2017-02-01 16:57:21 GMT <resplin> ~later tell aborroy My request to have a team meeting in Zarogoza before BeeCon was denied. Thank you again for offering a meeting room to us.

2017-02-01 16:57:21 GMT <alfbot> resplin: The operation succeeded.

2017-02-01 17:00:13 GMT <yreg> ~later tell angelborroy resplin said :"My request to have a team meeting in Zarogoza before BeeCon was denied. Thank you again for offering a meeting room to us."

2017-02-01 17:00:13 GMT <alfbot> yreg: The operation succeeded.

2017-02-01 17:02:29 GMT <resplin> Thanks yreg

2017-02-01 17:02:35 GMT <resplin> I should have double checked his nick

2017-02-01 17:44:43 GMT <yreg> ~later tell fcorti I temporarily fixed the problem (now the extraction happens) but not sure it went right as I always get a big nasty "KO" in Data quality - Entity counters for aspects

2017-02-01 17:44:43 GMT <alfbot> yreg: The operation succeeded.

2017-02-01 17:46:11 GMT <yreg> ~later tell fcorti well I do also have a KO for tasks, but I guess that is not related, probably due to some undeployed workflow definitions or something or maybe an error in the counter script's query

2017-02-01 17:46:11 GMT <alfbot> yreg: The operation succeeded.

2017-02-01 18:12:51 GMT <alex88bb> Hi guys. I have one question:

2017-02-01 18:12:51 GMT <alex88bb> Is it possible that FTS search gives different results for different users?

2017-02-01 18:13:22 GMT <alex88bb> If I have user A and user B, and send the same query with them, I get different resutls

2017-02-01 18:15:17 GMT <eswbitto> I'm trying to find docs on how to make alfresco extension redirect to share in 5.1. Is this something I should do in a custom share config?

2017-02-01 18:15:56 GMT <eswbitto> I meant to say /alfresco redirect to /share

2017-02-01 18:38:34 GMT <resplin> eswbitto: I would do that in tomcat, or in an apache proxy

2017-02-01 18:39:36 GMT <eswbitto> resplin Could it be done in HA proxy?

2017-02-01 18:42:24 GMT <eswbitto> If so I'll find a solution that way.

2017-02-01 18:42:25 GMT <resplin> I am not very experienced with HA Proxy, but I didn't think it managed redirects.

2017-02-01 18:43:02 GMT <resplin> Essentially, you can do the redirect anywhere you want to. But I think it is easier to maintain at the layer of a web server than the Alfresco layer.

2017-02-01 18:43:20 GMT <eswbitto> I see your point.

2017-02-01 18:44:10 GMT <eswbitto> I'll try that route. Thank you for the insight.

2017-02-01 20:54:56 GMT <Popochon> uffff

2017-02-01 20:55:40 GMT <Popochon> (wrong channel sorry)

2017-02-01 21:37:49 GMT <digcat> ~later tell yreg ping me when your about cheers

2017-02-01 21:37:49 GMT <alfbot> digcat: The operation succeeded.

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