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2017-02-07 06:56:55 GMT <alfbot> twen: Sent 21 hours and 7 minutes ago: <bmejias> safe back home after FOSDEM?

2017-02-07 06:56:56 GMT <alfbot> twen: Sent 20 hours and 53 minutes ago: <fcorti> how was the FOSDEM? do you suggest to Alfresco to be there the next year?

2017-02-07 06:58:48 GMT <twen> ~later tell bmejias I'm back home now. Had trip back :) And some nice talks in ma head :)

2017-02-07 06:58:48 GMT <alfbot> twen: The operation succeeded.

2017-02-07 07:03:23 GMT <twen> ~later tell fcorti I think definitely Alfresco (showing the community version though) can have a booth. OwnCloud and NextCould were present for example. Not seen but present : Cisco (via swag), Github (via a fee coffee sponsored foodtruck), Google via Bazel.build booth and certainly more ;) ). The target is definitely on he coding part, openess, less on the solution itself

2017-02-07 07:03:23 GMT <alfbot> twen: The operation succeeded.

2017-02-07 07:28:22 GMT <alfbot> fcorti: Sent 14 hours and 7 minutes ago: <yreg> new bug with AAAR extractions, in Dimentsion update 8 in table input stg_workflow_tasks there is error in the field outcome, the corresponding line should be like this coalesce(upper(stg_workflow_tasks.outcome),'UNKNOWN') as outcome,

2017-02-07 07:28:23 GMT <alfbot> fcorti: Sent 14 hours and 5 minutes ago: <yreg> really need to note all these changes somewhere in order to be able to reproduce the kettle repo state easily

2017-02-07 07:28:24 GMT <alfbot> fcorti: Sent 13 hours and 24 minutes ago: <AFaust> Is it me or does the community.alfresco.com platform replace line delimiters when editing a syntax highlighting block? Line endings get lost that way and it is very annoying to correct these for proper display...

2017-02-07 07:28:25 GMT <alfbot> fcorti: Sent 24 minutes ago: <twen> I think definitely Alfresco (showing the community version though) can have a booth. OwnCloud and NextCould were present for example. Not seen but present : Cisco (via swag), Github (via a fee coffee sponsored foodtruck), Google via Bazel.build booth and certainly more ;) ). The target is definitely on he coding part, openess, less on the solution itself

2017-02-07 07:30:13 GMT <fcorti> yreg: yes, please, track the AAAR bugs even if I would like to try on the new Alflytics thing

2017-02-07 07:32:04 GMT <fcorti> AFaust: it is not you, Jive do it unfortunately.

2017-02-07 07:33:30 GMT <fcorti> Thank you twen. Also bmejias gave positive feedback.

2017-02-07 07:33:52 GMT <twen> fcorti Yes. I met him at fosdem, and had a little chat about it.

2017-02-07 07:34:49 GMT <fcorti> we were talk yesterday to setup a hangout or talk by person on this, also to understand the opportunity to attend the next year Alfresco+OOTB

2017-02-07 07:34:50 GMT <twen> fcorti May be a way to go is to do lie Redhat : Redhat was there via CentOS (and Fedora)... May be Helping Order of the Bee could a way.

2017-02-07 07:35:16 GMT <twen> agree

2017-02-07 07:35:18 GMT <fcorti> Yes, definitely, something like AlfrescoCE+OOTB

2017-02-07 07:36:06 GMT <fcorti> in your opinion: how many "System integrator", "customers", "freelance" where there?

2017-02-07 07:36:12 GMT <fcorti> I mean, something like

2017-02-07 07:36:49 GMT <fcorti> 50% Ssytem integrator, 15% customers, 20% customers, 15% freelance

2017-02-07 07:36:54 GMT <fcorti> (as an example)

2017-02-07 08:04:47 GMT <bhagyas> good morning all

2017-02-07 08:24:55 GMT <twen> lots of freelance, and dev employee. Customers, I don't think so much. System integrator, I don't think any... Fosdem targets really the base of developper, not companies. I would say: 90% freelance/employee, 10% customers/system integrators (difficult to really make distinction with the croud). Also Fosdem don't have proper visitor number, there noticed a bit more than 1000 unique IP on Wifi per day

2017-02-07 08:25:45 GMT <fcorti> ok, thanks, will continue to discuss on this

2017-02-07 08:26:05 GMT <twen> fcorti The BBC was even here : https://twitter.com/twenster/status/827876754463264769

2017-02-07 08:27:09 GMT <twen> fcorti Look for #fosdem on twitter, you'll get a lot of pictures from attendees

2017-02-07 08:27:58 GMT <twen> fcorti Part of the crowd https://twitter.com/twenster/status/827810722704977921

2017-02-07 08:28:33 GMT <fcorti> yes, a lot of people there

2017-02-07 08:29:28 GMT <twen> fcorti Alfresco could also request a talk introducing Alfresco to the community.

2017-02-07 08:29:45 GMT <fcorti> yes, definitely

2017-02-07 08:30:09 GMT <twen> a lot.. you need to wait in line for 30 min to 60 min to get in some room : https://twitter.com/twenster/status/828219513623703552

2017-02-07 08:30:48 GMT <fcorti> wow

2017-02-07 08:30:48 GMT <bhagyas> https://sandstorm.io/news/2017-02-06-sandstorm-returning-to-community-roots

2017-02-07 08:30:49 GMT <alfbot> Title: Sandstorm is returning to its community roots - Sandstorm Blog (at sandstorm.io)

2017-02-07 08:33:17 GMT <yreg> Morning

2017-02-07 08:33:25 GMT <twen> hi yreg

2017-02-07 08:35:16 GMT <bhagyas> Good morning

2017-02-07 08:37:44 GMT *** angelborroy_ is now known as angelborroy

2017-02-07 08:48:14 GMT <alex88bb> Hi guys! Is there any way to send the email with attachments using MailActionExecuter?

2017-02-07 08:48:16 GMT <alex88bb> Thanks

2017-02-07 08:56:17 GMT <angelborroy> alex88bb I don’t think so

2017-02-07 08:56:34 GMT <angelborroy> alex88bb You should extend MailActionExecuter for that

2017-02-07 08:57:35 GMT <alex88bb> @angelborroy Oh ok. Thanks. I will see what I can do. Maybe it is easier to use simple Java solution.

2017-02-07 09:23:13 GMT <alfbot> bmejias: Sent 2 hours and 24 minutes ago: <twen> I'm back home now. Had trip back :) And some nice talks in ma head :)

2017-02-07 09:25:47 GMT <koula> hi all.

2017-02-07 09:26:41 GMT <koula> i have installed @firma amps/ standalone application for pks11 digital signing. and it works fine.

2017-02-07 09:27:54 GMT <koula> i am trying to understand how it works: the browser opens the application and pass to it the whole document and further params. the application signs the document.

2017-02-07 09:29:17 GMT <koula> but how the application sends back the signed document to the browser so as to sent it back to the server?

2017-02-07 09:29:35 GMT <koula> (same origin policy)

2017-02-07 09:30:07 GMT <koula> and all these withou the use of applets.

2017-02-07 10:01:49 GMT <koula> AFaust any ideas?

2017-02-07 10:02:18 GMT <AFaust> I joined after the question was asked and haven't yet checked the logs

2017-02-07 10:02:39 GMT <AFaust> ~flushLog

2017-02-07 10:02:39 GMT <alfbot> AFaust: Woooosh, your log has been flushed...

2017-02-07 10:03:24 GMT <koula> i have installed @firma amps/ standalone application for pks11 digital signing. and it works fine.

2017-02-07 10:03:29 GMT <koula> i am trying to understand how it works: the browser opens the application and pass to it the whole document and further params. the application signs the document.

2017-02-07 10:03:33 GMT <koula> but how the application sends back the signed document to the browser so as to sent it back to the server?

2017-02-07 10:03:33 GMT <AFaust> I am unfamiliar with the firma AMPs...

2017-02-07 10:03:36 GMT <koula> (same origin policy)

2017-02-07 10:03:42 GMT <koula> and all these withou the use of applets.

2017-02-07 10:04:00 GMT <koula> ok. sorry for coping them again.

2017-02-07 10:04:02 GMT <AFaust> You don't need to repeat it - it is accessible from the logs (that is why I used ~flushLog just then)

2017-02-07 10:43:35 GMT <Hiten> Hi Guys

2017-02-07 10:43:52 GMT <Hiten> I am exploring CMIS using jeff potts tutorial

2017-02-07 10:44:00 GMT <Hiten> http://ecmarchitect.com/images/articles/cmis/cmis-article.pdf

2017-02-07 10:44:24 GMT <Hiten> I am trying to create a folder as specified in the tutorial but not able to

2017-02-07 10:46:22 GMT <Hiten> http://pastebin.com/55mUQsJx

2017-02-07 10:46:23 GMT <alfbot> Title: CMIS_Test - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-02-07 10:46:48 GMT <Hiten> The above link contain the curl command and the exception that I am getting

2017-02-07 12:11:43 GMT <DarkStar1> Afternoon people

2017-02-07 12:42:33 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: What is your favorite part about the ADF?

2017-02-07 12:55:21 GMT <AFaust> bhagyas: "Favorite" part about the ADF?

2017-02-07 12:55:46 GMT <AFaust> If I had to pick, it would be "I don't have to use it and can simply ignore it".

2017-02-07 12:56:20 GMT <AFaust> ~flushLog

2017-02-07 12:56:20 GMT <alfbot> AFaust: Woooosh, your log has been flushed...

2017-02-07 13:02:12 GMT <yreg> AFaust, LoL

2017-02-07 13:06:08 GMT <alex88bb> Hi guys! Is there any way I can get the location of alfresco-global.properties from java/javascript on the backend?

2017-02-07 13:08:49 GMT <AFaust> alex88bb: You should not need to get the location. Typically you just want to read a configuration from that file and that is possible by accessing the "alfresco-global" bean.

2017-02-07 13:09:03 GMT <AFaust> In Java you can get a reference to that via the Spring bean configuration.

2017-02-07 13:09:38 GMT <alex88bb> @AFaust: That is actually what I want. I want to read the mail parameters from alfresco-global.properties

2017-02-07 13:09:41 GMT <AFaust> In JavaScript you can only access it from classpath-loaded scripts which can also access the Spring application context to access any beans.

2017-02-07 13:10:10 GMT <alex88bb> Is it possible in Java?

2017-02-07 13:10:36 GMT <AFaust> This is an example for accessing alfresco-global from JavaScript: https://github.com/OrderOfTheBee/ootbee-support-tools/blob/master/repository/src/main/amp/config/alfresco/templates/webscripts/org/orderofthebee/support-tools/admin/ootbee-support-tools/caches.lib.js#L147

2017-02-07 13:10:37 GMT <alfbot> Title: ootbee-support-tools/caches.lib.js at master · OrderOfTheBee/ootbee-support-tools · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-02-07 13:11:16 GMT <AFaust> alex88bb: I already said it is posssible in Java - you only need to configure a bean property that is injected with the "alfresco-global" bean of type java.util.Properties

2017-02-07 13:11:37 GMT <alex88bb> @AFaust: Thanks!

2017-02-07 13:11:47 GMT <alex88bb> @AFaust: Sorry, I misread it :)

2017-02-07 13:17:53 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: xD

2017-02-07 13:20:35 GMT <IanW1> alex88bb: If you want an example of a custom email action there's one at https://github.com/malariagen/alfresco-discussions/tree/master/discussions-email

2017-02-07 13:20:36 GMT <alfbot> Title: alfresco-discussions/discussions-email at master · malariagen/alfresco-discussions · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-02-07 13:21:51 GMT <AFaust> alex88bb: Regarding the mail parameters you need to be aware that not all properties may actually be contained in alfresco-global.

2017-02-07 13:22:20 GMT <AFaust> Because the mail properties are based on a subsystem there are actually two ways of configuring these.

2017-02-07 13:23:31 GMT <IanW1> It is quite tricky to use the email subsystem for this but I've hopefully, eventually, got it right

2017-02-07 13:23:52 GMT <AFaust> If you have chosen the "dirty approach" of putting them in alfresco-global.properties then you will be fine. If you have used the "clean approach" of configuring subsystem properties inside the subsystem (shared/classes/alfresco/extension/subsystems/email/OutboundSMTP/) then it will not be exposed via alfresco-global bean

2017-02-07 13:24:42 GMT <AFaust> alex88bb: Note that Alfresco actually documents and recommends the "dirty approach" because they don't want to burden their users with "doing things right"

2017-02-07 13:24:42 GMT <IanW1> Even if I did end up copying most(all) of the default mail action and it wasn't very extensible

2017-02-07 13:25:29 GMT <IanW1> s/and/as/

2017-02-07 13:26:47 GMT <alex88bb> @AFaust @alfbot @IvanW1 : thanks guys for the help. I will take a look.

2017-02-07 13:26:47 GMT <alex88bb> The point is I need to send email with attachment. I have two options: 1) Extend MailActionExecuter or 2) Use Java mail.

2017-02-07 13:26:47 GMT <alex88bb> 1) Reads the configuration from alfresco-global.properties which are in tomcat/shared/classes and it will there always.

2017-02-07 13:26:47 GMT <alex88bb> If I use 2) I need to fetch the config from alfreso-global.properties

2017-02-07 13:27:33 GMT <AFaust> For 2) alfresco-global.properties will only contain the values that you override / provide. It will not contain any of the default values provided by the subsystem

2017-02-07 13:27:49 GMT <AFaust> So you may have to copy&paste those defaults if you need to access them...

2017-02-07 13:28:43 GMT <alex88bb> Yes. I will configure these values in alfresco-global.properties.

2017-02-07 13:28:59 GMT <alex88bb> I am setting my own SMTP, port etc...

2017-02-07 13:29:28 GMT <DarkStar1> Rubber duckies please. Qq if i need to wipe a content repo all I need to do is drop the db/ truncate the tables then wipe the alf_data/contentstore* and alf_data/sol4/*

2017-02-07 13:29:37 GMT <DarkStar1> anything else I'm missing?

2017-02-07 13:30:13 GMT <AFaust> clear Tomcat temp folders

2017-02-07 13:30:17 GMT <AFaust> (just to be safe)

2017-02-07 13:30:19 GMT <DarkStar1> check

2017-02-07 13:30:23 GMT <AFaust> also work folders

2017-02-07 13:30:29 GMT <DarkStar1> did that and the workfolders

2017-02-07 13:30:40 GMT <DarkStar1> work folders*

2017-02-07 13:30:51 GMT <AFaust> the alf_data/solr4 also contains your cached models and content cache?

2017-02-07 13:31:17 GMT <AFaust> (I never have this structure since I refuse to use installers)

2017-02-07 13:31:23 GMT <DarkStar1> cleared everything under solr4

2017-02-07 13:31:45 GMT <AFaust> well - then I guess it is everything

2017-02-07 13:32:30 GMT <DarkStar1> I thought so too. but when i restart I get the "org.alfresco.error.AlfrescoRuntimeException: 01070039 Keystores are invalid" error

2017-02-07 13:33:08 GMT <DarkStar1> tried regenerating these but 0 effect so far

2017-02-07 13:33:27 GMT <DarkStar1> Must be something I'm overlooking

2017-02-07 13:34:08 GMT <DarkStar1> I'll just reset the server image and try again :/

2017-02-07 13:34:22 GMT <AFaust> keystores should not have anything to do with clearing a server

2017-02-07 13:34:34 GMT <AFaust> unless they were already invalid before...

2017-02-07 13:37:11 GMT <DarkStar1> That's the puzzle. It was fine before. I just cleared the repo content store and cleared the db and there was some error about updating the schema fixed that and then this..

2017-02-07 13:53:08 GMT <tsla> Hi! i'm a rookie in alfresco ... just trying out the latest version and wonder if there's any more components (such as the available calender, wiki ) can be added to Sites ? Thanks

2017-02-07 14:01:31 GMT <alex88bb> @AFaust: Ok, so I decided to go with 2). I found the alfresco-global properties bean but it is called: "global-properties". It works when I run repo with run.sh. Do you maybe know if it is going to work on standalone version of Alfresco when alfresco-global.properties is located inside tomcat/shared/classes?

2017-02-07 14:23:51 GMT <AFaust> alex88bb: Sorry for the name mismatch - the JS code I linked actually used "global-properties"

2017-02-07 14:24:26 GMT <AFaust> It does not matter where the alfresco-global.properties is located - you are only referencing the in-memory data structure that has already read all the alfresco-global.properties files that exist in the system, e.g. including those from modules

2017-02-07 15:01:53 GMT <alex88bb> @AFaust: No problem :) Thanks!

2017-02-07 15:06:29 GMT <alfbot> douglascrp: Sent 1 week, 0 days, 6 hours, and 28 minutes ago: <yreg> a colleague of mine is having some problems with the value assistance module

2017-02-07 15:06:30 GMT <alfbot> douglascrp: Sent 1 week, 0 days, 6 hours, and 28 minutes ago: <yreg> the problem only occurs when you have cascading lists in a form loaded by the uploader plus addon

2017-02-07 15:06:31 GMT <alfbot> douglascrp: Sent 1 week, 0 days, 6 hours, and 27 minutes ago: <yreg> the problem manifests randomly: sometimes it works, sometimes it does not

2017-02-07 15:06:32 GMT <alfbot> douglascrp: Sent 1 week, 0 days, 6 hours, and 25 minutes ago: <yreg> I am suspecting that the child dropdown is trying to register the onChange event listener on the parent select sometimes before the parent select is populated...

2017-02-07 15:06:33 GMT <alfbot> douglascrp: Sent 1 week, 0 days, 6 hours, and 23 minutes ago: <yreg> When the problem occurs, I do not have any error in the developer tools console, and at a first glance everything seems to work just fine, but changing the value in the parent select does not trigger an xhr for loading the child select items

2017-02-07 15:06:34 GMT <alfbot> douglascrp: Sent 1 day, 5 hours, and 47 minutes ago: <yreg> ping

2017-02-07 15:09:46 GMT <yreg> douglascrp, nevermind about those messages

2017-02-07 15:10:03 GMT <yreg> an update to the latest version solved that

2017-02-07 15:10:35 GMT <douglascrp> yreg, hey dude

2017-02-07 15:10:38 GMT <douglascrp> sorry

2017-02-07 15:10:51 GMT <douglascrp> I am still moving

2017-02-07 15:10:58 GMT <douglascrp> so, I had no time to connect and see the messages

2017-02-07 15:11:02 GMT <yreg> figured so

2017-02-07 15:11:02 GMT <douglascrp> I'm glad it worked

2017-02-07 15:11:22 GMT <yreg> it is definitely not you to stay away that long :P

2017-02-07 15:11:24 GMT * DarkStar1 greets yreg and douglascrp

2017-02-07 15:11:35 GMT <DarkStar1> yreg: how goes the cold down there? :)

2017-02-07 15:11:39 GMT <yreg> Hey Lanre, how it goes dude ?

2017-02-07 15:11:50 GMT <douglascrp> yreg, :D

2017-02-07 15:12:11 GMT <yreg> DarkStar1, I haven't seen cold around here :P

2017-02-07 15:12:26 GMT <yreg> sunny warm days so far :-D

2017-02-07 15:12:57 GMT <DarkStar1> yreg: Usual. Freezing, drinking stuff to klower my blood's freezing temperature :)

2017-02-07 15:13:09 GMT <yreg> It is even warmer than Tunisia sometimes hehe

2017-02-07 15:13:24 GMT <yreg> Still in Denmark ?

2017-02-07 15:13:28 GMT <DarkStar1> yreg: Hahaha. The lies we tell ourselves sometimes eh ;P

2017-02-07 15:14:10 GMT <DarkStar1> yreg: yup

2017-02-07 15:14:17 GMT <yreg> Nope, really... it seem this winter has been one of the coldest for Tunisia, and one of the warmest in Belgium

2017-02-07 15:14:35 GMT <yreg> Well that should explain your complains about the weather

2017-02-07 15:14:36 GMT <DarkStar1> yreg: Oh. You weren't kidding :)

2017-02-07 15:14:42 GMT <yreg> YES !

2017-02-07 15:15:19 GMT <DarkStar1> yreg: Oh I like that I have to drink stuff to make me feel warm, so no complaints there :)

2017-02-07 15:16:01 GMT <DarkStar1> Maybe 3rd time lucky with this repo wipe

2017-02-07 15:16:09 GMT * DarkStar1 crosses his fingers

2017-02-07 15:17:33 GMT <AFaust> DarkStar1: If that fails, do the Gitlab approach - "rm -rf" has never failed me

2017-02-07 15:19:27 GMT <DarkStar1> AFaust: I'll just kill it with fire out of spite :)

2017-02-07 15:22:37 GMT <DarkStar1> In an exploded warfile, shouldn't there be a keystore folder under classpath:/alfresco ?

2017-02-07 15:23:18 GMT <AFaust> not in 5.0+

2017-02-07 15:23:31 GMT <Fiifi> Hi Guys!

2017-02-07 15:23:45 GMT <AFaust> but yes - prior to 5.0 there should be

2017-02-07 15:23:49 GMT <DarkStar1> Ah one of those little changes I wasn't aware of until now :/

2017-02-07 15:28:06 GMT <Fiifi> looking for functionality/addon that makes it possible for dataList/register data to be added from a database records!

2017-02-07 15:28:07 GMT <AFaust> Not really little - it is just that all configuration is now packaged in the JAR, which you should have heard at least once or twice

2017-02-07 15:28:31 GMT <AFaust> Fiifi: You may have to sponsor such a feature...

2017-02-07 15:28:43 GMT <Fiifi> hahaahahahh!

2017-02-07 15:30:27 GMT <AFaust> The data list functionality was not intended to display data from an external database system and is not easy to extend in such a way. I seriously doubt that an addon exists that is open source (or reasonably priced) that covers this case and has a sufficient level of quality / upgradeability

2017-02-07 15:30:48 GMT <Fiifi> AFaust: I am only a Data center and private Cloud genius :)

2017-02-07 15:32:44 GMT <Fiifi> I thought Alfresco MetaDBConnector could do it but ........

2017-02-07 15:38:45 GMT <DarkStar1> https://paste.fedoraproject.org/550521/ is the error I get starting up

2017-02-07 15:38:47 GMT <alfbot> Title: #550521 • Fedora Project Pastebin (at paste.fedoraproject.org)

2017-02-07 15:39:49 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: I think there is metadb connector or somethin'

2017-02-07 15:39:59 GMT <bhagyas> that reads from database tables and shows in Alf

2017-02-07 15:40:56 GMT <AFaust> Sure, but the question was mentioning datalist so I referred to that...

2017-02-07 15:42:07 GMT <AFaust> DarkStar1: Ah - that exception has nothing to do with the keystores at all

2017-02-07 15:42:57 GMT <DarkStar1> AFaust: aah yes. Forgot to mention that, because I had db.schema.update set to false, it results in the Keystore error.

2017-02-07 15:43:27 GMT <DarkStar1> when I set it to true I get that error

2017-02-07 15:43:32 GMT <Fiifi> AFaust: Yes! With metadb its possible to attach database records to document properties but not directly to datalists!

2017-02-07 15:43:48 GMT * IanW1 wondering whether it's worth the effort to try to make CAS SSO use web-fragment.xml (again (used to work but not in 5.2)) or just stick with replacing web.xml (which will work with 5.2)

2017-02-07 15:44:14 GMT <AFaust> IanW1: I want the whole of Alfresco / Share be based on web-fragment.xml if possible

2017-02-07 15:44:41 GMT <AFaust> i.e. web.xml should almost be empty and all features should be added via web fragments, so it is easy to customise/order

2017-02-07 15:45:58 GMT <AFaust> I.e. my cache module supports distributed caching of the HTTP session and must be added quite early, but since web-fragment will not work I cannot bundle this feature "pre-enabled" and instead have to advise customers to modify their web.xml...

2017-02-07 15:46:24 GMT <AFaust> DarkStar1: You only truncated the tables, right? Is there any reason why you don't drop them?

2017-02-07 15:46:36 GMT <DarkStar1> AFaust: tried that also

2017-02-07 15:47:12 GMT <AFaust> At least with that I am sure it works (in general) whereas I have zero experience with starting into a partially initialised schema...

2017-02-07 15:47:17 GMT <DarkStar1> AFaust: It creates the alf_applied_patch and alf_boostrap_lock tables then fails

2017-02-07 15:48:34 GMT <IanW1> AFaust: I totally agree - it took quite a lot of effort to make work in the first place however and I can't easily see how to make it work again - same problem really - the CAS filters really need to be before the Alf auth filters but I did manage to do a (not totally horrendous) bodge for Share

2017-02-07 15:49:35 GMT <DarkStar1> This is if I set the schema update prop back to false though. And here's the error I get with that: https://da.gd/dfHZ

2017-02-07 15:49:36 GMT <IanW1> The bodge for Alfresco is pretty bad but still works (I think...)

2017-02-07 15:49:36 GMT <alfbot> Title: #550569 • Fedora Project Pastebin (at paste.fedoraproject.org)

2017-02-07 15:50:38 GMT <DarkStar1> Feels like I'm overlooking something or forgetting something someone told me a while back regarding postgres

2017-02-07 15:51:00 GMT <AFaust> DarkStar1: And what about just dropping the entire DB and recreating it?

2017-02-07 15:52:00 GMT <IanW1> There doesn't seem to be an easy way to define whether an /alfresco/s endpoint should be protected via SSO (without hard coding) e.g. for admin console

2017-02-07 15:52:17 GMT <DarkStar1> AFaust: not tried that yet, but that's because I don't think that'll have an effect; but I'll try that

2017-02-07 15:53:37 GMT <AFaust> DarkStar1: If that has no effect then you either have an extremely broken Alfresco install or have royally mucked up some other configurations...

2017-02-07 15:54:24 GMT <AFaust> IanW1: /alfresco/s should never be SSO protected - that is what /alfresco/wcs is for

2017-02-07 15:58:40 GMT <IanW1> AFaust: If you protect /alfresco/wcs then the internal calls from share don't work

2017-02-07 16:00:16 GMT <IanW1> If you don't protect /alfresco/s then e.g. /alfresco/s/admin/admin-communitysummary will ask for basic auth instead of your SSO login

2017-02-07 16:03:32 GMT <AFaust> IanW1: Still, /s should not be protected. Instead you can use the fact that /wcs is just an alias for /wcservice - protect /wcs and let Share call to /wcservice

2017-02-07 16:05:04 GMT <AFaust> It is just a matter of conforming to established standard that /s is never SSO protected. You end up breaking other features / 3rd party addons by protecting /s

2017-02-07 16:05:45 GMT <DarkStar_> Well that did not work :/

2017-02-07 16:11:29 GMT <IanW1> AFaust: But isn't the admin console supposed to be accessed via /alfresco/s and aren't you supposed to log in to that?

2017-02-07 16:11:33 GMT <DarkStar_> back in a while

2017-02-07 16:15:01 GMT <DarkStar_> AFaust: looks like deleting and recreating the db did the trick. (Once I remembered to set db.schema update back to true) Don't know why that worked but thanks

2017-02-07 16:15:08 GMT * DarkStar_ scratches his head

2017-02-07 16:24:58 GMT <AFaust> IanW1: No - you can also access it via /wcs

2017-02-07 16:25:10 GMT <AFaust> It is just that all the default documentation takes the easy route

2017-02-07 16:30:06 GMT <IanW1> AFaust: This is why I was asking the question on community - it makes my head hurt - although you are doing your best to be a pain killer!

2017-02-07 16:34:22 GMT <AFaust> IanW1: That is the irony - all the documentation keeps referring to /s to make it easier for people, but after some time it is too god-damn easy that people that need to work with the real situation don't have the full picture and encounter the nasty details bite-for-bite

2017-02-07 16:34:47 GMT <IanW1> Anyway I can't really justify any more time on this for the moment - I don't know of anything that I've broken on /s (yet)

2017-02-07 16:35:36 GMT <IanW1> The documentation is inconsistent, incomplete and hard to find for things like this

2017-02-07 16:36:26 GMT <resplin> IanW1: In 5.2 we did work specifically to improve the support of web-fragments. If it isn't working, I would appreciate you filing an ALF so that we can look into it.

2017-02-07 16:38:03 GMT <IanW1> resplin: Will do - it's quite simple really - the authentication filters are still in web.xml

2017-02-07 16:38:35 GMT <resplin> Oh, that makes sense. We haven't pulled them out.

2017-02-07 16:39:06 GMT <resplin> But we improved support for web-fragments, specifically to make it easier to manually install AOS.

2017-02-07 16:39:35 GMT <resplin> So you aren't saying that we broke things, we just updated web.xml which you had previously customized.

2017-02-07 16:39:53 GMT <resplin> If you submit it as a patch, I can encourage the team to accept that improvement.

2017-02-07 16:40:35 GMT <jaawerth> Hi all! Dumb question, but it's been a while and I'm failing to find reference to it in the docs - is there a built-in way to create and change permissions on folders via remote/http API other than CMIS?

2017-02-07 16:40:52 GMT *** davi_____ is now known as davidc

2017-02-07 16:41:27 GMT <jaawerth> the limitation I'm running into being that cmis limits what you can control permission-wise. Do I need to create custom webscripts for this?

2017-02-07 16:42:44 GMT <jaawerth> What I'm looking to do is write a third-party syncing mechanism to scaffold out a folder/permissons structure based on a client/project/team structure in SalesForce

2017-02-07 16:44:16 GMT <AFaust> resplin: Support for web-fragments means diddly-squat if all default Alfresco stuff is still in web.xml

2017-02-07 16:45:23 GMT <AFaust> jaawerth: By default you only have the internal ReST API used for Share - and now you should probably have something in the v1 ReST API

2017-02-07 16:47:01 GMT <resplin> AFaust: It makes it significantly easier to set up Alfresco on WebLogic and WebSphere, or to install AOS manually.

2017-02-07 16:47:10 GMT <resplin> Now that the capability exists, we will start using it more.

2017-02-07 16:49:36 GMT <AFaust> If you could somehow guarantee that a contributed patch to move everything out of default web.xml into individual web-fragment.xml files will not sit idle until version 6.2 or so, and still has a chance of being included in a future 5.2 GA (I only care about CE nowadays, so am fine with the EE folk not getting it in case QA is too close to complete)...

2017-02-07 16:49:39 GMT <AFaust> I'd prepare the patch

2017-02-07 16:49:49 GMT <jaawerth> AFaust: yeah I'm looking in the docs for the REST API reference here http://docs.alfresco.com/5.1/pra/1/concepts/pra-resources.html but failing to find anything about accessing nodes or folders and setting permissions. Or do you mean it exists but might not be documented?

2017-02-07 16:49:50 GMT <alfbot> Title: Entity reference | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-02-07 16:50:55 GMT <jaawerth> I suppose I could write it in java and build the functionality directly in as an extension but I was thinking it would be a little more robust if I keep it as a separate microservice

2017-02-07 16:51:39 GMT <AFaust> jaawerth: Follow this series https://community.alfresco.com/community/ecm/blog/2016/10/11/v1-rest-api-part-1-introduction

2017-02-07 16:51:41 GMT <alfbot> Title: v1 REST API - Part 1 - Introduction | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-02-07 16:51:53 GMT <jaawerth> Much obliged!

2017-02-07 16:52:37 GMT <AFaust> Just now glancing over it if I can find anything related to permissions...

2017-02-07 16:55:14 GMT <AFaust> Ok - the API definitions in the rest-api-explorer include mention of setting permissions via the new v1 ReST APIs - it is not mentioned as far as I could see in the blog posts...

2017-02-07 16:55:16 GMT <AFaust> FYI: https://github.com/Alfresco/rest-api-explorer

2017-02-07 16:55:17 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - Alfresco/rest-api-explorer: Public REST API Explorer (at github.com)

2017-02-07 16:55:47 GMT <AFaust> The /nodes/{nodeId} endpoint handles it all for an individual node

2017-02-07 16:55:56 GMT <jaawerth> awesome, thanks. It also looks like while that series doesn't mention permissions, there's enough in creating/managing modes that I can probably infer from there with some tinkering

2017-02-07 16:56:23 GMT <jaawerth> nodes*

2017-02-07 16:56:42 GMT <AFaust> You should use the rest-api-explorer to view the API definitions, their detail information and usage examples

2017-02-07 16:56:58 GMT <jaawerth> for sure

2017-02-07 16:57:05 GMT <jaawerth> I appreciate the guidance

2017-02-07 16:59:04 GMT <AFaust> @all - BTW: OOTBee Support Tools is now released on Maven Central (http://search.maven.org/#search%7Cga%7C1%7Corg.orderofthebee)

2017-02-07 16:59:05 GMT <alfbot> Title: The Central Repository Search Engine (at search.maven.org)

2017-02-07 16:59:16 GMT <jaawerth> bam https://github.com/Alfresco/rest-api-explorer/blob/master/src/main/webapp/definitions/alfresco-core.yaml#L882-L899

2017-02-07 16:59:17 GMT <alfbot> Title: rest-api-explorer/alfresco-core.yaml at master · Alfresco/rest-api-explorer · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-02-07 16:59:27 GMT <jaawerth> (yes I'll still install it ;-)

2017-02-07 17:02:22 GMT <IanW1> resplin: https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-21848 - I've tried to keep it brief but summarize all the gotchas I can think of

2017-02-07 17:05:20 GMT <resplin> Thanks.

2017-02-07 17:06:12 GMT <resplin> IanW1: If you include your code, then it is a patch, and it is easier to prioritize.

2017-02-07 17:09:31 GMT <IanW1> resplin: I've deliberately not done something that could be defined as a patch - my objective was to have amps that could be installed and wouldn't change the installed code

2017-02-07 17:10:12 GMT <IanW1> I would very much not like my stuff to be included in the main code base

2017-02-07 17:13:06 GMT <resplin> That makes sense. But if you factor out of the giant web.xml the specific fragment you want to override, then I can ask the team to review that change. Otherwise it goes on the heap of priorities alongside everything else.

2017-02-07 17:27:11 GMT <IanW1> resplin: Actually web.xml isn't that big any more

2017-02-07 17:30:28 GMT <IanW1> There's only really the security and urlrewrite filters left - I'll put something in

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