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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-02-09 06:33:15 GMT *** MartinDoyleUK_ is now known as MartinDoyleUK

2017-02-09 08:21:35 GMT <twen> good morning

2017-02-09 08:59:51 GMT <DarkStar1> /msg NickServ identify p5ygn#5!s

2017-02-09 09:00:39 GMT * DarkStar1 facepalms

2017-02-09 09:00:43 GMT <DarkStar1> Morning everyone

2017-02-09 09:01:12 GMT <yreg> DarkStar1, I think you should modify your password at once

2017-02-09 09:01:25 GMT <yreg> being mod @ orderofthebee

2017-02-09 09:01:28 GMT <DarkStar1> yreg: already on it.

2017-02-09 09:01:33 GMT <yreg> Morning everyone !

2017-02-09 09:02:47 GMT <DarkStar1> yreg: Not getting enough honey? :P

2017-02-09 09:18:11 GMT <Loftux> I can't get the site filter to work/show up on the faceted search page. There is a filter property named "Site" so I assume it should work?

2017-02-09 09:22:22 GMT <AFaust> DarkStar1: At least the password "was" secure before...

2017-02-09 09:22:55 GMT <AFaust> Would have been a bigger facepalm if it read "12345" like the one for the shield around Planet Druidia

2017-02-09 09:23:21 GMT <AFaust> That reminds me...

2017-02-09 09:23:22 GMT <angelborroy> Loftux which version are you trying?

2017-02-09 09:23:31 GMT <angelborroy> Loftux working for me in 5.1.g

2017-02-09 09:23:35 GMT <Loftux> 201701GA

2017-02-09 09:23:51 GMT <angelborroy> so maybe it’s a new “feature” :D

2017-02-09 09:23:53 GMT * AFaust hails Skroob

2017-02-09 09:33:09 GMT <Loftux> angelborroy: I have not had success for earlier version either :(

2017-02-09 09:33:49 GMT <angelborroy> Loftux I’m using “Search Manager” option

2017-02-09 09:34:27 GMT <angelborroy> And just selecting Filter Property as “Site”, it’s working

2017-02-09 09:34:44 GMT <Loftux> Filter Property:Site, Filter Type:Simple Filter, Number of filters:1, minimum filter length:1, Minimum required results:1

2017-02-09 09:35:11 GMT <angelborroy> let me check my params

2017-02-09 09:35:56 GMT <angelborroy> I’m including Number of filters: 10 and Filter Availabilty: Everywhere

2017-02-09 09:36:00 GMT <angelborroy> the rest is the same

2017-02-09 09:36:57 GMT <Loftux> Tested with that, still not showing. Strange.

2017-02-09 09:37:36 GMT <angelborroy> very strange, yes

2017-02-09 09:37:58 GMT <angelborroy> Have you any customization or so?

2017-02-09 09:40:54 GMT <Loftux> angelborroy: Is our Showcase server, so lots of them! But none should affect search. I have however made some changes to live search in our custom build. I'll dig into if that has broken something.

2017-02-09 09:44:39 GMT <angelborroy> Loftux tested on brand new 201701 and I can confirm that it’s broken

2017-02-09 09:45:14 GMT <angelborroy> In fact, no site detail is included at search lines

2017-02-09 09:45:39 GMT <angelborroy> maybe due to the fact that this page is totally aikau-new-ficated

2017-02-09 09:46:14 GMT <Loftux> angelborroy: Noticed that too, thanks for testing. I'll report if it is not already reported.

2017-02-09 09:46:25 GMT <angelborroy> ok, let me know

2017-02-09 09:56:57 GMT <Loftux> angelborroy: https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-21850

2017-02-09 09:58:14 GMT <angelborroy> are going to create a new one for the faceted “site” filter?

2017-02-09 09:58:30 GMT <angelborroy> ah, ok, I see

2017-02-09 09:58:51 GMT <angelborroy> For me, this are two different issues

2017-02-09 09:59:13 GMT <angelborroy> Loftux no site information is included in result list detail

2017-02-09 09:59:22 GMT <angelborroy> Loftux site faceted filter is not working any more

2017-02-09 10:01:18 GMT <Loftux> It can be, but it may be that the processing does not add site, so the filter is not shown because the hit is less then one.

2017-02-09 10:13:45 GMT <Loftux> Checked the raw json results, each item has the site included, and the Site facet is there (but empty)

2017-02-09 10:27:15 GMT <yreg> has any of you guys been using Smart folders extensively ?

2017-02-09 10:27:49 GMT <yreg> I found a bug in it yesterday and I want to confirm before submitting an issue

2017-02-09 10:28:17 GMT <yreg> does any one has a test environment with some virtual folders set up ?

2017-02-09 10:31:59 GMT <IanW1> yreg: Not extensively but have been trialling them - planning to use more shortly...

2017-02-09 10:33:16 GMT <yreg> IanW1, do you have a system with Smartfolders activated and with a couple smartfolders with few items in ?

2017-02-09 10:33:30 GMT <yreg> if so I would like to have you test something for me

2017-02-09 10:34:00 GMT <IanW1> Only in test but willing to try...

2017-02-09 10:34:29 GMT <yreg> cool

2017-02-09 10:34:51 GMT <yreg> So the issue is when items inside a smartfolder have child associations

2017-02-09 10:36:35 GMT <yreg> if you access these nodes (that should be part of the content of the smart folder) directly from their real location (using node browser for example), there is no problem

2017-02-09 10:37:46 GMT <yreg> but when browse to the node through a smart folder (yes you will find a different virtual noderef instead of the real noderef) you will find that all child associations have duplicates

2017-02-09 10:39:44 GMT <Loftux> angelborroy: Can you check again if site is not shown? Now it shows up, it is at the end behind size in the results page.

2017-02-09 10:41:16 GMT <angelborroy> in 201701? I cannot see it

2017-02-09 10:42:01 GMT <Loftux> Maybe it kicked in when I started the search from a site, ie the site id is in the url

2017-02-09 10:42:10 GMT <angelborroy> ah, ok

2017-02-09 10:42:12 GMT <angelborroy> let me check

2017-02-09 10:42:42 GMT <yreg> IanW1, did you get the problem I am having ? because when I re-read how I explained my issue, I can not make much sense out of it :P

2017-02-09 10:43:06 GMT <angelborroy> Loftux I cannot see the facet even performing the search from a Site

2017-02-09 10:43:49 GMT <Loftux> angelborroy: I meant in the search results for each item, facet still not showing

2017-02-09 10:44:01 GMT <angelborroy> let me see

2017-02-09 10:44:29 GMT <angelborroy> yes, you’re right

2017-02-09 10:44:35 GMT <angelborroy> hard to find byt it is there

2017-02-09 10:44:50 GMT <angelborroy> ah, ok

2017-02-09 10:44:57 GMT <angelborroy> and it also appears on regular search

2017-02-09 10:45:07 GMT <angelborroy> it’s just that I haven’t noticed it yet

2017-02-09 10:45:19 GMT <angelborroy> I was expecting “old” several lines interface

2017-02-09 10:45:43 GMT <Loftux> It was moved and well hidden, ok then it just a facet issue, I'll edit the reported issue

2017-02-09 10:48:25 GMT <IanW1> yreg: No - used the node browser and went down the smart folder path and everything looks as it should - there's not a lot there mind you

2017-02-09 10:49:32 GMT <IanW1> The smart folder search returns folders which have sub-folders and associations to content, data list items and authorities

2017-02-09 10:51:01 GMT <yreg> on which version are you ?

2017-02-09 10:51:11 GMT <IanW1> 5.1.g

2017-02-09 10:51:28 GMT <yreg> I am on so I assume that should be the same

2017-02-09 10:51:44 GMT <yreg> In my smartfolders I have few documents

2017-02-09 10:51:56 GMT <yreg> and when I browse to any of those

2017-02-09 10:52:10 GMT <yreg> I find every child association twice

2017-02-09 10:52:23 GMT <yreg> including doclib thumbnails and imgpreview !

2017-02-09 10:52:41 GMT <yreg> IanW1, thanks for checking though

2017-02-09 10:55:07 GMT <IanW1> yreg: I only had failedThumbnail! - but now I've reloaded and have 1 doclib and 1 pdf thumbnail

2017-02-09 11:00:55 GMT <yreg> Ian when you browse to the Virtual folder node

2017-02-09 11:01:21 GMT <yreg> and just access an immediate child of it

2017-02-09 11:02:10 GMT <yreg> do you see associations from that immediate child to any other node once or twice ?

2017-02-09 11:18:10 GMT <IanW1> yreg: My immediate children are all folders but look OK

2017-02-09 12:01:13 GMT <yreg> IanW1, can you check with document nodes as immediate children of smart folders

2017-02-09 12:08:24 GMT <IanW1> yreg: Now seeing the same thing with documents as immediate children - interestingly it's the same files that are OK in sub-folders

2017-02-09 12:09:38 GMT <IanW1> yreg: just in case that wasn't clear - seeing the associations twice in documents that are direct children of smart folders

2017-02-09 12:10:46 GMT <yreg> IanW1, thank you for confirming that !

2017-02-09 12:19:57 GMT * IanW1 is even more confused with condition="Remote" config for SSO and endpoints after making sure that the share (a document) feature is working

2017-02-09 14:11:42 GMT * AFaust is having 'tons of fun' trying to align Share wiki TinyMCE editor styling with theme...

2017-02-09 14:20:36 GMT <IanW1> AFaust: seems like tinymce is just dumped in without any great thought... e.g. menu options which don't seem to have been properly configured since the new tinymce version - and don't forget discussions... (being able to directly paste images again was a very requested feature for us)

2017-02-09 15:28:46 GMT <AFaust> IanW1: You mean like other 3rd-party components are dumped in without much thought? My only concern at the moment is getting some additional theme-specific CSS files loaded into the editor iframe. But soon I need to provide other custom configurations for this customer to enable them to use some of their custom styles in the wiki...

2017-02-09 15:28:58 GMT <AFaust> e.g. custom format options

2017-02-09 15:36:01 GMT <yreg> is it me or is this code a bit too verbose ? https://github.com/Alfresco/community-edition-old/blob/2c1eff9953d3105e738f7b06ba9ba8a079ca4c24/projects/remote-api/source/java/org/alfresco/rest/framework/webscripts/ResourceWebScriptGet.java

2017-02-09 15:36:02 GMT <alfbot> Title: community-edition-old/ResourceWebScriptGet.java at 2c1eff9953d3105e738f7b06ba9ba8a079ca4c24 · Alfresco/community-edition-old · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-02-09 15:36:32 GMT <jaawerth> AFaust: it's the actual loading of the CSS that's giving you trouble? Or, like, how they take effect?

2017-02-09 15:36:36 GMT <yreg> I get the feeling this code could have been rewritten in half size or even less

2017-02-09 15:37:00 GMT <jaawerth> something something "that's Java, folks!" ;-)

2017-02-09 15:37:57 GMT <jaawerth> IanW1: you just trying to get SSO working in general or something more complex?

2017-02-09 15:38:19 GMT <jaawerth> I've done the former with a little reverse proxy I wrote that handles the SAML stuff

2017-02-09 15:38:20 GMT <AFaust> yreg: looks like someone does not like instanceof operator...

2017-02-09 15:39:19 GMT <jaawerth> actually I gotta work on that, see if I can't speed it up by cacheing some of the static resources that don't need to be secure

2017-02-09 15:39:31 GMT <IanW1> AFaust: For discussions there's some editorConfig json that might help a bit e.g. createtopic.get.js

2017-02-09 15:40:10 GMT <AFaust> jaawerth: multiple issues - 1) loading a custom CSS into the TinyMCE editor at all, 2) having the context theme CSS loaded in the TinyMCE editor, 3) having proper preview in "Formats" menu and "Preview" action

2017-02-09 15:40:39 GMT <AFaust> IanW1: In wiki it is all coded inside page.js which cannot be configured

2017-02-09 15:40:52 GMT <AFaust> So I'll have to override that script

2017-02-09 15:41:10 GMT <jaawerth> oof

2017-02-09 15:41:43 GMT <AFaust> And I am just testing a customisation web script that generates me a list of theme-related CSS import paths that I can then pass on to the TinyMCE editor to load

2017-02-09 15:41:55 GMT <AFaust> ^^ including LESS processing

2017-02-09 15:42:20 GMT <jaawerth> oh right because (iirc, been a while) tinyMCE does all the style stuff via an option in .init()

2017-02-09 15:43:29 GMT <AFaust> yeah

2017-02-09 15:44:07 GMT <IanW1> jaawerth: Just in general - I have it working - was referring back to a previous conversation about endpoints and how confusing the difference between s and wcs is (in reality not theory...)

2017-02-09 15:44:57 GMT <AFaust> I'm just glad that - for the moment - I only have to consider the wiki editor for this customer...

2017-02-09 15:47:46 GMT <IanW1> I have some nasty stuff that decides when authentication is required...

2017-02-09 15:48:14 GMT <AFaust> argh f***... You can't have Java-backed web script when applying a customisatoin...

2017-02-09 15:48:53 GMT * AFaust rewrites this code into a root scope JS object...

2017-02-09 15:51:12 GMT <jaawerth> hehe well that sounds like a mess for more reasons than just tinyMCE itself but that's totally one of the reasons I've ditched it for some of the heavier (but better) editors like quill

2017-02-09 15:51:48 GMT <jaawerth> which, in addition to other things, you can just style with CSS without passing in config params

2017-02-09 15:52:52 GMT <AFaust> jaawerth: One item on my long-term plan is to implement my own wiki UI on top of Aikau with support for pluggable wiki syntax...

2017-02-09 15:53:10 GMT <AFaust> Then the editor mess will also be dealt with...

2017-02-09 15:53:27 GMT <jaawerth> nice, that should be a major improvement

2017-02-09 15:55:57 GMT <AFaust> already have done initial experiments on the backend for the pluggable syntax support and found an approach that lets me easily support i.e. XWiki, Confluence, Wikimedia, Markdown and other syntax variants

2017-02-09 15:56:20 GMT <AFaust> Including potential for macro support

2017-02-09 17:24:34 GMT <Scamby> Quick question. I am trying to get the inbound email server settings to work for email being sent to a folder. How can I setup the email.server.domain setting to use Office 365/Exchange Online (our email platform)?

2017-02-09 21:48:21 GMT *** novem_it is now known as tass01024

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