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2017-02-10 07:18:44 GMT <Dirk23> Hi. I installed Office 2016 on Windows these Days and after that, i cant open Documents from Alfresco anymore

2017-02-10 07:21:26 GMT <Dirk23> The errormessage is:"https://docs.myserver.tld/alfresco/aos/Site/Sitename/documentLibrary/abc.xlsx" could not be opend"

2017-02-10 07:23:10 GMT <Dirk23> and a second Windows says Windows could not access the .xlsx because of 3 possilbe reasons: The path to the document is not alvailable, the document is used by other Software, and the last one cant not be translated by me

2017-02-10 07:23:30 GMT <Dirk23> with excel 2013 opening the same xlsx works (almost) fine

2017-02-10 07:57:46 GMT <yreg> Morning everyone

2017-02-10 07:58:41 GMT <Tichodroma> Good morning.

2017-02-10 07:58:53 GMT <yreg> ~later tell DarkStar1 I guess we jinxed it last time we talked about the weather -2°C around here...

2017-02-10 07:58:53 GMT <alfbot> yreg: The operation succeeded.

2017-02-10 07:59:41 GMT <Tichodroma> will https://github.com/Alfresco/community-edition-old ever receive the latest revisions? For example, not all tags from https://svn.alfresco.com/repos/alfresco-open-mirror/alfresco/COMMUNITYTAGS/ are available on GH

2017-02-10 07:59:42 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - Alfresco/community-edition-old: Old mirror of Alfresco Community Edition from before the migration to Git. Code is being brought from SVN into GitHub in multiple repositories. (at github.com)

2017-02-10 08:06:07 GMT <Loftux> Tichodroma: No, it was resplin that maintained the mirror script, it is broken and will not be fixed. You can instead use master branch from here https://github.com/loftuxab/alfresco-community-loftux (all our changes are in loftux branch).

2017-02-10 08:06:08 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - loftuxab/alfresco-community-loftux: Alfresco Community by Loftux (at github.com)

2017-02-10 08:06:48 GMT <Loftux> It's almost up to date as I manually have to sync changes from svn now.

2017-02-10 08:07:33 GMT <Tichodroma> manual sync sounds like a PITA

2017-02-10 08:08:44 GMT <Loftux> Yea, just doing it fro now hoping Alfresco will migrate to gitlab soon.

2017-02-10 08:09:04 GMT <Tichodroma> but probably the 5.2 tags will not be migrated to GL

2017-02-10 08:09:23 GMT <Tichodroma> I remember yreg wrote that GL will host 5.3+

2017-02-10 08:12:01 GMT <Dirk23> yHi. I installed Office 2016 on Windows these Days and after that, i cant open Documents from Alfresco anymore

2017-02-10 08:12:01 GMT <Dirk23> The errormessage is:"https://docs.myserver.tld/alfresco/aos/Site/Sitename/documentLibrary/abc.xlsx" could not be opend"

2017-02-10 08:12:01 GMT <Dirk23> and a second Window tells me that Windows could not access the .xlsx because of 3 possilbe reasons: The path to the document is not alvailable, the document is used by other Software, and the last one cant not be translated by me

2017-02-10 08:12:02 GMT <Dirk23> with excel 2013 opening the same xlsx works (almost) fine

2017-02-10 08:20:20 GMT <angelborroy> Dirk23 which Alfresco version are you using?

2017-02-10 08:20:39 GMT <angelborroy> 2016 is compatible from AOS 1.1.3

2017-02-10 08:20:48 GMT <Dirk23> Community - 5.1.0 (r127059-b7)

2017-02-10 08:20:49 GMT <angelborroy> Which is shipped (I think) with 5.1.g

2017-02-10 08:20:58 GMT <angelborroy> and which AOS version are you using?

2017-02-10 08:21:39 GMT <Dirk23> i dont know. I didnt do much on installation os its fairly standard

2017-02-10 08:32:46 GMT <yreg> Tichodroma, that was a personal assumption after seeing less and less action on Alfresco's Github, and more and more action on Alfresco's Gitlab

2017-02-10 08:34:29 GMT <yreg> guys, I am doing a direct search query to solr4

2017-02-10 08:35:11 GMT <yreg> and I want to have categories included in the facet lists

2017-02-10 08:35:38 GMT <yreg> in fact, this is part of a migrated code that used to work for 4.2 and does no longer workf for 5.1

2017-02-10 08:35:56 GMT <yreg> as I always hit tockenized values for the categories field

2017-02-10 08:36:42 GMT <yreg> broking my UI (which assumes that each and every entery in the category facet list is the full noderef of a category)

2017-02-10 09:55:35 GMT *** Worf_ is now known as Worf

2017-02-10 10:29:01 GMT <Loftux> Here is an interesting issue I just ran into, don't use the latest version of Tomcat 7 or 8, it will expose bugs in Alfresco https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-21851

2017-02-10 11:55:11 GMT <douglascrp> morning

2017-02-10 12:08:42 GMT <yreg> Hey dude !

2017-02-10 12:09:21 GMT <douglascrp> yreg, hey man

2017-02-10 12:09:33 GMT <douglascrp> one more pull request to evaluate :D

2017-02-10 12:31:17 GMT <alfbot> DarkStar1: Sent 4 hours and 32 minutes ago: <yreg> I guess we jinxed it last time we talked about the weather -2°C around here...

2017-02-10 12:31:50 GMT * DarkStar1 bids you all a good start to the weekend and a good afternoon

2017-02-10 12:32:08 GMT <DarkStar1> yreg: Winter has arrived

2017-02-10 12:39:47 GMT <AFaust> yreg: And "Winter [was] coming!"

2017-02-10 12:41:07 GMT <yreg> I usually expect winter to start in December, not mid-January

2017-02-10 12:41:25 GMT <AFaust> hah

2017-02-10 12:42:38 GMT <AFaust> We once had no winter to speak of, and when I went on a millitary exercise in late April we actually had to suspend all activities on the shooting range due to heavy snow falls that reduced visibility to ~20 meters

2017-02-10 12:44:10 GMT <AFaust> So, you should kiss your weather expectations good-bye, especially now that Trump is personally contributing to global warming with all the hot air he releases...

2017-02-10 12:44:49 GMT <yreg> LoL

2017-02-10 12:56:49 GMT <IanW1> Anybody know if it's possible, as an admin/manager, to cancel a checkout for editing in google docs by another user?

2017-02-10 13:09:14 GMT <yreg> IanW1, I am not 100% sure

2017-02-10 13:09:28 GMT <yreg> but I think that I was able to do that on 5.1.g

2017-02-10 13:09:52 GMT <yreg> ** not 100% sure if it is still applicable

2017-02-10 13:11:30 GMT <yreg> IanW1, I think the owner of the document also has that right althou I did not verify that

2017-02-10 13:13:53 GMT <yreg> IanW1, according to this https://github.com/Alfresco/community-edition-old/blob/master/projects/repository/config/alfresco/model/permissionDefinitions.xml any one with unlock rights on the document should be able to do that, any one with full control : Owner, Site Manager, Admin should automatically have that

2017-02-10 13:13:54 GMT <alfbot> Title: community-edition-old/permissionDefinitions.xml at master · Alfresco/community-edition-old · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-02-10 13:14:50 GMT <msmj> hi, is there a way to clean the trashcan via cli? i have about 50000 files and i dont wanna delete them sidewise in the webinterface

2017-02-10 13:15:03 GMT <msmj> i use 5.0.0c

2017-02-10 13:15:37 GMT <bmejias> Hi fellows, I'm facing the following problem with an Alfresco 5.1.

2017-02-10 13:15:53 GMT <bmejias> when going to the document library, I just get "Loading the Document Library..." eternally

2017-02-10 13:16:22 GMT <yreg> bmejias, hey fellow !

2017-02-10 13:16:49 GMT <yreg> open the dev tools in chrome, refresh the page, and tell us if you have any error in the console of dev tools

2017-02-10 13:17:21 GMT <yreg> switch to the network tab and tell us if there is any broken/timedout XHR requests!

2017-02-10 13:17:53 GMT <bmejias> yreg, thanks for the hint

2017-02-10 13:17:59 GMT <bmejias> I see the following already on the errors: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'indexOf' of undefined

2017-02-10 13:18:05 GMT <angelborroy> msmj you can use a curl script or a cmis standalone pogram

2017-02-10 13:18:12 GMT <angelborroy> msmj which you prefer?

2017-02-10 13:18:22 GMT <bmejias> yreg and then: Uncaught ReferenceError: e is not defined

2017-02-10 13:18:23 GMT <bmejias> at window.onerror

2017-02-10 13:19:14 GMT <yreg> what about network tab ?

2017-02-10 13:19:21 GMT <angelborroy> bmejias check server logs, it looks like something has been broken there

2017-02-10 13:19:23 GMT <yreg> is there any broken xhr ?

2017-02-10 13:19:49 GMT <yreg> angelborroy, either that or a broken client-side javascript fragment

2017-02-10 13:20:05 GMT <yreg> due to some action for example

2017-02-10 13:20:26 GMT <bmejias> angelborroy, that's the odd thing... no errors on the server side

2017-02-10 13:20:28 GMT <yreg> bmejias, do you have this with all folders or just in a specific folder ?

2017-02-10 13:20:51 GMT <bmejias> all the sites folder

2017-02-10 13:20:59 GMT <bmejias> let me try with the data dictionary

2017-02-10 13:21:25 GMT <bmejias> all of them are broken.

2017-02-10 13:21:31 GMT <msmj> angelborroy , for me cmis sound like the nicer choice but i have no idea how to approach, u ave any hind for me ?

2017-02-10 13:21:44 GMT <bmejias> I also tried rebuilding the indexes by the way

2017-02-10 13:21:53 GMT <yreg> bmejias, did you install any new module ?

2017-02-10 13:22:19 GMT <yreg> bmejias, this sounds like either a UI problem or a browser incompatibility issue

2017-02-10 13:22:39 GMT <angelborroy> msmj I have no Internet connection now, but you can search for MassiveDelete project in our github

2017-02-10 13:22:44 GMT <bmejias> it's broken on Chromium and Firefox

2017-02-10 13:22:46 GMT <yreg> nothing to do with server side, nor the whole repo

2017-02-10 13:22:57 GMT <bmejias> yreg I agree on that too.

2017-02-10 13:23:19 GMT <angelborroy> msmj http://github.com/keensoft/MassiveDelete

2017-02-10 13:23:20 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - keensoft/MassiveDelete: A simple Alfresco massive deletion batch (at github.com)

2017-02-10 13:23:25 GMT <angelborroy> msmj something like this

2017-02-10 13:23:41 GMT <yreg> in the console, there is a small triangle on the error line, that would list the stack when error has occured

2017-02-10 13:23:51 GMT <yreg> that may give you a hint on what is broken

2017-02-10 13:24:28 GMT <angelborroy> msmj in any case, you have to delete 1 by 1

2017-02-10 13:24:59 GMT <angelborroy> msmj if you try to delete 50.000 files on a row, your Alfresco will crash

2017-02-10 13:25:08 GMT <bmejias> yreg let me check that

2017-02-10 13:25:15 GMT <IanW1> yreg: The button's there - it just doesn't work - invalid credentials message in the logs

2017-02-10 13:25:16 GMT <angelborroy> msmj I mean, 1 transaction per removal operation

2017-02-10 13:26:43 GMT <msmj> ok angelborroy got it thx a lot!

2017-02-10 13:29:16 GMT <yreg> IanW1, are debugging that server ?

2017-02-10 13:29:26 GMT <IanW1> bmejias: I've seen that before - IIRC it was down to invalid json, although it was in a DocLibCustom script

2017-02-10 13:29:32 GMT <yreg> if so, try unattaching the debugger and retry

2017-02-10 13:30:29 GMT <yreg> otherwise I would suggest you to inspect the stack when that error occurs

2017-02-10 13:30:34 GMT <IanW1> yreg: Nope - it's on the production server

2017-02-10 13:30:41 GMT <IanW1> SEVERE: unable to refresh token

2017-02-10 13:30:41 GMT <IanW1> com.google.api.client.auth.oauth2.TokenResponseException: 400 Bad Request

2017-02-10 13:30:41 GMT <IanW1> {

2017-02-10 13:30:41 GMT <IanW1> "error" : "invalid_grant"

2017-02-10 13:30:41 GMT <IanW1> }

2017-02-10 13:30:59 GMT <IanW1> Caused by: org.alfresco.integrations.google.docs.exceptions.GoogleDocsServiceException: Error creating Connection: 401 Unauthorized

2017-02-10 13:31:00 GMT <IanW1> {

2017-02-10 13:31:00 GMT <IanW1> "code" : 401,

2017-02-10 13:31:00 GMT <IanW1> "errors" : [ {

2017-02-10 13:31:00 GMT <IanW1> "domain" : "global",

2017-02-10 13:31:00 GMT <IanW1> "location" : "Authorization",

2017-02-10 13:31:00 GMT <IanW1> "locationType" : "header",

2017-02-10 13:31:01 GMT <IanW1> "message" : "Invalid Credentials",

2017-02-10 13:31:01 GMT <IanW1> "reason" : "authError"

2017-02-10 13:31:02 GMT <IanW1> } ],

2017-02-10 13:31:02 GMT <IanW1> "message" : "Invalid Credentials"

2017-02-10 13:31:03 GMT <IanW1> }

2017-02-10 13:31:44 GMT <yreg> You get this for a cancel checkout action ?!

2017-02-10 13:31:50 GMT <IanW1> Yes

2017-02-10 13:31:52 GMT <yreg> seems odd !

2017-02-10 13:32:03 GMT <yreg> what about logs on the server side !

2017-02-10 13:34:09 GMT <IanW1> That is the server side - I suspect it's attempting to remove the google doc before canceling the checkout and, because it's in somebody else's google account, can't and is therefore failing

2017-02-10 13:34:38 GMT <bmejias> yreg angelborroy I think I've found the source of the problem.

2017-02-10 13:34:48 GMT <bmejias> custom code from consultant... youpie!

2017-02-10 13:35:30 GMT <yreg> bmejias, told you so ;-)

2017-02-10 13:40:14 GMT <yreg> IanW1, can you provide some more context like line number and stack ..

2017-02-10 13:43:56 GMT <IanW1> at org.alfresco.integrations.google.docs.service.GoogleDocsServiceImpl.testConnection(GoogleDocsServiceImpl.java:569)

2017-02-10 13:43:56 GMT <IanW1> at org.alfresco.integrations.google.docs.service.GoogleDocsServiceImpl.getCredential(GoogleDocsServiceImpl.java:508)

2017-02-10 13:43:56 GMT <IanW1> at org.alfresco.integrations.google.docs.service.GoogleDocsServiceImpl.getDriveFile(GoogleDocsServiceImpl.java:2130)

2017-02-10 13:44:26 GMT <IanW1> at org.alfresco.integrations.google.docs.webscripts.DiscardContent.delete(DiscardContent.java:356)

2017-02-10 13:44:27 GMT <IanW1> at org.alfresco.integrations.google.docs.webscripts.DiscardContent.access$000(DiscardContent.java:57)

2017-02-10 13:44:27 GMT <IanW1> at org.alfresco.integrations.google.docs.webscripts.DiscardContent$1.doWork(DiscardContent.java:173)

2017-02-10 13:44:27 GMT <IanW1> at org.alfresco.integrations.google.docs.webscripts.DiscardContent$1.doWork(DiscardContent.java:165)

2017-02-10 13:44:30 GMT <yreg> IanW1, please use pastebin.com or something and provide the full error log

2017-02-10 13:46:27 GMT <yreg> IanW1, YEs I can see in the code that upon discard it is attempting to get the drive file first

2017-02-10 13:46:34 GMT <IanW1> yreg: http://pastebin.com/K3sAybHK

2017-02-10 13:46:35 GMT <alfbot> Title: Feb 10, 2017 1:24:23 PM com.google.api.client.auth.oauth2.Credential handleResp - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-02-10 13:54:40 GMT <IanW1> yreg: Thanks - fortunately it's not too important so I guess I'll just leave the doc there for now...

2017-02-10 14:34:18 GMT <resplin> Loftux and Tichodroma: Over time, you will find that most of the work happens in other GitHub repositories and you can see the development as it happens on branches rather than just when work is merged to HEAD

2017-02-10 14:34:31 GMT <resplin> Current dev repos: data-model, core, and trashcan-cleaner.

2017-02-10 14:35:13 GMT <resplin> Going forward, whenever we start a project we budget time to extract the code from the SVN monolith into a smaller GitHub repo.

2017-02-10 14:36:09 GMT <resplin> We would like to get off of SVN this year, but that's an ambitious goal.

2017-02-10 14:38:03 GMT <Loftux> resplin: I think Alfresco is actually reaching the point where the breaking out components is taken a bit to far

2017-02-10 15:10:56 GMT <resplin> Loftux: What do you mean? So far we have only split out two repositories, and kept the trashcan-cleaner separate when we brought it into the product.

2017-02-10 15:14:01 GMT <yreg> resplin, I think he is talking about separating share and repo + separating Alfresco Share services + separating Alfresco Search Services

2017-02-10 15:14:57 GMT <Loftux> resplin: For example the trashcan cleaner is just a few classes, could very well be part of core.

2017-02-10 15:16:48 GMT <Loftux> Or moving out alfresco-core? Will it ever be used outside of alfresco repo? No if I find a bug there that I need to fix for my build I have to make a custom build of that and set as a dependency.

2017-02-10 15:17:21 GMT <resplin> Loftux: I agree on the trashcan cleaner. It started as a separate module, so the engineers decided to keep it that way.

2017-02-10 15:18:34 GMT <resplin> Navigating the various repos is a bit harder now, then when we had a monolith. But it makes it easier to have individual teams own individual portions, allows separate release scheduled, streamlines testing, and allows us to swap out implementations over the long term.

2017-02-10 15:19:14 GMT <Loftux> what I'm saying, don't take it to far

2017-02-10 15:24:14 GMT <AFaust> resplin: One thing I consider "taking it too far": Failure to migrate history when moving from SVN to Git

2017-02-10 15:24:37 GMT <AFaust> as seen in data-model and core

2017-02-10 15:25:17 GMT <AFaust> I don't necessarily mean tags / branches, since these would be hard to handle when splitting up a monolith

2017-02-10 15:25:19 GMT <AFaust> But file history

2017-02-10 15:26:51 GMT <resplin> AFaust: We looked at file history and found that migrating it would dramatically increase the cost of the project. SVN remains available, as does the community edition mirror.

2017-02-10 15:27:43 GMT <Loftux> Things that can be separate is the "packaging" in Alfresco, or the wcmqs app in Share.

2017-02-10 15:27:48 GMT <AFaust> ok - if it will remain available for "eternity"...

2017-02-10 15:28:40 GMT <bhagyas> I'm in favor of dropping the history if there's a vote

2017-02-10 15:29:48 GMT <yreg> bhagyas, can you argument on that ?

2017-02-10 15:29:57 GMT <bhagyas> it takes too much time and effort + there is a mirror, and the code quality is not that good in order to preserve as history ;)

2017-02-10 15:30:10 GMT <bhagyas> neither you can find references to actual issues

2017-02-10 15:30:37 GMT <bhagyas> its time to move on

2017-02-10 15:30:44 GMT <bhagyas> and fix stuff as early as they get on git

2017-02-10 15:31:01 GMT <resplin> AFaust: I think we would need to export the history before we could turn off the SVN server. We would probably do a final svn to git mirror creation.

2017-02-10 15:31:57 GMT <resplin> Creating a new mirror on GitHub with all the history is easy. It's keeping the two reliably synchronized that is such a pain.

2017-02-10 15:32:29 GMT <resplin> Actually, the mirror only went back to 4.0 because the git repo got too big. We probably do need to keep the SVN server around forever.

2017-02-10 15:32:37 GMT <bhagyas> xD

2017-02-10 15:33:26 GMT <bhagyas> I don't know, but there is something funny in hearing Alfresco complaining about Git repo being too big

2017-02-10 15:33:48 GMT <bhagyas> It's not like its supposed to be one big repo

2017-02-10 15:33:56 GMT <bhagyas> :D

2017-02-10 15:34:48 GMT <resplin> When I created the GitHub mirror, the repo size exceeded GitHub's limits.

2017-02-10 15:34:55 GMT <resplin> So I had to strip binaries and trim the history.

2017-02-10 15:35:11 GMT <resplin> So we can't rely on GitHub to give us a permanent history of the project.

2017-02-10 15:35:46 GMT <Loftux> resplin: but your gitlab won't have those limits!

2017-02-10 15:36:28 GMT <bhagyas> that's true, but SVN is pretty good in breaking stuff and keeping a history on its own - so no one would've noticed if these individual modules were being kept in sync with svn sub-modules

2017-02-10 15:36:46 GMT <bhagyas> :/

2017-02-10 15:37:49 GMT <bhagyas> I should probably celebrate an 4th year anniversary of requesting Alfresco to move to Git :p

2017-02-10 15:38:29 GMT <bhagyas> after 4 years, we are finally seeing some light and im glad

2017-02-10 15:38:30 GMT <bhagyas> :D

2017-02-10 15:38:30 GMT <Vasquez> hi guys, how can i create form with hidden fields which i can get from JS after

2017-02-10 15:39:26 GMT <resplin> Loftux: Good point. So maybe that is the right thing to do when we eventually reach that point.

2017-02-10 15:39:56 GMT <resplin> bhagyas: We've been working on it for two years.

2017-02-10 15:40:01 GMT <resplin> It's a big project.

2017-02-10 15:40:31 GMT <bhagyas> resplin: compare to this its small : http://github.com/nuxeo

2017-02-10 15:40:32 GMT <alfbot> Title: Nuxeo · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-02-10 15:40:43 GMT <bhagyas> There has to be at least 100 Git repos there

2017-02-10 15:40:54 GMT <bhagyas> and the community is buzzing

2017-02-10 15:41:39 GMT <bhagyas> I hear incompetency/unwillingness than impossibility/difficulty

2017-02-10 15:46:06 GMT <Vasquez> found it

2017-02-10 15:47:17 GMT <AFaust> resplin: I already had a git-svn clone of the SVN going back as far as Alfresco Software being called Activiti Inc.

2017-02-10 15:48:12 GMT * resplin gets tired of bhagyas being rude when he can't see the complexity

2017-02-10 15:48:17 GMT <AFaust> So can do that again for my history-needs

2017-02-10 15:49:07 GMT <resplin> AFaust: I agree we should have something public there

2017-02-10 15:49:16 GMT <AFaust> I only need to know that the new git repositories will show me the "new" history being created including any Enterprise-related fixes that get merged in at some point

2017-02-10 15:49:33 GMT <AFaust> I need to be able to track down the half-assed fixes I need to correct myself...

2017-02-10 15:50:14 GMT <AFaust> That reminds me - I still have a half-assed I18n fix to report in JIRA that I found back in January...

2017-02-10 15:57:16 GMT <yreg> resplin, just for the sake of experiment I tried to create a git repo with history out of datamodel

2017-02-10 15:57:30 GMT <yreg> and it took me 150 minutes to come up with this https://bitbucket.org/yregaieg/alfresco-data-model-experiment/commits/all

2017-02-10 15:57:31 GMT <alfbot> Title: yregaieg / alfresco-data-model-experiment / Commits — Bitbucket (at bitbucket.org)

2017-02-10 15:58:50 GMT <yreg> resplin, AFaust I delibrately ommitted the information about git-svn-id to make comments more readable

2017-02-10 16:01:48 GMT <AFaust> Sure, git-svn-id is not really useful in the comments

2017-02-10 16:04:23 GMT <resplin> yreg: How did you do that?

2017-02-10 16:06:39 GMT <yreg> resplin, are you serious ? followed the git help

2017-02-10 16:06:56 GMT <yreg> did not even know how to do it 22 minutes ago

2017-02-10 16:06:58 GMT <AFaust> yreg: Looks like the history is restricted to the lifetime of the sub-project. So any files that existed before the sub-project structure was created have their history cut-off at that point

2017-02-10 16:08:25 GMT <AFaust> So, simple "git-svn" clone of the trunk/projects/data-model structure and pushed only master?

2017-02-10 16:08:42 GMT <AFaust> That means in your local Git repository you likely have a lot more data, right?

2017-02-10 16:10:27 GMT <yreg> AFaust, regarding your comment about history, I can see 19 pages : https://bitbucket.org/yregaieg/alfresco-data-model-experiment/commits/all?page=19 going up to mid-2010

2017-02-10 16:10:28 GMT <alfbot> Title: yregaieg / alfresco-data-model-experiment / Commits — Bitbucket (at bitbucket.org)

2017-02-10 16:10:40 GMT <resplin> yreg: I haven't inspected the repo, because I'm in a meeting. But I thought you were saying that you pulled the full file history for the stuff in the data-model from SVN

2017-02-10 16:10:45 GMT <AFaust> Yeah - mid-2010 is technically "too late"

2017-02-10 16:11:27 GMT <AFaust> The first commit is "huuuge" meaning that at this point those files were mostly moved from somewhere else into the project structure

2017-02-10 16:11:43 GMT <yreg> AFaust, probably yes

2017-02-10 16:12:28 GMT * AFaust is really considering revisiting his own git-svn clone and toying with binary exclusions, pruning and export to a Git-based site...

2017-02-10 16:12:39 GMT <AFaust> If only for shits and giggles...

2017-02-10 16:13:42 GMT <yreg> AFaust, rechecked on my svn clone of community mirror, that project goes only up to 2010, so my export to git was good

2017-02-10 16:15:26 GMT <AFaust> That is what I meant - the project was only created at that time. But the code it manages created before. Alfresco likely split up a monolithic main project into the smaller projects we know today...

2017-02-10 16:16:00 GMT <AFaust> %s/created before/existed before/

2017-02-10 16:16:54 GMT * AFaust wishes anyone could teach alfbot some basic regex search&replace features

2017-02-10 16:17:01 GMT <AFaust> argh - not anyone, "someone"

2017-02-10 16:17:14 GMT <AFaust> TGIF

2017-02-10 16:17:21 GMT <yreg> are you any good with python AFaust ?

2017-02-10 16:17:30 GMT <yreg> alfbot understands python

2017-02-10 16:17:30 GMT <alfbot> yreg: Error: "understands" is not a valid command.

2017-02-10 16:17:53 GMT <AFaust> hehe - yreg was caught lying by alfbot

2017-02-10 16:18:23 GMT <AFaust> .alfbot already fails at "understanding"...

2017-02-10 16:19:15 GMT <AFaust> yreg: Although I may be from the island of Java, I never had to battle with that particular kind of snake

2017-02-10 16:19:58 GMT <yreg> bmejias thank you

2017-02-10 16:45:43 GMT <yreg> resplin I was trying to merge stuff from the alfresco github to that experiment repo of mine, but the fact that both repos have had commits in parallel makes it hard to track that

2017-02-10 16:46:04 GMT <yreg> I do not understand why still commit to svn if the project is merged to gitlab

2017-02-10 17:06:29 GMT <yreg> resplin, AFaust it seems that my attempt to merge histories from both svn and github has eventually worked <grin>

2017-02-10 17:06:30 GMT <yreg> https://bitbucket.org/yregaieg/alfresco-data-model-experiment/commits/branch/merge-from-alfresco-github

2017-02-10 17:06:32 GMT <alfbot> Title: yregaieg / alfresco-data-model-experiment / Commits — Bitbucket (at bitbucket.org)

2017-02-10 17:11:25 GMT <yreg> resplin, tada ! https://bitbucket.org/yregaieg/alfresco-data-model-experiment/commits/branch/master

2017-02-10 17:11:26 GMT <alfbot> Title: yregaieg / alfresco-data-model-experiment / Commits — Bitbucket (at bitbucket.org)

2017-02-10 17:12:38 GMT <yreg> I can not understand how this would be too much cost for alfresco, it took me less than 2 hours to come up this far, and it only took that long because this was not done early !

2017-02-10 17:21:23 GMT <yreg> resplin, AFaust pushed to github as well : https://github.com/yregaieg/experiment-alfresco-data-model/commits/master

2017-02-10 17:21:24 GMT <alfbot> Title: Commits · yregaieg/experiment-alfresco-data-model · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-02-10 17:23:48 GMT <AFaust> yreg: Hmm - history seems weird, e.g. for ISO9075: https://github.com/yregaieg/experiment-alfresco-data-model/commits/master/src/main/java/org/alfresco/util/ISO9075.java

2017-02-10 17:23:49 GMT <alfbot> Title: History for src/main/java/org/alfresco/util/ISO9075.java - yregaieg/experiment-alfresco-data-model · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-02-10 17:24:37 GMT <yreg> good point axel

2017-02-10 17:26:51 GMT <yreg> just added the other branches

2017-02-10 17:30:05 GMT <yreg> AFaust, oops it seems there is some changes that were made to the project structure

2017-02-10 17:30:16 GMT <yreg> before porting it to git

2017-02-10 17:31:27 GMT <yreg> so my merge did not detect that the file from source/java got moved to the src/main/java directory -_-

2017-02-10 17:31:54 GMT <yreg> and it thinks the one under src/main/java is a new file to be created

2017-02-10 17:33:37 GMT <yreg> resplin, AFaust as it was made on purpose to prevent any attempt to recover full commit history in the future

2017-02-10 17:58:19 GMT *** yregaieg is now known as yreg

2017-02-10 17:59:56 GMT <yreg> lushlog

2017-02-10 18:00:02 GMT <yreg> ~flushlog

2017-02-10 18:00:02 GMT <alfbot> yreg: Woooosh, your log has been flushed...

2017-02-10 20:55:08 GMT <resplin> yreg: Sorry I had to go earlier.

2017-02-10 20:55:21 GMT <yreg> np

2017-02-10 20:55:43 GMT <resplin> I'm still confused with what you did on that GitHub repo. How did you pull history for just the parts of the SVN repo that got extracted into the data-model git repo?

2017-02-10 20:56:21 GMT <resplin> The official data-model git repo only has 85 commits, but yours has 635

2017-02-10 20:56:36 GMT <yreg> just pointed directly to the full URL all the way up to the project folder in my git svn checkout command

2017-02-10 20:56:56 GMT <resplin> Ah, that makes sense.

2017-02-10 20:57:19 GMT <resplin> We talked about doing that. We had a couple of concerns.

2017-02-10 20:57:34 GMT <resplin> Such as "is the SVN project folder really the same as we want the git repo".

2017-02-10 20:57:54 GMT <resplin> In the end, we decided that we would have to come back to SVN for history anyway, so why bother trying to export it.

2017-02-10 20:58:03 GMT <yreg> actually the guy who created alfresco's github repo also changed the project structure

2017-02-10 20:58:33 GMT <yreg> even before the first commit

2017-02-10 20:59:07 GMT <resplin> Yes, that is what I mean. We wanted the flexibility to change the project structure as we move it.

2017-02-10 20:59:08 GMT <yregaieg> making it even harder to link each file to its history

2017-02-10 20:59:26 GMT <yregaieg> resplin, if you moved it, then restructured it

2017-02-10 20:59:35 GMT <yregaieg> it would have kept the history

2017-02-10 20:59:38 GMT <resplin> Correct.

2017-02-10 21:00:00 GMT <yregaieg> it sounds like it was made on pûrpose to break history

2017-02-10 21:00:16 GMT <resplin> The goal was not to break history.

2017-02-10 21:00:34 GMT <yregaieg> I am not even sure if there were no other changes than moving stuff around

2017-02-10 21:00:40 GMT <yregaieg> if it was only that

2017-02-10 21:00:49 GMT <yregaieg> I could sync from svn

2017-02-10 21:00:52 GMT <resplin> We weighed the trade-offs between keeping the history and having flexibility as we modularize the code base and decided that keeping history was not as important.

2017-02-10 21:01:03 GMT <yregaieg> redo the restructuring of the project

2017-02-10 21:01:10 GMT <yregaieg> then merge in the github repo

2017-02-10 21:01:12 GMT <resplin> It wasn't that we set out to break history. It was that we decided it wasn't essential to keep it.

2017-02-10 21:01:25 GMT <yregaieg> and then the history will include both svn and github histories

2017-02-10 21:03:08 GMT <resplin> We could have moved everything with the history, but it would have taken much more time. Multiple syncs from SVN, then moving things between various repos. And the end result wouldn't give us anything that wasn't already in SVN.

2017-02-10 21:03:33 GMT <yregaieg> wow resplin

2017-02-10 21:03:49 GMT <yregaieg> it would've taken 30mn extra per repo tops !

2017-02-10 21:04:01 GMT <resplin> Not true.

2017-02-10 21:05:24 GMT <resplin> There might be easier ways that the ones we looked at, but we didn't find one that was that easy.

2017-02-10 21:06:58 GMT <resplin> Like many projects, it looks much easier before starting. And the problem with the Git migration is that it doesn't result in any better product. So we chose to minimize that cost.

2017-02-10 21:13:40 GMT * resplin makes a note to discuss it with the team again to see if it would be easier to preserve history in the future now that we know more about the tools

2017-02-10 21:40:48 GMT <yregaieg> resplin in case you are interested in what I did to export the project to git and keep its history:

2017-02-10 21:41:13 GMT <yregaieg> mkdir -p /data/repos/repo-name

2017-02-10 21:41:32 GMT <yregaieg> cd /data/repos/repo-name

2017-02-10 21:42:16 GMT <yregaieg> git svn clone https://url/to/project/on/svn .

2017-02-10 21:42:40 GMT <yregaieg> # create the project on github

2017-02-10 21:43:09 GMT <yregaieg> git remote add origin git@some/git/repo

2017-02-10 21:43:30 GMT <yregaieg> git push origin --all

2017-02-10 21:45:01 GMT <yregaieg> resplin, in order to lose git-svn-id you can add this option '--no-metadata' to the git svn clone command

2017-02-10 21:46:32 GMT <resplin> Thanks. That is what we experimented with.

2017-02-10 21:48:29 GMT <yregaieg> resplin, and the url to the project on svn was https://svn.alfresco.com/repos/alfresco-open-mirror/alfresco/HEAD/root/projects/data-model/

2017-02-10 21:48:30 GMT <alfbot> Title: alfresco-open-mirror - Revision 135096: /alfresco/HEAD/root/projects/data-model (at svn.alfresco.com)

End of Daily Log

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