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2017-02-28 01:06:17 GMT <fwu> resplin, what ADF means please?

2017-02-28 01:15:58 GMT <resplin> fwu: Alfresco Development Framework

2017-02-28 01:16:51 GMT <resplin> https://community.alfresco.com/community/application-development-framework

2017-02-28 01:16:53 GMT <alfbot> Title: Application Development Framework | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-02-28 06:54:59 GMT <Dirk23> hello. I have a big problem since last week. My LDAP Auth in Alfresco stopped running (alfresco is non productive) and i want to review the whole LDAP Config again, so i can do things better than they where before. i had a line to alfresco-global.properties wich was:

2017-02-28 06:55:00 GMT <Dirk23> #authentication.chain=alfrescoNtlm1:alfrescoNtlm,passthru1:passthru,ldap1:ldap

2017-02-28 06:55:33 GMT <Dirk23> as i started reading through the Alfresco docs, there is a example wich is:

2017-02-28 06:55:33 GMT <Dirk23> authentication.chain=alfinst:alfrescoNtlm,ad1:ldap-ad,ad2:ldap-ad

2017-02-28 06:55:48 GMT <Dirk23> sorry

2017-02-28 06:55:49 GMT <Dirk23> authentication.chain=alfinst:alfrescoNtlm,ad1:ldap-ad,ad2:ldap-ad

2017-02-28 06:56:02 GMT <Dirk23> ah, it was the rigth paste m)

2017-02-28 06:56:34 GMT <Dirk23> whats the difference between alfrescoNtlm1:alfrescoNtlm and alfinst:alfrescoNtlm

2017-02-28 07:05:05 GMT <_daniele_> Goof morning at all from Italy.

2017-02-28 07:05:57 GMT <_daniele_> Is the fact that bheaviors policy are called before alfresco rules granted by alfresco.

2017-02-28 07:06:00 GMT <_daniele_> ?

2017-02-28 07:07:53 GMT <_daniele_> I would like to setup a rule which evaluate an aspect added by a versionpolicy behavior. But I've noticed something like inconsistency on the order on which policies are apllied. Do you think my approach is wrong?

2017-02-28 07:14:49 GMT <AxelFaust> Dirk23: alfinst:alfrescoNtlm and alfrescoNtlm1:alfrescoNtlm only differ in the instance ID of the alfrescoNtlm subsystem

2017-02-28 07:15:13 GMT <AxelFaust> This means that custom subsystem config is looked up in a different folder

2017-02-28 07:15:16 GMT <Dirk23> so what should i use for LDAp sync?

2017-02-28 07:15:48 GMT <AxelFaust> The first will lookup in alfresco/extension/subsystems/Authentication/alfrescoNtlm/alfinst, the latter in alfresco/extension/subsystems/Authentication/alfrescoNtlm/alfrescoNtlm1

2017-02-28 07:16:02 GMT <AxelFaust> alfrescoNtlm has nothing to do with LDAP sync so it does not matter

2017-02-28 07:16:56 GMT <Dirk23> AxelFaust, i want to be able to login as alfrescoadmin (without LDAP) and with LDAp users. What should i use?

2017-02-28 07:16:57 GMT <AxelFaust> _daniele_: Behaviours bound on EVERY_EVENT are always called before rules.

2017-02-28 07:17:13 GMT <AxelFaust> Dirk23: Either of your chains can be used

2017-02-28 07:17:41 GMT <AxelFaust> the question about LDAP depends on what you actually have

2017-02-28 07:17:44 GMT <AxelFaust> An AD or an LDAP

2017-02-28 07:17:49 GMT <Dirk23> Active Directory

2017-02-28 07:17:59 GMT <AxelFaust> If you have an AD, use adX.ldap-ad

2017-02-28 07:18:24 GMT <Dirk23> Whats adX.ldap-ad?

2017-02-28 07:18:30 GMT <AxelFaust> ldap1:ldap is only for a real LDAP (not the Windows LDAP-on-steroids called AD)

2017-02-28 07:18:39 GMT <AxelFaust> I meant adX:ldap-ad

2017-02-28 07:18:48 GMT <AxelFaust> and it is meant as a simple name wildcard

2017-02-28 07:18:56 GMT <AxelFaust> e.g. your ad1:ldap-ad entry

2017-02-28 07:20:10 GMT <Dirk23> ah, ok. And do i need for local Auth

2017-02-28 07:20:23 GMT <AxelFaust> I'll be off now while I commute to my customer...

2017-02-28 07:56:52 GMT <yreg> ~later tell resplin we would be definitely interested in that, ping me when you are back

2017-02-28 07:56:52 GMT <alfbot> yreg: The operation succeeded.

2017-02-28 07:56:58 GMT <yreg> Morning everyone

2017-02-28 07:57:08 GMT <Dirk23> morning

2017-02-28 07:59:29 GMT <Dirk23> i would like to only sync users vom AD to alfresco wich belong to a special Group of users.

2017-02-28 07:59:41 GMT <Dirk23> what should i use in the config?

2017-02-28 07:59:52 GMT <Dirk23> ldap.synchronization.personQuery ?

2017-02-28 08:12:04 GMT <Tichodroma> Dirk23: yes, in this property you can formulate a LDAP query that matches all users you want to sync

2017-02-28 08:25:44 GMT <Dirk23> Tichodroma, ok, so i used ldap.synchronization.groupSearchBase=cn\=Alfresco User,ou\=LDAP-AD-Zugriff,ou\=WIS-ITS-User,dc\=domain,dc\=local

2017-02-28 08:26:18 GMT <Dirk23> but not all users that are in that group are added to Alfresco and some groups wich do not belong to that group are added

2017-02-28 08:30:02 GMT <Dirk23> hi angelborroy

2017-02-28 08:30:07 GMT <Dirk23> good morning

2017-02-28 08:30:15 GMT <angelborroy> morning

2017-02-28 08:38:01 GMT <Dirk23> angelborroy, any chance you can help me?

2017-02-28 08:38:16 GMT <Tichodroma> Dirk23: there are more configuration properties that must be used together: personQuery, personSearchBase, userSearchBase

2017-02-28 08:38:16 GMT <angelborroy> I have a meeting in 20 minutes

2017-02-28 08:38:27 GMT <Tichodroma> Dirk23: what is your personQuery?

2017-02-28 08:40:42 GMT <Dirk23> http://pastebin.com/tWXVHtwk

2017-02-28 08:40:43 GMT <alfbot> Title: [Bash] LDAP Alfresco - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-02-28 08:40:51 GMT <Dirk23> thats the whole config for LDAP (not much)

2017-02-28 08:49:13 GMT <Dirk23> maybe the groupsearchbase is the problem Tichodroma?

2017-02-28 08:50:00 GMT <IanW1> Dirk23: You don't want objectclass\=group in the personQuery

2017-02-28 09:00:45 GMT <Dirk23> IanW1, yes, i saw that and changed it to user

2017-02-28 09:02:16 GMT <yreg> IanW1, Hey !

2017-02-28 09:03:02 GMT <IanW1> yreg: Hey!

2017-02-28 09:03:11 GMT <yreg> I was wondering if you had the chance to get AOS to work with Kerberos ?

2017-02-28 09:03:42 GMT <IanW1> Don't use Kerberos (phew!)

2017-02-28 09:04:39 GMT <yreg> You are a lucky man then

2017-02-28 09:04:46 GMT <Dirk23> IanW1, still missing one User from AD after changing objectclass\=group to objectclass\=user

2017-02-28 09:04:53 GMT <Dirk23> and still some groups are synced

2017-02-28 09:05:01 GMT <yreg> You saved yourself a lot of headaches

2017-02-28 09:05:05 GMT <Dirk23> wich are not memeber of the Alfrescouser Group

2017-02-28 09:07:38 GMT <qwebirc59067> Hi Guys, I am trying to search a document soon after I upload it to alfresco, the query returns zero initially but if run the same query after some time I got the expected output.

2017-02-28 09:07:50 GMT <qwebirc59067> This is the query

2017-02-28 09:07:51 GMT <qwebirc59067> SELECT d.cmis:objectId, d.cmis:name FROM cmis:document d WHERE d.cmis:name LIKE '%Test%' AND IN_TREE(d,'workspace://SpacesStore/4b70bc99-0e8b-45ab-9b5e-bb48465904a1')

2017-02-28 09:08:37 GMT <qwebirc59067> works fine If I pass node reference in IN_FOLDER

2017-02-28 09:17:06 GMT <qwebirc59067> This same query works fine if I pass root node reference

2017-02-28 09:17:40 GMT <qwebirc59067> any idea whats happening here ??

2017-02-28 09:17:49 GMT <angelborroy> qwebirc59067 it depends on SOLR indexing

2017-02-28 09:18:21 GMT <angelborroy> qwebirc59067 SOLR indexing is async, so you are using a query based on SOLR in one case and the results are not gathered immediatly

2017-02-28 09:18:50 GMT <yreg> ~later telml bmejias http://www.techradar.com/news/software/applications/the-best-free-video-editor-1330136

2017-02-28 09:18:50 GMT <alfbot> yreg: Error: The "Later" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "telml" in it. Try "list Later" to see the commands in the "Later" plugin.

2017-02-28 09:18:58 GMT <yreg> ~later tell bmejias http://www.techradar.com/news/software/applications/the-best-free-video-editor-1330136

2017-02-28 09:18:58 GMT <alfbot> yreg: The operation succeeded.

2017-02-28 09:19:00 GMT <angelborroy> qwebirc59067 If you just created the content, get it by using another API call

2017-02-28 09:20:50 GMT <yreg> qwebirc59067, or use transactional metadata queries if you are querying programatically

2017-02-28 09:26:55 GMT <Dirk23> hmmm... besides the problem of the user that is not synced, i can not login as normal AD-User. Only Admins can. Do i miss a step?

2017-02-28 09:28:00 GMT <qwebirc59067> thanks angelborroy and yreg

2017-02-28 09:52:08 GMT <Dirk23> hmmm.... LDAP still throws exceptions: http://pastebin.com/gFQ152tk

2017-02-28 09:52:09 GMT <alfbot> Title: [Bash] Alfresco LDAP Error - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-02-28 09:52:36 GMT <Dirk23> Fehler während der LDAP-Suche. Grund: domain:389 = Error LDAP Search. Reason: domain:389

2017-02-28 10:15:18 GMT <DarkStar1> Morning everyone

2017-02-28 11:12:27 GMT <Dirk23> is there somewhere a FTP Logfile for Alfresco with configured FTP?

2017-02-28 12:25:25 GMT <Dirk23> i found that ftp on my alfresco is working, but i do not have write access to it. do i need to setup something the write files through FTP?

2017-02-28 12:30:42 GMT <Dirk23> silly me. forgot to add the user to the site

2017-02-28 13:20:46 GMT <yreg> guys on the node level, how can I tell if a group is a system group or a custom group ?

2017-02-28 13:22:25 GMT <AFaust> yreg: What do you consider "system" group and what a "custom" group? Do you mean auto-generated groups for sites vs. synched / manually created groups?

2017-02-28 13:22:35 GMT <AFaust> If so, there is no difference whatsoever

2017-02-28 13:24:06 GMT <yreg> aha

2017-02-28 13:24:17 GMT <yreg> then I need to check based on the name ?

2017-02-28 13:24:32 GMT <yreg> how does share admin console make the difference then ?

2017-02-28 13:24:47 GMT <AFaust> Same - no difference here as well that you can reliably use

2017-02-28 13:25:07 GMT <AFaust> E.g. I have had a project where groups where created using the same basic pattern as the site groups

2017-02-28 13:25:39 GMT <AFaust> Share admin console considers those groups "system" groups that have been created in a specific zone.

2017-02-28 13:26:02 GMT <AFaust> You can use that and it will work as long as you don't have any addon that creates user-defined groups in a different zone

2017-02-28 13:26:03 GMT <yreg> AFaust, /sys:system/sys:zones/cm:APP.SHARE

2017-02-28 13:26:18 GMT <AFaust> That would be one of the special zones

2017-02-28 13:53:16 GMT <fwu> hello all!

2017-02-28 13:54:13 GMT <fwu> Who can tell me if ADF works well with Alfresco and Activiti CE editions? Or it is only for EE?

2017-02-28 13:54:28 GMT <fwu> anyone developed anything with ADF for CE already?

2017-02-28 13:54:45 GMT <resplin> Hey yreg. Good afternoon.

2017-02-28 13:54:45 GMT <alfbot> resplin: Sent 5 hours and 57 minutes ago: <yreg> we would be definitely interested in that, ping me when you are back

2017-02-28 13:55:05 GMT <resplin> fwu: ADF was designed to work with Community Edition.

2017-02-28 13:55:22 GMT <resplin> We might have some Enterprise-only widgets in the future, but they are all open source at the moment.

2017-02-28 13:55:31 GMT <fwu> ok, nice

2017-02-28 13:56:10 GMT <fwu> resplin, if I develop my own front end, will I get ootb ldap connection and sso?

2017-02-28 13:56:34 GMT <fwu> wel,, actually im not sure if activiti CE supports ldap and sso....

2017-02-28 13:56:56 GMT <angelborroy> fwu ldap is server side

2017-02-28 13:57:07 GMT <angelborroy> fwu and sso is not supported by ADF auth component

2017-02-28 13:57:42 GMT <angelborroy> fwu so for both activiti and alfresco: LDAP=yes but SSO=no

2017-02-28 13:58:26 GMT <AFaust> After all, it is still "limited availability"

2017-02-28 13:59:26 GMT <fwu> but maybe a simple kind of SSO can be simulated...

2017-02-28 13:59:38 GMT <AFaust> And regarding ADF and Activiti CE: ADF currently only works with the Alfresco Activiti product (AFAIK), so EE only in that regard.

2017-02-28 13:59:47 GMT <AFaust> But I believe that was already mentioned yesterday...

2017-02-28 13:59:57 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust +1

2017-02-28 14:00:12 GMT <angelborroy> But maybe as it is not so clear, people is asking again the same

2017-02-28 14:00:28 GMT <resplin> Oh yeah, I forgot that some of the APIs haven't moved back into Activiti Community Edition. We plan to fix that shortly.

2017-02-28 14:00:33 GMT <angelborroy> ADF is for Alfresco Community or Enteprise 5.2+ and for Activiti Enteprise (only)

2017-02-28 14:00:35 GMT <fwu> Afaust, angelborroy, it is not clear indeed

2017-02-28 14:00:36 GMT <resplin> Time to start my meetings.

2017-02-28 14:00:57 GMT <resplin> The problem with Activiti Community Edition was not intentional. We are working on it.

2017-02-28 14:00:58 GMT <fwu> i read different thing about that

2017-02-28 14:01:55 GMT <fwu> so, ADF was designed to work with CE but dont work yet, is that right?

2017-02-28 14:02:14 GMT <angelborroy> ADF works now with Alfresco CE / EE and with Activiti EE

2017-02-28 14:02:31 GMT <angelborroy> ADF will work (as resplin says) with Activiti CE in the future

2017-02-28 14:02:50 GMT <fwu> ok. it is clear now angelborroy lol :)

2017-02-28 14:03:13 GMT <fwu> that gives me some possible path

2017-02-28 14:03:31 GMT <angelborroy> fwu “the future” can be “the next year”

2017-02-28 14:03:37 GMT <angelborroy> or maybe “two years” from now

2017-02-28 14:03:45 GMT <fwu> work with adf for the repository for customers without workflow, and later migrate workflows to ADF

2017-02-28 14:03:53 GMT <angelborroy> fwu remember that Activiti 6 has been in beta for 2 years now

2017-02-28 14:04:01 GMT <IanW1> ADF SSO is a big question for me - must try it sometime...

2017-02-28 14:04:23 GMT <angelborroy> IanW1 but ADF SSO is not supported, right?

2017-02-28 14:04:51 GMT <fwu> IanW1, for users sso is just not put a user and a pwd. Maybe technically it is possible to implement it in a simple way...

2017-02-28 14:05:40 GMT <fwu> sign in in a pc is already a security step...so...

2017-02-28 14:06:20 GMT <IanW1> No idea, haven't looked at it yet...

2017-02-28 14:10:13 GMT <angelborroy> resplin I’m going to use your material tomorrow as intro for my warm-up talk at etopia

2017-02-28 14:10:49 GMT <angelborroy> resplin This one https://speakerdeck.com/resplin/starting-development-with-alfresco

2017-02-28 14:10:50 GMT <alfbot> Title: Starting Development with Alfresco // Speaker Deck (at speakerdeck.com)

2017-02-28 14:11:16 GMT <resplin> angelborroy: Great plan. I'm glad to hear that it is useful!

2017-02-28 14:12:01 GMT <angelborroy> resplin after that we are going to build and publish a new addon by using Alfresco SDK

2017-02-28 14:12:14 GMT <angelborroy> resplin so I think that this is the best intro

2017-02-28 14:12:15 GMT <DarkStar1> I have a webscript wherein the descriptor file, I set <authentication/> to none. but I keep getting a Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: net.sf.acegisecurity.AuthenticationCredentialsNotFoundException: A valid SecureContext was not provided in the RequestContext error

2017-02-28 14:12:38 GMT <DarkStar1> when I use contentwrite to update a document

2017-02-28 14:15:50 GMT * AFaust wonders why Alfresco didn't bother to support SSO from the start with ADF. As if no customer is ever going to use that...

2017-02-28 14:16:33 GMT <AFaust> DarkStar1: When the user isn't authenticated you can't make calls to APIs that require an active authentication.

2017-02-28 14:17:00 GMT <AFaust> Usually you'd have the web script code set a specific runAs context

2017-02-28 14:18:30 GMT <DarkStar1> AFaust: I didn't know that particular required an active auth. Just saw this: https://github.com/Alfresco/community-edition-old/blob/master/projects/repository/config/alfresco/public-services-security-context.xml#L497

2017-02-28 14:18:31 GMT <alfbot> Title: community-edition-old/public-services-security-context.xml at master · Alfresco/community-edition-old · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-02-28 14:19:36 GMT <AFaust> You can expect almost all read/modify operations to require an active auth. The web script descriptor is only useful to avoid a user having to auth, but internally calls must be authed

2017-02-28 14:19:55 GMT <AFaust> (as long as you use the proper public services)

2017-02-28 14:27:23 GMT <yreg> AFaust, is running in bhagyas mode/mood <grin>

2017-02-28 14:28:13 GMT <yreg> resplin, I am here!

2017-02-28 14:29:35 GMT <resplin> yreg: I am in and out of meetings, but you said something about you being interested about something

2017-02-28 14:29:57 GMT <yreg> I think this particular client won't be interested in SAML right now, but my colleague says that we have at least 2 EE customers that would be really interested in getting into that EA

2017-02-28 14:29:59 GMT <AFaust> yreg? Currently I'm not in "bhagyas" mode/mood - I was on Sunday evening, and may be after resplin rejects reasonable bugs since architects / developers apparently can no longer deal with basic issues. But not now...

2017-02-28 14:30:47 GMT <yreg> AFaust, you are maybe not there yet, but you are definitely warming up :D

2017-02-28 14:30:57 GMT <resplin> yreg: Oh yeah. I'll invite you to the EA program but don't give it to customers without telling me first.

2017-02-28 14:31:44 GMT <yreg> tell or ask ?

2017-02-28 14:32:25 GMT <resplin> tell. I just need to know who they are so that we can make sure they deploy the production module when it is ready.

2017-02-28 14:33:19 GMT <AFaust> resplin: I should maybe tell one of my customers to inform you they didn't need the SAML module after all then...

2017-02-28 14:33:51 GMT <resplin> AFaust: Yes please. I've been trying to get feedback from people that tried it.

2017-02-28 14:34:01 GMT <resplin> "We didn't need it" is good feedback.

2017-02-28 14:34:22 GMT <AFaust> They haven't even tried it. They realised it was unnecessary after dummy deploy to DEV instance

2017-02-28 14:34:22 GMT <resplin> Or you can just tell me who they are so I stop pestering them.

2017-02-28 14:34:34 GMT <AFaust> But will tell them

2017-02-28 17:42:15 GMT <yreg> What is alf_auth_status meant for?

2017-02-28 17:44:58 GMT <AFaust> Enterprise user authorisation + tracking against license

2017-02-28 17:46:56 GMT <yreg> That's exactly what I thought! It is a shame that produces a bug that does not exist in community

2017-02-28 17:47:57 GMT <yreg> by validating the checksums against the default system charset instead of the charset used to generate the checksum in the first place

2017-02-28 18:59:15 GMT <marco___> Hi

2017-02-28 19:00:58 GMT <marco___> There seems to be a problem that I could replicate at least since version 4.1

2017-02-28 19:01:13 GMT <marco___> If I have a property with repeating values

2017-02-28 19:01:38 GMT <marco___> and I set its value with the following javascript

2017-02-28 19:02:08 GMT <marco___> document.properties["someco:testDateProperty"] = [ null, new Date()];

2017-02-28 19:02:12 GMT <marco___> document.save();

2017-02-28 19:02:24 GMT <marco___> alfresco saves only the second value and ignores the first null

2017-02-28 19:02:48 GMT <marco___> It happens the same with Java.

2017-02-28 19:03:14 GMT <marco___> do you know if this is a known bug ?

2017-02-28 19:03:43 GMT <marco___> I already asked this question some months ago and several persons in this chat told me that they could not replicate the issue.

2017-02-28 19:03:52 GMT <marco___> on the last version of Alfresco

2017-02-28 19:04:06 GMT <marco___> I tried today and I can still replicate it.

2017-02-28 19:16:55 GMT <yreg> marco___, AFAIK you can not store null values in multivalued properties

2017-02-28 19:37:50 GMT <marco___> yreg, it is possible to save null values in multivalued properties

2017-02-28 19:38:04 GMT <marco___> the null is removed only if it is the first value

2017-02-28 19:38:44 GMT <marco___> and I do not see why this should happen

2017-02-28 19:39:50 GMT <jnoob22> marco___, which version exactly you see this in?

2017-02-28 19:40:33 GMT <marco___> 5.1.2

2017-02-28 19:40:50 GMT <marco___> I am on 5.1.2 with some customisations

2017-02-28 19:40:58 GMT <marco___> a lot of customisations...

2017-02-28 19:41:11 GMT <marco___> but I just tested it in a vanilla 5.1.1

2017-02-28 19:41:22 GMT <marco___> and I could replicate it

2017-02-28 19:43:00 GMT <marco___> I can replicate it also on an old version: 4.1

2017-02-28 20:04:54 GMT *** JL is now known as Guest36735

2017-02-28 20:06:34 GMT <Guest36735> Is there an issue with https://my.alfresco.com/share/ ? I can't log in and my app is failing.

2017-02-28 20:06:35 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco » Login (at my.alfresco.com)

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