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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-03-02 08:02:03 GMT <yreg> morning guys

2017-03-02 08:06:28 GMT <mrks_js> morning yreg!

2017-03-02 08:15:06 GMT <yreg> Hey Markus !

2017-03-02 08:15:09 GMT <yreg> How it goes ?

2017-03-02 08:28:58 GMT <mrks_js> Quite good actually! and busy : )

2017-03-02 08:29:06 GMT <mrks_js> how are you doing?

2017-03-02 09:01:38 GMT <yreg> Fine overall but very busy !

2017-03-02 09:01:54 GMT <yreg> mrks_js, are you going to present something @ BeeCon this year ?

2017-03-02 10:04:37 GMT <DarkStar1> Morning people

2017-03-02 10:25:21 GMT <fwu> hi all!

2017-03-02 10:25:45 GMT <mrks_js> yreg: i really want to, but its a pain to get there from zürich.

2017-03-02 10:25:49 GMT <mrks_js> have not decided yet

2017-03-02 10:26:04 GMT <mrks_js> yreg: are you going? are you going to attend hackathon?

2017-03-02 10:35:06 GMT <fcorti> If you are in London, this afternoon there is the Alfresco London Meetup with Alfresco Engineers presenting.

2017-03-02 10:35:30 GMT <fcorti> Free entrance and refreshments.

2017-03-02 10:35:31 GMT <fcorti> https://www.meetup.com/Alfresco-Meetups/events/236987848/

2017-03-02 10:35:32 GMT <alfbot> Title: London Developer Meetup - Alfresco Meetups (London, England) | Meetup (at www.meetup.com)

2017-03-02 10:42:26 GMT <yreg> mrks_js, I am going, but not sure if I can attend the hackathon, I will definitely attend the two middle days, probably the last day too, but definitely not the first one

2017-03-02 10:44:43 GMT <mrks_js> alrighty!

2017-03-02 11:06:15 GMT <yreg> ~later tell angelborroy I have seen this https://twitter.com/AngelBorroy/status/836899731121000448 this morning and was wondering What was the problem before this ? was the edit-online not working at all or just prompts for an extra authentication ?

2017-03-02 11:06:15 GMT <alfbot> yreg: The operation succeeded.

2017-03-02 11:34:45 GMT <fwu> ppl, what is the advised dev environment for alfresco 5.2?

2017-03-02 11:45:49 GMT <fwu> with 4.2.f I use eclipse kepler and when Im creating an amp and share projects I set specific maven configurations (artfacts..)

2017-03-02 11:47:26 GMT <AFaust> fwu: Simply use the newest IDE version available. It is too much hassle to keep different IDE versions around for different Alfresco versions - I always use the latest for all projects

2017-03-02 11:49:20 GMT <IanW1> fwu: I use STS instead of eclipse as it has spring stuff by default

2017-03-02 11:50:01 GMT <fwu> IanW1, I rather use eclipse!

2017-03-02 11:50:11 GMT <fwu> im used to it :)

2017-03-02 11:50:33 GMT <fwu> but what about the artifacts and other stuff configuration when creating a project?

2017-03-02 11:50:38 GMT <fwu> is it the same?

2017-03-02 11:50:52 GMT <IanW1> fwu: STS is eclipse but with extra stuff added in by default - but it's a matter of preference

2017-03-02 11:53:18 GMT <fwu> IanW1, yes right! I think I tested it some time ago when I thought the all in one project would be good for me

2017-03-02 11:53:43 GMT <fwu> but then I realize it is better to work with independent share and repo projetcs

2017-03-02 11:57:15 GMT <mrks_js> does anyone have a link where the differences/limitations of community activiti / activiti and activiti enterprise (aka alfresco process service) are displayed?

2017-03-02 11:57:39 GMT <fwu> what java version should I use for Alfresco 5.2?

2017-03-02 11:58:46 GMT <fwu> mrks_js: i look at this:

2017-03-02 11:58:50 GMT <fwu> http://www.microstrat.com/content/alfresco-activiti-community-vs-enterprise-comparison

2017-03-02 11:58:51 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco Activiti Community vs. Enterprise Comparison | Micro Strategies (at www.microstrat.com)

2017-03-02 11:59:18 GMT <fwu> but I dont have sure if it is updated

2017-03-02 12:00:19 GMT <fwu> or this in pdf: http://www.microstrat.com/sites/default/files/sites/default/files/Activiti%20Checklist%20copy%20v4.pdf

2017-03-02 12:14:55 GMT <mrks_js> wow, thanks fwu! : )

2017-03-02 12:14:56 GMT * AFaust curses that the CMIS spec committee did not think to consider that there should be a universal base type to allow querying for documents and folders in one SQL...

2017-03-02 12:15:10 GMT <mrks_js> isn't there also a limitation on active processes?

2017-03-02 12:16:01 GMT <AFaust> mrks_js: There is a licensing-based limitation on that with APS

2017-03-02 12:17:18 GMT <mrks_js> but not on community?

2017-03-02 12:18:13 GMT <AFaust> Not that I know of. Would be really hard to argue...

2017-03-02 12:25:58 GMT <mrks_js> alrighty

2017-03-02 12:26:00 GMT <mrks_js> thanks : )

2017-03-02 12:36:28 GMT <yreg> AFaust, isn't there a cmisobject for that

2017-03-02 12:36:32 GMT <yreg> ?

2017-03-02 12:37:52 GMT <yreg> https://github.com/Alfresco/community-edition-old/blob/master/projects/data-model/config/alfresco/model/cmisModel.xml#L51

2017-03-02 12:37:53 GMT <alfbot> Title: community-edition-old/cmisModel.xml at master · Alfresco/community-edition-old · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-03-02 12:39:46 GMT <AFaust> yreg: There is cmis:item but you can't query for that, and by definition it should exclude documents/folders

2017-03-02 12:39:52 GMT <AFaust> The cmisext:object is also not supported

2017-03-02 12:40:25 GMT <AFaust> Talking about at a customer here - have not checked support in 5.2 yet

2017-03-02 12:44:23 GMT <AFaust> For the moment I am stuck at doing two queries, one for cmis:document and cmis:folder each, and having to explicitly state "any non-file/folder elements are not supported by this feature"

2017-03-02 12:45:27 GMT <yreg> That's wierd, it's like if they broke it on purpose !

2017-03-02 12:45:45 GMT <AFaust> It was never supported in CMIS query as far as I can see

2017-03-02 12:46:19 GMT <AFaust> So at most they just "did not think about it due to a limited mind-set"

2017-03-02 12:46:48 GMT <AFaust> The specification simply does not provide for something like this

2017-03-02 12:47:41 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: Join to create a GrapQL interface for Alfresco ;)

2017-03-02 12:48:00 GMT <bhagyas> unless you're limited to a client that only supports CMIS

2017-03-02 12:48:31 GMT <IanW1> can't you do an or in your CMIS query?

2017-03-02 12:49:07 GMT <AFaust> IanW1: Nope because in CMIS query you select via the SQL-like FROM clause - no OR for "tables"

2017-03-02 12:51:53 GMT <AFaust> bhagyas: I don't see how my problem has anything to do with a Graph-based query language...

2017-03-02 12:52:38 GMT <AFaust> CMIS is just missing a queryable base / super type

2017-03-02 13:12:47 GMT <bhagyas> forgot you have no idea about it

2017-03-02 13:12:50 GMT <bhagyas> :)

2017-03-02 13:20:57 GMT <AFaust> In case you were suggesting it because you thought I was doing CMIS queries from a client to Alfresco, you are mistaken. Talking about internal queries here as part of a job.

2017-03-02 14:09:13 GMT <douglascrp> hello guys

2017-03-02 14:32:54 GMT <qwebirc99191> Morning folks! I'm struggling with the Activiti REST API. All I wanna know is the current state of a task. But I'm blind... i don't see the information. Was expecting to get it with "https://localhost:8443/activiti-app/api/enterprise/tasks/2512" ?? Any idea?

2017-03-02 14:56:34 GMT <yreg> qwebirc99191, try https://localhost:8443/activiti-app/api/enterprise/tasks/2512/variables for task variables and https://localhost:8443/activiti-app/api/enterprise/tasks/2512/items for package items

2017-03-02 15:06:26 GMT <yreg> qwebirc99191, https://admin:admin@api-explorer.alfresco.com/alfresco/api/-default-/public/workflow/versions/1/tasks/145/variables

2017-03-02 15:16:54 GMT <qwebirc99191> yreg: Thanks, but if I try the URL I just get [{"name":"initiator","type":"string","value":"1","scope":"global"}] and for lot of new tasks the /variables are empty. No bpm_status at all

2017-03-02 15:21:12 GMT <yreg> qwebirc99191, you will not find variable that are null (or unset), that is to be expected, for the rest you will find them along with their appropriate scopes (global when they are part of aspects and local if they are part of types)

2017-03-02 15:23:15 GMT <yreg> qwebirc99191, if you which to access the list of available variable, so that you could "put" any of them, then you should look at https://localhost:8443/activiti-app/api/enterprise/tasks/2512/task-form-model

2017-03-02 15:27:55 GMT <qwebirc99191> yreg: Thanks. but i was expecting that such information is available all the time during a task lifecycle.

2017-03-02 15:28:22 GMT <qwebirc99191> so at least status is global

2017-03-02 15:42:18 GMT <iblanco> Hi everyone

2017-03-02 15:51:47 GMT <qwebirc99191> yreg: So based on this doc https://docs.alfresco.com/activiti/docs/dev-guide/1.5.0/#_task_list where I'm able to retrieve tasks that are "completed" or still "active" I would expect to get this information somehow by requestions the task or at least task details. But I dont. Same behavior if I use process-instances instead (there I can request states running, completed and all).

2017-03-02 15:51:48 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco Activiti (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-03-02 16:08:17 GMT <yreg> qwebirc99191, I think you are mixing up standalone activiti with embedded activiti

2017-03-02 16:11:34 GMT <iblanco> Hello everyone. I was wondering how you go about keeping track of security issues that might arise for an specific version.

2017-03-02 16:11:59 GMT <iblanco> Some projects have a security anouncements lists but AFAIK there is no such thing in Alfresco.

2017-03-02 16:12:33 GMT <iblanco> I know I can check the Jira for secutiry issues but they are not usually very clear about which versions are affected.

2017-03-02 16:12:53 GMT <iblanco> I guess this information is more clearly managed in the enterprise version

2017-03-02 16:13:20 GMT <iblanco> but for the community? Is there something better than keeping track of all commits and issues?

2017-03-02 16:14:28 GMT <qwebirc99191> yreg: Sorry for the confusion but I'm talking about Alfresco Activiti Enterprise 1.5.3 assuming documentation is about that

2017-03-02 16:21:42 GMT <yreg> qwebirc99191, it looks like I was the one mixing things up, sorry

2017-03-02 16:21:49 GMT <yreg> long day of work I guess

2017-03-02 16:37:22 GMT <fwu> brb

2017-03-02 16:46:08 GMT <qwebirc99191> thank god tomorrow is Friday :D

2017-03-02 16:55:30 GMT * iblanco Saying bye

2017-03-02 17:14:44 GMT <fwu> back

2017-03-02 17:15:48 GMT <fwu> ppl im getting this error while trying to run: apply_amps -force

2017-03-02 17:16:07 GMT <fwu> 02020000 An IO error was encountered during deployment of the AMP into the WAR

2017-03-02 17:16:25 GMT <fwu> strange because everytime I had this a restart of the machine solved it

2017-03-02 17:16:29 GMT <fwu> but not now

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