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2017-03-17 06:44:52 GMT <qwebirc11587> hi

2017-03-17 08:10:16 GMT <yreg> Morning everyone

2017-03-17 09:00:32 GMT <alfbot> IanW1: Sent 14 hours and 43 minutes ago: <douglascrp> I would want to understand what you did and how

2017-03-17 09:16:08 GMT <IanW1> ~later tell douglascrp It's fairly simple - in the content model define the properties as associations to a (sub-type of) dl:dataListItem (some drawbacks not least search) and then just define the form field as an association in the usual way with the startLocation of /app:company_home/st:sites/cm:xxx/cm:dataLists/cm:xxxx - which works fine if the dl items have a sensible cm:name value - if I had my time again I'd have a close look at the project

2017-03-17 09:16:08 GMT <alfbot> IanW1: The operation succeeded.

2017-03-17 10:01:25 GMT <yreg> ~ later tell douglascrp that problem with value assistance/uploaderplus resurfaced again, ping me when you are online to track this further

2017-03-17 10:01:25 GMT <alfbot> yreg: The operation succeeded.

2017-03-17 10:31:36 GMT <fwu> hi all!

2017-03-17 11:40:38 GMT <alfbot> douglascrp: Sent 2 hours and 24 minutes ago: <IanW1> It's fairly simple - in the content model define the properties as associations to a (sub-type of) dl:dataListItem (some drawbacks not least search) and then just define the form field as an association in the usual way with the startLocation of /app:company_home/st:sites/cm:xxx/cm:dataLists/cm:xxxx - which works fine if the dl items have a sensible cm:name value - if I had my time again I'd have a close look at the project

2017-03-17 11:40:39 GMT <alfbot> douglascrp: Sent 1 hour and 39 minutes ago: <yreg> that problem with value assistance/uploaderplus resurfaced again, ping me when you are online to track this further

2017-03-17 12:06:42 GMT <douglascrp> IanW1, ah, that's interesting

2017-03-17 12:06:59 GMT <douglascrp> do you have some sample project I can try quickly?

2017-03-17 12:07:19 GMT <douglascrp> yreg what problem?

2017-03-17 12:13:00 GMT <yreg> douglascrp, you can rapidly set it up

2017-03-17 12:13:33 GMT <yreg> create a project that leaverage both that value assistance stuff, and uploader plus

2017-03-17 12:13:52 GMT <yreg> you need to have at least two level value assistance

2017-03-17 12:14:07 GMT <douglascrp> yreg, ok, I have some here already

2017-03-17 12:14:09 GMT <yreg> the form with value assistance needs to be confugured in uploader plus

2017-03-17 12:14:39 GMT <yreg> go to that folder in repo and upload something, and it will work perfectly

2017-03-17 12:14:55 GMT <yreg> do not refresh the page, and retry uploading

2017-03-17 12:15:02 GMT <yreg> and the second level won't work

2017-03-17 12:15:28 GMT <yreg> rox_, will feed you further details if you have further questions regarding the issue

2017-03-17 12:16:02 GMT <rox_> hi

2017-03-17 12:16:04 GMT <yreg> we think this is related to the order of registration of the widgets for form controls

2017-03-17 12:18:04 GMT <yreg> douglascrp, let me know if you were able to reproduce this

2017-03-17 12:22:13 GMT <douglascrp> yreg, I wont be able to work on this today

2017-03-17 12:22:21 GMT <douglascrp> I am working in a delivery right now

2017-03-17 12:22:30 GMT <douglascrp> and it will take me the day

2017-03-17 12:22:53 GMT <douglascrp> if you can reproduce it, and show it to me, it will be better

2017-03-17 12:24:42 GMT <rox_> douglasp: if we can have a screen share sometime, I can show it to you

2017-03-17 12:26:49 GMT <douglascrp> rox_, that would be nice

2017-03-17 12:54:27 GMT <IanW1> douglascrp: Not quickly, it's quite involved setting it all up, but it's quite easy to do - the relevant files are https://github.com/cggh/cggh-alfresco-extensions/blob/master/cggh-alfresco-extensions-share-jar/src/main/resources/META-INF/share-config-custom.xml and https://github.com/cggh/cggh-alfresco-extensions/blob/master/org_cggh_module_cms/src/main/resources/alfresco/module/org_cggh_module_cms/model/content-model.xml

2017-03-17 12:54:28 GMT <alfbot> Title: cggh-alfresco-extensions/share-config-custom.xml at master · cggh/cggh-alfresco-extensions · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-03-17 13:33:12 GMT *** angelborroy_ is now known as angelborroy

2017-03-17 16:10:10 GMT <fwu> ppl, does the dom object in client-side javascript supports select of elements by class?

2017-03-17 16:12:48 GMT <yreg> fwu, did you try googling that ?

2017-03-17 16:14:43 GMT <fwu> yes, but the one I found doesnt seems to work. At least using the Dom object

2017-03-17 16:15:05 GMT <fwu> Dom is from yahoo right?

2017-03-17 16:17:23 GMT <fwu> hmm... I think I was wrong. the error comes from another line

2017-03-17 16:38:21 GMT <fwu> ppl, Im using the group picker in an advanced search form

2017-03-17 16:39:16 GMT <fwu> I realize that when adding the picher, the authority.ftl will add some hidden fields like this:

2017-03-17 16:39:19 GMT <fwu> id="${controlId}-added"

2017-03-17 16:39:27 GMT <fwu> id="${controlId}-removed"

2017-03-17 16:40:15 GMT <fwu> These then will be added to the search string. And because at least one of them will have value, no documents will be returned

2017-03-17 16:40:58 GMT <fwu> the strange is that a property that is being use in the search string isnt a property of the document. Still it will filter the returned result

2017-03-17 16:40:58 GMT <douglascrp> fwu, I don't think you can use that one inside the advanced search form

2017-03-17 16:41:33 GMT <fwu> maybe :(

2017-03-17 16:41:39 GMT <douglascrp> it would be like a relational query, and solr is not able to handle that kind of search

2017-03-17 16:41:48 GMT <fwu> because those 2 fields are messing the search query...

2017-03-17 16:41:53 GMT <douglascrp> yes

2017-03-17 16:42:11 GMT <fwu> hmm

2017-03-17 16:42:55 GMT <fwu> but is it possible to understand the context of the page? For instance, can I understand if that ftl and associated javascript is runnning in a search form?

2017-03-17 16:43:16 GMT <fwu> because if this would be possible I could "clean" the value of those fields

2017-03-17 16:43:29 GMT <fwu> and then the component would work fine

2017-03-17 16:44:46 GMT <fwu> maybe using javascript I can get any element of the page that tells me it is a search page

2017-03-17 16:44:59 GMT <douglascrp> fwu, I am not sure if you will be able to do a seach by an association at all

2017-03-17 16:45:35 GMT <fwu> douglascrp, but I changed the code for that already

2017-03-17 16:45:56 GMT <fwu> actually, the picker is returning an additional info: the authority identifier

2017-03-17 16:46:10 GMT <fwu> that is the group identifier

2017-03-17 16:46:50 GMT <fwu> then, adding an additional input field with the value = identifier, I can get results. The problem are the other standard fields from authority ftl

2017-03-17 16:47:18 GMT <fwu> I dont want to breack authority ftl, so I need it to work as I want only in search forms

2017-03-17 16:48:02 GMT <douglascrp> you can check the search.lib.js file and try to identify those added and removed fields, and ignore them

2017-03-17 16:48:04 GMT <fwu> in other words... I need an "IF" there :)

2017-03-17 16:48:27 GMT <douglascrp> in that file you will find the query creation function

2017-03-17 16:48:38 GMT <douglascrp> it iterates on the fields and do the magic

2017-03-17 16:48:59 GMT <fwu> but then I would need to hard code the fields :(

2017-03-17 16:49:22 GMT <douglascrp> well, you can use regex to find by patterns

2017-03-17 16:49:34 GMT <douglascrp> -added or -removed

2017-03-17 16:49:43 GMT <fwu> if I can understand the contect where my javascript is running my chnages will have less impact in Alfresco code...I think. Dont have sure.

2017-03-17 16:49:45 GMT <douglascrp> but you wont be able to define new custom fields with that patern

2017-03-17 16:50:00 GMT <fwu> yes, I see your point

2017-03-17 16:50:03 GMT <douglascrp> pattern

2017-03-17 16:50:17 GMT <fwu> let me look at it

2017-03-17 16:54:20 GMT <douglascrp> that is a repo side file

2017-03-17 16:54:49 GMT <douglascrp> fwu, ^

2017-03-17 17:16:45 GMT <fwu> dougçascrp, I was able to put the picker working in the search screens without chnaging the search expression

2017-03-17 17:17:30 GMT <fwu> in the object-finder.js I look at the context using the "this.id" value

2017-03-17 17:17:47 GMT <fwu> if it has advsearch, then Im in a search context

2017-03-17 17:18:10 GMT <fwu> I believe this will not break the picker

2017-03-17 17:18:16 GMT <fwu> elsewhere

2017-03-17 17:21:19 GMT <fwu> my goal here is to use the security groups everywhere they are needed without the need to maintain custom tables

2017-03-17 17:21:45 GMT <fwu> I will look at the non edit fields

2017-03-17 17:21:49 GMT <fwu> now

2017-03-17 17:24:18 GMT <douglascrp> fwu, I still didn't get that

2017-03-17 17:24:29 GMT <douglascrp> can you show it to me later

2017-03-17 17:24:32 GMT <douglascrp> :

2017-03-17 17:24:39 GMT <douglascrp> ?

2017-03-17 17:27:30 GMT <fwu> sure

2017-03-17 17:28:46 GMT <fwu> I changed 4 files to accomplish this

2017-03-17 17:28:58 GMT <fwu> repo + share

2017-03-17 17:52:26 GMT <fwu> ppl, where is defined the field appearance of the fields for the docuement properties editing?

2017-03-17 17:52:43 GMT <fwu> Im looking at: evaluator="node-type"

2017-03-17 17:53:14 GMT <fwu> but this only have the fields names and labels. So how Alfresco knows the way a field showd look like for thses screens?

2017-03-17 17:53:48 GMT <douglascrp> you have to add an appearance section inside the form config

2017-03-17 17:54:28 GMT <douglascrp> fwu, just like this https://github.com/Alfresco/share/blob/master/share/src/main/resources/alfresco/share-form-config.xml#L107

2017-03-17 17:54:29 GMT <alfbot> Title: share/share-form-config.xml at master · Alfresco/share · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-03-17 17:54:41 GMT <douglascrp> you can create sets, with different styles

2017-03-17 17:54:49 GMT <douglascrp> define in which set each field has to appear

2017-03-17 17:54:56 GMT <douglascrp> you can configure the control's parameters

2017-03-17 17:58:11 GMT <fwu> douglascrp, for the search screen I have indeed a control defined

2017-03-17 17:58:27 GMT <douglascrp> you can do the same for any form

2017-03-17 17:58:36 GMT <fwu> but for the porperties screen (node-type), I only have the field name and the label

2017-03-17 17:58:37 GMT <douglascrp> details, edit, edit inline

2017-03-17 17:58:41 GMT <fwu> ah!

2017-03-17 17:58:42 GMT <fwu> ok

2017-03-17 17:59:11 GMT <fwu> so, when I dont define a control, Alfresco will use the standard related to the field type, right?

2017-03-17 17:59:13 GMT <douglascrp> https://github.com/Alfresco/share/blob/master/share/src/main/resources/alfresco/share-form-config.xml#L561

2017-03-17 17:59:14 GMT <alfbot> Title: share/share-form-config.xml at master · Alfresco/share · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-03-17 17:59:22 GMT <douglascrp> fwu, gotcha

2017-03-17 17:59:26 GMT <fwu> ok, nice!

2017-03-17 17:59:55 GMT <douglascrp> fwu, check this http://docs.alfresco.com/5.2/concepts/forms-intro.html

2017-03-17 17:59:56 GMT <alfbot> Title: Share Forms | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-03-17 18:01:02 GMT <fwu> yes, I will check that! thank you douglascrp!

2017-03-17 18:01:12 GMT <douglascrp> fwu, and the "default-controls" section in this link https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-5408-forms

2017-03-17 18:01:15 GMT <alfbot> Title: Forms | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-03-17 18:01:28 GMT <fwu> ok

2017-03-17 18:10:51 GMT <fwu> argh... I have a new problem here with the authority.ftl. If I use this control in a document properties screen, all the objects are editable but not these. Also, the object is not displaying the value the document has in the related field.

2017-03-17 18:12:23 GMT <fwu> if im editing the properties, the object should be editable also, right?

2017-03-17 18:39:36 GMT <fwu> back

2017-03-17 18:40:51 GMT <fwu> strange that categories is editable but not the authority object.

2017-03-17 19:33:22 GMT <Fiifi> Hi AFaust!

2017-03-17 19:34:10 GMT <Fiifi> I am trying to preview Autocard .dwg files in Alfresco!

2017-03-17 19:37:17 GMT <Fiifi> AFaust: I am using a QCAD as the tranformer from .dwg to pdf!

2017-03-17 19:38:47 GMT <Fiifi> AFaust: When I try to preview the .dwg file, It fails with "Can not load pdf content" !

2017-03-17 19:40:30 GMT <Fiifi> AFaust: ScriptException: 02170006 Failed to execute script 'classpath*:alfresco/templates/webscripts/org/alfresco/repository/thumbnail/thumbnail.get.js

2017-03-17 19:41:19 GMT <douglascrp> Fiifi, I believe this addon does what you are trying to do https://github.com/loftuxab/alfresco-vector-transformations-module

2017-03-17 19:41:20 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - loftuxab/alfresco-vector-transformations-module: Adding support for vector file transformations in Alfresco including DWG and SVG (at github.com)

2017-03-17 19:41:31 GMT <Fiifi> AFaust: 02170005 Read-Write transaction started within read-only transaction

2017-03-17 19:41:31 GMT <douglascrp> it even uses qcad

2017-03-17 19:42:44 GMT <Fiifi> douglascrp: Is is free?

2017-03-17 19:44:05 GMT <douglascrp> yes

2017-03-17 19:44:15 GMT <douglascrp> you only has to pay for QCAD

2017-03-17 19:46:05 GMT <douglascrp> *have

2017-03-17 19:51:07 GMT <Fiifi> douglascrp: which version of Alfresco does it support?

2017-03-17 19:51:38 GMT <douglascrp> that I don't know

2017-03-17 19:51:46 GMT <douglascrp> you will have to find out

2017-03-17 19:52:14 GMT <douglascrp> I only know the project and decided to share it with you

2017-03-17 19:52:51 GMT <douglascrp> isn't there information about compatibility in the project's page?

2017-03-17 19:52:52 GMT <Fiifi> douglascrp: I found this ! https://github.com/verve111/alfresco_cad_support/

2017-03-17 19:52:53 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - verve111/alfresco_cad_support: Alfresco CAD (dxf, dwg) preview support (at github.com)

2017-03-17 19:53:16 GMT <douglascrp> oh, that one is new for me

2017-03-17 19:56:47 GMT <Fiifi> Am curious abt fixing the thumbnail.get.js to make script able to do transactions!

2017-03-17 19:57:26 GMT <douglascrp> Fiifi, that one is failing because the transformation itself failed

2017-03-17 19:57:48 GMT <douglascrp> if you get the transformation working, that is what that project does using QCAD, then the thumbnail.get.js will stop failing

2017-03-17 19:57:56 GMT <douglascrp> that and colateral effect

2017-03-17 19:58:05 GMT <douglascrp> focus on the server side, and the client side will work

2017-03-17 19:58:54 GMT <Fiifi> douglascrp: I am using the trial QCAD

2017-03-17 19:59:19 GMT <douglascrp> yes, and if I remember correctly, it imposes some restrictions

2017-03-17 19:59:34 GMT <douglascrp> I tried it once, but it was more than an year ago

2017-03-17 20:00:04 GMT <Fiifi> douglascrp: only a 15 sec delay !

2017-03-17 20:00:30 GMT <douglascrp> well, 15 sec delay can cause timeouts in the transformation

2017-03-17 20:00:38 GMT <douglascrp> that is a lot

2017-03-17 20:02:46 GMT <douglascrp> Fiifi, you should try to transform your dwg files using qcad manually, and if that is good enough for you, then you should buy the license to remove the restrictions

2017-03-17 20:03:13 GMT <douglascrp> when I tried it, it worked well for some documents, but really bad for others

2017-03-17 20:04:06 GMT <Fiifi> douglascrp: I need for an Engineering customer Demo!

2017-03-17 20:08:23 GMT <douglascrp> ah, got it

2017-03-17 20:08:40 GMT <douglascrp> at the time I tried to find an alternative, but nothing worked well

2017-03-17 20:08:49 GMT <douglascrp> Fiifi, ^

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