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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-03-26 00:48:25 GMT <AFaust> correct

2017-03-26 00:49:19 GMT <fwu> ok, nice. I will try that

2017-03-26 00:49:25 GMT <fwu> thank you AFaust!

2017-03-26 09:33:16 GMT <Musician2000> Hi we are using alfresco community syncing over LDAPS, everything works but get a warning in the log saying , the ssl configuration for LDAPS is not full, does anyone know what this means?

2017-03-26 15:16:51 GMT <fwu> AFaust are you there?

2017-03-26 15:19:05 GMT <fwu> Musician2000, I never got that warning. But it seems some configuration is missing and I bet some default are being used. I would say that if everything is working as expected maybe is not something to worry about.

2017-03-26 15:22:51 GMT <AFaust> fwu: Musician2000 has already quit

2017-03-26 15:24:06 GMT <fwu> lol

2017-03-26 15:24:19 GMT <fwu> he will come back...

2017-03-26 21:34:17 GMT <fwu> back

2017-03-26 21:34:52 GMT <fwu> AFaust, do you know how can I get the values from a data list using inline java code in a workflow event?

2017-03-26 21:35:22 GMT <fwu> remember that some months ago we talked about taking the values of constraint list... it was possible.

2017-03-26 21:35:29 GMT <fwu> so I believe this is also possible.

2017-03-26 21:36:14 GMT <fwu> im replacing the constraints approach with a data list approach so that user will be able to add new values without an Alfresco restart

2017-03-26 21:36:32 GMT <fwu> for the constraints, I was doing this:

2017-03-26 21:39:30 GMT <fwu> var ctx = Packages.org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader.getCurrentWebApplicationContext();

2017-03-26 21:39:37 GMT <fwu> var dictionaryService = ctx.getBean("DictionaryService");

2017-03-26 21:39:44 GMT <fwu> var constraintsUri = "http://www.mysite.com/model/content/1.0"

2017-03-26 21:39:52 GMT <fwu> var qname = Packages.org.alfresco.service.namespace.QName;

2017-03-26 21:39:59 GMT <fwu> var constraintDocType = qname.createQName(constraintsUri, "myTestType_constraint")

2017-03-26 21:40:04 GMT <fwu> var constraintDefDocType = dictionaryService.getConstraint(constraintDocType);

2017-03-26 21:40:09 GMT <fwu> var lovConstraintDocType = constraintDefDocType.getConstraint();

2017-03-26 21:40:29 GMT <fwu> so, im trying to figure out how to accomplish the same thing to data lists

2017-03-26 21:43:26 GMT <AFaust> Use the SiteService to locate the site + container for the data list, use the NodeService to retrieve the specific data list from the container and iterate over its data entry nodes to fetch whatever properties you need...

2017-03-26 21:44:36 GMT <AFaust> It will be quite ugly if you keep using JavaScript, but it is doable

2017-03-26 21:45:09 GMT <AFaust> And your JavaScript code with all the hard-coded namespace / local names will be very brittle

2017-03-26 21:56:14 GMT <fwu> AFaust, but I can reference the javascript from a file in the scripts folder right? Doesnt this gave some more flexibility than coding in java classes?

2017-03-26 21:57:20 GMT <fwu> so, from the contex above I get the site service

2017-03-26 21:57:24 GMT <fwu> context

2017-03-26 21:57:32 GMT <fwu> instead of the dictionary service

2017-03-26 21:57:39 GMT <fwu> i will try in the java console

2017-03-26 21:57:51 GMT <fwu> thank you, AFaust!

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