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2017-03-27 08:27:47 GMT <koula> hi all.

2017-03-27 08:28:20 GMT <koula> i have created a custom form related to a doclib action.

2017-03-27 08:29:04 GMT <koula> i want to help users and pre-fill some properties.

2017-03-27 08:29:37 GMT <koula> one form param is a date. and i what to be filled to document's date.

2017-03-27 08:30:10 GMT <koula> how could i pass the document node property to a custom form control?

2017-03-27 08:34:22 GMT <koula> also in the same flt how could i get user's properties. e.g. name

2017-03-27 08:34:41 GMT <koula> ftl

2017-03-27 08:34:57 GMT <AFaust> koula: The problem with action forms is that they are built independant of the node on which the node is to be executed. As a result, in default doclib action forms you do not have access to any of the node's properties. You would have to implement a custom doclib action client-side JS function to be able to pass on some properties.

2017-03-27 08:35:52 GMT <AFaust> User properties could be pre-filled using a Repository-tier form filter and implementing its "afterGenerate" callback.

2017-03-27 08:41:30 GMT <yreg> Good morning guys !

2017-03-27 08:41:46 GMT *** yreg is now known as Guest97276

2017-03-27 08:45:01 GMT <Guest97276> I am thinking about changing the cache type for aclSharedCache to invalidating instead of fully distributed

2017-03-27 08:45:22 GMT <Guest97276> any thought about that : risks/recommendations ?

2017-03-27 08:46:20 GMT <Guest97276> my motivation comes from the fact that my system has a lot of ACLs, and I am afraid that fully distributed may be a bit overwhelming

2017-03-27 08:46:51 GMT <koula> for custom doclib action, how could i add form, fields, selectmany field types... ?

2017-03-27 08:47:42 GMT <koula> i guess in custom doclib action, i have access to user

2017-03-27 08:54:06 GMT <koula> could i use form filter afterGenerate callback, in the custom doclib action?

2017-03-27 09:10:38 GMT <AFaust> yreg / Guest97276: Fully-distributed means that you may have synchronous, remote read accesses. If the cluster communication is "spotty" you may have more unpredictable behaviour / errors.

2017-03-27 09:12:14 GMT <Guest97276> AFaust: well due to all the shared drives on the network and the occasional stress, sometimes nodes fall out of cluster and then come back

2017-03-27 09:12:27 GMT <AFaust> I have (in the past) asked Alfresco Support if some fully-distributed caches could be made invalidating to avoid side effects of spotty cluster communication (e.g. when one node is sometimtes suffering from too high GC overhead). Unfortunately they don't understand their own caching enough to even give it a thought, and basically said "that is the way it is tested and that is the way it is supported"

2017-03-27 09:12:32 GMT <Guest97276> besides, this system has excessively a lot of ACLs

2017-03-27 09:12:51 GMT <Guest97276> and I am afraid that this cache topology is crippling some requests

2017-03-27 09:13:38 GMT <Guest97276> WT* !

2017-03-27 09:13:52 GMT <Guest97276> Why provide a config entry for that then ?!

2017-03-27 09:14:40 GMT <AFaust> If nodes are known to fall out of cluster, then I would definitely not switch from invalidating to fully-distributed. Every time a node rejoins the cluster, the fully-distributed caches may go through a "redistribution" phase which can block some caches while their data is transferred around...

2017-03-27 09:15:30 GMT <Guest97276> AFaust: it is the other way around that I am trying to achieve

2017-03-27 09:15:43 GMT <bhagyas> Anyone playing with Alfresco and Docker right now?

2017-03-27 09:15:45 GMT <Guest97276> convert a fully-distributed to an invalidating cache

2017-03-27 09:16:03 GMT <bhagyas> marsbard: Do you have any updates on the docker stuff you were working on?

2017-03-27 09:16:10 GMT <Guest97276> bhagyas: I always play with docker and alfresco, what do you need

2017-03-27 09:16:17 GMT <AFaust> yreg / Guest97276: Well - don't assume that the configuration options are only meant for "us". Most of them are arguably only ever to be used by Alfresco Engineering. Regarding caches, you are probably only supposed to work with maxItems...

2017-03-27 09:17:04 GMT <Guest97276> bhagyas: for those, I think you should check Daren's Github

2017-03-27 09:17:11 GMT <Guest97276> (digcat)

2017-03-27 09:17:20 GMT <AFaust> yreg / Guest97276: oh - I misread the original question. Then you are really trying to do the same I already asked Alfresco about...

2017-03-27 09:17:34 GMT <Guest97276> bhagyas: but last time I have checked, they havn't been updated in a while

2017-03-27 09:18:07 GMT <Guest97276> AFaust: use one nickname, no need to go through the pain of using both

2017-03-27 09:18:28 GMT <AFaust> "Pain"? Copy&paste is not painful ;)

2017-03-27 09:18:42 GMT <Guest97276> hehe

2017-03-27 09:20:25 GMT <Guest97276> AFaust: did you end up following alfresco's recommendations ?

2017-03-27 09:21:04 GMT <Guest97276> on this one I mean, I know you usually don't :-P

2017-03-27 09:21:06 GMT <AFaust> You mean the "we don't know" recommendation?

2017-03-27 09:22:01 GMT <Guest97276> I meant the "Don't mess with what we do not understand enough to give you a green light for changing it!" recommendation

2017-03-27 09:23:25 GMT <AFaust> The decision was up to the customer, and they did not want to stray from the default. Fortunately we already did enough other non-standard improvements (e.g. GC) to alleviate the problem

2017-03-27 09:27:46 GMT *** angelborroy_ is now known as angelborroy

2017-03-27 09:49:14 GMT <Guest97276> is there a way to start alfresco in readOnly mode OOTB ?

2017-03-27 09:49:21 GMT <Guest97276> a config entry maybe ?

2017-03-27 09:49:26 GMT <fwu> hello all!

2017-03-27 09:49:55 GMT <fwu> ppl, Im trying to get datalists from a site using this:

2017-03-27 09:49:57 GMT <fwu> var dataListsContainer = site.getContainer("datalists");

2017-03-27 09:50:01 GMT <fwu> but I get this:

2017-03-27 09:50:13 GMT <fwu> 02270029 Failed to execute script 'Javascript Console Script': 02270028 TypeError: Cannot find function getContainer. (224ff63d4d6d24a0d5aa2a7cdf4e4f4a.js#11)

2017-03-27 09:50:36 GMT <fwu> the javscript console give me intellisense to use this function~

2017-03-27 09:50:51 GMT <fwu> but it seems it doesnt exists, at least in alfresco 4.2.f ....

2017-03-27 09:51:16 GMT <Guest97276> Would this be enought to make alfresco read-only ?? : server.transaction.allow-writes=false

2017-03-27 09:51:34 GMT <fwu> the "site" var is fine, as Im able to log the site name

2017-03-27 09:58:53 GMT <fwu> actually, most of the functions dont work with the same error.

2017-03-27 10:03:18 GMT <AFaust> Guest97276: That is intended to make Alfresco read-only. Unfortunately, some code (especially during bootstrap) will still force write access when it is triggered.

2017-03-27 10:03:48 GMT <AFaust> The only way to really force Alfresco to be read-only is to use a DB user with only read privileges...

2017-03-27 10:05:48 GMT <Guest97276> Hmm, I will need to give that a test then

2017-03-27 10:05:56 GMT <Guest97276> thanks for the insight

2017-03-27 10:06:31 GMT <AFaust> fwu: Do you have a proper "Site" instance?

2017-03-27 10:06:52 GMT <fwu> I believe so... I can get its shortname using that var

2017-03-27 10:08:03 GMT <fwu> if I make : "site." I get the list of properties and fucntions for a site

2017-03-27 10:08:08 GMT <fwu> but most doent work

2017-03-27 10:10:15 GMT <fwu> site.getIsPublic(); this works

2017-03-27 10:10:34 GMT <AFaust> The suggestions for what you can call are not infallible. Those are based on type inference and definitions that were generated by some piece of code written by a human...

2017-03-27 10:12:35 GMT <fwu> AFaust, I understand that. But still, I cant call almost any function...

2017-03-27 10:12:42 GMT <AFaust> But getContainer on org.alfresco.repo.site.script.Site does exist in 4.2.f

2017-03-27 10:13:07 GMT <AFaust> If you can't call most of the functions then it stands to reason you DO NOT have a proper "Site"...

2017-03-27 10:13:50 GMT <fwu> how can I see if my site is well created or not?

2017-03-27 10:14:28 GMT <AFaust> First of all, how did you obtain it? Second of all, are there any addons installed that mess with the Script API?

2017-03-27 10:14:38 GMT <fwu> hmm

2017-03-27 10:14:42 GMT <fwu> let me try one thing

2017-03-27 10:14:47 GMT <fwu> im not setting the space var

2017-03-27 10:14:51 GMT <fwu> I will try this

2017-03-27 10:17:32 GMT <fwu> AFaust, you were right

2017-03-27 10:17:52 GMT <fwu> im using the code I use inside the workflows to get the context and then the site

2017-03-27 10:18:09 GMT <fwu> it doesnt throw an error, but it seems the site I get is not a real site node

2017-03-27 10:18:26 GMT <fwu> After I set the site in the space var it seems it is working

2017-03-27 10:19:15 GMT <AFaust> So - let me guess: You got the SiteService from the context and used that to get the site, right?

2017-03-27 10:19:29 GMT <fwu> yes

2017-03-27 10:19:39 GMT <AFaust> That only gets you a Java API SiteInfo object.

2017-03-27 10:20:00 GMT <AFaust> You don't need the context and Java SiteService to work with sites in JavaScript

2017-03-27 10:20:11 GMT <AFaust> Simply use the pre-existing "siteService" root scope object

2017-03-27 10:20:16 GMT <fwu> even inside inline javascript code?

2017-03-27 10:20:25 GMT <AFaust> Then what you get will be the JavaScritp API Site object

2017-03-27 10:20:49 GMT <AFaust> Especially inside inline JavaScript code, since you cannot use the application context approach at all in that...

2017-03-27 10:21:13 GMT <fwu> but im using it to get the contraints lists

2017-03-27 10:21:40 GMT <AFaust> Inline JavaScript code is considered "insecure" in Alfresco Rhino integration and it does not have access to the "Packages" API, so you can't get the application context...

2017-03-27 10:22:13 GMT <fwu> but Im getting it... if not how would I get the constraints?

2017-03-27 10:22:18 GMT <fwu> Im really getting them

2017-03-27 10:22:25 GMT <fwu> using the context like this:

2017-03-27 10:22:57 GMT <fwu> var ctx = Packages.org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader.getCurrentWebApplicationContext(); var dictionaryService = ctx.getBean("DictionaryService");

2017-03-27 10:23:06 GMT <AFaust> Then you may not be using "inline JavaScript code" at all, or use it in a way that works around the "insecure" classification

2017-03-27 10:23:15 GMT <fwu> ah!

2017-03-27 10:23:17 GMT <fwu> maybe

2017-03-27 10:23:22 GMT <fwu> :)

2017-03-27 10:23:35 GMT <fwu> <activiti:field name="runAs"><activiti:string>admin</activiti:string></activiti:field>

2017-03-27 10:23:46 GMT <fwu> maybe this is what makes it possible

2017-03-27 10:23:48 GMT <AFaust> No - that has no bearing on that

2017-03-27 10:23:57 GMT <fwu> then I dont know

2017-03-27 10:24:14 GMT <AFaust> Also, it is very bad style (in my opinion) to hard-code runAs to "admin". That user may be deleted at any point and then your workflow will break.

2017-03-27 10:24:47 GMT <AFaust> Unfortunately, the Alfresco ActivitiScriptBase sucks and does not allow you to specify runAs = System

2017-03-27 10:25:05 GMT <AFaust> (at least not without creating a dummy cm:person for System)

2017-03-27 10:25:34 GMT <fwu> but can also be deleted...

2017-03-27 10:25:49 GMT <fwu> we use this code, due to problems setting permissions to documents

2017-03-27 10:27:15 GMT <AFaust> Ok - for some reason my memory was not correct. The default for "inline JavaScript code" is "secure"... Which is a big WTF in itself...

2017-03-27 10:27:48 GMT <AFaust> For some reason I remember it differently - maybe sometime before 4.2

2017-03-27 10:28:03 GMT <fwu> then the context works

2017-03-27 10:28:12 GMT <AFaust> Scripts stored in the Data Dictionary on the other hand are considered "insecure"

2017-03-27 10:28:52 GMT <fwu> which means I cant put this context code inside a script in data dictionary, right?

2017-03-27 10:29:24 GMT <fwu> that is good to know because I thought ding that...

2017-03-27 10:29:25 GMT <fwu> doing

2017-03-27 10:30:14 GMT <AFaust> No - it means exactly the other thing, that a script stored in Data Dictionary will not allow access to the context

2017-03-27 10:33:08 GMT <fwu> that was what Im trying to say!

2017-03-27 10:33:17 GMT <fwu> I understand that now

2017-03-27 10:34:44 GMT <fwu> I can get datalists using this: childByNamePath("dataLists");

2017-03-27 10:34:51 GMT <fwu> but not using getContainer

2017-03-27 10:35:01 GMT <fwu> maybe getContainer is a function before 4.2.f

2017-03-27 10:52:07 GMT <AFaust> fwu: I don't think you really understand it. getContainer is a function on a JavaScript API Site object. When you use the context and the SiteService obtained from the context, you are NOT using JavaScript API, and you get a Java API SiteInfo object instead. This does not have a getContainer function because the getContainer function for the Java API is actually on the SiteService itself.

2017-03-27 11:04:36 GMT <fwu> AFaust, I understood that. But now Im not getting the container anymore.

2017-03-27 11:04:54 GMT <fwu> im setting the space var in the javascript console

2017-03-27 11:05:08 GMT <fwu> so space = site

2017-03-27 11:05:27 GMT <fwu> then I get a lot of functions, something I was not getting with the context stuff

2017-03-27 11:06:08 GMT <fwu> but this new var doesnt have the getcontainer function as I see others using in some forum posts

2017-03-27 11:07:20 GMT <fwu> Nevertheless, now I was able to do this:

2017-03-27 11:07:22 GMT <fwu> var allDataLists = dataLists.getChildren();

2017-03-27 11:07:28 GMT <fwu> and Im getting something

2017-03-27 11:10:07 GMT <fwu> now Im trying to understand how to get a specific datalist

2017-03-27 11:12:02 GMT <AFaust> If you set space=site you are still not getting a proper Site object. You are only getting a ScriptNode one

2017-03-27 11:12:22 GMT <AFaust> You need to use the siteService root scope JavaScript API object (NOT the one from the context)=

2017-03-27 11:12:37 GMT <AFaust> From that you can use getSite to get a proper Site instance

2017-03-27 11:19:14 GMT <fwu> AFaust, ok!

2017-03-27 11:47:08 GMT <fwu> ok, finally im able to get the datalists and its values

2017-03-27 12:29:40 GMT <bhagyas> Did anyone notice the "new" and "improved" document picker? :D

2017-03-27 12:29:54 GMT <douglascrp> bhagyas, nope

2017-03-27 12:29:58 GMT <douglascrp> morning everyone

2017-03-27 12:30:13 GMT <douglascrp> bhagyas, what is that

2017-03-27 12:31:38 GMT <bhagyas> douglascrp: you really have to look

2017-03-27 12:31:45 GMT <bhagyas> try coping a file

2017-03-27 12:31:48 GMT <bhagyas> copying*

2017-03-27 12:31:56 GMT <douglascrp> ah, the one with the link option

2017-03-27 12:33:50 GMT <bhagyas> yes

2017-03-27 12:39:51 GMT <douglascrp> bhagyas, ah, I saw it

2017-03-27 12:39:53 GMT <douglascrp> I liked it

2017-03-27 12:48:53 GMT <bhagyas> eyah

2017-03-27 12:48:54 GMT <bhagyas> yeah

2017-03-27 12:49:10 GMT <douglascrp> better than the old explorer approach

2017-03-27 13:06:06 GMT <bhagyas> Is anyone aware if Alfresco is still JCR compliant?

2017-03-27 13:22:18 GMT <fwu> ppl, in my workflow I need to assign a task to both users and groups. What is the best approach to accomplish this? I know there is a candidateusers and candidategroups, but is it possible to combine both?

2017-03-27 13:22:45 GMT <douglascrp> fwu, I don't think so

2017-03-27 13:23:27 GMT <fwu> douglascrp, hello!

2017-03-27 13:24:08 GMT <fwu> in the previous task, the user will have the group and person picker, so he will be able to select both

2017-03-27 13:24:30 GMT <fwu> do I need 2 tasks? :(

2017-03-27 13:29:42 GMT <douglascrp> fwu, maybe

2017-03-27 13:30:00 GMT <douglascrp> and you can have a decision before to decide which path it will take

2017-03-27 13:30:19 GMT <douglascrp> it can be in parallel too

2017-03-27 13:30:28 GMT <douglascrp> if you need both at the same time

2017-03-27 13:30:59 GMT <fwu> yes, I guess I will need that. thank you douglascrp

2017-03-27 13:53:32 GMT <AFaust> bhagyas: AFAIK the JCR endpoints were removed quite a while ago...

2017-03-27 13:55:07 GMT <AFaust> fwu, douglascrp: Technically speaking, candidate users and candidate groups can be combined in Activiti. Unfortunately, Alfresco will only handle candidate groups properly, e.g. with regards to claim/release to pool

2017-03-27 13:55:37 GMT <AFaust> But I have used both approaches in the past successfully.

2017-03-27 13:58:07 GMT <fwu> AFaust, how would they be combined?

2017-03-27 13:58:35 GMT <fwu> when you say that you used both approachs the second one is with two tasks, right?

2017-03-27 14:01:14 GMT <AFaust> They would be combined by specifying a few groups as candidates AND a few users as candidates - either declaratively or programmatically. Be aware that programmatically / dynamically based on user input requires that you write custom Java and/or JavaScript code as Alfresco does not handle candidate user assignment via forms out-of-the-box.

2017-03-27 14:01:28 GMT <AFaust> I have use both approaches on separate tasks as well as on the same task

2017-03-27 14:10:58 GMT <fwu> AFaust, but how you set users and groups declaratively? Ther is a candidateusers and candidategroups instruction only, or are there more?

2017-03-27 14:12:52 GMT <AFaust> Those are the properties I am referring to for declarative configuration

2017-03-27 14:13:17 GMT <AFaust> Your question was about combining the two, which I said is possible.

2017-03-27 14:13:57 GMT <AFaust> Unless your understanding of "combining" them is something different from what I understand it to mean

2017-03-27 14:16:26 GMT <fwu> AFaust, I think Im understanding. You are saying I can specify both attributes to the task like this:

2017-03-27 14:17:21 GMT <fwu> <userTask id="alfrescoUsertask2" name="myTask" activiti:candidateUsers="${myAssignees}" activiti:candidateGroupd="${myGroups}" activiti:formKey="myDomain:myTask">

2017-03-27 14:17:24 GMT <fwu> is that right?

2017-03-27 14:23:39 GMT <AFaust> yes

2017-03-27 14:26:44 GMT <fwu> I never think about setting both. Now I understand what you mean about combining them. nice

2017-03-27 14:27:31 GMT <fwu> but the problem is only about claim/release from the pool? What happen in this case?

2017-03-27 14:28:40 GMT *** DragiBus_ is now known as DragiBus

2017-03-27 14:40:33 GMT <Guest97276> AFaust: I will give that classloader seperation thing a test later during this week to see how it works

2017-03-27 14:40:45 GMT <Guest97276> sounds very nice so far

2017-03-27 14:45:53 GMT <AFaust> If you like you can ping me on Thursday/Friday for a short screen sharing session in which I can show you my current state of the proof-of-concept project that uses this "subsystem with classloader" feature

2017-03-27 17:34:50 GMT <truelai> I have FTP working. Can someone explain how to map/mount alfresco directories to a direcotory which ftp can write to?

2017-03-27 18:36:09 GMT <truelai> pon 5.0 and my admin console does not have the Virtual file Systems tab.

2017-03-27 18:36:17 GMT <truelai> anyone know what's up with that?

2017-03-27 18:36:35 GMT <douglascrp> truelai, can you elaborate

2017-03-27 18:37:04 GMT <truelai> it's missing

2017-03-27 18:37:05 GMT <truelai> http://docs.alfresco.com/community5.0/concepts/adminconsole-virtualfilesystems.html

2017-03-27 18:37:05 GMT <douglascrp> the FTP alfresco offers allows you to manipulate content inside the alfresco's repository

2017-03-27 18:37:13 GMT <truelai> the 5.2 version exists, though

2017-03-27 18:37:29 GMT <douglascrp> broken link

2017-03-27 18:37:31 GMT <truelai> http://docs.alfresco.com/5.2/tasks/adminconsole-fileservers.html

2017-03-27 18:37:32 GMT <alfbot> Title: Enabling file servers | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-03-27 18:37:46 GMT <truelai> it references a tab that doesn't exist for me

2017-03-27 18:37:55 GMT <truelai> "Virtual File Systems"

2017-03-27 18:38:01 GMT <douglascrp> that page is for the Enterprise version

2017-03-27 18:38:03 GMT <douglascrp> not community

2017-03-27 18:38:33 GMT <truelai> ok. so my issue is that I can connect via sftp (on ssh port)

2017-03-27 18:38:49 GMT <truelai> but i need to write content to a virtual directory

2017-03-27 18:38:54 GMT <truelai> bu i don't know how to do that

2017-03-27 18:39:08 GMT <douglascrp> I can not understand what you are trying to achieve

2017-03-27 18:39:15 GMT <truelai> I can't find a mount point for alfresco's content directories

2017-03-27 18:39:30 GMT <truelai> I have a folder called "Files" in alfresco

2017-03-27 18:39:39 GMT <truelai> I want to write to that folder via sftp

2017-03-27 18:40:00 GMT <truelai> but there's no path I can use (or find) that allows me to do that

2017-03-27 18:40:04 GMT <douglascrp> you have to connect to alfresco using a ftl client, like filezilla

2017-03-27 18:40:13 GMT <truelai> I'm already connected

2017-03-27 18:40:26 GMT <truelai> alfresco doesn't store content in regular directories

2017-03-27 18:40:40 GMT <douglascrp> I am still not understanding what you want to do

2017-03-27 18:40:57 GMT <douglascrp> is the "Files" folder inside the Alfresco's repository

2017-03-27 18:41:03 GMT <truelai> yes

2017-03-27 18:41:10 GMT <truelai> i'm trying to write to repo via ftp

2017-03-27 18:41:13 GMT <douglascrp> I mean, if you log in Alfresco using Share, do you see the folder somewhere?

2017-03-27 18:41:21 GMT <truelai> yes

2017-03-27 18:41:27 GMT <douglascrp> and where exactly is it?

2017-03-27 18:41:28 GMT <truelai> it exists in the repo

2017-03-27 18:41:54 GMT <truelai> "where" from a URL perspective or from a file dircectory perspective?

2017-03-27 18:42:04 GMT <douglascrp> if the user you are using to connect thought FTP has permissions on the folder, you should see it

2017-03-27 18:42:14 GMT <truelai> because in the FS, Alfresco doesn't store things in names directories

2017-03-27 18:42:49 GMT <truelai> Even as root, when I'm ssh'd in, there's no directories named the same names as the folders in the sahre repo

2017-03-27 18:43:02 GMT <truelai> share*

2017-03-27 18:43:13 GMT <douglascrp> ah, so you are connecting to the server ftp service, and not to alfresco ftp service

2017-03-27 18:43:24 GMT <truelai> i guess so

2017-03-27 18:43:25 GMT <douglascrp> you are never going to have that working

2017-03-27 18:43:31 GMT <truelai> I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong

2017-03-27 18:43:35 GMT <truelai> otay

2017-03-27 18:43:35 GMT <douglascrp> so stop or uninstall the ftp service you have in the server

2017-03-27 18:43:42 GMT <truelai> So how do I configure properly?

2017-03-27 18:43:54 GMT <douglascrp> and you will have to enable ftp using the alfresco-global.properties file

2017-03-27 18:43:59 GMT <truelai> I didn't install a service. I'm using openssh's built in service

2017-03-27 18:44:56 GMT <douglascrp> truelai, http://www.giuseppeurso.eu/en/alfresco-tips-and-tricks-8-ftp-upload-from-command-line-using-curl/

2017-03-27 18:45:00 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco tips and tricks – #8 FTP upload from command line using CURL - Giuseppe Urso Blog (at www.giuseppeurso.eu)

2017-03-27 18:46:26 GMT <truelai> what do i need to restart after that?

2017-03-27 18:53:24 GMT <douglascrp> the alfresco service

2017-03-27 18:54:33 GMT <truelai> hmm. my servewr isn't listening

2017-03-27 18:58:45 GMT <truelai> didn't work

2017-03-27 18:58:53 GMT <truelai> server isn't listening on 2121

2017-03-27 18:59:11 GMT <truelai> any other place i need to config?

2017-03-27 18:59:15 GMT <douglascrp> no

2017-03-27 18:59:22 GMT <douglascrp> everything inside alfresco-global.properties

2017-03-27 18:59:36 GMT <truelai> i did excatly as the guid you linked

2017-03-27 18:59:54 GMT <truelai> anything i need to do in the gui anywhere?

2017-03-27 19:01:08 GMT <douglascrp> no, nothing more with community edition

2017-03-27 19:01:25 GMT <truelai> dagnabbit

2017-03-27 19:01:33 GMT <douglascrp> ?

2017-03-27 19:01:42 GMT <truelai> that's my oldentime cuss

2017-03-27 19:07:06 GMT <truelai> when I curl test the file I get: curl: (67) Access denied: 530

2017-03-27 19:07:20 GMT <douglascrp> you have to use an alfresco user

2017-03-27 19:07:25 GMT <douglascrp> not OS user

2017-03-27 19:07:33 GMT <douglascrp> like, admin is a good canditate to test

2017-03-27 19:07:39 GMT <douglascrp> *candidate

2017-03-27 19:07:42 GMT <truelai> curl -v -T test.txt ftp://admin:admin@localhost:2121/Alfresco/

2017-03-27 19:07:55 GMT <truelai> from the server itself

2017-03-27 19:08:01 GMT <truelai> that gave me the error

2017-03-27 19:08:38 GMT <douglascrp> I was going to ask about a firewall or something, but you are local

2017-03-27 19:08:41 GMT <douglascrp> weird

2017-03-27 19:08:49 GMT <douglascrp> how about the startup logs?

2017-03-27 19:08:53 GMT <truelai> yeah. UFW disabled as well

2017-03-27 19:09:05 GMT <truelai> which log?

2017-03-27 19:09:05 GMT <douglascrp> don't you see any error?

2017-03-27 19:09:10 GMT <truelai> where should I be looking?

2017-03-27 19:09:20 GMT <douglascrp> tomcat/logs/catalina.out

2017-03-27 19:12:15 GMT <truelai> cleared logs and restarting tomcat

2017-03-27 19:14:15 GMT <truelai> cleared logs, restarted, less catalina.out | grep error

2017-03-27 19:14:16 GMT <truelai> nothing

2017-03-27 19:16:02 GMT <douglascrp> well, enabling ftp in alfresco is as simple as described in that blog post

2017-03-27 19:16:25 GMT <douglascrp> try something like filezila instead of curl

2017-03-27 19:16:33 GMT <douglascrp> and try the passive and active modes

2017-03-27 19:17:10 GMT <truelai> and we have liftoff

2017-03-27 19:17:11 GMT <douglascrp> truelai, one more post from the same blog http://www.giuseppeurso.eu/en/alfresco-tips-and-tricks-11-ftp-port-range/

2017-03-27 19:17:14 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco tips and tricks – #11 FTP port range - Giuseppe Urso Blog (at www.giuseppeurso.eu)

2017-03-27 19:18:07 GMT <truelai> thanks douglascrp. You're my hero.

2017-03-27 19:18:24 GMT <douglascrp> thank Giuseppe

End of Daily Log

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