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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-03-31 07:04:01 GMT <yreg> ~later tell digcat it was that one, plus one extra : opencmis.server.override=true & opencmis.server.value=https://beecon.orderofthebee.org

2017-03-31 07:04:01 GMT <alfbot> yreg: The operation succeeded.

2017-03-31 07:04:02 GMT <alfbot> yreg: Sent 10 hours and 19 minutes ago: <digcat> good job re api what was the fix in the end

2017-03-31 08:57:33 GMT <yreg> Guys, I would like to execute a script in js console

2017-03-31 08:58:28 GMT <yreg> but I do not not want changes from that script to be audited : I have a requirements that correcting the offending property does not change modifier and modification date

2017-03-31 08:59:09 GMT <yreg> I was thinking about getting the bean from the context and disable all policies but I am not sure that would work and wanted to ask here first

2017-03-31 09:18:36 GMT <ohej> Morning all! Happy to announce that we've finally released SDK 3.0! https://community.alfresco.com/people/ohej/blog/2017/03/31/announcing-alfresco-sdk-30

2017-03-31 09:18:38 GMT <alfbot> Title: Announcing Alfresco SDK 3.0 | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-03-31 09:20:10 GMT <LMattioli> *thumbsup*

2017-03-31 09:20:46 GMT <mikel_asla> congratulations!

2017-03-31 09:21:42 GMT <yreg> Congratulations ohej !

2017-03-31 09:24:50 GMT <ohej> Thanks

2017-03-31 09:31:18 GMT <angelborroy> yreg it should work

2017-03-31 09:33:03 GMT <angelborroy> yreg take a look at file:///Users/angelborroy/Downloads/Summit2014_Presentation_Advanced_Javascript_Admin_TOPIC101.pdf

2017-03-31 09:33:12 GMT <angelborroy> and also https://github.com/jgoldhammer/alfresco-jscript-extensions

2017-03-31 09:33:13 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - jgoldhammer/alfresco-jscript-extensions: Alfresco repository module with helpful javascript root object extensions which are helpful in much scenarios (at github.com)

2017-03-31 09:38:54 GMT <yreg> hehe, angelborroy you are aware that the first link is from your local computer right ?

2017-03-31 09:39:02 GMT <angelborroy> hehe

2017-03-31 09:39:08 GMT <yreg> thanks for the pointer though

2017-03-31 09:39:11 GMT <angelborroy> not really, let me find it for you

2017-03-31 09:39:52 GMT <AFaust> yreg: Now we only need his IP and the port he exposes for SMB/NFS/FTP/whatever

2017-03-31 09:39:58 GMT <angelborroy> https://summit.alfresco.com/cmis/views/workspace%253A%252F%252FSpacesStore%252Fa9c2fb15-6f86-4122-8be0-34c4955d8b63

2017-03-31 10:00:47 GMT <IanW1> ohej: well done - I look forward to trying it

2017-03-31 10:31:12 GMT <Hiten> Hi Guys

2017-03-31 10:31:44 GMT <Hiten> I want to use SDK 3.0

2017-03-31 10:31:58 GMT <Hiten> but I am not able to fetch it

2017-03-31 10:32:10 GMT <Hiten> i am using this link

2017-03-31 10:32:10 GMT <Hiten> http://docs.alfresco.com/5.2/concepts/sdk-getting-started.html

2017-03-31 10:32:11 GMT <alfbot> Title: Getting started with Alfresco SDK 3.0 | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-03-31 10:32:36 GMT <Hiten> but the latest options I am getting is 2.2.0

2017-03-31 10:33:06 GMT <Loftux> Hiten: Try what is says on the bottom of this page https://community.alfresco.com/people/ohej/blog/2017/03/31/announcing-alfresco-sdk-30

2017-03-31 10:33:06 GMT <Hiten> I tried getting the SDK from this link

2017-03-31 10:33:07 GMT <Hiten> https://community.alfresco.com/community/ecm/blog/2016/08/23/alfresco-sdk-3-beta-1-available

2017-03-31 10:33:08 GMT <alfbot> Title: Announcing Alfresco SDK 3.0 | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-03-31 10:33:09 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco SDK 3 beta 1 available | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-03-31 10:34:52 GMT <Hiten> Thanks Loftux

2017-03-31 10:36:14 GMT <Hiten> i was using 3.0.0-beta-5 SDK

2017-03-31 10:36:41 GMT <Hiten> and in that I was getting error as soon as I hit the url http://localhost:8080/share/page

2017-03-31 10:37:49 GMT <Hiten> https://pastebin.com/f0raUuAF

2017-03-31 10:37:50 GMT <alfbot> Title: 3.0.0-beta-5 SDK start error - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-03-31 10:38:09 GMT <Hiten> will that be resolved in 3.0 SDK ?

2017-03-31 10:54:22 GMT <yreg> Hiten, SDK 3.0 is out

2017-03-31 10:54:34 GMT <yreg> there is no need to use beta-5 I guess

2017-03-31 11:02:36 GMT <fwu> hi all!

2017-03-31 11:21:15 GMT <Hiten> Yreg: Yes, It was just I couldn't find the 3.0 SDK earlier hence, I was working on the beta

2017-03-31 11:21:29 GMT <ohej> Hiten: did you read my blog post?

2017-03-31 11:21:48 GMT <ohej> it takes a few days for Maven Central to update the archetype catalog, but you can generate a project directly going around the catalog

2017-03-31 11:22:03 GMT <ohej> mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=org.alfresco.maven.archetype -DarchetypeArtifactId=alfresco-allinone-archetype -DarchetypeVersion=3.0.0 -DinteractiveMode=false -DgroupId=com.acme.alfresco -DartifactId=my-aio-project

2017-03-31 11:23:57 GMT <Hiten> ohej: Thanks. Loftux provided me the link to your blog.

2017-03-31 11:37:31 GMT <fwu> ohej is there already archetypes for Alfresco 5.2?

2017-03-31 11:37:58 GMT <ohej> fwu: SDK 3.0 has support for 4.2, 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2

2017-03-31 11:38:21 GMT <ohej> checkout http://docs.alfresco.com/5.2/concepts/sdk-overview.html

2017-03-31 11:38:22 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco SDK 3.0 | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-03-31 11:39:38 GMT <fwu> ohej, nice! thank you!

2017-03-31 11:41:00 GMT <bhagyas> Has anyone tried merging a nodeformprocessor along with an actionformprocessor?

2017-03-31 11:41:12 GMT <fwu> everything is now packaged as a JAR by default --> very nice!

2017-03-31 11:41:50 GMT <bhagyas> or used multiple form processors when generating a single form?

2017-03-31 11:46:50 GMT <fwu> ohej, is there an easy path to transform amp projects in jar projects?

2017-03-31 11:47:05 GMT <ohej> Unfortunately there isn't at this point

2017-03-31 11:47:24 GMT <ohej> The project structure is so different it might be easier to generate a new project and copy your code over

2017-03-31 11:58:24 GMT <Hiten> during the build of 3.0 SDK. I am getting Failed to create CMIS temporary directory error

2017-03-31 12:21:19 GMT <Hiten> Can anyone please help me out on this. I am getting Failed to create CMIS temporary directory error while starting SDK 3.0 for the first time. Here are the logshttps://pastebin.com/sr2wBTc1

2017-03-31 12:21:20 GMT <alfbot> Title: SDK-3.0_startup_error - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-03-31 12:21:31 GMT <Hiten> https://pastebin.com/sr2wBTc1

2017-03-31 12:21:32 GMT <alfbot> Title: SDK-3.0_startup_error - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-03-31 12:30:12 GMT <AFaust> bhagyas: I worked with a few customisations to either of these form processors but never had a requirement for "merging" them in some way...

2017-03-31 12:32:33 GMT <yreg> bhagyas, I would be interested to hear more about your usecase

2017-03-31 12:44:47 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: I want to automatically lookup form variables and default values from existing content model definitions for items that are re-used with an action form

2017-03-31 12:46:17 GMT <bhagyas> for the items with same property names

2017-03-31 12:46:34 GMT <AFaust> So basically you need an ActionFormProcessor that is aware of the node for which the action is to be executed...

2017-03-31 12:46:41 GMT <bhagyas> yeah

2017-03-31 12:46:44 GMT <bhagyas> exactly that

2017-03-31 12:47:02 GMT <AFaust> Ok - that I can understand and would have liked to have myself one time or another...

2017-03-31 12:47:41 GMT <bhagyas> I already have a nominal ActionFormProcessor

2017-03-31 12:47:52 GMT <bhagyas> hoping to extend as a mergingFormProcessor

2017-03-31 12:50:06 GMT <AFaust> Ok - so you are going a bit farther than I would have. I would have sub-classed ActionFormProcessor and added support for a composite item ID that incorporates both the action and target node.

2017-03-31 12:50:37 GMT <AFaust> Based on a custom "typed item" for the form, form filters could then use the standard afterGenerate callback to default various fields depending on the context.

2017-03-31 12:52:12 GMT <AFaust> Looking at ActionFormProcessor I have to make a small correction: Of course sub-classing is not possible due to the fixed generics - so an adapted copy of the ActionFormProcessor is more like the way I would have gone

2017-03-31 12:52:25 GMT <bhagyas> yeah :|

2017-03-31 12:52:47 GMT <bhagyas> TypeAndAspectsFormProcessor seems to be more complex than ActionFormProcessor

2017-03-31 12:53:01 GMT <bhagyas> How nice would it have been if the utilities were available elsewhere ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2017-03-31 12:54:09 GMT <yreg> bhagyas, imagine if java would've made possible inheriting from multiple parents

2017-03-31 12:54:28 GMT <yreg> extending multiple classes at the same time

2017-03-31 12:54:38 GMT <bhagyas> yreg: Indeed, I think the upcoming versions would address that ;)

2017-03-31 12:54:45 GMT <bhagyas> but we're stuck with Java 7 here :P

2017-03-31 12:55:28 GMT <bhagyas> technically there are workarounds for multiple inheritance

2017-03-31 12:55:34 GMT <bhagyas> but don't want to go there

2017-03-31 12:55:34 GMT <bhagyas> :D

2017-03-31 12:56:37 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: I don't think a copy would solve that :/

2017-03-31 12:57:31 GMT <yreg> well ... since you brought the subject, it is actually fairly easy to have your FormProcessor implement the same interface and wrap/reference both processors, and in its logic just invokes wrapped methods with correct arguments plus merge the results depending on some logic

2017-03-31 12:58:38 GMT <AFaust> bhagyas: What I would have done can be solved by an adapted copy. What you are trying to do sounds way more involved...

2017-03-31 14:12:23 GMT <yreg> bhagyas, The vector transformation module

2017-03-31 14:12:34 GMT <yreg> does it need the paid binaries for QCAD

2017-03-31 14:12:55 GMT <yreg> or fetching the source and manually compiling them would do as well ?

2017-03-31 14:17:31 GMT <bhagyas> yreg: the downloadable binaries would do

2017-03-31 14:17:38 GMT <bhagyas> yeah that too

2017-03-31 15:46:31 GMT <fwu> ppl, anyone knows or use this: https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.activiti/activiti-modeler/5.22.0

2017-03-31 15:46:32 GMT <alfbot> Title: Maven Repository: org.activiti » activiti-modeler » 5.22.0 (at mvnrepository.com)

2017-03-31 15:46:38 GMT <fwu> ?

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