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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-04-01 08:04:51 GMT <alfbot> digcat: Sent 1 day and 1 hour ago: <yreg> it was that one, plus one extra : opencmis.server.override=true & opencmis.server.value=https://beecon.orderofthebee.org

2017-04-01 11:30:43 GMT <fwu> hi all

2017-04-01 13:00:25 GMT <fwu> AFaust are you there?

2017-04-01 13:00:34 GMT <fwu> I need your help here....

2017-04-01 13:00:36 GMT <AFaust> For about another 45 minutes, yes

2017-04-01 13:00:42 GMT <fwu> nice!

2017-04-01 13:01:15 GMT <fwu> im still looking at how to have a cutom property, that will be based on security groups

2017-04-01 13:01:18 GMT <fwu> so that I can:

2017-04-01 13:01:36 GMT <fwu> keep the value in the properties of the document

2017-04-01 13:01:50 GMT <fwu> show the dispaly name of the froup in read only screens

2017-04-01 13:02:13 GMT <fwu> i tried to change the authority.ftl but without many success

2017-04-01 13:02:37 GMT <fwu> I can keep the security group short name (i think it is called like this)

2017-04-01 13:02:53 GMT <fwu> and then search with authority I send that shortname

2017-04-01 13:02:56 GMT <AFaust> actually, it is the "authorityName"

2017-04-01 13:03:08 GMT <fwu> but in the document properties I cant display the authority

2017-04-01 13:03:13 GMT <fwu> yes

2017-04-01 13:03:21 GMT <AFaust> The "shortName" is typically just a substring of the authorityName, but not a separate property

2017-04-01 13:03:37 GMT <fwu> basically, now we have security groups based on ldap

2017-04-01 13:03:45 GMT <fwu> and a list of groups as a contraint

2017-04-01 13:04:06 GMT <fwu> I would like to eliminate the constraint

2017-04-01 13:04:38 GMT <fwu> but then I still need to work with the shortname, because kofax will send a group code wich is the shortname of the group

2017-04-01 13:04:53 GMT <fwu> and then I need to show the long name in every view screen

2017-04-01 13:05:04 GMT <fwu> or be able to select a group with authority in a edit screen

2017-04-01 13:05:29 GMT <fwu> if I dont eleiminate the constraint, we need to maintain it...arghh

2017-04-01 13:05:51 GMT <fwu> with the constraint is easy to show descriptions and work with codes at the same time.

2017-04-01 13:05:58 GMT <AFaust> Why not replace it with a dynamic constraint (Java implementation)? One that maps the authority names to their display names...

2017-04-01 13:06:05 GMT <fwu> but I cant see how I can accomplish this with the authority object

2017-04-01 13:06:30 GMT <AFaust> The constraint could be used to render the display name for "view" forms, and you should be able to continue using authority.ftl for your "edit" / "create" forms

2017-04-01 13:06:50 GMT <AFaust> The thing would be, for the "view" form you would no longer use authority.ftl at all

2017-04-01 13:07:07 GMT <fwu> AFaust, I see your point

2017-04-01 13:07:14 GMT <fwu> but

2017-04-01 13:07:22 GMT <fwu> what about in the properties editing?

2017-04-01 13:07:40 GMT <fwu> i could have an ftl that would get the long name, right? for view forms

2017-04-01 13:07:46 GMT <AFaust> A main problem I see right now is that you cannot differentiate "view" and "edit" form regarding the control template in the Share form configuration...

2017-04-01 13:08:01 GMT <fwu> but the properties is a mixture...because I can have already a default value

2017-04-01 13:08:26 GMT <fwu> I would need to make it ugly..... looking at the form name context maybe

2017-04-01 13:08:34 GMT <AFaust> Not necessarily...

2017-04-01 13:10:24 GMT <fwu> how?

2017-04-01 13:10:39 GMT <AFaust> If you mirrored the simple property with an association for the group, you could have distinct fields in the UI. You would use the association to handle the authority.ftl (only in "create" / "edit" form) and the property to handle the simple display (only in "view" form)

2017-04-01 13:11:19 GMT <AFaust> If you had two properties - one for authority name and one for the display name - you could completely remove the need for the constraint.

2017-04-01 13:12:04 GMT <fwu> AFaust, but how seach will work?

2017-04-01 13:12:05 GMT <AFaust> You would need a behaviour to manage the property value(s) based on the selected group (on the association).

2017-04-01 13:12:23 GMT <fwu> search

2017-04-01 13:12:52 GMT <AFaust> If you make the property indexed people can search based on the authority name and/or display name (depending on which property you make available)

2017-04-01 13:13:16 GMT <fwu> ok, in the model I would define two properties

2017-04-01 13:13:30 GMT <fwu> but for the document model or the workflow model, or both?

2017-04-01 13:13:53 GMT <AFaust> You will have data redundancy if you maintain a property for the display name, since you are basically copying the value. So when the display name of a group changes you might have to run some code to adjust all the values of the properties...

2017-04-01 13:14:55 GMT <AFaust> Ah damn - did you want to use that for a workflow too? Then you'd might have to write a form filter instead of a behaviour, since workflows don't support behaviours....

2017-04-01 13:15:18 GMT <fwu> that is way Iwas lokking into work only with shortname, and convert it to longname in the display elements

2017-04-01 13:15:48 GMT <fwu> but there are so many screens...

2017-04-01 13:17:30 GMT <fwu> but let me try your solution. I will try it.

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