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2017-04-04 01:30:36 GMT <digcat> ~later tell fcorti hi Francesco just a quick one, i saw this post https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-6808-alfresco-one-52-share-intro?platform=hootsuite however, all the videos are showing as not authorised to view ? see you at Beecon :)

2017-04-04 01:30:36 GMT <alfbot> digcat: The operation succeeded.

2017-04-04 05:40:03 GMT <alfbot> fcorti: Sent 4 hours and 9 minutes ago: <digcat> hi Francesco just a quick one, i saw this post https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-6808-alfresco-one-52-share-intro?platform=hootsuite however, all the videos are showing as not authorised to view ? see you at Beecon :)

2017-04-04 06:02:22 GMT <koula> what kind of .bin files exist in alf_data?

2017-04-04 06:03:11 GMT <koula> one file of as has been deleted and one of our users do not have access to her site:

2017-04-04 06:03:59 GMT <koula> org.alfresco.service.cmr.repository.ContentIOException: 03044298 Failed to copy content to string

2017-04-04 06:10:41 GMT <koula> and if you have the bin name, how could you find out what kind of node it is?

2017-04-04 07:07:59 GMT <koula> if I create an empty bin file {}, whould it be a solution ?

2017-04-04 07:08:46 GMT <koula> org.springframework.extensions.webscripts.WebScriptException: 03040039 org.alfresco.service.cmr.repository.ContentIOException: 03041145 Failed to copy content to string: accessor: ContentAccessor[ contentUrl=store://2017/3/30/14/7/cf5ee6f2-7e3e-4bea-b21e-4241de08b68d.bin, mimetype=text/plain, size=0, encoding=UTF-8, locale=el_GR]

2017-04-04 07:14:06 GMT <yreg> Morning

2017-04-04 07:38:40 GMT <AFaust> koula: Creating an empty text file at the path specified will help move past that error, yes

2017-04-04 07:39:19 GMT <AFaust> But you should probably try to restore it from (some of) your backup(s)

2017-04-04 07:39:37 GMT <AFaust> You do have backup(s), don't you?

2017-04-04 07:48:40 GMT <koula> the bin does not exists either in the back ups.

2017-04-04 07:49:07 GMT <koula> we checked,

2017-04-04 07:50:33 GMT <koula> one of your users uploaded a document (we do see this document) and afterwords this file seems to be created.

2017-04-04 07:50:51 GMT <koula> so the bin file is not the uploaded file.

2017-04-04 07:53:09 GMT <koula> after the upload, our database crushed down.. :

2017-04-04 07:53:09 GMT <koula> Error committing transaction. Cause: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLNonTransientConnectionException: Communications link failure during commit(). Transaction resolution unknown.

2017-04-04 07:54:31 GMT <koula> and then when the user logs in, Failed to copy content to string: accessor.

2017-04-04 07:56:30 GMT <koula> and the spesific user do not have access her sites.

2017-04-04 07:56:41 GMT <koula> what should we do?

2017-04-04 08:14:48 GMT <AFaust> koula: Well, then you are hosed - apparently. Maybe check in the Alfresco Repository temp folder (on the server) if you can find the upload there, but otherwise you can either delete the node itself, re-upload the document as a "new version" or physically put the document in the content store in the specified path

2017-04-04 08:15:54 GMT <AFaust> Though this sounds like an issue with user preferences, if it results in the user not being able to access her sites. In that case, instead of an empty text file, create an empty JSON document - containing at least the empty object literal: {}

2017-04-04 08:37:55 GMT <koula> ok. thanks AFaust

2017-04-04 08:57:09 GMT <yreg> Does any of share feature rely on Public REST API ?

2017-04-04 08:57:27 GMT <yreg> or does it strictly relies on Alfresco Share Services AMP ?

2017-04-04 09:00:46 GMT <angelborroy> yreg my bet is that Aikau is using REST API directly

2017-04-04 09:00:52 GMT <angelborroy> (at least)

2017-04-04 09:02:12 GMT <___Dave> I don't think that any of Share uses the Public REST API

2017-04-04 09:02:26 GMT <___Dave> I think it's entirely WebScript REST API based

2017-04-04 09:02:43 GMT <angelborroy> which completes my answer :D

2017-04-04 09:05:35 GMT <yreg> I was referring to the NEW Rest API, the one that resolve to /alfresco/api/

2017-04-04 09:05:45 GMT <yreg> Thanks guys for the info

2017-04-04 09:06:04 GMT <yreg> ___Dave, Are we going to see you in Beecon ?

2017-04-04 09:08:06 GMT <___Dave> no, i'm afraid not

2017-04-04 09:11:20 GMT <AFaust> yreg, ___Dave: Share currently uses Public REST API endpoint to detect if share-services is installed...

2017-04-04 09:13:09 GMT <AFaust> Which is why you need to re-configure the "alfresco-api" endpoint in share-config-custom.xml when you use different port / host name for the Repository (or have enabled SSO)

2017-04-04 09:13:47 GMT <___Dave> you see, this is why I should never answer anything, Axel always knows more than me ;-)

2017-04-04 09:14:51 GMT <___Dave> although that's hardly a major part of the UI... there probably are other things that use the Public REST API, but as a general rule I'd say it didn't

2017-04-04 09:15:12 GMT <AFaust> Specifically it is the call to /-default-/private/alfresco/versions/1/modulepackages/alfresco-share-services that is processed during share-header processing

2017-04-04 09:15:31 GMT <AFaust> ___Dave: You are correct - apart from that I am not aware of anything using Public ReST API

2017-04-04 09:16:14 GMT <___Dave> that isn't to say that you can't use the REST API... I've done plenty of prototyping, etc that uses it within Share

2017-04-04 09:17:20 GMT <AFaust> yreg: You should also be aware that /alfresco/api is not "only" the endpoint for Public ReST API - as you can see from the call I posted this operation should be considered part of a "Private ReST API"

2017-04-04 09:18:16 GMT <AFaust> Though I don't understand why that operation wouldn't be public - checking for installed modules is a valid use case for external clients, e.g. custom UIs / business applications to check if their backing functionality is available

2017-04-04 09:19:05 GMT <___Dave> I can't answer that I'm afraid.

2017-04-04 09:19:27 GMT <___Dave> as in I don't know, not that I'm not allowed to answer it ;-)

2017-04-04 09:20:16 GMT <yreg> Thanks Axel

2017-04-04 09:20:40 GMT <yreg> you confirmed my suspicions

2017-04-04 09:21:22 GMT <yreg> Guys, Alfresco Repo (Aka Alfresco Platform) migrated to GIT :)

2017-04-04 09:29:41 GMT <AFaust> ___Dave: I'll just use my default explanation: The PM responsible for defining the "expectation" did not define that and the engineer who implemented it did not really think outside of the box of the immediate requirement...

2017-04-04 09:30:53 GMT <___Dave> I can say I'm pretty sure it wasn't that

2017-04-04 09:31:20 GMT <AFaust> The other options I have are less flattering...

2017-04-04 09:31:28 GMT <AFaust> So I prefer to stick to this...

2017-04-04 09:31:55 GMT <___Dave> given it's arguably harder to put it the private path than the public one, I'd say it must have been a conscious decision

2017-04-04 09:32:01 GMT <___Dave> what are you other options?

2017-04-04 09:32:23 GMT <___Dave> I'm not sure IRC is the place for flattery

2017-04-04 09:33:05 GMT <AFaust> But it also shouldn't be the place for pure battering either...

2017-04-04 09:33:21 GMT <___Dave> there's a few people around here who didn't get that memo ;-)

2017-04-04 09:33:29 GMT <___Dave> well, one

2017-04-04 09:33:55 GMT <AFaust> And it wouldn't help my own blood pressure if I'd mostly assume worse explanations...

2017-04-04 09:34:44 GMT <AFaust> And it's not as if I haven't seen the same pattern with other products, developers... including other colleagues at my old employer

2017-04-04 09:34:54 GMT <___Dave> ok, if I were going to hazard a guess (and honestly I have no idea) I'd say it was for support reasons... that making something private just means it could be removed or changed at some point

2017-04-04 09:34:59 GMT <___Dave> but that's just pure speculation

2017-04-04 09:35:29 GMT <___Dave> so I suppose to a certain extent you might be right, that maybe external use cases weren't considered

2017-04-04 09:35:50 GMT <AFaust> Right - the other "default" explanation of Alfresco being extremely concerned about supportability and defaulting on the extreme point of "private all the things"

2017-04-04 09:36:50 GMT <___Dave> so playing devil's advocate for a moment, isn't it better to make something private and then change it to be public if you find out that people want to use it

2017-04-04 09:37:00 GMT <bhagyas> ___Dave: no

2017-04-04 09:37:03 GMT <___Dave> as opposed to changing something public and then finding out that people depended on it

2017-04-04 09:37:42 GMT <bhagyas> make everything public and let people deal with it

2017-04-04 09:37:44 GMT <bhagyas> :p

2017-04-04 09:38:08 GMT <bhagyas> right now, having the time of my life with extending formsprocessor

2017-04-04 09:38:14 GMT <AFaust> ___Dave: In terms of ReST API I can live with "private" if it is really just something meant for a very specific UI feature. But some short critical thinking should help identify this is not the case with a simple "module installed" check.

2017-04-04 09:38:15 GMT <bhagyas> and mixed public/private is worse

2017-04-04 09:38:24 GMT <Loftux> yreg: Where is the git repo of Alfresco? You said it was moved.

2017-04-04 09:39:03 GMT <AFaust> ___Dave: In terms of Java API, I am not advocating making everything "public" by default - but there is a perfectly valid keyword that can be used e.g. for internal operations that still allows extension / override: "protected"

2017-04-04 09:39:16 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: +1

2017-04-04 09:40:19 GMT <___Dave> AFaust: I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm just not in a position to change anything

2017-04-04 09:40:23 GMT <bhagyas> Can't upvote this enough

2017-04-04 09:40:41 GMT <bhagyas> ___Dave: Agreed with your explanation, no one is in a position to change anything within Alfresco.

2017-04-04 09:40:47 GMT <bhagyas> ___Dave: Thomas said the same thing yesterday.

2017-04-04 09:40:54 GMT <bhagyas> ___Dave: Richard said the same thing yesterday.

2017-04-04 09:40:55 GMT <bhagyas> xDS

2017-04-04 09:41:12 GMT <___Dave> Thomas told you that no-one in Alfresco can change anything?

2017-04-04 09:41:34 GMT <bhagyas> ___Dave: That he wasn't making the calls for stuff I queried about

2017-04-04 09:41:36 GMT <bhagyas> :P

2017-04-04 09:41:59 GMT <AFaust> ^^ which were queries about the product roadmap

2017-04-04 09:42:00 GMT <bhagyas> so basically its a no one takes responsibility policy - you're an exception and I have much respect for it

2017-04-04 09:42:38 GMT <___Dave> thanks, I appreciate that... it's always worth remembering that the engineers don't get up in the morning and think...

2017-04-04 09:42:57 GMT <___Dave> "today I will write some code that in 3 years time will totally enrage someone in the IRC channel"

2017-04-04 09:43:02 GMT <bhagyas> __

2017-04-04 09:43:13 GMT * AFaust has to rethink his morning motivation...

2017-04-04 09:43:19 GMT <koula> AFaust we created an empty file {} and worked.

2017-04-04 09:43:21 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: xD

2017-04-04 09:44:03 GMT <bhagyas> ___Dave: Indeed, no engineer wants to touch the code that works, but taking responsibility is a completely different thing

2017-04-04 09:44:22 GMT <___Dave> how do you define taking responsibility?

2017-04-04 09:44:24 GMT <bhagyas> It's okay to make mistakes, as long as you fix them quick

2017-04-04 09:44:42 GMT <___Dave> well, that depends on what the mistake was and whether or not people are not relying on that mistake

2017-04-04 09:44:54 GMT <___Dave> and that changing that mistake could actually cause more problems than fixing it

2017-04-04 09:44:57 GMT <bhagyas> ___Dave: I mean you stand up for what you build, you look at complaints, respond regardlness we agree or not

2017-04-04 09:45:00 GMT <yreg> Loftux, git.alfresco.com ?

2017-04-04 09:45:06 GMT <bhagyas> which is something missing from everyone else at alfresco

2017-04-04 09:45:17 GMT <bhagyas> all we hear is some bingo words

2017-04-04 09:45:21 GMT <___Dave> maybe they're not such a glutton for punishment as I am

2017-04-04 09:45:42 GMT <bhagyas> xD

2017-04-04 09:46:03 GMT <bhagyas> ___Dave: Maybe you deserve a holiday

2017-04-04 09:46:12 GMT <yreg> Loftux, https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/REPO-2196 says it is there now

2017-04-04 09:48:12 GMT <___Dave> a holiday would be nice, es

2017-04-04 09:48:15 GMT <___Dave> yes

2017-04-04 09:48:45 GMT <bhagyas> :)

2017-04-04 09:49:32 GMT <AFaust> ___Dave: Another thing regarding responsibility: Sometimes when resplin closes a (IMHO valid) JIRA issue the statement is a generic "our engineers / architects have looked at it and determined it would be too much effort". I would really like to know a bit more about that evaluation, so I don't sit here raging how someone that calls himself an "architect" could come to that conclusion for some of the simpler / cross cutting stuff...

2017-04-04 09:50:03 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: See the last comments here: https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/MNT-17113

2017-04-04 09:50:25 GMT <___Dave> wow... well, there's an opportunity to totally shoot myself in the foot, thanks! ;-)

2017-04-04 09:51:06 GMT <___Dave> OK... so, do I agree with all the things that get closed? no... of course not

2017-04-04 09:51:42 GMT <___Dave> as an engineer I want to crush all the bugs

2017-04-04 09:51:52 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: +1

2017-04-04 09:52:15 GMT <___Dave> but do I understand that there are business motivations around these decisions? yes

2017-04-04 09:52:53 GMT <___Dave> can I as an engineer just "take responsibility" and fix things, no

2017-04-04 09:53:32 GMT <bhagyas> I think its safe to assume that the only reason engineers have to consider business is if the business people are not doing their job in taking care of the business

2017-04-04 09:53:33 GMT <___Dave> I can say that all of these issues are reviewed by a triage team ... it's not just Richard merrily going around closing issues by himself

2017-04-04 09:54:21 GMT <___Dave> so even if it's him doing the closing, you shouldn't hold him responsible for the decision

2017-04-04 09:54:24 GMT <AFaust> ___Dave: Unfortunately, it is only Richard that is "visible" extenrally for these decisions and as a result he is unfairly burdened with criticism...

2017-04-04 09:54:37 GMT <___Dave> yes, this is true

2017-04-04 09:55:03 GMT <AFaust> And "taking responsibility" would be for those engineers / architects in the triage team explaining their evaluation as a comment on the ticket when it is closed / decided.

2017-04-04 09:55:25 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: +1

2017-04-04 09:55:46 GMT <yreg> +1

2017-04-04 09:56:10 GMT <AFaust> I think it can't be good for the mental health of Richard in the long run to be the main "blame guy"...

2017-04-04 09:56:39 GMT <bhagyas> Hope he is not set to be the 'fall guy' in order to abandon CE

2017-04-04 09:57:06 GMT <bhagyas> Basically the only link between the Alfresco and Community

2017-04-04 09:58:36 GMT <___Dave> I don't think there are any plans to abandon CE so he should be safe

2017-04-04 09:59:53 GMT <___Dave> it's a really interesting tension though... between CE and EE... you must understand that EE sales are required to maintain CE, and that CE helps to drive sales

2017-04-04 10:00:25 GMT <___Dave> there has to be some differentiation between them

2017-04-04 10:00:31 GMT <bhagyas> ___Dave: There shouldn't

2017-04-04 10:00:44 GMT <bhagyas> and there are tons of examples of crippling that has gone wrong

2017-04-04 10:00:58 GMT <bhagyas> and examples of same product but better enterprise service making it work

2017-04-04 10:01:56 GMT <___Dave> I don't pretend to be an expert on it... just offering an opinion

2017-04-04 10:01:57 GMT <bhagyas> when you cripple CE, the eyes that look on enterprise bugs get lesser

2017-04-04 10:02:11 GMT <bhagyas> example, the same bug which I posted a while ago

2017-04-04 10:02:34 GMT <bhagyas> its a critical issue in EE and CE both, but Loftux provided the fix quicker than they could look at it

2017-04-04 10:03:00 GMT <yreg> bhagyas, I do not see what is happening as crippling CE, I find it more like INVEST LESS in CE

2017-04-04 10:03:06 GMT <bhagyas> same goes for caching and clustering and all

2017-04-04 10:03:24 GMT <bhagyas> yreg: you have no idea about cache workings between the two, do you?

2017-04-04 10:03:59 GMT <bhagyas> CE is actually an opportunity for them to invest less on EE

2017-04-04 10:04:11 GMT <bhagyas> and make better returns

2017-04-04 10:04:47 GMT <___Dave> so if CE and EE were identical, why would anyone spend money on EE?

2017-04-04 10:04:51 GMT <bhagyas> __

2017-04-04 10:05:08 GMT <bhagyas> ___Dave: That would be for providing a world-class level of support

2017-04-04 10:05:25 GMT <bhagyas> ___Dave: Have a look at wso2.com - almost same size or bigger than Alfresco - completely open source

2017-04-04 10:05:33 GMT <yreg> bhagyas, I am afraid that is not enough

2017-04-04 10:05:36 GMT <___Dave> but as a CE user you'd get that for free right?

2017-04-04 10:05:42 GMT <bhagyas> __

2017-04-04 10:05:50 GMT <bhagyas> ___Dave: CE users don't get anything for free

2017-04-04 10:05:59 GMT <bhagyas> CE users spend their time and money on getting it

2017-04-04 10:06:00 GMT <___Dave> they don't?

2017-04-04 10:06:06 GMT <bhagyas> and they contribute it back

2017-04-04 10:06:32 GMT <___Dave> what do they contribute back?

2017-04-04 10:06:37 GMT <bhagyas> (let's not get into how Alfresco has been bad at accepting contributions, since that is getting better now)

2017-04-04 10:06:42 GMT <yreg> bhagyas, I think you are confusing CE integrator with CE clients

2017-04-04 10:07:02 GMT <bhagyas> ___Dave: How does Ubuntu make money?

2017-04-04 10:07:12 GMT <bhagyas> How does RedHat or many other OS vendors make money

2017-04-04 10:07:13 GMT <___Dave> dunno, I don't work for them

2017-04-04 10:07:14 GMT <bhagyas> ?

2017-04-04 10:07:35 GMT <bhagyas> :/

2017-04-04 10:07:40 GMT <___Dave> so bhagyas: you and Loftux: just give everything you do away for free?

2017-04-04 10:08:08 GMT <bhagyas> yeah, anything we get for free, we contribute back

2017-04-04 10:08:12 GMT <bhagyas> including major bugfixes

2017-04-04 10:08:21 GMT <___Dave> no, I mean do you sell anything?

2017-04-04 10:08:28 GMT <bhagyas> yes, we sell our time

2017-04-04 10:08:39 GMT <bhagyas> and expertise

2017-04-04 10:08:51 GMT <___Dave> what does Alfresco get out of that?

2017-04-04 10:09:05 GMT <bhagyas> don't mistake completely commercial products vs half open source crippled products though

2017-04-04 10:09:30 GMT <bhagyas> we do have commercial products which are entirely paid by a single customer which remains exclusive

2017-04-04 10:09:47 GMT <___Dave> why not make that open source and give it away?

2017-04-04 10:09:49 GMT <bhagyas> ___Dave: Have a look at JIRA and patches from Loftux, I'm sure you have not been under a rock

2017-04-04 10:09:55 GMT <___Dave> people could contribute back and make it better

2017-04-04 10:10:04 GMT <___Dave> wouldn't that be great?

2017-04-04 10:10:10 GMT <bhagyas> ___Dave: Yeah, but we never claimed our products as open source - or gotten OS Community

2017-04-04 10:10:22 GMT <bhagyas> because that would be deceiving

2017-04-04 10:10:43 GMT <bhagyas> but we do not cripple any of our open source products against a commercial product

2017-04-04 10:11:06 GMT <___Dave> so your open source products are exactly the same as your commercial products?

2017-04-04 10:11:11 GMT <bhagyas> even though bad implementations from Alfresco make it difficult to do so, including caching and other configs

2017-04-04 10:11:15 GMT <bhagyas> yes

2017-04-04 10:11:48 GMT <bhagyas> if you have any doubts, go and check our Github including my personal Github

2017-04-04 10:11:55 GMT <bhagyas> I'll wait

2017-04-04 10:11:56 GMT <bhagyas> :)

2017-04-04 10:12:13 GMT <bhagyas> while you're at it, check wso2 github too

2017-04-04 10:12:14 GMT <___Dave> so how would I get hold of one of your exclusive commerical products

2017-04-04 10:12:19 GMT <___Dave> can you give me a link to that

2017-04-04 10:12:34 GMT <bhagyas> you would need to buy consulting time for that :)

2017-04-04 10:12:48 GMT <bhagyas> the point is we're upfront straight

2017-04-04 10:12:56 GMT <bhagyas> about either open source or commercial

2017-04-04 10:13:01 GMT <bhagyas> and there is no crippling

2017-04-04 10:13:09 GMT <bhagyas> the difference is support

2017-04-04 10:13:14 GMT <bhagyas> same goes for LXCommunity ECM

2017-04-04 10:13:23 GMT <bhagyas> you can build the code with our patches and run your own CE

2017-04-04 10:13:29 GMT <bhagyas> or get support from us

2017-04-04 10:13:33 GMT <bhagyas> :)

2017-04-04 10:13:53 GMT <bhagyas> and we tell our customers that the bugs we fix for them are shared to the community

2017-04-04 10:13:59 GMT <___Dave> I really don't see how it's different... some stuff you get for free, some stuff you pay for, some stuff is open, some stuff is closed

2017-04-04 10:14:20 GMT <bhagyas> ___Dave: It's different because we don't have half crippled products

2017-04-04 10:14:33 GMT <bhagyas> if that makes it easy to understand :)

2017-04-04 10:15:03 GMT * yreg thinks the discussion became way less constructive

2017-04-04 10:15:06 GMT <___Dave> not really, but I'm thirsty so I'm going to get a cup of coffee

2017-04-04 10:15:19 GMT <___Dave> thanks as always for enlightening us

2017-04-04 10:15:28 GMT <bhagyas> yreg: stop evaluating unless you're involved

2017-04-04 10:16:41 GMT <bhagyas> :)

2017-04-04 12:46:32 GMT <resplin> bhagyas: when someone in the channel points out the conversation has devolved, you should listen instead of telling him to go away.

2017-04-04 13:11:51 GMT <Krutik> hi

2017-04-04 13:12:09 GMT <Krutik> guys

2017-04-04 13:12:59 GMT <Krutik> can any one tell me , how i can override multiselect action (like copy-to,delete) with custom aspect condition

2017-04-04 13:13:25 GMT <Krutik> if I override it in share-config-custom then the action appears twice

2017-04-04 13:13:52 GMT <Krutik> I want the oob multiselect action to appear once only

2017-04-04 13:14:23 GMT <Krutik> and yes I don not want to use replace="true"

2017-04-04 13:41:42 GMT <Leonix> Regarding the preceding discussion, In my very own opinion, CE should have a subset of EE. The subset must have enough functionality to make CE usable both for study than for little production environments

2017-04-04 13:42:28 GMT *** Leonix is now known as LMattioli

2017-04-04 13:43:41 GMT <LMattioli> so you've (or you're forced) to switch to an EE product when you need more functionalities or you've reached a large amount of data in it

2017-04-04 13:44:36 GMT <LMattioli> So I like very much Alfresco CE, I know people using in production environment successfully

2017-04-04 13:45:18 GMT <LMattioli> and I don't like so much Activi CE, because I find it very limited

2017-04-04 13:48:34 GMT <LMattioli> but it's my opinion and it's not an official complain

2017-04-04 13:50:42 GMT <___Dave> LMattioli: That seems to make sense to me also

2017-04-04 13:53:31 GMT <AFaust> From a technical standpoint, I currently see little differentiation. The Alfresco CE edition effectively is the same as the EE edition. In some regards I am glad some of the technical EE stuff is not included because it sometimes is over-engineered (the user license management is an embarrassment) or quite unstable (cloud synch / cluster)

2017-04-04 13:55:39 GMT <AFaust> I also see that about 50% of the "added value features" that EE provides from a technical perspective (config at runtime incl persistence, and clustered caching) is quite trivial and aren't really that much of an issue. I am already half-way through my list of technical EE features that I wanted to re-implement on CE...

2017-04-04 13:57:17 GMT <AFaust> But I can see and agree with the argument that Alfresco should differentiate EE with kick-ass support services, which - honestly - has always been a big let down for anyone half-way competent that had to deal with that area...

2017-04-04 13:58:12 GMT <AFaust> I mean, if all the customer is already approaching me about an issue they filed with gallows humour and I can just silently shake my head because I can't say anything in defense, something is not right...

2017-04-04 13:58:57 GMT <AFaust> (even though I am no longer working for a partner, I still have some customers on EE)

2017-04-04 14:12:27 GMT *** Leonix is now known as LMattioli

2017-04-04 19:07:08 GMT <eswbitto> Hello Everyone....I'm wanting to disable my activities feed notifications. There are privacy issues that have come up so this is a solution for users not being able to see what other users are doing on the same site.

2017-04-04 19:07:13 GMT <eswbitto> So in order to do this

2017-04-04 19:07:19 GMT <eswbitto> This is what I've done...

2017-04-04 19:08:20 GMT <eswbitto> create a filemy-activities.get.config.xml and put it in the following path: /tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/web-extions/site-webscripts/org/alfresco/components/dashlets/

2017-04-04 19:08:29 GMT <eswbitto> This is the content that I put in the file....

2017-04-04 19:09:16 GMT <eswbitto> https://pastebin.com/mvmknuFF

2017-04-04 19:09:17 GMT <alfbot> Title: <config> <filter-range> <filter type="today" label="today" /> - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-04-04 19:10:14 GMT <eswbitto> Would this be how I do it to stop the my activites dashlet from filtering other users activities and only showing the logged in user?

2017-04-04 19:15:49 GMT <eswbitto> Would changing this filter create any impact on auditing?

2017-04-04 20:41:42 GMT <eswbitto> Would I have to edit a js file in order to change the default from "Everyone" to "mine" in the my activities dashlet or the site dashlet?

2017-04-04 20:42:15 GMT <eswbitto> I have been able to change the filter, but I can't get the initial default to show "mine" instead of "everyone"

2017-04-04 20:56:18 GMT <eswbitto> AFaust You wouldn't happen to remember this post would you?

2017-04-04 20:56:19 GMT <eswbitto> https://community.alfresco.com/thread/185576-how-to-remove-item-under-my-activities-dashlet

2017-04-04 20:56:21 GMT <alfbot> Title: How to remove item under my activities dashlet | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-04-04 21:07:20 GMT <AFaust> eswbitto: You should only need to customise the widget configuration. There already is an option for activeFilter that can be set

2017-04-04 21:08:42 GMT <AFaust> OMG - but that option is never read - instead it is overriden...

2017-04-04 21:09:17 GMT <AFaust> So - turns out you will have to edit the JS to fix this broken dashlet

2017-04-04 21:13:11 GMT <eswbitto> AFaust which JS file is it? I've looked at the current js file named site-activites.get.js but I may be looking at the wrong one

2017-04-04 21:13:39 GMT <AFaust> activities.js is the client-side JS which is not properly handling the option

2017-04-04 21:14:00 GMT <AFaust> site-activities.get.js and my-activities.get.js are responsible on the server-side

2017-04-04 21:16:48 GMT <eswbitto> AFaust so I need to fix the client side JS in order to get the default off of "everyone'

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