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2017-04-12 00:10:05 GMT <eswbitto> douglascrp I got it to working with an older version 2.2

2017-04-12 00:19:59 GMT <douglascrp> eswbitto, this is weird

2017-04-12 00:20:06 GMT <douglascrp> I am using 3.0 without any problem

2017-04-12 00:21:55 GMT <eswbitto> douglascrp so what I tried first was completely delete my .m2 repository and delete all project directories...made a completely new one installed the AIO and selected 3.0 and still didn't work.

2017-04-12 00:22:19 GMT <douglascrp> do you see any error messages?

2017-04-12 00:22:25 GMT <eswbitto> would it matter if I was using virtualbox?

2017-04-12 00:22:33 GMT <douglascrp> no

2017-04-12 00:22:40 GMT <douglascrp> what is the maven version?

2017-04-12 00:22:43 GMT <douglascrp> java version?

2017-04-12 00:24:21 GMT <eswbitto> Maven is 3.3.9 and java is jdk1.8.0_60/jre

2017-04-12 02:02:34 GMT <douglascrp> eswbitto, well, I don't know what is wrong

2017-04-12 02:08:40 GMT <eswbitto> douglascrp no worries. This version works with 5.1 so I'm happy.

2017-04-12 02:08:52 GMT <douglascrp> yes, it works

2017-04-12 02:09:14 GMT <douglascrp> you should share your problems in the sdk's project

2017-04-12 02:12:24 GMT <eswbitto> douglascrp I have tried looking for that in the forums, but I really don't like the new format.

2017-04-12 02:12:43 GMT <douglascrp> not in the forums, but in the github project

2017-04-12 02:13:15 GMT <eswbitto> quick question. Is there any difference between using the ./run.sh command in the project and using the run configuration in eclipse?

2017-04-12 02:13:20 GMT <eswbitto> ah ok

2017-04-12 02:14:04 GMT <douglascrp> ah, yes, that can be different, as eclipse has the built-maven

2017-04-12 02:14:15 GMT <douglascrp> you have to configure it to use the maven installation in the OS

2017-04-12 02:14:35 GMT <douglascrp> usually the version included in Eclipse is old

2017-04-12 02:14:42 GMT <douglascrp> that can explain the problem you are facing with

2017-04-12 02:16:42 GMT <eswbitto> ok

2017-04-12 02:17:33 GMT <eswbitto> douglascrp mainly I just want to utilize springloaded with the already project I have.

2017-04-12 02:38:14 GMT <douglascrp> springloaded does not work with 5.0

2017-04-12 02:38:29 GMT <douglascrp> this is one of the changes withing sdk 3.0

2017-04-12 02:38:51 GMT <douglascrp> you can use the hotswap agent, another open source and free hot reload tool

2017-04-12 02:38:59 GMT <douglascrp> ok, I have to leave not... good night

2017-04-12 04:28:11 GMT <bhuvan> hi all

2017-04-12 04:28:48 GMT <bhuvan> i created site through api and creating site successfully

2017-04-12 04:29:20 GMT <bhuvan> but when i login into alfresco site dashboard giveing

2017-04-12 04:29:35 GMT <bhuvan> properties null exception

2017-04-12 04:29:58 GMT <bhuvan> can any please let me know where i done mistake

2017-04-12 04:55:23 GMT <bhuvan> A site manager has switched off all the features of this site. Click the Settings icon and select Customize Site to add one or more site features

2017-04-12 06:27:14 GMT <twen> bonjour

2017-04-12 06:32:39 GMT <bhuvan> hi angelborry

2017-04-12 06:34:58 GMT <angelborroy> morning ghuvan

2017-04-12 06:35:13 GMT <angelborroy> ghuvan > bhuvan

2017-04-12 06:40:18 GMT <bhuvan> morning angelborry

2017-04-12 06:40:28 GMT <bhuvan> I created site using api

2017-04-12 06:40:44 GMT <bhuvan> it is creating successfully

2017-04-12 06:41:08 GMT <bhuvan> http://localhost:8080/alfresco/service/api/sites

2017-04-12 06:41:22 GMT <bhuvan> this url i am using

2017-04-12 06:49:21 GMT <yreg> Morning every one !

2017-04-12 06:49:55 GMT <twen> morning yreg :)

2017-04-12 07:27:15 GMT <yreg> bhagyas, do you know what's the latest AOS release, and if it has any issues with 5.1 ?

2017-04-12 07:28:21 GMT <bhagyas> yreg: Sorry, nope - ping Loftux

2017-04-12 07:29:14 GMT <yreg> will do

2017-04-12 07:29:18 GMT <yreg> thanks anyway :)

2017-04-12 07:30:05 GMT <bhagyas> -= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-

2017-04-12 07:30:35 GMT <yreg> I heard it has its perks

2017-04-12 07:31:17 GMT <yreg> but not even close to alfresco in terms of features and extensibility

2017-04-12 07:31:38 GMT <yreg> but I had that discussion back in 2015

2017-04-12 07:32:11 GMT <bhagyas> 😂 you must be joking right?

2017-04-12 07:47:11 GMT <yreg> Loftux, Do you know what is the latest version of AOS

2017-04-12 07:47:32 GMT <yreg> and if it has any improvements over the one bundled in 5.1 ?

2017-04-12 07:51:25 GMT <angelborroy> yreg AOS 1.1.5 is the latest

2017-04-12 07:51:30 GMT <angelborroy> http://docs.alfresco.com/aos/concepts/aos-intro.html

2017-04-12 07:51:31 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco Office Services 1.1.5 | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-04-12 07:51:37 GMT <angelborroy> it’s bundled with 5.2

2017-04-12 07:51:56 GMT <angelborroy> and it works better than the one included with 5.1

2017-04-12 07:52:06 GMT <angelborroy> but I don’t know if there are new features

2017-04-12 07:53:03 GMT <angelborroy> yreg 1.1-65 is the one you are using in 5.1?

2017-04-12 07:58:00 GMT <yreg> 1.1.3 it seems

2017-04-12 07:58:16 GMT <yreg> it came bundled in

2017-04-12 07:58:36 GMT <rootinshell> Hi everyone,

2017-04-12 07:59:59 GMT <yreg> But as I had few issues with SSO (users need to login twice the first time they edit online, then once as long as they did not close MS Word, yuck !)

2017-04-12 08:01:08 GMT <rootinshell> quick question, i've made an LDAP sync for my alfresco, but instead of user displayname, i only see the user SAMAccount userid in the dashboard, is there any way to customize ?

2017-04-12 08:02:33 GMT <angelborroy> rootinshell http://docs.alfresco.com/community/concepts/auth-ldap-props.html

2017-04-12 08:02:34 GMT <alfbot> Title: LDAP configuration properties | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-04-12 08:03:11 GMT <angelborroy> rootinshell you can map your LDAP properties to Alfresco user properties

2017-04-12 08:03:36 GMT <angelborroy> ldap.synchronization.userFirstNameAttributeName and so

2017-04-12 08:05:13 GMT <angelborroy> yreg I don’t think AOS is the problem with SSO

2017-04-12 08:05:22 GMT <angelborroy> yreg and it works also badly in 201702

2017-04-12 08:05:34 GMT <Loftux> yreg: The issue with login prompts for AOS is not an Alfresco specific issue, Sharepoint users have it as well https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/lync/en-US/c191ec22-47ed-4776-a16c-c319bd5e741e/sharepoint-prompting-for-password-when-saving-word-document?forum=sharepointadminprevious

2017-04-12 08:05:35 GMT <alfbot> Title: SharePoint prompting for password when saving word document (at social.technet.microsoft.com)

2017-04-12 08:07:15 GMT <yreg> angelborroy, Loftux, I understand it if you need to login once per session, or even once per edit

2017-04-12 08:07:37 GMT <yreg> but not once per edit, and an extra one for the firt time in a session

2017-04-12 08:07:38 GMT <angelborroy> without SSO in 201702 there is no user interaction

2017-04-12 08:07:52 GMT <angelborroy> you have to include your user/pass the first time and it’s done

2017-04-12 08:07:54 GMT <rootinshell> angelborroy: i'm sure I have applied the correct attribute, let me check once again..

2017-04-12 08:33:24 GMT <AFaust> Sigh... annotation-based configuration is seriously broken and annoying in Spring (and yes, I am using Spring 4.1 since that is what Alfresco Activiti) ships with.

2017-04-12 08:34:23 GMT <AFaust> How the heck can I define a component that is a) loaded as soon as possible (using pre-defined component scan patterns) and b) where @Value injection of a Resource[] actually works

2017-04-12 08:36:39 GMT <AFaust> Context: Trying to properly initialise the Log4J configuration as one of the first actions during startup

2017-04-12 08:37:10 GMT <AFaust> If I use @Configuration or a simple @Component, my @Value injections are processed correctly, but my bean is initialised way too late, so the entire startup has been done with the wrong Log4J config.

2017-04-12 08:37:59 GMT <AFaust> If I use @Component and implement BeanFactoryPostProcessor/BeanDefinitionPostProcessor, my bean is initialised very early (as intended) but the @Value injections are not being processed / yield null

2017-04-12 08:57:34 GMT <Sandy_> Hai Everyone, I created Custom Action 'Disable/Enable Download' for document . But i need to give permissions to the document creator....? Can anyone help me please

2017-04-12 09:03:53 GMT <angelborroy> Sandy_ you can try with ChangePermissions

2017-04-12 09:03:54 GMT <angelborroy> <permissions>

2017-04-12 09:03:55 GMT <angelborroy> <permission allow="true">ChangePermissions</permission>

2017-04-12 09:03:56 GMT <angelborroy> </permissions>

2017-04-12 09:04:10 GMT <angelborroy> it’s not exactly the creator, but it’s the closest option

2017-04-12 09:05:34 GMT <Sandy_> angelborroy: Here i need to give custom action instead of ChangePermissions ...?

2017-04-12 09:06:29 GMT <angelborroy> you can hide or show the action by adding and evaluator

2017-04-12 09:06:35 GMT <angelborroy> is that what you mean?

2017-04-12 09:07:52 GMT <Sandy_> angelborroy: I created Custom Action dynamically.., for this action i need to give permission for the document creator

2017-04-12 09:08:16 GMT <angelborroy> You created an action for Share

2017-04-12 09:08:21 GMT <Sandy_> yes

2017-04-12 09:08:31 GMT <angelborroy> and you are defining the visibility of this action by using share-config-custom.xml or so

2017-04-12 09:08:45 GMT <angelborroy> right

2017-04-12 09:08:46 GMT <angelborroy> ?

2017-04-12 09:09:06 GMT <Sandy_> share-config-custom.xml -> yes

2017-04-12 09:09:31 GMT <angelborroy> and you want to show the action for document creator and to hide the action for the others

2017-04-12 09:09:59 GMT <Sandy_> angelborroy : yes exactly friend

2017-04-12 09:10:08 GMT <angelborroy> so you have to add an evaluator

2017-04-12 09:10:12 GMT <angelborroy> take a look here: http://docs.alfresco.com/community/tasks/dev-extensions-share-tutorials-add-action-doclib.html

2017-04-12 09:10:15 GMT <alfbot> Title: Adding new actions to the Document Library | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-04-12 09:10:40 GMT <angelborroy> What you need is described at “9. Add an Evaluator for the Send-As-Email action”

2017-04-12 09:34:32 GMT <Sandy_> angelborroy: thank you

2017-04-12 10:00:24 GMT <rootinshell> angelborroy: thanks for the confirmation, the issue was a delay to sync :)

2017-04-12 10:00:37 GMT <angelborroy> you’re welcome

2017-04-12 10:00:47 GMT * DarkStar1 greets everyone

2017-04-12 10:41:03 GMT <oussama> is there a way to disable report generation in alfresco replication job?

2017-04-12 10:50:18 GMT <rootinshell> could someone please tell me where is the java_opts file for alfresco

2017-04-12 10:50:57 GMT <yreg> rootinshell, setenv.sh ?

2017-04-12 10:54:09 GMT <rootinshell> yreg: thanks for windows then it will be .bat, i can add directly "set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote" ?

2017-04-12 11:00:49 GMT <yreg> well ... that wouldn't work then, if you're running tomcat as a service

2017-04-12 11:01:11 GMT <yreg> you will need to access the list of services

2017-04-12 11:02:14 GMT <yreg> check the properties for the alfrescoTomcat service (if you installed multiple times, it will probably be alfrescoTomcat-N)

2017-04-12 11:02:31 GMT <yreg> depending on alfresco version you might end up with different namings

2017-04-12 11:02:47 GMT <yreg> you will need to copy the command to run the service

2017-04-12 11:03:31 GMT <yreg> paste it in cmd (probably run CMD as admin for that, especially if you are on windows server)

2017-04-12 11:03:57 GMT <yreg> in the command there is "RS" which stands for run service

2017-04-12 11:04:25 GMT <yreg> that needs to become "ES" for edit service

2017-04-12 11:05:04 GMT <yreg> the name of the binary should be the same as the name of the service, you will need to append w to it to run in windowed mode

2017-04-12 11:05:31 GMT <yreg> so alfrescoTomcat.exe -> alfrescoTomcatw.exe

2017-04-12 11:06:08 GMT <yreg> with that, you will access the screen to play with different service properties, including java_opts ..

2017-04-12 11:06:26 GMT <rootinshell> yreg: got ya ! thanks for the tips

2017-04-12 12:27:34 GMT <bhuvan> hi all

2017-04-12 12:28:10 GMT <bhuvan> can we secure the login credentials of alfresco for getting alfrescoticket

2017-04-12 12:28:25 GMT <bhuvan> using below alfresco api url

2017-04-12 12:28:53 GMT <bhuvan> http://localhost:8080/alfresco/s/api/login?u=username&pw=password

2017-04-12 12:29:21 GMT <douglascrp> good morning

2017-04-12 12:29:31 GMT <bhuvan> in query parameters users will passing the parameters

2017-04-12 12:29:41 GMT <douglascrp> bhuvan, how about using SSL?

2017-04-12 12:32:00 GMT <bhuvan> one of our client using this api for getting ticket

2017-04-12 12:32:24 GMT <bhuvan> and futher actions like site creation

2017-04-12 12:32:30 GMT <bhuvan> document upload

2017-04-12 12:33:30 GMT <bhuvan> client is asking

2017-04-12 12:33:53 GMT <bhuvan> hackers can easily access the alfresco by using these credentials

2017-04-12 12:34:00 GMT <bhuvan> using above api

2017-04-12 12:34:36 GMT <bhuvan> is there any alternate way to get ticket by encrypting the credentials

2017-04-12 12:45:23 GMT <yreg> Hey resplin, I thought SAML was already out (GA)

2017-04-12 12:45:42 GMT <yreg> but couldn't find any download link outside the EA group on community

2017-04-12 12:46:14 GMT <yreg> Can you please share a link if it is already out, or check if there is an ETA on it ?

2017-04-12 12:46:47 GMT <yreg> fcorti, the question goes for you as well ;-)

2017-04-12 13:04:48 GMT <Mansha> Hi all , trying to declare a record in a alfresco site using http://hostname:8080/alfresco/service/api/rma/actions/ExecutionQueue { "name":"declareRecord", "nodeRef":"workspace://SpacesStore/nodeRef" }

2017-04-12 13:05:21 GMT <Mansha> but getting access denied exception.

2017-04-12 13:07:59 GMT <fcorti> Hi yreg, resplin is the right person to ask about it

2017-04-12 13:08:19 GMT <fcorti> He is leading the SAML project from a PM prospective

2017-04-12 13:21:23 GMT <yreg> Alright, I'll wait for him to pop in

2017-04-12 13:22:26 GMT <yreg> I assume he has a lot on his plate, being just back from vacation... will ping him again after TTL

2017-04-12 13:29:34 GMT * AxelFaust needs ice cream for his forehead due to all the Alfresco Activiti App facepalming in the last hour...

2017-04-12 13:29:57 GMT <AxelFaust> Correction: ice cream => ice cubes

2017-04-12 13:34:09 GMT <mrks_js> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOPLcZ7A_74

2017-04-12 13:52:50 GMT <fcorti> Hi all, in 8 minutes the Tech Talk Live about Test Automation System on youtube

2017-04-12 13:52:51 GMT <fcorti> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOPLcZ7A_74

2017-04-12 13:53:05 GMT <fcorti> Raise questions here or on youtube chat directly

2017-04-12 14:02:15 GMT <sujaypillai> @fcorti - are you live now?

2017-04-12 14:02:54 GMT <kgastaldo> We rea

2017-04-12 14:02:56 GMT <kgastaldo> are*

2017-04-12 14:03:06 GMT <kgastaldo> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOPLcZ7A_74

2017-04-12 14:03:19 GMT <fcorti> yesssss.... please join

2017-04-12 14:03:22 GMT <fcorti> :-)

2017-04-12 14:03:36 GMT <AxelFaust> sujaypillai: There was a small delay for me today where the YouTube did not start to show video/audio until kgastaldo was already mid-sentence...

2017-04-12 14:04:04 GMT <kgastaldo> Sigh. That's probably my fault. There's a bit of a lag on youtube going live and am always guessing how long to wait!

2017-04-12 14:04:07 GMT <sujaypillai> thanks… @AxelFaust yes i too noticed that

2017-04-12 14:04:10 GMT <kgastaldo> I may have jumped the gun.

2017-04-12 14:05:30 GMT <AxelFaust> ^^ I would have chalked that up to YouTube technical issue, since you normally are good at estimating the delay...

2017-04-12 14:07:06 GMT <yreg> oops missed TTL

2017-04-12 14:07:34 GMT <kgastaldo> @yreg - We're just getting into the technical part ;)

2017-04-12 14:07:38 GMT <fcorti> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOPLcZ7A_74

2017-04-12 14:08:51 GMT <yreg> will go back after it ends to check if I missed anything from fcorti's summary at the beginning

2017-04-12 14:09:16 GMT <AxelFaust> yreg. There was no summary really - it is not an Office Hours where he present the Community News...

2017-04-12 14:09:31 GMT <fcorti> :-)

2017-04-12 14:09:46 GMT <fcorti> We talk also about docker today

2017-04-12 14:21:15 GMT <digcat> fcorti question, have they done any load testing with their docker setup

2017-04-12 14:21:24 GMT <digcat> performance

2017-04-12 14:23:19 GMT <AxelFaust> digcat: What kind of "load testing"? There are very many different factors / approaches you can take to load testing depending on what you want to achieve in terms of conclusions...

2017-04-12 14:24:00 GMT <digcat> thats kinda what i qas enquiring if it has even been a factor yet,

2017-04-12 14:24:33 GMT <digcat> i guess part of testing, should be it can stand up to a defined load based on spec of resources

2017-04-12 14:24:51 GMT <fcorti> digicat: will ask

2017-04-12 14:24:57 GMT <digcat> thank you :)

2017-04-12 14:25:48 GMT <digcat> my thinking Axel, is if some 'bad' non performant code gets in, would this pick it up

2017-04-12 14:27:00 GMT <AxelFaust> If you had about 10-20 load test scenarios with variations of small/high number of contents, then may be...

2017-04-12 14:27:45 GMT <digcat> yes, that would be good

2017-04-12 14:33:36 GMT <resplin> yreg: The SAML module is expected to be released at the end of this month. Engineering have completed their work, but we are still finalizing the documentation and training the support team.

2017-04-12 14:33:47 GMT <resplin> That explains why it's a bit confusing at the moment.

2017-04-12 14:34:15 GMT <resplin> Our internal deployment to the company happens tomorrow.

2017-04-12 14:35:08 GMT <resplin> Doh, I'm missing tech talk live! Whoops.

2017-04-12 14:35:23 GMT <fcorti> Please join :-)

2017-04-12 14:35:24 GMT <fcorti> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOPLcZ7A_74

2017-04-12 14:43:35 GMT <yreg> the functional interface seems really nice

2017-04-12 14:49:35 GMT <yreg> it would be even better if it does support custom models

2017-04-12 14:49:48 GMT <yreg> to test integration projects

2017-04-12 14:49:58 GMT <yreg> and functional scenarios

2017-04-12 14:51:15 GMT <fcorti> yreg: done

2017-04-12 14:52:08 GMT <fcorti> Feel free to ask if you have questions

2017-04-12 14:56:26 GMT <yreg> it really simplifies the complex !

2017-04-12 14:57:14 GMT <yreg> Would there be a next step for Visual test orchestrating to make it possible for business analysts to orchestrate functional scenarios testing ?

2017-04-12 14:57:50 GMT <fcorti> will ask

2017-04-12 14:59:22 GMT <SergiuVidrascu> thank you very very much for the feedback :)

2017-04-12 14:59:35 GMT <fcorti> SergiuVidrascu +1

2017-04-12 15:36:24 GMT <Mansha> Hi All

2017-04-12 15:37:21 GMT <Mansha> calling the rest api alfresco/service/api/rma/actions/ExecutionQueue gives access denied error .I am using basic auth , with admin user . what could be the issue

2017-04-12 15:37:47 GMT <Mansha> I do not see a clear answer on it anywhere in the web .

2017-04-12 16:11:23 GMT <eswbitto> douglascrp is this what you were referring to, to use instead of springloaded? http://hotswapagent.org/

2017-04-12 16:11:24 GMT <alfbot> Title: | HotswapAgent (at hotswapagent.org)

2017-04-12 16:24:47 GMT <Mansha> what should be capabilities of the user who wants to declare a record . I can not see any capability defined as declare as a record .

2017-04-12 16:40:25 GMT <douglascrp> eswbitto, yes, that one

2017-04-12 18:43:21 GMT <Mansha> any idea what I might be doing wrong. While I can declare an in replace record by rule . I can not do that by rest call .get access denied message

2017-04-12 19:13:37 GMT <resplin> Mansha: I think your best bet is to post in community.alfresco.com

2017-04-12 19:19:57 GMT <eswbitto> douglascrp quick question So hotswap wants to use a locally installed tomcat rather than using tomcat that is built in a project?

2017-04-12 19:23:09 GMT <Mansha> Ok

2017-04-12 19:23:26 GMT <Mansha> Thanks :)

2017-04-12 21:45:26 GMT <eswbitto> I have a question about over riding the activities.js file. Apart from the SDK the file path is tomcat/webapps/share/components/dashlets/activities.js however I'm a little confused where I need to override this in the SDK

2017-04-12 21:46:11 GMT <eswbitto> Should I be modifying the js file that already exists or do I need to make a new path somewhere that will override it?

2017-04-12 21:47:26 GMT <douglascrp> eswbitto, about hotswap, I don't think it needs the local installed tomcat

2017-04-12 21:47:37 GMT <douglascrp> but I haven't tried it yet

2017-04-12 21:47:47 GMT <eswbitto> ok

2017-04-12 22:40:26 GMT <eswbitto> Where is the best place to ask about SDK questions so that I can post screen shots and stuff?

2017-04-12 22:49:35 GMT <resplin> The team monitors GitHub issues closely, but the best place to ask a question that isn't an issue is http://community.alfresco.com/ecm with a category of "Repository Developer Environment"

2017-04-12 22:49:52 GMT <resplin> Sorry, wrong link: https://community.alfresco.com/community/ecm

2017-04-12 22:49:54 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco ECM | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

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