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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-04-17 06:55:11 GMT <Sandy_> Hi Everyone, I need to update document properties (Like Title ,Description and Author ) from alfresco database. is there any solution. can anyone help me please

2017-04-17 06:57:25 GMT <angelborroy> Sandy_ How about using CMIS Workbench?

2017-04-17 06:57:32 GMT <angelborroy> or any other CMIS client

2017-04-17 06:57:46 GMT <angelborroy> I don’t think that playing with Alfresco database directly is the right approach

2017-04-17 06:59:13 GMT <Sandy_> angelborroy: Can you please suggest me, i need to update document properties from outside. is there any solution ...?

2017-04-17 06:59:43 GMT <angelborroy> http://chemistry.apache.org/java/developing/tools/dev-tools-workbench.html

2017-04-17 06:59:44 GMT <alfbot> Title: Apache Chemistry - CMIS Workbench (at chemistry.apache.org)

2017-04-17 06:59:56 GMT <angelborroy> http://chemistry.apache.org/java/download.html

2017-04-17 06:59:57 GMT <alfbot> Title: Apache Chemistry - OpenCMIS Downloads (at chemistry.apache.org)

2017-04-17 07:02:42 GMT <Sandy_> angelborroy: i need to update bulk documents with properties ...? is this possible using CMIS workbench

2017-04-17 07:02:52 GMT <angelborroy> probably not

2017-04-17 07:03:01 GMT <angelborroy> no possiblity to use some CMIS client?

2017-04-17 07:03:21 GMT <angelborroy> which programming technology are you expert in?

2017-04-17 07:04:51 GMT <Sandy_> angelborroy; Actually i have 2000 documents i need to upload all 2000 documents and with that 2000 document properties. is there any solution friend ...?

2017-04-17 07:05:04 GMT <angelborroy> CMIS is your friend

2017-04-17 07:05:14 GMT <angelborroy> but you have to use “some” programming language

2017-04-17 07:05:27 GMT <angelborroy> https://chemistry.apache.org/java/developing/client/dev-client-overview.html

2017-04-17 07:05:28 GMT <alfbot> Title: Apache Chemistry - CMIS Client Overview (at chemistry.apache.org)

2017-04-17 07:05:43 GMT <angelborroy> Java, Python, PHP, .NET, Objective-C, JavaScript…

2017-04-17 07:58:48 GMT *** angelborroy_ is now known as angelborroy

2017-04-17 13:23:30 GMT <Hiten> Hi Guys

2017-04-17 13:23:57 GMT <Hiten> I am trying to upload a doc with custom type using REST API

2017-04-17 13:24:35 GMT <Hiten> but the file that is getting created is of 0 bytes

2017-04-17 13:24:45 GMT <Hiten> the actual file is of 16 MB

2017-04-17 13:25:07 GMT <Hiten> this is the url that I am trying to call

2017-04-17 13:25:07 GMT <Hiten> http://localhost:8080/alfresco/api/-default-/public/alfresco/versions/1/nodes/-root-/children?filedata=@/home/hitenrastogi/Desktop/Test_Data/English Sample Scan.pdf&autoRename=true

2017-04-17 13:25:22 GMT <Hiten> and this is the json data that I am passing

2017-04-17 13:25:22 GMT <Hiten> { "name": "Sample.pdf", "nodeType": "oyo:oyoDocumentType", "relativePath":"sites/test/documentLibrary/images", "properties": { "oyo:tenureStartDate": "2017-4-12", "oyo:tenureEndDate": "2017-4-25" } }

2017-04-17 15:38:26 GMT <oussama> is the alfresco nexus repository problem going to be solved any time soon?

2017-04-17 15:52:36 GMT <yreg> Today is easter holiday in europe, so I wouldn't expect it to be fixed today

2017-04-17 16:00:06 GMT <oussama> ah okay i see

2017-04-17 16:00:15 GMT <oussama> well happy easter

2017-04-17 16:53:57 GMT <AFaust> oussama: Also, what problem? As far as I can see it is working fine. At least I cannot reproduce the issue you mentioned in IRC on Friday.

2017-04-17 17:07:43 GMT <oussama> <AFaust> I'm trying to build a AIO archetype, and i don't have an old maven repository

2017-04-17 17:18:29 GMT <yreg> oussama, https://artifacts.alfresco.com/nexus/content/groups/public/ seems to be working again

2017-04-17 17:18:30 GMT <alfbot> Title: Index of /groups/public (at artifacts.alfresco.com)

2017-04-17 17:19:01 GMT <yreg> it might be an issue with local resolution cache

2017-04-17 17:19:17 GMT <yreg> have you tried running your command with -U

2017-04-17 17:19:59 GMT <yreg> AFaust, There has been an issue with public repo throwing error 500 on Friday

2017-04-17 17:20:12 GMT <yreg> it must have been solved since then

2017-04-17 17:20:33 GMT <oussama> <yreg> i think it was solved in the afternoon

2017-04-17 17:20:47 GMT <oussama> i launched a new build and it seems to be working fine

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