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2017-05-10 07:57:51 GMT <yreg> does any one have an idea what the messaging and events config entries in JMX are for ?

2017-05-10 08:40:14 GMT <fcorti> Good morning all, today at 4pm Central Europe Summer Time, the Tech Talk Live #105 will show the Alfresco SDK 3.0 with @ohej. Join us at https://youtu.be/LSx3bnLyGTk

2017-05-10 08:47:09 GMT <yreg> thanks for the headsup fcorti !

2017-05-10 08:47:27 GMT <fcorti> yreg happy to do it ;-)

2017-05-10 09:29:17 GMT <mbui> Is there a way to "dry run" transactions? I.e. I want to do stuff in a retryingTransactionCallBack (like creating nodes) and if everything is fine I want to rollback everything. I guess I could throw an exception, but are there better ways? Because I still want to return status 200 with a model to the client.

2017-05-10 12:08:50 GMT <kgastaldo> Just a reminder: Tech Talk Live is today at 10 am ET (In 2 hours)

2017-05-10 12:08:57 GMT <kgastaldo> It'll be about SDK 3.0 with Ole

2017-05-10 13:18:19 GMT <Modestas> guys, is it possible to delete NodeRef using rest api

2017-05-10 13:18:26 GMT <Modestas> if I know NodeRef id ?

2017-05-10 13:20:21 GMT <angelborroy> sure

2017-05-10 13:20:39 GMT <angelborroy> https://github.com/keensoft/MassiveDelete

2017-05-10 13:20:40 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - keensoft/MassiveDelete: A simple Alfresco massive deletion batch (at github.com)

2017-05-10 13:21:31 GMT <angelborroy> to be more precise:

2017-05-10 13:21:32 GMT <angelborroy> https://github.com/keensoft/MassiveDelete/blob/master/src/main/java/it/tool/rest/alfresco/client/AlfrescoConstants.java#L11

2017-05-10 13:21:33 GMT <alfbot> Title: MassiveDelete/AlfrescoConstants.java at master · keensoft/MassiveDelete · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-05-10 13:36:01 GMT <Modestas> angelborroy: so by default this is not possible

2017-05-10 13:36:14 GMT <Modestas> I mean by default alfresco does not provide delete link

2017-05-10 13:36:26 GMT <angelborroy> default API REST?

2017-05-10 13:37:20 GMT <angelborroy> no, I don’t thinks so

2017-05-10 13:37:38 GMT <angelborroy> Modestas this is why I’m using Share REST API (aka slingshot)

2017-05-10 13:47:08 GMT <AFaust> Modestas: the new v1 ReST API should provide a simple delete operation. Of course then you lock your compatiblity in to 5.2 and above since Alfresco will not provide a bridge-module for older Alfresco relesaes...

2017-05-10 13:48:04 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust Modestas probably the best choice at this point is to use CMIS REST API for this operation

2017-05-10 13:48:20 GMT <Modestas> angelborroy: can you give me a sample?

2017-05-10 13:48:23 GMT <alfbot> ohej: Sent 1 week, 0 days, 1 hour, and 50 minutes ago: <yreg> that was for the issue with the dependencies with SDK3.0 but we sorted that out already on skype !

2017-05-10 13:49:38 GMT <angelborroy> DELETE https://localhost:8080/alfresco/api/-default-/public/cmis/versions/1.1/atom/id?id=5dba1525-44a6-45ed-a42e-4a155a3f0539

2017-05-10 13:49:42 GMT <angelborroy> or something like this

2017-05-10 13:50:15 GMT <Modestas> angelborroy: what about:

2017-05-10 13:50:17 GMT <Modestas> delete 5dba1525-44a6-45ed-a42e-4a155a3f0539

2017-05-10 13:50:22 GMT <Modestas> is it possible to provide just id?

2017-05-10 13:50:31 GMT <angelborroy> yes

2017-05-10 13:50:45 GMT <angelborroy> it’s cmis:objectId in CMIS

2017-05-10 13:52:50 GMT <ohej> For those of you who missed my session at BeeCon about the SDK, I'm about to do the same session again on TTL in a few minutes

2017-05-10 13:53:40 GMT <angelborroy> we have it recorded ;-)

2017-05-10 13:54:53 GMT <angelborroy> beecon talks video recording will be published next week

2017-05-10 13:55:05 GMT <Modestas> hmm.. I need to do delete with a request to server or by query in alfresco-community

2017-05-10 13:55:12 GMT <Modestas> I cannot do it from code

2017-05-10 13:55:57 GMT <angelborroy> Modestas I don’t know what are you referring to

2017-05-10 13:55:57 GMT <Modestas> I can use postman

2017-05-10 13:56:06 GMT <Modestas> or something like that.

2017-05-10 13:56:08 GMT <angelborroy> you can use postman or JavaScript console

2017-05-10 13:56:15 GMT <angelborroy> easier with JavaScript console

2017-05-10 13:56:17 GMT <Modestas> javascript console?

2017-05-10 13:56:22 GMT <Modestas> what do you mean?

2017-05-10 13:56:37 GMT <angelborroy> https://github.com/share-extras/js-console

2017-05-10 13:56:38 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - share-extras/js-console: Administration Console component for Alfresco Share, that enables the execution of arbitrary JavaScript code against the repository (at github.com)

2017-05-10 13:57:18 GMT <ohej> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSx3bnLyGTk

2017-05-10 14:04:42 GMT <angelborroy> ohej we cannot see the video

2017-05-10 14:05:18 GMT <binduwavell> Has tech talk live started yet?

2017-05-10 14:05:30 GMT <ohej> Yeah

2017-05-10 14:05:33 GMT <ohej> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSx3bnLyGTk

2017-05-10 14:05:35 GMT <douglascrp> ohej, same here

2017-05-10 14:05:37 GMT <davidwebster> I can see the video and screenshare

2017-05-10 14:05:38 GMT <douglascrp> no video and no sound

2017-05-10 14:05:44 GMT <angelborroy> no video and no sound also here

2017-05-10 14:05:52 GMT <ohej> Hmm this is odd

2017-05-10 14:05:52 GMT <Modestas> same

2017-05-10 14:06:07 GMT <douglascrp> it says waiting alfresco

2017-05-10 14:06:44 GMT <kgastaldo> Sorry guys! Sit tight, we're working on it

2017-05-10 14:08:05 GMT <ohej> We're having some issues, apologies

2017-05-10 14:11:41 GMT <kgastaldo> Just spinning up a new session

2017-05-10 14:12:48 GMT <kgastaldo> New TTL Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp0mKNhy1Ss

2017-05-10 14:13:07 GMT <fcorti> We are going live here....

2017-05-10 14:13:08 GMT <fcorti> http://youtu.be/gp0mKNhy1Ss

2017-05-10 14:13:11 GMT <fcorti> Sorry guys

2017-05-10 14:13:55 GMT <angelborroy> I’m seeing fcorti now

2017-05-10 14:14:00 GMT <angelborroy> and even hearing him

2017-05-10 14:14:06 GMT <douglascrp> same here

2017-05-10 14:16:54 GMT <mbui> I can see you guys and hear you. There's two links up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp0mKNhy1Ss and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxyTHyGS9aM

2017-05-10 14:18:26 GMT <fcorti> Apologize for the inconvenience... but now we are live

2017-05-10 14:19:19 GMT <fcorti> raise you questions here for Ole, if you want...

2017-05-10 14:19:42 GMT <angelborroy> When it will be (finally) available?

2017-05-10 14:20:36 GMT <fcorti> you mean the SDK?

2017-05-10 14:20:48 GMT <angelborroy> yep

2017-05-10 14:21:07 GMT <angelborroy> currently not available by mvn archetype:generate

2017-05-10 14:21:19 GMT <fcorti> naaaa... I use it :-)

2017-05-10 14:21:32 GMT <douglascrp> angelborroy, it is there for quite a while now

2017-05-10 14:21:33 GMT <fcorti> but we ask it.. so it will be clear

2017-05-10 14:21:37 GMT <douglascrp> I am using it since the announcement

2017-05-10 14:22:03 GMT <angelborroy> https://pastebin.com/3G6fG6hF

2017-05-10 14:22:04 GMT <alfbot> Title: $ mvn archetype:generate -Dfilter=org.alfresco: objc[9611]: Class JavaLaunchHel - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-05-10 14:22:10 GMT <angelborroy> So I have an issue or what?

2017-05-10 14:22:22 GMT <douglascrp> angelborroy, I think the problem is at your side

2017-05-10 14:22:24 GMT <angelborroy> or maybe SDK 3 does not support AMPs???

2017-05-10 14:22:32 GMT <douglascrp> angelborroy, it does

2017-05-10 14:22:34 GMT <fcorti> yes, it support AMP

2017-05-10 14:22:36 GMT <douglascrp> I use that too

2017-05-10 14:22:45 GMT <fcorti> douglascrp +1

2017-05-10 14:22:53 GMT <angelborroy> curious

2017-05-10 14:22:55 GMT <fcorti> I will ask... but Ole will show it

2017-05-10 14:23:08 GMT <angelborroy> no problem

2017-05-10 14:23:14 GMT <angelborroy> it looks like this is a problem on my side

2017-05-10 14:23:15 GMT <angelborroy> thanks

2017-05-10 14:23:35 GMT <fcorti> supporting angelborroy... today is a great day for me

2017-05-10 14:23:36 GMT <fcorti> :-D

2017-05-10 14:23:52 GMT <douglascrp> fcorti, that is true :D

2017-05-10 14:24:01 GMT <fcorti> ;-)

2017-05-10 14:24:04 GMT <angelborroy> I’m just a newbie, you know

2017-05-10 14:24:12 GMT <angelborroy> so don’t be so proud about this :-P

2017-05-10 14:24:14 GMT <douglascrp> angelborroy, aham.... we know that :D

2017-05-10 14:24:15 GMT <fcorti> angelborroy naaaaaa.....

2017-05-10 14:26:12 GMT <douglascrp> ohej, how about the spring-surf version?

2017-05-10 14:26:27 GMT <douglascrp> depending on the share version, the surf version changes

2017-05-10 14:26:37 GMT <fcorti> raised

2017-05-10 14:26:39 GMT <douglascrp> or will it be shown when you get to share

2017-05-10 14:27:12 GMT <douglascrp> tks fcorti

2017-05-10 14:31:24 GMT <fcorti> angelborroy, this is for you: AMP are supported

2017-05-10 14:31:39 GMT <angelborroy> Happy to hear that ;-)

2017-05-10 14:32:00 GMT <douglascrp> but it has a problem

2017-05-10 14:33:06 GMT <angelborroy> douglascrp which problem?

2017-05-10 14:33:08 GMT <douglascrp> angelborroy, https://github.com/Alfresco/alfresco-sdk/issues/430

2017-05-10 14:33:09 GMT <alfbot> Title: Problems trying to include client side resources with SDK 3 beta 5 · Issue #430 · Alfresco/alfresco-sdk · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-05-10 14:33:14 GMT <douglascrp> it is still there

2017-05-10 14:33:23 GMT <douglascrp> some files get corrupted

2017-05-10 14:33:56 GMT <fcorti> The quoted article is linked here: https://community.alfresco.com/people/ohej/blog/2017/04/14/working-with-alfresco-sdk-3-amps

2017-05-10 14:33:57 GMT <alfbot> Title: Working with Alfresco SDK 3: AMPs | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-05-10 14:34:03 GMT <AFaust> Minor correction: Simple, "no-dependency" AMPs are supported. SDK will not be able to install AMPs in the correct order if AMPs have dependencies between each other...

2017-05-10 14:34:22 GMT <AFaust> ^^ you'd need to manually configure the order in that case

2017-05-10 14:34:37 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust so no change at this scenario

2017-05-10 14:34:45 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust it works like it worked

2017-05-10 14:34:57 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: Well - yes, if you were using the "unpatched" SDK before... ;)

2017-05-10 14:35:03 GMT <angelborroy> hehe

2017-05-10 14:36:03 GMT <AFaust> I just take issue with "AMPs are fully supported" when there are restrictions that people may need to be aware of to not trip...

2017-05-10 14:36:20 GMT <AFaust> ... and I said it was "minor"

2017-05-10 14:37:13 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti JAR is not a solution for that

2017-05-10 14:37:27 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti basically JAR does not support at all this feature

2017-05-10 14:37:49 GMT <douglascrp> I am using it and it has been working well for me

2017-05-10 14:38:09 GMT <douglascrp> I use it since beta5

2017-05-10 14:38:30 GMT <angelborroy> douglascrp so if you have 2 different Alfresco modules depending on the same JAR…

2017-05-10 14:38:51 GMT <angelborroy> douglascrp … Alfresco SDK manages the packaging for you?

2017-05-10 14:38:57 GMT <angelborroy> I don’t think so

2017-05-10 14:39:00 GMT <douglascrp> angelborroy, no, sorry... I am talking about the SDK in general, not about that problem

2017-05-10 14:39:06 GMT <angelborroy> ah, ok

2017-05-10 14:39:13 GMT <douglascrp> my fault not making it clear

2017-05-10 14:39:30 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: Even a bit worse - JAR will contain the module.properties with the dependencies and SDK will not fail when adding JARs in case one of the dependencies is missing (might be a JAR depending on a module that ships as AMP). MMT instead would fail. So you postpone the error of a missing dependent module until starting the server.

2017-05-10 14:41:11 GMT <AFaust> But of course SDK is not meant for such complex scenarios / use cases. It is a "get started" tooling...

2017-05-10 14:46:45 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti this was mhy problem!

2017-05-10 14:47:06 GMT <fcorti> which one, did you used AMP ones?

2017-05-10 14:47:08 GMT <angelborroy> so I cannot use AMP artifacts by now

2017-05-10 14:47:14 GMT <angelborroy> right

2017-05-10 14:47:21 GMT <fcorti> nope, you should move to JAR

2017-05-10 14:47:33 GMT <angelborroy> but my projects cannot be package as JAR

2017-05-10 14:47:33 GMT <fcorti> and the JAR ones generates the AMPs too

2017-05-10 14:47:39 GMT <angelborroy> as they have external JAR dependencies

2017-05-10 14:47:47 GMT <angelborroy> so I have to stay at 2.2.0 by now

2017-05-10 14:47:53 GMT <fcorti> no problem, you can use that project and generate the AMPs

2017-05-10 14:47:57 GMT <angelborroy> ah, ok

2017-05-10 14:47:58 GMT <angelborroy> yep

2017-05-10 14:48:01 GMT <angelborroy> I’ll try this

2017-05-10 14:51:15 GMT <AFaust> Hehe - I'll submit Maven output collected with -X then...

2017-05-10 14:52:01 GMT <angelborroy> definitively I cannot produce AMPs with that 3.0.0

2017-05-10 14:56:58 GMT <douglascrp> angelborroy, yes, you can

2017-05-10 14:57:07 GMT <angelborroy> I’m learning now

2017-05-10 14:57:07 GMT <douglascrp> angelborroy, we can later if you want

2017-05-10 14:57:12 GMT <angelborroy> it seems is not so easy

2017-05-10 14:57:18 GMT <douglascrp> it is

2017-05-10 14:57:24 GMT <douglascrp> easy, I mean

2017-05-10 14:58:11 GMT <angelborroy> any blog post?

2017-05-10 14:58:26 GMT <douglascrp> https://community.alfresco.com/people/ohej/blog/2017/04/14/working-with-alfresco-sdk-3-amps

2017-05-10 14:58:28 GMT <alfbot> Title: Working with Alfresco SDK 3: AMPs | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-05-10 14:58:49 GMT <angelborroy> I was searching for this, thanks!

2017-05-10 14:59:03 GMT <fcorti> we are working on a collection of tutorial and documentation... will be released soon (a couple of weeks)

2017-05-10 14:59:26 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti I know, however this is a very (big) breaking change

2017-05-10 14:59:32 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti obviously IMO

2017-05-10 14:59:42 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti producing an AMP now is very very tricky

2017-05-10 15:00:03 GMT <fcorti> I suggest you to try using it before

2017-05-10 15:00:08 GMT <angelborroy> I’m using

2017-05-10 15:00:18 GMT <angelborroy> and I have to modify manually generated pom.xml

2017-05-10 15:00:22 GMT <angelborroy> every time

2017-05-10 15:00:30 GMT <angelborroy> which is not the best approach

2017-05-10 15:00:33 GMT <fcorti> the 3.0 with AMPs?

2017-05-10 15:00:38 GMT <angelborroy> yep

2017-05-10 15:00:44 GMT <angelborroy> you generate a JAR artifact

2017-05-10 15:00:56 GMT <angelborroy> and then you have to change manually pom.xml to package as AMP

2017-05-10 15:01:38 GMT <angelborroy> probably an archetype for AMPs should be better

2017-05-10 15:01:44 GMT <angelborroy> at least for me :)

2017-05-10 15:05:26 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: Or just an SDK that builds both by default.. (my own Maven setup does that)

2017-05-10 15:05:37 GMT <angelborroy> interesting

2017-05-10 15:05:55 GMT <angelborroy> yep, I noted this with OOTB addons

2017-05-10 15:06:11 GMT <angelborroy> is it available at acosix github?

2017-05-10 15:07:43 GMT <AFaust> "OOTB addons"? The OOTBee Support Tools only produces AMP that is meant to be deployed since it uses the SDK...

2017-05-10 15:08:02 GMT <AFaust> Only my "personal" or Acosix modules do that.

2017-05-10 15:08:16 GMT <AFaust> And yes, my Maven setup is available in the Acosix organisation

2017-05-10 15:10:15 GMT <angelborroy> yep, I’m seeing now that they are classes, javadoc and sources JARs

2017-05-10 15:11:46 GMT <AFaust> This is for OOTBee Support Tools, right? Yes - that classes JAR is not an "addon JAR". The Acosix Maven setup creates a normal JAR (classes), javadoc, sources AND installable JAR (last one is basically the addon)

2017-05-10 15:12:15 GMT <angelborroy> I’ll try that, thanks AFaust

2017-05-10 15:12:37 GMT <fcorti> we are close to the end, any other question?

2017-05-10 15:16:46 GMT <angelborroy> I want my AMP archetype(s) for Alfresco SDK 3.0.0 :-P

2017-05-10 15:18:57 GMT <gerardjongerhuis> :^)

2017-05-10 15:20:09 GMT <angelborroy> only a claim!

2017-05-10 15:20:15 GMT <angelborroy> :)

2017-05-10 15:22:21 GMT <douglascrp> thank you

2017-05-10 15:26:30 GMT <fcorti> thank you guys and let us know if you'd prefer to have another session on specific topics

2017-05-10 15:27:52 GMT <ohej> Thanks for all the good questions, I'll read over the logs and see the discussions

2017-05-10 15:28:35 GMT <ohej> -= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-

2017-05-10 16:06:54 GMT <cesarcapi> hi!

2017-05-10 16:07:47 GMT <cesarcapi> Does anyone know how to get noderef from the content_url ?

2017-05-10 16:19:10 GMT <AFaust> cesarcapi: Well, technically it does not make sense. A content URL exists independently of a node.

2017-05-10 16:19:49 GMT <AFaust> It is only softly linked to a node via the node properties. So there is no direct way to do a reverse look.

2017-05-10 16:20:09 GMT <AFaust> Also, a content URL might be linked to multiple nodes (e.g. versions)

2017-05-10 16:21:07 GMT <AFaust> You would have to run custom SQL to find out. Query the alf_content_url table, joining in alf_content_data, alf_node_properties, alf_node and alf_store to find all node entries that reference that URL

2017-05-10 16:21:48 GMT <cesarcapi> Thanks AFaust. I was trying with some queries

2017-05-10 16:25:23 GMT <cesarcapi> The question is trying to do that mapping, if possible. When I browse in Node browser, for a given node, I can see their content_url property, so I know where it is stored in disk. Now I look for the opposite question.

2017-05-10 16:49:21 GMT <cesarcapi> AFaust, I wrote this query --> https://pastebin.com/JBWecyrH

2017-05-10 16:49:22 GMT <alfbot> Title: [MySQL] select uuid, content_url from alf_node_properties np1 left join alf_node n - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-05-10 16:49:57 GMT <AFaust> I think douglascrp or somebody else posted a similar question in the old forums sometime last time

2017-05-10 16:50:14 GMT <cesarcapi> You were right, I had to filter by store_id, for not getting versions

2017-05-10 16:50:23 GMT <cesarcapi> Thanks

2017-05-10 16:51:10 GMT <yreg> https://pastebin.com/gbSVCmCd

2017-05-10 16:51:11 GMT <alfbot> Title: [MySQL] Node per content url - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-05-10 16:51:18 GMT <yreg> cesarcapi, check that one

2017-05-10 16:55:19 GMT <cesarcapi> wow! thank you yreg, this query gives a lot of info

2017-05-10 16:55:36 GMT <cesarcapi> :)

2017-05-10 16:56:25 GMT <yreg> cesarcapi, the credit goes to Morgan Patou https://blog.dbi-services.com/alfresco-some-useful-database-queries/

2017-05-10 16:56:27 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco: some useful database queries - Blog dbi services (at blog.dbi-services.com)

2017-05-10 16:58:29 GMT <cesarcapi> yreg, I knew this post, I had it on favourites. I have to reindex some docs :P

2017-05-10 17:24:59 GMT <douglascrp> do you guys know the right property I have to set to enforce a transformation timeout for an especific transformer:

2017-05-10 17:25:03 GMT <douglascrp> ?

2017-05-10 17:25:24 GMT <douglascrp> in my case, I have to find a way to avoid having libreoffice using 100% of the cpu for much time

2017-05-10 17:25:34 GMT <douglascrp> I have cases where it keeps trying for 10 minutes or more

2017-05-10 17:25:48 GMT <yreg> content.transformer.RemoteJODConverter.timeoutMs=60000

2017-05-10 17:25:56 GMT <yreg> content.transformer.RemoteJODConverter.readLimitTimeMs=60000

2017-05-10 17:25:56 GMT <douglascrp> I would like to force it to stop if the process takes more than 1 minute

2017-05-10 17:26:02 GMT <douglascrp> yreg, it is not for jod

2017-05-10 17:26:07 GMT <douglascrp> it is community here

2017-05-10 17:26:30 GMT <yreg> https://bitbucket.org/xenit/alfresco-remote-jodconverter

2017-05-10 17:26:31 GMT <alfbot> Title: xenit / alfresco-remote-jodconverter — Bitbucket (at bitbucket.org)

2017-05-10 17:26:36 GMT <douglascrp> wow

2017-05-10 17:27:00 GMT <yreg> https://bitbucket.org/xenit/docker-jodconverter-ws/src

2017-05-10 17:27:01 GMT <alfbot> Title: xenit / docker-jodconverter-ws / source / — Bitbucket (at bitbucket.org)

2017-05-10 17:27:07 GMT <yreg> opensource

2017-05-10 17:27:14 GMT <douglascrp> come on dude

2017-05-10 17:27:17 GMT <douglascrp> really?

2017-05-10 17:27:20 GMT <douglascrp> that is awesome

2017-05-10 17:27:22 GMT <douglascrp> let me take a look

2017-05-10 17:28:53 GMT <douglascrp> yreg, do you think running jod in the same machine will make any difference?

2017-05-10 17:29:12 GMT <yreg> https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=kQ5M-ZWq0ww

2017-05-10 17:29:13 GMT <alfbot> Title: YouTube (at accounts.google.com)

2017-05-10 17:29:24 GMT <douglascrp> at least will the process control be better then what libreoffice does?

2017-05-10 17:29:42 GMT <yreg> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ5M-ZWq0ww

2017-05-10 17:29:46 GMT <douglascrp> ah, right

2017-05-10 17:29:57 GMT <douglascrp> not available

2017-05-10 17:30:02 GMT <douglascrp> is it public?

2017-05-10 17:30:24 GMT <douglascrp> right now, what I am doing is to kill the libreoffice process at each 10 minutes

2017-05-10 17:30:58 GMT <douglascrp> I know this is ugly, and wrong, and everything, but this is better than nothing

2017-05-10 17:31:10 GMT <douglascrp> yreg, I can not watch it

2017-05-10 17:38:54 GMT <yreg> douglascrp, sorry, was in a video conference

2017-05-10 17:39:24 GMT <yreg> alright, the amp I linked earlier can be used to leverage a remote jodconverter service for transformations

2017-05-10 17:39:51 GMT <yreg> the remote jodconverter service manages libreoffice processes

2017-05-10 17:40:20 GMT <yreg> and you can also add a load balancer in front of a farm of jodconverters to scale up

2017-05-10 17:40:29 GMT <douglascrp> yreg, yes, I got that part

2017-05-10 17:40:56 GMT <douglascrp> but do you think that even if I put the jodconverter service to run locally, will its control be better then libreoffice itself?

2017-05-10 17:41:04 GMT <yreg> if you know how to use docker, then it shouldn't take mùore than few minutes to set it up

2017-05-10 17:41:05 GMT <douglascrp> I mean, will this make any difference on the problem I am facing with?

2017-05-10 17:41:28 GMT <douglascrp> I know just a little bit of docker

2017-05-10 17:41:35 GMT <douglascrp> enough to start this service

2017-05-10 17:41:47 GMT <yreg> douglascrp, yes, because the service is managing libreoffice and starting a process per transformation and killing it at the end

2017-05-10 17:41:54 GMT <yreg> (either success or error)

2017-05-10 17:41:58 GMT <douglascrp> yreg, sounds promissing

2017-05-10 17:42:04 GMT <douglascrp> I think I am going to give it a try

2017-05-10 17:46:08 GMT <douglascrp> yreg, the video is stil not available

2017-05-10 17:50:08 GMT <yreg> sorry it is private pending audio work

2017-05-10 17:50:22 GMT <yreg> was not aware of that when I shared it with you

2017-05-10 18:27:14 GMT <douglascrp> yreg, I am going to deploy your project on a test server we have here

2017-05-10 18:50:02 GMT <pbccw> i am in the process of teting out alfrsco, and am very new. I have it installed (correctly I believe) and have uploaded a directory tree for some data to test. however, when i try to view a msg file, it tells me 'Could not load the PDF content'. So i htink alfresco thinks the msg file is a pdf is there a way to change that?

2017-05-10 18:50:46 GMT <pbccw> and when i edit properties, the mimetype does say Microsoft Outlook Message

2017-05-10 18:51:01 GMT <douglascrp> pbccw, actually what it is trying to do is to "convert" it to pdf, generating a web-preview

2017-05-10 18:51:14 GMT <douglascrp> as the browser has no way to show a msg file

2017-05-10 18:51:26 GMT <pbccw> that makes sense

2017-05-10 18:52:01 GMT <douglascrp> pbccw, check this blog post

2017-05-10 18:52:02 GMT <douglascrp> http://alfrescoblog.magenta.dk/content/problems-previewing-eml-files-alfresco-51

2017-05-10 18:52:04 GMT <alfbot> Title: Problems previewing eml files in alfresco 5.1 | Magenta's Alfresco Blog (at alfrescoblog.magenta.dk)

2017-05-10 18:52:12 GMT <douglascrp> see if it can help you to "fix" the problem

2017-05-10 18:52:33 GMT <pbccw> 10-4. i will follow up

2017-05-10 18:59:08 GMT <pbccw> i added that to my alfresco-global.properties and restarted the alfresco service, and i still have the same issue. both in IE and Chrome.

2017-05-10 19:54:03 GMT <pbccw> installing the gnome-shell and that fixed the issue.

End of Daily Log

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