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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-05-12 06:09:02 GMT <twen> bonjour

2017-05-12 06:39:25 GMT <Sandy_> Hai Everyone, I need to develope alfresco in eclipse, can anyone suggest me please., and i need to download alfresco sdk 3.0 can anyone share link please

2017-05-12 06:44:13 GMT <fcorti> Hi Sandy_, SDK 3 is available here in terms of source code https://github.com/Alfresco/alfresco-sdk

2017-05-12 06:44:14 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - Alfresco/alfresco-sdk: The Alfresco SDK based on Apache Maven, includes support for rapid and standard development, testing, packaging, versioning and release of your Alfresco integration and extension projects (at github.com)

2017-05-12 06:44:19 GMT <fcorti> But you don't need it ;-)

2017-05-12 06:44:40 GMT <fcorti> you can use it directly following this tutorial

2017-05-12 06:44:40 GMT <fcorti> http://docs.alfresco.com/5.2/concepts/sdk-getting-started.html

2017-05-12 06:44:41 GMT <alfbot> Title: Getting started with Alfresco SDK 3.0 | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-05-12 06:45:08 GMT <fcorti> I'm working on a collection of new one, covering also the Eclipse use... but they are in developemnt, sorry

2017-05-12 06:45:24 GMT <fcorti> Once the project is created, you can import it in Eclipse very easily

2017-05-12 06:45:32 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: Can you remove the Java syntax highlighting for the log output in that document?

2017-05-12 06:45:54 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: Well, you can use the Maven eclipse plugin

2017-05-12 06:46:09 GMT <fcorti> good morning bhagyas

2017-05-12 06:46:17 GMT <bhagyas> Good morning fcorti :)

2017-05-12 06:46:20 GMT <fcorti> I'll submit this to the docs team

2017-05-12 06:46:55 GMT <fcorti> (I mean, the syntax higlighting)

2017-05-12 06:47:20 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: sure...

2017-05-12 06:47:28 GMT <bhagyas> :D

2017-05-12 06:48:10 GMT <fcorti> I'm also writing a documentation for the maven plugin...

2017-05-12 06:48:35 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: Have you evaluated similar SDKs for other ECMs?

2017-05-12 06:48:51 GMT <fcorti> It's a collection of 12-20 tutorial on SDK... SDK is not documented yet

2017-05-12 06:49:26 GMT <fcorti> Not now... I mean, the goal now is to share what already there.

2017-05-12 06:49:40 GMT <fcorti> Probably you are talking about enhancements and features

2017-05-12 06:49:54 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: okay, I think the general direction is moving towards something that looks like Bindus yeoman generator

2017-05-12 06:50:07 GMT <bhagyas> yes

2017-05-12 06:51:20 GMT <fcorti> Ole is the right person for this discussion but happy to hear about this kind of suggestion

2017-05-12 07:05:45 GMT <bhagyas> Godmorgon mbui

2017-05-12 07:10:04 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: Not using SDK 3 at the moment :p

2017-05-12 07:44:51 GMT <mbui> bhagyas: God morning :)

2017-05-12 08:25:45 GMT <Loftux> Is there any clear documentation on what Windows Security zones the repo server (with AOS) needs to be in?

2017-05-12 08:26:32 GMT <Loftux> If only in Trusted zone, the user does not get SSO (since by default credentials is not forwarded there).

2017-05-12 08:27:19 GMT <Loftux> If only in Local Intranet zone, sso works but office warns when opening from Share that there is something up

2017-05-12 08:27:41 GMT <Loftux> Can a server (i.e the server domain) be in both zones?

2017-05-12 08:28:58 GMT <Loftux> Hard for me to test, since dealing with Windows Admins in a large organization wants just "this is the settings to change" and will only do i once, then you are back to last in their support queue.

2017-05-12 08:49:08 GMT <MorganP> as far as I remember, if you add something to the Local Intranet Zone, it will warn you and remove it from somewhere else

2017-05-12 08:49:49 GMT <MorganP> This was several years ago so might have changed...

2017-05-12 08:50:10 GMT <MorganP> I would say just start a Windows VM and try it in IE

2017-05-12 08:50:28 GMT <MorganP> to add a site I mean

2017-05-12 08:52:45 GMT <Loftux> MorganP: That you can try, but when you only get access to locked down machines that by GPO you cannot change security zones. And say to that hard working win admin you need full access, well it is hard to get their attention if you do not come with EXACTLY how it should be.

2017-05-12 09:01:40 GMT <Mark__> I'm quite sure a site is considered to be only in one zone at a time, depending on the 'deepest' (most secure) matching pattern

2017-05-12 09:01:51 GMT <Mark__> But I can't back it up with sources

2017-05-12 12:19:56 GMT * DarkStar1 greets everyone

2017-05-12 12:21:15 GMT <DarkStar1> bhagyas: ping

2017-05-12 12:22:34 GMT <DarkStar1> Hey everyone, wondering if anyone has come across the following problem: I'm upgrading from a 5.0.x to 5.1.f I simply installed a brand new 5.1.f and swapped in the db and content store

2017-05-12 12:24:31 GMT <DarkStar1> Now it seems that the indexes are screwed. Some document libraries of some sites are accessible some and some aren't

2017-05-12 12:26:38 GMT <DarkStar1> Well not exactly that. the document libraries are accessible but some folders in the doclib return nothing yet I am able to preview some documents within said folders if I have their noderef

2017-05-12 12:29:09 GMT <DarkStar1> I'll do a re-index and see if this might solve the issue

2017-05-12 13:20:44 GMT <bhagyas> DarkStar1: Heya

2017-05-12 13:20:50 GMT <bhagyas> :D

2017-05-12 13:20:51 GMT <bhagyas> How are ouy

2017-05-12 13:20:52 GMT <bhagyas> you

2017-05-12 13:49:53 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti_: How does Alfrescos Digital Business platform compare to Liferay Digital Experience platform? 🤔

2017-05-12 14:11:09 GMT <fcorti_> Just to understand better... where did you see this?

2017-05-12 14:11:36 GMT <fcorti_> I know John Newton showed something...

2017-05-12 14:12:30 GMT <fcorti_> But I'm not aware about other announcements or marketing material

2017-05-12 14:15:33 GMT <fcorti_> and... is it clear for you (for example) what the Alfresco Digital Business Platform is? I'm curious to understand to developers if this clear enough or not.

2017-05-12 14:15:40 GMT <bhagyas> :D

2017-05-12 14:16:31 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti_: I think Alfresco should focus on making a better OOTB experience than making tools that customers should hack together to get things done

2017-05-12 14:16:53 GMT <bhagyas> but I'm taking the conversation with Alfresco execs than foot soldiers now :D

2017-05-12 14:17:03 GMT <fcorti_> ok, but you did not reply to my question.

2017-05-12 14:17:44 GMT <bhagyas> yeah, I think its clear

2017-05-12 14:17:56 GMT <bhagyas> and that's why its a little bit of a concern

2017-05-12 14:18:02 GMT <bhagyas> :)

2017-05-12 14:18:10 GMT <fcorti_> ok, happy to hear it...

2017-05-12 14:18:37 GMT <fcorti_> would be great if other developer would share if it clear enough (or not clear at all)

2017-05-12 14:19:09 GMT <fcorti_> (raising questions the friday afternoon in IRC is for sure a challenge...)

2017-05-12 14:24:36 GMT <douglascrp> quick question

2017-05-12 14:25:01 GMT <douglascrp> a client is asking me if is possible to have alfresco listing for them the most used terms inside the repository

2017-05-12 14:25:13 GMT <douglascrp> I know solr has this information in the administration console

2017-05-12 14:25:41 GMT <douglascrp> you can get the number of times a term is used

2017-05-12 14:25:59 GMT <douglascrp> have you guys seem any kind of addon for this?

2017-05-12 14:26:37 GMT <douglascrp> something like those "tags cloud"

2017-05-12 14:26:47 GMT <douglascrp> I know I saw something somewhere, but it was for tags

2017-05-12 14:27:00 GMT <douglascrp> the only difference in this case is that I would have to ask solr to give the list

2017-05-12 14:41:13 GMT <DarkStar1> bhagyas: Hey dude. How goes the [north] east part of the country?

2017-05-12 14:41:34 GMT <DarkStar1> bhagyas: was busy and didn't notice your message until now

2017-05-12 14:43:22 GMT <bhagyas> DarkStar1: Heya :D

2017-05-12 14:43:27 GMT <bhagyas> Ah that's alright

2017-05-12 14:43:37 GMT <bhagyas> a little sun here after a while

2017-05-12 14:43:42 GMT <bhagyas> was around 2C in the morning

2017-05-12 14:43:56 GMT <bhagyas> maybe we need a new name for this season

2017-05-12 14:50:28 GMT <bhagyas> leaving now, everyone - have a great weekend!

2017-05-12 14:53:15 GMT <DarkStar1> :)

2017-05-12 14:54:21 GMT <DarkStar1> ~later tell bhagyas the season already has a name. It's called spring :P

2017-05-12 14:54:21 GMT <alfbot> DarkStar1: The operation succeeded.

2017-05-12 14:54:44 GMT <DarkStar1> I must disappear also :/

2017-05-12 14:54:54 GMT <DarkStar1> Bon weekend a tous

2017-05-12 15:34:21 GMT <alfbot> bhagyas: Sent 40 minutes ago: <DarkStar1> the season already has a name. It's called spring :P

2017-05-12 19:14:21 GMT <thrownwolf> where does the sysadminutils get share port from?

2017-05-12 19:16:06 GMT <thrownwolf> I have deployed alfresco on server at port 8090. when I go to https://abc.com/alfresco/ I get all the URLs already but share URL has 8090 attached to it like this https://abc.com:8090/share/

2017-05-12 19:16:54 GMT <thrownwolf> other urls like https://abc.com/webdav/ and https://abc.com/alfresco/s/admin/ are fine (no port)

2017-05-12 20:54:22 GMT <alfbot> eswbitto: Sent 1 week, 3 days, 10 hours, and 52 minutes ago: <AFaust> Regarding your question from last week (27th). I do know someone who has implemented clustering on Community Edition recently...

2017-05-12 20:54:23 GMT <alfbot> eswbitto: Sent 1 week, 3 days, 10 hours, and 47 minutes ago: <AFaust> One question before considering clustering - independent of Enterprise vs. Community Edition - should be: Why do you think you need it? Though I am very confident of the module for Community Edition, the complexity should only be added if all regular options to scale have been exhausted or the case specifically requires it e.g. for failover/redundancy

2017-05-12 20:57:47 GMT <eswbitto> remind later~AFaust: I am wanting to cluster for failover/redundancy....I don't want to be in a situation where there is any downtime. Whether it be from upgrades or minor changes. The other aspect would be good DR planning.

2017-05-12 20:58:22 GMT <eswbitto> Does anyone have any suggestions for a good opensource roadmap/project map software for a developer team?

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