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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-05-29 09:42:08 GMT <fwu> hi all!

2017-05-29 09:48:01 GMT <bmejias> hi fwu

2017-05-29 10:16:13 GMT <fwu> hello bmejias!

2017-05-29 10:18:22 GMT <bmejias> that was a short conversation fwu, lunch time over here :D

2017-05-29 10:18:49 GMT <fwu> have a nice lunch then!

2017-05-29 10:21:51 GMT <fwu> AFaust, I saw your answer yesterday

2017-05-29 10:22:22 GMT <fwu> actually I dont have my own project

2017-05-29 10:22:35 GMT <fwu> in one side I have uploader-plus

2017-05-29 10:23:03 GMT <fwu> on the other side I have an upload from filesystem feature that seem to be from alvex

2017-05-29 10:23:16 GMT <fwu> so I dont know any of them deeply

2017-05-29 10:23:19 GMT <fwu> :(

2017-05-29 10:23:57 GMT <fwu> I thought that the feature from alvex would use the standard upload mechanism, and if so uploader-plus should work ootb

2017-05-29 10:25:12 GMT <fwu> but it doesnt. So , I was thinking if I only need to understand where the uploaded document is being management in alvex and to initialize the uploader-plus metadata screen right after the upload.

2017-05-29 10:25:29 GMT <fwu> but I dont have even a clue about where to begin looking.

2017-05-29 10:26:36 GMT <fwu> setting metadata inside a workflow task is important because I would like to manage automatically the organization of the archive. I dont want users to go to a folder structure to work on documents.

2017-05-29 11:05:21 GMT <AFaust> fwu: uploader-plus does not hook into the standard upload mechanism - instead it replaces it in a very specific context.

2017-05-29 11:06:48 GMT <AFaust> I can understand your requirement and have even implemented similar functionality in the past that allows upload of documents in any form and performing actions on these documents (like edit metadata) before saving the form. In my solution, any documents uploaded that way would be considered "temporary" until the main form is saved, so there was even some sort of transactionality to the entire form even if the individual actions

2017-05-29 11:06:48 GMT <AFaust> were executed in their own contexts / scopes

2017-05-29 11:09:42 GMT <fwu> AFaust, in the upload from filesystem from alvex the documet is also uplaoded for a temporary folder. We then replace it in a specific clien requirement structure.

2017-05-29 11:10:12 GMT <fwu> my ideas was to in some how get the benefit of both components

2017-05-29 11:10:29 GMT <fwu> "in some way"

2017-05-29 12:30:14 GMT <ycoulon> hello

2017-05-29 12:42:52 GMT <yreg> Bonjour ycoulon

2017-05-29 13:03:40 GMT <mylar> Hi, any ideas how I would find alfresco implementers in the English speaking Caribbean?

2017-05-29 13:04:42 GMT <bhagyas> mylar you can find us if you pay for the trip ;p

2017-05-29 13:05:22 GMT <marsjk> mylar: you could try https://www.alfresco.com/partners

2017-05-29 13:05:23 GMT <alfbot> Title: Partners | Alfresco (at www.alfresco.com)

2017-05-29 13:05:39 GMT <mylar> lol, team viewer or webex works pretty good too

2017-05-29 13:06:07 GMT <bhagyas> :D

2017-05-29 13:06:49 GMT <bhagyas> yeah

2017-05-29 13:06:58 GMT <bhagyas> if that's the case, drop us a message (loftux.com/contact)

2017-05-29 13:08:56 GMT <AFaust> Grr... too bad I was on a phone call, otherwise I would have mentioned I am also up for worldwide project work (unless it is Siberia, Crimea or North Korea... and maybe some others)

2017-05-29 13:09:14 GMT <bhagyas> how about Germany :p

2017-05-29 13:09:27 GMT <AFaust> Good thing most of the "forbidden places" rime so they are easy to remember...

2017-05-29 13:09:53 GMT <bhagyas> -= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-

2017-05-29 13:10:00 GMT <bhagyas> why do they all end with rea

2017-05-29 13:10:01 GMT <bhagyas> :|

2017-05-29 13:10:28 GMT <AFaust> Right... though I am assuming there is no organisation in Syria that is seriously considering an Alfresco project a priority right now...

2017-05-29 13:10:46 GMT <mylar> lol, this is a US backed government project so no embargoed places...

2017-05-29 13:10:56 GMT <bhagyas> -= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-

2017-05-29 13:11:00 GMT <bhagyas> :p

2017-05-29 13:11:51 GMT <AFaust> mylar: Well - US backed should mean there are definitely embargoed places as per laws passed by Congress

2017-05-29 13:12:39 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: you there?

2017-05-29 13:12:55 GMT <fcorti> bhagyas, good afternoon

2017-05-29 13:13:05 GMT <bhagyas> Good afternoon! Have you seen this? https://dev.office.com/fabric#/components

2017-05-29 13:13:06 GMT <alfbot> Title: Office UI Fabric (at dev.office.com)

2017-05-29 13:13:18 GMT <Loftux> mylar: Come on, You can then fly us all in to Caribbean. You can even let AFaust come as well. Even if US, I mean 45, isn't best friend with Germany any more.

2017-05-29 13:14:01 GMT <AFaust> Is 45 friends with anyone? Even his wife does not seem to want his hands touching her...

2017-05-29 13:14:17 GMT <fcorti> bhagyas, no I did not, but it seems to me very similar to ADF

2017-05-29 13:14:42 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: I think they are thinking this more through than ADF, since the components are not tied with APIs

2017-05-29 13:15:09 GMT <bhagyas> ADFs tie ins with APIs mean devs would think three times before even hitting npm install

2017-05-29 13:15:11 GMT <bhagyas> :p

2017-05-29 13:15:33 GMT <bhagyas> maybe ADF should have a separate non-API backed styled component set

2017-05-29 13:16:09 GMT <bhagyas> that gives a coherent look and feel across an ADF supported app

2017-05-29 13:17:37 GMT <AFaust> Someone with software development skill / an architecture point of view might consider that a given requirement for any UI tooling, but alas web development is typically devoid of giving a f*** about software development / architecture principles...

2017-05-29 13:17:56 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: Your statement was valid in 2009

2017-05-29 13:17:58 GMT <bhagyas> not anymore

2017-05-29 13:18:00 GMT <bhagyas> ;P

2017-05-29 13:18:19 GMT <AFaust> Which part of it?

2017-05-29 13:18:37 GMT <bhagyas> most part

2017-05-29 13:18:39 GMT <bhagyas> xD

2017-05-29 13:19:10 GMT <fcorti> I'll let you fight on it... :-P In any case the path seems to be very similar. Thank you bhagyas for pointing me on this.

2017-05-29 13:19:13 GMT <AFaust> Well - I guess it is a matter of definition what one considers to be software development / architecture principles...

2017-05-29 13:20:02 GMT <AFaust> fcorti: No fight here... my remark was actually in support of bhagyas argument for ADF separation from APIs

2017-05-29 13:20:58 GMT <fcorti> Yes, I know... I was joking and enjoying to see a lot of energy in the IRC channel.

2017-05-29 13:21:22 GMT <fcorti> This is what makes a community interesting... otherwise it would be too boring. ;-)

2017-05-29 13:22:07 GMT <fcorti> About this... a friend of mine (no Alfresco contact) was at the Microsoft Build 2017

2017-05-29 13:22:20 GMT <fcorti> A sort of Microsoft DEVCON

2017-05-29 13:22:24 GMT <fcorti> 6K people

2017-05-29 13:22:37 GMT <fcorti> a lot of positive vibrations and he told me:

2017-05-29 13:23:00 GMT <fcorti> well, the positive vibrations were NOT better that the ones I felt at the Beecon

2017-05-29 13:23:13 GMT <fcorti> Alfresco Community is smaller... but it rocks!

2017-05-29 13:23:15 GMT <fcorti> :-D

2017-05-29 13:33:26 GMT <fwu> ppl, anyone using libreoffice integrated with Alfresco (for online editing)?

2017-05-29 13:35:45 GMT <fwu> im looking to one from redpill. Does it works well?

2017-05-29 13:36:34 GMT <fwu> and im actually with a problem here: Non-resolvable parent POM: Could not find artifact com.redpill-linpro.alfresco.libreoffice:libreoffice-online-edit-parent:pom:1.2.3 in central (http://repo.maven.apache.org/maven2) and 'parent.relativePath' points at wrong local POM @ line 4, column 11 -> [Help 2]

2017-05-29 13:36:35 GMT <alfbot> Title: Central Repository: (at repo.maven.apache.org)

2017-05-29 13:38:07 GMT <Loftux> fwu: Have a look at this http://beecon.buzz/2017/assets/files/FE05/LibreOffice%20Online%20integration%20with%20Alfresco.pdf

2017-05-29 13:38:40 GMT <fwu> Loftux, I will look. Thank you.

2017-05-29 13:39:06 GMT <fwu> and my error is my mistake... I just importing a subproject, that it is pointing to the main POM

2017-05-29 13:45:49 GMT <fwu> Loftux, this is may be an approach to consider, but when Im refereing to online editing Im just talking about the "desktop solution" for now!

2017-05-29 15:26:27 GMT <dusty128> Hi, I'm currently running Alfresco 4 community edition and want to upgrade to the latest community version (5.2) - Any hints how to do so?

2017-05-29 15:35:51 GMT <AFaust> dusty128: http://www.keensoft.es/en/alfresco-upgrade-paths-for-community-edition/

2017-05-29 15:35:52 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco upgrade paths for Community Edition - keensoft (at www.keensoft.es)

2017-05-29 15:36:20 GMT <AFaust> Be prepared to do it in incremental steps - version for version.

2017-05-29 15:46:13 GMT <dusty128> O.k., that's great, thanks for the link! So that's my 4.0.d -> 5.0 -> 5.1. However, the graph goes only to 5.1, but currently 5.2. seems to be out?

2017-05-29 16:19:22 GMT <AFaust> dusty128: Yes - simply go from latest 5.1 to latest 5.2. Also, for 4.0.d I would first go to 4.2.f

2017-05-29 16:19:40 GMT <AFaust> Remember, the graphic at the top of the blog post is for Enterprise Edition, not Community Edition

2017-05-29 16:20:23 GMT <AFaust> And Angel (and his team) have encountered some hiccups along the way.

2017-05-29 16:48:08 GMT <fwu> back!

2017-05-29 16:51:13 GMT <respira> Im currently working with 5.2 and i found few problems... from installing it with maven to make simple thinks i had done in 5.0 like change the locale or have multiple custom shares

2017-05-29 16:56:03 GMT <dusty128> AFaust: Thanks, any clues what these "hiccups" could be?

2017-05-29 16:57:04 GMT <AFaust> Not in any details. Just that any part of the upgrade procedure (SQL or other kind of patches) can fail depending on the state of the DB and history of data.

2017-05-29 16:58:38 GMT <dusty128> AFaust: O.k., good to know - let's see.

2017-05-29 19:12:49 GMT <fwu> back

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