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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-06-02 08:33:31 GMT * DarkStar1 bids you all a good morning

2017-06-02 08:42:54 GMT <hi-ko_> <xkahn>: nice idea to have a html rendtition but this would cause a lot pitfalls: a html rendition created by libreoffice would end in a file collection which does not fit to the one node rendition concept in alfresco.

2017-06-02 08:44:29 GMT <hi-ko_> <xkahn>: so you need to implement a office transformer to html first which encodes all the references like images inside the html

2017-06-02 10:00:29 GMT <fwu> hi all!

2017-06-02 10:01:24 GMT <fwu> ppl, can someone explain me how can be possible to enter a finally block in a try catch without passing a catch block with the last one bein catch(Exception e) ?

2017-06-02 10:01:26 GMT <fwu> arghh

2017-06-02 10:01:47 GMT <fwu> am I crazy or what?

2017-06-02 10:02:49 GMT <angelborroy> finally is always executed

2017-06-02 10:02:59 GMT <angelborroy> either an Exception is thrown or not

2017-06-02 10:07:24 GMT <fwu> yes, but I beleive Im getting an error from an external library.... because the next line of code is not reached. It is a system.out.println

2017-06-02 10:07:42 GMT <fwu> however, the code doesnt jump to the catch blocks

2017-06-02 10:07:59 GMT <fwu> it goes to the finally block...

2017-06-02 10:09:06 GMT <fwu> I bet the problem is between the laptop and the chair as always :)

2017-06-02 10:09:21 GMT <fwu> but it is very strange

2017-06-02 10:10:02 GMT <fwu> will I finally proove that the machine may be mistaken?

2017-06-02 10:44:01 GMT <fwu> ppl, how do you easily test java code in Alfresco? Is there any easy way? As far as I know I need to compile, deploy, and then to have something in share that will call the code. Is this the only solution?

2017-06-02 10:49:53 GMT <fwu> can someone explain me how is this possible?

2017-06-02 10:49:55 GMT <fwu> https://pastebin.com/BJNQ0BSt

2017-06-02 10:49:56 GMT <alfbot> Title: InputStream is = null; ByteArrayOutputStream memoryStream=null; ContentReader - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-06-02 10:51:07 GMT <fwu> to reach a finally block without reaching a catch block?

2017-06-02 10:51:28 GMT <angelborroy> probably it’s an error, not an exception

2017-06-02 10:51:42 GMT <angelborroy> remove all your “catchs” and leave one catch (Throwable t)

2017-06-02 10:52:49 GMT <fwu> angelborroy, good point!

2017-06-02 10:52:52 GMT <fwu> let me try that

2017-06-02 11:00:01 GMT <fwu> but if you are right, then I have a big problem here :)

2017-06-02 11:02:26 GMT <angelborroy> ;-)

2017-06-02 11:07:37 GMT <fwu> angelborroy, you were right... so I have a big problem here :)

2017-06-02 11:19:50 GMT <fwu> lol

2017-06-02 11:19:53 GMT <fwu> look at this:

2017-06-02 11:19:55 GMT <fwu> java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.docx4j.openpackaging.packages.WordprocessingMLPackage.save(Ljava/io/OutputStream;)V

2017-06-02 11:19:57 GMT <fwu> what??

2017-06-02 11:20:20 GMT <fwu> it compiles but not existsat runtime. what the f*** I did with this?

2017-06-02 11:21:42 GMT <AFaust> Wrong library version in compilation vs. after installation?

2017-06-02 11:21:42 GMT <fwu> well at least I have an error. thank you angelborroy

2017-06-02 11:22:16 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust is right

2017-06-02 11:22:43 GMT <fwu> AFaust, actually when I look inside my jar I see two version of docx4j, but I delete one manually and it still doesnt work.

2017-06-02 11:23:17 GMT <fwu> in the pom Im referencing just one of course

2017-06-02 11:23:20 GMT <AFaust> "inside your JAR"? Why is docx4j inside your JAR?

2017-06-02 11:23:31 GMT <fwu> sorry

2017-06-02 11:23:34 GMT <fwu> inside my amp!

2017-06-02 11:23:39 GMT <AFaust> That makes more sense

2017-06-02 11:23:42 GMT <fwu> :P

2017-06-02 11:24:57 GMT <fwu> I have this with some exclusions:

2017-06-02 11:24:58 GMT <fwu> <dependency> <groupId>org.docx4j</groupId> <artifactId>docx4j</artifactId> <version>3.2.1</version>

2017-06-02 11:25:19 GMT <fwu> and I looked into this jar version, and I can found the method

2017-06-02 11:25:53 GMT <fwu> but there is a strange thing at development time

2017-06-02 11:25:57 GMT <fwu> indeed

2017-06-02 11:26:12 GMT <fwu> on the load , that is working, I get this:

2017-06-02 11:27:10 GMT <fwu> WordprocessingMLPackage org.docx4j.openpackaging.packages.WordprocessingMLPackage.load(InputStream is) throws Docx4JException

2017-06-02 11:27:21 GMT <mtsiak> ftl of a webscript, ftl of a workflow form control : how go I get what are their local available variables? e.g. form.data for the worlflow

2017-06-02 11:27:25 GMT <fwu> but in the save method, I see this:

2017-06-02 11:27:51 GMT <fwu> void org.docx4j.openpackaging.packages.OpcPackage.save(OutputStream outStream) throws Docx4JException

2017-06-02 11:27:57 GMT <fwu> these for the same object...

2017-06-02 11:28:14 GMT <fwu> so the same objects are using methods of different packages?

2017-06-02 11:32:47 GMT <fwu> strange. In maven dependencies inside eclipse I only have the docx4j version 3.2.1

2017-06-02 11:33:27 GMT <fwu> but when I compile, inside the amp, I also get the 2.8.1 version

2017-06-02 11:35:09 GMT <fwu> so im calling a method from an object that clearly doesnt have that method... I can see that insite the docx4j lib

2017-06-02 11:35:31 GMT <fwu> howerver, at run time it has that method, although in another package...

2017-06-02 11:35:40 GMT <fwu> does this makes any sense?

2017-06-02 11:55:13 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust https://github.com/keensoft/alfresco-zip-previewer

2017-06-02 11:55:14 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - keensoft/alfresco-zip-previewer: Alfresco ZIP entries preview for Share (at github.com)

2017-06-02 11:55:54 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust probably can be done better, but I think is the right approach for such feature, right?

2017-06-02 12:34:43 GMT <douglascrp> morning

2017-06-02 17:00:24 GMT <cesarcapi> fwu, maybe this helps for editing Libreoffice (I use this) --> https://github.com/zylklab/alfresco-share-online-edition-addon

2017-06-02 17:00:25 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - zylklab/alfresco-share-online-edition-addon: Online edition with Libreoffice in Alfresco Share (at github.com)

2017-06-02 17:02:07 GMT <cesarcapi> Without applets, for any browser, for linux and windows via webdav protocol registration in your OS

2017-06-02 22:30:58 GMT *** IanW2 is now known as IanW1

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