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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-06-05 07:25:11 GMT <twen> hello

2017-06-05 07:34:52 GMT *** angelborroy_ is now known as angelborroy

2017-06-05 08:12:44 GMT <monica_> hello everyone. I need some help.

2017-06-05 08:13:11 GMT <monica_> I want to change the time of digest emails, users are getting on the daily basis.

2017-06-05 08:13:51 GMT <monica_> Right now the daily activities digest email goes out at Midnight. I want this be changed to 3 AM.

2017-06-05 08:18:19 GMT <pjlucidi> Hi :) , does anybody knows something about the encrypted content store? I never used it yet and we are talking with some prospects about it. If I have understood well, it seems that we can’t use an unique Alfresco installation with multiple content store when you need to use encryption…. this means that I need to have a separated installation totally dedicated to encrypt content. Is it right?

2017-06-05 08:18:58 GMT <monica_> hello everyone. I need some help. I want to change the time of digest emails, users are getting on the daily basis. Right now the daily activities digest email goes out at Midnight. I want this be changed to 3 AM.

2017-06-05 08:21:21 GMT <cesarcapi> monica, you need to change the feedNotifierJobDetail cron expression.

2017-06-05 08:22:38 GMT <cesarcapi> In your alfresco-global.properties you must change default activities.feed.notifier.cronExpression=0 0 0 * * ?

2017-06-05 08:26:39 GMT <monica_> yes. I did that. but didn't worked.

2017-06-05 08:45:18 GMT <cesarcapi> Hi pjlucidi, is encrypted contentstore an enterprise feature ? I think that I read something about it some time ago, but I decided not to go. I think that if you encrypt you can't go back :)

2017-06-05 08:59:49 GMT *** angelborroy_ is now known as angelborroy

2017-06-05 09:04:01 GMT <pjlucidi> Hi cesarcapi, yes Encrypted content store is only for enterprise edition. I would like to receive some feedbacks from somenone who tried it

2017-06-05 09:07:58 GMT <angelborroy> cesarcapi maybe you can try this approach https://github.com/AFaust/simple-content-stores

2017-06-05 09:07:59 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - AFaust/simple-content-stores: Addon to provide a set of common content store implementations and easy-to-use configuration (no Spring config) (at github.com)

2017-06-05 09:08:19 GMT <angelborroy> cesarcapi IMO this is better approach than Alfresco for encryption

2017-06-05 09:08:49 GMT <cesarcapi> Sorry, I did not use it pjlucidi. I saw too that it could be useful only if I started a new project in Alfresco 5, cause if you are upgrading from version 4, only new content is encrypted..

2017-06-05 09:09:30 GMT <cesarcapi> Thank you angelborroy, I will check this project

2017-06-05 10:07:21 GMT <fwu> hi all!

2017-06-05 10:37:01 GMT <fwu> ppl, can someone explain me why even after using this in my pom, the jar is being included in the amp?

2017-06-05 10:37:06 GMT <fwu> <dependency> <groupId>org.slf4j</groupId> <artifactId>jcl-over-slf4j</artifactId> <version>1.7.5</version> <scope>provided</scope> </dependency>

2017-06-05 10:37:40 GMT <fwu> right now, I always need to delete it manually after the deploy of the amp, which is sometjing really bad...

2017-06-05 10:50:33 GMT <angelborroy> fwu it should depend on another dependency

2017-06-05 10:51:31 GMT <iblanco> Good morning everyone

2017-06-05 10:51:51 GMT <angelborroy> if you are using Eclipse, you can view Depedency Hierarchy tab to guess which is including that JAR

2017-06-05 10:53:22 GMT <iblanco> I want to replace some entries in Alfresco Share's create-content menu and I was wondering if there is a better way of doing it than replacing the whole DocumentLibrary configuration section

2017-06-05 10:54:23 GMT <iblanco> AFAIL I can define new entries just by adding a new config section in my share-config-custom.xml and I can replace the whole DocumentLibrary config section by adding replace?"true" to my config

2017-06-05 10:54:59 GMT <iblanco> but does anyone know if there is any change to just remove or replace just a little part of a configuration?

2017-06-05 10:55:21 GMT <iblanco> I find it overkill overwritingg the whoel DocumentLibrary configuracion section just to remove a create-content entry

2017-06-05 11:05:27 GMT <fwu> angelborroy, I think I solved the problem. My amp now only have 38 jars. Before that it had 78... for instance there were 3 different versions of xmlgraphics!

2017-06-05 11:05:47 GMT <angelborroy> “only” 38 JARs… wow!

2017-06-05 11:05:55 GMT <fwu> I restarted my machine and made a clean

2017-06-05 11:06:01 GMT <fwu> yes, better than 78 :)

2017-06-05 11:06:16 GMT <fwu> it is due to docx4j

2017-06-05 11:06:54 GMT <angelborroy> probably microservices approach is better for that

2017-06-05 11:06:58 GMT <fwu> what was incredible was that I only had to delete 2 files, from that 78, and Alfresco was working fine... :)

2017-06-05 11:07:33 GMT <angelborroy> fwu check this https://www.contentreich.de/docker-clojure-microservices-google-and-alfresco-introducing-ecm-google-services

2017-06-05 11:07:35 GMT <alfbot> Title: Docker, Clojure, Microservices, Google (and Alfresco): Introducing ECM Google Services - CONTENTREICH (at www.contentreich.de)

2017-06-05 11:08:01 GMT <fwu> I will look thank you

2017-06-05 11:15:38 GMT <___Dave> iblanco: No, there is no simple option for replace or removing an item from config

2017-06-05 11:15:59 GMT <___Dave> that's always been one of the weak aspects of the Share configuration implementation

2017-06-05 11:16:29 GMT <iblanco> Thanks Dave for the confirmation

2017-06-05 11:17:23 GMT <___Dave> this would be one of the things that the Aikau Document Library would resolve, but unfortunately it doesn't have full parity with the YUI2 version

2017-06-05 13:26:22 GMT <woder> can anyone give guidance as to generating a form with a custom processor? I'm having a lot of difficulty making anything but a blank form show up

2017-06-05 13:32:34 GMT <angelborroy> woder not a simple guide, but take a look at https://github.com/softwareloop/uploader-plus/blob/master/surf/src/main/amp/web/components/uploader-plus/js/uploader-plus-mixin.js

2017-06-05 13:32:35 GMT <alfbot> Title: uploader-plus/uploader-plus-mixin.js at master · softwareloop/uploader-plus · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-06-05 14:09:45 GMT <iblanco> Have anyone succesfully used SDK 3.0.0 to developed against Platform 5.2f and Share 5.2e?

2017-06-05 14:13:49 GMT <iblanco> war artifact for alfresco 5.2f seems to be missing

2017-06-05 14:14:18 GMT <douglascrp> iblanco, I am using it

2017-06-05 14:14:55 GMT <douglascrp> iblanco, for 5.2, there is no more alfresco artifact

2017-06-05 14:15:02 GMT <douglascrp> you have to include this property in the pom.xml file

2017-06-05 14:15:03 GMT <douglascrp> <alfresco.platform.war.artifactId>alfresco-platform</alfresco.platform.war.artifactId>

2017-06-05 14:15:08 GMT <douglascrp> it is now called alfresco-platform

2017-06-05 14:15:30 GMT <iblanco> o gosh, thanks a lot.

2017-06-05 14:17:15 GMT <iblanco> Is there any documentation page where this kind of info can be found? I would also be able to know which spring surf version is needed for each Share version.

2017-06-05 14:21:21 GMT <fcorti> iblanco we are dealing with more than 50 pages of documentation all dedicated to SDK 3

2017-06-05 14:21:36 GMT <douglascrp> iblanco, not yet

2017-06-05 14:21:44 GMT <douglascrp> all you have is the sdk project on github

2017-06-05 14:22:00 GMT <fcorti> we need some time to go through the revision process

2017-06-05 14:22:00 GMT <douglascrp> that detail is listed in one issue, as as fcorti just said, they are working on it

2017-06-05 14:22:14 GMT <douglascrp> iblanco, did it work?

2017-06-05 14:24:31 GMT <iblanco> yes, like a charm. Thanks a lot douglascrp. And the others for the hard work with the documentation. SDK 3.0.0 is delicious, I already liked the 2.X SDKs but the 3.0.0 feels much easier and smotther, i love it.

2017-06-05 14:32:36 GMT <woder> what do you need to do in the generate() method of a form processor to add a people picker field? (took a look at the code linked earlier but it only seemed to have js)

2017-06-05 14:33:58 GMT <fcorti> Thank you iblanco... now it's time to make it more documented ;-)

2017-06-05 14:49:45 GMT <douglascrp> iblanco, I feed the same

2017-06-05 14:49:51 GMT <douglascrp> I am using it since beta5

2017-06-05 14:50:12 GMT <douglascrp> fcorti, ^

2017-06-05 15:55:27 GMT <iblanco> Bye everyone, see you tomorrow.

2017-06-05 18:44:12 GMT <fwu> back!

2017-06-05 18:44:33 GMT <fwu> ppl, shouldnt execution.getVariable('bpm_workflowInstanceId') always return something? Im getting a null value...

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