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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-06-10 13:12:23 GMT <fwu> hi all!

2017-06-10 13:13:56 GMT <fwu> ppl, anyone have experience uploading and downloading large files to/from Alfresco. For large files I mean for instance pdf files with 500mb (it seems nonsense, I know.

2017-06-10 13:14:09 GMT <fwu> or maybe 1GB...

2017-06-10 13:14:13 GMT <fwu> :P

2017-06-10 13:28:25 GMT <AFaust> ~later tell fwu: In the past I have uploaded files up to ~6 GiB in an Alfresco instance (VM images)

2017-06-10 13:28:25 GMT <alfbot> AFaust: The operation succeeded.

2017-06-10 14:24:49 GMT <blastis> ok, who needs some dadgum fixin' help?

2017-06-10 15:00:05 GMT <AFaust> blastis: What?

2017-06-10 18:04:05 GMT <blastis> AFaust, just being a goof, mate

2017-06-10 18:17:58 GMT <AFaust> Ok

2017-06-10 18:18:17 GMT <AFaust> Thought as much but since I couldn't associate your name with someone I know I was not sure...

2017-06-10 18:31:08 GMT <Joe___> I am trying to use restassured for automated tests with alfresco and the maven build "all-in-one"

2017-06-10 18:31:42 GMT <Joe___> The test starts and in the alfresco log I can see that alfresco is listening on the port

2017-06-10 18:32:01 GMT <Joe___> http://localhost:4578

2017-06-10 18:32:22 GMT <Joe___> when I try to access a url such as

2017-06-10 18:32:34 GMT <Joe___> http://locahost:4578/alfresco/service/index

2017-06-10 18:32:45 GMT <Joe___> jetty returns 500

2017-06-10 18:34:02 GMT <Joe___> is it possible to access the jetty server when alfresco is executing the tests

2017-06-10 18:34:15 GMT <Joe___> I used the following command to start the tests

2017-06-10 18:34:48 GMT <Joe___> mvn -DfailIfNoTests=false -Dtest=MyTestClass -Dmodule.log.level=DEBUG test

2017-06-10 18:54:17 GMT <alfbot> fwu: Sent 5 hours and 25 minutes ago: <AFaust> In the past I have uploaded files up to ~6 GiB in an Alfresco instance (VM images)

2017-06-10 18:58:39 GMT <AFaust> Joe___: I am afraid none of the people experienced with the SDK are online today. Might be worth coming back on Monday with the question.

2017-06-10 18:58:55 GMT <AFaust> I myself typically boycot the SKD

2017-06-10 18:59:01 GMT <AFaust> ^^ SDK

2017-06-10 19:15:19 GMT <Joe___> @AFaust Happy to know that someone with your experience does not like the SDK

2017-06-10 19:15:26 GMT <Joe___> I do not like it either

2017-06-10 19:15:35 GMT <Joe___> definitely too slow

2017-06-10 19:17:48 GMT <Joe___> what do you use instead of the SDK ? Have you written your own build ?

2017-06-10 19:19:28 GMT <AFaust> I have my own Maven setup, yes

2017-06-10 19:20:05 GMT <AFaust> To be fair, I like the SDK for what it is meant to be: a simple starting point for people new to Alfresco development

2017-06-10 19:20:25 GMT <AFaust> and for the general community

2017-06-10 19:20:40 GMT <AFaust> It has not been designed with power users / advanced developers in mind

2017-06-10 19:21:30 GMT <Joe___> I totally agree

2017-06-10 19:22:19 GMT <AFaust> My current setup is public: https://github.com/Acosix/alfresco-maven (a project using it is e.g. https://github.com/Acosix/alfresco-mt-support)

2017-06-10 19:22:20 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - Acosix/alfresco-maven: Base Maven setup of parent POM, common definitions and plugins for building Alfresco modules without Alfresco SDK (except for a single plugin mojo) (at github.com)

2017-06-10 19:22:27 GMT <Joe___> I like the SDK when I need to start an instance of alfresco with an old version, for example. But it is terrible for the standard development cycle.

2017-06-10 19:25:23 GMT <AFaust> I consciously did not include any RAD features in my setup (I don't need RAD, see it as over-used in today's software development practice and also as a cause for developer quality degradation (majority of people switch to try&error development style when using RAD))

2017-06-10 19:32:52 GMT <Joe___> Sometimes RAD (when it works) can be useful because it helps to develop small steps at a time. You write some logic, the smallest possible, without restarting the server you can write the test and then repeat.

2017-06-10 19:33:20 GMT <Joe___> if you do it without RAD you can be tempted to write too much code

2017-06-10 19:33:37 GMT <Joe___> just to avoid staring your screen for 2-3 minutes

2017-06-10 19:34:13 GMT <Joe___> but of course if you have a better build, you do not need to wait 2-3 minutes for a restart

2017-06-10 19:43:12 GMT <AFaust> "tempted to write too much code" - I have been known to write code without any tests / server deployment / restart for 4-5 days straight. I guess that might classify as "too much" code for most if not all other people

2017-06-10 19:54:17 GMT <Joe___> If it works, good for you. It does not seem a good practice though. First, you cannot do a commit for 5 days. If you work, like me on a project with many other developers, you can end up spending lots of time fixing conflicts. In the same time your colleagues will not be so happy to fix all the conflicts when they will need to merge your changes.

2017-06-10 20:19:58 GMT <AFaust> It depends on the separation of tasks and how disciplined the team works. With good architecture / separation of API + implementation, there should not be any conflict.

2017-06-10 20:20:15 GMT <AFaust> I am not saying that I won't do commits in between on my branch.

2017-06-10 20:23:37 GMT <AFaust> Unfortunately, in the projects with multiple (customer) people that I have worked with, at least half of the people aren't competent enough to work with source code control system correctly. I have seen complete commits being overridden because the other person did not understand the fundamental differences between "git pull" and "git fetch" + "git rebase"

2017-06-10 20:25:56 GMT <AFaust> But 4-5 days is more the exception. 1-2 days are more likely...

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