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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-06-18 01:25:24 GMT <douglascrp> ~later tell jpotts thank you for the idea

2017-06-18 01:25:24 GMT <alfbot> douglascrp: The operation succeeded.

2017-06-18 19:34:03 GMT <alfbot> jpotts: Sent 18 hours and 8 minutes ago: <douglascrp> thank you for the idea

2017-06-18 20:29:41 GMT <Fiifi> Hi AFaust!

2017-06-18 20:30:20 GMT <AFaust> Ahoi

2017-06-18 20:30:40 GMT <AFaust> Just idling in this channel while I prepare for the start of the week

2017-06-18 20:32:24 GMT <Fiifi> AFaust: How can I extend the SlingshotLoginController class?

2017-06-18 20:40:10 GMT <Fiifi_> AFaust: I am working on adding an extra field for authentication to the login page

2017-06-18 20:41:48 GMT <Fiifi_> AFaust:Where can i find the form validation code?

2017-06-18 20:42:53 GMT <AFaust> I am not really sure I understand the question. Are you asking me how you can extend an existing Java class (SlingshotLoginController in this case)? I would suggest the Java "extends" keyword for that...

2017-06-18 20:43:55 GMT <AFaust> The base class org.springframework.extensions.surf.mvc.AbstractLoginController handles the core login logic

2017-06-18 20:44:03 GMT <AFaust> Using the UserFactory as a delegate

2017-06-18 20:44:45 GMT <AFaust> You probably just need to provide a custom UserFactory and not necessarily have to change anything with regards to the login controller at all...

2017-06-18 20:45:12 GMT <AFaust> SlingshotUserFactory is the default class for the UserFactory implementation

2017-06-18 20:48:02 GMT <Fiifi_> AFaust: the guide I am using says I am suppossed to add "some logic using the connectorService to connect to the backend API in which you validate the username in combination with the the field "

2017-06-18 20:51:16 GMT <AFaust> "guide" - you mean a random dude's blog on the internet?

2017-06-18 20:51:41 GMT <Fiifi_> yes!

2017-06-18 20:52:23 GMT <Fiifi_> Its about about adding a sencond layer of authentication to Alfresco

2017-06-18 20:52:46 GMT <AFaust> There is an AuthenticatingConnector interface that is being called from the UserFactory for passing on the credentials to the backend for authentication

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