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2017-06-20 00:12:36 GMT *** alfbot` is now known as alfbot

2017-06-20 05:29:46 GMT <digcat> ~later tell resplin interesting conversation got caught up with a call, so coming back to this, with respect resources, have you seen this https://github.com/Microsoft/WindowsProtocolTestSuites

2017-06-20 05:29:46 GMT <alfbot> digcat: The operation succeeded.

2017-06-20 05:34:57 GMT <Dirk23> Hello. I just created a Site in alfresco, but the process didnt finish successfully and now there is no site with the name i choose and i cant create a site with that name, because alfresco thinks that there is a site with this name....

2017-06-20 05:36:02 GMT <digcat> hi Dirk23 probably worth scanning catalina.out for any errors which might give you a hint to what went wrong

2017-06-20 05:38:08 GMT <Dirk23> digcat: i can dig, but i guess i wont find anything, because i'm not really into alfresco

2017-06-20 05:38:55 GMT <Dirk23> digcat: maybe this? https://pastebin.com/3JfahHHp

2017-06-20 05:38:56 GMT <alfbot> Title: [Bash] Caused by: org.alfresco.service.cmr.repository.ContentIOException: 05200278 Fail - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-06-20 05:41:09 GMT <Dirk23> hmmm... seems my alf_data is not mounted

2017-06-20 05:41:17 GMT <Dirk23> that may answer all of my questions

2017-06-20 05:41:28 GMT <digcat> yep, that would be causing a few issues no doubt :)

2017-06-20 05:42:16 GMT <Dirk23> so now.... how can i now create that site with a name of wich alfresco tells me that it is taken?

2017-06-20 05:44:25 GMT <digcat> once you have alf_data mounted and permissioned properly, it should allow you to reuse, unless its made a db entry for it, although would think that should have rolled back if alf_data wasnt available

2017-06-20 05:45:19 GMT <Dirk23> i cant create a site with that name

2017-06-20 05:45:43 GMT <digcat> can you now create a site with a new name ?

2017-06-20 05:45:56 GMT <Dirk23> yes

2017-06-20 05:49:50 GMT <digcat> so the partial site you initially created should eventually be cleaned up i think from the trashcan, depending on your settings defined in your alfresco.properties

2017-06-20 05:49:53 GMT <digcat> http://docs.alfresco.com/5.2/concepts/trashcan-cleaner.html

2017-06-20 05:49:54 GMT <alfbot> Title: Configuring the Trashcan Cleaner | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-06-20 05:55:23 GMT <Dirk23> so i need to configure that trashcan cleaner? Or can i just execute it once?

2017-06-20 05:59:13 GMT <Dirk23> "To enable debug logging, set the log4j.logger.org.alfresco.trashcan property in the log4j.properties file". I find 4 log4j.properties files.

2017-06-20 05:59:14 GMT <Dirk23> ./tomcat/webapps/share/WEB-INF/classes/log4j.properties

2017-06-20 05:59:14 GMT <Dirk23> ./tomcat/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/log4j.properties

2017-06-20 05:59:14 GMT <Dirk23> ./tomcat/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/module/org.alfresco.integrations.google.docs/log4j.properties

2017-06-20 05:59:18 GMT <Dirk23> wich one should i use?

2017-06-20 06:09:43 GMT <digcat> log4j.properties is a java standard for giving you more debug info

2017-06-20 06:10:04 GMT <digcat> the settings should go in your alfresco.properties as described in that alfresco doc page

2017-06-20 06:10:38 GMT <Dirk23> digcat: "To enable debug logging, set the log4j.logger.org.alfresco.trashcan property in the log4j.properties file"

2017-06-20 06:10:40 GMT <digcat> that file is in tomcat/shared/..

2017-06-20 06:11:56 GMT <digcat> yes debug, so you can get granular control on the log level, its not to do with the operations of your repo

2017-06-20 06:12:13 GMT <Dirk23> the doc says that i should enable it in the log4j.properties file

2017-06-20 06:12:56 GMT <digcat> if you need to see deeper into what is happening

2017-06-20 06:13:12 GMT <digcat> yes can see that would be a little confusing, but you want the info above that

2017-06-20 06:13:55 GMT <Dirk23> ok, i did that with cron set to 1 minute, but i still cant create that site

2017-06-20 06:14:25 GMT <digcat> you would need to restart your repo as well to pick up changes to alfresco.properties

2017-06-20 06:14:52 GMT <Dirk23> ok

2017-06-20 06:34:17 GMT <Dirk23> digcat: still the same

2017-06-20 06:35:09 GMT <Dirk23> ah, i found it in the trashcan. Maybe i can delete it there

2017-06-20 06:35:37 GMT <Dirk23> finaly successful. Thnx

2017-06-20 06:40:29 GMT <digcat> yes, same same.

2017-06-20 08:33:15 GMT <yreg> AFaust, regarding Compressed OOPS depending on JVM it should be >31G and <32G

2017-06-20 08:34:38 GMT <yreg> once you reach the threshold you still have the memory but won't have the same possible number of references unless you exceed 48G

2017-06-20 08:39:50 GMT <AFaust> Ok - that 48 GiB number was what I was looking for

2017-06-20 09:21:37 GMT <fwu> hi all!

2017-06-20 10:42:20 GMT <fwu> ppl what is the last community alfresco version that should be used in production environment? is there a 5.2.f version?

2017-06-20 10:52:05 GMT <AFaust> fcorti: Is the community.alfresco.com platform usable for you today? This morning my Firefox crashed / locked up three times trying to reply to a thread, it has also been stalled loading a thread on other browsers during the day a few times and I can't seem to perform actions like mark an answer as correct (I have the UI actions but nothing happens on a click - no errors in console either)

2017-06-20 10:52:58 GMT <AFaust> Scratch that - in Edge I can mark a response as correct - just not in Firefox or Chrome...

2017-06-20 10:53:52 GMT <fcorti> AFaust I experienced a slow reaction... but I'm a conference using a public wifi

2017-06-20 10:54:10 GMT <fcorti> let me try again...

2017-06-20 10:54:43 GMT <AFaust> Loading speed is also quite different between browsers on the same public WiFi I am currently using

2017-06-20 10:55:14 GMT <fcorti> Now it's working fine for me

2017-06-20 10:55:26 GMT <fcorti> I aslo tried to edit some content... it seems to work

2017-06-20 12:12:37 GMT <iblanco> Hi everyone, I'm developing a project with the SDK 3.0. I have configured HotSwap Agent and I'm developing an Aikau page.

2017-06-20 12:13:20 GMT <iblanco> If I change something in the Aikau page the reloading works like a charm, but if i add a composite widget to the Aikau page the changes done to the composite widget are not refresh.

2017-06-20 12:13:58 GMT <iblanco> Has anyone of you used the SDK and developed an Aikau Composite Widget?

2017-06-20 12:14:04 GMT <iblanco> Did the reloading work for you?

2017-06-20 12:38:17 GMT <AFaust> iblanco: No, I have not developed using SDK 3.0 but I can understand where the problem lies. The Surf framework caches the collected / aggregated JavaScript files and will not re-evaluate your modified, composite widget JS file.

2017-06-20 12:41:22 GMT <yreg> I lost my password for https://activiti.alfresco.com/activiti-app/

2017-06-20 12:41:23 GMT <alfbot> Title: Process Services (at activiti.alfresco.com)

2017-06-20 12:41:29 GMT <yreg> is there a way to recover it ?

2017-06-20 12:49:30 GMT <iblanco> Afaust: I have tried POSTing to http://localhost:8080/share/page/caches/dependency/clear , but it didn't work either.

2017-06-20 13:05:45 GMT <yreg> iblanco, which IDE are you on ?

2017-06-20 13:08:49 GMT <iblanco> Eclipse

2017-06-20 13:09:23 GMT <iblanco> yreg: Eclipse. But even executing mvn alfresco:refresh-share on the command line does not solve the issue.

2017-06-20 13:10:17 GMT <yreg> iblanco, you are running embedded tomcat from alfresco:run goal right ?

2017-06-20 13:11:37 GMT <iblanco> yreg: yes, i run it from Eclipse with this Goals: "clean install alfresco:run" and this arguments "-XXaltjvm=dcevm -javaagent:/home/iblanco/opt/HotSwapAgent/hotswap-agent-1.0.jar"

2017-06-20 13:12:09 GMT <yreg> iblanco, this is not related to hotswap

2017-06-20 13:12:17 GMT <yreg> you do not need it for this

2017-06-20 13:12:37 GMT <yreg> you might be missing something but I do not know what

2017-06-20 13:12:39 GMT <iblanco> yreg, are you sure?

2017-06-20 13:12:47 GMT <iblanco> keep in ming that the .js file is in the jar

2017-06-20 13:13:22 GMT <iblanco> so i suppose a classloader reload or somehting like that must be necesary in order for the change to be seen. Isn't it?

2017-06-20 13:13:50 GMT <yreg> iblanco, hmm, I do not think th SDK does that for running in embedded mode, at least previous versions did not, but relied on virtual classpath for doing this

2017-06-20 13:14:26 GMT <iblanco> yreg: ummm, I'l try to search for the file in the target directory to confirm it

2017-06-20 13:14:48 GMT <yreg> are you sure you are editing the right file (not the one under target ?

2017-06-20 13:16:51 GMT <iblanco> yreg: just rechecked it, I'm editing the file unde src/main/resources

2017-06-20 13:17:05 GMT <yreg> that's the right one

2017-06-20 13:17:16 GMT <yreg> iblanco, I am out of ideas

2017-06-20 13:17:35 GMT <iblanco> Thanks yreg for trying

2017-06-20 13:25:09 GMT <AFaust> hotswap - the answer to "What is never an ideal solution to any problem"...

2017-06-20 13:28:59 GMT <iblanco> Ummm, according to this URL (https://github.com/Alfresco/Aikau/blob/master/tutorial/chapters/ClearingDependencyCaches.md ) maybe I could somehow disable Aikau's caching completely during development

2017-06-20 13:29:00 GMT <alfbot> Title: Aikau/ClearingDependencyCaches.md at master · Alfresco/Aikau · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-06-20 13:29:25 GMT <iblanco> But not sure how to overwrite the surf.xml file....

2017-06-20 13:30:03 GMT <AFaust> There is no Aikau cache - there is only a Surf-level cache for aggregated script / CSS files...

2017-06-20 13:30:29 GMT <AFaust> But yes, if you disable caching you might work around this

2017-06-20 13:34:14 GMT <iblanco> AFaust, it will probably be slow as hell, but at least won't have to restart over and over again

2017-06-20 13:36:29 GMT <AFaust> Yes - slow as hell it will be... That reminds me, I have to check if jlessc has a new release version to include in my utility module to replace the default LESS processing of Surf.

2017-06-20 13:39:54 GMT <iblanco> There is a share-config-custom.xml in the parent module of the all-in-one archetype so disabling it seems trivial, let's see if it works.

2017-06-20 13:41:04 GMT <yreg> iblanco, please file an issue with the SDK

2017-06-20 13:42:13 GMT <iblanco> yreg: i already did: https://github.com/Alfresco/alfresco-sdk/issues/473

2017-06-20 13:42:14 GMT <alfbot> Title: Share's hot reload not refreshing changes to Aikau composite widgets · Issue #473 · Alfresco/alfresco-sdk · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-06-20 13:48:28 GMT <iblanco> ;( changing the <disable-resource-caching> in /parent/src/test/resources/share/share-config-custom.xml did nothing

2017-06-20 14:12:57 GMT <mtsiak> hi all. is there any way to call the onCreateNode of my custom bahaviour for a document, e.g. through javascript?

2017-06-20 14:13:17 GMT <douglascrp> mtsiak, you don't call onCreateNode

2017-06-20 14:13:45 GMT <douglascrp> you create a node, and then, if you have a policy attached into the OnCreateNode policy, the code is called for you in response

2017-06-20 14:15:17 GMT <mtsiak> yes, we had a bug on our custom onCreateNode behaviour, so now on our production server, we want to re-run this correct behaviour for the already created documents...

2017-06-20 14:15:42 GMT <douglascrp> mtsiak, ah, interesting

2017-06-20 14:16:20 GMT <douglascrp> if your logic is not that complicated, you could try to rewrite it in javascript, and use the javascript console to execute it against the selected nodes

2017-06-20 14:16:29 GMT <douglascrp> what does the code do?

2017-06-20 14:16:56 GMT <douglascrp> or create a custom action, containing the same java code, and then use the javascript to execute it

2017-06-20 14:17:34 GMT <mtsiak> it is not much of a code.. but instead of re-writing the java to javasctipt and run it for a some spotted files, we thought to ask first..

2017-06-20 14:17:45 GMT <mtsiak> yes, this could be a solutions.

2017-06-20 14:18:12 GMT <mtsiak> the code creates a node, adds two associations, and an aspect..

2017-06-20 14:18:29 GMT <mtsiak> it is not so much ..

2017-06-20 14:18:36 GMT <douglascrp> if the code is not strictly tied with the Create trigger,then you should try to attach it into the OnUpdateProperties

2017-06-20 14:19:00 GMT <douglascrp> then you could siply "touch" the node and get the code executed

2017-06-20 14:19:18 GMT <douglascrp> *simply

2017-06-20 14:19:44 GMT <mtsiak> yes, this could also be a solution..

2017-06-20 14:21:03 GMT <mtsiak> ok. thanks.

2017-06-20 14:21:33 GMT <mtsiak> douglascrp thanks.

2017-06-20 14:22:24 GMT <douglascrp> mtsiak, no problem

2017-06-20 14:44:24 GMT <fwu> ppl, if I create a link to a document, what will be the permissions on that link? Do I need to set the permission on the link and then the permissions on the document will be bypassed or the permissions on the link will be the same as the permissions on the document?

2017-06-20 15:16:34 GMT <douglascrp> fwu, AFAIK, the link is an independent object

2017-06-20 15:16:45 GMT <douglascrp> you can have a totally different permission on it

2017-06-20 15:16:58 GMT <douglascrp> and if the user has or not permission on the target object is another thing

2017-06-20 15:17:29 GMT <douglascrp> like, you can allow the user to see the link, but if the user has no read permission on the target object, the "open link" action will fail

2017-06-20 15:17:48 GMT <douglascrp> just like what happens when you have an workflow containing a package with documents the user has no access

2017-06-20 15:17:54 GMT <douglascrp> it shows the package as empty

2017-06-20 15:22:29 GMT <resplin_> AFaust xkahn: yesterday we talked about searching for folders that do not inherit the default permissions of a site. Apparently the Sopra Permission Visualization add-on for Alfresco Share does exactly that. I saw a demo, and it looks interesting.

2017-06-20 15:23:14 GMT <xkahn> I'll check it out

2017-06-20 15:23:24 GMT <resplin_> I can't seem to find it on their web site.

2017-06-20 15:24:03 GMT *** resplin_ is now known as resplin

2017-06-20 15:26:29 GMT <fwu> douglascrp: thus the user needs to have read permission to both the link and the target file, right?

2017-06-20 15:27:21 GMT <alfbot> resplin: Sent 9 hours and 57 minutes ago: <digcat> interesting conversation got caught up with a call, so coming back to this, with respect resources, have you seen this https://github.com/Microsoft/WindowsProtocolTestSuites

2017-06-20 15:28:40 GMT <douglascrp> fwu, that would make more sense

2017-06-20 15:29:05 GMT <douglascrp> I see no reason to treat it in other way

2017-06-20 15:31:05 GMT <resplin> digcat: Nice! Thanks for the link.

2017-06-20 15:39:54 GMT <AFaust> resplin: Do you mean Sopra Steria? Never heard of them - must never have been engaged in the Alfresco community as a partner (which is sort-of typical)

2017-06-20 15:43:34 GMT <resplin> Correct. Sopra Steria.

2017-06-20 15:43:43 GMT <AFaust> Also not surprising since "Alfresco" is only mentioned 4 times on their web site and 2 of those mentions are from a generic "Yeay, we are now a Platinum partner (because we paid big bucks)" press release...

2017-06-20 15:44:03 GMT <iblanco> fwpu: I think that there is a way of getting the bean container from Javascript anda accesing any service. But this is quite hackish and I think that the Javascript that uses it must be deployed as a module or somehting like that. Not sure if you can just wrie it in the console.

2017-06-20 15:44:12 GMT <resplin> They sponsored the last Alfresco Summit. That's pretty much my only interaction with them.

2017-06-20 15:44:57 GMT <AFaust> Well - it is difficult to judge their potential of providing a decent solution for that problem we talked about when they have been a ghost the entire time...

2017-06-20 15:45:13 GMT <douglascrp> I guess most of them pay only to get their names in the partners list

2017-06-20 15:45:45 GMT <douglascrp> like, I need someone to develop on alfresco, what is the best place for finding specialists?

2017-06-20 15:45:47 GMT <douglascrp> :D

2017-06-20 15:46:11 GMT <douglascrp> here in Brazil it is not different

2017-06-20 15:46:20 GMT <douglascrp> I see nothing related with the partners

2017-06-20 15:47:02 GMT <AFaust> Not just in Brazil. I also got to know some freeloaders that fully expected Alfresco to bring in the implementation business once they were signed on as partners...

2017-06-20 15:47:23 GMT <iblanco> fwpu: https://community.alfresco.com/thread/202319-how-to-access-spring-bean-from-javascript-webscript

2017-06-20 15:47:25 GMT <alfbot> Title: How to access Spring bean from javascript websc... | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-06-20 15:48:50 GMT <AFaust> iblanco: fwu: That is one way to do it if you want to provide access to a bean in ALL the JavaScript files. But you can also access a Spring bean in just a single JavaScript file on-demand / ad-hoc

2017-06-20 15:49:00 GMT <douglascrp> AFaust, I didn't get that

2017-06-20 15:49:39 GMT <AFaust> iblanco: fwu: i.e. https://gist.github.com/AFaust/beaa309837397abf961f#file-triggerquartzjob-js-L4

2017-06-20 15:49:40 GMT <alfbot> Title: Useful Alfresco JavaScript console scripts · GitHub (at gist.github.com)

2017-06-20 15:50:12 GMT <iblanco> AFaust: a much better example, thanks.

2017-06-20 15:51:11 GMT <AFaust> douglascrp: What specifically? That a company is paying to be on the partner list and then expects that potential customers "just find" them as "specialists" and/or Alfresco providing local customers looking for implementation partners?

2017-06-20 15:51:18 GMT <iblanco> FWPU: IF this works in the javascript console you might be able to call the public onCreateNode method directly but you will probably have to construct the argumentes by using Java Classes which might not be trivial.

2017-06-20 15:52:46 GMT <AFaust> iblanco: fwu: Oh - you are still on the same issue of calling the onCreateNode from JavaScript? I have to agree vehemently with one opinion that was voiced earlier: You should never have to do that. The whole point of an onCreateNode is to react to some activity in the system and never to be called directly.

2017-06-20 15:54:58 GMT <iblanco> WFPU: Yes is quite hackish, if he has a better chance he should take it but if he can not afford an stop to load a new Action or process that solves the issue that might be his only option.

2017-06-20 15:59:26 GMT <douglascrp> AFaust, the freeloaders part

2017-06-20 16:02:55 GMT <AFaust> douglascrp: But a lookup via translate.google.com has hopefully helped clear that up, right?

2017-06-20 17:00:50 GMT <fwu> ppl, what catalog should I point to to use the new sdk 3.0?

2017-06-20 17:01:10 GMT <fwu> im using the nexus catalog, but I only get 3.0 version in beta stage...

2017-06-20 18:00:42 GMT <digcat> fwu i raised this issue https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/RM-5113 to help with this issue, to help with making testing easier

2017-06-20 18:00:44 GMT <alfbot> Title: Log in - Alfresco JIRA (at issues.alfresco.com)

2017-06-20 18:45:26 GMT <jpotts> AFaust: If a company is going to be a partner, I think it is reasonable for them to expect leads to be sent their way. That's part of the partnership. That doesn't make them freeloaders necessarily. However, in my experience, both as a micro-business and as the first platinum partner of Alfresco when working for a larger company, the leads rarely flow to the partner with as much volume as the partner would like.

2017-06-20 18:46:22 GMT <jpotts> AFaust: With that said, I do think there are partners who do nothing more than write a check and then expect business to show up on their doorstep.

2017-06-20 18:48:21 GMT <jpotts> I also agree that it seems to be the norm for "partners" to have zero engagement with the community. If you define "partner" to its truest since of the word, most of the passionate community members I know are better partners to Alfresco than the ones who have signed a partner agreement. There are exceptions of course.

2017-06-20 19:01:56 GMT <AFaust> jpotts: If there is some investment of the partner into the partnership while also expecting some leads to be sent their way then that would definitely not be freeloading. But I have also seen some cases of very little effort of the partner to create their own business and judge the partnership primarily on the leads sent their way "ready to be closed"...

2017-06-20 19:02:15 GMT <jpotts> AFaust: +1

2017-06-20 19:05:35 GMT <jpotts> I also have to remind myself that "the best partner" from Alfresco's perspective is the one that sells the most licenses, full stop. No other measure—quality of solutions, community engagement—really matters. At least that's the value system they've demonstrated historically.

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