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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-06-23 04:42:48 GMT <xkahn> Can I add a property to an existing aspect without reindexing solr?

2017-06-23 04:42:57 GMT <xkahn> I would have said "yes"

2017-06-23 04:43:08 GMT <xkahn> But trying it seems to fail.

2017-06-23 04:43:16 GMT <xkahn> Did I do something wrong?

2017-06-23 05:00:19 GMT <xkahn> I don't see any messages about solr having issues with the model

2017-06-23 05:39:46 GMT <twen> good morning

2017-06-23 06:53:45 GMT <rashika> hey anyone there

2017-06-23 06:55:56 GMT <ravi_> hello anyone there to help me with OCR

2017-06-23 06:59:07 GMT <ravi_> I am referring https://github.com/keensoft/alfresco-simple-ocr to perform OCR on tiff and jpeg files in alfresco but its saying "No transformation exists between image/jpeg and application/pdf""

2017-06-23 06:59:08 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - keensoft/alfresco-simple-ocr: Simple OCR action for Alfresco (at github.com)

2017-06-23 06:59:40 GMT <ravi_> plz help me to resolve the issue

2017-06-23 07:46:17 GMT <yreg> ravi_, it seems like the module only supports PDFs, and you need to setup a complex transformer passing by PDF or provide PDFs in the first place

2017-06-23 07:46:25 GMT <yreg> maybe angelborroy can be of help

2017-06-23 07:46:38 GMT <angelborroy> simple-ocr supports PDF and TIFF

2017-06-23 07:46:44 GMT <angelborroy> yesterday someone asked about JPEG

2017-06-23 07:47:00 GMT <angelborroy> you have to translate JPEG > TIFF before trying to pass the OCR

2017-06-23 07:47:15 GMT <angelborroy> translate > transform

2017-06-23 07:49:57 GMT <ravi__> hello

2017-06-23 07:50:15 GMT <ravi__> anyone there to help me

2017-06-23 07:53:42 GMT <MorganP> ravi__:

2017-06-23 07:53:44 GMT <MorganP> [09:46] <angelborroy> simple-ocr supports PDF and TIFF [09:46] <angelborroy> yesterday someone asked about JPEG [09:47] <angelborroy> you have to translate JPEG > TIFF before trying to pass the OCR [09:47] <angelborroy> translate > transform

2017-06-23 07:54:05 GMT <MorganP> I guess Angel answered you while you were disconnected

2017-06-23 07:54:57 GMT <yreg> ravi__, your quesion has been already answered, check chat.alfresco.com to catch up !

2017-06-23 07:55:05 GMT <yreg> ~flushLog

2017-06-23 07:55:05 GMT <alfbot> yreg: Woooosh, your log has been flushed...

2017-06-23 08:27:32 GMT <anita_> hey

2017-06-23 08:31:13 GMT <anita_> sir how do i setup smtp sever for my inbound email

2017-06-23 09:07:15 GMT <yreg> anita_, changing nicknames and asking the same question over and over again will not help

2017-06-23 09:08:07 GMT <yreg> someone on this channel already answered you yesterday, channel logs are at chat.alfresco.com

2017-06-23 09:51:27 GMT <yreg> AFaust, QQ: I want to programmatically end some user tasks under certain conditions

2017-06-23 09:51:48 GMT <yreg> And I want to set the outcome to reflect the intervention

2017-06-23 09:51:52 GMT <AFaust> Ok... in embedded Activiti I presume

2017-06-23 09:52:02 GMT <yreg> yes

2017-06-23 09:52:24 GMT <yreg> I assume that I need to do that before ending the task

2017-06-23 09:53:01 GMT <yreg> but I couldn't figure out how as outcome is not part of the properties

2017-06-23 09:53:43 GMT <AFaust> You can do it as part of the endTask call. The outcome is always the transition supplied as a parameter

2017-06-23 09:54:07 GMT <yreg> But in my case it only takes Next as a transition

2017-06-23 09:54:11 GMT <AFaust> But your task model needs to actually define an outcome property QName, otherwise Alfresco will not store it

2017-06-23 09:54:33 GMT <AFaust> Well - it will store it in a different property anyway

2017-06-23 09:54:54 GMT <AFaust> So you always have the bpm:outcome property on the task in addition to any custom outcome property.

2017-06-23 09:55:12 GMT <yreg> and if I update the task model then users will have the option to use that outcome as well, unless if I change the formControl to hide that *special* outcome

2017-06-23 09:55:15 GMT <monica_> hey anyone there

2017-06-23 09:55:46 GMT <AFaust> You should be able to supply any value you want there, not just "Next"

2017-06-23 09:56:13 GMT <AFaust> There is no validation against the ListOfValuesConstraint on the Repository-tier...

2017-06-23 09:56:38 GMT <monica_> sir I am referring the https://github.com/keensoft/alfresco-simple-ocr to perform ocr on tiff and jpeg files

2017-06-23 09:56:39 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - keensoft/alfresco-simple-ocr: Simple OCR action for Alfresco (at github.com)

2017-06-23 09:56:42 GMT <AFaust> (I don't think that is mentioned anywhere in documentation, but there is no validation of constraints on the Repository-tier for any of the task properties)

2017-06-23 09:57:05 GMT <yreg> https://pastebin.com/DYbp7JHy

2017-06-23 09:57:06 GMT <alfbot> Title: org.alfresco.service.cmr.workflow.WorkflowException: 05230031 Transition OVERRU - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-06-23 09:57:19 GMT <yreg> if there wasn't any, I assume that there is now

2017-06-23 09:57:52 GMT <monica_> but facing the "no transformation exists between image/jpeg and application/pdf"

2017-06-23 09:57:52 GMT <AFaust> yreg: Yes, that happens if you don't have an outcome property name specified in your task model

2017-06-23 09:58:28 GMT <monica_> how is outcome property mentioned in task model

2017-06-23 09:58:40 GMT <AFaust> Only in that case does the Activiti integration force the default "Next" transition

2017-06-23 09:59:37 GMT <yreg> AFaust, so overriding bpm:outcome in the task model should solve the issue ?

2017-06-23 09:59:39 GMT <monica_> I don't understand

2017-06-23 10:00:14 GMT <AFaust> The problem with overriding bpm:outcome is that you can only set it before the task is ended, and then it will be overriden by the transition.

2017-06-23 10:00:16 GMT <yreg> monica_, or anita_ or ravi_ we are talking about a different issue

2017-06-23 10:01:09 GMT <AFaust> And after ending the task you can only set it by messing with the historic task instance / historic variables

2017-06-23 10:01:17 GMT <AFaust> Not via Alfresco API

2017-06-23 10:01:38 GMT <AFaust> So basically, if your task model does not give you an out you are screwed

2017-06-23 10:01:48 GMT <AFaust> Or forced to hack

2017-06-23 10:01:53 GMT <monica_> plz provide me any link so that i can understand how to specify that outcome property in task model

2017-06-23 10:02:23 GMT <AFaust> monica_: As yreg said, that outcome property does not apply to your question / topic

2017-06-23 10:03:18 GMT <AFaust> You simply joined the channel when there was already a conversation going on regarding a very different topic

2017-06-23 10:04:19 GMT <AFaust> monica_: In order to debug errors like "no transformation exists" I can only recommend you use the "Test Transform" tool in the Administration Console provided by the OOTBee Support Tools addon

2017-06-23 10:04:40 GMT <AFaust> https://github.com/OrderOfTheBee/ootbee-support-tools

2017-06-23 10:04:41 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - OrderOfTheBee/ootbee-support-tools: OOTBee Support Tools addon to extend set of administrative tools on Repository- and Share-tier (at github.com)

2017-06-23 10:04:57 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust too much information for that kind of requester

2017-06-23 10:05:09 GMT <yreg> I can play with my task model, so I basically need to add a new property in my task model, with a list constraint listing all possible outcome I would set right ?

2017-06-23 10:05:15 GMT <angelborroy> There are different nicks answering from yesterday the same thing

2017-06-23 10:05:19 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: Might be - but I can't just say "Sorry - no help for you"...

2017-06-23 10:05:40 GMT <angelborroy> I explained yesterday and today that they have to transform JPG to TIFF before using the OCR

2017-06-23 10:06:14 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust it looks a simple instruction, but probably is not understand but that guys

2017-06-23 10:06:26 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: You could provide a pipeline transformer as part of the OCR module that does this...

2017-06-23 10:06:54 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust nice idea… next Hack-a-thon is in September, right? :D

2017-06-23 10:06:59 GMT <AFaust> Right...

2017-06-23 10:08:06 GMT <AFaust> Though I am still waiting on fcorti and kgastaldo to confirm the date that was suggested in the last mail exchange (though honestly fcorti already accepted it - we just did not carve it in stone and announce it yet)

2017-06-23 10:08:54 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust a personal request, not from 4 to 6 September

2017-06-23 10:08:58 GMT <angelborroy> :)

2017-06-23 10:09:21 GMT <AFaust> yreg: and you need to override an inherited property to refer to that custom property

2017-06-23 10:10:02 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: No worries, your vacation, business trip or conference on these days is safe...

2017-06-23 10:10:25 GMT <marsjk> yreg: something like here: the overrides part -> https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-6044-activiti-workflows-with-decision-points

2017-06-23 10:10:27 GMT <alfbot> Title: Activiti Workflows with decision points | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-06-23 10:10:39 GMT <AFaust> Though that reminds me - I did check holiday calendars for my suggested date(s) but did not check for any other conferences...

2017-06-23 10:10:42 GMT <yreg> AFaust, but then unless I use a custom formcontrol for transitions, I will endup having that extra transition in the list available for end users

2017-06-23 10:11:12 GMT <yreg> ok, I will do that but it just sound too much work for what I am trying to do

2017-06-23 10:11:26 GMT <AFaust> Nope - you don't have to include your special "overrule" transition in the constraint list

2017-06-23 10:12:10 GMT <AFaust> And for simple tasks your constraint list will likely only include "Next"

2017-06-23 10:13:56 GMT * AFaust goes back to re-researching G1GC optimisation flags to fluff up a technical review document....

2017-06-23 10:14:06 GMT <yreg> alright thanks for the hints

2017-06-23 11:34:28 GMT <alfbot> fwu: Sent 17 hours and 25 minutes ago: <AFaust> It always depends on what you put in your AMPs. If you only use public API and web scripts your SDK 1.1.1 AMP will still work with Alfresco 5.2. Also, the compatibility thing with SDK is more about which version of Alfresco it can use to run a local dev server directly within the project.

2017-06-23 11:34:29 GMT <alfbot> fwu: Sent 17 hours and 23 minutes ago: <AFaust> It is too bad that you are getting confused by the whole SDK and JAR vs AMP stuff. Though it would be nice to know what specifically does not work with your module that you ported to JAR with SDK 3.

2017-06-23 11:34:33 GMT <fwu> hi all!

2017-06-23 11:35:52 GMT <fwu> AFaust, thank you for yesterday answers.

2017-06-23 11:36:32 GMT <fwu> "the compatibility thing with SDK is more about which version of Alfresco it can use to run a local dev server directly within the project." --> This was very important. I was not thinking on it!

2017-06-23 11:36:50 GMT <fwu> actually I dont use local dev server in eclipse

2017-06-23 11:38:07 GMT <fwu> I have my own alfresco install. So I create the amp and then deploy them to that alfresco install. I once tried to run an alfresco instance in eclipse but it gets too slow.

2017-06-23 11:38:09 GMT <yreg> AFaust, I am still struggling with that issue of mine

2017-06-23 11:38:34 GMT <yreg> what I did is that I changed the parent for my task model to bpm:activitiOutcomeTask

2017-06-23 11:39:06 GMT <yreg> and then overridden bpm:outcomePropertyName to point to my outcome prop with its QName

2017-06-23 11:39:22 GMT <yreg> then set up that property in a mandatory aspect

2017-06-23 11:39:42 GMT <yreg> and set up a list of values constraint on it

2017-06-23 11:40:54 GMT <yreg> now, even with a complete new set of values in the list, it is still giving me the same error asking for transition Next

2017-06-23 11:41:04 GMT <yreg> HAve you ever encountered this?

2017-06-23 11:41:10 GMT <yreg> Am I missing something ?

2017-06-23 11:48:22 GMT <AFaust> Nope

2017-06-23 11:49:32 GMT <marsjk> yreg: are you using the activiti-transitions.ftl to display your outcome property in the Share form?

2017-06-23 11:49:50 GMT <yreg> I suppose, let me check

2017-06-23 11:50:13 GMT <yreg> no custom control provided, so I assume the default

2017-06-23 11:50:46 GMT <marsjk> show your custom outcome property using that control, not the bpm:outcome one

2017-06-23 11:51:52 GMT <marsjk> it will then display a button for each of the outcomes defined in the constraint list

2017-06-23 11:53:03 GMT <yreg> marsjk, my issue is not with showin up the correct set of options, but with being able to execute the transition programmatically with a custom outcome

2017-06-23 11:55:34 GMT <marsjk> ok, then you need to make sure you set your outcome property, do an updateTask and then an endTask

2017-06-23 11:57:52 GMT <marsjk> yreg: here is how we do it in our integration tests: https://pastebin.com/z6LiqWke

2017-06-23 11:57:53 GMT <alfbot> Title: protected void transitionWithOutcome(final WorkflowTask task, QName outcomeN - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-06-23 12:00:53 GMT <yreg> marsjk, does it need to be a custom outcome property or does the OOTB one work as well

2017-06-23 12:00:54 GMT <yreg> ?

2017-06-23 12:01:48 GMT <xkahn> Can I add a property to an existing aspect without reindexing solr?

2017-06-23 12:01:51 GMT <xkahn> I would have said "yes"

2017-06-23 12:01:54 GMT <xkahn> But trying it seems to fail.

2017-06-23 12:02:00 GMT <xkahn> Did I do something wrong?

2017-06-23 12:07:03 GMT <marsjk> yreg: I guess it depends on what you do in your bpmn file, we use our custom property in there to control which path to take, but if there is just one possible next task I guess the "Next" transition works

2017-06-23 12:08:13 GMT <marsjk> but when you use the custom outcome property you need to make sure the task has that property set before ending the task, therefore we do the updateTask before ending it

2017-06-23 12:08:41 GMT <marsjk> for reference check the ActivitiWorkflowEngine.setOutcome method

2017-06-23 12:24:56 GMT <douglascrp> xkahn, I don't think it is possible

2017-06-23 12:25:10 GMT <douglascrp> because solr wont see that change

2017-06-23 12:25:19 GMT <douglascrp> and you will see objects with the aspect, but without the property

2017-06-23 12:25:26 GMT <xkahn> douglascrp: yeah. So I've noticed! :)

2017-06-23 12:25:57 GMT <xkahn> douglascrp: I hadn't realized that. Is there a list anywhere of changes that will require a reindex?

2017-06-23 12:26:14 GMT <xkahn> douglascrp: I know a lot of them, but I've never seen a good list of what can and can't be done

2017-06-23 12:26:49 GMT <douglascrp> xkahn, I don't know about a list

2017-06-23 12:26:55 GMT <fwu> ppl, in Java im creating a new word document in a specific folder. to achieve this Im doing this:

2017-06-23 12:27:03 GMT <douglascrp> but what I have been doing is always reindex alfter model change

2017-06-23 12:27:29 GMT <fwu> FileInfo fileInfo = ffs.create((NodeRef)params.get(PARAM_DESTINATION_FOLDER), fileName, ContentModel.TYPE_CONTENT); destinationNode = fileInfo.getNodeRef(); writer = cs.getWriter(destinationNode, ContentModel.PROP_CONTENT, true);

2017-06-23 12:27:38 GMT <fwu> writer.putContent(contentStream);

2017-06-23 12:27:44 GMT <fwu> my question is this:

2017-06-23 12:27:57 GMT <fwu> how do I create a new version of an existing document?

2017-06-23 12:28:12 GMT <fwu> instead of creating a new document in a specific folder

2017-06-23 12:29:01 GMT <angelborroy> fwi CheckInCheckOutService

2017-06-23 12:29:27 GMT <douglascrp> angelborroy, I was going to share this https://github.com/keensoft/alfresco-simple-ocr/blob/master/simple-ocr-repo/src/main/java/es/keensoft/alfresco/ocr/OCRExtractAction.java#L118

2017-06-23 12:29:28 GMT <alfbot> Title: alfresco-simple-ocr/OCRExtractAction.java at master · keensoft/alfresco-simple-ocr · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-06-23 12:29:29 GMT <angelborroy> fwu http://dev.alfresco.com/resource/docs/java/org/alfresco/service/cmr/coci/CheckOutCheckInService.html

2017-06-23 12:29:29 GMT <douglascrp> :D

2017-06-23 12:29:30 GMT <alfbot> Title: CheckOutCheckInService (Alfresco 5.2-SNAPSHOT API) (at dev.alfresco.com)

2017-06-23 12:29:33 GMT <angelborroy> hehe

2017-06-23 12:29:35 GMT <douglascrp> but you were faster

2017-06-23 12:29:41 GMT <douglascrp> you code is a nice sample

2017-06-23 12:30:14 GMT <angelborroy> in fact that code does not uses CheckOutCheckInService

2017-06-23 12:30:26 GMT <angelborroy> which is advisable when you are updating a content node

2017-06-23 12:30:43 GMT <douglascrp> but you create a new version

2017-06-23 12:30:48 GMT <angelborroy> I know

2017-06-23 12:30:58 GMT <xkahn> douglascrp: yikes! I make too many model changes.

2017-06-23 12:30:59 GMT <angelborroy> but without locking the document

2017-06-23 12:31:17 GMT <angelborroy> it should be better to lock previously the document

2017-06-23 12:31:28 GMT <douglascrp> ah, right

2017-06-23 12:31:30 GMT <angelborroy> as it can be any other process / user updating the document at the same time

2017-06-23 12:31:39 GMT <douglascrp> xkahn, what kind?

2017-06-23 12:32:10 GMT <douglascrp> usually, when I know the project is going to be unstable in the content model field, I use to create custom aspects, one per property

2017-06-23 12:32:22 GMT <douglascrp> and then I am free to play with that

2017-06-23 12:32:40 GMT <douglascrp> as I can simply add aspects as mandatory, run scripts to do batch processing on the existing nodes

2017-06-23 12:33:09 GMT <douglascrp> or in case I just want to remove a property, I simply remove it from the mandatory aspects list, and then run scripts to batch process the removal from the existing nodes

2017-06-23 12:33:49 GMT <xkahn> douglascrp: Change mandatory aspects for a type, Add new aspect and properties, move a property from one aspect to another, remove an invalid constraint, add an option to a constraint

2017-06-23 12:34:31 GMT <douglascrp> xkahn, same things I do for some projects

2017-06-23 12:34:35 GMT <xkahn> douglascrp: yeah. Single property per aspect is sounding good.

2017-06-23 12:35:25 GMT <douglascrp> xkahn, it is more work, but it gives you freedom

2017-06-23 12:35:31 GMT <xkahn> I guess this is the first time I've tried to add a property to an aspect.

2017-06-23 12:36:03 GMT <douglascrp> I do not remember when was the last time I used type defined properties

2017-06-23 12:36:09 GMT <douglascrp> I always use aspects

2017-06-23 12:36:24 GMT <xkahn> No. Type defined properties burned us a long time ago.

2017-06-23 12:36:32 GMT <xkahn> Just a bad idea in general.

2017-06-23 12:38:10 GMT <AFaust> I wouldn't say "bad idea in general" but for 98% of business use cases there is a more flexible way to be found in aspects. For technical implementations I do use type-defined properties from time to time...

2017-06-23 12:38:59 GMT <xkahn> AFaust: Do you have an example of when you might use it?

2017-06-23 12:39:16 GMT <xkahn> AFaust: It seems worth keeping the flexibility

2017-06-23 12:39:56 GMT <fwu> ppl, but using the checkincheckout service, I still need to lock the document first?

2017-06-23 12:40:31 GMT <fwu> douglascrp, this is for an improvement for the officetoolkit :)

2017-06-23 12:40:38 GMT *** mmccarthy1 is now known as mmccarthy

2017-06-23 12:40:41 GMT <douglascrp> fwu, cool

2017-06-23 12:41:22 GMT <fwu> right now im acceptiing a destination dir, but most of the times, after merging data, we want to create a new version of the document.

2017-06-23 12:41:50 GMT <fwu> but do I need to lock the file? usign ceckout-checkin service the lock should be made for me, right?

2017-06-23 12:42:09 GMT <AFaust> xkahn: As I said, for purely technical implementation reasons, e.g. when I need a base type for all documents for a customer to track properties for technical reasons, e.g. custom access control schemes...

2017-06-23 12:42:22 GMT <fwu> angelborroy, im using 4.2.f? Is it the same?

2017-06-23 12:44:03 GMT <AFaust> Custom site types as well, especially when they are associated with custom permission roles

2017-06-23 12:44:59 GMT <AFaust> And again, 98% of cases aspects are more flexible and will be used. Just saying that type defiend properties are not a bad idea per se

2017-06-23 12:47:11 GMT <AFaust> And if you have an aspect that is only ever being used as a mandatory aspect on a single (empty) type, then integrating the properties with the aspect will make your design much more efficient. NodeService has to do fewer operations to handle property persistence, the size of the database does not grow as fast and you need less Java heap memory for your node caches (each aspect comes with an associated footprint cost)

2017-06-23 12:47:43 GMT <AFaust> "much more" => "a bit more" (for some reason my mental auto-correct did not work here)

2017-06-23 12:49:44 GMT <fwu> ppl, when doing a checkou I need to specify a checkout location. what this means? It means I need a temporary folder at where the checked out document will be placed until the checkin?

2017-06-23 13:05:37 GMT <fcorti> Hi AFaust, angelborroy, kgastaldo... sorry for the delay in reply

2017-06-23 13:06:18 GMT <fcorti> Yes, we are dealing with some internal stuff but the dates Axel suggested seems to be fine for everyone.

2017-06-23 13:07:38 GMT <fcorti> We are confirming some stuff from Engineering (we'd like to have them as much as we can) and then we will start dealing with it

2017-06-23 13:08:31 GMT <AFaust> fcorti:On a different note, the answer to the question about "Alfresco DevCon 2018 - Yes/No?" is still pending. Today I got feedback from a German partner I sort of deputised to look for potential venues in case we need to do a BeeCon 2018...

2017-06-23 13:10:37 GMT <alfbot> resplin: Sent 2 days, 1 hour, and 46 minutes ago: <DarkStar1> Sorry for the late response. I've been busy all over the place, switching between all my tasks like an x86 CPU. I finally got around to looking at the issue and resolved it earlier.

2017-06-23 13:10:38 GMT <alfbot> resplin: Sent 1 day, 21 hours, and 55 minutes ago: <yreg> was this tool : https://subgit.com/ part of your investigation before migration to git ?

2017-06-23 13:11:04 GMT <fcorti> AFaust: we are still dealing with it... we are pretty confident but we need some time to have the final confirmation.

2017-06-23 13:13:56 GMT <AFaust> Good to know. The expected time to decision since your last information had already been exceeded, so I felt a bit unsure what to tell that partner today...

2017-06-23 13:14:35 GMT <resplin> DarkStar1: Thanks for letting me know.

2017-06-23 13:15:10 GMT <resplin> yreg: Thanks for the link. I believe the team has mentioned that tool, but I haven't personally looked into it. It looks very useful. I'll share it with the team to make sure they are aware.

2017-06-23 13:15:23 GMT <resplin> Though at this point they have their process down and are just moving repositories.

2017-06-23 13:16:07 GMT <yreg> YEs I know, but I am just evaluating it for other project and wanted to know if/why you at alfresco turned it down

2017-06-23 13:20:09 GMT <fwu> ppl, looking here it seems I should be able to checkout a node: http://docs.alfresco.com/4.2/references/API-JS-checkout.html

2017-06-23 13:20:10 GMT <alfbot> Title: checkout | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-06-23 13:20:24 GMT <resplin> The team says that they didn't see a benefit to that tool for a one time migration. The pain for them wasn't in getting the content from SVN to Git, it was all the build tooling and training around it.

2017-06-23 13:20:28 GMT <fwu> hoerver in my java environment, the node I have doesnt have this method

2017-06-23 13:21:00 GMT <fwu> the node was got from this in inline javascript: var document = bpm_package.children[0];

2017-06-23 13:21:05 GMT <fwu> I then create this in java:

2017-06-23 13:21:07 GMT <resplin> yreg: It sounds like our internal SVN repos go read-only in a couple of weeks. We are still setting up the mirror to GitHub, but we are almost done.

2017-06-23 13:21:36 GMT <resplin> AFaust: I'm excited for the September Hack-a-thon!

2017-06-23 13:22:13 GMT <fwu> docRef = (String) params.get(PARAM_TARGET_NODE);

2017-06-23 13:22:30 GMT <yreg> I was referring to the mirroring feature, but it seems you haven't actually looked at it that way (different use-case)

2017-06-23 13:22:32 GMT <fwu> NodeRef oNodeRef = new NodeRef("workspace","SpacesStore",docRef);

2017-06-23 13:22:44 GMT <fwu> this oNodeRef should have the checkout method?

2017-06-23 13:22:52 GMT <fwu> "shouldnt"

2017-06-23 13:24:16 GMT <fwu> I was expecting to be able to do this: workingCopy = oNodeRef.checkout();

2017-06-23 13:24:41 GMT <AFaust> fwu: NodeRef is just an identity type. It does not have any operations that actually work with the node

2017-06-23 13:25:43 GMT <AFaust> Also, please NEVER EVER do 'new NodeRef("workspace", "SpacesStore", xxx)' - there is a constant to be used to avoid typos, e.g. StoreRef.STORE_REF_WORKSPACE_SPACESSTORE

2017-06-23 13:26:21 GMT <AFaust> In Java environment you always have to work with the NodeService, ContentService, CheckOutCheckInService etc. to work with a node, using the NodeRef only as the identifier

2017-06-23 13:27:47 GMT <yreg> marsjk, QQ, What happens if you call that snippet from the same workflow ?

2017-06-23 13:27:57 GMT <fwu> AFaust, thank you!

2017-06-23 13:28:09 GMT <fwu> i was looking to a javascript example arghh

2017-06-23 13:29:22 GMT <marsjk> yreg: no idea

2017-06-23 13:29:56 GMT <fwu> AFaust, to use that constant I need to make a reference to something

2017-06-23 13:30:21 GMT <yreg> I am getting an endless loop

2017-06-23 13:30:45 GMT <yreg> but I am not 100% sure it is not the result of a sloppy behaviour

2017-06-23 13:31:10 GMT <AFaust> fwu: What do you mean? When you use the expression I provided you already reference to "something" - the constant...

2017-06-23 13:31:27 GMT <AFaust> And there is a NodeRef-constructor that takes a StoreRef instead of two String values

2017-06-23 13:32:25 GMT <fwu> AFaust, but that constant is declared where in the API?

2017-06-23 13:32:37 GMT <fwu> StoreRef

2017-06-23 13:33:16 GMT <AFaust> Yes - in that class

2017-06-23 13:33:25 GMT <fwu> ah!

2017-06-23 13:33:29 GMT <fwu> storeRef

2017-06-23 13:33:34 GMT <fwu> it was a typo sorry

2017-06-23 13:34:02 GMT <AFaust> ?? "StoreRef" is the correct name of the class, "storeRef" is something else e.g. a local variable or something...

2017-06-23 13:36:26 GMT <fwu> yes, I beleive so, both works...

2017-06-23 13:37:09 GMT <fwu> AFaust, but the checkout service needs a dstination folder. is this a tem folder?

2017-06-23 13:37:12 GMT <fwu> temp

2017-06-23 13:37:41 GMT <fwu> is this temp file be able to be searched=

2017-06-23 13:37:42 GMT <fwu> ?

2017-06-23 13:38:15 GMT <AFaust> That can be any folder you like within the Alfresco content structure... It is not by definition a temp folder..

2017-06-23 13:38:53 GMT <AFaust> You can checkout a node to your user home folder for example, or in some other place where you want it. Most of the time though, people simply check it out to the same folder the original node is located in

2017-06-23 13:50:54 GMT <AFaust> resplin: I guess the Alfresco community is not the right crowd to expect a proof-of-concept from when it comes to Samba 4 backend. I don't have any numbers but I would doubt that we have a decent number of qualified C++ folks that would be comfortable tackling this...

2017-06-23 13:52:57 GMT <resplin> I suspect you are correct, but it doesn't hurt to ask!

2017-06-23 13:53:04 GMT <resplin> Maybe Heiko would volunteer.

2017-06-23 13:56:47 GMT <AFaust> I think there was a reason why hi-ko included his remark about crowd-funding. It is not something that would be done on a whim in a short project (e.g. hack-a-thon) and may easily take some significant amount of time away from the regular work.

2017-06-23 14:06:30 GMT <resplin> A POC would be interesting--enough to know if it is a feasible approach.

2017-06-23 14:11:52 GMT <douglascrp> I have just had an idea, but I don't know if it makes sense or not

2017-06-23 14:12:43 GMT <douglascrp> if I had behaviours attached into workflows tasks types, user tasks, would that behaviour have access to the workflows properties?

2017-06-23 14:13:02 GMT <douglascrp> like, would it be possible to use the behaviour as a hacky replacement for event listeners?

2017-06-23 14:13:21 GMT <douglascrp> because with listeners, one has to publish a new workflow version

2017-06-23 14:13:46 GMT <douglascrp> with behaviours, it would be easier, as even for the old workflows versions, usually the type does not change

2017-06-23 14:14:23 GMT <douglascrp> so, by doing so, I think one could attach a "register task related information" without having to deal with the workflow deployment

2017-06-23 14:14:57 GMT <douglascrp> this is for historical data persistence

2017-06-23 14:15:39 GMT <douglascrp> it would be nice to have the access for things like, the document in the package, and maybe do some changes in it, like setting properties, putting a lock on it

2017-06-23 14:15:48 GMT <AFaust> douglascrp: Behaviours will never be triggered for workflow / task types since there is no node on which they could be triggered

2017-06-23 14:16:02 GMT <douglascrp> AFaust, hmmmm

2017-06-23 14:16:06 GMT <douglascrp> that is what I thought

2017-06-23 14:16:16 GMT <douglascrp> I was just trying to validade the crazy idea

2017-06-23 14:16:43 GMT <douglascrp> so types are basically used to map the forms, nothing more than that

2017-06-23 14:16:50 GMT <douglascrp> right?

2017-06-23 14:18:01 GMT <douglascrp> but it would be useful if possible

2017-06-23 15:37:24 GMT <fwu> AFaust, thank you regarding checkouts!

2017-06-23 19:32:25 GMT *** mmccarthy1 is now known as mmccarthy

2017-06-23 20:05:32 GMT <douglascrp> does anyone know about any kind of addon, even if paid, that inserts the advanced search inside the result list?

2017-06-23 20:06:33 GMT <douglascrp> I mean, the advanced search form, showing the selected parameters, and allowing the user to change the parameters and resend the query?

2017-06-23 20:06:49 GMT <douglascrp> something like this http://www.tsgrp.com/multimedia/HPI_for_Alfresco_Datasheet.pdf

2017-06-23 21:07:54 GMT <AFaust> We had something like this at PRODYNA - even before Alfresco had their faceted search.

2017-06-23 21:08:18 GMT <AFaust> I was planning to do a custom search page based on Aikau that does something similar...

2017-06-23 21:08:50 GMT <AFaust> And may have to do this whenever one of my bigger customers decides to move to 5.2 and drop that PRODYNA addon...

2017-06-23 21:27:18 GMT <douglascrp> AFaust, interesting

2017-06-23 21:27:26 GMT <douglascrp> but how about the form rendering itself?

2017-06-23 21:27:44 GMT <douglascrp> are you going to finish the work Dave started on the aikau based forms engine?

2017-06-23 21:28:15 GMT <douglascrp> or are you considering mixing the yui based together with aikau?

2017-06-23 21:33:52 GMT <AFaust> Neither - I believe the approach Dave took (trying to map the old configuration to Aikau widgets) is fundamentally flawed. There needs to be an AIkau forms service but it should be built from the ground up with a separate Aikau forms XML config. And only if that is complete can you think about providing some migration tooling...

2017-06-23 21:34:40 GMT <AFaust> YUI has no future and the sooner it is banished from Share the better. There is no point trying to somehow keep it around.

2017-06-23 21:35:15 GMT <douglascrp> nice

2017-06-23 21:35:18 GMT <AFaust> Dave had to do what he did because he did not have the support of Alfresco product management to do something proper (i.e. no allocation of sufficient resources)

2017-06-23 21:35:29 GMT <douglascrp> so, the short answer now is that there is nothing available for 5.2

2017-06-23 21:35:36 GMT <AFaust> Correct

2017-06-23 21:35:43 GMT <douglascrp> I got your point

2017-06-23 21:35:55 GMT <douglascrp> well, thank you for your explanation

2017-06-23 22:22:50 GMT *** mmccarthy1 is now known as mmccarthy

2017-06-23 22:47:10 GMT *** mmccarthy1 is now known as mmccarthy

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