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2017-07-07 05:35:27 GMT <horsey> I am experimenting the the activiti-rest api to see if I can use Activiti as a micro-service. However, by default it authenticates with HTTP Basic. Can this be disabled or can it be configured to use a different auth system?

2017-07-07 07:17:07 GMT <yreg> morning

2017-07-07 08:14:02 GMT <fwu> hi all!

2017-07-07 08:22:17 GMT <fcorti> Morning all

2017-07-07 08:49:40 GMT <mbui> Anyone got experience with implementing/using multi tenancy in Alfresco? Are there any implications to data, users, versions, community/enterprise e.t.c (other than what's documented) ?

2017-07-07 09:10:31 GMT <Tichodroma> mbui: multi tentant separates users and data completely. It works fine on CE. What do you mean by "versions"?

2017-07-07 09:10:35 GMT <yreg> mbui, gave up on MT in alfresco long way back

2017-07-07 09:19:28 GMT <mbui> Tichodroma: Using 4.2.x atm, just wondering if there would be any implications to the MT setup if/when upgrading to 5.x (except smart folder which is not supported in MT).

2017-07-07 09:19:43 GMT <mbui> yerg: How come you gave up on MT in alfresco?

2017-07-07 09:23:36 GMT *** ChanServ sets mode: +o fcorti

2017-07-07 09:24:55 GMT *** fcorti changes topic to "Alfresco discussion and collaboration. Stick around a few hours after asking a question. Logs: http://chat.alfresco.com Channel help: https://community.alfresco.com/ Official support for Enterprise subscribers: http://support.alfresco.com. Next event is Tech Talk Live #107, the 19th of July about introducing Alfresco Process Services: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7L9mfv5zEUk"

2017-07-07 09:44:57 GMT <AFaust> mbui: There are some features that do not work properly with MT, either because they were never designed to do so or because some bugfix of Alfresco has crippled them (e.g. "we know it's broken, we never officially endorsed it, so the easiest way to fix is just to disable feature XY")

2017-07-07 09:45:38 GMT <AFaust> Though if you are aware of the limitations of MT and your use case is not really affected by them, it is perfectly fine to be used.

2017-07-07 09:46:36 GMT <AFaust> And there is no difference between Alfresco Enterprise and Community with regards to MT that is even worth mentioning...

2017-07-07 09:47:16 GMT <mbui> AFaust: Alright, thx!

2017-07-07 09:56:50 GMT <fwu> AFaust, if there isnt differences between Alfresco Enterprise and Community with regards to MT, how Alfresco in the cloud works?

2017-07-07 09:57:13 GMT <fwu> it also has the limitations, or there is an Alfresco instance for each client?

2017-07-07 09:59:11 GMT <AFaust> Alfresco Cloud is a custom build of Alfresco Enterprise with an additional functional module that is not available for anyone outside of Alfresco

2017-07-07 10:00:33 GMT <AFaust> The concept of the "networks" inside Alfresco Cloud is not part of the core MT features in either Enterprise or Community

2017-07-07 10:01:20 GMT <AFaust> And yes, they do have a lot of the same limitations, and they do not offer most of the features anyway that are affected by limitations.

2017-07-07 10:02:28 GMT <AFaust> Given that, Alfresco Cloud is an example that you can build a working system / use case with the current state of MT support in Alfresco. You just have to either adapt to the limitations in the core or have a use case that does not even care about them...

2017-07-07 10:05:02 GMT <fwu> AFaust, ok. I was talking about it because sometimes customers may want to choose not to have Alfresco in their servers. And sometimes this customers may be small enought to share an Alfresco instance. But if one of them later need something more than what is supported by the MT, then we need to migrate them.

2017-07-07 10:05:49 GMT <AFaust> Not necessarily... in some cases the lack of support is only due to a lack of priority and support can be added by customisations / addons.

2017-07-07 10:06:15 GMT <AFaust> E.g. I did a customisation for a customer to add MT support to LDAP/AD and user/group synchronization via https://github.com/Acosix/alfresco-mt-support

2017-07-07 10:06:16 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - Acosix/alfresco-mt-support: Adding missing multi-tenancy support for various subsystems and features (at github.com)

2017-07-07 10:06:24 GMT <fwu> yes, that is a possibility but only if we have recources on time...

2017-07-07 10:06:58 GMT <fwu> yes I already looked at that. very nice.

2017-07-07 11:02:54 GMT <fwu> fcorti, do I need Pentaho Data Integration to schedule the ETL job? Also, how does data is extracted from Alfresco: from direct sql queries or using the rest API? Finally, everytime the ETL runs, how do you contro which data to extract: do you get all the data everytime or only incremental data, and if it is incremental, how do you control that?

2017-07-07 11:29:56 GMT <yreg> fwu I advice you to check out recources from fcorti.com

2017-07-07 11:30:29 GMT <yreg> I am sure you will get all the answers you're looking for in detail, plus probably more resources as well

2017-07-07 11:30:56 GMT <yreg> and yes your need pentaho DI

2017-07-07 11:31:35 GMT <yreg> and the extraction job takes few parameters to configure which components need to be extracted (audit/repo/workflows/...)

2017-07-07 11:32:05 GMT <yreg> you can check the AAAR_Extract.sh script to have a better idea on all available params

2017-07-07 11:39:13 GMT <fwu> yreg, about saiku again: on the market place I can only see the enterprise version. Does it means the license file will determinate if im using enterprise or community?

2017-07-07 11:40:34 GMT <yreg> Yes, AFAIK

2017-07-07 11:42:14 GMT <fwu> ok, then it is a little different from what Im looking at in the fcorti guide. Because there it was possible to choose one.

2017-07-07 11:42:23 GMT <fwu> thank you yreg!

2017-07-07 11:44:58 GMT <yreg> fwu, it has been a while since I fiddled with it, so I might be wrong

2017-07-07 11:45:18 GMT <yreg> and I haven't had time to follow most recent version of the docs

2017-07-07 11:45:28 GMT <yreg> nor to push my images to docker hub

2017-07-07 11:46:03 GMT <fwu> yreg, ok I will try like this and lets see if it works...

2017-07-07 11:46:12 GMT <yreg> -= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-

2017-07-07 11:46:31 GMT <yreg> you can install it manually FYI

2017-07-07 11:47:00 GMT <fwu> Obtaining a license All versions of Saiku Analytics require a license to function. To download your EE trial license or Community Edition Free license please visit http://licensing.meteorite.bi

2017-07-07 11:47:02 GMT <alfbot> Title: Welcome to Meteorite License Server (at licensing.meteorite.bi)

2017-07-07 11:47:25 GMT <fwu> so maybe the difference is the license. I will try,

2017-07-07 11:48:15 GMT <fwu> I realize another thing, the current fcorti guide is mixing pentaho version 6 and 7

2017-07-07 11:48:39 GMT <yreg> fwu that is how I do it in my docker setup : https://pastebin.com/qSQbd26J

2017-07-07 11:48:40 GMT <fwu> because in the guide it is told to download a jar file, but this is not true for version 7

2017-07-07 11:48:40 GMT <alfbot> Title: Get Saiku manually - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-07-07 11:49:08 GMT <fwu> "Pentaho 6 users To make Saiku work (for now) you need to copy this file to tomcat/webapps/pentaho/WEB-INF/lib before restarting your BI Server."

2017-07-07 11:49:41 GMT <yreg> fwu, that's probably a copy/paste issue

2017-07-07 11:49:41 GMT <fwu> yreg, im not using docker... but Im eager to do it soon

2017-07-07 11:49:51 GMT <yreg> that's still the same for pentaho 7

2017-07-07 11:50:18 GMT <fwu> yreg, so I need to copy that file in pentaho 7, also? ok

2017-07-07 11:50:20 GMT <yreg> fwu, you can just peek on it to see how you could install saiku manually

2017-07-07 12:05:13 GMT <fcorti> Hi fwu and yreg... was at lunch

2017-07-07 12:07:28 GMT <fcorti> nice discussion, please let me know if you need something to discuss

2017-07-07 12:10:14 GMT <fwu> fcorti, I think I was able to install Saiku, thank you.

2017-07-07 12:10:42 GMT <douglascrp> morning guys

2017-07-07 12:15:49 GMT <fcorti> great!

2017-07-07 14:11:28 GMT <fwu> fcorti, yreg, actually saiku is not working...

2017-07-07 14:11:37 GMT <fwu> i cant see it on the file/new menu

2017-07-07 14:12:01 GMT <fwu> i install it + add the license + add the jar file + modified the 2 files

2017-07-07 14:12:11 GMT <fwu> however, I still cant see the saiku option

2017-07-07 14:13:35 GMT <fwu> I also dont have any error in catalina

2017-07-07 14:13:51 GMT <fwu> it is like the module was not loaded

2017-07-07 14:23:36 GMT <fwu> hmm.. I think I installed the enterprise. In the marketplace screen the install button is for the default install. I believe I need to click on the row first, to be able to get the screen with the community version.

2017-07-07 14:24:09 GMT <fwu> if this is true, than it is nor very user friendly... at least for a new pentaho user!

2017-07-07 14:28:33 GMT * AFaust hates how easily he can be distracted by the events in Hamburg. At some point, there is something to be said against constant media converage...

2017-07-07 14:29:11 GMT <fcorti> fwu weird

2017-07-07 14:29:28 GMT <fcorti> how did you call the license file?

2017-07-07 14:29:35 GMT <fcorti> did you call it license.lic?

2017-07-07 14:29:57 GMT <fcorti> oh... I'm reading better

2017-07-07 14:30:13 GMT <fcorti> yes, if you installed the EE... it won't work

2017-07-07 14:30:20 GMT <fcorti> with the community license, I mean

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