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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-07-10 09:11:23 GMT <fwu> hi all!

2017-07-10 09:12:18 GMT <fwu> fcorti, another problem here: after a success install of Alflytics I cant find this file: web.xml.alflytics. Where it should be writen?

2017-07-10 09:33:30 GMT <fcorti> hi fwu, this is the file you touched with the installation process

2017-07-10 09:33:52 GMT <fcorti> it is stored into the tomcat/pentaho/WEB-INF

2017-07-10 09:33:54 GMT <fcorti> folder

2017-07-10 09:34:02 GMT <fcorti> replacing the default web.xml file

2017-07-10 09:37:17 GMT <fwu> fcorti is the file with the timestamp, right?

2017-07-10 09:37:45 GMT <fcorti> yes... and the fact that you cannot see it... it's a bad thing ;-)

2017-07-10 09:38:07 GMT <fwu> i can see it... but I was expecting another file named: web.xml.alflytics

2017-07-10 09:38:22 GMT <fwu> I thought this filestamp was a copy to keep it

2017-07-10 09:38:22 GMT <fcorti> you should see

2017-07-10 09:38:28 GMT <fcorti> web.xml (the default one)

2017-07-10 09:38:32 GMT <fwu> I just have 2

2017-07-10 09:38:41 GMT <fcorti> and and another with the timestamp

2017-07-10 09:38:46 GMT <fwu> web.xml -> that I will need to delete

2017-07-10 09:38:48 GMT <fwu> yes

2017-07-10 09:39:41 GMT <fwu> but the 2 files are identical

2017-07-10 09:40:40 GMT <fwu> I thought I would have a third file: web.xml.alflytics that would be chnaged in some how, and this would be my new web.xml

2017-07-10 09:41:23 GMT <fwu> I would delete the old one and keep the web.xml.2017-07-09T221401.486Z as a backup

2017-07-10 09:42:16 GMT <fwu> that was I understood from the manual. Nevrtheless if I should only have 2 files, than they are identical... so whats the point to delete one and rename the other?

2017-07-10 09:44:00 GMT <fcorti> Identical... except two tags to use the alflytics HSQL database

2017-07-10 09:44:14 GMT <fcorti> you can cehck inside looking fior alflytics

2017-07-10 09:44:21 GMT <fwu> fcorti, let me see

2017-07-10 09:44:26 GMT <fcorti> the default one, doesn't have nothing with this name

2017-07-10 09:44:36 GMT <fcorti> the new one... has a new HSQL database called alflysitcs

2017-07-10 09:44:42 GMT <fcorti> you can compaprethe files

2017-07-10 09:45:01 GMT <fwu> this:

2017-07-10 09:45:02 GMT <fwu> <!-- [BEGIN HSQLDB DATABASES] --> <context-param> <param-name>hsqldb-databases</param-name> <param-value>sampledata@../../data/hsqldb/sampledata,hibernate@../../data/hsqldb/hibernate,quartz@../../data/hsqldb/quartz</param-value> </context-param> <!-- [END HSQLDB DATABASES] -->

2017-07-10 09:45:10 GMT <fwu> they are identical, and I know how!

2017-07-10 09:45:20 GMT <fcorti> not good!

2017-07-10 09:45:21 GMT <fwu> because the first time, the second file was not created

2017-07-10 09:45:30 GMT <fwu> but the default was chnaged

2017-07-10 09:45:42 GMT <fwu> remember... I got an error

2017-07-10 09:45:53 GMT <fcorti> there is something wrong...

2017-07-10 09:46:00 GMT <fcorti> I suggest to install it again and check

2017-07-10 09:46:11 GMT <fcorti> you can remove the new web.xml._____

2017-07-10 09:46:16 GMT <fcorti> and repeat the installation

2017-07-10 09:46:36 GMT <fcorti> you cannot break anything

2017-07-10 09:46:45 GMT <fwu> fcorti, the first time I got an error creating the timestamp file, web.xml was changed. You dont have a rollback inside the install

2017-07-10 09:47:01 GMT <fwu> so the second time they are equal

2017-07-10 09:47:13 GMT <fcorti> this is bad!

2017-07-10 09:47:19 GMT <fwu> so web.xml is being chnage...

2017-07-10 09:47:32 GMT <fcorti> sounds really strange

2017-07-10 09:48:13 GMT <fwu> but that configutation is correct, right?

2017-07-10 09:48:19 GMT <fwu> that I pasted

2017-07-10 09:48:35 GMT <fcorti> it's correct for the original one

2017-07-10 09:48:50 GMT <fwu> ah!

2017-07-10 09:49:00 GMT <fwu> so you are telling me that the timestamp file is not correct

2017-07-10 09:49:06 GMT <fcorti> probably yes

2017-07-10 09:49:18 GMT <fwu> it was created but with the old stuff

2017-07-10 09:49:24 GMT <fwu> ok, I will run it again

2017-07-10 09:49:25 GMT <fcorti> yep

2017-07-10 09:55:04 GMT <fwu> fcorti, I run it again and the files are equal. I will paste a link here

2017-07-10 09:56:23 GMT <fwu> so you are telling me that this file is an exact copy of the default, right? https://justpaste.it/18s46

2017-07-10 09:56:41 GMT <fwu> this was the new file created when running the install

2017-07-10 09:57:17 GMT <fcorti> This file is wrong

2017-07-10 09:57:24 GMT <fcorti> it does notcontain the alflytics part

2017-07-10 09:57:33 GMT <fcorti> the installation script is not working

2017-07-10 09:57:38 GMT <fcorti> sorry

2017-07-10 09:58:18 GMT <fwu> and this is the log:

2017-07-10 09:58:47 GMT <fwu> https://justpaste.it/18s4f

2017-07-10 09:58:52 GMT <fwu> no errors here :(

2017-07-10 09:59:40 GMT <fwu> I will look at the pdi files then

2017-07-10 09:59:54 GMT <fcorti> yes, the issue is in the _addHsqldbToWebXml script

2017-07-10 10:00:04 GMT <fwu> ok, let me look at it

2017-07-10 10:00:10 GMT <fcorti> yep

2017-07-10 10:19:21 GMT <limesmart> hello

2017-07-10 11:26:30 GMT <DarkStar1> Hello everyone.

2017-07-10 11:27:14 GMT <DarkStar1> fwu: did you manage to build an amp using the artefact project with sdk 3.0 the other day?

2017-07-10 11:29:57 GMT <DarkStar1> Has anyone managed to add javascript console with the jar archetype projects?

2017-07-10 12:20:29 GMT <fwu> DarkStar1, actually I dont have sure, because I stop it for a little. Im now looking to pentaho integration. Nevertheless there are projects that compile to both amp and jar.

2017-07-10 12:30:17 GMT <fwu> fcorti, I think I need to chnage something here: Modified Java Script Value

2017-07-10 12:31:26 GMT <fwu> and this must be returning false:

2017-07-10 12:31:27 GMT <fwu> if (indexOf(content, getVariable("alflyticsDwhPathFromWebapps","")) < 0) {

2017-07-10 12:31:42 GMT <fwu> so that: content_new = content;

2017-07-10 13:12:37 GMT <fcorti> hi fwu, can you continue the discussion at the link below

2017-07-10 13:12:38 GMT <fcorti> https://github.com/fcorti/Alflytics/issues/5

2017-07-10 13:12:39 GMT <alfbot> Title: Windows installation issues · Issue #5 · fcorti/Alflytics · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-07-10 13:13:11 GMT <fcorti> the asnwer to question is: yes, the Javascript is there right place to act.

2017-07-10 16:25:36 GMT <fwu> ppl, to chnage alfresco port, shouldnt I only need to chnage share-config-custom.xml'

2017-07-10 16:25:37 GMT <fwu> ?

2017-07-10 16:28:47 GMT <fwu> hmm..I need to chnage tomcat also

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