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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-08-17 06:25:53 GMT <Krutik> hi

2017-08-17 06:26:21 GMT <Krutik> I would like to extend TaskNotificationListener.java file to add workflow comments in email notification.

2017-08-17 06:26:35 GMT <Krutik> Is there any way to do this?

2017-08-17 06:46:21 GMT <qwebirc22050> Hi

2017-08-17 06:46:31 GMT <qwebirc22050> I (admin) can not update user profile, or reset password of other users

2017-08-17 06:46:38 GMT <qwebirc22050> I have checked the logs and it throws 403

2017-08-17 06:46:44 GMT <qwebirc22050> The api PUT /alfresco/api/people/username returns 403

2017-08-17 06:46:55 GMT <qwebirc22050> Is there any reason that could cause this ?

2017-08-17 06:48:00 GMT <angelborroy> qwebirc22050 is a user syncrhonised from LDAP?

2017-08-17 06:48:46 GMT <qwebirc22050> nope

2017-08-17 06:49:30 GMT <angelborroy> qwebirc22050 and can you make the same operation in Share web app?

2017-08-17 06:50:08 GMT <qwebirc22050> no it gives the same exception in share web app

2017-08-17 06:50:37 GMT <angelborroy> if for one user or for all the users?

2017-08-17 06:52:25 GMT <qwebirc22050> I dont know, because this is happened in production and admin is trying to update the user profile

2017-08-17 06:52:49 GMT <qwebirc22050> I could ask him the logs and debug, I just want to know what could cause 403

2017-08-17 06:53:18 GMT <qwebirc22050> and I am not able to reproduce it locally :(

2017-08-17 07:00:21 GMT <Krutik> hi [11:56] <Krutik> I would like to extend TaskNotificationListener.java file to add workflow comments in email notification. [11:56] <Krutik> Is there any way to do this?

2017-08-17 07:39:07 GMT <angelborroy> Krutik you should extend this class and also to modify wf-email.html.ftl template

2017-08-17 07:39:58 GMT <angelborroy> Krutik probably it should be enough overwritting bean id="activitiTaskNotificationListener"

2017-08-17 07:41:41 GMT <Krutik> how i can extend it.

2017-08-17 07:41:45 GMT <Krutik> that i am not sure..

2017-08-17 07:42:35 GMT <Krutik> You mean extending java file and and referencing that file with the same bean id?

2017-08-17 07:42:40 GMT <angelborroy> right

2017-08-17 07:43:13 GMT <Krutik> Thank you , will try it..

2017-08-17 07:58:52 GMT <qwebirc79922> good morning

2017-08-17 08:01:08 GMT <qwebirc79922> I have alfresco linked to ldap and i want to install AAAR, i looked on internet and found a guide by fcorti, hence, after trying the localhost:8080/pentaho doesn't work for me i get white page even though when i start pentaho server it says that it successfully work

2017-08-17 08:02:03 GMT <qwebirc79922> can anyone help please ? thanks

2017-08-17 08:03:37 GMT <fcorti> Hi qwebirc79922, did you installed Pentaho in the same server of Alfresco?

2017-08-17 08:04:30 GMT <qwebirc79922> hello that's what i couldn't find out how to do i extracted the files of pentaho BI and started the start-pentaho.sh like you said in the guide

2017-08-17 08:05:45 GMT <qwebirc79922> i am using the same centos system for both alfresco and pentaho

2017-08-17 08:06:21 GMT <qwebirc79922> (sorry i am a beginner)

2017-08-17 08:08:30 GMT <fcorti> No prob... on which port Alfresco is running?

2017-08-17 08:09:02 GMT <qwebirc79922> 8080 when i use it works fine i get my alfresco login page and everything is working

2017-08-17 08:11:03 GMT <fcorti> Ok, now you know that you cannot run two application on the same port (8080 in your case)

2017-08-17 08:11:06 GMT <fcorti> ;-)

2017-08-17 08:11:47 GMT <fcorti> If you take a look at the catalina.out in Pentaho you will find a looooot of errors

2017-08-17 08:11:54 GMT <fcorti> stop Pentaho

2017-08-17 08:12:04 GMT <fcorti> stop alfresco

2017-08-17 08:12:04 GMT <qwebirc79922> :o i see didn't know that ok i am stopping pentaho

2017-08-17 08:12:18 GMT <fcorti> be sure you stop both

2017-08-17 08:12:33 GMT <fcorti> then change Pentaho port (or Alfresco port)

2017-08-17 08:12:38 GMT <fcorti> and run them againa

2017-08-17 08:12:39 GMT <fcorti> and run them again

2017-08-17 08:12:58 GMT <fcorti> I suggest you to double check the catalina out... always!

2017-08-17 08:13:42 GMT <Loftux> Has there been any updates on what will happen to Activiti for Community? Is it going to remain bundled? Will there ever come anything better than the command console for managing workflows?

2017-08-17 08:15:10 GMT <fcorti> morning Loftlux

2017-08-17 08:16:05 GMT <Loftux> fcorti: Morning (and you always have an l to much in Loftux ;)

2017-08-17 08:16:14 GMT <fcorti> We plan to have an Offic Hours with Doug Johnson (Director for BPM) and Mauricio Salatino (Tech Leader for Activiti) in Sept

2017-08-17 08:16:51 GMT <fcorti> Apologise, your nick is difficult for me... don't know why

2017-08-17 08:17:20 GMT <fcorti> Back to your question

2017-08-17 08:17:35 GMT <Loftux> fcorti: No worries :)

2017-08-17 08:17:48 GMT <fcorti> Activiti is (and will be) a Open Source project.

2017-08-17 08:18:10 GMT <fcorti> Alfresco Process Services powered by Activiti is the EE one

2017-08-17 08:18:11 GMT <Loftux> fcorti: That I never doubted

2017-08-17 08:18:56 GMT <Loftux> It just needs a little more to be usable for Community

2017-08-17 08:19:17 GMT <fcorti> Community, you mean Alfresco COntent Services Community Edition...

2017-08-17 08:19:55 GMT <fcorti> DougJ is the right person to reply to this question and there is not an official position at the moment

2017-08-17 08:20:15 GMT <Loftux> Is that what it is called now, oh man what a bad name changeā€¦

2017-08-17 08:20:39 GMT <fcorti> Yes, to many changes...

2017-08-17 08:20:54 GMT <Loftux> I guess I'll have to wait until office hours, just wanted to make sure I didn't miss any announcement over the summer.

2017-08-17 08:20:55 GMT <fcorti> But I'm aware Doug has concrete ideas and he is finalizing the roadmap

2017-08-17 08:21:19 GMT <fcorti> no, there is not new announcments

2017-08-17 08:21:43 GMT <Loftux> fcorti: I'll be patient, thanks for your reply

2017-08-17 08:22:08 GMT <fcorti> thak you for your patience.. no prob, feel free to ask... I'm payed also for this. :-)

2017-08-17 08:22:38 GMT <qwebirc79922> thanks fcorti, i change the port restarting now

2017-08-17 08:27:26 GMT <qwebirc79922> fcorti i hope you are still here i got load of problems ^^

2017-08-17 08:27:29 GMT <qwebirc79922> https://pastebin.com/WHS7H6Fj

2017-08-17 08:27:30 GMT <alfbot> Title: 16-Aug-2017 13:11:47.959 INFO [Thread-12] org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClass - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-08-17 08:29:52 GMT <fcorti> I think you are still having conflicts

2017-08-17 08:30:13 GMT <qwebirc79922> i really have no idea what to do

2017-08-17 08:30:24 GMT <fcorti> Did you shutdown all the processes previously run

2017-08-17 08:30:25 GMT <fcorti> ?

2017-08-17 08:30:35 GMT <fcorti> Try to restart the machine

2017-08-17 08:30:47 GMT <qwebirc79922> ok i will restart brb

2017-08-17 08:37:08 GMT <qwebirc50405> hello again

2017-08-17 08:37:13 GMT <qwebirc50405> i think still the same

2017-08-17 08:37:19 GMT <qwebirc50405> let's go step by step

2017-08-17 08:37:44 GMT <qwebirc50405> i check if the port change is correct

2017-08-17 08:38:09 GMT <qwebirc50405> so i went to pentaho-server/tomcat/conf/server.xml

2017-08-17 08:38:25 GMT <qwebirc50405> i changed every 8080 to 8081

2017-08-17 08:38:44 GMT <fcorti> and what about the other ports?

2017-08-17 08:38:57 GMT <fcorti> 8005...

2017-08-17 08:39:05 GMT <fcorti> and few others...

2017-08-17 08:41:23 GMT <qwebirc50405> i didnt change them i changed only the login port i will change them too

2017-08-17 08:50:03 GMT <qwebirc50405> i changed all the ports shall i change the pentaho server url too ? in pentaho-server/pentaho-solutions/system/server.properties

2017-08-17 08:50:22 GMT <qwebirc50405> fully-qualified-server-url=http://localhost:8080/pentaho/

2017-08-17 08:50:24 GMT <qwebirc50405> that one

2017-08-17 08:51:19 GMT <fcorti> nope

2017-08-17 08:51:25 GMT <qwebirc50405> i let it 8080 ,

2017-08-17 08:51:26 GMT <qwebirc50405> ?

2017-08-17 08:51:48 GMT <fcorti> nope

2017-08-17 08:52:10 GMT <fcorti> I suggest you to reduce the memory in start pentaho script

2017-08-17 08:52:20 GMT <fcorti> by default is 6Gb

2017-08-17 08:52:25 GMT <fcorti> you can reduce it to 2Gb

2017-08-17 08:53:57 GMT <qwebirc50405> oki i will change that but first the fully qualified server url i let it http://localhost:8080/pentaho/ or i change it to http://localhost:8081/pentaho/ like the port i put in the server.xml ?

2017-08-17 09:06:20 GMT <qwebirc50405> i can't find the scripts directory under tomcat ?

2017-08-17 09:18:05 GMT <fcorti> a script folder does not exits

2017-08-17 09:18:27 GMT <fcorti> it is in the main folder with extension sh

2017-08-17 09:20:06 GMT <qwebirc50405> you are talking about the ctl.sh right ?

2017-08-17 09:21:11 GMT <qwebirc50405> the one that i will use to edit the memory use

2017-08-17 09:29:01 GMT <fcorti> nope, the start_pentaho.sh in the root folder

2017-08-17 09:35:57 GMT <qwebirc50405> i edited it i put 2048 still having same errors

2017-08-17 09:59:15 GMT <alfbot> yreg: Sent 14 hours and 49 minutes ago: <jpotts> Thanks, I think that was it. It's working now.

2017-08-17 10:10:57 GMT <yreg> ~ since

2017-08-17 10:10:57 GMT <alfbot> yreg: Error: I couldn't find in my history of 401 messages where 'yreg' last left #alfresco

2017-08-17 10:11:25 GMT <yreg> ~ flushlogs

2017-08-17 10:11:25 GMT <alfbot> yreg: Error: "flushlogs" is not a valid command.

2017-08-17 10:11:31 GMT <yreg> ~ flush

2017-08-17 10:11:31 GMT <alfbot> yreg: Error: You don't have the owner capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.

2017-08-17 10:11:43 GMT <yreg> ~ flush logs

2017-08-17 10:11:43 GMT <alfbot> yreg: Error: You don't have the owner capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.

2017-08-17 10:13:06 GMT <yreg> ~ htmllogger flushlogs

2017-08-17 10:13:06 GMT <alfbot> yreg: Error: The "HtmlLogger" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "flushlogs" in it. Try "list HtmlLogger" to see the commands in the "HtmlLogger" plugin.

2017-08-17 10:13:16 GMT <yreg> ~ htmllogger flushlog

2017-08-17 10:13:16 GMT <alfbot> yreg: Woooosh, your log has been flushed...

2017-08-17 10:28:26 GMT <qwebirc50405> fcorti thanks for the help, the first problem i think is ok but i got a new one instead

2017-08-17 15:09:34 GMT <fwu> hi all!

2017-08-17 15:10:30 GMT <fwu> ppl, if I add this to a share config custom file, what forms will be affected?

2017-08-17 15:10:58 GMT <fwu> <config> <forms> <dependencies> <js src="/js/myscript.js" /> </dependencies> </forms> </config>

2017-08-17 15:11:32 GMT <fwu> This defines a dependency to "forms" but which ones? all the forms I have deployed?

2017-08-17 18:44:27 GMT <douglascrp> I am facing with a problem in the admin-console/users form

2017-08-17 18:44:39 GMT <douglascrp> I can not get the users when I use search

2017-08-17 18:45:07 GMT <douglascrp> the webscript alfresco/api/people?filter=, using canned queries returns nothing

2017-08-17 18:45:31 GMT <douglascrp> I see the total number returned in the json, but the people array is always empty

2017-08-17 18:46:01 GMT <douglascrp> this one alfresco/api/people?filter=* returns the right number of users, and also the people array correctly filled

2017-08-17 18:46:16 GMT <douglascrp> but this one alfresco/api/people?filter=*[hint:useCQ]

2017-08-17 18:46:41 GMT <douglascrp> that is used by the users management form, I get 0 results, and an empty people array

2017-08-17 18:47:01 GMT <douglascrp> if I try to search by user id, then I get the right totalItems, but again, an empty people array

2017-08-17 18:47:14 GMT <douglascrp> it seems like this one https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/MNT-15980

2017-08-17 19:14:23 GMT <douglascrp> I have added a response with my problem in this thread https://community.alfresco.com/message/811015-re-user-search-not-working-alfresco-community-edition?commentID=811015#comment-819841

2017-08-17 19:14:25 GMT <alfbot> Title: User search not working alfresco community edition | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

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