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2017-09-01 08:31:01 GMT <Filip_> Hello everybody, I am just hinking to join virtual hackathon with my small team from Czech Republic. I was thinking about some ideas and maybe it would be bad to implement some report how your repository is healthy based on recommendations provided by Luis Cabaceira in his blog about Alfresco Best Practices

2017-09-01 08:31:20 GMT <Filip_> I mean this blog (especially chapter 8): https://community.alfresco.com/people/lcabaceira/blog/2017/04/26/alfresco-best-practices

2017-09-01 08:31:21 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco Best Practices | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-09-01 08:32:10 GMT <Filip_> There should be "It wouldn't be bad" :)

2017-09-01 08:33:16 GMT <Filip_> What do you think about it? Or is there already something like that? So we will not re-invent the wheel

2017-09-01 08:33:43 GMT <angelborroy> Flip how about including this feature as a nwe option to AFaust OOTB Support Tools?

2017-09-01 08:33:48 GMT <angelborroy> https://github.com/OrderOfTheBee/ootbee-support-tools

2017-09-01 08:33:49 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - OrderOfTheBee/ootbee-support-tools: OOTBee Support Tools addon to extend set of administrative tools on Repository- and Share-tier (at github.com)

2017-09-01 08:35:05 GMT <Filip_> Yes, that's exactly what I wanted to do

2017-09-01 08:35:58 GMT <Filip_> So there will be a new section in OOTB. In our team some can focus on frontend (Aikau part in OOTB). Other can create jobs which will check the repo

2017-09-01 08:35:59 GMT <MarkTielemans> Something similar does exist: https://artifacts.alfresco.com/nexus/content/repositories/alfresco-docs/alfresco-environment-validation/latest/index.html

2017-09-01 08:36:01 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco Environment Validation Tool - (at artifacts.alfresco.com)

2017-09-01 08:36:40 GMT <angelborroy> MarkTielements afaik that EVT is only to check if the environment is ready to install Alfresco

2017-09-01 08:36:48 GMT <Filip_> Mark: It is something different

2017-09-01 08:36:58 GMT <angelborroy> MarkTielements it’s only related with base software and hardware requirements

2017-09-01 08:37:13 GMT <MarkTielemans> True

2017-09-01 08:38:05 GMT <angelborroy> Filip_ is talking about validating data structures inside the repo

2017-09-01 08:38:08 GMT <cesarcapi> EVT worked in Alfresco 4, not sure if applies on Alfresco 5

2017-09-01 08:38:21 GMT <angelborroy> Filip_ for instante: no more than 3,000 child nodes or so

2017-09-01 08:38:52 GMT <Filip_> Yes, that was the main idea because I noticed that problem many times

2017-09-01 08:39:00 GMT <cesarcapi> EVT is used to check and audit the basics of your Alfresco Installation, the Zero Day Validation Guide

2017-09-01 08:39:43 GMT <Filip_> But also other things could be useful such as checking group hierarchy or user/group membership

2017-09-01 08:40:33 GMT <Filip_> Of course, those operations would be quite heavy so my idea is to implement them as job which will be executed once per week or day

2017-09-01 08:41:07 GMT <MarkTielemans> Or initially on-demand from the repo admin console

2017-09-01 08:41:18 GMT <Filip_> Yep

2017-09-01 09:04:49 GMT <AFaust> Filip_: What I was considering for heavy-load / complex OOTBee tooling - like such a best practice review tool might be - is the (controlled) use of custom SQL templates for ibatis to run queries against the DB, instead of doing heavy lifting via the Alfresco API which can have some serious side-effects (e.g. accidental cache clearing / JVM heap memory exhaustion)...

2017-09-01 09:07:18 GMT <AFaust> Another option of course would always be "extension addons" to the OOTBee Support Tools, that add more advanced / invasive tooling than we would like to have in the common one (e.g. keep core OOTBee Support Tools lightweight but provide those more heavyweight extensions for people who need them and can make the judgement call of "is it safe to use in my environment")

2017-09-01 09:51:39 GMT <Filip_> Hi Axel, thanks for comments. At first, I thought that API will be used but you are right it can cause some side effects. So better to use DB. Good point ;)

2017-09-01 09:52:29 GMT <Filip_> Btw, can I add this project to community page by myself using Edit button or I should contact some one

2017-09-01 09:54:51 GMT <angelborroy> Filip_ You can edit yourself the page to add your project

2017-09-01 09:55:25 GMT <Filip_> ok, thanks Angel

2017-09-01 10:01:29 GMT <hiten> Hello All

2017-09-01 10:02:58 GMT <hiten> I would like to know t he way to hide a field, lets say author, from view , edit and adv search when I select a value from dropdown in the field, lets say program

2017-09-01 10:03:54 GMT <Tichodroma> hiten: you can edit field visibility on Share using the share-config-custom.xml

2017-09-01 10:04:25 GMT <Tichodroma> hiten: but what do you mean by "when I select a value from dropdown"?

2017-09-01 10:05:05 GMT <hiten> it is dependent on the value from the dropdown

2017-09-01 10:06:10 GMT <hiten> means if I have a field that has three values as a dropdown, I want that on a particular value in the dropdown I would hide the field author

2017-09-01 10:06:44 GMT <Tichodroma> I don't think this is possible using the tools Alfresco/Share provide.

2017-09-01 10:07:23 GMT <hiten> I was thinking on the lines of custom ftl

2017-09-01 10:07:42 GMT <hiten> is it possible through custom ftls

2017-09-01 10:07:44 GMT <hiten> ??

2017-09-01 10:08:16 GMT <Tichodroma> hiten: FTL is just Freemarker, the markup languge. Which FTL file do you think needs to be customized to achieve this?

2017-09-01 10:08:58 GMT <hiten> textfield ftl should suffice

2017-09-01 10:09:02 GMT <Tichodroma> A control FTL that is used in a view, edit, or search form does not know anything about other fields in the same form

2017-09-01 10:09:03 GMT <hiten> I believe

2017-09-01 10:09:33 GMT <Tichodroma> How do you want to connect the dropdown with the textfield? They are two different form fields that don't know each other.

2017-09-01 10:10:22 GMT <hiten> is it not possible to get the value of the dropdown in the ftl of other field

2017-09-01 10:10:24 GMT <hiten> ??

2017-09-01 10:12:19 GMT <Tichodroma> if you know the HTML ID of the form field you can access it. Share builds these in a rather cryptic way.

2017-09-01 10:13:11 GMT <hiten> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/36768739/alfresco-workflow-form-add-two-textbox-values-and-display-the-sum-in-a-third-tex

2017-09-01 10:13:12 GMT <alfbot> Title: java - Alfresco workflow form Add two textbox values and display the sum in a third textbox automatically - Stack Overflow (at stackoverflow.com)

2017-09-01 10:13:34 GMT <hiten> jeff explains here how to get values

2017-09-01 10:13:46 GMT <hiten> bt I am rather confused how he does it

2017-09-01 10:14:05 GMT <Tichodroma> I'll take a look at this.

2017-09-01 10:18:37 GMT <Tichodroma> Jeff uses jQuery selectors to get the HTML elements. As you can see, the IDs are cryptic: #template_x002e_edit-metadata_x002e_edit-metadata_x0023_default_prop_sc_field1");

2017-09-01 10:18:56 GMT <Tichodroma> There is no guarantee that this is the exact ID.

2017-09-01 10:19:29 GMT <Tichodroma> Do you understand the rest of the JavaScript/jQuery code he uses?

2017-09-01 10:19:53 GMT <hiten> yes

2017-09-01 10:20:43 GMT <hiten> the only thing that I am not sure is about the id's

2017-09-01 10:21:12 GMT <Tichodroma> there is a way to dynamically get the ID of the *current* control: <#assign custom_element_id = "${context.properties['htmlid']}-custom-element-id">

2017-09-01 10:21:17 GMT <hiten> I can see even in the developer console that in adv search page the id has advance_search

2017-09-01 10:21:34 GMT <hiten> edit-in place of metadata

2017-09-01 10:21:55 GMT <Tichodroma> hiten: maybe there is a logic to how the ID is build

2017-09-01 10:26:57 GMT <hiten> I think fieldHtmlId can give me the id of the current field

2017-09-01 10:27:31 GMT <hiten> bt still what abt the other field

2017-09-01 10:30:22 GMT <Tichodroma> you could pass the id of the other <field/> as a <control-param/> to the dropdown <field>

2017-09-01 10:31:35 GMT <hiten> template_x002e_edit-metadata_x002e_edit-metadata_x0023_default_prop_evnwc_author is the fieldHtmlId of the field that I want to hide and template_x002e_edit-metadata_x002e_edit-metadata_x0023_default_prop_evnwc_program is the fieldHtmlId of the field on which the hide/show depends

2017-09-01 10:31:44 GMT <Tichodroma> then the jQuery code in the dropdown control can use this control-param to $("#...) the other field

2017-09-01 10:32:19 GMT <Tichodroma> is "evnwc:author" the id of the field in the share-config-custom.xml?

2017-09-01 10:33:15 GMT <hiten> I can see that it only differs with the name at the end. If I just strip off the name at the last from my current fieldHtmlId and append the other field name I will get the id of the other field

2017-09-01 10:33:50 GMT <Tichodroma> sounds like an idea to try

2017-09-01 10:34:13 GMT <hiten> hmm

2017-09-01 10:34:20 GMT <hiten> thanks, I will give it a try

2017-09-01 13:20:21 GMT <douglascrp> morning guys

2017-09-01 13:20:29 GMT <douglascrp> I don't now if you are aware of this project http://www.tsgrp.com/2017/08/14/alfresco-versioning-how-to-make-it-better-with-the-tsg-chain-version-module/

2017-09-01 13:20:29 GMT <MTielemans> morning

2017-09-01 13:20:32 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco Versioning – How to make it better with the TSG Chain Version Module (at www.tsgrp.com)

2017-09-01 13:20:40 GMT <douglascrp> I was thinking, how about trying to implement something like that in the hackathon

2017-09-01 13:22:42 GMT <MTielemans> That looks pretty powerful

2017-09-01 13:23:14 GMT <douglascrp> yes, but it is paid

2017-09-01 13:24:07 GMT <douglascrp> we have a new project that the users want to keep track of the properties for different versions

2017-09-01 13:24:12 GMT <douglascrp> and I see that would do the trick

2017-09-01 13:24:32 GMT <douglascrp> but that solution is, if I understood well, only available for the enterprise version, which I do not have access to

2017-09-01 13:27:36 GMT <douglascrp> MTielemans, do you want to work on that? :D

2017-09-01 14:57:33 GMT <msmj> hi

2017-09-01 14:57:59 GMT <msmj> can i simply restore the db backup from tonight without touching alf_data?

2017-09-01 14:58:17 GMT <MTielemans> douglascrp, I would, but I already have a project :)

2017-09-01 15:02:11 GMT <MorganP> msmj: you technically can but you take the risk to have inconsistencies between the DB and the FileSystem

2017-09-01 15:02:26 GMT <MorganP> Normally a restore consists of three things, the DB, the FileSystem and the Inde

2017-09-01 15:02:28 GMT <MorganP> x

2017-09-01 15:06:03 GMT <msmj> thx MorganP what does this mean in worst case? alfresco wont start or mixup doc version etc?

2017-09-01 15:07:03 GMT <douglascrp> MTielemans, yes, I saw that one

2017-09-01 15:07:07 GMT <msmj> i defintly know that there where some files createt since the last db backup

2017-09-01 15:07:21 GMT <MorganP> If documents were removed from FileSystem but not from DB (since this morning so), the DB will try to access it but there will be no content

2017-09-01 15:07:34 GMT <MorganP> So access to the file present in the Clients will return an error

2017-09-01 15:07:44 GMT <douglascrp> MTielemans, I think I am going to post the idea for the project's page

2017-09-01 15:07:48 GMT <msmj> ok fair enough

2017-09-01 15:08:00 GMT <douglascrp> I hope to see someone else willing to work on this idea

2017-09-01 15:08:31 GMT <MorganP> If there are documents created since this morning on FS, they won't be on the DB

2017-09-01 15:08:40 GMT <MorganP> but that's not important, they will be cleaned at some point

2017-09-01 15:08:44 GMT <douglascrp> MTielemans, that one acting together with this other project https://github.com/Conexiam/alfresco-acl-templates would be powerful

2017-09-01 15:08:45 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - Conexiam/alfresco-acl-templates: Facilitates the creation of multiple named Access Control Lists (ACLs) expressed as JSON which can then be applied to a given node. (at github.com)

2017-09-01 15:09:11 GMT <douglascrp> MarkTielemans, ^

2017-09-01 15:11:04 GMT <msmj> MorganP as far as i understand. if i restore the db , we loose the changes since the last db backup but everthing else should be constisten after ?

2017-09-01 15:12:16 GMT <MorganP> There will be inconsistencies between last db backup and restore

2017-09-01 15:12:26 GMT <MorganP> Everything else is ok

2017-09-01 15:13:01 GMT <msmj> ok

2017-09-01 15:13:06 GMT <msmj> thx a lot

2017-09-01 15:13:11 GMT <msmj> lets pray to god :)

2017-09-01 15:13:18 GMT <MorganP> For a dev, it's not really important

2017-09-01 15:13:49 GMT <MorganP> For a prod, I would personnally not do that :D

2017-09-01 15:14:13 GMT <MorganP> You can find on the FS which files were updated/created since this morning

2017-09-01 15:14:27 GMT <MorganP> these are the files which will have inconsistencies

2017-09-01 15:14:56 GMT <msmj> i had max 3 users working today

2017-09-01 15:15:19 GMT <msmj> so it will be ok to loose this few docs

2017-09-01 15:15:56 GMT <MorganP> The problem isn't really loosing the docs, because they are still on the File System so you can anyway retrieve them and re-upload them back to Alfresco

2017-09-01 15:16:30 GMT <MorganP> The problem is the potential errors because Alfresco can't find the files removed since this morning

2017-09-01 15:17:14 GMT <MarkTielemans> I missed some of the chat so this may have been said, but the most important part is to ensure that your database is in a consistent state and older than your contentstore copy is.

2017-09-01 15:18:03 GMT <MarkTielemans> The best/easiest way to ensure your database is in a consistent state is to shut it down. Even if there's no people working in Alfresco atm, database transactions may for any number of reasons not yet have completed.

2017-09-01 15:19:05 GMT <msmj> ok may error was, i accendently restored an dump from 2days ago on the live db. after 2 sec i ctrl-c after realizing this was shit

2017-09-01 15:19:12 GMT <MarkTielemans> but of course there's no harm in just trying your database dump and see if it works, if you're importing your dump on another machine.

2017-09-01 15:19:27 GMT <msmj> now i have permission failure for some user but they still can see the docs if they have direct link

2017-09-01 15:20:04 GMT <msmj> iam asking here now if i simply can restore the db backup from tonight without abourting and while tomcat is down

2017-09-01 15:21:07 GMT <MarkTielemans> won't any dump from tonight just have the same inconsistencies in it?

2017-09-01 15:22:16 GMT <msmj> no my mistake happend a hour ago

2017-09-01 15:22:27 GMT <msmj> so the dump from tonight should be fine

2017-09-01 15:22:45 GMT <MarkTielemans> ah right. I don't know your timezone, but I assume then the 'dump from tonight' is from before you made the error

2017-09-01 15:22:45 GMT <MorganP> You will probably be fine by restoring the DB

2017-09-01 15:22:51 GMT <MarkTielemans> then you can restore it no problem

2017-09-01 15:22:53 GMT <MorganP> I would just take a look at the logs...

2017-09-01 15:22:59 GMT <MarkTielemans> ^

2017-09-01 15:23:17 GMT <MorganP> And copy the alf_data from today/yesterday to somewhere safe

2017-09-01 15:23:19 GMT <MarkTielemans> Your SOLR indexes are also probably overcomplete, but if you do get errors you might want to reindex.

2017-09-01 15:24:34 GMT <msmj> so in generel i backup the db and after that the filesystem .. everynight. means there is an alf data folder just in case

2017-09-01 15:25:20 GMT <msmj> MorganP MarkTielemans ty a lot

2017-09-01 15:25:39 GMT <msmj> i will try it now (famous last words)

2017-09-01 15:26:58 GMT <MarkTielemans> Haha, gl!

2017-09-01 15:27:00 GMT <MorganP> If you have a backup of both, restore both then

2017-09-01 15:27:15 GMT <MorganP> and the index can be recreated from scratch if there is any issue

2017-09-01 15:27:28 GMT <MorganP> as long as the DB is first

2017-09-01 15:27:55 GMT <msmj> i make db backup 11pm fs comes around 2am

2017-09-01 15:28:25 GMT <MarkTielemans> should be plenty of time between those

2017-09-01 15:28:40 GMT <MarkTielemans> Do you keep Alfresco down from 11PM to 2AM?

2017-09-01 15:28:47 GMT <MarkTielemans> so between those actions

2017-09-01 15:29:16 GMT <msmj> no .. i know its a long timeframe but its because our infrastructure is grown

2017-09-01 15:30:16 GMT <MarkTielemans> yeah I know the issue. So anything changed between 11 and 2 would be in the contentstore backup, but not in your database. I don't suppose that would happen much though :P

2017-09-01 15:30:26 GMT <MarkTielemans> and orphaned contentstore files are no problem

2017-09-01 15:34:56 GMT <msmj> what kind of files are those alf_data/_DEFAULT_/db/9125/89.gz

2017-09-01 15:35:26 GMT <douglascrp> MarkTielemans, ok, I have just included the project idea in the hackathon page

2017-09-01 15:35:45 GMT <MarkTielemans> cool

2017-09-01 15:36:06 GMT <douglascrp> lunch time

2017-09-01 15:36:27 GMT <MarkTielemans> msmj, I don't think those should be at that location really, but the _DEFAULT_ folder makes me think of the temp content folder for solr4. Not sure.

2017-09-01 15:36:59 GMT <MarkTielemans> k now I'm sure. Weird location though.

2017-09-01 15:37:25 GMT <msmj> location is because i made custom install and though this is a good idea

2017-09-01 15:37:36 GMT <MarkTielemans> haha alright

2017-09-01 15:37:48 GMT <msmj> maybe today i would do it the default way

2017-09-01 15:37:48 GMT <MarkTielemans> you need to remove the _DEFAULT_ folder when doing a full SOLR reindex

2017-09-01 15:37:54 GMT <MarkTielemans> along with the indexes and Alfresco models

2017-09-01 15:38:06 GMT <MarkTielemans> default location is in alf_data/solr4/content

2017-09-01 16:21:10 GMT <msmj> MarkTielemans MorganP i restored succesfully with keeping the alf_data folder (safes me a lot of time)

2017-09-01 16:21:22 GMT <MarkTielemans> Awesome!

2017-09-01 16:21:59 GMT <msmj> i figured out the new files on filesystem and some of the are just empty, do u have explanation for this ?

2017-09-01 16:22:18 GMT <MarkTielemans> what files for example are empty?

2017-09-01 16:22:53 GMT <msmj> /alf_data/contentstore/2017/9/1/9/19/69c7bb2d-79f8-4197-aac0-3b6d244986e8.bin

2017-09-01 16:23:30 GMT <msmj> if u see the timestamp it is obviously thats not a user

2017-09-01 16:24:01 GMT <msmj> the file is one of the dead ones beacuse of restore

2017-09-01 16:26:42 GMT <MarkTielemans> strange. File size 0 bytes?

2017-09-01 16:27:34 GMT <msmj> yes

2017-09-01 16:30:42 GMT <MarkTielemans> Weird. It might really be a file with no contents. Like an empty text file. But You're not going to be able to determine the mimetype of a 0 byte file :P

2017-09-01 17:08:54 GMT <msmj> problaby any dump ass file which comes from a windows with mountet samba drive :D

2017-09-01 18:31:17 GMT <jpotts> Hi everyone

2017-09-01 18:31:37 GMT <douglascrp> jpotts, hey

2017-09-01 18:32:10 GMT <jpotts> douglascrp: Do you have time for a question? It is related to something we were talking about a few weeks back

2017-09-01 18:32:19 GMT <douglascrp> jpotts, of course

2017-09-01 18:32:20 GMT <douglascrp> shoot

2017-09-01 18:32:56 GMT <jpotts> I want to gather some data in a form and invoke an action from Share. But I don't want to do this in a doclib action, I want to do this in the Create Menu…

2017-09-01 18:33:08 GMT <jpotts> So I am extending the Alfresco.DocListToolbar

2017-09-01 18:33:14 GMT <douglascrp> ok

2017-09-01 18:33:36 GMT <douglascrp> can you share what you have done so far?

2017-09-01 18:33:39 GMT <jpotts> I've basically grabbed the onNewFolder function and made my own version that uses a SimpleDialog with an action URL

2017-09-01 18:33:49 GMT <douglascrp> right

2017-09-01 18:33:56 GMT <jpotts> Here's the question

2017-09-01 18:34:17 GMT <jpotts> there is a doBeforeDialogShow function that sets the dialog title and header

2017-09-01 18:34:38 GMT <jpotts> but in my version, this returns null Dom.get(p_dialog.id + "-dialogTitle")

2017-09-01 18:35:02 GMT <jpotts> The value of p_dialog.id is fine

2017-09-01 18:35:16 GMT <douglascrp> scope maybe?

2017-09-01 18:36:18 GMT <jpotts> Hmm, that could be

2017-09-01 18:38:21 GMT <jpotts> https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/w61ViauQ8Nci7WN~L6cqrg

2017-09-01 18:38:22 GMT <alfbot> Title: Untitled - Modern Paste (at paste.fedoraproject.org)

2017-09-01 18:38:52 GMT <jpotts> I'm passing this to scope at line 75

2017-09-01 18:39:07 GMT <douglascrp> checking

2017-09-01 18:40:01 GMT <jpotts> lines 49-50 are the ones that have a problem

2017-09-01 18:40:01 GMT <douglascrp> you are defining the AdpJobFolder inside the if

2017-09-01 18:40:02 GMT <douglascrp> if (typeof AdpJobFolder == "undefined" || !AdpJobFolder) {

2017-09-01 18:40:03 GMT <douglascrp> var AdpJobFolder = {};

2017-09-01 18:40:03 GMT <douglascrp> }

2017-09-01 18:40:10 GMT <douglascrp> isn't this be the cause?

2017-09-01 18:40:36 GMT <douglascrp> isn't it be scoped just for the if statement body?

2017-09-01 18:41:23 GMT <jpotts> lines 1 - 3 set up a global

2017-09-01 18:42:26 GMT <jpotts> the dialog works with the code as-is but if I uncomment 49 & 50 it will break due to the dialog and title elements being null

2017-09-01 18:42:59 GMT <jpotts> the dialog "works" means it is displayed and calls my action but does not show a title/header

2017-09-01 18:43:42 GMT <douglascrp> ok, let me take a look at it

2017-09-01 18:48:19 GMT <douglascrp> I see nothing wrong with it... so I am going to check the ootb code just to see what it does

2017-09-01 18:48:38 GMT <jpotts> I feel like I either have the wrong p_dialog.id or I'm not setting up something properly which causes the element to not be added when the form is rendered

2017-09-01 18:49:14 GMT <jpotts> If I inspect the HTML in the dialog when it does come up, there is no element with the id of "*-dialogTitle"

2017-09-01 18:49:19 GMT <jpotts> But there is one for the OOTB dialog

2017-09-01 18:49:19 GMT <douglascrp> jpotts, have you tried to inspect the generated form html in order to check what is different in yours?

2017-09-01 18:49:22 GMT <douglascrp> like, comparing

2017-09-01 18:49:27 GMT <douglascrp> ah, :D

2017-09-01 18:49:33 GMT <jpotts> :)

2017-09-01 18:49:33 GMT <douglascrp> you were quicker than me

2017-09-01 18:49:55 GMT <jpotts> I might do an actual diff, though, that's a good thought

2017-09-01 19:03:49 GMT <jpotts> I think somehow when the out-of-the-box onNewFolder function runs, it knows to use the template that lives here share/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/site-webscripts/org/alfresco/modules/documentlibrary

2017-09-01 19:08:38 GMT <jpotts> I don't have a custom version of that create-folder

2017-09-01 19:09:40 GMT <douglascrp> ok, let me try the ootb version in order to see how that happens

2017-09-01 19:48:03 GMT <jpotts> ah, the form config allows you to specify a "create-form" that points to a template. I can copy the create-folder one into my own name space and modify it, then I'll bet the dialog shows up with the right title and header elements

2017-09-01 19:48:33 GMT <douglascrp> nice

2017-09-01 19:48:46 GMT <douglascrp> can you share the code again when it is done just to check the difference?

2017-09-01 19:48:58 GMT <jpotts> sure, let me get it working

2017-09-01 20:11:40 GMT <jpotts> The JS code doesn't change, it is just a new addition to the share-config that specifies the create-form

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