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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-09-07 00:25:25 GMT <alfbot> xkahn: Sent 2 hours and 26 minutes ago: <resplin> I'm not certain it would help to increase that logging, but it is an idea.

2017-09-07 00:25:26 GMT <alfbot> xkahn: Sent 2 hours and 26 minutes ago: <resplin> I don't know how a defaultAsyncAction29 would map back to the script.

2017-09-07 00:32:17 GMT <xkahn> resplin: Yeah. At least with scheduled actions, I choose the name.

2017-09-07 06:56:25 GMT <monica> hello everyone. anyone have any idea, how to handle the ampersand for searching ?

2017-09-07 06:57:05 GMT <monica> ampersand is not working for searching

2017-09-07 07:40:41 GMT <MorganP> monica: Axel didn't already reply to that question 2 days ago?

2017-09-07 07:48:39 GMT <monica> nope. he suggested me something, that didn't worked.

2017-09-07 07:48:57 GMT <monica> I am trying to check ampersand for searching on OOTB

2017-09-07 07:49:34 GMT <monica> on the fresh installation, I am trying to search files using ampersand. but its not working.

2017-09-07 07:55:43 GMT <jm_> Morning everyone.

2017-09-07 07:58:33 GMT <jm_> QQ: We have a alfresco 5.x setup with cifs etc. configured. We managed to get OS X clients connected via smb but we have several issues with those mac's (10.9/10.11/10.12): connection loss, reconnects, open documents randomly fails (mostly office docs), network performance is poor.

2017-09-07 07:59:40 GMT <jm_> Does anyone have experience with these issues and might have tips for me?

2017-09-07 08:00:28 GMT <Loftux1> jm_: Yes, Alfresco supports very old CIFS protocol only, avoid!

2017-09-07 08:01:37 GMT <jm_> So, basically there is not solution for the problem, right? (But to re-implement CIFS in accordance to possible OS X specifics)

2017-09-07 08:01:38 GMT <Loftux1> jm_: If what you are looking for is mostly MS Office integration, have a look at Alfresco Office Services (AOS)

2017-09-07 08:03:33 GMT <jm_> Loftux1: Unfortunately it is quite mixed - not only MS Office.

2017-09-07 08:05:51 GMT <Loftux1> jm_: https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/REPO-1393

2017-09-07 08:08:44 GMT <Loftux1> jm_: If you are an enterprise customer, and the Sales guy told you about this fancy CIFS support, request that they implement something that works ;)

2017-09-07 08:15:07 GMT *** ChanServ sets mode: +o fcorti

2017-09-07 08:16:27 GMT *** fcorti changes topic to "Alfresco discussion and collaboration. Stick around a few hours after asking a question. Logs: http://chat.alfresco.com Channel help: https://community.alfresco.com/ Official support for Enterprise subscribers: http://support.alfresco.com. Next event is Tech Talk Live #109, the 13th of September about seeing the Alfresco Digital Platform in action: https://youtu.be/3xye9wvtf30."

2017-09-07 08:17:05 GMT <jm_> Loftux1: Thanks for your quick help. I am not a enterprise customer, so no chance :)

2017-09-07 08:29:12 GMT <MorganP> On Mac, you can also use the AOS url to map a drive

2017-09-07 08:29:29 GMT <MorganP> BUT be aware that you will have the .DS_Store and ._ files created on your repository...

2017-09-07 09:47:33 GMT <fwu> hi all

2017-09-07 09:49:13 GMT <monica> hello everyone. I have asked a question regarding searching using ampersand. if anyone have any idea, kindly help.

2017-09-07 09:49:15 GMT <monica> https://community.alfresco.com/message/820753-not-able-to-search-filesfolder-using-ampersand

2017-09-07 09:49:17 GMT <alfbot> Title: not able to search files/folder using ampersand... | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-09-07 12:16:37 GMT <manu__> hey anyone dere

2017-09-07 12:19:39 GMT <manu__> I am trying to call the call the success call back function inside the jsonGet method and trying to access the variable "size " and "noOfFiles" outside the JsonGet method but it is showing undefined outside the jsonGet method

2017-09-07 12:20:01 GMT <manu__> my code is as follows

2017-09-07 12:20:16 GMT <manu__> https://pastebin.com/ShL9EgrX

2017-09-07 12:20:17 GMT <alfbot> Title: hasCustomType.js - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-09-07 12:21:37 GMT <manu__> I have also tried to put $.ajax method and using async:false to make the $.ajax method to be synchronous and thus access the variables outside the $.ajax method

2017-09-07 12:22:01 GMT <manu__> but it still showing undefined

2017-09-07 12:37:32 GMT <Loftux1> How to you delete a replicated document on the target server? I've done tests with replication, and now want to remove the replicated content. Seem to be no way to force delete, even tried the /alfresco node browser

2017-09-07 12:45:20 GMT <Loftux1> Figured it out, after using unlock in /alfresco node browser I could force delete. But also had to unlock the thumbnails. Luckily it was just 5 documents.

2017-09-07 13:07:51 GMT *** qwebirc29590 is now known as Jerome1234

2017-09-07 13:08:11 GMT <Jerome1234> good morning... anyone around?

2017-09-07 13:09:19 GMT <Jerome1234> or more specifically... anyone around that has successfully debugged an index that's stuck on a node (and then ends up eating all the memory and killing the server)?

2017-09-07 13:32:07 GMT <AFaust> manu__: Why don't you just use parameter when calling printSize instead of relying on enclosing scope variables for the transfer?

2017-09-07 13:32:46 GMT <AFaust> Jerome1234: Are you talking about Lucene or SOLR index?

2017-09-07 13:41:45 GMT <Jerome1234> hi

2017-09-07 13:41:46 GMT <Jerome1234> SOLR

2017-09-07 13:43:14 GMT <Jerome1234> if I look at the Store Tracking Status in Alfresco admin it's basically stuck... "Approx Transactions to Index" is stuck (on 11,684... so we're wayyy behind)

2017-09-07 13:44:05 GMT <Jerome1234> i think it's stuck on a piece of data in the repository, but have no way to tell what or how. I've tried clearing the index and building from scratch, but it still gets stuck.

2017-09-07 13:58:33 GMT <jpotts> Here's one for the Share customization gurus…

2017-09-07 13:59:43 GMT <jpotts> I'm trying to selectively remove items from the Create menu based on some information about the current node. I have overridden documentlist-v2.get.js and I have my own client-side DocListToolbar JavaScript

2017-09-07 14:00:54 GMT <jpotts> I can either make some decisions on the server side and pass that along to the toolbar widget through the options, or I can make a call from the client-side to decide whether or not to allow the create menu items to get added

2017-09-07 14:01:06 GMT <jpotts> The problem is I can't find the node ref

2017-09-07 14:01:10 GMT <jpotts> In either place

2017-09-07 14:02:39 GMT <jpotts> I see that the client-side code has this.doclistMetadata.parent, but that does not appear to be set early enough

2017-09-07 14:04:40 GMT <Loftux> jpotts: I have a "create custom folder" in that menu, and get destination from: var destination = this.doclistMetadata.parent.nodeRef;

2017-09-07 14:05:48 GMT <Loftux> oh, you have seen that one

2017-09-07 14:05:57 GMT <jpotts> I've seen that. For some reason, this.doclistMetadata.parent is undefined

2017-09-07 14:06:56 GMT <Loftux> jpotts: Yes that one is in the actual "onCreate" so probably not available.

2017-09-07 14:07:07 GMT <jpotts> Exactly

2017-09-07 14:08:32 GMT <AFaust> Jerome1234: SOLR should not get stuck on anything - if there is an error with a node it should be skipped.

2017-09-07 14:08:40 GMT * jpotts stifles the urge to go on an anti-Share rant

2017-09-07 14:09:55 GMT <AFaust> Good, good. I can feel your anger.

2017-09-07 14:10:00 GMT <AFaust> Let the hate flow through you...

2017-09-07 14:10:09 GMT <jpotts> Father?

2017-09-07 14:10:33 GMT <AFaust> Father? I don't think Darth Sidious / Emperor Palpatine had offspring...

2017-09-07 14:11:09 GMT <jpotts> Oh oops

2017-09-07 14:11:36 GMT <AFaust> In the Legends universe he had a clone of him made a couple of times, transfered his "spirit" to it and re-conquered part of the galaxy before being defeated again. At one time he even pulled Luke over to the Dark Side temporarily, which he failed to do the first time...

2017-09-07 14:11:37 GMT <Loftux> jpotts: You may have to overwrite the onUserAccess

2017-09-07 14:12:55 GMT <Loftux> jpotts: The risk if this being updated in Share is minimal, so just overwrite with prototype

2017-09-07 14:15:38 GMT <jpotts> Loftux: Okay, I'll try that route

2017-09-07 15:17:53 GMT <fwu> ppl, I add the document previewer to my workflow tasks. It seems the previewer code is expecting a noderef parameter in the url. Is there a unique point in Alfresco where I can add this info (because I may open the edit/view workflow tasks from some addons (not only from the task list); or would be better to make a custom copy of the previewer in my custom addon?

2017-09-07 15:18:19 GMT <fwu> Please note that I just want the previewer to open the first document of the documents list associated to the workflow.

2017-09-07 16:07:01 GMT <Jerome1234> AFaust, thanks for the response. It's definitely getting stuck on something, and I'd like for it not to be. :(

2017-09-07 16:16:45 GMT <AFaust> Jerome1234: Have you checked that there is not a stuck process on the Repository tier on which SOLR is waiting? E.g. a document transformation... Also, I am still not sure how SOLR being stuck would lead to it eating all the memory. Do you have a heap dump from an out of memory error to analyse?

2017-09-07 20:50:16 GMT <xkahn> resplin: turned out to be an extension we have installed.

2017-09-07 20:50:35 GMT <xkahn> resplin: Thanks for your help

2017-09-07 21:14:49 GMT <resplin> ~later tell xkahn How did you figure out which extension it was?

2017-09-07 21:14:49 GMT <alfbot> resplin: The operation succeeded.

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