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2017-09-26 05:48:13 GMT <syed_> hi

2017-09-26 05:53:40 GMT <syed_> The error 'max upload limit exceeds' I was getting while uploading documents from custom UI into alfresco is due to the maxUploadsize set in spring bean multipartResolver. Now after increasing the size its working fine.

2017-09-26 06:16:53 GMT <yreg> douglascrp, you can not change parameters, but you can push refresh to list jobs, and then hit stop to stop the job you like

2017-09-26 06:17:05 GMT <yreg> if you clear the list you won't be able to do that

2017-09-26 08:11:22 GMT <Sandeep_> Hai Everyone, i need help. is it possible to use two or more ldap.authentication.java.naming.provider.url=ldap://ipaddress1:389 , ldap.authentication.java.naming.provider.url=ldap://ipaddress2:389 like this. can anyone help me please.

2017-09-26 08:12:22 GMT <angelborroy> http://docs.alfresco.com/community/tasks/auth-example-twoldap-ad.html

2017-09-26 08:12:23 GMT <alfbot> Title: Example: authentication and synchronization with two ldap-ad subsystems | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-09-26 08:17:42 GMT <Sandeep_> angelborroy: Hai Sir, is it possible to use like this ldap.authentication.java.naming.provider.url=ldap://ipaddress1:389 , ldap://ipaddress2:389 . if one AD server down another sever need to be up. can you please suggest me.

2017-09-26 08:17:56 GMT <angelborroy> please, read the link I gave you

2017-09-26 09:20:41 GMT <MorganP> Hello guys

2017-09-26 09:20:55 GMT <MorganP> When you need an audit overview, which tool do you use mainly?

2017-09-26 10:34:41 GMT <fwu> hello all

2017-09-26 10:49:13 GMT <douglascrp> good morning all

2017-09-26 10:49:16 GMT <douglascrp> yreg, thank you

2017-09-26 11:23:47 GMT <fcorti> Hi all

2017-09-26 11:23:51 GMT <fcorti> Now it's official

2017-09-26 11:23:52 GMT <fcorti> https://twitter.com/Alfresco/status/912637644856811520

2017-09-26 11:24:02 GMT <fcorti> Alfresco DevCon will happen again in 2018

2017-09-26 11:27:15 GMT <MTielemans> Woo! o/

2017-09-26 11:28:46 GMT <fcorti> More details available here

2017-09-26 11:28:47 GMT <fcorti> https://community.alfresco.com/community/devcon

2017-09-26 11:28:49 GMT <alfbot> Title: DevCon 2018 | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-09-26 13:22:03 GMT <fwu> ppl, this could be a strange question, but is there any way to list in a datalist filed data from other datalist?

2017-09-26 13:23:19 GMT <fwu> I ask this because, I started with simple datalist where users would enter code and description data. But now I need a relation datalist between two datalist, where in the third datalist I will only have codes.

2017-09-26 13:23:59 GMT <fwu> but users will not be able to populate this third datalist using only codes. So I would like to present them the description, althoug the code would be associated with that field in the datalist.

2017-09-26 13:26:31 GMT <yreg> fwu, checkout the value assistance addon

2017-09-26 13:26:51 GMT <yreg> You will need to make some adjustments but it will work without much effort

2017-09-26 13:37:57 GMT <kgastaldo> Hi All - I'm sure you've seen the announcement, but Francesco and I will be hanging out here for a bit, if you have questions on DevCon!

2017-09-26 13:44:58 GMT <fwu> yreg, as far as I know value assistance is for presenting dropdowns in forms with data from datalist. My problem is to present data from datalist inside the datalist... :(

2017-09-26 13:45:58 GMT <fwu> A datalist is a type. So I dont know if I may define a property of it that it is a type elsewhere and present that as a dropdown inside a cell of a datalist.

2017-09-26 13:46:54 GMT <Loftux> kgastaldo: Ok. did you check weather statistics? http://www.holiday-weather.com/lisbon/averages/january/ If I travel in January from freezing cold Stockholm I expect shorts weather ;)

2017-09-26 13:46:55 GMT <alfbot> Title: January Weather Averages for Lisbon, Portugal (at www.holiday-weather.com)

2017-09-26 14:40:19 GMT <Tichodroma> I am trying to prevent a call of nodeService.addChild to modify cm:modifier of the child node. Wrapping this call in a transaction and a behaviour disable/enable of ContentModel.ASPECT_AUDITABLE has no effect, cm:modifier is changed

2017-09-26 14:40:26 GMT <Tichodroma> Any idea how to prevent this?

2017-09-26 14:43:11 GMT <angelborroy> Tichodroma I remember I made something similar time ago

2017-09-26 14:43:42 GMT <angelborroy> FInally I decided to keep initial value and to restore it again after modifications

2017-09-26 14:44:12 GMT <angelborroy> I don’t remember the right sequence for this, but “auditable” approach was discarded

2017-09-26 14:45:14 GMT <Tichodroma> :(

2017-09-26 14:45:58 GMT <Tichodroma> I could try to set cm:modifier back to the original, that's an idea

2017-09-26 14:53:36 GMT <kgastaldo> @Loftux - We were given the budget for January, so we went as warm as we could! Fingers crossed for shorts weather.

2017-09-26 14:55:39 GMT <resplin> I was told that Swedes where shorts whenever it is above zero Celsius.

2017-09-26 14:55:50 GMT <resplin> *wear* shorts

2017-09-26 14:56:11 GMT <angelborroy> resplin I was working in Finland during December and January

2017-09-26 14:56:31 GMT <angelborroy> Everyone in the office ride a bycicle everyday to get to the office

2017-09-26 14:56:40 GMT <angelborroy> but me (obviously)

2017-09-26 14:56:41 GMT <alex_mukha> Hi Tichodroma,

2017-09-26 14:56:41 GMT <alex_mukha> The disabling of behaviour should work. If it doesn't and that can be proved by a unit test, please contribute to https://github.com/Alfresco/alfresco-repository

2017-09-26 14:56:42 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - Alfresco/alfresco-repository (at github.com)

2017-09-26 14:57:13 GMT <angelborroy> alex_mukha the problem is WHEN to disable the behaviour

2017-09-26 14:57:35 GMT <angelborroy> as is not triggered inside a policy hook

2017-09-26 14:57:52 GMT <resplin> Isn't there an official health advisory that says Spaniards should stay out of Nordic countries in the winter? Spaniards require a certain amount of sun every day?

2017-09-26 14:57:55 GMT <resplin> grin

2017-09-26 14:58:05 GMT <angelborroy> probably combining two diferente behaviours (first for disabling and a second for enabling) could work

2017-09-26 14:59:10 GMT <angelborroy> resplin you’re right, for us is completely normal to go out from office at 8 PM having natural light in the streets

2017-09-26 14:59:41 GMT <angelborroy> and this is true even in Autumn!

2017-09-26 15:00:27 GMT <alex_mukha> I would advice getting the behaviour filter from Spring ("policyBehaviourFilter" bean)

2017-09-26 15:00:27 GMT <alex_mukha> and then use something like

2017-09-26 15:00:27 GMT <alex_mukha> policyBehaviourFilter.disableBehaviour(ContentModel.ASPECT_AUDITABLE);

2017-09-26 15:00:27 GMT <alex_mukha> try

2017-09-26 15:00:27 GMT <alex_mukha> {

2017-09-26 15:00:27 GMT <alex_mukha> // your code here

2017-09-26 15:00:27 GMT <alex_mukha> }

2017-09-26 15:00:28 GMT <alex_mukha> finally

2017-09-26 15:00:28 GMT <alex_mukha> {

2017-09-26 15:00:29 GMT <alex_mukha> policyBehaviourFilter.enableBehaviour(ContentModel.ASPECT_AUDITABLE);

2017-09-26 15:00:29 GMT <alex_mukha> }

2017-09-26 15:00:53 GMT <angelborroy> alex_mukha right

2017-09-26 15:00:56 GMT <angelborroy> but when

2017-09-26 15:01:19 GMT <angelborroy> http://dev.alfresco.com/resource/docs/java/org/alfresco/repo/node/NodeServicePolicies.html

2017-09-26 15:01:20 GMT <alfbot> Title: NodeServicePolicies (Alfresco 5.3.a-SNAPSHOT API) (at dev.alfresco.com)

2017-09-26 15:02:24 GMT <angelborroy> ?

2017-09-26 15:11:01 GMT <alex_mukha> The example above is using class name as a filter to disable specific modifications during "touchNode" operations in the NodeDAO

2017-09-26 15:11:01 GMT <alex_mukha> The link you pasted is describing how to subscribe to specific events which is not about disabling the behaviours. Maybe I didn't get the question, sorry...

2017-09-26 15:11:49 GMT <angelborroy> alex_mukha I (and I guess that also Tichodroma) are missing when to disable and enable the behaviour

2017-09-26 15:12:14 GMT <angelborroy> Imagine you wan to disable only cm:modifier auditable for every operation in Alfresco

2017-09-26 15:12:21 GMT <alex_mukha> Disable it before adding a child and enable after you have done it

2017-09-26 15:12:37 GMT <angelborroy> ok, this can be a starting point

2017-09-26 15:13:04 GMT <angelborroy> So this one http://dev.alfresco.com/resource/docs/java/org/alfresco/repo/node/NodeServicePolicies.OnCreateChildAssociationPolicy.html

2017-09-26 15:13:05 GMT <alfbot> Title: NodeServicePolicies.OnCreateChildAssociationPolicy (Alfresco 5.3.a-SNAPSHOT API) (at dev.alfresco.com)

2017-09-26 15:13:15 GMT <douglascrp> yreg, are you using the value assistance addon?

2017-09-26 15:14:41 GMT <Tichodroma> alex_mukha: I know about the behaviourFilter. Sadly what you advise is not enough in my case where I use nodeService.addChild

2017-09-26 15:16:07 GMT <alex_mukha> Tichodroma, could you please create a unit test highlighting the issue?

2017-09-26 15:16:33 GMT <Tichodroma> alex_mukha: sure, but it will be complex ;)

2017-09-26 15:16:54 GMT <yreg> douglascrp, yes, I use it for a couple of projects

2017-09-26 15:17:06 GMT <angelborroy> Tichodroma what about extending / modifying auditable fields?

2017-09-26 15:18:08 GMT <alex_mukha> Tichodroma :) it would be a lot easier to help you if there would an example

2017-09-26 15:18:09 GMT <alex_mukha> A pull request to Alfresco would be perfect

2017-09-26 15:19:30 GMT <douglascrp> yreg, ah, right... I think you (or someone working with you) were dealing with a problem when combining it with uploader plus

2017-09-26 15:19:34 GMT <Tichodroma> alex_mukha: A good issue tracker of Alfresco (the company) and something like an official way to contribute would be nice, too :)

2017-09-26 15:19:35 GMT <yreg> Tichodroma, I am not sure, but I think this is meant for controling that : https://github.com/Alfresco/alfresco-repository/blob/develop/src/main/resources/alfresco/repository.properties#L193

2017-09-26 15:19:36 GMT <alfbot> Title: alfresco-repository/repository.properties at develop · Alfresco/alfresco-repository · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-09-26 15:19:40 GMT <douglascrp> and talking about that, was that fixed?

2017-09-26 15:20:12 GMT <yreg> Tichodroma, it is all there, let me look up the post from community.alfresco.com

2017-09-26 15:20:25 GMT <Tichodroma> yreg: "it" being what?

2017-09-26 15:21:04 GMT <alex_mukha> https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-6269-submitting-contributions - that is the guide :)

2017-09-26 15:21:06 GMT <alfbot> Title: Submitting Contributions | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-09-26 15:21:42 GMT <yreg> Tichodroma, https://community.alfresco.com/community/ecm/tags#/?tags=community contributions

2017-09-26 15:21:44 GMT <alfbot> Title: Tags | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-09-26 15:21:50 GMT <yreg> Tichodroma, https://community.alfresco.com/community/ecm/tags#/?tags=community%20contributions

2017-09-26 15:21:51 GMT <alfbot> Title: Tags | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-09-26 15:22:48 GMT <alex_mukha> Tichodroma, If you find the guide not clear or not useful let resplin know. We can tweak the process if there issues there

2017-09-26 15:25:27 GMT <Tichodroma> sure, but right now I try to find the root cause of my problem. I can submit an issue as soon as I know what the problem is.

2017-09-26 15:26:50 GMT <alex_mukha> no pressure :)

2017-09-26 15:26:50 GMT <alex_mukha> just saying it would be easier to help with an example

2017-09-26 16:11:48 GMT <fwu> ppl is there any default service or addon to get items from a datalist where one can specify the fields/columns to return and some column filter?

2017-09-26 17:09:56 GMT <fwu> ppl, in a ftl I have a variable which is value pair of item. Hot to return them in a ftl? Do I only need to write the name of the variable in the ftl?

2017-09-26 17:10:10 GMT <fwu> hot=how...

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