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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-10-12 06:22:23 GMT <Joyson> Hi Guys,

2017-10-12 06:22:31 GMT <Joyson> Is there any way that I can update created by property of a file / node ?

2017-10-12 06:22:42 GMT <Joyson> Are there any java or cmis api's available to update it ?

2017-10-12 06:48:01 GMT <yreg> Joyson, you simply need to deactivate behaviours for the auditable aspect, then you can easily fiddle with those properties

2017-10-12 06:58:18 GMT <Joyson> Thanks yreg, I'll try that

2017-10-12 07:21:00 GMT <qwebirc59423> Hi Guys, I am trying to upload a new version of the document and the pop shows Unexpected error occurred during upload of new content

2017-10-12 07:21:07 GMT <qwebirc59423> Here is the full stack trace https://pastebin.com/pSZNawZa

2017-10-12 07:21:08 GMT <alfbot> Title: Error while uploading new version of the file - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-10-12 07:25:35 GMT <Tichodroma> "Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: userName is a mandatory parameter"

2017-10-12 07:25:41 GMT <Tichodroma> Who is doing the upload?

2017-10-12 07:32:42 GMT <qwebirc59423> User who created the file

2017-10-12 07:33:37 GMT <qwebirc59423> is this a permission issue ? after inspecting all the properties I found out that Creator property is null

2017-10-12 07:47:28 GMT <alfbot> AFaust: Sent 2 days, 22 hours, and 40 minutes ago: <yreg> that delete solr models and restart does not seem to be working

2017-10-12 07:47:29 GMT <alfbot> AFaust: Sent 2 days, 21 hours, and 7 minutes ago: <yreg> it turned out someone got the briliant idea some time ago to redeploy the document model to the data dictionary (probably that was automatically done via model console) and that resulted in what I was experiencing

2017-10-12 07:47:30 GMT <alfbot> AFaust: Sent 2 days, 21 hours, and 6 minutes ago: <yreg> All I needed to do is 1- use Care4alf to delete the active model (risky but OK) 2- Delete the model file from Data Dictionary/models 3- and then do as you suggested

2017-10-12 07:48:50 GMT <AFaust> yreg: Deploying a model to data dictionary is a crime against sanity...

2017-10-12 07:49:42 GMT <AFaust> But yes, done via model console, which I prefer to never use. Come to think of it, I should probably create myself a common WAR build definition for my Maven setup that already removes that tool from the admin console

2017-10-12 07:51:14 GMT <yreg> AFaust, hehe

2017-10-12 09:18:25 GMT <yreg> ~later tell douglascrp ping

2017-10-12 09:18:25 GMT <alfbot> yreg: The operation succeeded.

2017-10-12 09:49:57 GMT *** ChanServ sets mode: +o fcorti

2017-10-12 09:51:39 GMT *** fcorti changes topic to "Alfresco discussion and collaboration. Stick around a few hours after asking a question. Logs: http://chat.alfresco.com Channel help: https://community.alfresco.com/ Official support for Enterprise subscribers: http://support.alfresco.com. Next event is Office Hours, the 17th of October, on applying to speak to DevCon 2018: https://youtu.be/Qfq_0YSdI3o."

2017-10-12 09:52:32 GMT <fcorti> Hello

2017-10-12 09:52:58 GMT <fcorti> Are you considering to apply to speak at Alfresco DevCon 2018?

2017-10-12 09:53:28 GMT <fcorti> Do you have something (technical) to share with other developers, DevOps, Architects?

2017-10-12 09:53:51 GMT <fcorti> If this is the case, you should attend the Office Hours below.

2017-10-12 09:53:52 GMT <fcorti> https://youtu.be/Qfq_0YSdI3o

2017-10-12 10:00:31 GMT <tanwarm> hello everyone. the "Create User" button is not working while creating a new user. after filling all details, when I click on either "Create User" or "Create and Start another" button, nothing happens. anybody have any idea where should I check for this issue.

2017-10-12 10:52:25 GMT <DarkStar1> Hi everyone.

2017-10-12 10:53:00 GMT <DarkStar1> ~bmeijas ping

2017-10-12 10:53:00 GMT <alfbot> DarkStar1: Error: "bmeijas" is not a valid command.

2017-10-12 10:53:07 GMT <DarkStar1> ~later tell bmeijas ping

2017-10-12 10:53:07 GMT <alfbot> DarkStar1: The operation succeeded.

2017-10-12 11:10:46 GMT <hiten> Hi All

2017-10-12 11:11:40 GMT <hiten> I want to override the share-header.lib.js

2017-10-12 11:11:41 GMT <hiten> file

2017-10-12 11:12:14 GMT <hiten> I know that it can't be extended so I have overridden the webscript calling the lib file

2017-10-12 11:13:02 GMT <hiten> I want to know how can I specify in the extended share-header.get.js webscript controller to pick the custom lib

2017-10-12 11:15:46 GMT <hiten> just to clarify that I have extended the webscript share-header.get.js and now I want that it calls the custom lib file rather than the OOTB lib file

2017-10-12 11:16:31 GMT <hiten> I know that using @makrup tag can be used for client side javascript in the ftl

2017-10-12 11:16:53 GMT <hiten> but not sure about the controller

2017-10-12 12:12:48 GMT <mtsiak> hi all. i can browse https://mydomain/alfresco/webdav/Sites, but i cannot map an network drive to wedbav

2017-10-12 12:14:37 GMT <mtsiak> i am trying with \\mydomain@8080\alfresco\webdav\

2017-10-12 12:15:01 GMT <mtsiak> but my credentionals does not seem to work.

2017-10-12 12:16:05 GMT <mtsiak> we have apache2 as proxy, shiboleth2 for authentication.

2017-10-12 12:17:57 GMT <mtsiak> on windows i get the "Network erro: windows cannot access \\... "

2017-10-12 12:18:28 GMT <mtsiak> Any ideas what should i check?

2017-10-12 12:20:42 GMT <mtsiak> with \\mydomain\alfresco\webdav\ -my credentials are not accepted. is it possible to have sso and webdav?

2017-10-12 12:21:07 GMT <mtsiak> what logs could i check?

2017-10-12 12:32:33 GMT <yreg> mtsiak, you need ssl I suppose

2017-10-12 12:33:00 GMT <yreg> or to tweak some regiteries in your clients

2017-10-12 12:33:09 GMT <yreg> client os **

2017-10-12 12:35:15 GMT <mtsiak> \\mydomain@SSH\alfresco\webdav\ also "network error"

2017-10-12 12:35:35 GMT <yreg> mtsiak, ssl as in secure socket layer

2017-10-12 12:35:47 GMT <yreg> https

2017-10-12 12:36:26 GMT <mtsiak> e.g ?

2017-10-12 12:36:44 GMT <yreg> mtsiak, what about http://mydomain:8080/alfresco/webdav/ does it work from network browser ?

2017-10-12 12:37:28 GMT <yreg> web browser **

2017-10-12 12:40:47 GMT <mtsiak> nop 8080..

2017-10-12 12:41:04 GMT <yreg> are you sure webdav is enabled

2017-10-12 12:42:05 GMT <yreg> http://docs.alfresco.com/5.0/concepts/troubleshoot-webdav.html

2017-10-12 12:42:06 GMT <alfbot> Title: Troubleshooting WebDAV | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-10-12 12:42:09 GMT <mtsiak> 443 works, https://mydomain/alfresco/webdav/

2017-10-12 12:42:27 GMT <yreg> mtsiak, perfect

2017-10-12 12:42:42 GMT <yreg> then \\mydomain@SSL\alfresco\webdav\ should work as well

2017-10-12 12:42:53 GMT <yreg> can you confirm ?

2017-10-12 12:44:16 GMT <yreg> \\mydomain@SSL\alfresco\aos\ is a different webdav endpoint but I do not recall what exactly differs from the other endpoint

2017-10-12 12:45:54 GMT <mtsiak> network error on ..\aos

2017-10-12 12:46:04 GMT <mtsiak> https://pastebin.com/iitbWLMt

2017-10-12 12:46:05 GMT <alfbot> Title: <Location /alfresco/webdav> AuthType shibboleth - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-10-12 12:46:27 GMT <mtsiak> this is a part of apache2 sites enabled

2017-10-12 12:47:34 GMT <mtsiak> i get the window to set my credentials only when trying to map \\mydomain\alfresco\webdav\Sites

2017-10-12 12:48:40 GMT <mtsiak> is there any connection with the authentication chain setting?

2017-10-12 12:49:46 GMT <mtsiak> authentication.chain=external1:external,ldap1:ldap,alfrescoNtlm1:alfrescoNtlm

2017-10-12 12:50:02 GMT <mtsiak> should i contain: system.webdav.servlet.enabled=true ?

2017-10-12 13:06:02 GMT <mtsiak> is there any difference on 5.2 ? cause webdav is not working after the upgrade.

2017-10-12 13:06:08 GMT <mtsiak> (and cmis.. )

2017-10-12 14:42:45 GMT <mtsiak> it seems that 8009 listens on tcp6 ip.. although we have set -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true

2017-10-12 14:43:04 GMT <mtsiak> could this be the problem with weddav ?

2017-10-12 14:44:19 GMT <mtsiak> also our 8443 connector is set to address=""

2017-10-12 14:54:56 GMT <yreg> Guys, when you have users with various locales accessing Alfresco

2017-10-12 14:55:36 GMT <yreg> have you ever ended up having inconsistent search results for fields of d:text (not mltext)

2017-10-12 14:55:54 GMT <AxelFaust> mtsiak: Any reason for preferring IPv4 stack in the first place? It is 2017, IPv6 is the standard / default nowadays...

2017-10-12 14:56:10 GMT <AxelFaust> yreg: Yes, especially with ASS

2017-10-12 14:56:13 GMT <yreg> I have this instance showing different results in be_NL than in en_US

2017-10-12 14:56:30 GMT <yreg> AxelFaust, I am on 5.1.1 / solr4

2017-10-12 14:57:10 GMT <yreg> Not sure what's the way to go and if adding cm:name along with all metadata in shared.properties in solr would solve my issue

2017-10-12 14:57:46 GMT <AxelFaust> Ok, then the issues of ASS do not apply. But you still have the issue of locale-dependent indexing, i.e. you may get better results when searching in the locale that the document was created with than when using a different locale.

2017-10-12 14:58:25 GMT <yreg> AxelFaust, do you have a shared.properties template you could share with me to test?

2017-10-12 14:58:47 GMT <AxelFaust> I.e. if you search in the locale of the content, you can find matches both in the unlocalised and localised index fields. When you search with a different locale, you'll likely only find matches in the unlocalised index field

2017-10-12 14:58:47 GMT <yreg> well the issue is also showing when searching using the exact filename

2017-10-12 14:59:00 GMT <yreg> (and forcing it to go through solr)

2017-10-12 14:59:06 GMT <AxelFaust> Exact filename => Why not TMQ?

2017-10-12 14:59:13 GMT <AxelFaust> Ah, ok, SOLR enforced

2017-10-12 14:59:25 GMT <yreg> in en_US you get the file in be_NL you don't

2017-10-12 14:59:49 GMT <yreg> this is just a reproducer, we do not always have TMQ compatible queries

2017-10-12 14:59:53 GMT <AxelFaust> Had this issue once too, but with a Lucene customer...

2017-10-12 15:00:42 GMT <AxelFaust> Would have to have a look at index to properly understand...

2017-10-12 15:01:40 GMT <hi-ko> yreg: take a look on our patch

2017-10-12 15:02:24 GMT <hi-ko> https://github.com/ecm4u/alfresco-ce-repository/tree/5.2.g-patched

2017-10-12 15:02:25 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - ecm4u/alfresco-ce-repository at 5.2.g-patched (at github.com)

2017-10-12 15:03:08 GMT <hi-ko> yreg: did you change somewhen locale on the server?

2017-10-12 15:04:18 GMT <hi-ko> yreg: sorry: seen to late _not_ mltext , so forget for the patch

2017-10-12 15:07:01 GMT <hi-ko> yreg: sounds like different analyser depending on browser locale? I thought this has been gone since solr?

2017-10-12 15:07:46 GMT <hi-ko> AxelFaust: wtf is ASS?

2017-10-12 15:09:08 GMT <hi-ko> yreg: which solr version?

2017-10-12 15:09:45 GMT <yreg> hi-ko, solr4 EE5.1.1.4

2017-10-12 15:10:20 GMT <yreg> hi-ko, https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-21940

2017-10-12 15:10:29 GMT <AxelFaust> hi-ko: Alfresco Search Services

2017-10-12 15:11:40 GMT <AxelFaust> Someone did not consider the acronym when naming that product. And why should I not do my part to ensure the acronym sticks and they are frequently reminded?

2017-10-12 15:11:45 GMT <yreg> this is the issue with ASS, Alfresco tries to optimize performance and messes up search results for systems with multi-locale user base

2017-10-12 15:12:45 GMT <AxelFaust> hi-ko: There are still different analyzers for different locales, otherwise you couldn't handle stemming etc. properly

2017-10-12 15:13:58 GMT <AxelFaust> We still have the datatype analyzers in https://github.com/Alfresco/alfresco-data-model/tree/master/src/main/resources/alfresco/model

2017-10-12 15:13:59 GMT <alfbot> Title: alfresco-data-model/src/main/resources/alfresco/model at master · Alfresco/alfresco-data-model · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-10-12 15:14:13 GMT <AxelFaust> And SOLR internally uses them

2017-10-12 15:14:36 GMT <hi-ko> AxelFaust: it's a long time I digged in this but when introducing solr Alfresco had only support for english which was good since all the alalysers are not compatible nor what users expect

2017-10-12 15:15:00 GMT <AxelFaust> If that was the case, it must have been for a very short time...

2017-10-12 15:15:24 GMT <AxelFaust> I have not known SOLR without locale-specific analyzers

2017-10-12 15:19:35 GMT <AxelFaust> AlfrescoAnalyserWrapper creates MLAnalyser, which internally uses the mentioned analyzer resources

2017-10-12 15:22:56 GMT <AxelFaust> Oh - the MLAnalyser class is implemented differently for ASS

2017-10-12 15:23:19 GMT <AxelFaust> Looks like that no longer uses these analyzer definitions...

2017-10-12 15:43:39 GMT <hi-ko> we had a module once for luce to strip down locale specific hehavior to only a few diferences and on one combined stoplist since there is no mechanism available to get the main language of a document.

2017-10-12 16:21:19 GMT <yreg> guys has any one added more actions to the package items document list before ?

2017-10-12 17:12:10 GMT <AxelFaust> yreg: Yes, when I was working @PRODYNA. This actually was a new association.ftl variant that used document list to render items, so you could add any action you'd like

2017-10-12 17:12:35 GMT <AxelFaust> A bit too complex to tell you how to do it via IRC though...

2017-10-12 17:13:27 GMT <AxelFaust> I also did a smaller addition of a single action once, but too long ago to remember (it was for my first DevCon talk at DevCon Berlin in 2012)

2017-10-12 22:05:47 GMT <qwebirc50593> Hi... if anybody is there

2017-10-12 22:06:03 GMT <qwebirc50593> quick question

2017-10-12 22:06:20 GMT <qwebirc50593> how is it possible that even if I have disabled all the behaviours using

2017-10-12 22:06:31 GMT <qwebirc50593> behaviourFilter.disableBehaviour();

2017-10-12 22:06:51 GMT <qwebirc50593> when I set a property on a node, a new version gets generated ?

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