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2017-10-26 05:40:55 GMT <monica> Hello eveyone. anybody have any idea about these two entries : server.maxusers=20 server.allowedusers=admin,toni,bill (empty for all) will it work to set a limit to add users in alfresco, if I put these entries in alfresco-global.properties file ?

2017-10-26 06:31:53 GMT <_david_____> morning!

2017-10-26 06:32:17 GMT <_david_____> where's the template for the email a new user gets when they are provisioned via CSV file?

2017-10-26 06:42:18 GMT <yreg> david_____, if there is an email template, it should be under Data dictionary/Email templates

2017-10-26 06:44:33 GMT <MorganP> new-user-email.html.ftl ?

2017-10-26 06:45:34 GMT <MorganP> But I don't think the csv import does send an email

2017-10-26 06:46:52 GMT <yreg> Morning Channal !

2017-10-26 06:46:57 GMT <yreg> channel*

2017-10-26 06:48:04 GMT <MorganP> I haven't used the csv import since 2013 so maybe it does...

2017-10-26 06:48:08 GMT <MorganP> Hello yreg

2017-10-26 07:09:36 GMT <david_____> yreg, MorganP I'm checking over there right now, but I can't find it... maybe there's a fixed default inside some class?

2017-10-26 07:10:53 GMT <yreg> david_____, that would surprise me !

2017-10-26 07:12:44 GMT <david_____> yreg, yeah, but...

2017-10-26 07:17:00 GMT <david_____> I only have: activities, Document Change Notification, Following Email Templates, invite, Invite Email Templates, Notify Email Templates, and Workflow Notification

2017-10-26 07:17:25 GMT <david_____> and none of those look like the email new users get

2017-10-26 07:17:36 GMT <yreg> david_____, as MorganP I think emails are only sent when you invite people to sites or something

2017-10-26 07:17:52 GMT <yreg> importing a CSV does not send notifications ootb

2017-10-26 07:18:25 GMT <MorganP> david_____: the one I mentioned is in the invite folder I think

2017-10-26 07:18:41 GMT <MorganP> don't ask me why

2017-10-26 07:18:45 GMT <david_____> well, now it does... you get an email saying you have been added to Alfresco, the URI and your credentials... that's the one I want to change a bit to add support information

2017-10-26 07:19:07 GMT <MorganP> Check inside the invite folder, it should be there

2017-10-26 07:19:31 GMT <david_____> using the CSV is actually the only way to automatically inform the users of their passwords

2017-10-26 07:19:40 GMT <david_____> i'll look deepr, thx

2017-10-26 07:21:02 GMT <david_____> yeah... the invite has a lot of email templates, including the new-user-email.html.flt

2017-10-26 07:21:04 GMT <david_____> :-)

2017-10-26 07:26:39 GMT <yreg> david_____, good to know

2017-10-26 07:27:09 GMT <yreg> david_____, checking SVN this seems to have been added 3 years ago

2017-10-26 07:27:24 GMT <david_____> nice :)

2017-10-26 09:26:01 GMT <fwu> hi all!

2017-10-26 09:32:41 GMT <fwu> ppl, can someone point me to a good tutorial about installing Alfresco manually in apache http server, insted of the automatic installation in apache tomcat?7

2017-10-26 09:33:38 GMT <angelborroy> Alfresco cannot be installed in Apache HTTP Server

2017-10-26 09:34:51 GMT <angelborroy> fwu if you want to install by components https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF8baZjjv5c

2017-10-26 09:35:02 GMT <angelborroy> fwu Also the deck is linked in the description

2017-10-26 09:40:19 GMT <fwu> cannot really? But if I use only tomcat http server, I believe I will not get some security features...

2017-10-26 09:40:51 GMT <angelborroy> You can install Alfresco in Apache HTTP Server AND Apache Tomcat (both)

2017-10-26 09:41:00 GMT <angelborroy> You cannot install Alfresco in Apache HTTP Server (only)

2017-10-26 09:41:11 GMT <angelborroy> fwu anyway, take a look at the link and the material

2017-10-26 09:42:18 GMT <bmejias> fwu the application will run on Tomcat, and Apache HTTP Server will be your reverse proxy.

2017-10-26 09:42:20 GMT <fwu> angelborroy, ok. Im seeing it now

2017-10-26 09:42:32 GMT <MorganP> To complete what angelborroy said, you should probably use Tomcat for the backend and HTTPD as a front end for the security layer

2017-10-26 09:42:57 GMT <bmejias> you can put all the certificates on the Apache HTTP server

2017-10-26 09:42:59 GMT <MorganP> It's not possible to run everything using HTTPD because it can only serve static pages

2017-10-26 09:43:32 GMT <fwu> If I run Alfresco using only Tomcat will I be able to install a server certificate easily?

2017-10-26 09:43:56 GMT <MorganP> You can but it is more complicated that using HTTPD

2017-10-26 09:45:59 GMT <fwu> MorganP, ok thank you

2017-10-26 09:51:44 GMT <angelborroy> fwu http://www.keensoft.es/en/configuring-alfresco-ssl-by-using-lets-encrypt/

2017-10-26 09:51:45 GMT <alfbot> Title: Configuring Alfresco SSL by using Let's Encrypt - keensoft (at www.keensoft.es)

2017-10-26 09:52:04 GMT <angelborroy> fwu and also http://community.venzia.es/apache-ssl-lets-encrypt-tomcat/

2017-10-26 09:52:06 GMT <alfbot> Title: Apache SSL, Let's Encrypt & Tomcat - Venzia Community (at community.venzia.es)

2017-10-26 09:54:29 GMT <angelborroy> fwu and obviously MorganP material at https://blog.dbi-services.com/alfresco-protect-your-installation-with-apache-httpd/

2017-10-26 09:54:33 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco - Protect your installation with Apache httpd - Blog dbi services (at blog.dbi-services.com)

2017-10-26 09:54:33 GMT <angelborroy> MorganP ;-)

2017-10-26 10:03:03 GMT <fwu> angelborroy, very nice! thank you. I will read it now.

2017-10-26 10:08:58 GMT <MorganP> Thanks angelborroy ;)

2017-10-26 10:10:21 GMT <MorganP> I was supposed to blog about security baselines for httpd some months ago... but didn't really got the time to because this one is really how to make it work quickly

2017-10-26 10:12:05 GMT <MorganP> If I'm not mistaken, a quick setup of httpd is also available on the Alfresco documentation now

2017-10-26 10:13:56 GMT <angelborroy> fwu what MorganP is referring (for Tomcat only) https://docs.alfresco.com/community/tasks/configure-ssl-test.html

2017-10-26 10:13:57 GMT <alfbot> Title: Configuring SSL for a test environment | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-10-26 10:14:25 GMT <angelborroy> fwu and for Httpd https://docs.alfresco.com/community/tasks/configure-ssl-prod.html

2017-10-26 10:14:26 GMT <alfbot> Title: Configuring SSL for a production environment | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-10-26 10:14:51 GMT <angelborroy> fwu also worth it: https://github.com/ecm4u/alfresco-reverse-proxy

2017-10-26 10:14:52 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - ecm4u/alfresco-reverse-proxy: Reverse Proxy configuration for Alresco ECM using apache or nginx (at github.com)

2017-10-26 10:15:05 GMT <angelborroy> configuring reverse proxy with Httpd and NGINX

2017-10-26 10:15:47 GMT <fwu> angelborroy, thank you again!

2017-10-26 10:17:35 GMT <MorganP> Yep this one

2017-10-26 10:17:52 GMT <MorganP> But there aren't much docs about Apache security in itself

2017-10-26 10:18:29 GMT <MorganP> That's a huge topic

2017-10-26 10:18:46 GMT <angelborroy> MorganP submissions to DevCon 2018 are still open ;-)

2017-10-26 10:19:40 GMT <MorganP> That is true...

2017-10-26 10:19:43 GMT <MorganP> ^^

2017-10-26 10:22:51 GMT <fwu> hmm.. I think I will config this on windows and not on Linux as most of your tutorials... I hope things will not be too different :)

2017-10-26 10:23:39 GMT <angelborroy> fwu you can try IIS also

2017-10-26 10:23:52 GMT <angelborroy> fwu but it’s hard to communicate (properly) IIS with Tomcat

2017-10-26 10:24:25 GMT <angelborroy> In reality, there is no tutorial for Windows because of Windows is not the right platform to install Alfresco

2017-10-26 10:26:01 GMT <MorganP> If I can avoir windows, I will...

2017-10-26 10:26:04 GMT <MorganP> avoid*

2017-10-26 10:26:16 GMT <MorganP> Also, most of the documentation is always for Linux

2017-10-26 10:26:38 GMT <MorganP> So going to Windows is a little bit like starting a race with a delay

2017-10-26 10:28:50 GMT <fcorti> MorganP angelborroy +1

2017-10-26 10:28:59 GMT <fwu> angelborroy, I wull not use IIS

2017-10-26 10:29:11 GMT <angelborroy> fwu you are wise

2017-10-26 10:29:26 GMT <fwu> MorganP lol very well stated :)

2017-10-26 10:29:57 GMT <fwu> I will try to make a configuration similiar as in the tutorials but in windows... :)

2017-10-26 10:35:42 GMT <AFaust> MorganP: going to Windows is a little bit like starting a bicycle race with a wheel clamp... not just a delay...

2017-10-26 10:36:14 GMT <fwu> ppl, just a side question now: i have a custom webscript. In order for an external applciation call this web script, should be enough to get an alf ticket and add it to the url of the web script?

2017-10-26 10:41:36 GMT <MorganP> I like the idea AFaust

2017-10-26 10:42:21 GMT <MorganP> If the webscript requires an authentication fwu

2017-10-26 10:42:58 GMT <fwu> well it doenst: <authentication runas="admin">none</authentication>

2017-10-26 10:43:02 GMT <fwu> it is a repo webscript

2017-10-26 10:43:25 GMT <fwu> nevertheless, if Im not authenticated, I get a blank page. The same with an alf_ticket

2017-10-26 10:44:07 GMT <angelborroy> wow!

2017-10-26 10:44:18 GMT <angelborroy> runas admin + authenticatio none (!)

2017-10-26 10:45:01 GMT <angelborroy> Probably Alfresco is imploding

2017-10-26 10:45:31 GMT <angelborroy> fwu try to remove the “runas” part

2017-10-26 10:46:38 GMT <fwu> ok, lets try that!

2017-10-26 10:46:54 GMT <fwu> nevertheless I will chnage the authentication to user

2017-10-26 10:55:55 GMT <fwu> i chnaged to: <authentication>user</authentication>

2017-10-26 10:56:02 GMT <fwu> but still I get a blank page

2017-10-26 10:56:27 GMT <fwu> I need to authenticate in share in order to be able to get the webscript results

2017-10-26 10:57:02 GMT <angelborroy> <authentication>none</authentication>

2017-10-26 10:57:06 GMT <angelborroy> is what I suggested earlier

2017-10-26 10:59:41 GMT <fwu> but it doesnt work, even with an alf_ticket

2017-10-26 10:59:46 GMT <fwu> i get this: HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

2017-10-26 10:59:53 GMT <fwu> ah, ok

2017-10-26 10:59:55 GMT <fwu> none

2017-10-26 10:59:59 GMT <angelborroy> https://docs.alfresco.com/community/concepts/ws-authenticating.html

2017-10-26 11:00:00 GMT <alfbot> Title: Authenticating web scripts | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2017-10-26 11:00:07 GMT <fwu> but actually I need to force an authentication

2017-10-26 11:00:40 GMT <fwu> angelborroy, but I need to force authentication. The none was for testing purposes

2017-10-26 11:02:38 GMT <angelborroy> so <authentication>user</authentication>

2017-10-26 11:02:57 GMT <angelborroy> http://locahost:8080/alfresco/s/api/login?u=admin&pw=admin

2017-10-26 11:03:02 GMT <angelborroy> <ticket>TICKET_4c4c24de9ba03e8976ec187bbfd1faa7cc5fce11</ticket>

2017-10-26 11:03:15 GMT <angelborroy> http://localhost:8080/alfresco/s/api/sites?alf_ticket=TICKET_4c4c24de9ba03e8976ec187bbfd1faa7cc5fce11

2017-10-26 11:03:37 GMT <angelborroy> I’ve used “sites” webscripts, but you can use your custom web script

2017-10-26 11:06:14 GMT <fwu> angelborroy, forget the question.... I was using sahre/proxy url....

2017-10-26 11:06:23 GMT <fwu> thank you anyway!

2017-10-26 11:06:36 GMT <fwu> back to ssl

2017-10-26 13:02:18 GMT <yreg> Guys, Who else other than Loftux has a maintained fork of Alfresco CE ?

2017-10-26 13:03:04 GMT <yreg> I am preparing materials for my a DevCon talk and I am looking for references

2017-10-26 13:04:11 GMT <angelborroy> yreg I don’t remember any other

2017-10-26 13:04:25 GMT <angelborroy> hi-ko and Lutz started this https://github.com/ecm4u/ecm4u-alfresco-bugpatches

2017-10-26 13:04:26 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - ecm4u/ecm4u-alfresco-bugpatches: This module contains a collection of bug fixes for Alfresco, both the repository and Share. (at github.com)

2017-10-26 13:04:40 GMT <angelborroy> ubut I think that it’s only a patching approach

2017-10-26 13:04:43 GMT <yreg> thanks angelborroy

2017-10-26 13:04:56 GMT <yreg> bhagyas, I heard you once talking about a share fork right ?

2017-10-26 13:05:02 GMT <yreg> could you point me to that ?

2017-10-26 13:06:38 GMT <angelborroy> yreg probably is a large list, but...

2017-10-26 13:06:39 GMT <angelborroy> https://github.com/Alfresco/community-edition-old/network/members

2017-10-26 13:06:40 GMT <alfbot> Title: Forks · Alfresco/community-edition-old · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-10-26 13:06:49 GMT <angelborroy> https://github.com/Alfresco/share-old/network/members

2017-10-26 13:06:50 GMT <alfbot> Title: Forks · Alfresco/share-old · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-10-26 13:07:26 GMT <angelborroy> you have to review is some is a living fork

2017-10-26 13:10:06 GMT <yreg> angelborroy, I am just trying to analyze what the forks are for, and if Alfresco community could diverge these efforts into one single direction

2017-10-26 13:10:22 GMT <yreg> Thanks for the pointer, totally forgot about that feature in Github

2017-10-26 13:11:33 GMT <yreg> it seems not alot of these forks are maintained (other than the ones from ECM4U and LoftuxAB)

2017-10-26 13:11:53 GMT <angelborroy> yep, I thought that

2017-10-26 13:12:19 GMT <angelborroy> Anyway, my feeling is that only Loftux is maintaining actively the fork

2017-10-26 13:12:22 GMT <yreg> but I suspect that there is other projects, probably not public though

2017-10-26 13:13:01 GMT <angelborroy> probably AFaust has that kind of project for internal purposes

2017-10-26 13:13:02 GMT <yreg> angelborroy, ecm4u do also maintain the fork regularly (especially on tha share side of things

2017-10-26 13:13:11 GMT <angelborroy> ah, ok, good to know

2017-10-26 13:13:50 GMT <angelborroy> so you are submitting for DevCon?

2017-10-26 13:13:53 GMT <angelborroy> nice to hear that!

2017-10-26 13:14:16 GMT <yreg> Already submitted an extended and a lightning talk

2017-10-26 13:14:24 GMT <yreg> and I am working on an other LT

2017-10-26 13:14:59 GMT <angelborroy> this one is a LT based on an Alfresco fork maintained by the Community?

2017-10-26 13:15:32 GMT <yreg> I also need to coordinate with bindu to see if he has made any progress on supporting SDK3 in tyhe alfresco generator so that I can also publish my work on dynamic extensions generators during the past hackathon

2017-10-26 13:15:59 GMT <yreg> angelborroy, something like that...

2017-10-26 13:18:08 GMT <yreg> angelborroy, it is an old/new subject ... I know... but I wanted to examine what kind of extension/usecase does require forking the solution, and if that is bad thing or not, if efforts can be joint to make one single bugless maintained fork ...

2017-10-26 13:18:42 GMT <yreg> but if it is only Loftux and ECM4U that are doing this, than I will probably be lacking on materials

2017-10-26 13:19:04 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy, yreg: I try to avoid maintaining source-level patches / forks. But I do include some post-processing patches I need in my Acosix alfresco-utility project

2017-10-26 13:19:05 GMT <angelborroy> yreg I was rejecting this idea during years, but the last issue with ASS made me re-think this alternative again

2017-10-26 13:19:32 GMT <angelborroy> yreg and also the issue resolution pace

2017-10-26 13:20:06 GMT <angelborroy> I have issues from May 2016 from en Enteprise customer flagged as Critical that have not been resolved yted

2017-10-26 13:20:09 GMT <angelborroy> yted > yet

2017-10-26 13:20:19 GMT <angelborroy> probably AFaust have also more examples

2017-10-26 13:20:28 GMT * AFaust is laughing about a May 2016 issue...

2017-10-26 13:20:39 GMT <angelborroy> but obviously this is not a nice fact to be exposed on a public talk

2017-10-26 13:21:36 GMT <angelborroy> if I had a “direct” customer with a pending issue from May 2016…

2017-10-26 13:21:50 GMT <angelborroy> … probably I’ll be in the Court

2017-10-26 13:22:44 GMT <AFaust> yreg: Regarding patches + joint [...] single bugless maintained fork: I would prefer if - before there is a joint fork being maintained - if we put Alfresco / resplin to a (final) challenge and do a coordinated "Contribution PR" effort first with the new process...

2017-10-26 13:23:13 GMT <angelborroy> +1 to that!

2017-10-26 13:23:30 GMT <yreg> +1 as well

2017-10-26 13:50:36 GMT <douglascrp> hello guys

2017-10-26 14:24:30 GMT <qwebirc75463> Good morning! Someone already on who knows about Alfresco Activiti Stencils?

2017-10-26 14:44:29 GMT <_david_____> Anyone knows of a plugin or something that let's me connect Community with Office365 for authentication of users (probably via OAuth/2?) ??

2017-10-26 14:49:00 GMT <AFaust> _david____: There is none currently AFAIK. I did an integration with Azure AD earlier this year, but this was using the LDAPS capabilities of Azure AD.

2017-10-26 14:49:58 GMT <AFaust> qwebirc75463: I know about stencils, as in "I have messed around with the Alfresco Process Services custom stencil / stencil set functionality"

2017-10-26 15:33:12 GMT <qwebirc75463> AFaust: Thanks.... I also mess around with that stuff. Do you know whether it's possible to call a Java class from the controller Script?

2017-10-26 15:34:18 GMT <AFaust> It is not. Controller scripts are client-side, Angular scripts. You would have to perform a ReST call to call functionality in a Java class...

2017-10-26 16:39:33 GMT <douglascrp> is anyone able to access this issue? REPO-3004

2017-10-26 16:39:58 GMT <douglascrp> I saw they are working on that "cluster" idea in the open repository project

2017-10-26 16:40:02 GMT <douglascrp> but the issue is closed

2017-10-26 17:10:38 GMT <AFaust> douglascrp: If you can't access it, no one else here can...

2017-10-26 17:10:54 GMT <AFaust> Other than resplin and other Alfresco employees

2017-10-26 17:11:27 GMT <douglascrp> AFaust, makes sense

2017-10-26 17:12:08 GMT <douglascrp> AFaust, I am just curious about what they are working on exactly

2017-10-26 17:12:41 GMT <douglascrp> like, are they going to publish cluster code now?

2017-10-26 17:12:50 GMT <douglascrp> I thought that part was kept private

2017-10-26 17:13:12 GMT <AFaust> No way...

2017-10-26 17:13:21 GMT <douglascrp> that is what I thought

2017-10-26 17:13:43 GMT <douglascrp> maybe someone made a mistake, merging code in the wrong repository

2017-10-26 17:13:49 GMT <AFaust> I recently had a conversation with someone at Alfresco about any implementation I am doing that might be seen as "infringing" on the USPs of Enterprise

2017-10-26 17:14:08 GMT <douglascrp> cluster related?

2017-10-26 17:14:34 GMT <AFaust> And from that it was very clear that Alfresco still sees such functionality as the key differentiator and would take a bit of offense at anyone doing that as open source...

2017-10-26 17:14:47 GMT <douglascrp> :D

2017-10-26 17:14:54 GMT <AFaust> Cluster was not the immediate cause, but it came up...

2017-10-26 17:15:05 GMT <douglascrp> got it

2017-10-26 17:15:44 GMT <AFaust> So I'd say anything you see in the open would be by accident

2017-10-26 17:16:32 GMT <douglascrp> I saw something similar in the records-management project, where someone was asking "why are you merging this in this repo?"

2017-10-26 17:16:39 GMT <douglascrp> about the contribution process

2017-10-26 17:16:57 GMT <douglascrp> I guess the idea was to work on that in private, and only publish it when it is done

2017-10-26 17:17:20 GMT <douglascrp> AFaust, I just saw this comment you posted https://community.alfresco.com/message/822486-re-get-exception-on-action-java-class-and-open-a-popup-dialog-on-share-with-details-of-the-error?commentID=822486#comment-822486

2017-10-26 17:17:22 GMT <alfbot> Title: Get exception on action java class and open a p... | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-10-26 17:17:42 GMT <douglascrp> interesting, so it seems to be possible to improve the way share handles repository error messages

2017-10-26 17:18:18 GMT <douglascrp> like, removing the annoying "duplicated names are not allowed" when other types of errors happen

2017-10-26 17:18:48 GMT <AFaust> Yes...

2017-10-26 17:18:53 GMT <douglascrp> that is cool

2017-10-26 17:19:37 GMT <douglascrp> I have this on my TODO list, but I never really took the time to check how it works

2017-10-26 17:21:36 GMT <AFaust> I have been carrying around a patch for that within customer projects for years now

2017-10-26 17:22:09 GMT <douglascrp> interesting

2017-10-26 19:38:07 GMT <xkahn> Alright. I'm going crazy. I read a blog post a while back about the new features in Alfresco with Solr 6. One of them was about path-based searches.

2017-10-26 19:38:43 GMT <xkahn> Searching around now, I can't find the post at all. Does anyone remember it?

2017-10-26 19:44:03 GMT <xkahn> (I remember a vague outline of the work. Basically, the paths would be stored forwards and backwards for each node and with multiuple values, so: /Company Home/Sites/test/documentLibrary would also have Company Home/Sites/test ompany Home/Sites /Company Home indexed

2017-10-26 19:55:46 GMT <digcat> hi afaust, infringing seems a strong word, surely another implementation for clustering is a good thing, your may well be far superior

2017-10-26 19:56:09 GMT <digcat> infringe seems to imply something legal

2017-10-26 19:56:44 GMT <digcat> or you mean they might give you daggers at the next get together :)

2017-10-26 20:05:49 GMT <digcat> its a bit depressing if their best usp is purely high availability :(

2017-10-26 20:48:41 GMT <AFaust> digcat: ok, not "infringe" then but restrict / compete with....

2017-10-26 20:50:11 GMT <AFaust> digcat: Legally it is a clean thing as long as I don't violate any licensing conditions. I do work for some Enterprise customers and as such I may come into contact with the non open-sourced code, which would be problematic if it could be linked to some implementation of mine.

2017-10-26 20:52:19 GMT <AFaust> digcat: You have to consider that - so far - Alfresco has not been challenged on their Enterprise USPs from the community. There have been projects in the past that have e.g. worked on Oracle SQL support, but those have been poorly supported and weren't an issue to take seriously...

2017-10-26 22:48:25 GMT <douglascrp> yreg, ping

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