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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-11-04 05:32:22 GMT <alfbot> Ayushi: Sent 13 hours and 49 minutes ago: <yreg> I am not familiar with that setup, I suppose you should go over steps 8-10 from that word document again !

2017-11-04 05:32:23 GMT <alfbot> Ayushi: Sent 13 hours and 12 minutes ago: <yreg> IanW2 said: This might help - http://tech.wrighting.org/2017/02/kibana-alfresco/ - I seem to remember having to tweak the example logstash file as it was discarding a lot/everything

2017-11-04 05:32:33 GMT <Ayushi> hey anyone there

2017-11-04 05:33:20 GMT <Ayushi> I am working on monitoring the alfresco monitoring using docker and elk

2017-11-04 05:34:02 GMT <Ayushi> though the kibana is running on port 5601 but no alfresco logs appears on the kibana

2017-11-04 05:34:45 GMT <Ayushi> also when I tried to access the localhost:9200,it shows nothing

2017-11-04 05:35:19 GMT <Ayushi> means there might be some problem in elasticsearch

2017-11-04 05:36:42 GMT <Ayushi> but when I tried the command sudo docker logs -f alfresco-elk it is showing Stopping redis-server: redis-server. Starting redis-server: redis-server. * Starting Elasticsearch Server [ OK ] logstash started. * Starting Kibana5 [ OK ]

2017-11-04 09:59:29 GMT <digcat> another feature to bite the dust :( https://community.alfresco.com/community/ecm/blog/2017/11/03/moving-from-smb-to-webdav

2017-11-04 09:59:31 GMT <alfbot> Title: Moving from SMB to WebDAV | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-11-04 14:03:14 GMT <AFaust> It's been a long time coming

2017-11-04 14:03:23 GMT <AFaust> ^^ digcat

2017-11-04 14:12:12 GMT <digcat> hi afaust, well long time to make that decision but would expect a bunch of users wont be that chuffed, not really sure if its a USP, but just a convenience for the on prem users

2017-11-04 14:15:38 GMT <AFaust> It's been a USP in the past, but in the last ~5 years, almost everyone I know (including myself) has actively discouraged users / customers from using that feature anyway....

2017-11-04 14:16:33 GMT <AFaust> Sure, there are still the odd use cases here and there, just as angelborroy mentions in his comment to the post. I.e. I have one customer who uses SMB for his multi-function printers to scan to Alfresco

2017-11-04 14:31:46 GMT <digcat> yes that is true, and progress and all, are you having much success upgrading people to these latest releases?

2017-11-04 14:32:02 GMT <digcat> or finding any reluctance

2017-11-04 15:35:22 GMT <AFaust> digcat: Well, they are typically skeptical of doing upgrades "just for the sake of upgrades" as Alfresco has not been providing any major end-user relevant benefits / new features with newer versions since Alfresco ~4.2. But there usually are a sufficient amount of fixes for know issues / integrations that customers can be convinced to stay within ~2 main release versions of the current one...

2017-11-04 17:23:29 GMT <digcat> afaust: yes that mirrors our experience, were finding it hard to justify upgrades from 5.0d, even the security fixes, can be mitigated to a point, and the end users we have, have no interest in json api's yet, perhaps solr6 will be a noticeable improvement, so im looking into that, and of course services to make better use of their content

2017-11-04 17:24:16 GMT <digcat> hopefully we might hear more for community in the near term

2017-11-04 17:25:14 GMT <digcat> im wondering what impact spring 5 will have on alfresco going forward

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