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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-11-13 00:36:55 GMT <fwu> ah! I need only the ref and the to have getter and setter on my class

2017-11-13 00:37:05 GMT <fwu> working now

2017-11-13 08:09:14 GMT <yreg> Morning !

2017-11-13 11:10:26 GMT <fwu> hello all

2017-11-13 11:21:56 GMT <fwu> ppl, is it possible to set the initiator of a workflow? Im creating a workflow like this:

2017-11-13 11:22:04 GMT <fwu> var workflow = actions.create("start-workflow");

2017-11-13 11:23:01 GMT <fwu> but it seems the initiator is set automatically based on the user with which the script is running.

2017-11-13 11:31:30 GMT <douglascrp> good morning

2017-11-13 11:35:03 GMT <izodev> you can use the runAs statement

2017-11-13 11:41:42 GMT <angelborroy> fwu izodev not “runAs” available from JavaScrip

2017-11-13 11:42:05 GMT <angelborroy> fwu probably you need some trick to make that possible https://angelborroy.wordpress.com/2015/07/24/alfresco-run-as-system-admin-user-without-credentials/

2017-11-13 11:42:06 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco – Run as system / admin user (without credentials) | Programming and So (at angelborroy.wordpress.com)

2017-11-13 11:43:33 GMT <izodev> Then just call a web script from JS and use the runAs in the Java web script

2017-11-13 11:44:02 GMT <angelborroy> izodev he is not using a Java web script

2017-11-13 11:44:17 GMT <angelborroy> as he is invoking an out-of-the-box action from JavaScript

2017-11-13 11:45:25 GMT <izodev> yes I know, he must implement a need that require some additional web script, whre is the problem?

2017-11-13 11:45:58 GMT <angelborroy> the problem is that fwu does not know Java

2017-11-13 11:45:59 GMT <angelborroy> :D

2017-11-13 11:49:40 GMT <fwu> angelborroy, actually I know! But im not using java for this feature.

2017-11-13 11:49:58 GMT <angelborroy> fwu sorry, I missed that :O

2017-11-13 11:50:01 GMT <fwu> hehhe

2017-11-13 11:50:43 GMT <fwu> well, nevertheless is not as simple as I was expecting :)

2017-11-13 11:51:12 GMT <fwu> and I beleive the initiator is always a user right? never a group?

2017-11-13 11:51:28 GMT <angelborroy> fwu afaik yes, only a user

2017-11-13 11:51:31 GMT <fwu> I ask this due to the "workflows Ive initiated"

2017-11-13 11:51:34 GMT <angelborroy> and a “named” user

2017-11-13 11:51:55 GMT <fwu> ok! thank you all!

2017-11-13 11:58:19 GMT <fwu> one more question about actions, but to send email. How to send email with atachments using javascript?

2017-11-13 12:01:57 GMT <angelborroy> fwu not by default

2017-11-13 12:02:02 GMT <angelborroy> fwu but you can try this: https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-6574-send-html-mail-with-attachments

2017-11-13 12:02:04 GMT <alfbot> Title: Send HTML Mail With Attachments | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-11-13 12:03:52 GMT <fwu> ok, I tried the solution from Savic Prvoslav but it seems is not working on 5.2. Maybe this is.

2017-11-13 12:04:04 GMT <fwu> thank you angelborroy

2017-11-13 13:11:58 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy, fwu: Also, there was a hack-a-thon project in September, which may be applicable: https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-7046-projects-and-teams-global-virtual-hack-a-thon-2017#jive_content_id_Send_as_email_attachmentSend_email_from_document

2017-11-13 13:12:01 GMT <alfbot> Title: Projects and Teams Global Virtual Hack-a-thon 2017 | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-11-13 13:46:15 GMT <MorganP> Anyone already seen an issue where it was impossible to rename or move a folder via webdav?

2017-11-13 13:46:27 GMT <MorganP> I saw some posts on the forums but no clear solutions

2017-11-13 13:47:59 GMT <MorganP> (webdav or aos)

2017-11-13 13:48:41 GMT <MorganP> I did some tests and it's always working for my test VMs and using a W8.1 client

2017-11-13 13:49:09 GMT <MorganP> But it looks like for one customer using a Windows 2012 Terminal Server, it's not working

2017-11-13 14:10:35 GMT <yreg> MorganP, could it be that once the URL for the operation is exceeding 255 characters ?

2017-11-13 14:10:50 GMT <yreg> I know that windows does not cope well with URLs that long

2017-11-13 14:11:45 GMT <MorganP> They have this behavior for network drive

2017-11-13 14:12:15 GMT <yreg> MorganP, AFAIK that's backed by HTTP calls as well

2017-11-13 14:12:27 GMT <MorganP> and even if you consider the \\servername@SSL\...\alfresco\webdav and create a folder right here, that would be less than 30char

2017-11-13 14:12:48 GMT <MorganP> and there is also the issue there

2017-11-13 14:22:13 GMT <fwu> AFaust, thank you

2017-11-13 15:56:21 GMT <Tichodroma> Forgive me the stupid question by a CE user: Alfresco One == EE?

2017-11-13 15:57:26 GMT <fcorti> Tichodroma, questions are not stupid: yes

2017-11-13 15:57:43 GMT <Tichodroma> thanks

2017-11-13 15:57:47 GMT <fcorti> yw

2017-11-13 15:58:27 GMT <MorganP> One doesn't really exist anymore

2017-11-13 15:58:37 GMT <MorganP> though

2017-11-13 15:58:45 GMT <MorganP> but it was indeed the EE

2017-11-13 15:59:04 GMT <fcorti> MorganP, right: naming changes rapidly... maybe to often

2017-11-13 15:59:15 GMT <MorganP> For this one I will agree

2017-11-13 16:00:02 GMT <Tichodroma> One is gone!? What is the current name? Background: $CUSTOMER is asking for modules for "Alfresco One v5.1.3.2"

2017-11-13 16:01:07 GMT <fcorti> I suggest to refer to the version...

2017-11-13 16:01:15 GMT <Tichodroma> +1

2017-11-13 16:01:19 GMT <fcorti> Alfresco One now it's Alfresco Content Services

2017-11-13 16:01:23 GMT <AFaust> Tichodroma: I have seen Alfresco Content Services being used within the Support portal, while Community is still referred to as Community...

2017-11-13 16:01:43 GMT <fcorti> And CE is referred as Alfresco Content Services Community Edition

2017-11-13 16:01:49 GMT <fcorti> Easy! :-S

2017-11-13 16:01:55 GMT <Tichodroma> sure

2017-11-13 16:02:10 GMT <fcorti> Activiti is Activiti (CE)

2017-11-13 16:02:25 GMT <fcorti> Alfresco Process Services, powered by Activiti is the EE

2017-11-13 17:14:34 GMT *** Dirk23_ is now known as Dirk23

2017-11-13 17:45:18 GMT <resplin> One correction fcorti: Alfresco Community Edition is the product name of the open source core of Alfresco Content Services. It isn't Alfresco Content Services Community Edition.

2017-11-13 17:45:29 GMT <resplin> That's mostly a historical accident, but it is the way the branding works today.

2017-11-13 17:45:51 GMT * resplin wants to rename Alfresco Community Edition to something bee related.

2017-11-13 18:44:47 GMT <douglascrp> resplin, bee ==> Order of the bee? :P

2017-11-13 19:17:38 GMT <resplin> Yes.

2017-11-13 19:17:49 GMT <resplin> I don't want to steal that branding, but I want to build off of it.

2017-11-13 21:51:56 GMT *** Kater__ is now known as Kater

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