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2017-11-15 03:06:26 GMT <grendal_pure> grrrr

2017-11-15 04:53:43 GMT <grendal_pure> it seems to me its impossible to set up a proxy server that will handle an alfresco server with ssl. Why is this so difficult?

2017-11-15 04:53:58 GMT <grendal_pure> None of the howtos i have found on this work.

2017-11-15 04:54:28 GMT <grendal_pure> even the haproxy howto seems way to convuleted and iffy. oh also it doesnt work.

2017-11-15 05:18:40 GMT <resplin> grendal_pure: Are you running Apache in front of Tomcat?

2017-11-15 05:21:27 GMT <resplin> grendal_pure: We usually do SSL termination in the proxy server, instead of in Alfresco's Tomcat.

2017-11-15 05:25:48 GMT <grendal_pure> right..

2017-11-15 05:31:03 GMT <grendal_pure> so basically alfresco needs to be serving it up as http not https?

2017-11-15 05:45:19 GMT <grendal_pure> this is so frustrating

2017-11-15 05:46:10 GMT <grendal_pure> my proxy will handle https://dms.mydomain.com but not for the alfresco server. I get nothing

2017-11-15 05:46:28 GMT <grendal_pure> i can however hit it on port 8443....i mean...why?

2017-11-15 06:18:34 GMT <grendal_pure> From what i can tell the only way i can get this to work...is this....I run split dns so dms.mydomain.com on the inside points to my alfresco local ip, then on the outside i set up a source nat that sends all 8443 traffic to the alfresco server.

2017-11-15 06:19:18 GMT <grendal_pure> but, i dont see how i can get an ssl key and install it so we are not always getting the ssl error.

2017-11-15 06:22:19 GMT <grendal_pure> seems like i should be able to just tell haproxy where my pem is, and then forward traffic on to the alfresco server on the inside, i cant for the life of me figure out why this will not work. I would assume i need to send it to port 8080 but that does not work.

2017-11-15 06:27:22 GMT <grendal_pure> not to mention if i dont use ssl on port 8443, my password does not work

2017-11-15 06:29:03 GMT <grendal_pure> is there by any chance an appliance i could download where this is already set up?

2017-11-15 06:30:07 GMT <grendal_pure> because honestly half of the functionality of this application that we would like to use has to do with ofering up content to organizations not on the local network.

2017-11-15 06:32:03 GMT <grendal_pure> fielding calls all day about how the "ssl certificate is not valid" is a bit disenchating. Not to mention some of the organizations viewing this data are emergency services and public utilities.

2017-11-15 06:47:50 GMT <grendal_pure> ok, Im ready to just scrap my haproxy server and try to do this with apache. I can install that on the router, and reverse proxy all of this..can anyone help out with this if i run into any issues?

2017-11-15 06:56:39 GMT <grendal_pure> should i use an apache server on the alfresco box itself or would it be best to proxy this right from the wall. There is a cert on the server at the wall.

2017-11-15 07:38:31 GMT <twen> good morning

2017-11-15 09:20:17 GMT <bhuvana_> Hi all,

2017-11-15 09:23:52 GMT <bhuvana_> I am trying to send email with multiple attachments through js. my code is here https://pastebin.com/avfhw7qP

2017-11-15 09:23:53 GMT <alfbot> Title: var document1=search.findNode("workspace://SpacesStore/ade73c20-a303-48ad-9ed5-4 - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-11-15 09:25:13 GMT <bhuvana_> I am able to send email but without attachment. Kindly tell me how can I send it with attachment.

2017-11-15 09:32:02 GMT <mbui> Is it possible to dynamically set title for a property? (So it's saved in the dictionary)

2017-11-15 09:34:43 GMT <Tichodroma> mbui: you mean the title of a model property that is defined in a model XML?

2017-11-15 09:35:39 GMT <mbui> Yes

2017-11-15 09:36:09 GMT <Tichodroma> Who shall be able to set it dynamically? What is the use case?

2017-11-15 09:40:14 GMT <mbui> Basically I have this code of line "dictionaryService.getProperty(column).getTitle(dictionaryService)" which is used in a import-tool to match header properties in a spreadsheet with the property title. My problem is that the code returns null because the title is not set yet.

2017-11-15 09:40:50 GMT <mbui> And this propertys title is supposed to have it's title dynamically set.

2017-11-15 09:41:30 GMT <Tichodroma> the last sentence I don't understand

2017-11-15 09:44:30 GMT <mbui> Ok uhm, discard the last sentence. I'm trying to fetch the properies title from the dictionary but it returns null - is there a way to set it "dynamically"?

2017-11-15 09:44:58 GMT <Tichodroma> I have no idea how this could be done. If your model XML does not set titles, there are none.

2017-11-15 09:45:12 GMT <Tichodroma> How about using the property names for the matching instead?

2017-11-15 09:45:18 GMT <mbui> Okay, thanks. That's what I thought :)

2017-11-15 09:46:21 GMT <mbui> Thing is, when importing the excel files, they are using the title of the properties in the headers.

2017-11-15 09:47:20 GMT <mbui> This is basically how it looks: https://gyazo.com/e594867e0b57fbd37c3d85ae393a1a34

2017-11-15 09:47:21 GMT <alfbot> Title: Gyazo - e594867e0b57fbd37c3d85ae393a1a34.png (at gyazo.com)

2017-11-15 09:55:39 GMT <AFaust> ~later tell resplin: Any chance Alfresco 6.0 will see upgrade of Log4J to 2.x or switch to Logback? I'd like to use asynchronous logging to improve performance and stabilise the application, e.g. if target of logging (i.e. Splunk) is temporarily overloaded / unavailable

2017-11-15 09:55:39 GMT <alfbot> AFaust: The operation succeeded.

2017-11-15 10:06:49 GMT <qwebirc78242> Good morning! Can someone help me please to find some documentation about the following: I'm in Alfresco Process Services on a UserTask in a form. There is a "JavaScript" tab where I want so store a form field value to a global process variable of the taskCompleted event. How do I achieve this?

2017-11-15 10:07:34 GMT <Loftux1> AFaust: Optimistic today that we will start seeing updates of seriously outdated libraries? ;)

2017-11-15 10:08:02 GMT <DarkStar1> Morning everyone

2017-11-15 10:11:04 GMT <AFaust> Loftux1: Of course not... just doing my regular poking duty...

2017-11-15 10:11:19 GMT <Tichodroma> mbui: I would not rely on property titles. Can the mapping code be changed to mapp column headers to model properties in a more stable way? I'd use the property *names* and perhaps a lookup table.

2017-11-15 10:11:41 GMT <hiten> Hi Guys

2017-11-15 10:12:01 GMT <hiten> I am installing Alfresco CE installer as a non root user

2017-11-15 10:12:07 GMT <AFaust> qwebirc78242: Form JavaScript is only client side and not capable of storing data in global process variables...

2017-11-15 10:12:31 GMT <hiten> After installation I am setting up to start the installation after bootup using https://community.alfresco.com/thread/193362-run-alfresco-as-non-root

2017-11-15 10:12:33 GMT <alfbot> Title: Run Alfresco as non-root | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-11-15 10:12:57 GMT <hiten> but I am facing issue while start up for the postgres db

2017-11-15 10:13:17 GMT <hiten> it seems some semaphores issue

2017-11-15 10:13:22 GMT <Tichodroma> hiten: Windows? Linux?

2017-11-15 10:13:34 GMT <hiten> linux

2017-11-15 10:13:38 GMT <hiten> 17.10

2017-11-15 10:13:43 GMT <hiten> ubuntu

2017-11-15 10:13:57 GMT <Tichodroma> why don't you install PostgreSQL from Ubuntu?

2017-11-15 10:14:48 GMT <hiten> you mean standalone postgressql

2017-11-15 10:15:10 GMT <Tichodroma> I mean the PostgreSQL server as Ubuntu provides it in the OS packages.

2017-11-15 10:15:20 GMT <Tichodroma> Letting Alfresco install PostgreSQL sounds like a stupid idea.

2017-11-15 10:15:45 GMT <Tichodroma> the same for Java: install OpenJDK or use the Ubuntu packages that wrap the Oracle JDK installer.

2017-11-15 10:16:08 GMT <Tichodroma> Why does the CE installer even offer to install Java and PostgreSQL?

2017-11-15 10:16:55 GMT <hiten> I have been using this configuration for quite sometime and the only difference that I did this time was to install as a non root user

2017-11-15 10:16:57 GMT <qwebirc78242> AFaust: Thanks and what about a ScriptTask? Only client side JS as well?

2017-11-15 10:17:41 GMT <Loftux1> hiten: https://github.com/loftuxab/alfresco-ubuntu-install and there are scripts to install db as well

2017-11-15 10:17:42 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - loftuxab/alfresco-ubuntu-install: Alfresco script based install for Ubuntu (at github.com)

2017-11-15 10:18:11 GMT <Loftux1> hiten: And you get the setup with a non root user

2017-11-15 10:20:52 GMT <mbui> Tichodroma: While it's possible that a column header has a title which matches more than one property in the dictionary, I can't really see how to make it better (unless we save the property names in the spreadsheets too, which we dont). Before matching, we get all the possible properties a certain node type can have, so it's some what filtered. Code: https://gyazo.com/1d658556407f152ca9a50d6bd4175661

2017-11-15 10:20:53 GMT <alfbot> Title: Gyazo - 1d658556407f152ca9a50d6bd4175661.png (at gyazo.com)

2017-11-15 10:23:51 GMT <hiten> Thanks for your help Loftux. I will definitely use this and learn more about how it works

2017-11-15 10:24:17 GMT <AFaust> qwebirc78242 ScriptTask is a server-side one because it is a part of the workflow procesing

2017-11-15 10:24:39 GMT <hiten> @Tichodroma - We do use separate postgresql for production

2017-11-15 10:26:09 GMT <hiten> I would really like to know about how to configure the init script correctly to make Alfresco work with the installer postgresql

2017-11-15 10:30:18 GMT <bhuvana_> I am trying to send email with multiple attachments through js. my code is here https://pastebin.com/avfhw7qP . I am able to send email but without attachment. Kindly tell me how can I send it with attachment.

2017-11-15 10:30:19 GMT <alfbot> Title: var document1=search.findNode("workspace://SpacesStore/ade73c20-a303-48ad-9ed5-4 - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2017-11-15 10:39:31 GMT <Tichodroma> bhuvana_: the email action does not support attachments.

2017-11-15 10:39:44 GMT <Tichodroma> bhuvana_: We've added this feature. interested?

2017-11-15 10:40:15 GMT <bhuvana_> yes very much.

2017-11-15 10:40:31 GMT <Tichodroma> I'll take a look, give me some minutes

2017-11-15 10:43:32 GMT <bhuvana_> Tichodroma_:ok

2017-11-15 10:53:45 GMT <Tichodroma> bhuvana_: I've uploaded a patched version of MailActionExecutor.java (based on the old 4.2f version) to https://u.lhorn.de/mo3Z

2017-11-15 10:54:03 GMT <Tichodroma> I hope you can find the patched code.

2017-11-15 10:56:52 GMT <qwebirc78242> AFaust: Thanks again. While executing the task I get the following error in console: You are not allowed to execute 'javascript' scripts. ???

2017-11-15 11:06:05 GMT <AFaust> qwebirc78242 You need to enable javascript tasks via the APS configuration

2017-11-15 11:06:14 GMT <qwebirc83134> Morning guys =

2017-11-15 11:06:29 GMT <AFaust> In recent versions a security mechanism has been introduced based on simple whitelisting of allowed features

2017-11-15 11:06:36 GMT <bhuvana_> Tichodroma_: I am using alfresco 5.2d, where can I find this class? or can make it a jar and use in alfresco. will you please help how to achieve this.

2017-11-15 11:06:49 GMT <qwebirc83134> I was wondering if there is a way to convert ScriptNode into ActivitiScriptNode

2017-11-15 11:07:20 GMT <qwebirc83134> from within a service task

2017-11-15 11:07:31 GMT <qwebirc83134> (AlfrescoScriptDelegate)

2017-11-15 11:07:39 GMT <qwebirc83134> have been struggling with this for hours ==

2017-11-15 11:07:58 GMT <qwebirc83134> "=" -> "!"

2017-11-15 11:07:59 GMT <Tichodroma> bhuvana_: here: https://github.com/Alfresco/alfresco-repository/blob/master/src/main/java/org/alfresco/repo/action/executer/MailActionExecuter.java

2017-11-15 11:08:00 GMT <alfbot> Title: alfresco-repository/MailActionExecuter.java at master · Alfresco/alfresco-repository · GitHub (at github.com)

2017-11-15 11:10:21 GMT <qwebirc32564> I lost the other session, did anyone answer my embedded activiti question while I was not looking

2017-11-15 11:12:50 GMT <Tichodroma> qwebirc32564: no

2017-11-15 11:13:47 GMT <qwebirc32564> Thanks Lutz

2017-11-15 11:32:33 GMT <bhuvana_> Tichodroma_: After packing it as jar where I have to place this to override the default jar?

2017-11-15 12:04:52 GMT <qwebirc32564> AFaust: I would be interested in your opinion, I am trying to get a group via people.getGroup(groupName) and set that to bpm_groupAssignee but oddly that returns a ScriptNode instead of an ActivitiScriptNode, and the execution.setVariable operation fails at persistence level

2017-11-15 12:05:56 GMT <qwebirc32564> I debugged my way through it and the failure is caused by the group object returned is actually of type ScriptNode (while only ActivitiScriptNode is accepted)

2017-11-15 12:06:25 GMT <AFaust> qwebirc32564 It is actually not "odd" - ScriptNode is the proper type. Unfortunately, someone messed up when developing the Activiti integration and did not correctly handle ScriptNode <-> ActivitiScriptNode interchangeable use

2017-11-15 12:07:22 GMT <qwebirc32564> Arghh! that's what I suspected

2017-11-15 12:07:33 GMT <AFaust> I believe it should be safe if you extract the NodeRef from the ScriptNode and try to set that as the variable value. The Activiti integration has conversion code to handle NodeRef => ActivitiScriptNode conversion

2017-11-15 12:08:32 GMT <AFaust> In one of my past projects I also implemented a simple root-scope object for the JavaScript API to provide an "activitiUtils" object which would handle such conversions between ScriptNode and ActivitiScriptNode (including ActivitiScriptNodeList) for me

2017-11-15 12:08:48 GMT <qwebirc32564> Ok, I tried then to directly store the authorityName in a string variable and use that in formal expression for candidateGroup but that does not seem to be working and my task is completely lost

2017-11-15 12:09:15 GMT <qwebirc32564> alright, will try to set as a nodeRef and keep you posted

2017-11-15 12:09:18 GMT <qwebirc32564> thanks

2017-11-15 12:12:03 GMT <qwebirc32564> AFaust: it does not seem to handle that conversion right : Caused by: org.activiti.engine.impl.javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Could not find property properties in class org.alfresco.service.cmr.repository.NodeRef

2017-11-15 12:12:37 GMT <qwebirc32564> I get this error when the task to be pooled is reached

2017-11-15 12:12:49 GMT <qwebirc32564> FYI I am on

2017-11-15 12:13:00 GMT <qwebirc32564> in case that is of relevance

2017-11-15 12:13:09 GMT <AFaust> Yeah, then the expression is working on a runtime object that has not been converted...

2017-11-15 12:13:30 GMT <AFaust> Ok, I guess you'd really have to write yourself a small JS API root scope object to handle that for you

2017-11-15 12:15:07 GMT <qwebirc32564> Thanks, will see if I can get it it to work using some ugly expression

2017-11-15 12:15:16 GMT <qwebirc32564> otherwise I ll go down that road

2017-11-15 12:15:18 GMT <qwebirc32564> thanks

2017-11-15 19:21:27 GMT <jpotts> Is it bad etiquette to use this channel to try to find people to work with me on a project? I haven't seen too many people doing that, but I thought I'd check first

2017-11-15 19:34:06 GMT <AFaust> If you are looking for those people "the right way", i.e. not "how can I do this, give me examples / codes plz", then I would say it is perfectly fine

2017-11-15 19:46:18 GMT <jpotts> Okay, I agree

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