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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-11-17 07:47:18 GMT <twen> good morning

2017-11-17 07:48:35 GMT <yreg> Good morning

2017-11-17 08:03:26 GMT <twen> hey yreg , how are you ?

2017-11-17 08:11:17 GMT <yreg> The usual routine, nothing special

2017-11-17 08:11:21 GMT <yreg> how about you ?

2017-11-17 08:15:49 GMT <Tichodroma> did you ever see something like this using the advanced search with facets? https://u.lhorn.de/N4WO

2017-11-17 08:16:11 GMT <Tichodroma> The browser makes the same AJAX request five times, cancels the first four, and only waits for the fifth.

2017-11-17 08:16:26 GMT <Tichodroma> The canceled requests make Share display an error :(

2017-11-17 08:17:09 GMT <Tichodroma> Only after the fifth successful request returns is the search result displayed and the premature error message removed.

2017-11-17 08:18:23 GMT <twen> yreg I'm fine. Got a huge job interview yesterday... it just draught me down ^^

2017-11-17 08:25:47 GMT <DarkStar1> morning everyone

2017-11-17 08:49:33 GMT <tushar> good morning !

2017-11-17 09:39:05 GMT <IanW1> ~later tell Sumit I believe oauth support is coming soon so you might want to wait but if you want to roll your own you could start with https://github.com/wrighting/alfresco-cas and replace the cas filters with filters that implement oauth - it shouldn't be too hard once you understand how oauth works ;-) - it's pretty similar to CAS

2017-11-17 09:39:05 GMT <alfbot> IanW1: The operation succeeded.

2017-11-17 10:45:37 GMT *** angelborroy_ is now known as angelborroy

2017-11-17 10:51:59 GMT <DarkStar1> Qq, do webscripts support the DELETE method?

2017-11-17 10:56:06 GMT <Tichodroma> sure

2017-11-17 11:01:54 GMT <yreg> DarkStar1, last time I checked Aikau needed a small hack to send out the delete request (if I remember right)

2017-11-17 11:02:45 GMT <yreg> but alfresco does have a few DELETE webscripts OOTB (like the one for cancelling an embedded workflow)

2017-11-17 11:19:43 GMT <DarkStar1> yreg: thanks... Then my error must be a result of something else then: Exception from executeScript: 10170002 Web Script format '' is not registered

2017-11-17 11:35:51 GMT *** angelborroy_ is now known as angelborroy

2017-11-17 11:54:21 GMT <yreg> did you add a format to your controller / view (json/xml/html ....)

2017-11-17 12:00:45 GMT <douglascrp> good morning

2017-11-17 12:02:09 GMT <yreg> Hi there !

2017-11-17 12:16:39 GMT <mbui> In the admin console you can setup to send a mail on server startup, anyone know if it's possible to have it send to several email addresses? Would be nice to have it send an email to the developers/testers whenever a new version has been deployed.

2017-11-17 12:41:20 GMT <yreg> mbui, have you tried "," or ";" seperated list of emails ? if that does not work, then you can setup a mailing list

2017-11-17 12:42:30 GMT <yreg> probably better to go to the mailing list to start with, as it is easier to manage (no need to change it on an instance per instance basis when someone joins/leaves)

2017-11-17 12:53:24 GMT <mbui> yreg: Yeah I guess, I don't have the authority to create mailing lists on our servers though. And i'd imagine the size of all the mailing lists in our company would be huge if every customer had a few lists each.

2017-11-17 14:28:24 GMT <fcorti> Don't forget the incoming Alfresco Office Hours about the OEM opportunity with a dedicated program. Today at 4pm CET (in 30 minutes).

2017-11-17 14:28:32 GMT <fcorti> https://youtu.be/Mf3QnIBEuSU

2017-11-17 14:56:55 GMT <kgastaldo> We're kicking off Office Hours in about 5 minutes - talking about the new OEM program.

2017-11-17 15:06:15 GMT <kgastaldo> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mf3QnIBEuSU

2017-11-17 15:06:18 GMT <kgastaldo> Live now!

2017-11-17 15:08:35 GMT <angelborroy> You have to include Alfresco Search Services in this figure…

2017-11-17 15:09:18 GMT <fcorti> Yeah, it is the standard picture approved by the executives... maybe in the near future

2017-11-17 15:09:22 GMT <fcorti> but it's a good point

2017-11-17 15:09:59 GMT <fcorti> and today ASS is related to Content only... in the future il will be on Process too.

2017-11-17 15:10:04 GMT <fcorti> (spoiler)

2017-11-17 15:19:35 GMT <angelborroy> We cannot see the slides

2017-11-17 15:19:51 GMT <angelborroy> again, we cannot see the slides

2017-11-17 15:20:33 GMT <angelborroy> nope!

2017-11-17 15:20:49 GMT <Krutik> not able to see screen

2017-11-17 15:22:18 GMT <angelborroy> definitively, we’re seeing this old-fashioned Nate photo in the nature

2017-11-17 15:22:50 GMT <kgastaldo> We're working on it! I see them in the presentation.

2017-11-17 15:22:52 GMT <fcorti> yes, I'm saying to Kristen

2017-11-17 15:24:59 GMT <fcorti> It seems to be the full screen

2017-11-17 15:25:07 GMT <fcorti> on full screen mode, the picture disappear...

2017-11-17 15:25:11 GMT <kgastaldo> apologies - he's got 2 screens going too

2017-11-17 15:25:14 GMT <fcorti> ah... computers!

2017-11-17 15:25:24 GMT <kgastaldo> we'll let Garen drive ... fingers crossed!

2017-11-17 15:25:46 GMT <angelborroy> it looks like YouTube is including also new features in the platform… you know “features”

2017-11-17 15:38:03 GMT <kgastaldo> Does anyone have a question for Craig, Nathan, or Garen? Happy to ask at the end.

2017-11-17 15:44:06 GMT <angelborroy> Micro-services is the “new” paradigm proposed by Gartner to kill ECM term

2017-11-17 15:44:40 GMT <angelborroy> nice explanation by Nathan

2017-11-17 15:44:54 GMT <fcorti> yes, definitely

2017-11-17 15:45:08 GMT <angelborroy> IMO it’s better to have a good architecture than the real Spring “what-ever” cloud piece

2017-11-17 15:46:18 GMT <fcorti> microservices is also a buzzword ;-)

2017-11-17 15:46:28 GMT <angelborroy> agree

2017-11-17 16:08:42 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti btw

2017-11-17 16:08:51 GMT <angelborroy> search services on APS...

2017-11-17 16:09:04 GMT <angelborroy> based in SOLR or follow on using Elastic?

2017-11-17 16:09:30 GMT <angelborroy> if you made a spoiler now you have to give explanations :D

2017-11-17 16:09:37 GMT <fcorti> :-D

2017-11-17 16:09:40 GMT <fcorti> fair enough

2017-11-17 16:09:56 GMT <fcorti> two different engines does not have sense

2017-11-17 16:10:03 GMT <angelborroy> so SOLR

2017-11-17 16:10:04 GMT <fcorti> Solr is the choice

2017-11-17 16:10:05 GMT <angelborroy> :)

2017-11-17 16:10:12 GMT <fcorti> yep

2017-11-17 16:10:36 GMT <angelborroy> and how about that beatiful reports?

2017-11-17 16:10:46 GMT <angelborroy> Should this Kibana capability ported to SOLR?

2017-11-17 16:11:09 GMT <angelborroy> in my demos every client says “wow” at this point

2017-11-17 16:11:19 GMT <fcorti> this is not anymore a spoiler... it's a roadmap update

2017-11-17 16:11:19 GMT <fcorti> :-D

2017-11-17 16:11:23 GMT <fcorti> jokes apart

2017-11-17 16:12:10 GMT <angelborroy> sorry to be curious

2017-11-17 16:12:17 GMT <fcorti> Harry Peek can give more details but the idea is to extend the Search Services to Process too.

2017-11-17 16:12:34 GMT <angelborroy> I’m going to talk with Harry next Monday :D

2017-11-17 16:13:00 GMT <fcorti> yes, and Harry submitted a talk at DevCon on the ASS roadmap

2017-11-17 16:13:25 GMT <douglascrp> that acronym :|

2017-11-17 16:13:30 GMT <fcorti> :-D

2017-11-17 16:13:36 GMT <fcorti> I like it at the end...

2017-11-17 16:13:48 GMT <fcorti> but I'll use it here, between friends

2017-11-17 16:13:52 GMT <fcorti> not in official places

2017-11-17 16:14:34 GMT <angelborroy> for sure

2017-11-17 16:14:40 GMT <angelborroy> I’m looking for Harry submission

2017-11-17 16:14:48 GMT <fcorti> LIghting Talk

2017-11-17 16:14:58 GMT <angelborroy> it was Harry itself?

2017-11-17 16:15:10 GMT <fcorti> Angel... I know the submissions better than you

2017-11-17 16:15:14 GMT <fcorti> this is not acceptable

2017-11-17 16:15:16 GMT <fcorti> :-D

2017-11-17 16:15:33 GMT <angelborroy> probably I’ll be mad after all this crazy process :D

2017-11-17 16:16:02 GMT <fcorti> you are part of one of the most excting Alfresco events... cannot be disappointed

2017-11-17 16:16:03 GMT <fcorti> ;-)

2017-11-17 16:16:22 GMT <angelborroy> I’m not dissapointed, but I’m driving crazy

2017-11-17 16:16:22 GMT <fcorti> and you are playing a PRINCIPAL part

2017-11-17 16:16:30 GMT <fcorti> nothing it's easy

2017-11-17 16:16:33 GMT <angelborroy> which is not bad (at all)

2017-11-17 16:16:47 GMT <fcorti> do you remeber what we said at the beggining?

2017-11-17 16:17:18 GMT <angelborroy> not really

2017-11-17 16:17:22 GMT <fcorti> We want the bees commited on the valuable things and save them from logistics, venue and things like that

2017-11-17 16:17:32 GMT <angelborroy> yep

2017-11-17 16:17:37 GMT <angelborroy> and you are doing it well

2017-11-17 16:17:51 GMT <fcorti> THis doesn0't mean that we are not asking you to work hard

2017-11-17 16:17:52 GMT <fcorti> :-D

2017-11-17 16:17:54 GMT <angelborroy> but it looks pretty easy to organise a BeeCon and pretty hard to organise a DevCon

2017-11-17 16:18:01 GMT <fcorti> ooohhhh

2017-11-17 16:18:10 GMT <fcorti> you cannot believe how much pain

2017-11-17 16:18:18 GMT <angelborroy> I can guess

2017-11-17 16:18:51 GMT <fcorti> Tickets is our next milestone

2017-11-17 16:19:07 GMT <fcorti> (Kristen is struggling with it)

2017-11-17 16:24:20 GMT <fwu> hi all!

2017-11-17 16:24:50 GMT <fwu> ppl, I realize that the footer of Alfresco for the search result is not changed as expected...

2017-11-17 16:25:14 GMT <fwu> I have changed all the pages except this... this must be an aikau stuff.

2017-11-17 16:25:44 GMT <fwu> What I dont understand is why only one page works differently. Maybe a test?

2017-11-17 16:26:07 GMT <fwu> so my question is: how can I change the test footer from that "special" page?

2017-11-17 16:28:42 GMT <douglascrp> fwu, the search result and the search management are aikau based

2017-11-17 16:28:57 GMT <douglascrp> thy started changing some pages, but then the priorities got changed

2017-11-17 16:29:53 GMT <douglascrp> fwu, for aikau, http://pavelmakhov.com/2016/02/customize-alfresco-footer-aikau

2017-11-17 16:29:54 GMT <alfbot> Title: Pavel Makhov (at pavelmakhov.com)

2017-11-17 16:30:06 GMT <douglascrp> for surf http://pavelmakhov.com/2016/02/customize-alfresco-footer

2017-11-17 16:30:07 GMT <alfbot> Title: Pavel Makhov (at pavelmakhov.com)

2017-11-17 16:30:38 GMT <angelborroy> wow, nice articles douglascrp

2017-11-17 16:30:44 GMT <fwu> douglascrp, thank you!

2017-11-17 16:39:06 GMT <MorganP> The footer is just like the header

2017-11-17 16:39:19 GMT <MorganP> for the new search, it needs a separated custom

2017-11-17 16:39:50 GMT <douglascrp> MorganP, yes, that is right

2017-11-17 16:39:55 GMT <MorganP> it's a little bit boring but well it's done once... fortunately

2017-11-17 16:40:19 GMT <douglascrp> MorganP, twice actually, as you have to touch the search management too

2017-11-17 16:42:48 GMT <douglascrp> angelborroy, didn't you know those?

2017-11-17 16:43:11 GMT <douglascrp> they were even shared by the ootb account once

2017-11-17 16:44:07 GMT <MorganP> douglascrp: I was talking about the action to customize that is done once

2017-11-17 16:44:20 GMT <MorganP> but yeah it might involve several customs

2017-11-17 16:44:22 GMT <MorganP> :D

2017-11-17 16:44:48 GMT <douglascrp> that is the bad thing about it

2017-11-17 16:45:16 GMT <MorganP> Have a nice week-end ppl

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