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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-12-04 07:52:49 GMT <Atg_> Hello everyone.

2017-12-04 07:53:36 GMT <Atg_> I am not really sure whether this is the right place to ask, but i am having trouble with Categories in Alfresco Community 5.2/w Solr6.

2017-12-04 07:54:17 GMT <Atg_> When I find a category via the category tree, all works fine. But when i click a category label from a files it directs me to the wrong url

2017-12-04 07:54:36 GMT <Atg_> namely it appends "Categories > Generic" at the start of the path

2017-12-04 07:54:46 GMT <Tichodroma> What do you expect?

2017-12-04 07:55:07 GMT <Atg_> so instead of showing me /CatX/CatY

2017-12-04 07:55:18 GMT <Atg_> It shows me /Categories/Generic/CatX/CatY

2017-12-04 07:55:23 GMT <Atg_> which does not of course exist

2017-12-04 07:57:06 GMT <Atg_> like it shows me this path:

2017-12-04 07:57:08 GMT <Atg_> Category Root > Categorie > Generale > Tipo di Documento > Documenti di Produzione > Modalita Operativa

2017-12-04 07:57:19 GMT <Atg_> Instead of this:

2017-12-04 07:57:25 GMT <Atg_> Category Root > Tipo di Documento > Documenti di Produzione > Modalita Operativa

2017-12-04 07:57:33 GMT <Tichodroma> let me check

2017-12-04 07:57:46 GMT <Atg_> Thanks a bunch

2017-12-04 08:31:54 GMT <yreg> Morning Channel!

2017-12-04 08:31:58 GMT <yreg> Morning TWEN !

2017-12-04 08:32:10 GMT <twen> yreg \o/

2017-12-04 08:32:15 GMT <twen> hello

2017-12-04 08:56:34 GMT <atg_> hello everyone

2017-12-04 08:56:45 GMT <atg_> I am asking again, I am not really sure whether this is the right place to ask, but i am having trouble with Categories in Alfresco Community 5.2/w Solr6.

2017-12-04 08:57:00 GMT <atg_> When I find a category via the category tree, all works fine. But when i click a category label from a files it directs me to the wrong url

2017-12-04 08:57:21 GMT <atg_> the category path should be:

2017-12-04 08:57:21 GMT <atg_> Category Root > Tipo di Documento > Documenti di Produzione > Modalita Operativa

2017-12-04 08:57:38 GMT <atg_> But i am instead directed to

2017-12-04 08:57:44 GMT <atg_> Category Root > Categorie > Generale > Tipo di Documento > Documenti di Produzione > Modalita Operativa

2017-12-04 08:57:56 GMT <atg_> That "Categorie > Generale" does not exist

2017-12-04 08:58:01 GMT <atg_> so i am at loss

2017-12-04 08:59:15 GMT <atg_> I also have an other issue

2017-12-04 08:59:41 GMT <atg_> When i use the search function, the search does not look into matches with categories

2017-12-04 10:11:23 GMT <ayushi> Hello everyone

2017-12-04 10:11:43 GMT <ayushi> I am having a small query in tagging in alfresco

2017-12-04 10:13:38 GMT <ayushi> I am not able to search the documents having tag name such as "anger management" through tag cloud dashlet but able to get the documents having tag name "anger_management" through tag cloud dashlet

2017-12-04 10:14:20 GMT <ayushi> I think spacing between the words is the actual issue

2017-12-04 10:14:41 GMT <ayushi> anyone having idea about this

2017-12-04 10:15:17 GMT <yreg> ayushi, AFAIK you can't have a tag 'anger management' using the UI exclusively

2017-12-04 10:15:32 GMT <yreg> this probably translates in two separate tags

2017-12-04 10:15:36 GMT <yreg> did you try that

2017-12-04 10:15:38 GMT <yreg> ?

2017-12-04 10:16:04 GMT <yreg> TAG:"anger" AND TAG:"management"

2017-12-04 10:17:35 GMT <ayushi> yes it is able to search the documents having tag name such as 'anger' and 'management' as two separate tags through the tag cloud dashlet

2017-12-04 10:19:07 GMT <ayushi> but it is able to search for the documents having tag name 'anger management' from the library pane on the left available on the document libraray

2017-12-04 10:19:44 GMT <ayushi> but not through the tag cloud dashlet in a particular department

2017-12-04 10:19:48 GMT <ayushi> why is it so

2017-12-04 10:21:40 GMT <Loftux1> Getting a Node does not exist error on document checkout: The listed nodeRef (same all the time) is not in any association or anything else shown in node browser. Where can I find this reference?

2017-12-04 10:24:31 GMT <yreg> Loftux1, can you provide a bit more context

2017-12-04 10:30:49 GMT <Loftux1> yreg: The document cannot be updated with a new version (upload new version or checkout), throws an error when you try

2017-12-04 10:30:52 GMT <Loftux1> Caused by: org.alfresco.service.cmr.repository.InvalidNodeRefException: Node does not exist: workspace://SpacesStore/1493f3b9-4795-4a8c-9ec3-401a2e1e80ed (status:null)

2017-12-04 10:30:52 GMT <Loftux1> at org.alfresco.repo.node.db.DbNodeServiceImpl.getNodePairNotNull(DbNodeServiceImpl.java:198)

2017-12-04 10:31:26 GMT <AFaust> Do you have more of the stack in a fpaste?

2017-12-04 10:31:52 GMT <ayushi> is it so that tag cloud dashlet is not able to search the documents having spaces in the tag names such as 'anger management' but the library pane on document library can search such documents?

2017-12-04 10:32:17 GMT <Loftux1> Only this document has this problem. And since it is the same nodeRef id all the time, I figured it is not a temporary node as part of the coci

2017-12-04 10:33:56 GMT <Loftux1> yreg: AFaust: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/RnuDTsVAU0orwFOndU7SVA

2017-12-04 10:33:57 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco COCI error - Modern Paste (at paste.fedoraproject.org)

2017-12-04 10:42:50 GMT <AFaust> Yeah - as always it is a behaviour that is triggering / causing the issue.

2017-12-04 10:44:10 GMT <akhil> when I tried to search the documents having tags such as 'anger management' from the site tag dashlet,it gives no results but when I tried to search the document having the same tag name(anger management) from the library pane in the left on the document library,it give the tagged document. On the other hand,when I tried to search for the documents having tags such as 'anger_management' from the site tag dashlet,it gives the tagged

2017-12-04 10:44:12 GMT <AFaust> Looks like the TagService does not check exist() before dealing with tags

2017-12-04 10:45:07 GMT <akhil> sry,I didn't understand

2017-12-04 10:45:13 GMT <AFaust> That was meant for Loftux1

2017-12-04 10:45:23 GMT <akhil> okie

2017-12-04 10:45:34 GMT <AFaust> The TaggingService does not check the exist() on the after-update tag NodeRefs

2017-12-04 10:45:49 GMT <AFaust> Maybe the document to checkout has a tag that has been deleted via the tag management tool

2017-12-04 10:45:52 GMT <Loftux1> AFaust: Hm, this document doesn't have any tags or categories

2017-12-04 10:46:07 GMT <AFaust> You would not see it in the UI because AOP on the node service filters it out

2017-12-04 10:46:20 GMT <AFaust> But in the backend (i.e. behaviours) it would still exist

2017-12-04 10:47:33 GMT <Loftux1> AFaust: Indeed you are correct, the node browser shows that cm:taggable has the value "Samling". Maybe I can just create that tag and it works.

2017-12-04 10:48:32 GMT <AFaust> I don't think so because tags are not referenced by name, rather by identity

2017-12-04 10:50:15 GMT <Loftux1> AFaust: It actually did work, but I think it was because ti reset the value for cm:taggable, could have put any value there: Thanks a lot

2017-12-04 11:04:48 GMT <Loftux1> AFaust: Issue MNT-14453 is a fix for this, but only do an exist check on "beforeNodeRef", and not doing the same for "afterNodeRef". Oh well, I guess I have to add that myself.

2017-12-04 11:06:10 GMT <AFaust> I can understand the assumption the check might not be necessary on the afterNodeRef that a junior Alfresco engineer may have made. After all, the AOP is also supposed to filter out any non-existing nodes going into the node service. Too bad that CoCi works differently and just does an as-is copy.

2017-12-04 11:07:10 GMT <AFaust> Too bad that very few Alfresco engineers really understand the core service / components interactions sufficiently to fix bugs correctly

2017-12-04 11:31:20 GMT <douglascrp> morning

2017-12-04 11:52:18 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust SOLR 4 with Alfresco EE 5.1 working “as expected”

2017-12-04 11:52:41 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust in my case it was just only a full disk :)

2017-12-04 11:52:41 GMT <AFaust> My customer was SOLR 4 on EE 5.2

2017-12-04 11:52:48 GMT <angelborroy> Yep, I know

2017-12-04 11:53:03 GMT <angelborroy> just to increase the knowledge base

2017-12-04 11:53:22 GMT <AFaust> Anything before EE 5.2 is free of the issue because the shared.properties is only bundled as a shared.properties.sample

2017-12-04 11:53:32 GMT <angelborroy> Right

2017-12-04 11:54:59 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust btw thanks for your clairifcation on contentStoreCleanerJobDetail

2017-12-04 14:49:30 GMT <fcorti> Hi all

2017-12-04 14:49:55 GMT <fcorti> In 10 minutes the Tech Talk Live 111 dedicated to ADF 2.0 will start

2017-12-04 14:50:00 GMT <fcorti> We plan 1m

2017-12-04 14:50:16 GMT <mrks_js> 1 mio viewers? ;)

2017-12-04 14:50:33 GMT <fcorti> The live is hereJoin us here

2017-12-04 14:50:47 GMT <fcorti> https://youtu.be/kcpEsef2waM

2017-12-04 14:51:18 GMT <fcorti> to fast to digit mrks_js

2017-12-04 14:51:19 GMT <fcorti> ;-)

2017-12-04 14:51:46 GMT <fcorti> With me at TTL, Ole (PM for ADF), Mario and Eugenio Romano

2017-12-04 15:00:37 GMT -yreg- TTL 111 has just started !

2017-12-04 15:02:41 GMT <fcorti> Yessssss

2017-12-04 15:03:31 GMT <mrks_js> my god I just noticed mario and eugenio are not the same person

2017-12-04 15:03:49 GMT <fcorti> Are you sure? We cloned the first.

2017-12-04 15:04:05 GMT <mrks_js> :D

2017-12-04 15:04:07 GMT <fcorti> git clone adf/romano

2017-12-04 15:06:50 GMT <fcorti> Feel free to raise questions here (or in youtube) you have something for Ole, Mario or Eugenio.

2017-12-04 15:15:50 GMT <AFaust> (not a question for the TTL) Is the ADF repository never cleaned up? 310 branches seems extreme. Any git pattern / "flow" I know includes deleting feature branches if the feature is complete...

2017-12-04 15:16:09 GMT <fcorti> got it

2017-12-04 15:16:15 GMT <fcorti> will ask soon

2017-12-04 15:16:26 GMT <AFaust> Did you read my preface?

2017-12-04 15:16:33 GMT <fcorti> ops...

2017-12-04 15:16:41 GMT <fcorti> we can ask... if you want

2017-12-04 15:16:46 GMT <fcorti> :-)

2017-12-04 15:16:53 GMT <AFaust> If there is time at the end - definitely not a priority

2017-12-04 15:16:57 GMT <fcorti> ok

2017-12-04 15:17:33 GMT <fcorti> things are moving fast there... for example, in the latest release more than 240 issue have been closed

2017-12-04 15:17:40 GMT <fcorti> ok... Ole where mentioning

2017-12-04 15:20:05 GMT <_david_____> hello! I have a weird behavior from shaded documents: I go to the document, press Share, copy the URI, go to a different browser, where I am not logged in, the preview page appears, but when I try to download, nothing happens, and if it cannot preview it, the Download here link takes me to the correct (I guess) URI, but then the nginx returns a 404 Not Found... any ideas? cannot find anything on th elogs...

2017-12-04 15:20:05 GMT <_david_____>

2017-12-04 15:22:08 GMT <fcorti> Tech Talk Live 111 on ADF 2.0 is live now! https://youtu.be/kcpEsef2waM

2017-12-04 15:24:35 GMT <AFaust> fcorti: Just as Ole mentioned the number of components can be inflated / misleading, so can the number of issues... Case in point: at one of my customers, the team typically creates "release merge" / "code review" sub-tasks for every feature

2017-12-04 15:25:23 GMT <AFaust> The feature overview shown was more useful than the raw number

2017-12-04 15:27:48 GMT <fcorti> Got it, will take for the end. Otherwise tell me and I'll raise it.

2017-12-04 15:29:51 GMT <AFaust> fcorti: Question regarding "Unified JavaScript API" - Mario claims it runs on any JavaScript environment even in backend, so is Nashorn supported?

2017-12-04 15:33:01 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust:

2017-12-04 15:33:07 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: Why do you event ask :p

2017-12-04 15:33:15 GMT <bhagyas> even*

2017-12-04 15:33:45 GMT <AFaust> Well - he did bring up the "any JavaScript environment" and "also backend" parts... I wasn't planning to ask before.

2017-12-04 15:34:19 GMT <fcorti> can't you see... to reactive!

2017-12-04 15:34:20 GMT <fcorti> lol

2017-12-04 15:34:21 GMT <fcorti> :-)

2017-12-04 15:34:29 GMT <fcorti> too reactive

2017-12-04 15:35:08 GMT <AFaust> And it is not good to be too React-ive with a TTL of a company using Angular... ;)

2017-12-04 15:35:22 GMT <fcorti> Ah1

2017-12-04 15:35:25 GMT <fcorti> Ah!!!!

2017-12-04 15:35:47 GMT <fcorti> In any case, Mario said: use Javascript API if you want to use React

2017-12-04 15:35:54 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti:

2017-12-04 15:35:54 GMT <fcorti> no denial on this

2017-12-04 15:36:04 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: JS API is not ready for production

2017-12-04 15:36:23 GMT <bhagyas> the typescript definitions are not usable for any developer

2017-12-04 15:36:24 GMT <fcorti> of course... most of the components won't be available

2017-12-04 15:36:43 GMT <bhagyas> the scopes don't follow any guidelines

2017-12-04 15:36:53 GMT <AFaust> Not sure if I want to use React. My question really was focused on the backend, e.g. when Share gets dropped and I can no longer rely on the Share "remote" client object, I may want to switch to JS API

2017-12-04 15:37:14 GMT <bhagyas> Also don't ask me to get on gitter now :|

2017-12-04 15:37:25 GMT <AFaust> Because hell will freeze over before I use Node in any production environment...

2017-12-04 15:38:06 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: It's almost about to snow here...-1 C today :p

2017-12-04 15:38:14 GMT <fcorti> bhagyas: soone or later I will succeed to have you on gitter aswell

2017-12-04 15:38:14 GMT <AFaust> (without compensation, e.g. "suicide prevention surcharge")

2017-12-04 15:39:11 GMT <AFaust> bhagyas: I believe hell freezes over at one degree below 0° K

2017-12-04 15:40:01 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: I don't get why Node shouldn't be used, but I get why Angular shouldn't

2017-12-04 15:40:01 GMT <bhagyas> :p

2017-12-04 15:40:28 GMT <bhagyas> Can't wait until Angular 4 comes and breaks the ADF into pieces

2017-12-04 15:40:30 GMT <bhagyas> xD

2017-12-04 15:40:39 GMT <AFaust> Aren't they already on Angular 4?

2017-12-04 15:40:58 GMT <fcorti> ADF 2,0 is on Angular 5

2017-12-04 15:41:12 GMT <bhagyas> oh yeah

2017-12-04 15:41:14 GMT <bhagyas> just notice

2017-12-04 15:41:15 GMT <bhagyas> d

2017-12-04 15:41:20 GMT <AFaust> Or past that... I loose track of the version madness in web dev...

2017-12-04 15:41:32 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: Why don't you go for react and something more stable

2017-12-04 15:41:44 GMT <bhagyas> instead of the train wreck, which is known as angular

2017-12-04 15:41:45 GMT <AFaust> Because they already spent the development effort...

2017-12-04 15:42:07 GMT <bhagyas> also the react licensing issues are solved now

2017-12-04 15:42:46 GMT <bhagyas> If Angular was picked solely due to licensing issues with React, I think it's not too late to move to it

2017-12-04 15:43:18 GMT <fcorti> Currently the path for Alfresco is "Angular first"

2017-12-04 15:43:39 GMT <bhagyas> more like nose first :p

2017-12-04 15:43:54 GMT <bhagyas> when you jump to be specific :p

2017-12-04 15:45:05 GMT <bhagyas> anyways, not hoping to use ADF any soon, good luck on the effort though :)

2017-12-04 15:54:49 GMT <AFaust> fcorti: Since Nashorn is apparently unknown to the team, they could read up on https://www.n-k.de/riding-the-nashorn/ and maybe https://medium.com/@jimmy_shen/use-nashorn-engine-to-do-server-side-rendering-with-react-eba835e33d77

2017-12-04 15:54:50 GMT <alfbot> Title: Riding the Nashorn: Programming JavaScript on the JVM (at www.n-k.de)

2017-12-04 15:55:38 GMT <fcorti> Maybe could be a test to do in the hackathon

2017-12-04 15:55:55 GMT <AFaust> The first link even contains a section about using NPM with Nashorn, so you still get one half of the Node insanity, the package manager needed to get a script file to do left-pad, which is too hard to develop by anyone...

2017-12-04 15:57:03 GMT <eromano> Afaust Angular has is own server side rendering https://angular.io/guide/universal

2017-12-04 15:57:04 GMT <alfbot> Title: Angular Docs (at angular.io)

2017-12-04 15:58:48 GMT <AFaust> eromano: It was mentioned that Angular has something like this in the second link I posted. Question is, would it work with Nashorn on the backend? And what about ADF / JS API?

2017-12-04 15:59:05 GMT <yreg> QQ: The release process diagram lists manual tests as part of every PR lifecycle, could you elaborate on that ?

2017-12-04 16:00:25 GMT <yreg> PR = Pull Request

2017-12-04 16:00:33 GMT <AFaust> ^^ I was about to explain that...

2017-12-04 16:00:46 GMT <fcorti> yes... too fast to read it... I did not get it

2017-12-04 16:02:13 GMT <yreg> thanks

2017-12-04 16:03:47 GMT <eromano> Sorry Afaust so far no experience with it Nashorn , we can play with it together if you want

2017-12-04 16:07:12 GMT <eromano> I used the alfresco-js-api to create a node app as POC once if you want give a look to the flexibility of the js-api https://github.com/eromano/alfresco-bot

2017-12-04 16:07:13 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - eromano/alfresco-bot: Alfresco Bot able to do live search and communicate with alfresco ECM (at github.com)

2017-12-04 16:07:40 GMT <eromano> is an old version of it sorry for that no time to update it in the last months :)

2017-12-04 16:11:42 GMT <mrks_js> will it be possible to update the api separately (instead of updating acs)?

2017-12-04 16:11:55 GMT <AFaust> "fleshed out" = restricted to what Alfresco wants you to access, i.e. no support of custom query languages or custom stores...

2017-12-04 16:12:24 GMT <AFaust> mrks_js: That question has been asked multiple times in the past, even before the ReST API v1 shipped.

2017-12-04 16:12:30 GMT <AFaust> Answer has always been: No

2017-12-04 16:13:50 GMT <AFaust> Some excuse around "it's too much effort to extract that API to a module-like approach"

2017-12-04 16:14:03 GMT <fcorti> mrks_js, more details will come soon... DevCon will be a good place to discuss this

2017-12-04 16:14:14 GMT <fcorti> Doug Johnson (PM for BPM) will be there

2017-12-04 16:14:23 GMT <fcorti> Mauricio Salatino (Tech Leader of the BPM part)

2017-12-04 16:14:30 GMT <fcorti> And Ole + Team, of course....

2017-12-04 16:14:46 GMT <angelborroy> I’m arriving late, any question on what is required for a base web app to replace Share?

2017-12-04 16:15:08 GMT <AFaust> No, I did not want to open that can of worms today, because I already know the answer...

2017-12-04 16:15:11 GMT <fcorti> angelborroy no discussion on this

2017-12-04 16:15:25 GMT <angelborroy> ok, let’s move this discussion to DevCon

2017-12-04 16:17:16 GMT <AFaust> Everyone who just listened and heard "it is a static web site" should know it can't really replace it. You could only have a web app that provides similar out-of-the-box functionalities but is not customisable in any way via extensions / addons (only by project-specific customisation + rebuild)

2017-12-04 16:18:42 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy says "let'S move this discussion to DevCon", but fcorti still brings it up...

2017-12-04 16:19:19 GMT <angelborroy> yep

2017-12-04 16:19:37 GMT <angelborroy> I don’t know if today is the right day to talk about that

2017-12-04 16:19:46 GMT <angelborroy> Probably it’s not related with ADF Components

2017-12-04 16:20:19 GMT <AFaust> It's something to take up (again) with management at the next conference.... and have them ignore any feedback.

2017-12-04 16:20:24 GMT <eromano> Afaust is not like that please give a look to my project for the hackathon you were there

2017-12-04 16:21:52 GMT <AFaust> eromano: Which one? The one from the virtual hack-a-thon?

2017-12-04 16:21:59 GMT <eromano> yep

2017-12-04 16:22:44 GMT <AFaust> "A Rapid Application Development experimentation using ADF" - from the description I don't get how it has anything to do with the question of extensions or addons...

2017-12-04 16:23:29 GMT <AFaust> There also is no link in the community portal for the project source.... (looking at https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-7046-projects-and-teams-global-virtual-hack-a-thon-2017#jive_content_id_A_Rapid_Application_Development_experimentation_usingADF)

2017-12-04 16:23:32 GMT <alfbot> Title: Projects and Teams Global Virtual Hack-a-thon 2017 | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-12-04 16:23:53 GMT <angelborroy> I’m also interested in that Rhino/Nashorn question

2017-12-04 16:24:17 GMT <mrks_js> Q: (non ADF) once you guys talked about a better way of upgrading instances. any news on that?

2017-12-04 16:25:11 GMT <fcorti> angelborroy it is a discussion at the moment

2017-12-04 16:25:40 GMT <fcorti> mrks_js are you meaining upgrading adf version?

2017-12-04 16:25:58 GMT <mrks_js> no. upgrading alfresco

2017-12-04 16:26:17 GMT <fcorti> oh... non ADF topic

2017-12-04 16:26:35 GMT <AFaust> mrks_js: Today, fcorti is ignoring every hint to our questions... it's his "quirk of the day"

2017-12-04 16:27:20 GMT <AFaust> mrks_js: Not sure what discussion around upgrading you are referring too...

2017-12-04 16:28:46 GMT <fcorti> My point were: if I have an ADF app in version X, how to upgrade it on version X+1?

2017-12-04 16:29:37 GMT <fcorti> Your question was more on upgrading Content Services/Process Services with an ADF app on top, isn't it?

2017-12-04 16:29:47 GMT <mrks_js> Ole once mentioned there will be a script/tool/etc to help upgrading alfresco instances (from 5.2 on)

2017-12-04 16:30:00 GMT <mrks_js> not related to ADF

2017-12-04 16:30:50 GMT <AFaust> He did? Never heard of that....

2017-12-04 16:31:29 GMT <ohej> I did? :O

2017-12-04 16:31:36 GMT <angelborroy> I also heard something but not from Ole

2017-12-04 16:31:42 GMT <AFaust> But I guess that will not be necessary anymore starting with 6.0 with the changes in deployment / installation

2017-12-04 16:31:46 GMT <angelborroy> I also heard that the project was abandoned

2017-12-04 16:32:02 GMT <mrks_js> angelborroy: interesting! thanks

2017-12-04 16:32:15 GMT <angelborroy> mrks_js probably IanW1 approach is the one existing

2017-12-04 16:33:04 GMT <IanW1> angelborroy: AFaust: mrks_js: I did give a talk about a script to help upgrading at BeeCon last year - nothing has happened with it since then...

2017-12-04 16:33:14 GMT <angelborroy> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9zWbqKQb5Q

2017-12-04 16:33:50 GMT <mrks_js> IanW1: did not alfresco mentioned "doing something" in this region?

2017-12-04 16:33:57 GMT <mrks_js> *mention

2017-12-04 16:34:06 GMT <AFaust> IanW1: I certainly know of your script since we discussed it here. I was just not considering the connection since mrks_js specifically mentioned ohej

2017-12-04 16:34:20 GMT <angelborroy> I think the guy was Marco Mancuso

2017-12-04 16:34:27 GMT <angelborroy> But I cannot find the link

2017-12-04 16:35:34 GMT <IanW1> mrks_js: Nobody said anything to me about anything recent - resplin mentioned an old attempt

2017-12-04 16:37:08 GMT <mrks_js> ok! i was pretty sure i head about it at the first beecon from Ole ... nevermid

2017-12-04 16:55:28 GMT <fcorti> Sorry guys, closing the meeting here

2017-12-04 17:00:15 GMT <mrks_js> alright - thanks for the TTL!

2017-12-04 17:01:00 GMT <fcorti> thank you for attending

2017-12-04 17:01:47 GMT <fcorti> I feel like there is a lot to discuss about Share, ADF, javascript and all the stuff and want to face all of them.

2017-12-04 17:40:31 GMT <CptLuxx> whoa

2017-12-04 17:40:37 GMT <CptLuxx> here are people

2017-12-04 17:42:19 GMT <CptLuxx> so... my question customer has alfresco 4.2c and on every site he opens in a share there comes this message could not load module template from '/share/service/modules/header/sites' so i found https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-18656

2017-12-04 17:42:47 GMT <CptLuxx> but.. well the changes to the tomcat config with maxHeaderCount and maxHttpHeaderSize did not work

2017-12-04 17:42:51 GMT <CptLuxx> :/ any clou?

2017-12-04 18:23:22 GMT <CptLuxx> nobody arround?

2017-12-04 21:00:10 GMT *** ErrorNick is now known as Popochon

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